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Catch The Ghost: Episode 1 Recap

Catch The Ghost Recap Episode 1
Catch The Ghost Recap Episode 1, image tvN

This first episode of Catch The Ghost was about as good as a first episode can get! It was so quick, yet so smooth with the storyline and had so many straight up hilarious scenes that had us pausing and rewinding to watch them again. Seriously, depending on the editing, this first episode could be its own movie with an open ending. I love love loved it and highly recommend checking it out.

Our first episode recap for Catch the Ghost is below. We are going to try and squeeze it in on Mondays and Tuesdays to recap. Especially if episode two is as amazing as the first episode was.

Caution: Be wary of typos!




We open in a cubicle, but no one is there. The camera shows the computer screens which have an article up that says it is recruiting for the subway team.

On the subway, a man walks into empty cart after empty cart with a jack knife in his hand. He shines a flashlight around. But then a noise alarms from his phone so he jumps in fright and falls to the ground. This man is a police officer, he is Ko Ji-Seok.

He answers his phone and tells them that there was a little problem but he took care of it. He shows chewing gum that he removed from the floor that he has on his jack knife.

But then he hears a real sound and starts to investigate it. Another sound comes up so he turns his flashlight towards it. But it is too much for him so he takes off running.

On the computer it says that one person applied for the subway job.

Caption – Subway carries the ghost (another name for ghost is Yoo Ryung)


A woman voices over that so many people use the subway in Seoul. There are 300 stops and it is #3 in the world in size. So there is a lot of crime on the subway. 

We see this woman being interviewed by someone in the back of a car. She tells the reporter that they have a special subway police team. it is the 30th year for this team.

Cut to Yoo Ryung, our heroine, conducting traffic. She is at this big meeting handling all the traffic in front of the building. The commissioner general gets out and walks through the building. She is still being interviewed.

While walking through the subway, she continues to talk about how many criminals they catch a day. They catch 50 criminals a day. Today we will show you live what we do.

She tells inspector Ko Ji-seok to show his pick pocket skills. Cut to the inside of a subway where there is a stage where there are two pickpockets and one police and one citizen (the commissioner).

The scene starts, the pick pockets try to take the commissioners wallet and Ko Ji-seok takes them out. He is really good and very extra as he throws them all around the subway.

All the watchers clap. The commissioner says that her wallet is safe. But then she pats her bottom and her wallet is gone. The officers wallets are gone too and all the people theres wallets are gone. the reporters start writing write away. The commissioner yells STOP THE TRAIN.

Ko Ji-seok whispers to her that this would be a violation of the law. But she tells him to go do it. So he runs to the emergency break and pulls it with a 1-2-3 countdown.

The commissioner then tells them all that the thief should be there with them. No one will leave in or out. This is not a demonstration, this is real. Start.

The officers start to search everyone in the cab. Ji-seok also looks around in the different compartments in the cab. he is all sweaty and nervous as the boss watches him closely.

But then he sees something under a chair. he asks the people sitting there to stand up and opens the seat. There is a dead person inside! OMG!

The reporters go crazy! They spread the story about the dumb police that uncovered a serial killer murder. It is the 4th victim that was found in the subway. All the people of Korea read this on their phones as the articles all say that the police are so dumb and unable to do their jobs.

This is the #1 search on the internet. People want the commissioner General to step down from her position. 

She bows to everyone at a press conference and says that the serial murder case has happened again in the subway. she will take responsibility and resign. But not right now, give me 3 months. I will catch the criminal! The serial murderer and the pick pocketing team that made fun of the police. I will catch them all in 3 months. if I do not keep this promise, then I will resign.


Afterwards, Ji-seok apologizes for not seeing the body when he checked the train the night before. he checked the seat and did not see the body then.

The commissioner tells him that this is funny, the police called all the reporters in Korea to a spot with a dead body in front of them. She tells Mari that she heard it, she has 3 months. if you are not confident then you should put your team together again.

Mari says that she did not only focus on this case for the last few years, I solved the other 3 serial killer cases. The commissioner asks if she can solve it if she only focuses on the subway case? She says yes.

So the commission tells her to only investigate this case. Then she yells at Ji-seok to catch that grasshopper thief and find her wallet! 

The commissioner General is also Mari’s mother so she tells Ji-seok to report to Mari and walks away.

Ji-seok tells Mari that he will give her all his information. She tells him that he should help them, especially when she asks for it.

The team gets to work working on the killer and the pick pocket. The both have two different teams assembled. The pick pockets mark their scene with grasshoppers legs. 

The murderer victims were caught on CCTV and were seen entering the station, but not leaving it. So they were killed in the station. But no one noticed. that is why the media is calling the serial killer a subway ghost.

Ji-seok says that they have no evidence so their plan is to rotate from the first train to the last train.

Cut to an almost empty train. Ji-seok is riding on it and sees a drunk woman passed out inside it. She is the only passenger. he tells his team that they should start their mission. Another man walks in and looks at Ji-seok and then looks at the drunk girl. He lifts her up to see if she is okay, but he actually steals her necklace.

He is about to steal her bag, but then he gets head butted by the sleeping girl who turns out to be Yoo Ryung. She gets out her cuffs and starts to tie him up, but Ji-seok stops her. She asks if he is with him? Then she starts to tie him up. 

The man gets away so Yoo Rung runs after him in her high heels. She has the hardest time and can’t really run. The thief has roller skates on his feet so he runs and skates and runs and skates until he is pretty far away.

But Yoo Ryung uses her wits to trace him through the  subway logically. She thinks she cannot catch him in this way, but she can catch him at the exit! She takes the elevator up and almost catches him, but he gets away. So she thinks about about the subway station and all the exits and where they let out.

She takes the elevator up again and is able to run into him. But he gets away again, however he is so tired now when he tries to get to the street.

However Yoo Ryung is at the top of the street like a ghost. She hops down the street like a horror movie and tells her that she is Yoo Ryung (which is also ghost). He passes out.

Meanwhile, Mari and Woo Hyeok look around the subway and talk about where the victim disappeared. he says that she knows that this case is not sunbaes fault. Mari says that she does not care. He tells her that she cares.

Back in the other cart, Ji-seok is trying to get to the key that is on Yoo Ryungs purse. he stretches his body over and over again until he gets to the key, but he pushes it further so he does an angry dance around the cart until he tries to try again.

He does a huge kick in the location of the purse, but falls to the ground having been pulled back by the cuffs. The door opens then at the location where his team is. They look on to see if he is okay? he is all splayed on the floor, but he sits up as if nothing is wrong and ignores them.



Ji-seok must have been saved because he is at work with his teammates. the teammates talk to him about how he said that when he has a partner he will give them a piggy back ride. he says yes, he has not had a partner in a month, he wants one more than a girlfriend.

He pulls out a couples billy club and says he orderd the most expensive one.

Then Yoo Ryung comes bursting in with the pick pocket. She is dressed in her finest police attire and says that she is there for an interview! Ji-seok recognizes her and slinks behind and under his desk, lol.

The other two cops go up to her and tells her that she did a good job! She asks where the boss is? They point to his desk. So she goes to him and kneels behind his desk to talk to him. She asks him if he is sick?

But then she remembers that he is the handcuff guy from last night. He tells her to be quiet and mouths shh. Then he says that his phone has a bad connection to his other teammates and tells them that they should have an interview.

Cut to the interview where he types so blistering fast and then tells her to get the printout. She gets it and reads the reasons why she is not hired.

  1. She worked under different authority without permission which violates the police law
  2. She handcuffed an innocent person, this violates how to use police tools
  3. She left that person with handcuffs for a long time, that violates the human rights law
  4. She used bribery for getting a job which violates the anti corruption law

She reads it all with a very fast Chipmunk voice and then tells him to just hit he instead of say all these things. I did not give you bribery, I just brought this guy here. I know you are uncomfortable with what happened last night.

He says he is uncomfortable and embarrassed, but that is not it. You did too much. You pretended to be drunk and caught the criminal and brought him in, I am so scared of you. Do you have another motive why you want to work here?

She blinks and looks away so he hops up and looks at her eyes and tells her that she looks suspicious, why are you here? This is not lie a side job. if you don’t tell me then I will investigate it on my own.

She starts to slowly mouth why she is there and he slowly mouths it as well. She finally says that she is the Seoul Local Chairman of the Nationwide Subway Fan club. All people like one thing. i love the subway. The ecstasy when the subway runs 110 kmh in a dark tunnel. if I feel that every day…

He wonders if this isa fetish? He tells her to enjoy her hobby in her own time. You can go from Incheon to Cheonchun (West to East) and feel it Choo choo, choo choo.

She says that she memorized all the subways in Seol, use me to catch perverts! he says that he can use the map. She holds him and tells him to use her, please.

But he says that a small hole can sink a big ship. Do you think that the reasons I wrote are small things? Those things can not only destroy you, but our entire team.

He walks out. The team asks if he is going to go there with his new partner. He says that they did not match well. Yoo Ryung looks bummed. The team starts to talk about how that guy is not the grasshopper. This guy just got out of jail yesterday.

Ji-seok tells them that they need to do their undercover operation well, he will go first.

He goes to the subway and starts to look at all the suspicious men around. the camera zooms in on their hands to see what they are doing. One of the men was taking a secret picture of one of the ladies.

Another woman comes up and shows him a flyer which completely blocks his view so he basically tells her to go away. But then he sees Yoo Ryung walking up and a pervert looking at under her skirt with his shoes. he definitely has a camera there.

Ji-seok calls him a pervert and then rides the escalator down to get a better look. Another person in front of her has a hidden camera to have a look at her chest. 

Ji-seok hops the escalator to the up escalator and runs to stop the pervert guy. he finds the camera in his shoe and tells him that he is arresting him. But there is actually nothing on his file so the man says that he can’t arrest him without evidence right? he walks off.

The shoe pervert gets together with the pen pervert at a cafe to look at their videos. They look at Yoo Ryung on the video and upload it onto the internet. Then they decide who they will invite to watch it.

They show Yoo Rung’s face and compare it to another woman.


Everyone decides to look at the other woman so Yoo Ryung is out.

At work, Yoo ryung starts to direct traffic but her mind is not on it so there is a lot of honking. But then she gets a call from Ji-seok who asks her if she can write a victims report.

She goes to the police station and tells them that they can catch that guy. But Ji-seok says that they don’t have any evidence, he thinks that her police uniform will be spread everywhere. Yoo Ryung has a freak out moment and then says that she will do it.

She gets on the computer and starts to look up herself on all the secret sights. She finds it and says that she is going to kill them! he says that he will erase everything after the investigation. She holds the screen and tells him not to look at it! 

He tells her that he is not going to see it! he turns his back. But then Yoo Ryung tells him to look at this, not mine, but hers. He looks at the monitor and sees the video of the other girl.

There are a lot of people waiting to watch this video, but the perverts are picky so you have to be invited to watch it. it also means that she might be assaulted in real life. So Yoo Ryung says that they need to go destroy this party.

Ji-seok says that they do not do that, they have a team that does that. he calls a police department to take care of it. But this department says that they cannot take care of it right now if the invitation is tomorrow. Call us when something happens.

Yoo Ryung gets angry and looks like her terminator self turns on. She goes to the weapons depot area and grabs a few weapons and then heads out with them around her belt. She asks him to let her borrow his weapons because she can’t just watch this and let it happen.

She runs off and hops on her pink scooter and takes off slowly with Ji-seok running behind her. he says that they have guns but they don’t have them to shoot them, they just have them. he tries to reason with her but ends up hoping on her scooter.

He is about to hold her waste but is hesitant and kind of grabs her sides. he does put on a helmet though. het ells her that she is going too fast! She tells him that they don’t have time!

She has to crash on the breaks at the light though and crosses the line, so he tells her that she has to go behind the line. She reluctantly backs up. But then she takes off again when the light turns.

But then she revs her engine and he falls backward and grabs her shirt which causes the buttons to rip open on it so he has to grab her around her waste quickly. it is hilarious.

when they get to their location, he offers her his jacket, but she says that she wants his shirt to wear. Cut to him with a jacket and no shirt and her with a huge button up shirt on. The lady in the place they go to looks at them so strangely.

She tells them that those two guys just left. They run and look out the window from the second floor and see the men driving off. So Ji-seok turns back to run down the stairs, but then he feels something and turns back to the window to see Yoo Ryung jump out the window!

She rolls on the floor and poses in a kneeling position, ready for action. He has to hurry down the steps to catch up. all the while calling her a crazy woman!

He hops on the pink scooter and at first holds the shirt lightly but then holds her awkwardly around the waste. he really does not want to.

The rase continues as they follow the car around corners, but they get blocked by trucks. However, the subway station is open so Yoo Ryung takes off into the subway with her scooter!

He is all like, w-a-a-a-a-a-a-i-i-i-i-t as he bumps along down the steps. He asks her, where are you going! She uses her Sherlock Holmes brain and finds to find out the most logical place that the bad guys will come out.

Meanwhile, Ji-seok is basically passed out behind her. She tells him that he needs to prepare ( or something?) and then runs up the steps at the perfect time to stop the car.

The car stops right in front of her. She tells them to get out. But they just back up and ride around her. She falls on the floor.

At the same time, Ji-seok is trying his hardest to bring the scooter up the steps. He looks at Yoo Ryung who might be laying on the floor in embarrassment. He pulls her to the side. Then he tells her that she jumped out from the second floor like Waaaaaaah and you drove on the subway steps like dududududud, DO YOU ONLY LIVE FOR TODAY?

She sits up and says that they are not dying, they are just catching the criminal. This is better than regretting it. He says that he already regrets it! So from now on he will do it his own way! if you don’t like it then we can separate. He gets up. But falls and then gets up again.


In the car, the bad guys laugh at the cop and how she is so crazy. But then they start to talk seriously about knocking out that other woman in the train station and he will have to take her. Their members will also help them.

Cut to their members throughout Seoul looking on on their phones. The girl somehow gets a message from one of them that says that they know where she lives. they tell her if she calls the police then they will be there. The girl runs and locks her door.

Ji-seok and Yoo Ryung keep working on the case while on the street. But the room is closed that had the video. Ji-seok says that is common, they will open another one.

Yoo Ryung then starts to hot wire the pink scooter again because she “borrowed” it from someone. He is all like, you borrowed it??? She gets the hot wire to work and tells him to hop on so he hops on, lol.

Ji-seok calls his team together so they can all work on this. they think that they need to figure this out tonight. Yoo Ryung gets frustrated because she asks if she needs permission to rescue someone? She looks in a drawer and finds a knife and then takes off running.

Yoo Ryung is all like, what are you doing? He has to run after her. He gets to her when she breaks into the place that they talked about. he tells her that she is the hole that sinks the ship! She says that he is the hole, and the cyber team and the violence team, I just want to block the hole.

He says fine. The other two team members look kind of scared of Yoo Ryung but start to help out.

It looks like she broke into the train CCTV room so they are looking at the viceo right now. Sooho is checking the door but then someone tries to come in so he frantically tells them all to hurry out.

But he is left in the room so when the door swings open he manages to hide behind the door so the security officer does not notice him. The poor guy is trapped for the moment though.

Meanwhile, YooRyung and Ji-seok are able to find out that the girl volunteered with a certain group. So they find that group but the woman says that this girl was only a one day volunteer. They give him the contact information. 

He calls her, but the girl hangs up because it is an unknown number.

They keep looking out for her and we also see that she entered the subway but they did not see her. 

Yoo Ryung and Ji-seok are able to find out her SNS so they look at it and see that she is going to get a coffee on her way to work. Yoo Ryung looks like she is calculating something. After a moment, we see what she is thinking about. 

She thinks about all the exits in the subway and also knows that there are 4 stations with coffee shops. There is a mirror between the coffee shop and the exit. her mind races to all the locations until she finds out that is is Han Lim Station.

Cut to the woman at the Han Lim station. The bad guys are there too.

The bad guy follows her and is about to poke her. He does poke her and then keeps on walking. But then she starts to feel a little bit weary as she gos up the escalator and is about to pass out as she hits the street. 

The other bad guy is there and catches her, he starts to lead her to the car and puts her in the car. The other guy is driving it.


Yoo Yrung and Ji-seok get to that station. The girl tries to get out, but she can barely move, but that does make the car bounce around. Yoo Ryung notices this and goes to the car.

She tells them that she is going to earch the car and immediately notices the woman in the back and the bad guys. She starts yelling which catches the attention of Ji-seok.

Ji-seok remembers her saying that he is the hole and she is trying to stop the hole.

He gets on the scooter and whips it around and then drives with a passion to the car. But there are boxes in the way so he flies over one of the boxes way way way into the air. 

Yoo Ryung looks on in amazement and says, Inspector?

He crashes the scooter onto the car and promptly looks like he passes out. She asks if he is okay? He tries to breath and looks very pathetic and says that he needs a defibrillator. he motions to his chest to give him a defibrillator. he tries to touch her but she avoids his hand, lol.

The police finally show up and arrest the men. he says that he did not kill anyone. Yoo Ryung tells him that he did, sexual violence is murder for humanity.

Several other officers as Yoo Ryung what they should do? Take them to the police? She runs off to find Ji-seok who is on the phone telling the sexual crimes police people to remove the image of the other person who is a police officer as well.

Cut to Yoo Ryung putting her photo in the subway police department section where the team photos go on the wall. Her photo is really cute.

She looks at Ji-seok and tells him, thank you partner! he is all like yeah, partner, haha, well, you are a good police officer but we don’t match well. Last night felt like a year to me. I cannot live like that.

He removes her photo from the team photos and apologizes. Then he gives her a file. She asks what this is? He says that it is her traffic violence and speeding ticket and lots of other things, please take care of it well. Goodbye.

She is all bummed and slowly walks out.

But then he says, let me ask you a question. You want to join our team and memorized the subway, all because of the subway fan club? is that really it? You even know the location of mirrors. Why did you memorize everything?

She tells him, if you hire me then I will tell you.

They stare at each other and even flinch at each other, it is hilarious. 

He tells her goodbye though and then sits at his desk.

She goes to the subway, super sad and waits for her subway. She says, I did not memorize it.

Flashback to a crime scene where reporters and tons of people are around. Yoo Ryung runs in and asks if they can search her sisters missing case as this subway case? Mari says that her sister is not a victim of this crime.

But Yoo Ryung says that the disappearance is the same! She disappeared from the door of the train to the exit! See, she is my twin sister and she is disabled with 2nd degree autism. Can you please just put her in the subway murder case? help me!

Mari tells her that she will investigate it when they see a dead body.

Yoo Ryung tries to pass out flyers looking for her twin sister but seh has a hard time of it. So she starts to conduct her own investigation in the subway which is how she memorized everything. At home she has everything laid out about the case in her room.

In the present she voices over that it was not like that, she had to memorize it.



The lady tells the team that she heard that the violent crime team and the cyber team ignored her case. if you did not ignore it then….can you please tell the female police officer thank you for me?

She leaves happily yet tearfully.

The team looks at Ji-seok and tsks and says that they need to tell her thank you and they have so much work, lets spend the next three days not sleeping!

Ji-seok sits alone at his desk and tries to type a text to her. At first he says she did a good job and then erases it and says that the victim wants to tell her thank you and then erases it and then finally sends the text.

JS: Today, you should be on the night shift.

She gets it and her eyes brighten.

On the computer, we see that Ji-seok has closed the recruitment job.

Yoo Ryung runs all the way home and tells everyone that the rookie has come! The team all smiles and introduces themselves. Then they even give her a lot of juice to drink.

She says that is too many for her, so she gives them out evenly. then she asks if they do the night shift there? Man-jin tells her that when the exit shuttle of the subway closes then no one can go in or out. So they are 4 floors underground. No one will know what will happen to them. And they have a subway ghost.

They both start to look like zombies. Ji-seok laughs and tells them to just leave before he buries them alive. So they both happily leave.

Yoo Ryung is left with Ji-seok so they kind of catch a breath and then start to talk to each other. She asks for the female resting room. He says that they don’t have a female one, but he requested one. So they both go back and forth with saying one can sleep before the other.

But actually, it looks like she wants him to sleep because she is eyeing some licked keys. But she says that she will go in.


Cut to Mari and Wh working. He asks, what if this person was the first victim? he shows her the autism missing person case who is YooRyung’s sister. 

Marin rolls her eyes and asks why he still has this? She is not in the case, they don’t have the body or evidence and it is not the same pattern. So she tells him to ask someone for CCTV footage about what they are working on now.

In the resting room, Yoo Ryung wakes up at 2am and peeks out, but Ji-seok is not sleeping yet. he gets a call about the CCTV and says that he will deliver it to them. SO he gets the usb and walks out.

Yoo Ryung comes inching out quietly and eyes the keys again. She opens the screen door and grabs the keys she wants, then heads down the steps of the subway to the platform.

she puts the key inside and opens the door to the platform. it is windy inside so the wind kicks around her hair as she looks inside.

VO – The only way the subway ghost can carry the dead body is the tunnel. Subway ghost, I will finish you with my own hands.

She steps into the tunnel and starts walking along the tracks. it is pitch black with only red or green lights lighting the way every few feet.

She hears a clank and turns off her light. Then she starts to walk toward it and sees a shadow. But she stops, there is another shadow behind her. Someone has a baton and is about to hit her!

Fade Out


Wow, this first episode was great! It was so fun and fast paced and interesting and HILARIOUS. This show is so hilarious. Which says a lot when their subject matter this episode was violence against women. I love how Yoo Ryung was so focused on getting the job done. It was refreshing! 

It felt really good to watch the two main characters play off of each other with their acting chops. The scenes where hilarious. Even the scene where they were just looking at each other at the end was hilarious. I feel like only their eyes twitched a little and yet I was cracking up so much. We are going to try and squeeze this drama in on Mondays and Tuesdays, wish us luck!


JS – Stop. Why did you go into the tunnel?

VO – The reason YR joined our team is all about the tunnel and if the tunnel has the answer?

MR – Why is she following Ji-seok?

JS – It is a drug

YR – Drug?

JS – In one hour he will show up in front of the vending machine

YR  -We have to catch him

YR – If you move, I will shoot you

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  1. Emmanuela
    October 22, 2019 / 9:11 am

    Me gustó mucho el capítulo. Es atrapante. Gracias por resumir, por favor no dejen de escribir sobre el drama.

    • V
      October 22, 2019 / 10:52 am

      We will try and keep recapping it! Keep stopping by to tell us if you continue liking it 🙂

  2. Julia
    October 22, 2019 / 5:13 pm

    Watcj the episode and love it. Love her tenacity and the mystery has me invested.

    • V
      October 23, 2019 / 10:39 am

      Her tenacity is what makes me love her! She is so passionate and I am right there with her.

  3. Anonymous
    October 24, 2019 / 7:56 am

    Love the drama already, but seriously they need to sort her hair out it looks terrible.

    • V
      October 24, 2019 / 9:52 am

      LOL 😂😂😂. Yes, they need to help her out! It looks so much better in the posters.

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