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Catch The Ghost: Episode 4 Recap

Catch The Ghost Recap Episode 4
Catch The Ghost Recap Episode 4, image tvN

Yoo Ryung is continuing to search for the truth whether it be with her sisters disappearance or the people she meets and helps along the way. I have a feeling that she does not really care about being an officer or getting fired and really just want to help people and knows that being a cop gets her foot in the door. But she won’t let her foot get stuck in that door.

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Ryung tells the chief that she found a will. They are still inside the loan sharks office.

Will – Yobo, they told me to kill someone. I accepted it. I had no choice. You trust me all the time. i am sorry to betray you like this. i am sorry. Please raise our son well. – Your husband Chae Do Chul

Ji-seok wonders if he kept them there to kill someone? perhaps it could happen if they threatened his family. He sees all the photos of his family on the ground.

Ji-seok remembers one of the loan sharks saying that they had trouble with the walnut bread place. he thinks that those loan sharks might have had a little trouble with a walnut bakery. I think that is a chain store that is only in the bakery.

Can you search the subway with it? He gives her the photo. She says that it is a chain so it should look the same as many. She tries to find it with her mind, but it is not enough information.

She flips to the back and sees 2nd, 8 o’clock written on the back. Sh wonders if they wrote the time on the photo? Is that the time for the crime? If so then they only have two hours.

Ji-seok tells her that the violence team will come here. Give this guy to them and we can go our own way as we discussed.

Ryung tells him that the violence team does not know the victims face. He says they will go our own way okay.

But she holds up the wrinkled up loan and threatens him with it. he tells her to give it to him! He tries to grab it away but she keeps it away and then shoves it deep inside her back pocket. He is hesitant to get it out.

JS – (She is crazy).

YR – If we can get the victim then I cannot do everything alone. As police we should move two in one. You know that.

Ji-seok walks away and yells in frustration and asks how they can find him with one picture. Ryung says that they can try. She shows the picture to the handcuffed guy. he sys that all he does he spread flyers and get paid by the gold watch hyung. Then he does it again.

The handcuffed guy says that the scar-faced hyung is the gold watch and the clean guy is Bass. All the money belongs to Bass hyung. They grab all the money from the subway stores. People call him that because he is destroying the eco system of the subway.

Ji-seok remembers back to the ladies at the cafe talking about how they can get Bass and gold watch. Ji-seok tells Ryung that he thinks the merchants around their station borrowed money from them.

He calls one of the merchants who tells him that they could not say it at first. The walnut bakery guy got hit by the thugs and it was caught on CCTV so the walnut bakery guy threatened that he would report it to the police. But they do not know where the location is.

Ji-seok tells them to call him if they show up at their cafe.

Ryung says that she thinks she could not find the location because it was based on the picture, but we can focus on what took the picture. The CCTV. She walks off and does her Sherlock Holmes thing on the subway as she finds all the walnut bakeries at 37 stations. Four places have CCTVs pointed that them. She lists them all.

Then she tries to check out the angle of the CCTV, he is amazed that she knows the angles as well. She fins it and knows that it is Yongchun station! We have one hour!

She runs off quickly. Ji-seok chains the delivery guy to the closet and hurries out as well.



Yoo Ryung and Ji-seok pretend like they are blending in as they scope out the place. Then Yoo Ryung sees the loan shark, it is the guy that gave you money. Ji-seok rolls his eyes and says that he did not give him money. 

He also says that this does not make any sense. He should not come to this location after asking the ajusshi to murder him. he would be first in line in list of subjects. Why would he come here right at this time?

Cut to another shop in Ji-seok’s station where the thug guy with the scar threatens one of the shop owners. he tells him to get all the money he has and give it to him, he will not charge interest on it.

His wife calls Ji-seok and tells him that the gold watch came! he is threatening our guy to pay tomorrow. Ji-seok tells her to go to their station, inspector Lee should be there.

He tells Ryung what happened and then they have to quickly hide behind an umbrella as the Bass starts to walk by them. But then they see the ajusshi. They realize that the target is not the walnut ajusshi, it is Bass.

Ryung runs off to follow them and Ji-seok catches up. He tells her that the shop person said that the gold watch wanted them to pay him directly, not through Bass. I think he is targeting Bass’ money.

The location was just a spot where the ajusshi would know where Bass was at.

Bass keeps walking away and Ji-seok and Ryung keep following. The ajusshi is right behind him.

Bass turns around and asks the ajusshi why he is following him? That is when the ajusshi pulls out the gun and asks him if he should fire it to see if it is real or not?

Ji-seok and Ryun keep looking around for the two of them, they lost them momentarily. But Ji-seok sees the music guy walking through the subway and then runs to the street to call someone and tells them that it is a contract killing case. Can you look at all the cameras in Yongchun station?

Cut to a bridge where the ajusshi and the Bass are both standing on the railing. He tells bass to jump. He has the gun to him. Bass tells him not to do this. Ajusshi tells him to jump and then he can jump too, then my son can live in a peaceful world.

Bass tells him that the debt does not disappear when you die. I can reduce two months interest. They keep arguing about it. Bass tell shim that Gold watch will haunt his family if he dies. But ajusshi says that the gold watch asked him to do it. He will not harass my family.

Ji-seok runs up on them and tells ajussh that he should not do this, the police know everything. Ajusshi says that they came to his sons school. My son has never had a toy that he wants for 8 years. But he never asks me to give him anything. he is innocent. I do not want to live like a shameful father to my son.

Ji-seok tells ajusshi that he said he was ashamed in front of his son. Well the guy that found your money talks about his family and sells music to protect his family. he has no choice to protect his family. I was super ashamed today, I even thought about suicide, I know that I am ashamed, but I have no choice and I am the only one for my mother. I think being head of the family is the one that should not be ashamed. You have to d the shameful things everyday. that is what I think.

But the most shameful thing for the head of the family is abandoning your family. You need to fight and protect it. Ajusshi, as the head of your family.

Bass swats at the gun, making it fall into the river, and runs away. The ajusshi is so sad that his sons birthday gift fell into the Han river. He cries as he stands on the railing and looks like he wants to end it all.

Ji-seok tells him not to do it. Then he hears the music from the music ajusshi and starts to calm down again. Ryung actually has the music box and is running with it to the bridge.

Thee ajusshi looks at her and the situation is calm.

VO – I thought she was crazy. I thought she was a rookie playing hero, I was wrong. The rookie was always truthful.

Yoo Ryng walks to the ajusshi and puts out her hand to him.

YR – Ajusshi, lets go see Jihwan.

He reaches out for her hand and takes it, but then he trips and falls over the side. Yoo Ryung holds tight to his hand and JI-seok runs to grab him and they are able to pull him back over. They both breathe easy and say, ah, we survived.

Yoo Ryung tells the chief that she told him that she needs him. he tells her, rookie, you are right, I have to be here.

Bass gets arrested on the other side of the bridge by two cops. He said that they were told to wait on that side because you would run that way.

Elsewhere, Manjin and Sooho ride the pink scooter as they follow the Gold watch. They wonder how the rookie and the inspector can drive this together. It looks so dangerous and yet pretty fun.


Gold watch and Bass are in jail together and argue inside the jail about how they can do this to me….you never treated me as a human!

The ajusshi is in a separate jail by himself. Ji-seok and Yoo Ryung tells him that he can cheer up because they have evidence that he was threatened. Ajusshi thanks them and says that he is happy to see his wife and son again even though it might take some time.

Cut to the school where Jihwan is walking by himself. The other kids talk bad about his father. He yells at them and says that his father is a good person.

Then Ji-seok shows up in a uniform looking like a super hero in his uniform. The boy asks if he found his father. Ji-seok says they did and tells him that he should not tell him this but they had very bad people and your father gave them a lesson. Your father wanted me to give this to you.

It is the toy gun that he wanted to give to him to play cops and robbers. Ji-seok tells him that the police men need his father, so can I borrow him for a little bit. The son says that he will lend him his father.

All the kids crowd around and give Ji-seok and the son a group hug. The mother and Yoo Ryung watch in the background.


Ji-seok and Yoo Ryung lay in their beds that are separated by the curtain. she tells him that she burned the money lending documents, sorry I threatened you with that. he tells her its okay, you can sleep.

She also tells him that her heart pumps after a case but she is not having fun. he says that he knows.

He is about to sleep but she asks him if he really does not want to be promoted? You were first in the police university so why do you work in the subway?


Flashback to Ji-seok at the police graduation ceremony. he tells everyone in the class to salute and tells himself that he will catch all the bad guys.

In the present, Ji-seok tells Ryung that Woo-hyeok invited her to joint he main branch, do you want to go? She sits up and says NO I LIKE IT HERE.

He smiles and tells her to go to bed.


Elsewhere, Mari and WH are working hard on their case. WH says that first, the victims received a phone call. Then they went to the location where they were targeted.

Flashback showing all the victims getting their phone call and going to the subway.

WH – They received the phone call by public phone and went to the location of the crime by themselves. It means that they were threatened or it was fishing. I searched everything about them and did not find anything particular for threats or weaknesses. There is no common ground between the victims either.

Mari says that the public phone is in a place that is difficult to find. The last one was called by a remote location so it could be possible that the criminal lives close to the public phone.

WH says that he is very meticulous, do you think he would use a phone close by? Mari thinks that he might have been too cocky and careless this time.


Ryung wakes up and starts to sneak out. But she feels bad about it because she knows that they both will be fired if one of them is caught in the subway. She looks at him and thinks to herself that she will take all the blame and come back with all the evidence.

She heads out with the key and the flashlight. While walking, she finds her picture on the floor and thinks that this was from the last time. It was only her and the chief. She shines her flashlight around and thinks that this means that someone is hiding in the station.

She walks to the subway track entrance and remembers that Ji-seok told her that the this person was not the subway ghost, it was the grasshopper (thieves). back then, she felt someone watching them. She wonders if that is the subway ghost.


She keeps walking through the subway with the flashlight until she gets to an open door. She shines her light inside and steps in. Inside is a series of pipes that lead somewhere so she follows them. While walking, she wonders where her sister is and says that eunnie will find you.

She takes off running through the tunnels. But she stops and yells in frustration, COME OUT! TELL ME WHERE MY SISTER IS! then she falls to her knees and cries.


An MMA fighter rides in his fancy car and talks to his girlfriend about how preparing for marriage is more difficult that working out, but he is happy that they will be a family soon. She says me too and we see her huge honking engagement ring.

They get to the subway and are met by lots of fans. 

Inside, the subway team waits for him and wonders why he wants to take the subway. they all talk about how this guy is super famous and super cool. But Yoo Ryung is staring off in a daze. Soo-ho asks her why she is not hearing him when he talks? She says that she heard, he is an 18 degree blackbelt right?

She mentions that Ji-seok is also an 18 degree blackbelt, who would win? No one thinks that Ji-seok would win except Ryung. Ji-seok says that he learned how to fight for sports, not for fighting. One of the ladies there says he does not look like that style, he looks more like an aristocrat.

But then the MMA fighter shows up with a huge crowd following him. He is met by Ji-seok. The superintendent is with the fighter and introduces them.

The superintendent tells them to be ready and prepare. So he goes into a room to change. The reason he is there at all is because he was voted as the best bodyguard for the subway, so he is there as a kind of subway ambassador.

Ryung waits outside the door, but then she hears a woman scream so she runs inside and sees the fiancé on the floor. the MMA guys says that she was in a hurry and she fell. But it really does not look like she fell.

Ryung looks at the MMA guy. He is in his suit so he asks if he looks good? I feel awkward. he leaves for his photo op in the subway. Ryung runs off to Ji-seok and tells him that she thinks he used violence against his fiancé. While he was changing I heard a woman screaming and then i saw her on the ground. he said she fell.

Manjin tells her to stop all this, if she fell then she fell. But Ryung says that she was trembling. I think that she is afraid of him, that is why she is not talking. And she has a lot of bruises but they are all different colors so it might not be one day of hitting.

The men think, no, it shouldn’t be. But it looks like they think it might possibly be the case. Ryung tells them that she is going to look at the CCTV. She runs off. Ji-seok runs after her and they do find out that he was roughing up his fiancé.

So they go back and tells their team that it is true. Manjin says that is attempted murder with his fist. Ji-seok says that he will talk to the superintendent about it. So he pulls the superintendent away and shows him the CCTV.

They tell him that the woman says that she tripped. But she had old bruises so we need start an investigation. The superintendent thinks they are crazy, wasn’t it enough to find a dead body on the subway in front of new reporters? I brought him here to save the image that you ruined. But you say that our ambassador is an accuser of female violence? Just cover it up.

They are all like, what? It will be a bigger issue later. But the superintendent wants them to cover it up, she says that she tripped. Leave it at that. Ryung is about to run off and tell a reporter right now. Ji-seok has to pull her back and tells her that he has to go to the commissioner general for a report. You proceed with the grasshopper case.

Ryung tells him that she cannot ignore this. Ji-seok says that he will find a way, but not until after he meets the commissioner. he heads off to meet her right now.

While walking through thePolice station he wonders how he can solve this case without issue. hen he runs into Mari and Woo-hyeok.

She asks him if he found his screen door key yet? he says he has not yet, he was too busy. Woo-hyeok asks where his partner is?

Ji-seok says, ah! Our rookie! She did not even come here because she is so busy with work. She likes our subway police. Are you still interested in recruiting her? He says yes. Ji-seok kind of nods and walks away.

Mari asks if he told him that they were interested in her? He says that he told him that he was interested in her, not that they were interested in her. Mari asks if he likes her as a woman? He says, is that it?

Mari tells him that she hates them the most after the subway ghost. You saw how angry she was because we did not care about her report. DO you think she will look at you differently if you pity her? Tsk, tsk, tsk.


Mari reports to the commissioner and says that they are focusing on the public telephones. Then she talks to Ji-seok about how he caught an illegal loanshark and he also asked for an assassination of someone. how did you take that case?

Ji-seok says that their merchants were involved. the commissioner tells him that he needs to give that case to the violent crimes team. you need to focus on the grasshopper! how long will this take! Bring them all in front of me!

He says yes ma’am and heads out. Mari tells her that her post menopausal self is so scary. Why are you so angry? He solved the case. She says that he sometimes makes her angry because she kicked him out. He makes me angry at times.

Mari says that was a long time ago. The commissioner says that he is so good so he stood out a lot. No one was as good as him in their brains or physically. If he went tot he main branch then you would not be the team leader. Mari tells her that she is leaving. The commissioner says that she does not even know why they broke up.

In the stairwell, Mari looks at Ji-seok walking down the stairs.

Flashback to Mari and Ji-seok showing up at a club undercover. A fight breaks out with the gangsters so they all have to fight their way out. Both of them are really good at fighting.

Afterwards they were able to arrest all the gangsters. he puts a jacket over her and says that he will pretend to be the woman next time. She laughs and says that he would be good at it.

Mari is brought out of her memory and runs to catch up with Ji-seok. He waits for her when he hears his name.

She asks if he has been bored on the subway team for two years? That is why you took on the violence case? he kind of shrugs. She says that if he still wants to join the main branch, let me know. i can help you.

Now we are sent into a flashback with Ji-seok and his mother. He runs to her side as she sits by a tree. He wonders if she is okay? She says that she does not know where she is. She wants to go home. He tells her that this place is really complicated, it is okay.  Let’s go home.

But it seems like he knows that she is in the early stages of memory loss. He helps her across the street and says that everything is okay. Mari calls at that time and tells him that they should joint he main branch. We can ride the highway!

But it looks like he would have to work too much if he did. So he packs up his things at the station in order to go to the subway. Mari comes in and makes a big deal about how he cannot go to the subway team. They only catch tiny guys! You will not be promoted!

He says that he will only catch little criminals so he won’t have an occasion to not be home for a month and he won’t see any blood. She asks him if he is that kind of loser?

In the present Mari asks if he wants to still joint he main branch? He tell her that everything is the same, nothing has changed. She says okay, nothing has changed. Then she walks back up the steps and away. he watches her walk away.

Ji-seok leaves and thinks that today he really does not want to go into the subway. But he steps into the subway regardless.



Manjin and Sooho are working on the case they should be working on but Yoo Ryung is looking up information on the MMA guy. they tell her that the superintendent wants to cover it up. Ryung says that she cannot ignore it.

Chief Ji-seok comes in so they fill him in on what they worked on. Yoo Ryung asks about the UFC fighter guy. Ji-seok gives the other orders and then tells Yoo Ryung that they should not focus on him. The commission her wants them to focus on the grasshoppers.

YR asks why they don’t just interview the fiancé? But JS tells her that they are not the violent crimes team, they are the subway team, so you need to focus on this work. Go out now. She angrily leaves.

Montage of the team looking into all the masks at various mask shops.

Ji-seok goes back to the office, he did not find anything. But then Yoo Ryung comes in and says that she found it! three young men asked for the mask by August 24th. that is the day that they had the anniversary. I have the address. Let’s go!

So they take off on her scooter. he tries to hold on without holding on to her and grips his own hands as he tells her to go faster.

They get to the location so Ji-seok says that he will go in and she can catch all the people that will run away. She stops him though and tells him that it is not like him to not have a plan. What if we break in and they are not there? Or all of them are not there.

He thinks that she is careful now, you are right, let’s catch them all on this side.

So they walk to the side of the building and he tries to scale the fence. But he can’t get up. So he kneels so she can step on him. She kind of mutters that she is heavy, but says that she will do it!

She hops on his shoulders and tries to get over the fence. He huffs and puffs and tells her that he can suffer this much pain to find the grasshoppers.

She gets high enough to peak her head over and says that she sees two men. But only two, let’s wait a little. 

So they wait with her looking over the fence. His knees start to buckle and his feet start to give out. he is sweating so much.

Yoo Ryung wonders why these two guys are so friendly to each other. If something goes wrong, then do they hit each other. If you touch at all then I will arrest you on site.

Ji-seok is all like, hold up, wait a second….get off.

He drops her and asks her to tell him what she saw. Who are those people inside? If you don’t tell me then I will go inside and check.

She says that it is the MMA fighter and the woman, they live together. Ji-seok walks to the side and is about to blow an artery as he tries not to yell and still yells a little and punches the air in frustration.

She apologizes a lot to him. he calls her rookie and says that he knows that she is a warrior of righteousness. he lists all the things that she has done recently including threatening him with the loan shark thing and says that he has given her a break because  she is righteous. But Bluffing! to your superior! We need to trust each other as partners. If that trust breaks Then our relationship breaks also.

He starts to walk away, she tells him that the police are two in one. You are my safety belt. I went a bit crazy because I thought we had to go there together. I am really sorry.

He asks if she investigated themas people at all? She says that the owner was confused, it was not the make mascot it was a female mascot. She is sorry that she lied to him.

He says that if she does it one more time then she is out.

But then we hear a glass break and Yoo Ryung’s crazy determined eyes turn on. She runs across the street and then runs forward to try and jump the fence. But she can’t get over the fence. Ji-seok actually smiles a bit at her determination.

He finally lends her his back so she can get over and thinks that he is going crazy. He takes a running start and hops the fence as well.

Inside, the woman is on the ground with food on the ground. he yells at her and says that she looks at other men too much. Did they text you too? I am getting hit for you and you do this for me?

She tells him to stop, she will really call the police! he throws her to the ground and says to do it. Her ring slides off.

Yoo Ryung knocks on the door and says that it is the police! Open up! I know that you are inside!

Yoo Ryung runs inside and checks the woman to see if she is okay. Ji-seok arrests the MMA fighter and says that he is arresting him on sight. You may hire a lawyer.



The three men look at each other in the office and thinks that rookie noona brought a time bomb. But Sooho says that this will burst anyway so maybe they can burst it safely. Manjin wonders if the superintendent knows about this anyway and says that they are already in trouble because of the grasshoppers.

Ji-seok looks at Yoo Ryung helping the fiancé and says that they are trying to talk to the woman about filing a case report. if she reports it then we can step aside and let the crime team take care of it.

He sits at his computer and starts to fill out the paperwork on the MMA fighter. But the MMA fighter tells him that he is the ambassador of the subway police, you should not dig into this. 

Ji-seok tells him that he is hot right now, even what he eats is news, so tomorrow this will be front page news. The MMA fighter sighs and then calls his fiancé’s name. He yells for her to come out. You know how I am here now. I endured everything even though it hurt so much. I did everything for you. You know that it is difficult to change overnight, but I tried to change. This championship is our future. You know that.

The fiancé looks at him on his knees and tells YR that he hit the wall with his fist. He was about to hit me but he just pushed me. I think he tried to stop. YR tells him that is violence as well. You don’t have to get hit for it to be violence.

The MMA guy says that this could end his life and his future. Oppa is really sorry!

The fiancé crumples up the paperwork and says that she will not report it. YR tells her that it is over 70% chance of reoccurrence. But she says that it is all her fault, that is why he hit her. He doe sit because he does not know things. This is how he loves me. I love him as well.

YR tells her that no love involved violence. The MMA guy keeps apologizing in the office area.

Sooho pulls Ji-seok and Yoo Ryung to the side and shows the MMA guys record. He has a history of violence against another woman. It is a murder case who was his girlfriend. It looks like his ex-girlfriend was murdered. she died by internal bleeding in the brain, but the autopsy person said that it looked like violence.

But the MMA guy was not charged because the ring and wallet disappeared so the police said that it was a violent theft. But this is the case file.

They look at the case file, the same ring is shown that the fiancé has. Yoo Ryung tells them that the fiancé owns the stolen ring!

They each look at each other.

Fade Out


It looks like this show will be more episodic in nature in that they will have a new villain in each episode to keep us moving along while dropping tiny hits about the main serial killer villain every now and again. Not my favorite set up, but I’m willing to stick with it because I do like our leads a lot.


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