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Bride of the Water God Live Recap: Episode 2

Bride of the water god live recap episode 2

We’re trying out live recapping this one on the fly and we’re coming straight over from Fight for My Way, so this live recap might be crazy. We watched a little bit of episode 1 and it looks like a pretty cool show so hopefully this works out okay. If so, then we’ll see if we can swing it with work and all that in the coming weeks.

HOW IT WORKS: We will start recapping as soon as the episode airs in Korea. We will update scene-by-scene about every 10 minutes. When you see —— that means the post has been updated. We try to catch as much as possible, but it goes by so fast so we might miss some things. After the episode finishes airing, we will go back through to correct typos and readability as well as add some relevant links. The recap starts at 10 pm Seoul time. Check here for your timezone.

HOW TO WATCH: I think only Dramafever has this one. But maybe some pieces of the episode will crop up on YouTube. We watch it through the tvN live link but you need a Korean ID to use it (I know, that stinks).

SHORTHAND: We don’t have this figured out yet! We’ll be learning all the names on the fly, so bear with us!

UPDATES: Updates galore will be at the bottom of this post, so check back in throughout the day and week.

——– = ~10 minutes has past
ALL CAPS = character/scene change




We are at the sky god home and the main god makes someone appear from the water.

King – she will die before she meets the king

The water god holds the girl and kisses the bride. Habaek opens his eyes and his eyes get bigger. He pushes her away.

H – You are the god’s servant, you will lose everything if you don’t follow what I say. You have the gods blessing. (the servant took him away)

She starts kind of looking somewhere.

Servant – she is not fully awake yet!
H – you tell me so many times
Servant – you shouldn’t just kiss a woman like this, she is not fully awakened yet, so if you go there then she will just slap you.

The bride is saying that guys is a crazy guy and she is wondering why she closed her eyes when she kissed him and she has a flashback of kissing him and she wants to find the reason why she kissed him. Then she hears him and looks at her wall. He is on her wall in te mirror and she sees herself kissing him. Haebek said he will just sneak into her mind. Lots of bubbles start flying everywhere into the next day and they are still flying somewhere. Ah, they flew to her. But she said, SEPARATE. And she came back to herself at her apartment. she lost all her strength and sits down.

Servant – You shouldn’t just kiss humans!!!
H – She is stupid, she doesn’t know the blessing. It is okay to have a stupid servant, you will wake up and come to me.

But then he starts thinking about the kiss, he feels a little strange maybe? But he is shaking his head, it is nothing.

They fade out to the water and we see that an old flip phone is in the water.

She wakes up from her couch and she is still wearing everything from yesterday. She looks out of it like she partied all night, her hair is a mess. But then she stops and remembers the kiss from the mirror, she turns her head to the mirror…….and sees herself. Then she sees that she looks crazy and she is super late. She starts running. But her alarm says it is Sunday and it is her annoying nurse’s voice saying it over and over again. She keeps shutting it but it keeps going off and telling her to go outside and work out ——go under the sun for vitamin D —— go outside. So she just breaks it and then lays back down on the couch.

She closes her eyes and tries to sleep, but she can’t sleep. She is so annoyed and starts kicking her legs in the air and then her stomach starts hurting her so she gets up to go to the bathroom

He is looking around but a bunch of ajumma’s are walking with masks and visors on and tell him to get out of the way, lol. He looks scared of them. he moves and they march on by. Then he sees a bicycle and says it is a bicycle car and they go to see skateboards.

[] – not everything with 4 wheels is the same.
H – what do you want me to do?

Haebaek is looking at the skateboards

The bride shows up to the park with a visor and mask and says the exact same thing that Haebek said about there being a lot of people there. She keeps walking. Perhaps she is there to exercise like her alarm said.

Haebaek decides to try the skateboard event and wants to know what he should do to win everything. Everyone thinks he is crazy or joking. But after he takes the skateboard, then think he is crazy.

H walks right up to the hardest part of the skateboard course and rips it. He is really good and they start to play rap music while he flies around the court.

Announcer – professionals shouldn’t join
Servant – this is his first time seeing a skateboard

He see’s his bride and smiles.

H – something just sneaks into your mind and hits your head and brain (this part is funny), he rolls right over to her and says, “You came here…”

But she runs away, lol. It looks like she is kind of attracted to him.

B – why did I see him here…
H – Servant! Stop!!!

He is chasing after her on the skateboard and the servant is chasing after him.

S – She is running away from you!
H – She is looking for me!
B – That guy is crazy!!

She runs in a tunnel and hides among some ajumma’s in a tunnel who are doing tai-chi. All the ajummas have masks on, lol. They tell him to get out of the way and start to walk off.

H – SERVANT!!!!!

Everyone stops and turns to look at him, lol. But then she runs away again. She finally gets away and sits down on the steps and yells about this weird guy and why did her assistant tell her to exercise, she won’t get any diabetes. But then a ball fall in the river and she starts to look at the water. Looking at the water is making her feel strange, she starts to touch her heart and look at the water.

Mini flashback/dream she is in the water and can’t get out of the water. Someone help me….Appa….

Back to the present and she is kind of gathering herself and standing up. She walks a few steps away from the water but then turns and looks at it again.


They didn’t give him the prize because they said he is a professional so they are sulking about that. They are at their bubble castle, lol.

S – she is not awakened yet, so just give up, accept it.

Some business men in suits are talking business.

M1 – tell me
M2 – it is difficult to buy the land because that land is a presidents land
M1 – I will take care of it
M2 – okay

The main person sits down and the other one is talking on the phone.

M1 – it sill take some time to get the parts.
M2 – okay

flashback about what happened yesterday about the bride going off on them and the windshield wiper and all that. He smiles.

It will cost a lot to change the windshield wiper and the nurse has to break it to the bride.

N – maybe I can ask my friend to fix it
B – just use the insurance
N – okay I will use it, Ah, your patients are going to a bigger hospital and they need a letter from you. (he leaves)

She sits down and then it appears like she hears something so she starts to look around. Maybe her abilities are waking up.

The servant says he is only a little better than a person, but the God doesn’t want to hear it. He says they will go to their new home and gives the servant the business card of the bride.

They are taking a taxi and Habaek wants to drive the taxi. He tells the taxi driver that he will drive, but the taxi driver is all like what? and tells them to get out, then drives off.

It looks like the owner wants to increase the rent, so she takes off running to meet with them.

They are driving and talking business.

They took another taxi, lol. But the water god sees his bride and told the servant that she awakens. The bride wants to help an old man cross the street but he doesn’t want any help. So she pretends like she is walking slowly next to him and looking at her phone. The light changed, but she is still walking slowly next to the phone. The business man is looking intently at her. The old man says thank you.

But she lost the landlord to her apartment so she is sad about it.

The business men drive off but it looks like he has a good impression of her. He said she is a psychiatrist so she can see things that other people can’t see.

He confronts her on the street and immediately starts to tell her that she needs to learn all about how to take care of him. He goes on this long speech about it.

H – Do you have any questions
B – Let’s talk (to the servant)
B – He is crazy, he needs to go to the hospital
H – Tells go home
B – I am going to my home, not your home. go to the city center and they will help you. The government should do it, not a single person.

Flashback to her as a child with a lot of other kids around. The mom says the government should help them.

Back to the present and Habaek is confronting her about helping the man across the street and she said she was just walking. She leaves and he says he will abandon her. She is all like, That would be great, thank you.

The bride starts to hear some voices that she will be in a lot of pain if she abandons her god.

They start to talk about some gold. The servant buried some gold 50 years ago so they can dig it up. They go there but it has changed a lot. It was once a pear farm, but now it is a lot of skyscrapers. The servant is super hungry and Habaek tells him to endure it.

Someone wearing old fashioned clothes or maybe monk clothing is eating at a restaurant. It looks like the monk is telling the owner a lot of fortune teller type things so the owner gave the monk a lot of food. But then the monk sees the water god and starts to kind of low-grade freakout.
The water god is outside walking and their stomachs are growling so they buy some stick fish on the street and sit to eat it.

But Habaek doesn’t want to sit for too long so he tells them to leave.

S – we don’t know hot to find other gods, what should we do? how did you lose your ability? maybe we should go back
H – you are bothering me too much. Don’t follow me around and just come out!

The monk comes out.

M – You are Habaek right? it is me. Wow, you look familiar. I am Joogle.

He runs up to the god and kisses him on the lips!!!
(Commercial break)


The god is all like, what is happening!!! Why did you do that!!!

M – Wow you really lost your abilities. I waited for this kind of moment. You are in big trouble now! (he runs off)
H – who is he?
S – are you okay?
H – who is that guy?
S – he is Joogoli, the god of beggars

It looks like a kiss from the god of beggars will make you poor. Oh no!

they are in the parking lot and it looks like the chaebols are talking to their dad/uncle. there is a girl there and she is super floaty and wants a lot of money. She is wearing super bright clothes and said she is a big star to her grandpa should give her a company. Halabogee just leaves.

The young businessman is there too and he follows halabogi inside. It looks like the 5th floor is emptying today and Halabogi is talking about how much the trash bag costs. He is very stingy. HE also argues about all the money he spent sending his granddaughter to medical school. TheN he sees a penny on the floor and is super happy as he picks it up.

Halabogi – so your building a new resort?
business man – yes, I need your help
Halabogi – how can I help you?
Business man – I will pay you 5 times more for the land
Halabogi – How much are you going to pay meeeeee

The bride is trying to get the rent lowered but the man she is talking to is saying that the boss is super stingy and won’t care about anything she says.

They are sitting down and talking and negotiating the price. The young man says one number and the older man comes back with another number. But the older man wants 10 times more than the land is worth. The old man also wants exclusive restaurant deals near the restaurant but the young man doesn’t want to give him that.

The bride walks in and is a bit shocked to see the young businessman again. She is talking to the boss about keeping her rent the same price, but he is talking about how she needs to just pay him or leave. The old man said he is not educated so he can’t think of these things so just leave. She leaves and goes to the elevator, but then she Starts to hear voices again.

Plant – I’m thirsty, give me some water, please!

Then she gets bumped by a woman but she hears what that woman is thinking.

Woman – why did you bump me (thinking)

Then the young CEO comes out and talks to her about walking the old man across the street. She says she was just walking him across, it was no big deal.

CEO – I want to tell you that you don’t need to pay for my car
B – okay, thank you
CEO – Am I meddling too much, okay, just pay me back

She is like, aw man, and puts her head in her hands.
The bride gets a call from the nurse about more bad news with the patient running away. But she just says to not worry too much about it.

Now Haebaek is hungry! It is his first time feeling hunger. The servant says that if you lose your ability then lower gods can affect you and he didn’t know that beggar god was around.

H – I never knew the human world was a dumpster
S – big trouble, now you know what hunger feels like

Habaek starts looking at the cell phone picture, but the owner gets a call so he couldn’t look at it anymore. He gets up and leaves without the servant, but the servant was looking at some food and didn’t know the boss left. They are separated! Habaek is by himself as the subway car keeps going! Habaek runs after the subway, but it is too late, they are gone.

But it looks like there is another god in front of him maybe?


Someone is taking selfies and looks at Habaek in shock. he is super stunned to see him.

It looks like they are looking for the patient. They are following the patient’s cell phone. Ah, it looks like the patient they are looking for is the one that Habaek saw on the subway? The taxi starts to play church music and she is annoyed.

Patient – the patient says he survived off of this after his mom passed

But Habaek doesn’t want to eat it (some fried chicken). Habaek really doesn’t want to eat the chicken. The patient takes a photo with Habaek and says he took a photo with a god, so it is good now. Now he just needs to call Obama and it’s all done.

H – Who is Obama?

The bride is at the subway that they last saw the signal for the patient and is yelling at her nurse about something. Then the nurse says one of her patients killed themselves at that big hospital and she is wondering why they didn’t tell her. She said to call the police and get out of that case. She is super tired and sits on a bench.

B – why is everyone bothering me…I don’t want to live like that…

She picks up her phone to check her Instagram. The patient posted a photo of himself with the Habaek on Instagram, lol.


H – Why are you mentioning Obama, who is Obama?
P – Obama is the American president…. he is~
H – Obama won’t save the world
P – Why not! So who can save the world
H – I don’t know. I don’t care about the human world, so I am not going to tell you.

Habaek looks over and sees the bride hiding behind a newspaper. He then tells the patient that no one has the name [a bunch of numbers]. The patient yells at him and then Habaek stands up and tells him that he is the water god.

P – you should say who can save the world. If not Obama then who!!!!
H – one person can ruin the world, but one person can’t save the world, so do what you need to do and don’t walk around like this.
P – {temper tantrum and goes crazy}

The bride has heard enough and tells the patient all about his case and all those things. This is her specialty. She is trying to confront the patient. Habaek is annoyed though while looking at his piece of chicken. He is wondering if he should throw it away or not. The patient starts to walk in the water.

That bride follows, but she stops because she is afraid of the water. She yells at him to come back and tells the god to help her, but he says she is his servant and can not tell him what to do. She should do it.

She is trying to calm the patient down and they are going back and forth about his case. But she is acting a little weird and freaking out like she is drowning even though she is on land.

The bride is crying and at a bridge. She is calling her appa and wants appa to pick up, but he doesn’t pick up. She has her old flip phone and kneels on the ground crying.

B – I will make you regret it forever.

She throws the cell phone into the water and stands on the ledge. She looks over the side at the water and then jumps in. She is sinking to the bottom and not trying to swim. Her eyes are closed, but then she opens her eyes and sees the light above. She snaps to her senses and tries to swim to the top. She yells for her dad to come save her, but then she passes out and sinks to the bottom.

[] – IT WAS cold, dark, and I was afraid and no one helped me.

But then it looks like she saved herself? That is so cool if she did. Yep, it looks like she saved herself maybe by swimming to the side. She looks back out on the water.

The patient yells a bunch of stuff and then jumps into the water. The bride drops her cell phone and is trying to call the police or something, but she can’t jump into the water to save him because she is too scared. She can’t even move properly.

Habaek is just looking at the both of them. Oh no, it looks like the patient isn’t moving anymore. The bride gathers her strength and gets up to run into the water to save him. Bit Habaek stops her and says she doesn’t have a plan, just hold his chicken and she will get him. He didn’t want to do it because it was dirty.

She cries and breaks down. Maybe she things they both tried to commit suicide.

H – I told you, you are noisy.

She looks up and Habaek is super wet. The patient is on the ground and not moving. The bride immediately starts doing CPR but he wakes up before she kissed him.

P – My lips are tf0041, they are not for you! (coughing up the water)

Habaek tells her to leave with that stupid guy, but then he sees his piece of chicken on the ground!

H – You!!!!! I told you to hold this! This was for Namsoogi!

She walks toward him and hugs him. He looks like he doesn’t know what to do.

B – Thank you so much (jongdaemal)

H – This is destiny. Destiny.

Fade out

Are you really a god?
Shut up…
I couldn’t stop thinking of you…
Who is this…
Why are you following my girl?
Some bad girl said you and I did it together

They are in the sky world and they are trying to figure out what the destiny is. The chief isn’t going to tell her. But she keeps asking and the chief says if he tells her then she will know the gods will.


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