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Catch The Ghost: Episode 5 Recap

Recap Catch The Ghost episode 5
Catch The Ghost recap episode 5, image tvN

We got a good look into Ji-seok’s backstory in the previous episode and why he is in the subway team. Though, I’m pretty sure the MMA fighter will figure in big this episode as he seems like a pretty bad guy and the current story setup. Hopefully his girlfriend does not stick around to suffer his wrath.

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There is a brief recap of yesterdays episode focusing on the MMA player and his abusive nature towards his fiancé. The subway police want her to report the violence, but she crumples the paper and says that she will not report it. She believes that it was all her fault and this is how he loves her.

Sooho pulled Ji-seok and Yoo Ryung to the side and show them the last case that the MMA fighter was involved in. In this case the woman was killed and was the mma fighters ex girlfriend. She dies from internal bleeding in the head, but the doctor said that it seemed like it was due to violence.

Wang-tae had an alibi so he was a witness. Her wallet and ring disappeared. So it was just a violence case. Yoo Ryun looks at a photo of the ring and remembers that this is the same ring that the fiancé has.

In the subway office, the fiancé tells the mma fighter that they should leave. She will  not call the police. Yoo Ryung comes running in and asks for one minute of her time. But Ji-seok tells her no more, but they do end up letting her talk to he.r

Yoo Ryung asks to see her ring. She asks why. Yoo Ryung asks if Wang-tae gave it to her? She pulls out the paperwork and tells her that his ex-girlfriend was murdered and that ring disappeared at the scene. If you submit it as evidence then I will check it and return it to you.

The fiancé does not think he is that kind of person. YR tells her that she can be in danger, don’t go to the same house as him. She tells her that she does not have the ring. She leaves.

The subway cops think that it could be a different ring. YR says it was the same, she is hiding it. They all start to talk about how she can love him. One man sys that he probably has a threatening video on her. Ji-seok tells YR that he will give the case to the same person that investigate the other murder case. Let them know that you saw the same ring.

YR asks what happens to the victim? Ji-seok says that doing something with Hae-jin only makes Kim Wantae angry. She will be safe if the fighter is arrested. So lets trust the detectives.

YR wants to complain about it. Ji-seok tells her to just stop. This is the last warning to her.

Back at the mma fighters house, the mma fighter thanks her for not turning him in. He says that he would like to eat her kong namul guk. She says that she will go to the grocery store. 

He cleans up the mess and looks under a dresser for the lost ring. It is right there.

In the subway station, they all find out that the fiancé does not have any family members. YR tells them that she will head out. JS tells her not to. But she leaves anyway. Ji-seok lets her go and says that he will send her to a new department.

In the MMA fighters place, the fiancé tries to find the ring, but it is gone. The mma fighter asks what she is doing and tells her that he is hungry, so she starts to make the food.


At that time, YR calls her and says that she is right in front of her home, can I talk to you? She opens the window and sees Yoo Ryung there. She tells her that she does not have the ring. Yoo Ryung says that she is not doing this to capture the criminal. 

It is just that her only family member is her sister and she does not know if she is alive or not because of a ad guy. I have to catch that person and pay for the sin. But, if my sister died. If my sister does not come out alive. Without the ring, Kim Wan-tae ill have to pay for what he did. But before that, if something happens to you, that is irreversible.

When she asked her if her family members knew about it, how sad they would be, you protected him and said you don’t have the ring. He is family to you right? I know what it feels like to not have any family. But not like this. Come to my place. We can stay together and shop together and hike together. Family is like that. I will help you get out of his place.

But then the mma player takes the phone away and closes the blinds. Yoo Ryung waits outside. She waits until nightfall and still waits.

But then Ji-seok calls and says to come back right now. I need to tell you something.

So Yoo Ryung walks back and someone follows her in a suspicious jacket.

Yoo Ryung tells Ji-seok that she is two stations away. But then she gets attacked by the mma fighter! He is wearing a mask and beats her the f up. She is all bloody and laying on the ground. He gets off at the next stop.

The mysterious person in the jacket comes up then and holds out a wire. But someone else comes in and screams so the guy leaves. 

Ji-seok hears all of this and runs to find her with his team. They know that she is two stations away, they just don’t know which station so they spit up to look.

They look from subway cart to subway cart on different lines. Ji-seok finds her first. She is passed out on the ground. He picks her up and trembles as he asks who did this to her. She is able to say that it is the mma guy.

He pulls her onto his back and tells her to stay awake. Then he calls someone and says that there is bleeding on the head, she is unconscious, we are at Exit one, we need an ambulance!

She is dripping blood.

He runs to to the ambulance and goes into the hospital with her as she goes into surgery. But he has to stay outside.

Ji-seok gets a call then and tells the person that Kim Wang-tae did it. Get all the CCTVs.

So Sooho and Manjin look at all the CCTVs. They see the man in the hoodie but say that he does not look like the fighter. Then they see Kim Wangtae. But they think it will be difficult to distinguish him so they might not be able to arrest him.


At home, the fiancé is about to call the cops. Then Kim Wangtae returns and goes right downstairs to wash off his blood. She follows him and asks what happened. He tells her that it seems like that female policeman was harassing you. She asks what he did. He asks if it is that important?

Then he tells her, if the police come, tell them that I practiced here the entire time. I love you.

The fiancé runs out and starts to look for the ring in all her drawers as she remembers what Yoo Ryung told her about being her family and she can come to her place at any time and eat with her and stay with her. She will help her leave Kim Wangtae.

The fiancé keeps looking around and finds the wallet and the ring. Inside the wallet is the previous woman’s ID. She drops it in shock.

Kim Wangtae comes out and tells her that as lovers, they should trust each other right? He moves in closer to her and she screams.


Ji-seok looks at Yoo Ryung unconscious in bed and still all bloody. Her head is bandaged. He thinks about her saying that she feels safer when he is with her. 

The nurse wakes Yoo Ryng up and asks who her guardian is. She is about to say she doesn’t have one, but then Ji-seok comes up and says that he will be her guardian. Yoo Ryung asks about that guy. He tells her not to think of anything more, just rest.

She thanks him for saving her. He nods and then leaves. he is on a mission.

He walks down the street, determined and then breaks into a run and then an outright sprint until he gets to Kim Wang-tae’s house.

He goes inside and goes to Kim Wangtae’s basement gym. He steps into his octagon with him and takes off his jacket and tells him to hit him. You need a sparring partner, then hit me. I should have been there. Police should be two in one. We always have to move with our partner so I should have been there. I should get hit with her. So, just think that I was there too.

He says that he does not know what he is talking about. If I hit you, it will hurt you, but I don’t really care. Don’t say anything else later.

So he starts to punch him and throws a spin kick at him and basically hit him a lot. Ji-seok takes it all and gets back up to fight. They keep fighting but it is clear that Ji-seok is out of his weight class. He gets super beat up.

But he struggles to get back up to take some more. He says it hurts and the mma guy told him that it would hurt. He punches him again so Ji-seok falls.

But he gets back up and tells him that it is not that. My heart hearts. MY HEART HEARTS! He starts to punch the mma guy and gets in several punches. He is able to fight him a bit more and block a few punches and even gives him a big upper cut which knocks out the mma fighter. 

Ji-seok tells him, never touch my partner. I have an 18 degree black belt.

He runs upstairs to find his fiancé and calls her name a few times. She is shivering in the corner and apologizing to Kim Wangtae. Ji-seok tells her that the police are here.

Cut to all the police showing up and taking out the mma guy and the wife. Soo-ho and Man-jin can’t believe that he really fought the mma guy. Soo-ho tells him that he would definitely confess to him if he was a woman.


Yoo Ryung sits in her hospital room and the fiancé comes in to talk to her. They are both pretty beaten up. She apologizes that she got hit because of her. She was really scared when he was hitting her and thought that his eyes really looked like they wanted to kill her. But being alone again was even scarier than dying. No one has ever helped her that much.

She gives the wallet and ring to Yoo Ryung and says that this woman was probably worried after death because noone knows how she died. Yoo Ryung tells her thank you and that she heard that she is going to a safe place. But lets walk together and eat together.

The fiancé tells her that she has family. She gives her a usb and tells her to recover quickly.

Yoo Ryung plays the usb. it is of the fight between Ji-seok and the mma guy. She has audio too so she hears him say that he should have been there, he should have been hit together with her, so come on and hit me. She hears him say that his heart hearts more and then start to fight him.

Yoo Ryung starts to tear up but then has to close her computer when Ji-seok comes in. He says that her bruises are getting bigger, are you okay?

She asks him what happened to his face. He says that yesterday, I was so happy that I caught the bad guy so I fell while I was drunk. He looks around like he knows that it was a really bad excuse so he tells her that he has to go back to the office….see you later. He waves and slowly leaves.

She mutters to herself that her heart also hurts as she sniffs away tears.


The mma story is big news so the subway guys as Ji-seok if he is really going to send Yoo Ryung to the other team. Ji-seok kind of says no, he doesn’t want to burden other people with her.

They take the mma guy out in handcuffs and the news talks about how he is the prime suspect in a murder from 10 years ago and he has a violence case against women.

The commissioner and her team watch this. Mari wonders what happened to Ji-seok’s face? The superintendent says that the rumor is that they fought. The mma guy hit his partners face so Ji-seok was so angry. Miran looks at the screen in shock. Her mother looks at her.



Elsewhere, the subway team celebrates their victory. Ji-seok gives Yoo Ryung a couple police baton that he bought for her. She tells him that she really wanted to have it. Thank you, partner. Soo says that this is the reaction when women get expensive bags. He starts to joke with Manjin that he wants to have that too.

Yoo Ryung tells him that she really thanks him and they both grip their batons happily and then start to eat once more.


Back in the office, Manjin looks at the CCTV from Wangtae. Ji-seok starts to look at it as well and notices the super obvious dude in all black with a huge hoodie. He says that this guy is following Yoo Ryung around. He asks her if she knows him?

She doesn’t know him. But she thinks that he could possibly be the Ghost after thinking about the flashback. Ji-seok asks if she has a guess? She says no, nothing and walks off.

Ji-seok says that he is late, he has to go!


Ji-seok goes to the hospital dressed like his father and talks to the nurse a bit. She talks to him happily and tells him to wait in the room. So he walks off to wait there when he accidentally bumps into a custodian and drops his phone that has an image of the subway CCTV on it. She looks at it and looks as if she knows it.


Mari and Woo-hyeok search the public phone areas where the victims called. Mari wonders what he told the victims for them to come out. She says that there are not a lot of people and the area is covered by trees. It is a difficult place to find if you do not live around here, so he should live around here.


Yoo Ryung goes back onto the subway tracks and looks around the tiny room she found earlier. She gets to a gate that leads somewhere. It is a secret passage that is not in the blue print.

She shines her light up this passage and wonders where it connects to.


Ji-seok lays out a map of the subway and says that they are coming tonight. Their method is becoming crueler so we need to be better prepared. Yoo Ryung nods off and hits her head on the table. She wakes up right away. They ask her why doesn’t she sleep?

But they don’t need an answer and just continue talking about how they need to catch those guys today. it also helps their performance evaluation. So Yoo Ryung says that she will do her best to help them. Choong Sung (Salute)!

Soo-ho starts to video tape them and says that he puts them on YouTube to make a little bit of money if he gets enough followers. But he edits out all the important things. But his only follower is his mother. He says he does it to date though.

But the conversation changes to an avocado case. Someones ID was avocado. A woman posted herself hanging out in a club. But her last video was really mysterious. I will show it to you!

He shows them that video of Avocado. She dances overnight and took the first train back. She recorded herself the entire time and then says that there was something that bothered her. But she grows super scared and then starts to scream.

Soo-ho says that this happened two weeks ago, she is missing after this video. There is a rumor that she has a lot of followers so one of the followers kidnapped her. Or she could have done it to get more videos.

Yoo Ryung says, let me see it one more time!

Ji-seok snaps and says, RED SUN! (Which is a famous hypnotist to come out of being hypnotized). he tells her that they will investigate it.

She is all like, okay, lets go! She starts to leave. He pulls her back by her sweater and says that the basics of undercover is that you need to sneak in like a shadow. So get ready and go.


So they all dress like they are going to a club and have glow sticks and club attire on as they strut through the subway looking cool. Then they turn their head to the right and see Chief Kong looking like a metal head. He is wearing a wig with the hair so long it foes to his chest. His people are the same.

So the two teams square off and wonder why each other is there. Ji-seok tells them that they have a good concept as a rock band. They look real. Kang tells them that they are working the same area so keep your manners.

The teams part to do their own things. Ji-seok and team overhear women talking about how creepy it is that the one girl disappeared. Yoo Ryung looks at them strongly.

Ji-seok snaps his fingers several times and tells her RED SUN, hey RED SUN. We are hear to arrest perverts so they will have better performance evaluation as a team. Yoo Ryung nods, yes, lets go!


Kim talks to her daughter about the avocado case. But Miran is not interested in that case because it seems like it is a rumor and she disappeared at home. The Commissioner tells her that she has to take the case! Make sure that it has nothing to do with the subway case!


The teams start to work. But Ji-seok tells her to only look at him. So she walks off and starts to mimic him in what he is doing. His eyes latch onto a man who is recording women with a Tyrannosaurus box. J-seok tells Yoo Ryung to check it.

So she goes to the man and opens the box to find a camera. she hand cuffs him. Ji-seok congratulates her for her first case. He says that she has to use her imagination when finding secret cameras. anything can be one. He was smiling and walking around and had to target the secret camera to the victim, that is why he was walking strangely.

He explains that the box was opened previously and the eye on the Tyrannosaurus was too shiny. then he tells the chief that they got one.

The game is on as everyone starts to get perverts. It is hilarious as they run all around the subway station catching them before the other team gets them.

They end up getting 8 or 9 men. Soo-ho and Manjin take them in and Ji-seok and Yoo Ryung are abotu to chat when the Chief tells them tha they crossed the boundary. This is my place, so I will pick where you do undercover again! Level 7!

Ji-seok and Yoo Ryung step out of the subway at 7 and don’t see much. They wonder if they are really in Hongdae.


Then Miran and Woo-hyeok show up and chat with them. They each ask what they are doing there. Ji-seok says it is clubbing day so they are undercover to catch perverts. Woo-hyeok says that they are there investigating a woman’s disappearance. The commissioner wants them to see if it is related to the subway ghost.

Then Woo-hyok asks to talk to Yoo Ryung alone. So they walk off together. She asks him that he wants. He asks if she is really going inside the tunnel? He hopes that she does not. She asks why he told her to join the main branch? What does that mean? Two years ago you did not believe anything I said, not you trust what I say?

He says that he still does not think that it is possible to carry a body through the tunnel. Your sister had the same disappearance pattern, but there is no..~.

Yoo Ryung finishes, no dead boy? Why do you want to recruit me? He tells her it is because she won’t stop.

Flashback to Yoo Ryung passing out flyers in the rain. He holds an umbrella for her, but she does not even notice he is there.

In the present, he tells her that they should do it together. If they do it together then she will be able to get out of this case. She tells him that she wants a detective that can find her sister. Not someone who will pity her. She walks back to the others.

Meanwhile, Miran looks at Ji-seok’s cuts and scrapes and thinks back to the rumor about him fighting the mma fighter because he hit his partner. Miran tells Ji-seok that he is undercover so she hopes he finds a super pervert. 

Woo-hyeok also tells them good bye. They both walk off.


Yoo Ryung asks Ji-seok why the team leader ignores him all the time? I heard you went to police school together. Why don’t you join the main branch? I heard that you were first in your class, so you could have been promoted higher if you joined them.

He says that he did not want a high promotion. It is just a burden. I like it here.

She asks why he likes it here. He says that the main branch violence team has a high chance of getting stabbed and hit a lot and there are a lot of cases. But here there is nothing but nail clippers. We just have trouble with grasshoppers.

Yoo Ryung asks if that is why he came here? Because nail clippers are the biggest weapon?

He says, as a police officer, can’t I look for a stable life? Lets go home. it is over the time.

She nods and says okay. Then she starts to look at all the balloon people at the sidewalk party. he looks at her and remembers her asking him if it is the first time he came to a club? He tells her that she was also very noticeable.

In the present, he asks her if she envies them. She says no, I just wonder why they are so happy. He asks why it is so difficult to cross the street at their age (to join the party). She says that she does not want to cross also to go there.

He asks why they don’t go there, lets have fun! He does a little dance. She says that she is okay. he tells her come on, lets go.

So they start to walk to the party which is a silent disco where you have to wear headphones. She thinks that they maybe should go. But he says that they are already there! He puts on headphones and puts hers on as well. Then he tells her that he thought she was fearless. Why are you so stiff?

He starts to dance and asks her why she is not doing it, are you chicken? He dances like a chicken and then tells her that he isn’t good at dancing also, so lets just dance and enjoy it.

So they goto the middle of the dance party and start to make up their own dances and have fun. Montage of the dance scene as they pull famous dances from various movies like Pulp Fiction and others and then just start dancing and laughing happily together.


Another great watchable episode with lots of laughs in the second half. I’m happy they ended on a happy note because the first part of the show was a bit on the violent side. The dance party ending was lovely, though we kind of thought that they must be about to run into a case of something on the street. But nope, they just happily danced the night away. Which is something they definitely deserved after the beating they both took earlier.


Translated preview for Catch The Ghost episode 6

YR – Chief

JS – Don’t go

WH – You like him?

YR – Can I have a different partner

JS – You want to change me?

JS – Before you told me that I am your safety belt! How can someones heart change so quickly!

JS – there was an armed robbery (with a knife)

YR – I can catch them

JS – He is not just a pick pocket. Something is strange with him

YR – Who?

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