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Casting Confirmed for Kim Sun Ah and Lee Yi-Kyung in the Upcoming Kdrama Red Moon, Blue Sun

Kim Sun-ah and Lee Yi-Kyung in Red Moon Blue Sun
Big drama news coming! MBC is working on a drama tentatively titled Red Moon, Blue Sun. I looove that title and immediately want to know what it means! But in a good way, not a Fox Bride Star way which immediately made me think, wtf. In addition, I am so happy for Lee Yi-Kyung (이이경) who is cast for the lead male role opposite a powerhouse like Kim Sun-ah (김선아). No pressure, right?

Now on to the drama news. If you wanted Kim Sun-ah back in a romantic-comedy, sorry for you because this drama is not it. This show has heartbreak written all over it with a pregnant loving mother, and unsolved case, and a broken detective to boot. It is not so subtly telling me to run far away. But y’all, it has Kim Sun-ah in it so I have to at least keep my eyes on it, right? After all, I am happy to see her back to dramaland so quickly after Should We Kiss First.

In Red Moon, Blue Sun, Kim Sun-ah will play Cha Woo-kyung, a child counselor who is also a good wife and mother. It seems like she has the perfect life, but then she gets involved in a mysterious case that unfolds in realtime. Lee Yi-kyung will play Kang Ji-hun, a detective who carries emotional scars from his past, because they all do in dramaland.

Red Moon, Blue Sun will take over the time slot currently occupied by Terius Behind Me on MBC.

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  1. Beez
    October 2, 2018 / 3:54 pm

    OHTAKAY! What to do? What to do? I hate makjang melo and the tears that come with it. I watched halfway thru Kim Sun ah’s last drama but she was so depressed that I could not take it (and I RARELY drop shows but stick them out to the bitter end, bad or good). She’s one of my favorites.

    And my new love Lee Yi-Kyung (although, I also dropped Investigation Couple but I would’ve stuck it out had he been the lead). He’s my younger version of Kim Sung oh. I hope he gets the chances KSO wasn’t allowed.

  2. V
    October 2, 2018 / 4:30 pm

    I really like him too. Especially after Waikiki Guest House and Go Back Couple.

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