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Catch The Ghost: Episode 3 Recap

Recap Catch The Ghost Episode 3
Catch The Ghost Recap Episode 3, image tvN

All the antics from the first two episodes led to a disciplinary hearing for our quick acting lady officer of the law. Though it ends up not exactly as they thought when going in, which leads to complications that get our duo stuck somewhere together.

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In the hospital, Ji-seok tries to buy something as he is dressed like his father from 40 years ago and asks the lady if she can charge $400 now and he will pay the rest a couple of days later?

The nurse says yes and also tells him that the caregiver needs $2000. Her salary is delayed. He thanks her and then gets a call from a detective. The detective says that Yoo Ryung will be up for a disciplinary hearing.

Man-jin says that he gun she fired was Ji-seoks gun so Ji-seok might be in trouble also. Man-jin feels pretty bad about it and tells Ji-seok that he needs to draw a line.

Ji-seok calls Yoo Rung to yell at her about firing the gun. She will at a minimum have a salary cut and at a maximum get fired.


Yoo-ryung and Ji-seok sit in front of the disciplinary hearing of around 7 officers. They ask Ji-seok if he has anything to say?

He shows the pink scooter that Yoo-ryung has and the illegal siren and he has more paperwork for a door that was broken to the restroom. he opposed it all. But it was expected that she should fire the gun because she does not know how to use her brain in front of bad guys.

He holds up a doctors report and says that it is the doctors report for the old delivery man. If she did not break the door and have him treated then he could have died from blood loss. 

He holds up the photo of the stolen scooter and says that she rescued a woman that was almost sexually assaulted and wanted to rescue more women in danger so she actually bought the scooter and made it into our scooter.

In this gun case, she fired the gun to save the victim. She only fired it to save the victim because if the Korean police shoot then they will only be a disadvantage, there is nothing to gain. he also made fun of the police because he knew how we are.

Ji-seok says that he thinks that this disciplinary meeting lowers there own dignity. Please give her another chance and I will teach her well. He bows and gives YR a signal to bow as well.

One person asks what she would do if it happened again. YR says that she thinks she will shoot again. As a police officer I really can’t say to the victims daughter that I could not shoot the gun because I was worried about my disciplinary hearing.

The disciplinary team votes. Four are yes and three are no. But the commissioner says that she raised her hand to say to the police woman that she reminds her of when she was young, when her heart raced for the victim. So I oppose. So it is 4-3 the opposite way.

Ji-seok and Yoo-ryung shake hands happily. The disciplinary group thinks that no one was hurt but someone needs to be responsible. We need to do something to show that we did something. 

They say that they heard that the gun was Ji-seok’s, so that means that the mentor gave the trainee his own gun, that is a bug problem.

Ji-seok stammers to the commissioner that he told her not to shoot the gun, I told her three times and we argued about it. The commissioner tells him that he will have a salary cut. You should have been the one to shoot the criminal first. The police mans gun is given by the citizens to save them from danger.

Yoo Ryung tries to tell them that he passed out, but they all leave.


The team goes to eat out afterward and talk about how this is all because of Yoo Ryung that Ji-seok got in trouble. She apologizes. He says that it is okay. She asks when he prepared all that. He says that he did it while she kept moving forward. He knew she would be in a disciplinary hearing as soon as he saw her.

She thanks him. He says that he did it for himself. Do you think I did it for you because you are pretty? This was for me. I will ignore you next time so don’t expect anything. She excuses herself to the restroom. The youngest orders some more food.

Manjin asks Ji-seok what he is going to do with a salary cut? You need money for your mothers nursing home. Why did you do that?


The lights all go out in the subway. Yoo Ryung prepares a nice curtain for the resting room that divides the bed into two sleeping areas and tells Ji-seok that it is for him so he can sleep pleasantly. He tells her that it is okay, I like the chair.

She tells him that she can sleep in the chair then! It is uncomfortable to think that i am sleeping inside only because I am a woman.

They kind of disagree for a moment until they both agree to sleep there. he reluctantly agrees and she happily agrees.

They sit awkwardly for a moment and then he says that he will close the curtain. So he closes it and settles in to sleep. He tries to read, but she turns off the light. So he tries to sleep.

Later on, she sits up and peeks through the curtain and puts on her cell phone light and sees the key on Ji-seoks pocket. So she tries to take the key from him but drops her cell phone so he wakes up and sees her peeking hallway out of the curtain.

He is all like, what? But then her stomach growls so he thinks she might be hungry. He asks if she would like to eat ramen?


Cut to him making the ramen on a table burner in the office area. Yoo Ryung wonders if the chicken came first or the egg. Ji-seok wonders why she is wondering that and then says that he thinks the chicken came first because it is the mother.

The chicken has to keep the egg warm so the egg will think that the world is warm, I should go out. Yoo Ryung says that the chicken first is right. Then they start to eat the ramen piping hot.

Yoo Ryung asks if he did Taekwondo? he says he did Taekwondo, Judo, Hapkido, he has 18 black belts in all. She tells him that he didn’t even hit those thugs though. He says that he only did it for sport, he does not know how to fight.

She asks him to show her so he stands and does a spin kick for her. Then he goes a backflip double kick and the keys fly out and land in the ramen in slow motion. She says, Daebak.

He is all like, this is nothing, you don’t have to say Daebak. Then he kicks his leg dramatically out as he sits. She covers the ramen bowl with the top. 

Outside, someone dressed in all black watches them and takes photos. Yoo-ryung goes outside to wash the ramen bowl, but kind of feels that it is spooky. She continues on though an dgets the key from the ramen. She apologizes quietly to Ji-seok as she does it.

But then the lights start to flicker on and off. She looks around btu then the lights turn fully off. When they turn back on, a man is standing behind her with the light shining on his face. She screams AHHHHHHHHH!

Ji-seok also screams, AHHHHHHHHH! What are you doing in the mans bathroom! She says that she didn’t know it was the mans bathroom. Ah, you surprised me. He says he was also surprised. So they keep talking about that as they walk back to their offices.

The person in black watches them and remembers Yoo-ryung from the tunnel when she got hit over the head.


Mari and Woo-hyeok look through all the old files for the ghost case. They see a flyer for Yoo-ryung’s sister. Mari asks if he got the CCTV footage from inspector Ko? he says that he did not get it yet, he can contact him now.

She tells him that they should just go there.

Ji-seok is currently meeting the commissioner and giving hr back her wallet. She is sad that they do not have finger prints and asks where he found it. Ji-seok says that as soon as the thieves steal the wallet, they drop it between the train and the tracks. As soon as he thought about that method, he started following them in the tunnel

The commissioner tells him that he should not go into the tunnel, it is banned! Ji-seok changes his tune and says that he wanted to run into the tunnel and catch the thief but he got it from the train workers after the time ended, following the protocol.

Superintendent Jeon Won-chool thinks that this person knows how the police operate. Ji-seok thinks that this person was their mascot. they are all like, wHaAaAat? Our own mascot did it? She yells at Superintendent Jeon about the mascot. 

She finds out that they did not even call the mascot, he just showed up. The superintendent thought that the people who worked under him brought him. The commissioner sighs. She tells them to find out who got the mascot before we are humiliated again!

Jeon leaves and tells Ji-seok that he has to cover up the mess that Ji-seok makes and now you are saying that the mascot is the thief? hahahaha. Do you want another disciplinary hearing? Only a salary cut will make me sad. That would not be good. He dusts Ji-seok’s shoulder and walks off.



A man holds a gun to a shop owner, but we find out that he is only playing with him and was trying to get a deal for the gun at a lower price. he might be a bit mentally challenged. 

He grabs a huge cooler tank water container and heads out, but a thug trips him. The man gets his revenge by dropping the water on his foot and then running off and saying that it slipped.

He goes to a local snack shop and tells them that he did a good job right? Ji-seok shows up then to get something to eat. The lady tells the man to tell Chief Ko about the thugs bothering him and asking for his money and all that. 

Ji-seok asks them what this is about? But the man just says that it is nothing and hurries off.

Yoo Ryung shows up to eat some snack food. Ji-seok tells her that he had to tell the commissioner that hey did not find her wallet, but a subway worked gave it to him later on. if anyone finds out that we went into the tunnel then we are dead. In fact, he needs to return the key.

She coughs on her drink as he tries to look around for the key and realizes that it is missing. Yoo Ryung hops up and says that she will check the break room!

While running off, she runs into Mari and Woo-hyeok. Ji-seok comes up and introduces them. But they all know Yoo Ryung already. However, they pretend like it is their first meeting.

They ask Ji-seok for the CCTV. He says that he was about to give it to them but  he had an issue with the tunnel….

Yoo Ryung looks at him and then turns away. he grabs her shoulder and tells her to search everywhere. The key is small so it could slip through anything. Check everywhere. he hurries off.

Yoo Ryung starts to head off too but Mari asks her why she pretended like she does not know her? Are you a police officer? Did you apply for this position in the subway?

YR tells her that it is none of her business. Mari asks her if she stole the key and went into the tunnel? YR tells her again that it is none of her business and heads off.

Woo-seok says to Mari for her to wait, he will get the footage. Then he runs up to Yoo Ryung and remembers the flashback of YR asking them to take her sisters missing case as part of the serial killer case. 

When he catches her, Yoo Ryung tells him she did steal the key, okay? he tells her to join them so they can catch the killer together. She leaves. Ji-seok comes up to Woo-hyeok to give him the CCTV. He asks if he knows YR?

Woo-hyeok says yes, he asked her to join their team because they are targeting the same thing. Ji-seok thinks that she should go to his team, she is good at running and rolling around stuff, yeah, I am okay with that. Woo-hyeok tells him okay and then heads out.

Ji-seok looks off toward Yoo Ryung.

Yoo Ryung gets back to the offices and thinks about the screen door key. She thinks that she needs to find it before Mari says anything. So she hurries and looks around the office and into files. She finds a file that says, the tunnel blueprint.

Cut to her at the tunnel entrance. She thinks that there is no way that the subway killer can leave the subway without getting caught by CCTV. The tunnel is the only place without CCTV. So he must move through the tunnels.

She opens the doors and goes back inside the tunnel. While walking, she says that the line that all the victims where lost from was the line that she is walking on now. And the stations that they were missing was three stations and one station where three lines connected to. It is close enough to walk through the tunnel.

She thinks that if she walks through the tunnel, then she can find his footage.

In the ghosts secret lair, he puts up a picture of Yoo Ryung with the ramen.


Inside a subway, Manjin and Sooho stand in the subway and look at a man selling something. Sooho wonders if he should catch him? It is illegal. I should catch him.

But Manjin tells him to look at the mans shoes. He stars to say that he used to wear his fathers shoes. They were heavier than expected. But now they are even heavier. That is the weight of the head of the family that a young boy like you does not know. Sooho says okay, let’s not add to it.


In the subway, Ji-seok and Yoo Ryung talk. Ji-seok tells her to look at suspicious people, but then he thinks that she might not even be listening to him right now. She asks if he knows Ha Mari well? It seems like it.

He ays that they were friends at the police university. She thinks, ah, okay! Police university friend. Ji-seok quickly tells her that he will not be bribed by her even though she is his friend. She is all like, huh? he tells her to focus on her work.

They get inside the subway and start to collect all the flyers that were illegally placed. But then there is a commotion where the man from earlier is grabbing everyone and asking them where he money is!

Ji-seok has to restrain him and tells him to cal down. The ajusshi tells him that he needs his money, he lost $2000! But then the man selling the music comes in and plays a song for the train cart. it is a love song and makes the ajusshi instantly calm and happy.

The ajusshi goes to talk to Ji-seok and Yoo-ryung at the station and asks why he was not angry anymore. he plays a song of a baby that he is holding. it might be his baby. He sang that song to the baby and plays the video for them. he tells them that he wants to see his Ji-hyun smiling like that.

Ji-seok tells him that they will find his money. The ajusshi thanks them and heads out. Ji-seok says that the ajusshi had money when he entered the subway, so they need to look at the CCTV first.

But he tells her that they need to write the official help letter first.


Cut to the ajusshi waiting for his son to get out of school. His wife tells him to remember their sons birthday gift. She sends a lot of photos of their son and tells him to hurry home. Then the loan shark calls him, but he ignores the call.

However, he sees the loan shark talking to his son so he runs across the street to stop him. The sons friends ask him if his father is a thug? That is scary. They all run away. The son asks if this guy is a gangster? The father says that he is his friend and starts to say that he will buy his watch but he does not have cash now, I will give it to you later.

The tells the gangster that they should go friend! See you at home later son!


The subway team looks at the CCTV and sees that the ajusshi dropped his bag and it was picked up later by the musician person selling the CDs. Manjin thinks that they should have arrested him earlier.

But then the musician man comes in and gives them the wallet. He says that he may have this as a job, but he is not a shameful person. His son is with him. they all instantly apologize and say how cool the musician ajusshi is and but the son some snacks. 

Ji-seok tells them to call the ajusshi and he will head home early.

Yoo-ryung calls the ajusshi, but his phone is off. Cut to the ajusshi getting beaten by the gangster with a gold club. The boss also hits the gangster with a gold club and tells him that their customer is not happy. So take care of this and do a good job.

The gangster is super angry and drops a lot of photos of the ajusshi’s son and wife on the floor. he tells him that he has a lot of ways to do things, but the family is the best way. Kids should have a mom but women make a lot of money.

The ajusshi begs him to not touch his son and wife. He will do anything. So the gangster asks him if he wants him to remove all his debt at once? You just have to solve one thing.



Ji-seok shows up to the hospital dressed as his appa. His mother is in her room and starts to get into a nargument with the nurse. She throws water on her with short circutes the machine in her room. 

This machine ends up costing $10,000 so the nurse tells Ji-seok this when he gets there. He can’t believe his  mother caused that much damage. But he can’t be mad at her as he sees her smiling at him.

Later on, he asks a bank for a loan, but he cannot get it until he pays off the current loan he has.

he sits on a bench and looks at the loan shark flyers that he and Yoo Ryung pulled from the subway. He crumples them up.

Night falls and he is still sitting on the bench. 


Ji-seok gets to work and tells his team that they can find out who the subway mascot is. Yoo Ryung tells him that she has not been able to contact the ajusshi. Ji-seok tells her to find out his home number. So Yoo Ryung calls his home and finds out that he is missing.

Cut to the wife at the subway station. She says that she called the police to find him, but since her husband is a grown man they said that they would have to wait.

The wife says that he was last seen with his friend. the son says that it was his birthday so they were going to pretend to be a police officer and his appa always keeps his promises. The wife says that she knows that he is missing, she knows her husband.

Yoo Ryung thinks about when she told the same thing to Mari. So she stars to tell them not to worry. But Ji-seok speaks up and says that they need evidence that he was involved in a crime. The wife cries.

Yoo Ryung tells her not to worry, she will investigate it. You should wait at home with your son. The wife thanks her profusely. Ji-seok sighs and holds his tongue.

When the wife and son leave, Yoo Ryung softly tells Ji-seok that they should find where he is. Ji-seok says that finding a missing person means investigating every single thing about one person. They also need to investigate all the people around him and find out every single thing about him and all his relationships. It is a human rights violation to say that he is missing without evidence.

Manjin speaks up and says that they have a lot of cases that are to investigate a husband that had an affair. Ji-seok says to tell the wife that they cannot do this investigation.

Yoo Ryung thinks that the wife said that he would always come home. Ji-seok yells that they will not do it! Then he changes the topic to the police mascot. he tells them to finish that investigation first.

He calls Yoo Ryung rookie and tells her to ride all the trains and stay on them until the train ends. They all walk out. 

But Yoo Ryung is not depressed, she is determined. As she looks up, her eye twitches with resolve.

Ji-seok goes to look into the mascot case at different mascot shops. But he gets a call from a nurse at the hospital about all the bills that he has to pay. She politely tells him that he has until the end of the month to pay.

Ji-seok looks at the loan sharks business card that he pulled from the subway.



Yoo Ryung stars to do her own secret investigation as the other two team mates look into the mascot and have no idea what she is doing. She gets the phone records of the ajusshi and then sends out another illegal cooperation file but she needs a stamp for approval from the chief.

She looks over at his desk and sees all the loan shark cards, so she grans one and thinks about it. Manjin asks her if she is leaving to work now. She says that she is going to do it right now.

So she runs out and calls the loan shark company. Ji-seok is actually at this loan shark company and wonders what he is doing there. He decides that he will just say that it is an investigation because they spread their cards in his jurisdiction.

He goes inside and applies for a $10k loan. 

Yoo Ryung rides her pink scooter to the site.

Inside the gangster says that he can give him the money today. This is actually the same Boss and gangster that have the ajusshi. the boss opens the safe and the gangster sneak peaks the safe password.

The Boss then gives him the money but Jiseok says that this is actually only $6000. He asked for $10,000.

The gangster tells him about doing a background check and if he returns the money in 7 days then there will be no interest. He tells them that he borrowed $10,000. So you are giving me $6000 but I have to pay back $10,000? That is illegal.

The boss tells him, if you don’t want to do it, then don’t do it. So Ji-seok slams the money back on he table But then he hears a siren and looks outside with bright eyes. he sees Yoo Ryung and ducks. Why is she here?

He then grabs his paperwork and crumples it up. He hurries up and tries to hide behind everything as he thinks that Yoo Ryung’s eyes are so crazy. Btu he can’t find a good hiding spot and then sees the ding on the bell and gasps. he quickly falls to his knees and hides behind a couch.

The gangster asks who she is? She says that she is looking for a guy.

ji-seok starts to crawl around and hides in a closet quickly.

Yoo Ryung asks the gangster if the ajusshi is here? The police are all around outside this building. Then she tells the police a fake message.

Yoo Ryung goes to the closet and says that he is looking at the closet, so why is he looking there? Ji-seok tries to hold the door shut. But then the gangster looks at another door so Yoo Ryung tries to go to it and the thugs take off running.

Yoo Ryung breaks inside the room and finds the ajusshi. She asks him if he is okay? he quickly grabs her and pushes her into the closet with Ji-seok and then uses the gold club to lock her inside with Ji-seok. 

Yoo Ryung does not notice Ji-seok there until the ajusshi leaves. then she notices that someone is in the closet and asks if they are okay? Did they hit you a lot? Let me see your face, it is okay, I am the police.

But Ji-seok has his face pinned against the corner and will not turn around no matter what.

But she is determined and swings him around with so much determination. He sighs and tells her that she never gives up. He tells her that he had business there and he is leaving. But they are locked in. So he calls someone, but there is no signal.

Yoo Ryung opens his folded up paperwork and asks if he came there to borrow money? Why? he stutters that he came to buy a car, he is stick of the subway.

She is so confused and tells him that the wife came to the subway to find her husband, but you kicked them out. I thought you were at least a good policeman, but you are super selfish

He tells her that he is  not selfish! You are the one that is selfish! i am the one that underwent a disciplinary act. 

But then he says that it is fine, you don’t want to work with me so that is fine. She says that she never said that she did not want to work with him.

He stands and says that after they leave this room, they can go their own way.

She says that her way is in the subway police department!

He hits the door and hurts his arm. then he tells her to back up and hits the door several more time, but it barely budges.



on the street, the ajusshi sees the gangster talking to his wife. He pulls out the gun that he bought earlier and thinks.


In the closet, the two have given up breaking out and are now sitting on the floor of the closet.

Ji-seok tells Yoo Ryung that reality is not like the movies. if you act without a plan then you end up like this. She says that she is not doing this because it is fun. He asks why? Do you want to get promoted?

But then they have to be quiet because someone came in and says that they are here for the flyer. He wonders if he can pick up the flyer without telling them?

Ji-seok gets ready to kick the door open again and tells himself, please open please open please open.

Then he kicks the door open and it swings open. he comes out and puts the man in handcuffs. Yoo Ryung goes to the other room again and sees that the ajusshi has written a will for his wife to take care of their son well.

Fade Out


Another great episode. Not as zippy as the first two, but I can understand that they are trying to set up a few things now. I loved the situational comedy between our leads and really want them to just spend a lot more time together because they are wonderful on screen.

This show already had its wrap party, so that means that whatever is written is written, no changes are coming up!

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