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Catch The Ghost: Episode 2 Recap

Catch The Ghost Recap Episode 2
Catch The Ghost Recap Episode 2, image tvN

The second episode was just as good as the first! It had us rolling with laughter and also managed to get in some plot points with the killer. I don’t know if they can keep this hilarity up for the entire season, but so far, they are golden.

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Yoo-ryung opens the doors to the subway tracks and cautiously steps inside.

VO – This tunnel is the only place where the subway ghost can secretly carry the body. I will catch you, subway ghost.

She slowly steps across the tracks with her flashlight ready.

Meanwhile, Ji-seok is riding in a taxi and wondering where his wallet is. He realizes that is fell in-between his seats he slept on. Suddenly he thinks that is also the method the grasshoppers use! 

His taxi turns back and he goes back to work. He yells for the rookies to come out. But she is not coming. So he checks the room and does not see her there. So he starts to walk around the subway platform with his flashlight.

She is still on the tracks looking up the tunnel. 

Ji-seok gets to the track entrance.

YR sees someone walking up the tunnel. But then she turns, someone comes up from behind her and hits her over the head. She screams and then lays unconscious.

Ji-seok hears her and runs to find her. She is knocked out on the tracks so he kneels and asks if she is okay. She gets up and tells him that they have to catch the real ghost! So she starts running after the person. Ji-seok runs after him as well.

The perp runs away from them both, but drops a wallet. This is the commissioners wallet.

Yoo-ryung catches up and sees that he got away. Ji-seok asks why she thought he was the ghost. She says that the ghost carries dead bodies in the tunnel. Ji-seok asks who said that?

YR says that it is the subway lovers cafe. He yells for her to stop talking about that subway lovers stuff! You need evidence as an officer! he shows her the wallet and says that he is not the ghost, he is the grasshopper.

He turns to head back to the platform entrance. Yoo-ryung turns back to go with him. In the corner, we see a man watching them who looks like it might be the ghost.


In the subway station, the team has all come together to talk about the grasshopper case. They think that the wallets were dropped in-between the trains. The person with the huge mask was the grasshopper.

They tell Yoo Ryung that she might have caused a big issue stepping inside the tunnel like that. Now that they know how he does it, they can find him, but she might have ruined it. Ji-seok asks why she went inside the tunnel, you could get me fired. And everyone can get fired.

He tells her that if she does this one more time the she will go back to where she came from. He tells her sternly, Do not go back inside the tunnel. He takes the keys away, but she eyes the keys again.



Outside somewhere, we see a woman in hospital garbs putting on makeup and looking in a mirror. This lady is Ji-seok’s mother, she has dementia. Ji-seok goes to see her. The nurse looks at him and thinks he is a handsome guy.

Ji-seok sits with his mother and asks how old she is. She asks why he asks that? He says that it is because she is so pretty. She says 17. He tells her that that is a good age. She asks if he is an ajusshi? he says yes, he is 33. She tells him he is super old. 

He tells her yes, I am all grown up. In his mind he says, Umma and tries to bravely hold back tears. He asks if she is waiting for someone. She says that she is waiting for her older brother. Maybe he is busy. She pouts as she waits.

Later on, Ji-seok asks the nurse to tell patient Aesim that her brother will come this evening. The nurse happily obliges.


Ji-seok and Yoo-ryung stand together as they work at the subway. Yoo-ryung eyes the key on his hip. They are standing by a woman who is handing out flyer and politely tell her that they are working here. She starts to cry immediately so they tell her to keep working.

Ji-seok reminds Yoo ryung that she should not cause any trouble or she goes back to where she came from. Yooryung asks if she is supposed to look for cell phones with secret cameras?

He starts to tell her that she is a rookie who knows nothing and needs at least 3 months to see it. But she sees something right away and runs off to follow along.

She sees a man who she thinks has a hidden camera and thinks, wow, daebak, now I opened my eyes and can see! She starts to walk after him with determination.

Ji-seok follows along and accidentally bumps into an old man carrying a lot of bags. he apologizes and then heads off to find Yoo-ryung who is on the subway now.

The old man is talking on the phone and asks a thug on the other end what the number is? The thug tells him the number and to get the package and give it to a certain person.

Then we see that it looks like the thug man is holding someone ransom. Perhaps the old mans son?

The old man gets the package and ends up dropping his cell phone but he does not notice it.

In the subway cart, the other guy that Yoo-ryung followed is trying to take photos of someone with his phone. Yoo-ryung tries to arrest him, but then Ji-seok tells YR that this is their chief. She lets go, shocked and the chief arrests another man for doing illegal things.

Then he chief asks Ji-seok if he is training his rookie properly. she apologizes and says that he is dressed differently. The chief tells her that a disguise is the best for this line of work. Ji-seok apologizes again. the chief tells him to stay in his jurisdiction.

YR tells Ji-seok that she will work hard! He tells her that this is the problem, don’t work hard. Please.

They go back to their offices. Soo-ho reminds them that they have to report to the commissioner. Ji-seok thinks that at least they have the commissioners wallet. He gives it to Yoo-ryung and tells her to keep it safe.

She gets out a department store bag and puts it in it. then the old man from earlier comes with all his department store bags and puts it on puts them on the same table. He says he lost his cell phone.

Ji-seok tells the old man that he will call the lost and found for his cell phone. the old man asks if he can eat his lunch so Ji-seok says that is fine and brings cup noodles for him as well.

The old man says that he can’t make his deliveries because he needs the cell phone. He saved the contact in it. Hmm, maybe this is not his son that they have. He thinks that he needs to deliver all the items quickly and grabs all the bags.

One of them drops, it is actually the same bag that the old man used. So it’s a bag switcheroo. Yoo-ryung picks up the bag and assumes that the commissioners wallet is in it so she just grabs it and starts to head out on her pink scooter. Though she says that she bought it from the owner so it is not illegal anymore.

She even has modifications on it to make it a police scooter now, like a siren and certain other identifications. he hops on and she takes off.



Mari tells the commissioner about all the cases. Commissioner Kim tells her to use her heart not her brain for these investigations. Then Ji-seok comes in with the department store bag. He says that he has evidence! Look in the bag.

She looks in the bag and tells him that he does too much. He says that he should do this for her. So she starts to read the items in this bag that is all about post menopausal drugs. She is all like, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR EVER LOVING MIND? DID YOU DO THIS ON PURPOSE AFTER EMBARRASSING ME IN FRONT OF ALL KOREA?!?

He immediately apologizes and says that he will get the right bag! But the pills spill all over the floor causing even more embarrassment.

He goes outside where Yoo Ryung asks if she was happy. he says that she was soooooo happy, I regret that I was the only one to see her. Then he asks about the scooter and says that she should have turned it on in advance. he quickly starts to walk out.

But Woo-hyuk is watching her from the stairs and remembers her. he tells Mari that she became a subway officer, that woman said that she thinks the subway ghost lives in the tunnel. The tunnel has the answer.

Mari wonders why she is following Ji-seok sunbae.

Cut to Yoo Ryung driving with Ji-seok and asking him how this bag changed? Cham! Ji-seok says that the old man will go from department store to department store, so let’s go find him.

But then we see that the halabogi is getting beaten by a thug who tells him that this wallet is not his. Where did you hide it? The old man says that he did not hide it. He is just an old man living day to day. 

The thug ruffs him up for real and even bloodies the old mans face on a toilet. 

Yoo Ryung and Ji-seok get to the area where they think the halabogi is. They peek in through the door and Yoo-ryung sees the lunch box and some blood so she quickly grabs a fire extinguisher and knocks through the glass door. Ji-seok rolls sighs but then runs in with her to see halabogi.

They find him and start to administer aid on him. Suddenly a man comes out and runs away, so Ji-seok chases after him briefly, but the man gets away. However he remembers that the old man was looking for the subway storage area.

Ji-seok gets out the menopause pills and pops them open to taste them. he realizes that these are not vitamins, they are illegal drugs. He calls the illegal drug team. But Yoo Ryung tells him that as an officer he needs to solve the case, not just call someone!

Ji-seok tells her that drug cases involve gangs, it could be dangerous. Yoo-ryung tells him that the gangsters will use the guy that hit the old man as bait and then get away while they are searching for a connection. 

He tells her that he told her not to work hard, because you only work hard without thinking. A few days ago you were dragged by a car with your arm trapped and yesterday you were laying n the tracks. Let’s says that I am okay but don’t you think about your family? Do they not care if you get hurt?

He walks away angrily. Yoo-ryung looks at the old mans lunchbox. There is a note on it that says, I don’t have many side dishes today, but tonight I will make your favorite dwenjangchigae for dinner. I will wait for you appa.

Yoo-ryng turns and tells Ji-seok that the halabogi is someones family too. Have you thought about the victims family members who are ignored by the police? Where can the daughter say that her father was delivering packages to get $10 a day but was unluckily delivering drugs and got hit and broke his head? When this happens, a lot of citizens can only rely on the police. If the police ignore them, then the family members cannot live their life because they are angry.

She runs off. He calls the hospital where his mother is and tells them that he is the son of Aesim. Please tell her that oppa cannot make it today.


Ji-seok then goes outside to where Yoo-ryung is sulking and tells her that they should go work hard.

They go to the rest of the team and tells them that they are looking for a drug issue, but think of it as an old man getting hit and finding out who did it. They need to find the halabogis phone record and also look at who the suspect is from the CCTV footage.

Yoo-ryung asks what she should do. He tells her to sit over there. So she quickly sits. then he tells her to stay there. She is all like, really? But she stays sitting dutifully as the other three look at the CCTV and try to figure things out.

But then her head peeks in on it and startles them all. She tells them that they should print out the picture of his tattoo and visit tattoo shops. Ji-seok is all like, oh, yeah, then we can catch him next year! How nice it would be if your brain works as fast as your body.

She sulks back under his arms and to her seat. But she still keeps a good eye on them.

Later on, she asks Manjin if he sees anything on the CCTV? he says that he looks at CCTVs more than his wife, so he is very fast at finding things. Then he says that he found it! 

Ji-seok thinks that this guy is different, he has a mustache. Yoo-ryung says that he should have checked in with his transportation card. 

Ji-seok says that they can check the card and then find out the credit card information for the payment.

Yoo-ryung and Jiseok end up going to a loud flashy dance club and try to blend in. But they stick out a lot. It is actually the first time that Ji-seok has been to a club so he has no clue how to act. he is extra clueless when a girl walks up to him and calls him oppa! Oppa! Oppa you are so cute! Let’s dance oppa!

He is all like, um, do I know you?

She pulls him to the dance floor and he tries to dance but then ends up telling her that he is actually undercover police. This girl is drunk though and steals his handcuffs and starts to play keep away with it. then she steals his taser and happily holds it around.

He is all like, oh my gosh, give me my taser back please. He tries to take it back slowly and carefully, but it goes off and tases him in the leg. he falls to the ground in pain and embarrassed as Yoo-ryung runs up to him and asks if he is okay? He tries to say he is f-i-i-i-i-ne. Then hobbles to standing to follow Yoo-ryung who spotted the mustache man.

They go to a private room where Yoo Ryung wants to go inside and Ji-seok tries to keep her outside. there are so many dangerous looking guys inside, lol. Ji-seok really wants her to stay outside but she just keeps yelling OPPA! OPPA! And head inside.

Ji-seok stays outside and considers calling 112 which is the police. But he does not and instead pretends like he is on the phone when someone walks by.

Inside, Yooryung sits by the mustache oppa and asks for his drugs. They give her some so she takes it and smiles. But then she spits it out at them and throws all the drugs all over the table. Then she slides on the table and grabs all the drugs while and puts them in a bucket and then runs outside and tells Ji-seok to take all these drugs to the police station!

Ji-seok is all like what is this! What is going on! But then all the thugs come out and tells him, hey, you, come here! So he has to take off running.

Yoo-ryung ran a different way and has a moment to do her Sherlock Holmes thing with exit #9 in Cheong Dam station because that is where she told Ji-seok to run to in the hallway.

So he is running in one direction to the station and she is running in another way to the station. She calls him and gives him instructions on how to get there while he is running. You need to make a right turn then a left turn then a right turn!

The chase continues inside the station as Ji-seok jumps over gates and runs down stairs to keep away from the thugs. But he gets to a dead end because the station is closed for construction.

The thugs get to him but they are so tired. They are all like, did you run away because you wanted to get hit when no one was around? Ji-seok mutter to himself, ah that rookie. Then he tells them that he is an officer, so it is a crime to hit him. 

They laugh and tells him to give them the drugs. Ji-seok looks at them and thinks that it is 7 to 1. Then he yells and puts his dukes up as he starts to fight them all. He takes them all out!

But that was all in his mind, lol. In the real world the main thug punches him in the belly and asks where his crazy girlfriend is.

She runs out of the elevator and gets to Ji-seok who is being kicked on the ground. She happily yells, I’m here! and then starts to spray them all with a hose.

This allows Ji-seok to slide on the floor to aid her. It is just in time too because the hose is too strong for Yoo ryung to hold it, it starts to shoot her backward, but he catches her and they start to shoot the hose together as delightful music plays.


But then we cut to the subway station where Ji-seok looks so stunned as Yoo-ryung yells at the thugs on the floor in the police station. Yoo-ryung is actually thinking about their hose moment when they were shooting the hose at the thugs. it looks like he might have fallen in love with her in that moment.

But he snaps out of it as Yoo-ryung yells at the thugs and asks them if they want to take another shower!

Sooho has to tell her that they have to use psychology, noona. So she tells one of the thugs to call his leader and even searches his pants.

But Ji-seok says that the tattoo guy only calls them, they should not call him or it would be a warning to the tattoo guy that he has to run away.

Cut to the main thug finding the halabogi in the hospital. He kidnaps him. The subway team gets word of this because a nurse saw that tattoo guy wheel the halabogi away.

So they start to question the other thugs about this case and list all the time that they will spend in jail. it will add up to at least 30 years! How old will you be after 30 years? We have CCTV with you doing everything in that club. 

He then says that there are no plea bargains in Korea. You get the sentence that you get. But in reality, for drug cases, plea bargains are allowed in order to catch the boss. So tell me how you deal your drugs and about the tattoo guy. then you can get out of jail before your hair turns white.

The man ends up telling them that the Chinese drug dealer comes every two weeks to Incheon harbor. he gets the drugs from him and waits. Then the tattoo guy gets the orders and confirms the money and calls him. he puts the money under the blue vending machines. 

Ji-seok asks him where it is. The little thug says that he does not know where the blue vending machine is, he just overheard him talking about it on the phone. 

So Ji-seok tells his team that they need to find this blue vending machine. They have 300 stations to search though.

Meanwhile, we find out that the bad guy wants to sell the old mans body for parts in order to make his money back. he calls the little thug.

The little thug picks up and tells Ji-seok and team everything because we find out that they now need to find the vending machine! Yoo-ryung turns on her mind which causes Ji-seok to do a double take. We go through Yoo-ryungs mind as she searches her mind for all the blue vending machines.

Ji-seok asks her, do you know where they are? She sys that there are too many, they cant take care of them all. he tells her to tell him all of them. So she tells him all of them and asks if he has a way to find them all soon?

Ji-seok sends a picture of the blue machines to the other subway police officers and says that there is an old man that delivers packages in the subway who is kidnapped. The kidnapper will be at one of the blue vending machines that are circled in the image in one hour.

So all the teams go to these stations and our team goes to the other two.

The chief ends up finding the money under the blue station near Ewha University. So they all go wait for the tattoo guy to show up. He shows up. 

They start to follow him right away and see him walking out to a black van so they get inside a taxi to follow. But the chief is too late so he misses it.

Ji-seok thinks back to all the times Yoo-ryung put herself in danger and decides to give her a gun. Though he tells her not to fire it. He just wants to give it to her to threaten him because it might be dangerous.

She goes to take it, but he is very reluctant to let it go. he tells her that the first shot is a warning and the second is real. So only fire a warning shot, okay? He finally lets go. She smiles and tells him that the first is a warning, got it.


In a warehouse, the thug starts to pull the old man out so he can sell him. Yoo-ryung comes in with her gun up. She tells him not to move or she will shoot him.

The thugs pulls out a knife and tells her that Korean police guns are only accessories. Then Ji-seok comes in front behind and jumps on the thug, he is able to disarm him. But in a moment, the bad guy pulls a knife out and stabs Ji-seok right in the chest.

She puts her gun back up and thinks about how the first shot is a warning shot and the second is real. She fires a warning shot. The thug runs to the old man and holds a knife to him, so she shoots the man in the knee.

But then Ji-seok stand up like he is risen from the dead and tells her, I TOLD YOU NOT TO SHOOT HIM!

He walks to her like he is a zombie with blood dripping from his chest and says that he told her not to shoot him! She opens his shirt and sees that he was stabbed in his lunch box and all the blood on him is actually kimchi water.

She says that she thought he was dead! that is why I shot him! it smells…~. he is all like, ah, you thought this was blood, It’s okay. I’m okay, I’m okay.

Soon, we see all the police teams show up and talks about how there will be another drop in two weeks. Yoo-ryung runs to halabogi and thanks him for being okay, then the flyer girl runs up to halabogi, she is his daughter! So she frets over him and then thanks the police officers for what they did.

Ji-seok gives her the lunchbox and tells her to please make dwenjangchigae for him. She thanks him and then heads out with the ambulance.

The subway team all starts to say that they need to go see their families and tell them that they caught bad guys. Let’s spend tonight with our families. They all say okay and head out.

Yoo-ryung is the last to leave and thinks for a moment.



the nurses are trying to get Aesim to eat something but she is waiting for Oppa. She wont eat anything. So Ji-seok comes in dressed like he is straight out of the 70s and tells her that oppa is here! he brought her her favorite fried chicken so they eat together.

Ji-seok looks at an old family photo so we see that he looks exactly like his father. He wonders how many appas will be loved this much after their death. he thinks that his father was a lucky guy.

He lovingly wipes his mothers mouth and tells her that she is so pretty and then feeds her some chicken happily.

Elsewhere, Yoo-rung gets to her octapang and rests inside quietly for a moment. Then she turns on her TV and sits quietly as she thinks to herself.

But her attention goes to her twin who she imagines sitting next to her. Her twin changes the remote over and over again. Yoo-ryung asks her if she can just watch one channel? They start to fight over the remote but the sister wins.

Yoo-ryung starts to search the channels just like her sister did.


That night, Mari and Woo-hyeok look at the parked trains and think that dead bodies should be there if they are anywhere because it is hard to put them there in the daytime.

WH asks Mari is she thinks that Yooryung joined the subway team because she said that the tunnel has the answer? MR says no, they searched it before. But she thinks that even if the ghost brought the body through the tunnel, he should come out here. She did not see anyone on the CCTV though. So it should not be the tunnel

She asks for WH to give her all the investigation reports for the last 2 years. Let’s review everything. He says everything? There were over 2000 interviews. She says that she will look at them again, even if they are 10000 interviews.


Inside the train station, there is a person looking at photos of a lot of people, including Yoo-jin. This person has a twitch as well.

Fade Out


No complaints! This second episode was pretty much just as good as the first. I had a fun time watching it and especially love all of Yoo Ryung and Ji-seok’s interactions together. Bring on episode 3!


MR – Why do you pretend like you have never seen me before?

MR – Did you move the screen door?

YR – Stop thinking about me

JS – What? We have a disciplinary meeting?

MJ – Just draw a line – Yoo-ryung did everything

YR – Missing?

Thug – A lot of people borrow someone else’s money and don’t pay

man – Don’t touch my wife and son!

YR – I think he is the target

JS – who is he going to kill?

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  1. Julia
    October 23, 2019 / 12:28 am

    Loving this show too. The mystery is hitting the spot for me. Love how JS cares for his mama. Want to know the backstory.

    • V
      October 23, 2019 / 10:43 am

      JS and his mama’s scenes were so adorable! I loved them.

  2. Rei
    October 27, 2019 / 9:49 am

    Finally I got to watch this show. It’s wacky and fun. Oh yes, love Kim sun ho (besides Kim min Jae)….I liked him since 100 days my prince.

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