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Bride of the Water God Live Recap: Episode 4

Wow, the ending of the last episode was really unexpected. I mean, Habaek’s powers came back! But will they stay back? That’s what I want to know.

HOW THIS WORKS: We will start recapping as soon as the episode airs in Korea. We will update scene-by-scene about every 10 minutes. When you see —— that means the post has been updated. We try to catch as much as possible, but it goes by so fast so we miss some things. After the episode finishes airing, we will go back through to correct typos and readability as well as add some relevant links (time permitting). The recap starts at 11 pm Seoul time. Check here for your timezone.

HOW TO WATCH: Dramafever (and maybe Netflix?)

SHORTHAND: H – Habaek | S or SA – So-ah | B or BR – Bi-ryeom | M or MR – Moo-ra | CEO or HY – Shin Hoo-ye |

UPDATES: Updates galore might be at the bottom of this post, so check back in throughout the day and week. It really depends on how busy we are with work.

——– = ~10 minutes has past
ALL CAPS = character/scene change



UPDATE: *Stay tuned for a full recap to come. We’ll try to do it this weekend to make up for the live stream not working this week.*

*TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES* We are setting up our link but the tvN link isn’t working for some reason. We are still working at it.*

*We are going to restart our router to see if that fixes it. KBS worked and the tvN website works but the on air isn’t starting…

Okay, it finally showed up but it is suuuuuuuuper slow and stopping and not starting again and then starting again and stopping after 2 seconds and all those weird things.

SO SORRY Y’ALLLL. Fight for My Way worked great (only one mess-up), but the tvN link from the tvN homepage is really tripping. We’ll have to cancel this live recap for today.

We will try again next week. If anyone has a better link then the tvN homepage, then let us know! It can be a good backup one for us.

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