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Bride of the Water God Live Recap: Episode 3

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We’re coming straight over to Bride of the Water God from Fight for My Way, so this live recap might be crazy. Live recaps are like that though, so it’s cool. Plus, I love the smell of recaps in the morning. ^_^

HOW THIS WORKS: We will start recapping as soon as the episode airs in Korea. We will update scene-by-scene about every 10 minutes. When you see —— that means the post has been updated. We try to catch as much as possible, but it goes by so fast so we miss some things. After the episode finishes airing, we will go back through to correct typos and readability as well as add some relevant links (time permitting). The recap starts at 11 pm Seoul time. Check here for your timezone.

HOW TO WATCH: I think only Dramafever has this one. But maybe some pieces of the episode will crop up on YouTube. We would post them on our YouTube, but we’ve already been warned a bunch for translating/embedding previews for Fight for My Way, so we’re leaving it alone.

SHORTHAND: H – Hebaek | S or SA – So-ah | B or BR – Bi-ryeom | M or MR – Moo-ra | CEO – HY |

UPDATES: Updates galore might be at the bottom of this post, so check back in throughout the day and week.

——– = ~10 minutes has past
ALL CAPS = character/scene change


[Finished Airing…slowly editing (have to go to work)]

They sent the mentally ill guy off in an ambulance. It is night now and they are talking to each other. They are kind of just talking to each other about waht to do. H said if she isn’t going to serve him then to just leave. She said okay, she will leave. He tells her to leave again and he walks off.

VOICE – you don’t know the blessing!
VOICE – you don’t know the blessing!
VOICE – you don’t have morals!

Everytime she walked away a voice started talking to her, lol. Now she is talking to someone on the phone and telling them that she is hearing plants and all the nature talking to her. SHe thought she was hearing them because she was tired. SHe was hearing the toilet water talking to her and all those kinds of things. But she thought it was becaues she was really tired.

The person she is talking to starts diagnosing her. maybe she is her medical school friend? Her friend said maybe she feels guilty because she is avoiding people in need.

SA – but that doesn’t make sense

The friend talks ALOT, and is trying to diagnose her situation. SHe mentions Habaek and says a lot. It is hard to translate it because she speaks so fast!

They are talking about the other water god (Krystal). It looks like they want to contact her somehow? A little boy comes up with a skateboard and asks for his cell phone back, lol. he wants to know how adults can’t have cell phones, lol. So they go to a cell phone place to get one and the cell phone guys is talking a lot about all the cell phone deals. They have no clue, but the cellphone guys wants them to sign. It looks like Habaek doesn’t know how to read? He keeps turning the page sideways.

Back on the water they talk about how they need help to live in this world. Habaek’s stomach growls and the servant said he just ate, wow, he gets hungry faster than him. He runs and grabs bunteegee, the rice waffles. Then the servant runs off.

habaek hesitantly eats the rice waffle, but then he likes it and enjoys eating it. The servant washes his clothes and we get a taste of Habaeks body. Then H puts his clothes back on and sits to eat the waffle again. he sees a beggar, but H hides the food like a little child.

Meanwhile SA is freaking out at her place. She finally goes to find Habaek and looks like a wreck.

H – are you okay
VOICES – are you okay
SA – as a doctor, I wasn’t fullfilling my duty…that is why…
H – I have been thinking about you, I tried not to
S – why?
H – becaues you are so stupid, I can’t stop it.
S – I am leaving

But she stops and turns around.

SA – I am just telling you, honsetly, my prof is great, but i am not so good
H – I realized a lot of things when i am here. if i speak the truth, then I am crazy. It is very difficult to have someone trust me 100, but you are that kind of thing for me, i trust you 100, so if you change your mind, then come by.

She leaves and tells herself that she did her best, so her morals are okay.

H – if you do not accept me, then you will suffer everything.

She goes home but she is super freaking out!!!! Everything is talking to her. All the plants are talking to her, but she is ignoring them and saying that she is the owner of her mind. Her mind is okay!!! The nurse bursts in and she is acting crazy to him as well. He is telling her that she needs to sleep or something, is she watching something inappropriate? What is going on? She is really going crazy and she looks like a mess. the nurse just leaves shaking his head and she sits back down.

N – And…park sang-shul called us again… ah, jsut forget about it.

SA – (to the cactus) what now, just speak, my morals are fine. Why? You don’t what anything to say? Are you sleeping?

But then she realized she is doing crazy things and straightens up.

VOICE – if you don’t accept me, then you will suffer everything.

SA calls someone and starts talking to them. Ah, its her friend from before.
SA – this guy says some weird things to me like watching dramas. He is almost like cursing me like monks from onld tv shows. if i don’t do this, then i will have trouble.

(text message)

SA – what?
N – I am in front of the door, I am afraid of you so I am just calling you. I have a good and bad thing to report to you. Bad – the bank is jacking up the rate, but Good – the rent is not increasing.

She runs outside to talk to him and sees that they have a reunion for her medical school.

They go to a gold office building. It is a skyscraper that looks like gold. The servant keeps looking at it, but H says that he will get him some real gold when his abilities come back.

But then he looks at the building and sees Moo-ra on teh TV. He tells Nam Soo-ri that Moo-ra is on the building, look! But when the servant looks at it, she has dissapeared.

She is talking to her friend doing yoga and it looks like she is walking to the reunion of her medical school. But she is having a hard time walking due to the heels. the friend said if you meet shin-ja then avoid her. They hang up.

SA sits and tries to fix her heel, but she is having a hard time doing it. A car drives up and it is the CEO.

CEO – I am on my way, do you want a ride?
SA – yes, okay
CEO – I think you think I am meddling with you, so bye bye

He drives off.

SA is in an elevator thinking about the encounter with the CEO and wonders if the way he acts is intentional or not and then hears H’s voice in her head about her having a hard time if she doesn’t come to him.

The assistant tells him that maybe the doctor wanted a ride? But the CEO doesn’t think so. SHe expresses herself very well.

They are trying to go inside somewhere, but it is closed. An ajumma tells them that SA has gone to a reunion.

Servant – should be come back tomorrow?
H – let’s go.

they get in a taxi and the servant says they should take the bus not a taxi.

SA has run into some friends, but then she starts to hear the flowers talking to her again. SHe treis to ignore her friends who are carrying the flowers and the friends say some backhanded complements and start to talk about some rich person who came to the reunion. It looks like it is the CEO. He finished one year at their school and then went to Yale, so he isn’t a real sunbae. They keep talking about the CEO. But SA tells them all the things the CEo told her. SHe is saying all the bad things about the CEO. But her friends said that she became a bad person.

Then the CEO comes up and talks to SA and the friends are stunned. They ask if SA knows the CEO and the CEO says that they do, she broke his wipers and needs to repay it. SA walks off and the CEO follows her.

SA – what are you doing, I didn’t know we were alumni
CEO – huh?
SA – sorry
CEO – you came here for money?
SA – you are so strange, you shouldn’t say these things
CEO – i am not following you around, I have another event
SA – i am leaving, I don’t want to see her (she sees the rich chaebol girl)
CEO – me too.

They leave but the rich girl follows them.

Rich girl – who is this?
VOICE – who is this (they repeat waht the girl says)
RIch Girl – three second goddess, beggar?
SA – what is a beggar? you are so childish, when I see you on TV, you look so choldish. (she mocks her with her pronounciation on TV)
Rich G – your father never came back from all those missionary trips, he gathered all the poor people and was a really nice guy, but when she was in school his dad went to some place and had an earthquake and never came back.
SA – yeah, he taded humanity for family happiness.

SA was about to slap the girl, but she takes the flowers instead and tells them to shut up and throws them down. But then she picks them up again. The rich girl grabs her to get her flowers back and rips the other girls clothes. But is looks like she is sorry about that. SA tells the girl to stop saying bad things about good deeds and stop getting on SNS for attention. SA leaves and the rich girls wants to run after her, but the CEO stops her momentarily. But then the rich girls runs around her.

VOICE – the flowers are repeating waht the bad girl said.

The bad girl catches up and runs into Habaek.
habaek asks why this rich girl is following around his girl, she belongs to him and if she wants to harrass SA, then she has to get his permission.

The rich girl runs off and then H approaches her.

SA – how did you get here
H – i took a taxi
S – the flowers are talking to me, i am going crazy
H – (he puts his jacket on her) I warned you. TAXI
S – (annoyed that that are taking another taxi)
H – get in

They ride in the taxi together and ride quietly. Flashback to SA running home. SHe runs everywhere, it looks like she is chasing a taxi?

VOICE OVER – that night I ran stupidly, it was not to catch my father, it was to get some energy. Abonim is on his way, from now on, I need to survive on my own. On that day I memorized all the pain I was suffering, everything was because of my father so I survived due to my hate for him.

Present SA looks at her old self on the bridge. The bridge says “relationship with your parents.”

SA – why did you bring me here?
H – you didn’t tell me where you live so I took you here.
SA – thank you (turns to leave)
H – you are not leaving. How can you just leave with the help? Mock-twi! (eating and running away)
Cut to her helping them get a cell phone, lol.

It is a pictoresque scene as they walk on the river and SA asks H about his land. He says he has water, trees, plants, all those things. And he says that is is great that humans aren’t there, otherwise they would ruin it all. he then offers to hold her hand because she is still having a hard time walking. They walk quietly along the river while holding hands. He said it is part of his god duty to help her.

They sit somewhere and keep talking while looking at a commercial on a huge screen. But they are still outside overlooking the river. This is a huge TV on the river. H starts talking about how he can turn things into gold. SA says to make her rich and he says he can’t do it now. SHe is all like, seriously, come on….

Then he sees someone on the TV again (Moo-ra?) and says she is a goddess. SA says she is a TV goddess. They start walking again and talking about goddesses. he says not to worry because he is her king and to take him to this goddesses building.

Cut to them showing up at the building. His servant got a part-time job so SA has to do everything for him, lol. he hops out, but she grabs his arm.

SA – do you really have to go there?
H – you still don’t trust me? I am not taking you with me because Moo-ra doesn’t like seeing me with women.

H leaves, but then he turns around and they have a moment together. He nods at her and then turns to leave again. SA tries to drive off but either her car is acting crazy or her morals are messing with her agian because she can’t leave. Ah, she said she doesn’t hear all the voices when she is together with H. But she tries to leave again, but she can’t, lol. Her foot keeps pressing the break.

The CEO drives up and sees all this.
He is looking for Moo-ra and feels her presence, someone wants to help him, but he says it is okay and heads of to find her.

CEO – Why are you in front of my hotel?
SA – This isn’t your hotel….(but it is,lol)
SA – is that model coming here?
CEO – the model for the resort?

Cut to Moo-ra getting her makeup put on. She looks gorgeous and then she hears Habaeks voice.

CEO – yes, she is here taking a pictoral.

SA gets out of the car and runs inside.

Cut to Moo-ra and Habaek. He moves up to talk to her, but the bodyguards come out and stop him. SHe does nothign about it and just let him get manhandled by the bodyguards. Moo-ra goes back to having her makeup put on. But then H starts to fight back against the bodyguards and throws them everywhere. He’s fightin off like 5-6 bodguards.

Moo-ra looks unconcerned. Until SA shows up and runs to Habaek yelling that He is her patient. H yells at the bodguards to stay away from his girl, SA.

Moo-ra – STOP

She gets up and walks over to Habaek and SA. She looks at him and her and then slaps him!

Everyone is nervous about that and H looks pissed. SA is yelling at Moo-ra to not hit people.

MR – who are you?
SA – I am his guardian
MR – I slaped him because he deserves it
SA – people say goddess or goddess, but you think you are a real goddess. You will get old. Make a flower or something. COme to my clinic and I will give you a discount. Let’s go.

SA takes H away and tells him to get in the car.

H – why? MR is real. She is a real goddesa and she won’t get old. She can make flowers.
SA – I am your guardian. I am trying to protect you from the world.
H – we live in different worlds
SA – okay, if you really want to see them then I have to meet them first.

AS – We had an incident with that patient.
CEO -Patient?
AS – I think he is the guy from the hotel
CEO – she uses a very strange method to treat people

She tells them all to leave and calls someone. she aks his what he is doing. She is talking to the other god with the blond hair and is telling him that H came. he lost his coordintes. MR – SO you and me, we are responsible for the god stone.

God – you just got a girlfriend as soon as you got to the human world. Mystery thriller suspense, Habaek came. ( he jumps off a building to sky surf)

They are at some building, it looks like SA wants to take them upstairs to see a god? She takes H upstairs to see her friend, lol.

Friend – is he that guy you talked about?
SA – I need to meet a god and you are closest to a god. He refuses our medical help so you have to decided the type of world he lives in.
Friend – he is a real guy and a god came in.

The friend is meeting with him in a small room filled with books
The friend is asking him all sorts of questions about gods and meeting gods. She said her god is Sigmund Freoud and throws some salt on the table. Then she caresses his face. H said this stupid god is no good. he is the real god and he is a water god and allthose things.

SA is wating for them to finish. But while waiting she is thinking about all her times together with Habaek. it looks like it makes her happy but she says that she won’t care about his life anymore. But then she thinks about their kiss and hits her head. What is she thinking~ then she gets a call from her friend.

Friend – Professor Hwang should understand him. I know why you had a difficult time. (the friend is walking away outside the building)

Inside the building SA approaches H.

H – are you playing with me
SA – no
H – stupid woman, do you really not trust me?
SA – …
H – just leave, I will let you go.

She walks off, but then she turns around
sa – I dont trust what i can’t believ
h – truth and not truth, how do you distinguish it, trust what you want to trust, because it is easier
voice – your father abandoned us (mom?)
sa – you don’t know me (she runs off)
voice – your truth is believeing what you want to believe becuse it is easy.
voice – some truths hide your truths…

SOmeone tries to kidnap her! They cover her moth and pull her into an elevator. Habaek turns around like he felt something? Maybe he feels it?

Outside the servant is taking some selfies and playing with the cell phone. He is wondering what is goind on upstairs. Then he looks upstairs and sees something. “What is that?”
H is getting a phone call. He doesn’t know how to answer it though, but he figures it out.

Servant – the doctor is fighing a man upstairs, she is about to fall!
H – what are you talking about?
Servant – she is falling! (she is falling!!!!)

he turns around and sees her falling, he charges to the window and breaks it as water! His powers came back!!! She is falling in slow motion and he is all water and wraps himself around her THIS IS SO COOL. he tunrs back into a man as they hit the ground.

VOICE – This is destiny. i told you that I am a god. Or that she will die early (or something)(old man voice)

This doesn’t make sense
I haven’t seen you for awhile
this doesn’t make sense
if you lveo me, there isn’t any treatment for it
I told you I am okay
I am the victim
How can this person?

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