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Bing Watch: Romance is a Bonus Book Episodes 1-8

Romance is a Bonus Book Bing Watch Recap
Romance is a Bonus Book, via tvN

Here are the first 8 recaps we have done for Romance is a Bonus Book over on our Patreon! We recap this show live every Saturday and Sunday morning at 6am CST on Patreon. I also included my comments on the show as well.

The first two episode recaps are not live recaps, they are quickcaps. The rest of the recaps (episodes 3-8)are live as we watch the show. I have comments at either the beginning or ending of every episode which were kind of fun to watch as I put this post together.

In addition, you can watch two translated behind the scenes videos on our YouTube page: Video 1, Video 2.

*These are live recaps, so be wary of typos!

Romance is a Bonus Book, via tvN

Romance is a Bonus Book: Episode 1 Recap

We have finally been able to watch the first two episodes of this show! I must say, Korean dramas really feel like they are taking a time machine to the Romantic comedies of old as this show would fit perfectly in 2007. But it is just different enough with the ajumma reentering the workforce premise to keep me invested in her life. The first recap is below and episode two is coming up!


The title of the First Episode is Familiar Noona, Kang Dan-yi. 

Cha Eun-ho shows up to the wedding and goes to the top of a set of stairs to see Danyi. She is all decked out in her wedding attire and smiles when she sees him. But then her bridesmaids show up and take all her attention. He tells her that she is pretty but she does not hear it so he tells her that it is okay that she didn’t hear it and heads out to the yard.

He sits at a piano and waits. The wedding gets started. The groom comes out dancing like he is in a disco and heads all the way to the front. Then Cha Eunho starts to play the wedding processional on the piano. But someone runs to the front and says that the bride is gone. Everyone wonders what is going on. Eunho asks the groom what happened, did you fight again? The groom says that they fight everyday, he doesn’t know, it was one week ago. Dongyi thinks that noona should have a reason.

He steps out but two girls recognize him as a famous writer and want his signature. But he says they have the wrong person and leaves. He gets in the car and wonders what is going on with noona, he practiced so much to play the piano at her wedding, where are you? She speaks up and says that she is behind him. He turns around and sees her hiding in his backseat.

Dongyi wonders why she is there and pulls over in shock, but then the groom calls and says that he saw her get into his car from the CCTV. He wonders if they have something going on. If you don’t then come back with Dan. Her mother passed out and everything, come back Dan. But Dan does not want to come back. Eunho tells hyung that he will bring her back, just wait for 10 minutes.

They end up drinking something on the side of the road. He tells her, if you don’t want to go back then tell me, otherwise I will take you back. She said she was feeling insecure and has no where to go. He asks her if she would like to go to the airport? She can spend time away. She says that she was going to Spain for a honeymoon. Her mom wanted her to go to Jeju island. They are in so much debt for the wedding. Mom passed out, abogi died not that long ago….and then his car gets towed.

So they end up running off together. Her in her wedding clothes and him looking like the groom in his black suit. Her hair piece flies off.

VO – If I can turn time back then I always go there when my marriage is hard. What if I listened to Eunho and went somewhere like he told me. I should be a different me then the me I am now.

Cut to the present where Eunho is giving an interview in order to get a job. It looks like she is presenting her commercial to the people behind the desk. She starts talking about a commercial she did 7 years ago. But she has not done anything since then. She says that she was taking care of kids and worked for a family and all those things. They cut her off. 

Then ajummas start to dance behind her as she walks away. It looks like these ajummas are like her personal cheering team that only she can see? They are always happy and always dancing and lift her spirits no matter where she is. We see Danyi going through her current daily life of trying to find a job and telling people that she watched peoples kids and she id divorced now and all those things.

She runs around so much that she rubs her heel raw. So she asks another interviewee if she has a bandaid at another interview, but she does not. She ends up going in to another interview with that interviewee. One of the woman interviewers looked sympathetic in Danyi’s struggles of being on top but now not being ahead.

After the interview the other interviewee gives Danyi a bandaid. She tells Danyi that she is mad that an ajumma like her is jumping into the job search with all the 20 somethings. She leaves. Danyi thinks that she would have had a temper if she was like she ws before. Then the interviewer that liked her comes in. She asks if it is difficult to try and reenter the job force. She wonders how she can help the company with her years in the household. The field changed a lot.

Interviewer – This is not a place to have a picnic and say that you have not worked for a while.

DY – I need it

Interviewer – It makes me mad, I was in this position and how I got here. But now you come out?

She walks away looking disgusted. (okay, so I guess she didn’t like her?)

Cut to Eunho speaking to his class and giving them homework. He also playfully tells them that he knows he is handsome. After class several of the female students run after him to talk to him. He tells them he has a girlfriend and will get married soon.

Meanwhile, Danyi cleans up her home or a home. She sees Eunho’s books and smiles. Then she looks at photos of two kids and smiles as well. She ends up doing the laundry and sees a red bra that is a different size than before. She thinks it changed again.

She texts Eunho and tells him that the housekeeper says that he changes his women all the time. He calls Danyi and tells her to change his housekeeper again, he does not like an ajumma that tells her all his secrets. Danyi asks him when he got that red underwear woman? He tells her that his house helper is not good, she only works half the day.

She mutters that he should not fire her, she needs this money. (Hmm, it doesn’t look like he knows that she is his housekeeper).

She gets a call about hogwan money.

Later we see Eunho’s internal dialogue about his housekeeper and how it seems like she takes a shower and eats in his place. It sounds weird, but he thinks that is happening. He complains all about this to Danyi. Danyi is also complaining about how she doesn’t eat too much.

Next, we meet the people from the publishing company. Cha Eunho is the editor and is super popular and handsome. Bong Ji-hong is a former poet and team leader. Seo Young-ha is a working mother and marketing team head. She comes running in with rollers in her hair telling them that it is good that they did not get married and complaining about a lot of things. She talks badly about the CEO as well who she does not know is there already. He tells her that she is late.

CEO Jae-min tells her that there is not age limit on who they will hire? Did you make this? She Youngah says yes, that’s right. But he tells her that he doesn’t want any old people. Yoosun says something about hiring and not being calculating or something like that. Jaemin thinks they can hire a high school graduate, it is a temporary job to begin with.

They keep talking about this job opening and who they will hire.

Later on that night, Danyi breaks into her own house? it looks like that is what she is doing. Or maybe she broke into someone else’s house? Either way, she is in a house that looks dilapidated and like it might get torn down at any time. it might be her old home because she relives a happy memory with her husband and daughter living int his house just after they bought it. It is a much brighter house and a much happier time.

But then she is brought into a sadder memory about asking her husband to start over. They married because they loved each other. You failed your business and i yelled at you a lot, and we have to sell our house, but it is okay. We can start over. She is crying as she tells him this. But she also asks if this is why he had an affair? Because he thought that would solve everything. he starts to walk away. She tells him that she is sorry, she won’t talk about her anymore. And she falls to the ground crying as he leaves.

She tells her memory self not to cry, your husband will not come back. Even if you cry your eyes out, he won’t come back. You are on your own from now on.

She checks her money and then thinks about calling her daughter. She got the call from the hogwan but she doesn’t have a house or a job yet so….

But then Jae calls her crying. She tells her that she is so sick, her stomach hurts a lot. Her insurance is not accepted there so it is expensive. She tells her daughter to go to the hospital, she has money to pay for her hospital bill and you can study more over there and do what you want. Just go to the hospital since you are sick.

Elsewhere, Eunho reads over his book and starts to print more pages of it. But then he sees that something is not write with the wires. he thinks that he told that ajumma not to touch the desk. Whatever connection she has with Kang Danyi, I will just fire her.

But then Danyi’s resume prints out. He wonders what is goin on, noona is looking for a job? Why does she want to get a job?

Cut bak to Danyi checking with her daughter to see if she went to the hospital. Her daughter texts her back and says that it was nothing serious. She just had to get a shot and she will go home tomorrow.

In the morning, Danyi’s house starts to get bulldozed over with her in it. She goes outside and sees the huge bulldozer destroying her property. The construction members stop right away and tells her that she should not break into someone else’s house, if the owner knows then you will be in trouble. Danyi apologizes and says that she just has to get her luggage. She runs inside and grabs all her things, then leaves.

The construction people wonder how she could survive there without electricity or water.

Danyi changes in the bathroom and leaves her plant and bag on the bus stop. she tells herself that she will think about tomorrow, tomorrow. There will be tomorrows sun tomorrow, she has no where to go but today she will have an interview.

She goes to get her things, but her shoes is accidentally kicked into the street and run over by a lot of cars. Then it disappears.

She ends up calling her interview to tell them that she cannot make it today, can I go there tomorrow? But it does not sound promising, she asks for a one hour delay. But that does not sound promising either. She tells them that it is not like she cannot go there, to get there she has to change three subway trains and they won’t pick her anyway so it’s okay. I am not going. She starts to sob on the bus stop.

She walks away with all her things and gets rained on. Her daughter texts her that she is back at school and asks if she can transfer the hospital money to her. Danyi leaves the store she is in and throws away her other shoe, then she takes off running in the rain.

She goes to Eunho’s house but her password does not work. She remembers him telling her that he is changing his password so the ajumma is fired. She calls him. But he does not pick up because he is about to meet someone.

he meets with a woman at a cafe, she looks nervous.

Woman – I had a blind date, I am going to get married.

EH – You should be busy….

It looks like this woman is an ex girlfriend. He is pretty nonchalant about her explanation. She asks if they ever dated? he basically tells her that he can throw water on her so she does. He alo says that he does not believe in love. She calls him an a-hole and walks out.

Danyi is still walking around in the rain. She ends up buying a soju and calling Eunho again. But he does not answer.

VO – The reason I don’t believe in love is because of Danyi noona.

Danyi waits outside with her plant. He waits inside at the cafe.

She starts walking home with her plant and sees wedding dress. She stares at it and remembers her wedding day. She ended up getting married and Eunho played his song at her wedding.

In the present, she drinks her soju and glares at the wedding dress. Then Eunho calls.

She asks where he is and why did he change the password. he says he was dumped and he doesn’t know love and all that. Danyi tells him that men don’t know it. He says it is because of her. then he asks if she came to his place? I saw your resume.

She tells him that it is all done, no one hires someone with a break. This life is all messed up. I feel like that. No one calls me and I can’t go anywhere. All my money is gone after sending it to Jaeyi. He mentions her husbands business. And asks where she is at now. She says that she is standing in front of the cliff of her life, she has no where to go. If she sees any man she knows she will go with that guy.

Then a drunken man grabs her and starts throwing up. She tells Eunho to hold on a moment and starts cursing at this man. He has a firm grip of her wrist though. She tries to hit him away.

But then another man comes up, this is Seojoon who tells him to let her go. Hea lso apologizes for being late. The man leaves grumbling about how he wants to be loves. This new man apologizes and tells her that he saw this scene from upstairs and wanted to help. She thanks him but she asks if this is the first time he has seen a person without shoes? He tells her to sit on the bench and tells her that he looks like a crazy person, but he actually has a pair of shoes.

he pulls out a pair of high heel shoes that look exactly like her old shoes. He says he might seem crazy, but he doesn’t always have women shoes with him. He puts her feet in the shoes, they area perfect fit. She laughs so he asks why she is laughing. She says that these are her shoes.

Flashback to Seojoon saying that he saw a woman waiting for the bus, but one of her shoes was gone. He actually was able to get one of the shoes. He tries to return it to her, but it took him a minute to cross the street. He says that he looked for her a little bit, but he just found the other shoes. So he thought that he had both pairs so he could not throw them away. But now he saw the owner. Do you like this story?

She says that everyone likes Cinderella stories, but she is too old to believe in that. She will live her life on her own. She smiles and then gets up to leave, it starts raining again. he pulls out his umbrella. He asks if it is cold. She says sometimes it gets cold when you leave. She gives him her plant and says that he can have it. You can cut the branches and don’t have to buy leeks for awhile.

He tells her to take the umbrella, she thinks it will be hard to return it, he tells her to still take it and then runs off.

Danyi ends up going to her friends house. Eunho asks her what happened, did you fight with hyung? She asks for warm water and curls up on his couch with a blanket. He wonders what is going on but she doesn’t really answer. He doesn’t push it either, he just gives her a hot drink. She tells him that she will sleep there tonight, is that okay? Just one night?

He asks if she left the house?

She starts to go upstairs. He tells her that fighting between married couples is like cutting water with a knife. She yells that she just wants to stay one night, she has no where to go. He thinks back to her wedding day when she told him the exact same thing. So he lets her go to a room to sleep.

it looks like she ends up sleeping in a small room that is like a storage room. He wonders what is going on with her, should he call hyung? But he also wonders why he should.

In the morning, they both eat breakfast quietly. He asks her what happened. She still doesn’t want to tell him. So he says that he will not make her tell him anything, sometimes things just happen. But can you find me a housekeeper? She says she will do it. He asks if she is going back home? She tells him that she has no home to go back to, they got divorced one year ago.

He doesn’t believe her and says there isn’t anything he doesn’t know about her. He also says that she can sleep there one more night. But before leaving he asks if hyung had an affair. She still doesn’t answer, she only keeps eating.

he goes outside and wonders if she is really divorced. Then he goes to work.

She stays and cleans his house, but in cleaning she sees the New Employee flyer and wonders if she should apply. She thinks she will fail but also thinks that college and specs don’t matter. She wishes she just graduated high school. But she sees that this is for the lowest job that does not require college degree or age limit. She looks at it a bit more seriously.

He gets home and sees that she is still there. So he calls her but she does not answer. He texts her to ask if she went home? Did you talk about divorce because you are angry? If he really had an affair then I will kill that guy. But he also texts that he shouldn’t have said that and that he worries about her, call me tomorrow.

She puts her phone to the side (she is still in his house, y’all). Then the next day she goes in for the interview.

Eunho is one of the three interviewers, Haerin is calling them all in.

Eunho recognizes that Danyi is one of the next interviewers. it looks like he does not know what to do. he looks up and sees her standing in front of him. She looks back at him.

Fade Out


Not sure what to make of this show. It is so slow paced, but in the romantic-comedy genre, it feels like it should be a tab bit faster paced? I like the characters and the story of a woman trying to reenter the work force when everything is against her. They truly did set up her dire circumstances and how she is giving all her money to her daughter so that her daughter can continue with her schooling in a private boarding school. We’ll see how it goes.

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Romance is a Bonus Book Recap
Romance is a Bonus Book, via tvN

Romance is a Bonus Book: Episode 2 Recap

I wasn’t sure what to make of the first episode. I was pretty slow paced and I was a bit lost in some parts, but I did like the easy breezy nature of the recap and I also liked the heroine. This show is just so easy to recap. In this episode we learn a bit more about Danyi’s circumstances but we don’t really understand just how good she was in her former life as a copyeditor. It is hinted at, but no one is around to really explain how good she was before giving it all up for family life. Eunha knows it and doesn’t want her to work at his job as a simple high school hire. But he starts to realize that she really doesn’t have that many options, if any. I’m here for this upward climb. Plus the publishing company looks fun.


Everyone comes in for the interview. Danyi is one of the interviewees. Eunho sees her resume and then looks up to see her standing in front of him. She bows along with all the other interviewees.

They all sit and are then asked their series of questions.

Jaemin tells Danyi that she read a lot of classical books but does not have experience in this field. She says that she was a bookworm growing up, Eunho thinks that she was a bookworm but she was also popular. He asks the name of the company, DY answers and says EH says that he told her that.

They keep asking her questions and about her specialty. She answers all the questions, she knows she can’t do everything herself and will do every assignment they give her, she will appreciate them all and work hard.

VO – There is something that I don’t know that is happening to Kang Danyi, no, it has already happened.

Danyi leaves the interview and starts to head to the elevator. Eunho heads out too and apologizes. He catches up with Dongyi and tells her to talk to him. He tells her to follow him but she doens’t. So he tells her that he is angry and holds his door open for her to follow him to his car.

He asks her why she is a high school graduate? Are you bored with your life? Don’t tell me, I won’t understand what you say. They end up driving off. he calls her husband but it is the wrong number so he asks DY his number.

They argue a bit about her hubsand being her guardian, she says she is 37, she does not need a guardian. he gets upset and gets out of the car. then he goes back and asks her what happened. Ah, it looks like they are in front of her house so he asks her what happened to her house? Isn’t his business doing well? Was your house sold in auction?

They go to a cafe, Eunho asks if he really had an affair and the house was really foreclosed on? Why didnt’ I know you became like this? Where is that guy? She tells him to watch his mouth, I used to love him.

VO – She said love again.

Flashback to high school or college with Eunho meeting the husband for the first time when Danyi and he dated. The hyung says that he will send Eunho to college. He is an exam genius.

VO – He has always been a liar….he does not care about her at all. Why does she love that kind of guy with so many men in the world?

he tells him that he will get his tutoring, but don’t contact Danyi to get ahold of me. he leaves. The boyfriend wodners about the money. 

VO – I didn’t want to be a fool that was controlled with emotions, I wanted to be the one watching.

In the present, Danyi tells Eunho that her husband went abroad with a woman and will not be back. Eunho says that she is qualified to get a good job. She went to a good University. But Danyi says that no one wants to hire a woman that stopped her career. I went on over 50 interviews for one year. But they don’t want to hire me. Housework is a hard job, I learned patience and sacrifice and worked non stop for years. But no one thinks that is good specs. Your team does not have an age limit.

Eunho says that the job is low, it is for a high school graduate. Danyi asks if she should live like this then? If she lives to 80 then she is halfway there almost.

he apologizes and says that he did not know anything. She says that she knows he lent money to Jaeyi’s father without telling her and that he did not pay it back. You did enough. he gets a call. Soeone asks him where he is, it is the newspaper company for an interview with him.

Danyi tells him that she has to go to a part time job and leaves. He watches her walk away and apologizes to the newspaper team about being busy and were the interview is.

Elsewhere, Seojoon thinks about Danyi and then thinks about cutting one of the branches on the leek plant she gave him. It takes him awhile to cut it because he never cut a live leek before.

Danyi goes to his interview and takes a bunch of pictures. But he also wonders where Danyi lives and if she got any money from her husband. All the while we see Danyi in her part time jobs. he wants her to tell him where she lives, he wants to stop by.

Eunho starts to talk to the interviewer, but he does not want to talk about his debut. She apologizes and asks about his writing style and how it changed after he met his editor.

Flaschback to Eunho. A woman ran up to hima nd said a Chow Yun fat looking guy asked her where the writer is. Cut to an old fashioned looking vintage flashback and man asking for Eunho, he says he is not that writer. But the Chow Young Fat looking guy is Jaemin and follows Eunho around to get his attention. He tells him that he will not have to worry about money and he will make him one of the youngest editors in his company. I can employ you for life.

But the company was a start up. Jaemin didn’t even have furniture organized so jaemin told him, Congratulations, you are a founding member!

In the present, the interviewer says that Eunho changed to genre projects after that. Eunho says it was not because of Jae-min, he just thought about it before. The interviewer says that Eunho’s book allowed for their company to become a real company. Cut to the old timey flashback that shows the company explanding and growing as Eunho’s book sales skyrocket.

The interviewer has her last question, the biggest reason your company became this big was because of the writers copyright. Do you have any word on the other writers dissapearance? Eunho gets a phone call and has to leave. the interviewer thinks that Gojoo people are strange, they become like that whenever they talk about writer Gang Byung-joon.

he goes outside, Danyi texts him to turn his password back until she getsa real job.

She ends up sleeping at his house again.

In the morning, Eunho tells jaemin that Korea University asked for a donation of books. They start to talk about that a little. Lots of people ask them for donations, a childrens library also asked them. Int he break room, some of the employees bet on who the new employee will be. They also wonder who the trainer will be for the new employee.

Jae-min takes the job from Bong Ji-hoon and says that he will do that dirty work. he runs off. Jaemin picked Danyi as the employee. He says that he loved what she wrote, it was so impressive. Flashback to the interviewers writing an extra essay. 

The essay was “What would you like to tell yourself”

To Kang Danyi, it has already been 37 years together, but I still don’t know about you. So, I want to study you. (flashback to all Danyi’s struggles). Dan-yi, you tried hard. Sorry I did not respect you. Sorry I mistreated you, and I am sorry that I made you timid. (more flashbacks of her mom and married life). I am sorry to abuse you, it should have been hard. Event hough it is difficult, you did a good job smiling. From now on you should be happy, forget about yesterday and live for today. Look forward to tomorrow and what you like. Dont’ be discouraged. Fighting, until the end.

Jaemin tells him Eunho that it sounds like she suffered a lot, this kind of person should work hard. But Eunho is not impressed. Jaemin wonders why he does not like it, all the grammar and everything is great. He then starts to look at another employee, Oh Ji-yool.

Oh Ji-yool is at a bar about to kiss someone with a lot of her friends. She gets a call that she passed the interview at the publishing company. But she does not sound all that impressed. She tells her friends that she got the job. Then she says that she will go on a trip with her mother, can I go to work after that. Jae-min wonders what is up with that girl? He tells her that she has to go to work from tomorrow.

Then he calls another guy thta made the cut. This guy is Park Hoon who is working hard with getting signatures from people on not killing dogs and cats. he is also running around to get job applications. he runs into one of his old friends who asks if he is still applying for jobs? He says that he has a job. Ah, this is his old girlfriend. She said that she wondered if he was doing okay.

He goes to his part time job and then sees his ex-girlfriend there. He is busted. But he gets the call that he got the publishing job. he is happy yet also sad that Jaemin didnt’ call him 5 minutes earlier. Jaemin is all like, sorry to call you about it so late.

He hangs up and alls Danyi. He tells her that she is hired, congratulations. Danyi is so out of her mind happy and starts to thank him profusely. Jaemin is so happy. All the ajummas come to ask her if it is good news? Did you get a job? She tells them that she got a job and everyone starts to yell happily for her and hop up and down in excitement and wipe her tears and all that. It is a celebration.

In the company, Eunho thinks about Danyi telling him that she is half way to 80, should she continue living like this? But then Haerin comes to him and gives him something. He tell sher that she left her things at his place. She says that she used his washing machine and left, he tells her that she shouldnt’ leave her underwear there. She smiles and leaves.

At home, Danyi is looking around the kitchen when she hears the beep beep bope of the front door. She runs upstairs to hide just as Eunho comes in. She texts him that she got the job. She also watches him from upstairs. he puts his phone on the table and takes a drink of something, then he texts her back.

EH: That has nothing to do with me. We are strangers at the company so don’t ask for my help. Stop working at my house and find another ajumma.

She curls up in her bed. But then he texts again.

EH: Congratulations getting a job noona.

DY: I made Dwenjang Chigae with Jangbok, eat that.

He looks at the food and says that it looks good.

The next day we see Seojoon running around the corner with his dog.

Danyi sneaks out of his house after stealing his toast. Seojoon sees her running off and remembers her as that woman. The leek woman! 

Inside, Eunho sees that one of his toasts is missing. He still doesn’t know that she is sleeping at his place.

Danyi gets to work and stands outside. Parkhoon asks her if she is the new employee? he shakes her hand and tells her that she should not have to be nervous, this is just work. he talks a mile a minute and gives her life advice and work advice. he even coaches her in ways to relax. Then he tells her that he is a new employee also. They go inside together.

All the new employees are to go to the third floor until 9am. They all ride the elevator up. Park Hoon and Danyi say hello to Ji-yool. Haerin also gets into the elevator so they think shse is a new employee. They try to talk to her as a new employee but she tells them that they do not need to know her age.

They go to the meeting room where there are 3 more new employees. Park Hoon tells them that he heard good information, the person that trains them is the Ice Witch. But he does not know that Haerin is that person. So he continues talking about how Haerin is cranky and they are so unlucky from the begining. Oh Ji-yool asks whot he first generation witch is since this person is the first. Haerin says it is Ko Yoosun.

Then she gives her business card and says that she is the one that will train them. It will be hard. But she isn’t that mean to them and congratulates them for getting the job. They are comrades and competitiors because one of them will quit. In 3 months another person will quit. Less than half of you will survive. I will not teach anyone who will quit automatically anyway, so you need to learn yourself.

Another woman looks in on the trainees and says that the one in all black looks so old fashioned. Eunho tells her that she has a classical look and she is his type. Do you have the first draft from that writer? The woman apologizes and says that they haven’t had any contact with him in a month. She runs off.

Haerin brings the new employees to see Jaemin and then walks them around the entire building. Afterward, the three main new hires talk. Park Hoon wonders about Eunho, he is editor, writer, and professor. it is hard to have one of those jobs, but he has three. They wonder how old Danyi is, 30….they say that they are 3 years different. But then she adds ….7. They think, oh, do you have experience? She says she has no experience. She is just part time support team contract work.

Jiyool and Park Hoon don’t know what to say so they drink their drinks.

Later on, Ji-yool gets a congratulations message from her mom and then starts to take photos of her flowers and balloons. The team wonders who picked her? Haerin thinks that she can teach her how to act better.

They all get their business cards and ID’s. Danyi is so happy to have one. Flashback of all her friends and colleagues wanting to give her their business cards, but she could not give hers back. Now she will be able to give one back.

She starts to walk up the street but is stopped by Eunha, he wants to see her place. She tries to get out of it and says that she is looking for an ajumma to clean his house. She gives her business card to him and says that he is the only one she can brag about this to and then starts walking in the opposite direction. He thinks back to the woman telling him that Danyi is old fashioned. He calls someone and asks them if they are closed yet.

Then he pulls up next to Danyi again and tells her to hop in. She is reluctant, but does and is driven to a shop to update her wardrobe. They are at NaGyung’s store who is a person that used to date Eunho. But they are friends now. They broke up due to an affair, Danyi thinks Eunho had it but the woman says she is actually the one that had it.

They start to talk about how she just got a new job with all these young people. It will make people uncomfortable. She lays out a lot of clothing that has some imperfections so she can’t sell them. She tells Danyi to try them on. Danyi thinks they look fine and starts to try them on. When she leaves, we find out that nothing is wrong with the clothing, Eunho is the one that will buy everything.

She starts to try on all the clothing. All of it is too fashion forward (or backward) until they find a nice sensible modern outfit. Next up they go to a shop that opens only for Danyi because the affair guy is the guy that own it. But the affair guy is actually a woman? it looks like it.

Danyi gets her hair done, afterward she asks if a woman took his woman? He tells her that she also lost her man to a woman. He says that when a woman tells you to break up, that is what happens. They talk a little bit about this but then he says he wants to drop her off at home. She tells him that men cannot come to her room. He thinks that is nonsense.

he drops her off on a street and waves at her until she walks away. But he wonders why she is running away so fast, she will fall. he thinks back to her trying on all the clothing happily. He thinks she is that pretty when she smiles and then starts to read her essay again.

Essay – I saved a boys life, due to that I had to pause school for a year. But now I have a cute dongsaeng.

VO – When I was young, I didn’t even read books. Soccer was my favorite thing.

Flashback to a little boy playing soccer and scoring. He jumps up around but then his coach tells him that he shot the ball into his own teams goal! So he is not a soccer genius.

VO – A special thing happened that day

He jumped a fence to get his soccer ball, but a car was about to hit him. A girl runs up and pushes him out of the way. She gets hit by the car instead and shoots and twirls up into the air and then hits the ground. Her friends run up to her.

VO – I met a very special person then.

The boy starts crying when he sits with Danyii in the hospital. All her bones are broken. She tells him to stop crying. She is super happy, it will take her a year to heal, yay, no school for one year.

danyi – Hey, little boy, you are my henchman for one year until I am fully healed. So come to school after school for one year.

He would run to the library or bookstore and bring books for Danyi to read. he ended up getting so many books for her to read all the time until she was completely done. he also started reading all the books and started to say she had to wait for him to read it until she started. 

VO – I became her henchman and read books for the first time in my life. It was my second talent. The start of my special talent as a writer started with this special woman. Kang Danyi.

He starts to look around his house. Then we see Danyi sneak into his home. He looks around wondering what is going on around his place. He keeps looking around his place and she keeps hiding just out of sight. She is able to sneak upstairs just as he goes to his room.

Later on, Eunho comes back out to his kitchen, he knows that something is just not right. Danyi has to sneak around, she made herself bibimbap and is hiding. He pretends to go back to his room, but he catches her red handed. 

EH – What are you doing noona? Have you been living in my place?

Fade Out


A very slow show that also feels so old fashioned. But it is a breazy watch and recap as well. We are in this until the end as our live recap on Saturday and Sunday, so Lets see what will happen! Right now, I really like how she got the job on her own merits. At first I thought Eunho would pull a few strings for her. So now she needs to show why she deserves to be there. Hopefully she can build a nice camaraderie with the other mom that is there. I would much rather have a comraderie than a rivalry with them. I also like how the CEO saw her worth as a housewife and knows that he can use that gumption to good use in the company. 

Image is by tvN 

Romance is a Bonus Book Recap
Romance is a Bonus Book, via tvN

Romance is a Bonus Book: Episode 3 Live Recap

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Danyi drinks at Eunho’s house and asks what he is going to do, are you going to kick me out? You know I divorced a year ago and my house is foreclosed on. I stayed here after firing your house helper. i was kicked out of my old house after the remodeling started. It has been 10 days since I lived here.

EH – Can you say that so calmly?

DY – SHould I cry? Then will you not kick me out.

EH – You should have told me about it at least. I wish you would cry in front of me.

DY – I cried enough in the last year. One thing I realized after crying so much is that crying does not solve anything….lets sleep and talk about it tomorrow

He tell sher to stop drinking so much, it can become a habit. She takes the bottle up to the roomw ith her. But she can’t drink it because it is so strong. She thinks Eunhoo is crazy for having this strong of alcohol. So she pours it all out the window and then mutters that she drank all the alcohol because it was so hard as if practicing. But she is happy that he is not kicking her out. She thinks she can stay 3 months before having another place to stay. She even thinks it is so nice to have Eunho around.

The next day Danyi looks at the alcohol and wonders how she can drink that much and not die.

Meanwhile, Danyi works at one of her part time jobs . Her ajumma friend tells her that she is too young to work there, she can work in her other job now. But Danyi says she wants to come there twice a week. Her daughter studies in the Philippines so her school is not that hard. And she can’t tell her to come back because she was hurt and ostracized when she first went there. She only has two things, her daughter and work so she just needs to support those two things.

Back at home, Eunho tries to make himself breakfast and then goes upstairs to see what Danyi is up to. He knocks on her door and tells her to wake up, I made hangover soup. It tastes strange, but it will wake you up. He goes inside and sees Danyi’s sleeping arrangement on the floor next to boxes. He also sees her list of things to accomplish.

He goes back downstairs to the kitchen and thinks that she is sleeping in a room without pillows. he goes to his excercise room and looks around.

Then he goes to work. Danyi sees him and pretends like her stomach hurts so much because she drank so much. He tells her that he saw her walking normally. Where did you go in the morning? Don’t say the emergency room. DY asks if he worried about her because of the empty bottle. He tells her that she can live in his officetel in three months. She tells him that he can send her text messages when he brings a woman home. They bicker back and forth about hiding women in an attic. Danyi starts laughing about it and says he should put a woman in his room, not the attic.

His face gets flushed so he leaves the elevator and heads to his desk. Danyi gets tasked with fixing the printer and starts to do that right away. Eunho wants to help her, he keeps peaking at her and he sends her a text. they have a company that takes care of it, so call them. She calls them and asks when they can come fix her printer.

Danyi also has to water all the plants int he building so Eunho peaks at her while doing that. Park Hoon uses this time to tell him that he is his fan. Then Danyi gets more things to do and runs off to do that. Eunho sends her another text. This is writer Yoon’s favorite restaurant, copy this and send it to Ji-hong.

She sends back that he does not have to worry about her, he can just do his work. But she uses his advice and tells Bong that she found a good restaurant. Then she is given even more orders. Even more mundane work. This job has something to do with books in boxes in the conference room. It looks like she has to prepare for the executive meeting.

She runs off and asks everyone except Eunho about the executive meeting. But no one answers her. She is finally told what to do and runs off.



Then Haerin gets a call from Oh Jiyool’s mom who tells her that Ji-yool is late. DOn’t yell at her too much today. Jiyool runs in late. Haerin tells Jiyool that she never saw a mother call to say that her 20 something mom is late. Jiyool says that she is an only child, eunnie. Haerin corrects her and says that she is not her eunnie, we are sunbae and hubae so keep your line and do your editing.

Eunho tells Haerin that it is too early to do this. Haerin tells him that her trainer was even harder.

Meanwhile, Danyi has a credit card to do something with the meeting (get her a drink for the meeting?), but she does not know what. She thinks about texting Eunho but doesn’t. However he finds her and tells her that she needs an abara with is an ice vanilla latte. So go run and get it. Danyi runs off.

he ends up talking to Haerin in the stacks. He hits her on the head and tells her that he hadn’t done that in awhile. Once a trainer, always a trainer. She says that the new employee will quit like someone, you said whoever has to leave should leave. He asks if that is why she quit. She says that he begged her to come back. He tells her that she got stronger after getting promoted, she says of course, I learned from you. Give me my clothes. he tell sher that she will come again when she is drunk, so I don’t have to take them to you.

Outside, Danyi runs up with the Abara drink that is the ice vanilla latte. She thinks that this word is the one that she wasted ten minutes on. That word changed a lot. Then she looks at the desk with all the books and starts to straighten them all out. But then trash falls on the floor, it is by that mean woman from another interview. She might be a vision. She tells Danyi that she told her the world changed a lot, how can you come out now?

Danyi keeps working. She cleans off the table just in time for the meeting. they open the door to help her out and then start their executive meeting.

VO – I have decided to accept that the world changed. I thought I was just paused and the only one having a hard time in the house. But everyone else worked hard in their own position. That is why I am over here and they are over there.

She looks at them for a moment and then leaves. Eunho looks at her for a moment until she leaves.

Elsewhere, Seojoon thinks about danyi as he passes the wedding store where he gave her shoes back. He ends up going to a book store and calling his publisher or someone like that. He talks about changing the color of the book when they print it out again. then he sets the book on a chair. It is called “Starry Summer Nights”

Jaemin asks Seojoon if he is interested in self development and tells him that he should read this book. Seojoon tries to mind his own business, but Jae min comes up to him to talk to him as if he is trying to sell him all the books from their company. Seojoon asks him if he works at a certain publishing company since all those books are from that company. jaemin is busted but he tells him that he misunderstood. he is just a reader.

Eunho calls to the CEO and tells him that he shouldnt’ have his book, he might be kicked out of the bookstore. What do you need? jae-min pushes Eunho away and then goes back to Seojoon to get him to read a certain book.

Jaemin finds Eunho later and tells him that the most important thing about the book is the cover. The covers kill all our books. People buy books based on covers now. Eunho thinks that books are not accessories, but Jaemin says that they are accessories. The book that people carry shows the persons personality. Ji Seojoon is the best book cover person. Recruit him. You are the best guy in our company.

then jaemin walks away and tries to sell another one of their books to someone, but that person is Ji Seojoon again. So Jaemin walks away, it does not look like he knows this is Ji Seo-joon. Jaemin walks away and tells Eunho to find Ji Seojoon and get him to sign with them before he signs another contract.



Eunho goes back to the company and talks to haerim about the covers of the book and if the cover is more important or the inside is more important. She says that the inside is the most important, but the cover should match what is inside. Eunho thinks that is true, designers don’t read the book but this guy reads all the books. He is not a normal designer. Our design team needs to be alert. But it hurts his pride a little since books are books. He understands that haerin wants another person to read the book because it is a good book.

At home, Ji Seojoon’s dog comes to him to take a walk. So he stops his work and heads out with his dog. At the same time, Danyi looks at an apartment that she can afford, but it looks horrible so she leaves. While walking back, she sees Seojoon. They start to talk about the neighborhood and findinf a place to stay. She guesses that he must live upstairs and says that she feels the energy of the leek. But then she says that she saw his light. He takes her to his balcony and shows her the leek. She says that she was very thankful to him back then.

He asks if she will get a room and tells her that she shouldnt’ stay in that room, it was a warehouse and no one has lived there for 3 years. She likes this place because it is only 3 stops to work. She lives in her dongsaengs house right now but does not want to affect him. The senor light goes off so they both move to turn it on and then laugh. Danyi asks what his dogs name is, he says that he did n ot give his dog a name yet because he just got it when he met Danyi. She tells the dog that she will think of a name for him the next time she comes.

Cut to Park Hoon going to a cafe and asking for an employee discount. He shows his business card proudly and says that he just got a job not too long ago. he goes to sit and sees Ji-yool sitting in a cafe. He moves to sit with her but she shooes him away and says that her boyfriend is going to come. Hoon is understanding and goes to sit somewhere else. 

the boyfriend comes and sits. Hoon stands to be introduced but they ignore him. The boyfriend ends up telling Jiyool that he is there to break up with her. He is breaking up with her becaue of her mother. He is so sick and tired of her because of her mother. Jiyool tells him that her mother just worries about her. But the boyfriend says that they shuold not see each other again and leaves. 

Cut to Hoon with all his food and looking awkward that Jiyool got dumped. He says that he has so much food, can you help me eat it? She stomps off, but then she comes back and sits with him. She starts eating. He asks her how many times she has been dumped like this? She mentions her mother and says that her mother buys her pretty bags like the one she is carrying now that is 3 times their salary. He wonders if bags are better than dating? then they start to talk about dating, Hoon tells her to just erase that guy from her life and they continue eating and talking.

Meanwhile, Eunho has a delivery truck come in with lots of things to decorate Danyi’s room. He really sets her up with a bed, side chair, lamp, and makeup desk among other things. Danyi comes back and runs upstairs to change, but then she comes back upset and tells him that he shuoldnt’ have cleaned up her stuff! Who saved all your money after your mother died and everyone wanted your money! In retrospect, my father had cancer because of you and your inheritance, he had too much stress!

Eunho is all like, harsh…

Danyi says that she shouldn’t have said that. But then she asks where he threw away her things? He tells her that it is in that room over there. She storms into the room and sees a very lovely set up for her. She is instantly so happy.




Danyi cancels what she said about her appa. She says that she wan angry. He forgives her right away as if it was nothing and asks her where she went. She tells him that his food tastes good and she went to look for a room. He complains that he made her a room while she looked for another one and made her food when she brought some home.

But he also tells her that it isn’t so bad for her to live at his place, it is actually pretty good. She tells him that his face gets read when he says things like that. You are super red. he says he isn’t. But she says that he always gets flushed when he says corny things like that, how can you date anyone? Do you date people based on their body only? He looks at her and says that the kimchi chigae is spicy. She thanks him for being around and says it is helful. But she still wants to find a room so she isn’t a burden to him. She will save money quickly. 3 months might not be good, but how about …. 6 months?

he smiles and chuckles as if agreeing, she thanks him and they keep eating happily.

the next day at work, Young-ae tells all the people that they have a meeting about a new book. They need to think about copy for that book. Danyi thinks that she used to do this a lot. Yoosun calls Danyi to her office and asks her to take a blue bag to the dryer for the meeting. Danyi grabs the bag and then asks Yoosun about the head copy meeting. She wants to know if she can also write something for it? Yoosun tells her to just do her own job.

Danyi leaves with the bag thinking that Yoosun did not say that she can’t do it, so I can do my job and that. Danyi, power up! She tells Eunho that she will try it, EH thinks that she will not accept it. How did you live wanting to work this much? Danyi sys that her heart is pumping so much and runs off.

She tries to work on the copy and also do all her busy work at the same time. She reads the book and works all day and while walking home and also while at home. Eunho gives her something to eat while she is working. Danyi eats it all and continues working. The crinkles pages start to build and times continues ticking by.

The next day, Yoosun gets to work looking her normal type of upset. Danyi runs to her side and presents her copy. Yoosun looks at it all and throws it all away. She says that she has not seen copy like this in awhile. Danyi says that she will change it. Yoosun tells her that she does not have good sense, this is like 90s feeling. Don’t you know that the most important thing in marketing is a contemporary feeling? So why did you even do something that you shouldnt’ have done and get yelled at. I thought you were older so you should be different, but you are doing the same thing as a first timer. Leave, don’t use up my time.

Danyi leaves and sits at her desk. She looks at her copy and wonders what was so wrong with it, but she also hits her face a few times to wake up and starts working again.



She starts to read the copy on the backs of a lot of recent books and think about how to write copy. She does this all day. Later on she makes Haerin a tea in the break room. Haerin sees Danyi’s copy so Danyi asks Haerin if she can look at it for her. then a delivery person comes so Danyi has to run off to take the order.

Haerin looks at the copy and writes a few notes. The main note is that she should not beg them to buy the book. Danyi thinks that is true, she shouldnt’ beg them, she shuold make them. Other comments are that it isn’t funny but then one comment is a star showing that it was good. Eunho comes into the room so Danyi asks him to read the star one and asks how it is a as a copy for the book.

then Danyi leaves and prepares the room for a marketing meeting. While she is about to head out, Yoosun heads in so Danyi gives her the improved copy. Yoosun takes it, annoyed, and sits at the table. She reads it quickly, but this time it looks like it might be okay.

Danyi goes back to her desk and continues to wonder what a good copy is.

In the meeting, the executives and other company people talk about the book and the copy for the book. they ask Yoosun if she has anything? Yoosun shows a few copies and one of them are Ddanyi’s. Haerin sees one of them and Eunho sees it as well. But it looks like Yoosun is not giving Danti credit for the copy that she wrote even though the other executives love it.




After the meeting, people talk about Danyi’s copy and thinks that Yoosun is so great. They mention that it is not Yoosun’s normal style and that is great. Danyi goes into the meeting but Yoosun ignores her and leaves. Only Haerin is there. Danyi asks her if this happens often? This was my copy, you know that it was mine, you put the star on it. Haerin says that she does not know what is going on and what the star is, what it there in the break room? She walks out.

Danyi leaves disheartened. At the end of the day she starts to head out and waits for the elevator. Haerin ends up taking the elevator with her so it’s an awkward ride.

HR – Danyi shi, this is a company right? When you got the job I told you that 10 people get the job here and only one survives after 3 years. If you want to survive you shouldn’t think about being mistreated today.

DY – It is not only that, I was a little sad to someone else. You don’t have to be on my side or make it a big issue, but I understand you. That could have been good enough. Not advice or comfort but sympathizing. We are both humans, I understand you, that’s it. See you tomorrow.

She leaves. haerin looks like she does understand her.

At home, Eunho sits with Danyi drinking and wonders if everyone survives like this? Sucking the idea from the new part-timer and everyone pretends like they don’t know about it. he says that he told her it was difficult, people are on the strong person’s side. That is only one idea, it does not prove anything. Danyi says that she is not proving anything, but at least some people know that it was my idea. She is not a low hanging fruit person. If we give her a chance then she can do it.

Eunho asks her if she thinks she can survive, it won’t be easy. She says she can, she feels like she is starting over as a new employee, do you know the best thing? People….people call my name. he asks what she is talking about. Danyi thinks about people calling her Jaeyi Umma and honey and sister in law and mom and all that. No one calls her normal name Kang Danyi. Now people do that. She is happy that people call her own name again.

Eunho calls her name Kang Danyi. She asks, yes editor? he keeps calling her name. They play around with saying each others names and then drink.

Later on, she thinks she might have drank too much. She leaves the bathroom and tells Eunho that he should drink less, he drank enough already. But he is not there. he is actually in a taxi headed somewhere. Danyi calls him and asks him where he is. He says he is in a taxi, if he was normal then he would have driven himself. She asks him where he is going. He says he is going home. She is all like, we drank at your house, where are you going?

Eunho sits up in the taxi and asks where he is going? They get to their location, it is a construction site. he looks at the new building site and calls himself crazy. Then he looks up the street and remembers.

VO – Whenever I am drunk, I always came here. Kang Danyi, I missed Kang Danyi so much. Sometimes, I heard Noonas laugh. Sometimes, I heard them fighting.

he went to Danyi’s old house

VO – Sometimes…..

Danyi goes outside and cries.

VO- ….I saw noona crying. Those days, I didn’t even recognize her and my heart dropped.



He gets into another taxi and goes back to his house. Danyi waits outside for him.

DY – Are you okay? Where did you go?

He hugs her.

VO – After drinking, I don’t have to go to that house anymore, before Kang Danyi is living in my house.

Fade Out



Danyi spent all day getting up to date on book copy and made a one page that all the executives loved. Only, she didn’t get credit for it. It seemed so out of character for this company that looked forward thinking. But she proved that she can do the work and might have also shown that Yoosun is in her position because she steals other peoples hard work. I wonder if they are going to make Yoosun into the worst kind of executive in the company, or if she is not going to actually be a bad person but will end up helping Danyi in the future and start saying that Danyi does actually have good ideas. Right now it could go either way.

Romance is a Bonus Book Recap
Romance is a Bonus Book, via tvN

Romance is a Bonus Book: Episode 4 Live Recap

Let’s see if our heroine will continue to prove her worth and if her best friend will get past himself and tell her he loves her. Talk about instant family.




TITLE: If Everyone Turns Their Back on Me

Eunho wakes with a start and realizes that he was drunk and went to Kang Danyi’s house, then he went home and she hugged me? Did that happen? Then what happened next?

He falls into bed and covers his head with theblanket. Danyi comes to his room and tells him to wake up, she made breakfast. She also pulls his covers off (or he removes them) and she angrily tells him, Did I teach you to drink like that!”

Flashback to her teaching him how to drink in college. She tells him that an adult needs to teach him how to drink. A bartender brings out a lot of alcohol so Eunho looks unimpressed and tells him that it is good for her that she is a VIP at this place. She tells him that they will start with the wine, the most important thing is how to open it. She tries to open it and has the hardest time. So he takes it and opens it. But he tells her that they can say that she opened it.

He starts to hold his cup, but she tells him not to hold that cup, but then she realizes that he was holding the right cup, the big one, for decanting. She starts to explain all the other alcohol like whiskey. She pours a shot and they drink it. He happily and easily drinks a bit. She tells him tha the most important thing is soju and beer cocktail, you see the bubbles? Drink it! Next, we should do a bomb drink! Drink this!

She starts to drink a lot and ends up having a nice fun drunk time. He has to help her find the proper bathroom because she was banging on the mens restroom door. So he directs her to the womans and waits outside. After a few minutes he knocks and asks if she is okay. She comes out after having applied her lipstick all wrong, so she looks like a half cooked Jocker from batman. She asks if anything is wrong and almost falls into his arms. 

He lightly removes the messed up part of her lipstick that went on her cheek and then starts to walk back. But, he gets bad news, the alcohol beer is more than $300. He slowly walks away. However, Danyi somehow gets a mic and tells everyone in the place that her dongsang turned 20 so this is an important day. I will pay for all the alcohol in this place! Everyone cheers.

Later on, Eunho tells Danyi that she shouldn’t waste her money like that. But Danyi says that she had a bad client, this guy held my butt like this. She holds her hands up. Eunho asks where he is, I will kill him! Danyi points in a certain direction. But she says that it is okay that I spent the money that I made with that guy, I feel so good. 

Eunho sits and nicely tells Danyi that she is so stupid, do you know that? She says yes and then tells him that it is cold, lets go. She starts to walk away, he buttons up her jacket for her. But her arms are not in her sleeves so she starts to swish her jacket around so the arm parts hit him. She wants him to unbutton her. He just tells her that they can go.



In the present, Danyi and Eunho eat breakfast. She asks him where he went last night? he says to the place of the woman I love. Danyi tells him that he should have told her he was going to a womans house. You didn’t have to come back. He says liking someone doesn’t mean what you think. Danyi is all like, well, I haven’t thought about sexy things in a long time.

He asks if he went straight to sleep after he came back. She says that he looked like he went to sleep. He wants to know about before that. She tells him that he hugged her. He spits all over the table so Danyi complains about him being so dirty.

Later on, Eunho sees the red shopping bag and puts it on the counter. Danyi looks at the underwear so Eunho tells her to mind her own business. He asks her to go to work together but she thinks it will mess with her personal life. She heads out because if company people know then it is uncomfortable. He goes to work and gives the red bag back to Haerin. Then he tells her not to come back to his house when she is drunk, he is living with a woman now, that is the reason why. Lets go inside.

Inside, Danyi puts the new book with her copy on the shelf of their massive bookcases. Then she gives one to Eunho. He sees the copy on it and immediately looks uncomfortable. Danyi gives the copy to Haerin and a lot of other people who all say that this makes them want to buy the book. She also goes to Yoosun’s office and gives her three copies of the book.

Yoosun then asks her what she thinks of the copy on the book. Danyi says that she thinks it is a nice head copy that matches the book well without redundancy. Yoosun asks if she thinks she took it? I thought about it from the begining. Do you think that I didn’t come up with something that you came up with? Danyi says that, as she said, she could have thought about it, but you should have told me before my copy was selected. But I tried to understand you in my own way. For eskimos, I heard there are no words for great. there is no great whale and no great polar bears, people are the same. There is no perfectly great person. Goodbye.

She bows and leaves. Yoosun thinks this over in an annoyed way.

In the break room, Youngah mentions that the new employees went to the printing place for a tour. We cut directly to the printing place where a lot of paper is being recycled. Everyone looks so upset to see all these books getting recycled. it is a sad sight. Eunho tells them that their books that don’t sell do not go to storage, otherwise they would have to pay for it. So a lot of these books are returned books from bookstores. More than half the books are destroyed and returned. We will get all the risk.

Montage of peole messing up books in the book store by spilling coffee or flattening the spine or getting crumbs all over them or spilling water, etc on them



Eunho explains that they put a lot of effort on the books, they want to move peoples hearts with each book they make. He picks up a self development book and cleans the cover. Then we see a flashback to Eunho presenting that book to Jaemin. Jaemin takes the book with pride and joy, he smells the new cover smell and says that it is so amazing, we made this. Eunho jokes that he does this with everybook, but Jaemin clearly loves every book that they make. 

A person voices over that everybook is made by a lot of people. Montage of Yoosun not taking something that a woman gave her at the salon and looking on her phone at a #metoo complaint about an author. It looks like this is their author on their book. So it is an emergency. They have to go to their publishing building and remove the authors photo from all the books. While doing it they joke about what they were all doing. One of them said that they were on a date, Eunho jokes that if he had a date, if he is dumped then they are to blame. The CEo tells him that he can marry him and he asks the kids in the background that Eunho can be his new mother. The kids are all like YAY!

Everyone laughs. 

Yoosun is also there with her hair still in the salon hair things.  Jaemin tells his kids that they have to take the authors photo out of the books because he made a big mistake. He then asks his kids what their appas dream is? they tell him that it is to have everyone in the work read his books. His appa thanks his daughters. Eunho voices over that he likes his CEO’s trust and how he gives his best effort so that one more person will read the book and another person might change their life with one book.

Back to the present, Eunho is taken out of his flashback and we see that they are shredding the book that we just saw all the effort for making it. the new hires ask if they can sell it again or donate it? Eunho says that when it is returned from the bookstore they cannot donate it because those books go to second hand bookstores so they cannot sell new books. They can at least get money from recycling.

One of the interns holds up the money that is like $20 for shredding all the books. Euho voices over that they shred 2000 books but the money they get is for $30 books. Danyi holds up the book and cleans off the cover.



Eunho goes outside and answers his phone. Danyi puts the book in her bag. It is a book that says, Sadness and Happiness of Work. Danyi says fighting and smiles at everyone. Eunho says that these books do not dissapear forever, they are recycled and then become new books again.

Eunho tells Jaemin that they are going to the printing place now, he wanted to show the kids the book shredding place. The CEO tells him that he can’t go there because it hurts his feelings, that is all their money! All their money is dissapearing, it hurts his heart. He sniffles a bit.

On the way out, the kids all run into Haerin who drives up and tells them that they can go back together, she has her red bag. Danyi notices it and remembers it from earlier. the new hires all drive back with the company car and Haerin and Eunho drive back together.

In the car ride back, Jiyool thinks that haerin and Danyi are dating. She asks Park Hoon and Danyi if they think so, she has that feeling. The other two don’t really think so. Danyi asks if they are driving or walking? We see that Hoon is actually driving very slowly so all the other cars are passing and honking at them.

They end up having a little argument with Jiyool and Hoon. It turns out that Hoon just got his license so he is nervous to drive.

In the other car, Eunho and Haerin happy and easily drive off together. HR says that she just stopped by the distribution center. He tells her good job, he wanted kimchi anyway. So then haerin starts to talk about Ji SeoJoon, he is 29 and only worked with one publishing company since his debut and majored in Korean. Eunho asks him why he worked for that company, Haerin says that she found one interview and shows Eunho his photo. She says he is handsome.

Eunho remembers that guy from the bookstore when Jaemin was trying to sell their books. Haerin tells Eunho that she has his contact infformation, so she will text it to him.

We cut back to the trip driving. The women try to give Hoon directions, like he needs to go to the left lane and put on his turn signal and all those things. It is super late now and they are still not back at the company. Danyi tells him to part the car on the side and relax. He says that if he could do it then he would have already done it. Danyi tries to get him to relax his hands and tells him to turn on 1-2-3. Then they get him to turn the car and park on the side. 

Hoon is amazed at how brave he is. Danyi has a license but she did not renew it. Jiyool sobs about how they can go home and her mom is calling her about a blind date. Hoon tells her that she just broke up with her boyfriend, how can she hav a blind date? Do you really want to get married? She says that does not mean she will get married, she will just eat and have drinks, she is doing it to get money from her mother. Hoon says that blind dates are for marriage, I will leave! He starts crying. But they tell him that they cant abandon the car!

Cut to them all driving again. Hoon looks like he is much happier and relaxed now. he says that driving is so easy, i can drive with my feet. Cut to them being towed by a tow truck. (LOL, they can just call a driver).



Haerin and Eunho end up going to eat at Haerin’s mom’s place. Her mom is super happy to see her and Eunho. Her dad welcomes them too. Haerin tells Eunho that her mother likes him more than her, did n’t you see that. He says that she likes him becuase she wants him to be good to her. But then someone calls out for something so Eunho ends up helping out in the restaurant.

Danyi rides the bus home and thinks about kimchi and how Eunho is going to eat some with haerin. She starts to think about seeing Haerin’s underwear at Eunho’s house and starts to draw something onthe bus window. She ends up drawing a woman with a bag full of underwear and how her mom makes kimchi for him, so that means that they are dating, of course. She also thinks about Eunho saying he was dumped by his girlfriend because he did not know love.

She keeps thinking about these things and thinks about him going to the house of the person he liked when he was drunk. She thinks this all might be Haerin. She tries to wipe off the marker on the window and then sits back after smudging it all around.

While walking back, she sees Seo-joon’s dog running aorund and asks where his umbrella man is. Seo-joon is looking for his  dog as he runs around the han River. Meanwhile, Dan takes care of the dog and puts her scarf on him as his leash. She tells him that she will take him to his owner so they keep walking until they see him.

he is happy to see her and his dog together. She tells him that he owes her a $200 fine. Seojoon says that he put him on a chair at the convenience store and he was gone after he bought something in the store. She tells him that he still owes her $200 for the fine. He mentions that he found her shoes and she didn’t return his umbrella? Will she pay for that?

they both walk back together, he asks her if she names his doggie yet? She says that they met each other for the first time, she is the leek, he is the umbrella and the dog…what do you think? He says shoes? Maybe that is not that good. She tells him that it was a rainy day so rain, bi? He mentions gold rain? Maybe Gum-bi? So it looks like that might be the name.




Back at the restaurant, haerin and Eunha say their pleasant goodbyes to her parents and walk out. Haerin says that her mother loves to chat like an ajumma. Eunho tells her that she will have to take a long time to be an adult, you are bragging about your mom in front of someone without a mom. She thinks, oh, yeah. But he tells her that he is happy to see her mother, his mother wasn’t as nice as that. They keep walking, she is about to hold his arm but he tells her not to come to his place after drinking because he is living with a woman now.

Then he sees the ex-husband at another shop. He stops. Haerin asks what is the matter. He tells Haerin to go home, he has to eat Donggasu (pork cutlets). She says okay, but looks apprehensive, and says that she will see him tomorrow. Eunho goes up to the little building and thinks back to Danyi telling him that her husband is not around, he left with a woman and will not be back.

Eunho goes inside to confront the husband. His new woman is there and pregnant and asks him who this person is. He tells her to go off to the side for a moment. Then he says that he can explain things to Eunho. But Eunho doesn’t want to hear it. He chases the husband around the little place and we cut to the husband looking all beaten up and bloody.

The husband says that Danyi does not know about it, she knows that I had a woman and we left together, but she did not know that they came back and live here now. Eunho tells him to give his cell phone to him. He calls himself with it to keep his number and tells him that it is his phone number. Answer when I call it and send a text to noona. The husband says that they are in Canada now, okay?

Eunho tells him that he will send him noona’s bank account so send jaeyi’s support money and noona’s divorce money. the woman says that this is not their store, it is their parents store. The husband politely tells her to stay quiet. he agrees to send support money for his daughter, but not divorce money. They finished all that when they divorced. Eunho tells him to do it unless he wants to see him everynight. Do you want me to be a regular customer? The husband does not want that and asks how much he should send.

Later on, Eunho drives home and thinks back to Danyi telling him that she snuck into her old house and it had no water or electricity, she just lived there until it started getting remodeled. She realized that crying does not change anything.

Meanwhile, Danyi is happily eating at Seojoon’s place. Eunho gets home and asks if noona is home. He knocks on her door, but she is not home yet. he sees her calendar, on it is a mark for her first salary day, it is a present for jaeyi and Eunho. he also sees that her cosmetics are all samples. he thinks that she should not save these cosmetics. he also sees her wedding ring and thinks back to her wedding.

He takes a picture of her bank account.



Elsewhere, Danyi walks around Seojoon’s place. She sees a painting of her drinking in front of the wedding shop and asks if he is going to give it to her, he says that he is not done with it yet. Have a seat. then he starts to talk about how it might seem strange that there is a door with pad lock on the inside of his place. That is strange right? She tells him that he should have his own reasons. he says that everyone thinks it is strange. But he also says that she is a funy person, she doens’t even ask his name. Normally people ask a name and a job and all that.

She says that she also does not want to say those things. He asks which one, name age or job do you not want to say. She tells him no questions. After people know about 1,2,3, they always want to know more. I have stories to tell. He says that she looked like it, she was barefoot with a leek plant and no umbrella. She tells him that she was the leek and he was the umbrella, that is good, they are neighborhood friends. We can play badminton and eat ramen as neighborhood friends. they say on rainy days they have to eat Korean pancakes. She says that she can take care of Gumbi when he goes on a trip. Seojoon is happy to hear that.

Danyi gets home and tells Eunho that she is back. He is straight out of the shower so she reminds him to put his slippers and things on and then starts to talk to him about going to Haerin’s house often. He asks where she went and if she ate dinner. She says she did with a neighborhood friend that she met on accident. Eunho says she does not know that guys name but ate dinner with him? She says he is umbrella and she is leek and she ate at his house. Eunho is shocked to find out that her friend is a man. Don’t you know what eating ramen means at someones house?

he starts to talk about a movie and how someone slept together after eating ramen in their house. That is what it means, that is dangerous. Danyi thinks that makes her mad…..because they only ate ramen. Am I not attractive? Eunho tells her to be careful since she doesn’t know anything about him. Danyi tells him that knowing a person too deeply is not good. I only need one person that I know everything about. The person that I understand well and that person understand me well, I only need one. She walks away and tells him to brush his teeth again.

He asks her if that person is him? Is he the only person that understands her well? She tells him of course. he walks up his hall smiling like a loon and starts to sing “Na yana”




The next morning at work, Danyi cleans all the desks and tables before anyone comes in. She also cleans the floor and all around the office. After that, she looks at the bookshelf and pulls off a few books to read. Youngae comes in and asks if Danyi is interested in marketing since she pulled all marketing books. Danyi says yes, she used to be in marketing. But seh remembers her resume and says that she had a part time job in advertising when she was young, time passes by quickly, I want to learn a lot, so I am studying from the begining.

Youngae tells her that the book she has is not good because it is a 2003 book, it is old fashioned and the writer is not good as well. it is a waste of time. She shows her a better book and also tells her that it is SNS era now, so learn SNS and read this book. After you read it I will recommend more books for you. Danyi thanks her happily.

Later on, the company is full and Youngae asks where the editor is. Haerinsays that he went to see Ji Seo joon.

Cut to Eunha and CEO Jaemin going to recruit Seojoon to the company. They walk up the street and talk about how the CEO is going to recruit him which means that it is important. But Eunha starts to talk about how the CEO ruined it when they talked to that ther writer. So they bet one month salary on it.

They go inside the cafe that has tables all around. Seojoon is reading a book. Jaemin instantly remembers him from the bookstore, Eunha says that Jaemin lost his salary in only 5 seconds. You can give it to me. They both go up to Seojoon and sit to chat. The CEo starts to mention that they have a long relationship, he thought he was a fashion model in the bookstore, he did not think he would be handsome like this. theys tart to talk about how the book he reccomended in the bookstore is not selling, that should make them mad. Seojoon tells them that they contacted him first, he wondered why. He did not ask the details on purpose, so what do you think after meeting me.

They joke about how he is handsome, they want to see him more often and seeing him makes them feel happy, so, lets work together, we will pay you the most in the industry, twice as much as the other company. Seojoon laughs and says that he is exactly like what he heard about him. The CEO is famous as a merchant. he sold books and after 10 years built his own building and bought the building next door and bought the best car in the industry. That is what I heard. How can you be the exact same?

They says that the rumor is not how the person is. I am a better person than what you heard. Seojoon says that he does not want to work with them, he is only there to see writer Cha. Jaemin asks if he does not like Gyoru or he does not like him, the CEO. Seojoon says it is not that he does not like their company Gyoru or the CEO, he just has questions. Jaemin tells him to ask him everything, if we work together you should know anyway. Seojoon asks if he can ask everything? Jaemin says yes, if he gives a satisfactory answer then you can write your contract.

Seojoon asks if the CEO still has contact with that person. Seojoon asks who that person is. He says it is writer Kang Byun-joon. You talk to him, right? Can you tell me how he is now? Eunho tells him to stop. Seojoon says that Byun-joon was the best writer and was super active, but he collected all his cpywrite all of a sudden and stopped working and then gave it all to an independent company he never worked with before. then the writer retires and the book company grows super popular with that copyright. Why did he give his copyrights to Gyoru?

Eunho says that they do not have to anwer his rude questions. He starts to leave. Seojoon asks if the rumor is true? Did you captivate that big writer for his copyright ownership? You are a founding member so you should know. If you are a fan of writer Kang then you should know. Eunho says that the writer wanted to quit writing and everyone has the right of being forgotten. The CEO tells Eunho to let him go. Then he explains that there are a lot of rumors but they haven’t seen him and they don’t know.

Seojoon says that it seems like Cha Eunho knows. He wants to understand that today. He walks out.



Eunho and Jaemin go out drinking afterwards. Jaemin says that it makes sense for people to think these things since they had a lot of success since the writer disappeared. Eunho says that they donate all the money though. But Jaemin says that they got a lot of name recognition and a lot of writers signed on to their company because of that. Eunho apologizes for ruining the meeting. Jaemin says it is okay and takes a huge drink of alcohol, then he mutters for him not to look at himlike that, I know I am a cool guy. He mutters something in a woman like voice and tells him that if he wants to quit, just tell me. Eunho asks if he will cut his salary for one month? Jaemin playfully says that Eunha has to pay for the drinks then.

They start to talk about how Eunha is driving so he is not drinking, he is going to go see sonsaengnim writer teacher. Jaemin asks if he wants him to come but Eunho says that is okay. So Eunho takes off driving and stops his car somewhere and waits on a bridge. He thinks about the writer that made their company famous.

At home, Danyi joins something online. Perhaps one of the places he book Youngae gave her recommended. But she wonders why Eunha is so late today and starts to walk around outside. he is actually sitting in the courtyard or on a bench or something and can look at her. She does not notice him. So she texts him.

DY: Why aren’t you coming? I am waiting for you.

She goes back inside her gates and actually he is waiting there in the courtyard. But she does not notice him and starts signing. He watches her singing around his pretty large courtyard area and looks like he is falling in love again with her. She is singing a long about love.

♫ The love that is realized, I regret it but the little person left I am protecting you, after darkness is gone, the person that also disappeared, is unforgettable love, so don’t be so sad my love is shining toward you. ♫

Then she notices him sitting there and asks why he did not come in. He says it is because the moon is so pretty. She says it is. He tells her that he only needs noona. Even when the world turns back on me, there shuold be a reason, but to protect  what they wanted to protect, that is why they did it. Noona, you, only you, can you trust me like that?

She nods.

EH – The moon is pretty right?

DY – Yes it is.

EH- Noona, can you sing a song for me?

DY – What song?

EH- The song you just sang

DY – ♫ The person loved the stars, the love they couldn’t realize, the love…don’t regret it but a little person, I am protecting you….♫

An OST song starts to play.

Fade Out



This drama is definitely a slow build. It looks like Eunha already knows that he loves Danyi and would happily accept her fully into his life at any moment. It is Danyi that has to accept him. But in today’s age of bad endings, I wonder if she will turn him away in the end?

Romance is a Bonus Book Recap
Romance is a Bonus Book, via tvN

Romance is a Bonus Book: Episode 5 Live Recap

We had a nice quiet scene at the end of the last episode where Eunha’s love for Danyi was on full display to the audience. Danyi still looks clueless, though. Will they move closer to lovers in this episode? We shall see.

In other news, is anyone watching The Crowned Clown? We plan on posting a Behind the Scenes Video on here soon! We are not sure if we will post it on YouTube due to copyright claims, so we will probably post it on Vimeo first to see what happens!




TITLE: I also wonder how I think

Danyi puts up a poster that says “Like Everyday, Like Marketing.” Oh Ji-yoon sees it and wonders if the company is looking in this space also. She tells her mother that she should not come, okay? 

The other poster says, “Lets make marketing an everyday life. Marketing is water and rice. So just as you eat three meals a day, dont’ forget to upload.

Danyi walks around and voices over how there is so much effort and passion in one book. It reminds her of the poet Amy Rowel (sp?).

VO – The book is life, so we want to deliver this to as many people as possible so as not to be shameful to the trees. Fighting.

Another poster says, “Geyroo’s employees are all marketers”

Euho works at his desk thinking about the moon and hanging out with Danyi. He said that the moon was so pretty and Danyi agreed. He is writing this down at work. He says that he said “The moon is so pretty” for “I love you” then he writes today’s book recommendation online.

Song Hae-rin starts to work on all the typos. There is a group message via SNS. Jae-min then sends outa message about a hubae/sunbae’s book that is not selling. He starts to write how he is a happy guy compared to his hubae because Goryeo’s books are still loved by readers. Fighting! Don’t be defeated! He sends the tweet but everyone in the office blocked his tweets.

Then we cut to Yoosun who says that she translated a paper into English. She did it to spend time but that does not mean that I am lonely. She is drinking wine at home and takes a selfie to show that she is living an amazing life even though she is single. But when the screen cuts away we see that her room is all messy and not picture perfect at all.

We also see the Instagram from Ji-hong who is drinks all the time in the morning. He tells a certain poet all his troubles and the poet also complains about how someone put all his poems online so his book is not selling.

Jaemin goes to the main room and wonders why everyone all blocked him! He starts calling them each other. Eunho says that he did not know that it was him, he thought it was someone prtending that it was him. Danyi says the same. Jaemin wonders if he is ostricized on SNS. He talks to Haerin about it too, she wonders if she shold see a narcistic merchant online. Jae-min looks at them all and then goes back to his office. They think he is cute.



The CEO texts Yoo-sun and tells her that she is the companies mental bank that everyone respects. She thinks about this. Then we cut to Danyi working herd for the money. She is cleaning the break room and sees the plan for the week. There is new book marketing meeting coming up. She tells Eunho that she wants to try again, he reminds her of what happened last time with the executive. They are at Subway ordering something to eat.

The executive is out with girlfriends drinking in a lounge. The other women are talking about their kids and husband and rich father-in-laws. Yoosun looks slightly bored and annoyed with the conversation. But they end up apologizing to Yoosun about talking about it. She tells them that she does not have a kid or husband, but she has 3 houses and is an executive. She is not envious of them. She decides to pay for their drinks and then leaves. The friends all mutter that they should not hang out with her anymore.

In the Subway, Danyi mentions that one time is enough for her idea to be taken, not the second time. She tells this to Eunho as they eat and asks for a tip. he tells her not to find the easy way and to do her own work. She tells him that she will do a super nice job and keeps eating her sandwhich.

Back at work, Danyi sets up the conference room for the meeting. Then she gets a text from Eunho with a tip. The new marketing meetings is usually run by Seo Youngah, but executive Go has a merketing background so their opinions conflict sometimes. Last time, Go Yoonsun had the head copy so Seo Youngah does not want to lose this time. When their argument becomes personal, the employees get tired, that will be your chance.

Danyi takes all this into account as she stands and waits for the executives to come in. Yoosun is last so Danyi asks her if she can attend the meeting today. YS asks why. DY tells her that she wants to know what is going on so she can better decide what to do. The CEO overhears her and thinks it is a good idea since she supports the content area. Come on in, it is good to see yo in the meeting.

Danyi happily goes in, but it looks like Yoosun doesn’t really want her there.

The meeting starts.

Someone asks if it is true that Geyroo captured the writer for the copyright? They say that Ji Seojoon does not work with them and start to talk about this over and over again. The CEo talks about going to a meeting and how it is all someones fault (not sure on this).

Cut to Ji Seojoon talking to a person at the bookstore, he says he can buy the book, it does not matter if it is blemished. He starts to walk out and overhears customers talking about how Geyoroo is top for a long time now. But this is al because of that writer who is a top writer. They mention that another company has the rights to another book, but Geyoroo took all of their copyrights. One guy says that he hates Geyoroo. Ji Seojoon hears it all and then walks away.

In the meeting, the conversation is on Ji Seojoon and how they were supposed to capture him for their team. Jaemin is a bit sulky and says that the design does not matter, though Seo Youngah mentions that he is the one that said the design matters. They argue over the book marketing for awhile. They have $5000 to market this book.

They start to argue about how many books they will print and all that. Eunho tells him that he should use Jongdaemal at the meeting. The CEO says that he did not start it. They keep talking about he book marketing and how this is a debut author. Ji-yool starts to ask about he marketing but her question is a bit silly so everyone grows silent. The CEo wonders who picked that person (in his head) another person says (you did it) the CEO is all like, (can you read my mind? Do you have supernatural abilities?). 

Eunho continues the meeting and hands out a lot of things that they prepared for the meeting. It looks like this is a partial print out of the book. They keep talking about what they shuold do for this debut writer. One person thinks it is good to make the book a webtoon, that would make people curious about it. But Yoosun does not like it. Youngah likes it. Yoonsun thinks it would take too long to make it a webtoon and get an audience.

They argue politely about it. They start to talk about focusing on online and offline marketing. Then Kang Danyi raises her hand. Eunho tells her this is a good time. Her idea says that perhaps it should not be a webtoon, people should not know the inside of the book. But she is kind of ignored. The CEo asks for another marketing point. Eunha gives her another signal to speak up. Then he tells them that they should listen to DY’s idea since they hav no other ideas.

Go Yoosun is angry.



Danyi closes the windows and starts to show a presentation. She says that the readers are picky, so if they appeal more they will get tired of it more. If they don’t show anything then they forget easily. So she thought about what will trigger their interest.

She thinks they should focus on this writer as a debut writer. There is nothing to show and no point to advertise, so don’t show them at all. This is the project without a plan. There is no writer and no title and no content and no summary. You cannot see anything, it is a gift so you wont know what you will get. It is the feeling of your heart pumping when you open a gift. You paid for it with your own money but you dont know what is inside. It is your gift to yourself.

Someone says that is cool since you dont’ know the writer anyway. But they think that the book will get returned. Danyi thinks this project will make the book your own book and it cannot be replaces. Yoosun wonders if anyone will but this? They won’t know what is inside.

Eunho says that they know it is a book. Danyi says that people don’t know what is in presents and are curious about it. Another person says that they should write a one sentence highlight. Danyi says that they will have a highlight on the wrapping paper so you will know the genre of the book. 

Ji-Hong thinks that they did not get the artist Ji Seo-joon for the cover so they may as well cover up the cover. Maybe if it goes well they can do this with the next book as well. They decide to go with it and the meeting is adjourned.

Everyone high fives or hugs Danyi on their way out and tells her good job and all that. Yoo-sun leaves without saying anything. She is actually pretty angry about it and throws a book when she gets to her office.

Danyi happily looks at the new board that shows that she is a marketer on the newest book. Park Hoon tells her that he is proud of her since she is a marketer already. He gives her nuts and says they are good for your brain. Eunho also gives her a good jjob sign.

Later on, Haerin and Eunho talk about web marketing for a certain book from England and Japan. Haerin wants to share it with Kang Danyi. Eunho thinks that she might also know it. HR thinks that she might since she did a lot of research already. Eunho pats her head instead of flicking it and tells her that she did a good job this time since she picked that writer. They talk about how she has a great writer next to her so she knows. They talk about how te writer gave up twice in 3 years but Haerin stuck with her, good job.

They talk about eating dinner together at a certain restaurant in 10 minutes. Haerin is excited about that. She leaves work and tells everyone goodbye and applies makeup in the elevator.

Eunho leaves later but gets a phone call from Danyi about his plans. If he is late then she will eat Udong. She found a place that is a 7 minute walk from the parking lot. She can get it togo if he wants. He says that he can come. He goes outside and tells haerin that he has an appointment and they should reschedule dinner for when the book is published. she smiles and says okay and decides to go back to the building. But she is pretty bummed about it.



Eunho and Danyi eat Udon together happily and talk about what Danyi did for the last several years. She says that she has no memory of coming home from work. They toast and then talk about Haerin, is she a good person to work with? Eunha says yes, she is good at seperating personal and work life. Danyi mentions that she is hard to the new employees, especially Oh Jiyool. Eunha thinks that she should be happy to have a person like Haerin mentoring her.

Danyi asks if he is dating Haerin, he says no. She brings up that she thought he went to her house after he was drunk, so what house did you go to? I thought she dumped you that day and then you got back together. So why are her clothes at your house? Eunha asks if it bothers her. She comes to his place when she is drunk sometimes and talks about work and boyfriends and stuff. I am a mentor to her and she is a hubae to me, to her parents I am just a coworker. 

Danyi starts to understands. he tells her that it is his personal life and she doesn’t even care who he dates. He is a little annoyed and starts t leave to pay. Danyi says that she is n ot done eating! And then starts shoveling all the food down. The owner thinks they are dating but also thinks they could be brother and sister. He leaves and tells Danyi to hurry up so she hurries and stumbles out.

Meanwhile, Haerin thinks about Eunho having a woman that lives with him as she works late.

In the street, Danyi tells Eunha that she has to transger her money to her account. She does it manually which makes Eunha think that he has to teach her how to bank online. Danyi sees her bank account and thinks there must be a mistake, she has so much money there now. they start to talk about how her husband might have sent an email to her.

Danyi checks her email, there is a message from her husband there explaining divorce money that was added to her account for Jaemin. She thinks this is daebak. Eunho tells her that she has to use other language besides Daeubak since she is a book editor now. Then he asks why she loved Hyung. Danyi says that she does not know, she thinks that she never thought about love seriously, when she first saw him, he was a fun guy so she thought it was love. Now, she is not sure about love. If something is love then it is kind of nothing, but she was truthful back then.

EH asks if she never has been in love then? She says that might be true, it is all gone to her. Then she tells him that they should have fun this weekend, she will buy.

Montage of them having fun during the weekend. They go to a market where there is a crowd and hold hands as they walk and feed each other street food and go to a bar and listen to music and all sorts of things.

Later on that night they see a street performer and stop to listen. Eunha puts Danyi’s hands in his pocket to warm them. After that, they walk away and talks about how Danyi wanted to buy a gift after she got her first salary. They talk about the first gift she got him when she got her first paycheck a long time ago, it was a jacket. She said she got it becaue it was winter and practical with his school uniform.

It seems like he did not like the gift or wanted something a bit more special. She calls him complicated and crazy. They start to argue in a playful way. She tells him that he is ruining the end of the day, he tells her that she is the one that did it. She smiles and holds his hand, then they start to walk off as friends again.




The next day at work, Haerin throws a temper tantrum as Oh Jiyool reads her latest assignment. It looks like she did everything wrong and used white out to correct the paper. Haerin starts to yell at her about not knowing basics. Ji-hong checks the work in a hurry to try and save JiYool from any other reprimands. Eunha also gives her a book to help her with basics. Then a comfy chair shows up. Jiyool tells them that she works late sometimes so her mother sent her a comfortable chair. 

The men think that there is no rule against it so maybe it is okay. They all leave. But everyone is like, what is going on?!?

Later on, Haerin meets with Danyi about the book. DY thinks they shuld cut out this one scene that feels more like a seperate book. Haerin agrees with that, she wanted to take it out as well. They think they can talk to the writer about it. Their meeting goes well, but Yoosun looks at them meeting and looks angry.

Yoosun tells Danyi later that she has to do her job. She gives her clothes to wash and other things to do. Danyi ends up doing all this miscelaneous work in the office which is part of her job description. Montage of Danyi doing a lot of manual labor around the office.

Danyi tells herself that she is not a thug anymore so she should not hurt anyone, she is educated now.

Haerin texts her that she is out of the office for work, but they should meet again with the data I sent you for tomorrow. This raises Danyi’s mood. They end up having that meeting the next day and talks about the right wrapping paper and calligraphy. The writer calls them, but they do not notice it. Then there is a fax. Eunha tells Danyi that they have to go to the North East coast right now.

The company is in a bit of turmoil because there is a situation where the new writer says there is no contract with this publisher. Yoosun says he might not have liked the marketing. Another person argues about how this has happened again with this writer. What about all of our effort? Youngah says that the writer does not want to publish this book, that is why he sent back the contract money, it is the third time already.

In the car on the way, DY asks Haerin and Eunha if they can just not publish now? Eunho says it is not that easy, they already spent a lot of money so they can’t stop the publishing. they need to convince him to publish. They get to the house, Haerin says she will give him a lesson for giving her such a hard time for 3 years. She starts pounding on the door and even kicks it.

Danyi tells them both to calm down and then knocks on the door and tells them that they came all the way from Seoul. Another man tells them that the writer is not home, he left a little bit ago. Haerin asks the man if he remembers her? She came two times previously, when is he coming back? Eunha says that he knew it, there is no car here.

They end up taking a saranghae selfie for the writer and then take a few photos of everyone as they sit in front of his house. They even take a photo eating Jajangmyun in front of his house so that they will catch him.

They stay there into the night and tell the writer that they have no empty rooms and will wait in the cold. But the old man tells them that they have rooms, don’t stay in the cold. They tell the man to not tell the writer that, just say that we were like this all night in the cold. They keep texting the writer.



Danyi asks if a lot of writers are crazy or if he is the only crazy one? They all point that the writer is behind her. She hops up and they all start to follow him. Danyi apologizes and the writer goes into his house looking upset. Haerin and Eunha stare at Danyi. The three end up sleeping in their car.

The next morning the writer leaves again in his car. Eunho wakes up and chases after him, but it is too late.




The three end up going to a cafe to wait. There is no answer if he will show up or not. Then Eunho gets a call from the CEO, he fills him in on the goings on with the writer. But then the writer shows up so they start to look at each other. Eunho tells the CEO that he thinks the writer is afraid of publishing his book, it is so scary, it was the same with me, he told me back then if he has the ability to finish the story. As far as I know, there are no genius that other writers know. You just write everyday, that is it. If we dont publish then what will happen? the book is like their own kids.

The CEO is all like what are you talking about? Stop talking about eh writer, what about the sales? What about this months sales?

Eunho tells him that writer Park came back, maybe he decided again. The writer tells Eunho that he really felt that way. He is nervous about the publishing date and was scared about marketing the book. A preesnt to myself concept? Maybe poeple will be even more disappointed after reading it. Eunho tells him his honest opinion. Your book will not sell so much. People don’t read. It is hard to sell 3000 copies on unless your book is on the bestseller list.

The author thinks that means he can write whatever he wants and get criticized by poeple and that is it? Eunho says that they will do their best to sell it and have it written by a lot of poeple and go into 2nd and 3rd printings. Your book is good so we will do that. But actually, the writer feels the worst toward haerin since she supported him through all this. And the other rperson, Danyi, the other day that was a big comfort to him.

Flashback to Danyi knocking on the writers screen door at night. He was drinking. She tells the writer, if he is there, maybe he can listen to her story. She starts to talk about how she was a house wife for 11 years because she gave up to her work for her kid. She got a job a month ago. She came to this publishing company and told them that she would work hard. But after getting this job, I was afraid, can I do well, what if I can’t do it, you know. But when I put one step forward, the worry was all gone. When I started, I just wanted to do well, that was all that I wanted. Now, working is fun. This time I am doing your marketing also. I really want to work hard.

The writer comes out and eyeballs her. She tells him that his book is really good, she hopes that it is published and people read it. He asks what she liked about it in detail. 

In the present she tells Eunho that it is not like she read it once, she actually memorized good lines. So in the morning I went to the hairsalon for a new style and came back with new determination.

Cut to Danyi and Haerin playing on the beach and laughing. Eunho laughs along as he watches them. Then they all drive back. Danyi and Haerin as fast asleep in the back. Eunho takes a quick glance at Danyi in his rearview mirror and smiles.

Much later, Haerin and Danyi look at the book in it’s wrapping. They are the only ones in the office. They think that this is a special day today. Haerin pulls out soju so they can celebrate. 

Eunho looks at their photo on SNS, he i sat his ex’s store getting a new bag for Danyi. His ex says that she is not sure if eunnie will like it. He thinks she will like it. The ex jokes that he was always busy when he dated her but she says that she has a bag for Danyi and he comes quickly. Eunho smiles. The ex tells him to tell her the truth, don’t detour anymore. He is all like, huh? She tells him that he likes her, Danyi.

At work, Haerin and Danyi drink and talk about liking their job and working hard. Haerin says that her love life does not go well so that is why she works hard. Danyi thinks she is attractive so she can date anyone. Haerin says that the person she likes does not like her.

In the shop, the ex asks if it is true, it is isn’t it? He says that he thinks it is true.

In the offices, Haerin says that the person she likes told her that when he drinks he misses someone and he goes to their house. Danyi thinks about Eunho. Haerin says that she goes to that person’s house when she is drunk, she just wants to see him and tell him that she goes to the house of the person that she likes too. But he does not notice.

In the shop, Eunho tells his ex that he is not sure if he likes her as a woman or as a human. He is not sure about his heart. She tells him that he sounds too serious, the Cha Eunho she knows is more passionate than being too careful. He says yes he is being careful, but he wants to be more careful so people won’t say he is being indecisive. He needs to find out where his heart is and where her heart is 100 times. Also, he wants to wait for her heart to come to his heart. She is not an easy person to meet and break up with easily. To him, Kang Danyi is a very important person.



Danyi walks home after work thinking about Haerin going to Eunho’s house when she is drunk. She tries to put it all together. Haerin likes Eunho but Eunho likes someone else and goes to their house. But she has to hide when she sees Haerin show up at Eunho’s house. Haerin rings the doorbell and smiles. Eunho checks his watch from inside and then goes out. He asks her if she is drunk, she runs by him and goes inside. Danyi heads to the front, but looks at the house and then goes to sit on a bus bench.

She thinks that she has no where to go to again. then the bus shows up. Ji Seojoon gets out and is surprised to see her. He asks what his leek is doing over here. They both smile.

Fade Out



Another easy going episode. 

Romance is a Bonus Book Recap
Romance is a Bonus Book, via tvN

Romance is a Bonus Book: Episode 6 Live Recap

I’m starting to enjoy this show for its easy vibe and the knowledge they’re dropping about book making. I knew some of the things they are talking about, but it is nice to get a refresher. If there are any bookmakers reading this, is this show way off or are they on the mark?




 TITLE: Even if you think you know it already, think about it again

Eunho comes out and asks Haerin if she drank again. She skuttles past him and into his place. Danyi hides as she watches this encounter.

Inside, Haerin talks easily to Eunho as she tells him that it is her gabit to come to his place drunk. She will wait for him in the study. EH texts Danyi and tells her that Haerin is there drunk, she lets him know that she is still at work and will let him know when she is leaving.

Meanwhile, Haerin shows us all the letters that she has hidden in his study through the years. She writes letters to him and hides them in his study, they are love letters. The latest letter explains that she has been doing this for awhile and she can’t control her heart anymore, this is the 13th letter to him and the first time she has written “Saranghae” to him. But she is writing it because he told her that a woman is living with him now.

Elsewheer, Danyi chills at the bus stop when Seo-joon gets off the bus and calls her Leek. He actually has pajeon ingredients with him because the last time they talked they mentioned eating pajeon on rainy days. (Pajeon is Korean pancakes). He asks her if she ate dinner, she says no, she needs to eat first. She head out in the rain but he pulls her back and asks if it is her hobby to get wet in the rain?

She mentions she doesn’t have an umbrella. He tells her to look at a certain tree and find an umbrella. She is all like, how can you find an umbrella in one minutes? He pulls his umbrella from his bag and put it over her, they walk together under it.



In the house, Haerin asks why Eunho’s housemate is not coming. Do you really have one? He says that he does. She mentions that he has had 5 woman since she has had this job, and he has been dumped 5 times too. And who has been next to you? Me, your hubae. He tells her that she was dumped 3 times. She wants to have a good relationship as persons who have been dumped.

He says that he told her someone stays with him (or something similar) and is about to thump her on her forehead, but he stops as he sees the rain and sighs, then he tells her that she should go since it is raining.

Danyi is having a fun time with Seo-joon as they eat. He tells her that they should not meet on accident anymore, they should call each other and meet. She gets his cell phone and they save phone numbers.

SJ – It will be more natural to call each others name.

DY – Kang Dan-yi

SJ – Ji Seo-joon

They start to laugh and continue enjoying their evening. Outside, Eunho walks Haerin to a taxi and bids her adeu. But he does tell her not to come to his house when drunk anymore. However, he says it in an understanding way.

Eunho heads back right past the place where Danyi and Seo-joon are drinking. He passes right by and does not see them.

Inside, Seo-joon talks about the sudden rain. Danyi says that there aren’t that many people that know about the world. She asks him if he read the book April 23 by Gang Byun-joon? He says that he has, it is a famous book.

SJ – The book starts like this – there is a guy in a black rain suit that came down this mountain path

DY – Oh, you memorized it! Do you know this also – the secret of April 23? You don’t know that one? that is his last work. This book was published with his declaration of retirement. But the book does not say anything about April 23, that is strange right? I investigated it. What day is April 23. I found a few famous writers died on that day. Shakespear, Servantes, two literary greats. For me, April 23 is the day he will go to the grave and is done as a writer, that is the meaning. He declared it as his last work.

SJ – So before he wrote the book, he already decided to quit

DY – Yes! And people who don’t know anything say that Geyroo did it and blame them and spread rumors about him. 

SJ – It could be true

DY – No, actually I went to his website and a lot of people say that they saw him in Mexico, Chili, somewhere

SJ – But I heard that the publishing company spread that rumor.

DY – No, I work there.

SJ – Oh, I didn’t know that you work in a publishing company

DY – It is only for one month, it is fun, I am starting real work marketing for a book

SJ – so they don’t talk about writer Kang Byunjoon?

DY – No, tomorrow we will volunteer at an orphanage where we donate Kang Byunjoon’s copywrite money.

Her phone rungs so she answers it. It is Eunho, she tells him that she is at the Udon place with her neighborhood friend. EH is all like, oh, he likes noodles a lot. I also like noodles. DY asks SJ if she can call her brother to come. EH tells her that he is going anyway, you don’t need his permission. Why meet him anyway? I told you not to meet him, you don’t know him.

He gets to the window and sees Seo-joon there with Danyi. They are both all like, what this neighborhood guy is your neighborhood friend? What Eunho is your dongsaeng? EH does not want to see him, SJ tells DY that he is Eunho’s fan and has a lot of questions to him.

Eunho goes inside so SJ and EH great each other confidently and talk about how they didn’t know they lived in the same neighborhood.



Change scenes to Park Hoon and Oh Ji-yool meeting up at a little cafe. Her mother calls, she does not answer. She starts to talk to Park Hoon about her last blind date. Her mom keeps calling and she keeps hanging up on her. She tells him that they should go to a movie but he thinks that she should go home. She tells him that she is playing hard to get with her mother, she has to do it or she will be suffocated by her.

She gets another text of an unnatractive man to date. Compared to this man, Park Hoon looks amazing. So she calls her mother and tells her that she is dating Park Hoon, her coworker, he is super cool and I have fallen in love with him sodon’t tell me about going on a blind date anymore. If you bother me more then I will marry him!

Park Hoon almost spits up all his drink and asks her if she is being truthful. She tells him that she is using him as a break, she has so many blind dates to go on, she neds at least a weekend off. He is all like, yeah, that’s true. you should tell your mother that your life is your life. Let’s go to the movies, I will buy you a ticket to celebrate your independence.

Back in the Udon place, Danyi, Seo-joon, and Eunho talk. But Eunho stops and starts texting Danyi about if he knows that they live together? (Yes) You shouldn’t tell him that, you heard about Ji Seo-joon when we had a meeting.

Sh ethinks about it and then gasps. Eunho texts her that she should not tell him that she goes to their publishing company. He is in the same industry. They keep texting back and forth. She looks at him and then Seo-joon. Did you tell him that also!

Seo-joon is all like, what are you two doing sending texts in front of me? Are you texting Danyi that she shouldnt’ tell me that she works for Geyoroo? SOmething like that? She is all like, yeah. He asks why they have to hide that they are brother and sister working at the same company? They also talk about Seo-joon as the neighborhood friend. SJ gets it and thinks that they are not really brother and sister. You have different last names. Is that why you don’t want to say to your company that you live together? Why don’t you want to tell them? Is that not a good question? I am interested in Kang Danyi. What relationship do you have?

She tells him that he is like a familiar dongsaeng. But EH says that their relationship is more complicated than that! She is all like, what is so complicated about it? We are just two poeple that are very close and know each other. EH is all like, but we live together. She tells him that they live together because she has her own reasons. Danyi explains that she is crashing at his place. He thinks that she is making all kinds of excuses.

SJ – That is why you are looking for an apartment?

EH – She is not moving

DY – I am moving out soon!

the two guys fight over pouring the drinks for a moment and then think about all the secrets they have rom each other regarding Danyi. They all toast.



Eunho and Danyi get home, he is angry so she calls him out about it and says that he looked angry all evening. He denies it. But she tells him that he gave Ji Seojoon hard looks. Do you have a bad relationship? Eunho says that this is the second time seeing him after their deal broke. She asks what about it. He says that he is just a familiar brother but a familiar neighborhood guy is interested in you and you just nod?

Danyi is all like, I am still okay, he is so young. But still, he looks at me as a woman, that is interesting right? EH mentions that they do not know each other but she knows aout Gumbi? WHo is that? And you didn’t know his job? And you brought him around places?

Danyi says that he rescued her when she was in danger and lent his only umbrella to her when it was raining and found her lost shoes and he did not throw them away, he carried them around all day, and he raised a dog that he found that day on the street. that dogs name is Gumbi. That kind of person should not be strange.

Eunho says to tell him in detail without fate like stories. he is not a Cinderalla like prince because he found your shoes. But she says that they talked about this a little, Cinderella. EH tells her that they are “us” Seojoon is just an idiot in the neighborhood. Danyi sums it up and says that she met him at the bus station and didn’t have anywhere to go and she was hungry.

EH asks how she does not have anywhere to go? I am right here! You can always come to me! Danyi asks him why he is like this? Why are you talking like a sleazy drama guy? Women do not like men like that, go away. She walks past him and asks if Haerin went home okay? Eunho is too hurt to talk and grumbles off. But he does give her the purse that his ex found for her.

Danyi goes to her room and checks it out, she thinks it is pretty.


Eunho goes outside and runs into Seojoon. They talk about how EH should have apaologized to him for holding his collar. EH says that SJ started it. EH says he was just talking about the rumors, he heard a lot of rumors. But he was just nervous because Danyi’s brother is not her real brother, because I have good feelings about her. I wasn’t sure what I should say about our relationship when you asked. But now I think, we are having some. EH says that she mentions that they are just neighborhood friends. SJ says that is how it starts.

EH – DO you think it is strange that we live together? There are a lot of houses in Seoul and yet she is with me

SJ _ You are not a man and woman relationship, I saw it that way after one minute.

Danyi comes hopping out and then Eunho starts walking with her under the umbrella, though it is not raining so Danyi is all like, let go of me, it is not raining! SJ watches them and wonders, does he not like me? Or does he like Danyi?

that entire scene was actually a flashback that Eunho had while brushing his teeth. He wonders about Seojoon and Danyi.


Cut to Geyoroo’s volunteer trip to the orphanage where they donate all the authors money. The team is performing Cinderella on stage to the kids. Eunho plays the piano. A few other guys are giving away haircuts to all the kids and some other people are giving away books.

In the play, Park Hoon says that a little bird has come. Danyi is the bird so she goes on stage and then they all start dancing and Jaemin brings out the books for the kids. They continue playing with them for the rest of the day and also have toys and stuffed animals that they bring for them. It is a fun day at the orphanage. 

While there, Danyi notices haerin looking at Eunho lovingly. Then another kid notices a fancy looking woman walkin up the street. She bursts in and tells them all that she is late, so sorry! I just got divorced, my fault. It is Youngah

She starts screaming in excitement and says that she is so happy about her life. Do you know that feeling? She starts screaming in excitement again.

Ji-hong is also divorced so he talks about it with two other men that work at the company. Park Hoon runs up to thema nd tells them that their marketing leader got divorced, but it is okay. She feels so good about it, like she is free. How bad must the husband have been? Then he notices Ji-hong and asks if he is okay? Are you sick?

Ji-hong tells him that he just got divorced. Hoon is all like, wow, two people in one company. It looks like Ji-hong and Youngah might have been married though they don’t say that. They might not have been married. Later on, Hoon runs to Ji-yool and tells her that Ji-hong also got divorced today, so strange right? They all take the group photo and then head out.

Jae-min tells Yoosun that he isn’t going home right now, so he stay and Eunho also stays. They both look at each other.

In the bus, we do find out that Ji-Hong and Youngah were married because he tries to sit with her and she tells him to sit somewhere else. Hoon starts to notice something, but he thinks that they might be having an affair with each other. Maybe they love each other. Ji-yool is all like, what! Hoon tells her that they must love each other so much that they divorced each their spouses for each other. Pretend like you don’t know.

Then Youngah starts sobbing and sobbing at the window. She even removes her hot red wig. Danyi gives her a tissue and everyone gives her space. Ji-hong is also teary eyed in his seat.




Eleswhere, Jaemin and Eunho hold hands as they walk in a field. They joke that they are only holding hands because it reminds them of old days. They keep walking to a tree where Jae-min’s wife is. Flashback to 10 years ago. Jaemin greets his wife who looks like she is buried by that tree and tells her that this writer is the first writer contracted with Geyoroo, he wrote that book you like. We will be brothers and want to sign the contract in front of you.

He then tells Eunho that this is the most important place for him. Eunho says that Jaemin should keep his promise if they sign the contract there. he gives him a contract to quit writing that kang Byun-joon wants them to sign. jaemin is shocked to see it? He wants to quit writing?

Jaemin wants to know what the relationship is with Eunho and Kang ByunJoon. Eunho tells him that he is his father.

In the present, Jaemin talks to the tree as if it is his wife and says that their kids are growing up well, their daughter is good at ballet just like you were. You can come to the kids dreams, you don’t have to come to my dream. The kids really want to see you. He talks to the tree for a long time, he even tells her about Youngah and Jaemin divorcing, he is telling her about everything, even the new employees that he picked. Eunho is past ready to go home and keeps tellsing Jaemin that it is time to leave.

back in the city, Gumbi runs to Ji Seo-joon’s door and follows him all around the house. Seojoon sits in the living room with a book, thinking about the April 23 book. He remembers what Danyi told him about ending his days as a writer, so this book was his declaration that it would be his last days as a writer. Seojoon is looking at that book right now.

The next day, the executives meet about the book that is gift wrapped. They are happy with Haerin and Danyi’s job. But Yoonsun is not happy and asks for a meeting with Haerin and Eunho in her office. She asks if it is right to put Danyi’s name on the book?

Flashback to all the work that Danyi did for the book as Danyi looks at her name in the back of the book. It makes her teary as she lookat it.

But Yoonsun thinks that they shuold take her name out. She tells them to do that. Danyi is just helping them, don’t you understand? Haerin reluctantly understands and leaves. But Eunho tells Yoonsun that Danyi did all the marketing and joined them when they met the writer. She did all the work. Yoonsun says that she is not a part of marketing department so how can you put her name there?

EH explains that it does not matter what department she is in, she did all the work of a marketer so she should be on the list. Yoonah asks if he thinks she is in chanrge because she gave the idea? If her name is on it then she will be responsible for it. DO you think Danyi will be responsible for it until their marketing job ends? She has her own work. I know your intentions, and it does not seem fair, but we have our own departments. Soeone wants to do something else, how do you think other departments will feel? The company will fall apart.

Eunho tells her that he may not have been considerate enough. He thinks what she is saying is all right, but people make the organization. It is important to do their own job, but if the organization only asks them to do their own job, then no one will do more than that. He leaves.

Dany happily cries at her name in the book and does her other work.




Danyi clears her face and goes outside where her other interns talk to her about her name being in the book and how it is so cool. They ask her how she feels about it. She smiles and basically says it is a good feeling. Haerin looks at her and sighs then she calls her printer and tells them to remove Danyi’s name on the credit page.

The interns overhear it. Then Haerin calls Danyi and says that they made a mistake, they had to remove her name from the credit and put Seo Young-ah instead. Danyi asks why. Haerin says that she was in the support team, that is why. We don’t put people with the idea in the credit page, it was my mistake.

Haerin then gives her other work to do. Danyi hurries off to do it. Yoosun also calls her to give her more work to do. It is a writers wife’s birthday so she has to run off and get the gift for her. She runs into Yoosun and another company man and tells them what she is doing. They are all like, huh, no, we always do quick service. But Danyi runs off and says the executive told her.

Haerin texts Eunho and tells him that she hates the company, he tells her to just work, she says he is cold blooded, he says maybe he is.

Danyi runs the errand. The wife is very appreciative and asks her name. She wants to give her taxi money but Danyi says it is okay, she enjoys the fresh air. She runs off and starts walking back to the company, but she pauses and tears up a bit. Then she pulls out her phone and sits on a bench to talk to her daughter on Skype. Her daughter is happy and shows her the clothing that her mother sent her. It is a happy moment as they talk about how her teacher told her that she looks like her and asks about her work in the publishing company.

Danyi says that it is good, though difficult, she does not want to hear her daughter say that she does not want to live like her. Danyi told that to her mother once. You might want to say it, but I don’t want to hear it, okay? Jaeyi, I want you to say that I am your role model, I want to be that kind of mom to you.

She starts to tear up a bit but she tells her daughter that she is not crying, she will work harder and she also tells her daughter that she looks pretty.

Cut to the books showing up nicely gift wrapped at the bookstores. Everyone is interested in this book and grabs one to purchase. it is a hot topic online and an instant bestseller. They actually get a call for the second print of the book so they need to make another 10,000 copies. Everyone congratulates haerin and the marketing team. Danyi keeps on working, though she is happy with the news.

She starts cleaning an office and sees a notebook that is an idea notebook. It looks like Yoosun did have the first book idea first because it was written in her notebook. It was the copyedit idea. Danyi apologizes to Yoosun about mistaking her and tells her that she wants to grow in the company. What she wanted work experience and then to move to another company. But now she wants to stay here and work on selling books and add her ideas to sell the book. Though she will do her work first. Yoosun tells her that she can leave.

Cut to a sandwhich delivery by Hoon. he passes out all the sandwiches to everyone. It looks like it is Subway. they all comment about how it tastes good and then the regular story starts again. Hoon runs up to Seo Youngah with work. Danyi asks if she can help them with it. it looks like Danyi is very accustomed to all the work that people give her, she is very capable.

VO – I am starting over with all the work that is not shiny. It is my work first. I am a new employee so I am doing that from the beginning.

Eunho gives her the book that has her name in the credit page, he says it is her gift to her. 

EH – Even though everyone does not know this, I know it. You marketed this book and the marketing was perfect. I am telling you this as the editor.

Danyi smiles at Eunho, Haerin sees them together. Then Danyi gets a call from Ji Seo-joon. She calls him umbrella but he calls her Dan and tells her that he is in front of her company. Do you want to eat together?

SJ – We met each other by accident until now, but this is my date request.

Fade Out



Yoosun does not make sense. Eunho out ranks her at the company and is a founding member and has the famous father that made this company famous. Yet he listens to everything Yoosun says? He could at least mention it to the CEO and be like, hey, Yoosun is trying to do this behind everyones back. What do you think? Clearly if Danyi’s name cleared to the book credits then it also passed by the CEO, so everyone was cool with her being in the book except Yoosun.

If Yoosun was a founding member of the company, before Eunho, then I would get it. But she came after him and does not fit in with the company dynamics at all. Everyone is collaborative and appreciative at the company, but she is the wet blanket dripping all around.

Romance is a Bonus Book Recap
Romance is a Bonus Book, via tvN

Romance is a Bonus Book: Episode 7 Live Recap

I’m excited to see what happens in this potential love triangle that Danyi is pretty clueless about but the men are very into. Also, are they going clubbing today?




Seo-joon is waiting outside and is talking on the phone with Danyi. he asks if she is going home? Let’s eat dinner together. We met each other on occassion before, but this is not by ocassion, this is a date request.

Danyi is in the office and takes a moment to think about this. She is shocked. She asks him if he can wait ten minutes? He can and he is very happy about it. Danyi runs off to grab her things. Eunho looks a bit sad about it. Haerin jokes with him about why he is so serious.

At the same time, Bong wants to go on a date with his ex wife, Youngah. But she does not respond and asks everyone if they would like to go to the club! Lets go to the club! But everyone has plans so she isn’t able to. Bong says he is available! But Youngah ignores him. Eunho also gives Danyi extra work to do. Haerin wonders why.

Outside, Hoon and Jiyool decide to eat dinner together and run into Seojoon. Hoon greets him with a bow and then keeps walking.

Inside, Danyi finishes this extra work and says she will go home. But Eunho tells her to wait and asks if she is going to eat with Ji Seojoon? She says yes, he wants to eat with me. Also, we don’t have any rice at home so be sure to take this there. (Or take some there?)

She hurries off to leave and puts on extra lip gloss. Eunho walks to the elevator and they ride it together. Inside the elevator, he wraps her scarf around her. She smiles and thanks him and then hurries outside to meet Seojoon.

She asks him if he waited a lot, he says it wasn’t a lot, Eunho walks past and tells her to come home early. They both walk off and talk about the nice meal they will both eat since they are so hungry.

Elsewhere, Hoon is at home eating ramen by himself and taking an Instagram post of ramen with books. then he gets a ring at the bell and a woman storms in with a lawyer looking man. Hoon is all like, what is this? take you your shoes! i am not selling my place! He tries to figure out what is going on. She tells him that she is Jiyool’s mother.

Hoon is all like, so you bring a tall guy and break into someones house? Umma says that usually people feel threatened when I say that I am Jiyoon’s mother. He asks how many siblings, he says 3 older sisters. Parents? My father is assistant principal of a primary school and my mom is a stay at home mom.

She mentions that she heard he is dating Jiyool, if you are doing this for our family money! Hoon says he does not care about those thing. I just love her honestly, omonim! he starts to tear up in a pitiful way. She yells at him and says that she is not his omonim! He says that he heard she separated Jiyool and her other men. if you do that then I will take Jiyool and leave! You will never see her again. So *sniff* just let us love *sniff* please *sniff* and he starts wailing.



Eunho gets home and immediately calls noona. But his alter ego who is cool and slick, tells him not to call Danyi, that is not good. No text either! You were already pitiful in the office. Eunho is all like, but Seojoon said he has some with Danyi. EH2 tells him that he knows this, but you should not behave like a normal loser.

EH – So what should I do?

EH2 – Lets thing about it together.

Meanwhile, Seojoon goes to his favorite independent bookstore with Danyi and tells her that the owner picks the books so they are all good. Danyi says that she loves independent bookstores, these are the places where it is fun to see a book.

But then she gets several texts in a row from Eunho about the rice cooker being broken, noona, I am hungry…noona….noona….~. Seojoon comes back after looking around and tells her that they can go eat dinner.

Cut directly to the dinner. Seojoon says he took his mother to this place all the time. Danyi think she is a good son. Seojoon says he wasn’t like this when he was younger, but he grew attached to her in high school because she was sick at that time. Then he gives Danyi his gift to her which is a book. he also wrote on the inside.

Notes – 2019, the Bookstore with moonlight. I went in front of Danyi’s company and called her and we came to this bookstore together and we will eat dinner soon. I hope Danyi likes the restaurant.

The books name is “Self Talking, I want to get noticed by you.” Then he brings out his real gift which is the painting that he worked on of Danyi drinking in front of the wedding shop. She tells him she likes it and they start eating again.

DY – Seojoon, just in case, I have to tell you in advance. We are neighborhood friends right? But on the phone call you said we should date so it bothered me a little bit.

SJ – So you don’t like me?

DY – Not like that, it is just, if you know about me more then you might not like me. My age and my past.

SJ – I think you are a couple years older than me, I don’t care, and what about your past, are you a criminal?

DY – not like that, it is actually worse to some people. I am divorced.

he drops his knife and fork.

Danyi wakes up Eunho at home and says, that bad guy, what is wrong with divorcing. i told him I am divorced. Eunho is all like, so what, that is nothing. Danyi is all like, yes, he dropped his fork and spoon.

Cut to Seojoon fretting over dropping his knife and fork just at that moment….ah, why did I drop them…~. 

Flashback to that scene. He says that he actually has wrist pain so that is why he dropped his silverware and I have carpultunnel…that is it. Danyi also tells him that she has a 12 year old kid. he spits out all the water in his mouth.

Eunho is happy to hear this and asys that Seojoon is not good for her.

But Seojoon is fretting at home about coughing right at that moment….why did I do that then……~. 

In the flashback he tells her that he is fine with a kid, really, I am just coughing. And I have carpel tunnel. But Danyi tells him that she is also a lot older than him. How old are you actually? He starts to hiccup and tells her that he is *hiccup* 29 *hiccup*.

Eunho asks what happened next? Danyi says that they came back in a taxi. He wanted to take me home, but I told him not to. EH thinks she should not call him again. But Danyi wonders if he will ever call her again.

EH – So are you sad? Why did you tell him? You could have just eaten and left

DY – I think he likes me

EH – But you said he is just a friend

DY – Well, we went to a good bookstore and a good restaurant, it is fun to see him.

EH – Ah, you really don’t know men

DY – Yes, that is true. Including my ex husband.

She heads to her room. Eunho looks at the book.

VO – I had to tell him, it seemed like he liked me.



Danyi changes into her pajamas and then goes to the kitchen to try and fix the rice cooker but EH says that it is okay. Then he tries to say something about Ji Seojoon. She says that she is divorced and has a kid so he will hate her. But Eunho says that this is not the case for him, to him, it does not matter.

DY – Did you meet a divorced woman?

EH – What if I still like her?

DY – Get real!

EH – I am super awake, she doesn’t even know how I feel. She is stupid.

he walks away

DY – Ah, his personal life is so complicated.




The next day at work, the team have a meeting about publishing poetry. They think it will sell well in the spring. But Bong is sitting in the window and poetically says, “Spring is circulating through my veins like a spring…” he continues speaking poetically. The team groans. Not this again.

One of the workers talks about how Bong has a disease to try and publish his own poetry and lower their profit. Bong says that is not it and hops up and then asks everyone at the table if they need a water filter? He asks everyone this in the conference room, they all try to avoid him. 

Youngah tells him that she already had a water filter at home, her ex husband had a lot of love to the people. The water filter from one of the poets and the toilet by the other poet, and a massage machine…so I have everything, goodbye.

She leaves, Bong continues on and on about this spring poet and how it is great. he hugs Eunho and then starts to talk to Jaemin about how they are publishers, they should support the poets and talent! So just buy one! His last poetry book only sold 240 books. That is only 240 dollars.

Jaemin says that he got 240, what about the publisher? Bong says that they don’t really publish poetry so just buy one. Jaemin tells him that he got divorced over these things. Look at yourself. it is good to want to help these poets, but you must think about the people around you first! Whenever you used your vacations, it was for others! You should take care of your own family when you are married!

Bong thinks, yeah, I am a sinner to my wife. Jaemin tells him that he knows they will lose money if they publish poetry, but every spring you want to publish it. Grow up! Jaemin smiles and says okay and then leaves. he sees Youngah standing at the door.

Youngah goes inside and tells Jaemin that the meeting ended abruptly so she is talking to him about this book that she wants to push more. It is still selling. She is telling him this as a marketing team leader, but she also wants to tell him as an older sister. Do you think Bong Jihong is a joke? So he is divorced and is super depressed like a fool? Do you think you can look down on him? My ex husband made you lose your money. Well, you don’t have to buy water filters or publish the poetry. So why are you telling your hyung to get real or not? I am sick and tired of Bong and divorced him, but I know he is a good person. It is not like I divorced him because he is a bad guy, I divorced him because it was difficult to live as his wife. But how dare you talk about someone elses divorce!

She starts crying so he gives her a tissue. She apologizes but he says it is okay and bows when she leaves.



Cut to Jiyool and Hoon talking about what he said to her mother. She says that her mother is super shocked, she never saw someone like you before. Hoon smiles and says that he is not like those guys you dated. Your mother came to my house and threatened me, I am not stepping back, I am not timid!

Jiyool reminds him that they are not really dating. Hoon tells her to use him and find her freedom. Your mother is super scared that I will take you away so she will not interfere in your personal life. If she does this then I can take you somewhere.

Jiyool is so happy and gives him a big cutesy hug. it is a super big cutesy hug that she does 3 times. He is so surprised. But she also backs away because she also doesn’t really like him. But they are still pretty happy.

In the offices, Danyi tells Haerin and Youngahabout a good marketing idea she has. Eun ho watches and looks on proudly. They both like it. Danyi asks if she can do it? Youngah says of course, you do your work well so if you are not too busy then you can do it. Lets go to a club. But, you need to change your clothing first.

Then we see Jaemin arguing with Bong about this poet and why did you buy his filter? They are arguing in the office space in front of everyone. They start to talk about a person who is coming all the way there and how they are not a charity and all those things. He is the CEO so he is worried about paying all their employees money, not someone that is not on their payroll. Jaemin talks about how they have 5 books that are best sellers, can’t they buy a meal for a writer? 

They disagree. Jihong says that he is not going to use the company card! And he throws it on the gorund. Then he says that he will pay for dinner himself, he will buy BBQ! he storms out.

Eunho is about to walk after him but the two actually aren’t done talking. They yell at each other about if they are book publishers and they should not live like animals! he storms out again. Eunho say that he will follow him. He runs to the elevator.

JiHong apologizes and says he shouldn’t’ have done that in front of everyone. EH gives him his credit card. Bong says that he can’t use the company card because of his pride. But he will still meet with the poet. However, he does want to publish poetry. he thinks that poetry will die because no one is publishing it. It is disappearing from the world.

Eunho tells him that he has a meeting, so he will see him afterward, lets go for a drink.

Bong leaves and calls the poet to eat meat. He tells him to call him when he checks the message. then he goes to the restaurant and waits for him.

At work, Danyi thinks about telling Seojoon that she is divorced and has a 12 year old and is 37, not just a few years older than him. He freaked out on every revelation. Danyi thinks that it is done, that might have been her last chance.

But Seojoon is actually sitting in a waiting room somewhere and thinking about calling Danyi, but he does not know what to say. then he gets called in as someones guardian (maybe his mother).

Danyi looks at her phone and mutters that Seojoon is a bad guy. She says that she will not pick up his call if he does call.

Meanwhile, Bong is still at the restaurant, the writer did not show up. He leaves and runs into Eunho who bought groceries for the poet. They start to take it up to his place. But then an ajumma comes up and asks if they are looking for the writer? She is pretty happy because she pitied him since he was always home writing. She actually also brought kimchi and rice for him and mentions that he is 3 months late for his rent.

They all go up to the octapang together.



They knock on the door but he does not answer. They think he might not be at home, should they leave? The ajumma is also the landlord and says that she could open the door. She opens the door and they must find the author in a state or something becaue they are all shocked.

Cut to Bong calling Jaemin. Jaemin immediately apologizes and says that they can pay for dinner with the writer and they might be able to do a book of essays. But then Bong says that the writer is actually dead. he isn’t breathing. Is it because I didn’t buy dinner last time? I keep thinking, what if I came here a little earlier?

he starts crying as he sits on the steps. We see a flashback to the poet who says that his poetry is all over the internet. Bad kids copy it and put it everywhere. 

VO – He thought he was writing something that no one reads, but he had to write and remove it from his heart, he was born like that. that is the only way he could live. The world lost a beautiful person like that.




The 3 men from the publishing team go to the funeral and take care of the poets ashes.

At the company, Danyi tells Seo Youngah at work that she found 5 cards and wants her to check it. Someone asks how many days it has been. it looks like it has been 3 days. it looks like JiHong did not come to work for 3 days. They want Youngah to call him, but Youngah does not want to.

Haerin gives Jiyool work. She tells him to read the poetry and find out which one is good. She will not show her how to do it. You can just do it, figure it out yourself. Jiyool asks how she knows that she wants to learn things from her? Haerin tells her, if you want to learn then you should review all the previous reports by your sunbae. Jiyool asks where she can see that report.

Jiyool finds all the reports with Danyi and starts to read them all. She says that it is not a lot, but actually it is a lot. Danyi asks if she can help her? Jiyool wonders why Danyi wants to do so much more work with her small salary? Danyi says she just wants to learn so it is okay.

Meanwhile, Haerin talks with Eunho about another writer that is giving her a hard time. she says that he has 3 words on his twitter. “I am bored” if you are bored, then why dont you write! How can you be bored!

EH – if you are trapped in your work, then you are bored.

HR – Are you on his side as a writer?

EH – No one asked him to be a writer, we are just writers. As a writer I know it, so just leave him alone. it is hard enough to meet a deadline.

HR – Lets eat dinner together

EH – No, I don’t want to, I have an appointment

HR – I think you will eat dinner with me, I hipnotized you.

Eh – i really have an appointment, though

HR – *tries to hypnotize him again*

On the street somewhere, Seojoon talks to someone on the phone about showing up.

then we cut to Seojoon at a radio station. he says he has a writer in front of him who is a master at psychological thrillers. he is happy that she is there and says that she finally is at their show. She tells him that the world changed so much, at first writers just stayed home a wrote, but now you have to go out and go to signings and everything. She giggles pleasantly. he smiles and then says that they can start to talk about the book.

Meanwhile, Seojoon is at a flower shop. Haerin is there as well. She is about to buy flowers but sees that Seojoon is there so she gives him the flowers and says that seh can owe him. He says he would rather not owe anyone, especially a stranger. But she says he can owe her anyway. He ends up taking it and leaving. She runs out after him.

At the radio program, Eunho gives the writer a gift of beauty items or perfume or something. She is so happy to have it and says he didn’t need to. then they start to sit and order at the resaurant. the writer says that there will be 4 people there. Eunho did not know this.

Then we see Haerin walking behind Seojoon outside as if she is following him. She says that she is not following him. You owe me on and now you owe me a mistaken one so you owe me twice now! She walks ahead of him and goes into the building. Then she glares at him for following her.

She goe inside and meets with the writer and Eunho at the table. They all greet her. He says that he told her that they would eat dinner together. Who is the other person?

Seojoon walks in with the flowers and is a bit shocked to see Eunho there. he gives the flowers to the writer and then grabs the other gift to see if this is the book? But Eunho and haerin stop him. there is a bit of a playful argument. the writer says that she wants Seojoon to design her book, he is the best designer for it. Eunho says he has not decided, he has to see the book first. Haerin tells Seojoon that she owes her 2. But EH reiterates that he did not decide.



Afterward, they all make sure the writer gets into her car safely. Haerin head out first after that. Eunho leaves but Seojoon says that they should go home together since they live close. The conversation goes to Danyi so Eunho says he does not want him to date Danyi. Seojoon says that he has a gift for her. they switch to banmal so one of them gets mad about that. hen Eunho says that Seojoon messed up with Danyi after finding out more about her.

Seojoon gets into the car. EH tells him that he is 3 years older than him. SJ says that he is dating his noona. When I dropped my fork and knife I forgot about age!

Eunho sighs and drives to his house, though he hopes that Danyi is not there. he tells himself that he shouldn’t have brought Seojoon there, he will regret it. he gets out. 

Seojoon gives something to Eunho to give to Dan, and he also tells him to tell her that he is waiting outside.

Eunho goes inside and danyi greets him playfully and asks what is in the bag? is it for the writer? Eunho says it is his and walks to his room. Danyi mutters that she is more curious about it. In his room, Eunho sees that the gift inside the bag is a leek toy.

His alter ego comes out and starts to tell him that love is not posession, and it is also not something that you can want and then have because you want it. EH tells EH2 to shut up, he already did that once and regretted it forever. 

EH – I shouldn’t have let her go back then. I will never regret again.

EH2 – I know that, You know that Danyi like him and looks at her cell phone all day as she waits for his phone call.

Seojoon continues to wait outside. 

EH goes to the kitchen and gives Danyi the leek stuffed animal. He also says that he is waiting outside. Danyi is happy to think that he is outside, do I look okay? I did not remove my make up yet. Where is a mirror!

She goes outside in her sweats, he is still waiting and he looks happy to see her. She smiles as well. Eunho watches them smiling and laughing as he watches from the window.

Fade Out



It looks like the love will grow deeper for Seojoon and Danyi in tomorrows episode. But will Eunho be able to sit back and watch?

Romance is a Bonus Book Recap
Romance is a Bonus Book, via tvN

Romance is a Bonus Book: Episode 8 Live Recap

I’m ready to get to that club scene y’all! It didn’t happen yesterday so hopefully it happens today? Or is tvN trolling me with their pre-released images?




Seo-joon tells Dan that the leek is custom made, it is the only one in the world. They are still talking outside Eunho’s house. Eunho homes out with Dan’s jacket and puts it around her shoulders, says something about being cold, and then says she should come back since they are watching a movie. She is all like, huh? What movie?

Seojoon asks her to walk with him, so she walks with him a bit. He tells her that he will do the book cover design for the writer. She has her hands in her pocket and tells Seojoon that she is holding hand warmers that Eunho put there. She smiles and shows it to Eunho.

DY – EUnho is a surprising guy, i have known him for many years, he is like my brother. Sometimes he is cold as ice, sometimes he is warm. When I got divorced, the first thing I thought was that it would be hard for Eunho. My married life was already hard but I couldnt’ tell it to him. I worried that I would hurt his heart. And not that long ago I had an incident also. (The ex husband asked her not to let Eunho come to their house anymore). I think Eunho did something for me. I wanted to say thank you, but I didn’t. I am thanful to him for considering me.

SJ – How did you meet?

DY – there was a car accident. At first we knew each other, but then we got closer and closer and grew together for 20 years….so, where are we going?

SJ – Lets walk just a little bit more

Inside his place, Seo-joon sits at his desk and gets a text from Haerin about how things went with the writer.

HR: My Ji Seojoon bouquet project was good right? Should I bring mandu tomorrow? I am at my fathers restaurant.

But he ignores the text. She is at her parents place so her mother tells her not to text Eunho all day long. I gave birth to you with this face and body. Do you have a one-sided love? Haerin starts to say that Eunho is just strange and strict and all those things, they don’t know that about him. It is not like when you met appa. Appa comes up and is all like, huh? What about app? 

Seojoon and Dan get to a tiny restaurant that makes whatever you want. he sits at the table and a single waiter comes out and gives them their dish. He says he ordered it in advance because she likes warm sake. They eat the appetizer like dish and drink the sake. He tells her that he learned how to cook there.

In the back, he asks what is on the board. On the board is an appointment, Ji Seo-joon today and tomorrow if Ji Seo-joon. Seo-joon looks a bit embarrassed and says that he wasn’t sure if he would see her today so he made an sppointment for today and tomorrow and would make one for the day after as well. She smiles and says that she should have made him sweat a little bit.

He says that he has a lot of questions for her and wanted to see her her and…..can we date for 3 months?



Cut to Dan talking to EH at home. She says that she was so surprised, it has been so long since she heard that. Eunho asks what she said. She blushes and thinks. EH asks if she is really going to date him?

Cut back to the dating scene.

SJ – Wait, don’t think too long, I am not too serious. We can just do this relaxed. We can go to work together and if we come home at the same time then we can eat dinner together. We live in the same neighborhood so that is good. We can leave together in the morning and then come home together.

EH – What? Come home together?

DY – A long time ago, a movie said after 30 the chance to meet the love of your life is more difficult than a cuclear bomb. But look at me, he likes me and he made a researvation for a restaurant.

EH – Okay, okay, you are almost a grandma so date any man that says he likes you.

DY – Are you done talking?

EH- Sorry, I went too far. I am sick, that is why.

DY – Where? *she feels his forhead*

EH – Not there, here *he puts her hand on his heart*

She starts to say something and then he pushes her off of him and she falls to the ground. he is holding her arms and tells her that he is a man. he is a really good man if she looked at him carefully. Then he hops up and goes somewhere.

Danyi wonders why her heart is pumping so much. She hasn’t hugged a man in a long time, ah, why is it so hot.

She starts to pick up her things. EH comes back and asks her why he is so important. you are still good, you are still attractive, people will still look at you on the street. Why is it so strange that Ji Seo-joon likes you? Dan asks why he is so angry. EH wants to know if she really likes him? Dan tells him that she has to date him to know.

EH hits the leek and walks away. Dan is left confused and says that he didn’t turn off the light.

The next morning, Seo-joon tells his doggie that he is pretending to go to work so he can go on a date with Dan, he will be back, just wait a little bit.

Eunho drives by the bus station and passes Seojoon waiting for the bus. He wonders if they really are going to work together? he gets out of his car to talk to Ji Seojoon about going to work with Dan and going home with Dan. How can you do this? You are a freelancer. When did you start going to work. Plus, you are done with that other publishing company. SJ asks if he told Dan that? Eunho says he did not becuase it feels like he is taking advantage and that he is blocking her from dating.

He doesn’t like that they are dating, but he also does not want to behave like a loser. Seojoon says this is his idea because it looks like dating is too burdensome for her. Seojoon says that is not it. They keep sort of arguing about this. Seojoon tells him that he parked his car on the street with no manners. Then Danyi comes running up.

Eunho leaves right then so Danyi does not see him. She asks SJ if he waited for a long time and the laugh and get in the bus. Eunho looks at them, highly annoyed.



In the bus, they share music together as they ride. The group is Black Skirt and the title is island. They both read their books on the bus and listen to the music together. They also talk a little bit. it is a nice bus date as he looks at her pleasantly and she reads.

At work, Dan continues to read her book that he gave her. She reads what he wrote on the inside and then decides to write something as well.

VO – I came to work with Seo-joon while reading this book. The book and music Seo-joon recommended to me was good also.

Then Jiyool runs in, Dan tells her that she read it and summarized it. Jiyool feels bad that she didn’t but Danyi is all like dont worry about it. haerin hears it all. Later, Jiyool tells Haerin that she summarized the book. Haerin takes it and gives her another book to summarize and then turns to Haerin and tells her to summarize something also.

There is an announcement about a certain writers book. It is a handwritten book script. The interns say that a lot of famous writers write handwritten scripts. The actual manuscript actually sells for a high price when they write it by hand.

They all wait for Eunho to open the manuscript and pass it all out. Everyone is happy to see it. They wonder who will type it? Yoosun says that Eunho should do it, so Eunho says he can do it. But the CEO mentions that Eunho is already busy, maybe he does not have time? Perhaps theyshould give it to Danyi. You know the writer right? She says yes. 

Haemin thinks that she knows about the writer so she should do it and also says that she reads a lot of books. Yoo-sun says that there are a lot of Chinese characters there. Dan tells her that she knows a lot of Chinese characters. Everyone is impressed. So Yoosun tells her okay, you are supporting team anyway. She hands over the manuscript.

For some reason they want Eunho to get a hotel suit to focus on the transcribing. But Eunho says that Danyi can do it at his place, if she is okay with it. They start to collect ideas for the book cover. Maybe they should put the writers handwritting on the back of the book?

Haerin says that she will try and get designer Ji Seo-joon. The meeting is pretty much adjourned so Youngah tells everyone that they should go to the club later! Right! Lets go! They all agree so Youngah does a little dance. Then she jokes with Yoosun about why she is raising her hand up.



At Seo-joon’s place, he goes into his secret room which is all about the writer that he is interested in. Dan texts him and says that she will be late today. Then Haerin texts him and says that she will give him a chance to pay her back for what she owes him. He thinks about it and says that he will meet her and they can talk about the writers work.

Haerin shows the text to Eunho and says that she might be able to catch him and make him work for their company. he even mentioned the writer first. Then she starts to talk to Eunho about doing Dan’s work at his place when another woman lives there. He kind of tries to avoid the question.

Ji-yool and Hoon talk to another intern about going to a club in Gangnam. They have to go because the Gangnam cougar will be there, everyone wants to see her so much! Hoon and Park start to talk about the club and do a little dance as they put the books away.

Then we cut directly to the club. Ji-yool and Hoon wonder what they should do if they see Dan and the rest of the team there? They think it is okay, they wont be able to get in. Then they take off into the club.

He is pretty right because Youngah and Dan try to get into the club but the bouncer stops them. Youngah is all like, huh? Why not? Look, I wear bling bling and she is a model. Then Yoosun walks up looking like a cougar with lots of money and style. She tells the bouncer that those two are with her. Should I go somewhere else? The bouncer tells them no! Come in!

He lets them in with a quickness. Then we scroll to all the club activities where everyone is dancing around and having a good time. Youngah and Dan thinks it is daebak! Yoosun walks around like she owns the place. It seems like everyone there knows who she is as well.

She walks to the front and then hops on the stage and starts dancing. She goes back to the crowd and keeps dancing in the middle of the crowd along with Dan and Youngah. Hoon and Yool are surprised.

Hoon and Jiyool leave, after having a good time, but then Jiyool sees her mothers secretary. So Hoon has to put his arm around Jiyool so it looks like they are dating. She tells him that her mother doesn’t believe that they are dating because he is not her style. (She says he is ugly at first but then corrects herself to say he is not her style). he tells her that they should kiss, she is all like, no. Then they happily hop off together.

The secretary calls the mom and says that he thinks they are dating, he looks like a cute guy.



Jihong is fishing by himself looking sad and forelorn. Eunho and Haemin come to sit with him. they tell him that they are worried about him and he has to come to work next week! Bong starts to talk about how life is a dream, it is all nothing, everything is nothing, it is all like that.

jaemin tells him that writer Chae will not come back and his wife wont accept him. Eunho is reading a book as he sits with them. But he says that is right. Jae-min tells EUnho to just go home because all he is saying is “yes, that’s right.”




After the club, the three ladies are on a high as they leave. They wonder where they should go to next. One guy says that they were super cool! But he has his girlfriend with him so they leave together. Youngah wishes that all the couples int he world break up. Yoosun tells her that they will not last long. Dan says that she will go home. But the other two stare at her. Dan says it was a joke and they all decide to go to Yoosun’s house. They all dance up the street until they get there.

They dance-stumble-tumble into the house. But then they see that the house is super messy. Youngah wonders if she just moved in? Yoosun says that it has been three years. She tries to live minimalistic and removed all her furniture so there is nowhere to put anything. But she lives alone so it doesn’t matter.

they all sit around the coffee table and start to drink again. They ask Danyi if she is uncomfortable, but Danyi says she is okay, this is like her house. Youngah thinks Dan should be uncomfortable, maybe we shuold say no jongdaemal. Dan starts to talk using banmal and says that i was fun, Gangnam cougar, wow. She giggles. They think their might be a backfire tomorrow. But they are happy that they had fun tonight. Perhaps they should play like this often? Every third Friday?

But then Yoosun asks Youngah why she broke up with her husband. Dan is also curious. Youngah doesn’t really want to talk about that. Yoosun says that she knew everything about him and liked him and his family so why divorce all of a sudden? that is strange. Youngah starts to tear up.

In the fishing spot, Bong says that he didn’t know, she just prepared the divorce letter. 

Flashback to Youngah and Bong walking in the mall looking for things for their kids. They see a pink jacked that is $190. It is clearly too expensive for Youngah so she keeps walking. Youngah tells Bong that she worried about his sister in law and her kids. But Bong says that she can buy what she wants. She sees shoes that she likes and tries to make a deal with the seller. Bong sits and reads.

The owner of this shop tells her that these shoes are all handmade. He tells her that she shuold not touch them all, she should buy one. But then he pegs them as someone who just looks and asks and doesn’t buy, he thinks he is unlucky to have them as a first customer. Bong thinks they can buy it. But they leave. 

Bong is actually on the sellers side and says that he was eating and she kept bothering him by asking him questions. Haerin is all like, whose side are you on? Is he your kinfolk or something? He just looked at your wife and said you were no good. She explodes on him and says that he should understand her, not him! You should be on my side! Not his! She tells him to let her go and walks off.

In the present, Bong says that he thought it was nothing. But in that busy mall she screamed like a crazy person in front of all those people. Everyone was looking at us.

With the girls, Youngah says that it was nothing to him because this happened all the time. But all of a sudden, that day I realized, So Youngah, you did not live a good life. In my life, I thought he was the only one on my side. Until I died, I thought, he was my husband and should be next to me. he was my husband, Bong Ji-Hong. But it did not matter because he did not understand me. Of course I want to buy shoes. My salary is not small, so why do I ask the price? Let’s say that he does not understand me? Well, when that guy kicked me out, as a husband he should at least have said, how can you say that to my wife? That is a husband right?

Bong says that she broguht him divorce papers the next day and wanted him to sign it right away. that is not the only thing he did wrong, that is why he signed it. He knows that he gave her a hard life after she met him, so what can he do? he continues drinking and tears up.

The woman are still drinking and are all sad. They all tear up and start crying. Youngah asks why they are sad? Dan says that she has to say something. I am also divorced. Sun is all like, what? You were married before? Dan starts to talk about how her story is more shocking, her husband had an affair. Youngah says he is a crazy guy! How can he leave this pretty girl? Dan says, yeah, when I think about it, I am so angry. It is all in the past now, but when I think about it…I was so pitiful. I cried like that when it already ended, what kind of hope did I have? I pitied myself so much. We already broke up, I shuold have given him a flying kick.

Yoosun says he should do it now. It is not too late. Dan asks if they can go with her. Youngah is all like of course! Where is he now! Sun says that they already got married and had kids, I need to show you one thing. She walks off. Youngah tells Dan that Sun is kind of cute, and Dan is kind of cute also. Sun comes back out and shows her wedding photo to them. 

She says that she wasn’t married, she only did the wedding photo. They had the date, but I ran away. I was afraid of my inlaws and having babies. I wanted to study more and work. So, I thought living alone is better. Living by myself forever, if I do that then it is happy like this. Youngah is all like, like this? Sun says that is why she lives broken. When she wakes up in the morning, she is alone, she is happy alone and sad alone…all alone. She starts whimpering….I eat alone….all alone….argh….our life……they all start blubbering and crying oudly (I can’t tell if this shoud be comical or not). they all hug it out.



Eunho gets home and looks for Dan. She isn’t in her room. He looks in the kitchen and finds her passed out. he immediately gets concerned and calls 911 (119). But then he hears her snoring and thinks, oh, she is sleeping. He apologizes to the emergency phone operator and then looks at Dan snoring in his lap. he ends up tucking her into bed nicely and looks at her for a moment as it fades out.




The next morning, Danyi crawls out of her room and tells Eunho that she feels like she is going to die. She ends up dropping in that same spot he found her in the night before. He asks her if that spot is a good spot? Dan tells him that Executive officer Ko almost killed them at her place. 

Flashback to Sun telling them that she was super popular back in the day. Youngah agrees. Danyi is completely wasted and begs to go home. But Youngah and Sun keep talking about getting married and everything. Danyi keeps begging them to go home. They keep talking.

Danyi yells, SHUT UP! Then she starts cursing a lot like a thug and tells them that they keep going and going for hours like crazy. When will you be done! Are you doing this because I am a new employee? Just stop!

Eunho tells her that her thug Danyi self is coming back out. That’s good. This life is all screwed up so you should live like that.

Then we see Young-ah showing up at the fishing part in her volvo. We see at text from Eunho to her show up on the screen.

EH: Bong is at the fishing site. Last night, I saw him with the CEO. Just in case, I will give you the address. Have a good weekend.

She looks at him and he looks at her. She looks worse for wear, her make up is smeared and she is stil lin her clothing from the last night. But they don’t talk, they just sit and eat ramen together quietly. She pours a hot drink for him and then one for herself. They drink it quietly. Then she talks.

YA – Bong, come to work, you should make a living. Poet Choi died and you are divorced. We should keep living. You have to take care of the family until your older brother comes out of jail. And we have our son. See you at work on Monday.

She walks away. He watches her go. She starts crying as she walks away and he starts crying as well.

At his home, Eunho cleans up his place as he prepares for a fun day together transcribing the manuscript. he gives the manuscript a silent prayer and then unwraps it to get started. Dan is also preparing for the manuscrip transcript workathon by making tea for the both of them. then they get started. He reads the book and she types.

Montage of all the work they do together. They type, talk, sleep, eat, talk more, and type more. It’s a fun day of working. he asks her if it is difficult but she says it is fun.

Later on, Danyi rubs her eyes and rets her head on Eunho’s shoulder, sleeping.



Meanwhile, Haerin meets with Seo-joon at a cafe. They talk about how he is there early, he says that he is reading one of their books, he wanted to check heir style. She gives him the book so he says that he will read it and give her feedback.

Back at home, Danyi sleeps on Eunho’s shoulder. He lightly touches her hair and nose and lips and then leans in to kiss her, but they get a text right at that moment. This snaps Eunho out of his trance and it also wakes Danyi up. She checks her text message.

Seojoon text her and said that he is meeting Haerin from her company. SHould he do the cover design? If you say yes then I will do it.

Dan texts him that he should do it!

So Seo-joon tells Haerin that they should talk about his contract. She is all like really? He nods. So she mentions that she thought she might be lucky today when she saw the snow.

Back at home, Danyi thinks.

VO – I wasn’t sleeping, my eyes were hurting.

She rubbed her eyes and laid on his shoulder

VO – As usual, his shoulder was comfortable and reliable, I just closed my eyes a little bit. What was that hand? It was hot like fire. 

In the cafe, Haerin and Seojoon eat a super delicious looking sundae. 

At home, Danyi looks out the window and sees that it is snowing. Eunho tells her that they should drink tea outside. So they go outside to look at the snow and drink tea together.

DY – It is pretty

EH – Yes, it is pretty.

Flashback to EH telling Dan the exact same thing with the moon.

DY – This reminds me of that day when I told you that the moon is pretty. You put that picture on social media

EH post: It was a night that reminded me of (Japanese writer) who said, the moon is so pretty means, I love you.

DY – I told you that, do you remember?

EH – Yes, my high school, when the writer was a student, they were given an assignment to translate the work. While translating I love you, they took it that way. the writer told the student that Japanese don’t say that, they say that the Moon looks so pretty. That is a better translation.

DY – You remember that?

EH – I told you that night, the moon is so pretty. Snowing is pretty. It is pretty right? (or you can change pretty to beautiful)

he tries to get the snow from her hair. She shirks away a little bit. He is all like what? Am I a man to you all of a sudden, just wait a little bit. he gets the rest out.

DY – Do you….like me?

he looks at her and then kind of nods.

Fade Out



First off, don’t kiss people when they are sleeping, Eunho. Next, hopefully Sun will be better to Dan after finding out a bit more about her. I kind of like how the three older women of the company had a good time together at the club and then later bonded at Sun’s house.

We will download the drama and fill in those spots that had a lot of buffering. There was so much buffering today!

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