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Backstreet Rookie: Episode 6 Live Recap – Part 2

Backstreet Rookie: Episode 6 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Backstreet Rookie!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: Backstreet Rookie Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Yong-pil and his best friends are hanging out at Ki-bok’s barbershop and talking about a woman who was the super star in high school. They are sure that this person is Hong Jang-mi. 

They are all sitting on the couch looking at this photo. But we do not see the photo. Yong-pil mentions that everyone had a crush on her in high school.

We are sent into their memory of high school were we see a talent show where all the students are going crazy over a girl singing on stage. (This looks so much like the Friends movie, lol). A young Yong-pil is mesmerized by her. She winks at him.

In the present, Yong-pil puts the picture down and they keep looking at it. They mention that she is in China now and has a restaurant. They thought she would live like a princess in a country like America, but this tastes bitter.

He takes a photo of the photo and looks at it on his cell phone.


Elsewhere, Yun-joo’s mother, Hae-ja, gets paperwork on a background check on Dae-hyun. She asks, is this really our company convenience store? He says yes. She sighs and tells him to prepare the car.

Meanwhile, Yong-pil hangs out at the convenience store, looking at the photo on his phone. The mother drives up and gets out of her all black fancy car and goes inside. He does not notice.

She looks around but no one is inside. She sees Yong-pil chilling outside and crosses her arms for him to hurry in. He does.

YP – What would you like to purchase?

HJ – Can you deliver?

YP – Of course not.

HJ – I thought convenience stores can deliver.

YP – We do not do it.

HJ – I will buy a lot

YP – How much?

HJ – How much do you need? (famous quote by Won Bin Autumn in My Heart)

YP – One hundred dollars….

HJ – How about ten times that?

YP – Ten times means….one thousand? *shocked*

He stares at her.

PJ – Where do you live?

Cut to Yong-pil telling Dae-hyun about it. They are both in shock. She bought one thousand dollars worth of items. We will cut our loses from Saet-byuls hospitalization. All because of that ajumma – no – that noble woman. Be sure to tell your mother this is all because of me.

Dae-hyun says, of course! Don’t worry! Abogi, I will make her our regular customer!

Dae-hyun drives off to the location and is super surprised to find out that this is his girlfriends house. He checks the address several times and says, aw, man….aish….okay, well, I can say hello with this chance. Hello, my name is Choi Dae-hyun.

He practices that and then grabs everything togo inside. He greats the maid as if she is the mother, but she says she just works there, come in.

He follows her in. The maid tells him to put it in the kitchen, but the mother is sitting and tells her to tell him to just sit it right over there.

He puts it down and comes to introduce himself to her. 

DH – Hello, I am…

HJ – I know, you are the convenience store delivery man. Ah, you are handsome, that is why.

DH – *blank* Um…yes…I am Choi Dae-hyun.

Yun-joo comes out of the elevator and is shocked to see him.

HJ – Here is a tip Mr. Delivery man.

DH – No thank you.

HJ – Come on, you can take it.

DH – Thank you.

He bows and leaves. But he looks reluctant and embarrassed.

Yun-joo asks her mother what is going on. Her mother tells the maid to remove all these things, leave no trace. Then she tells her daughter to wake up.



Yun-joo runs outside to find her boyfriend and calls him to ask where he is. He  is driving and says he can’t come back now, I have to go back to the convenience store.

YJ – Don’t worry about my mom.

DH – No, I am thankful to her, she bought a lot. Maybe it is better to introduce myself to her later. So I just am going back. Also, I am sorry about what happened before.

YJ – Dae-hyun shi

DH – I am driving right now so I will call you later. Bye.

She lets out a thick sigh. Later on, she drives to his convenience store to see Dae-hyun. She asks his mother to see the manager. Boon-hee says he is not there now. She mentions that their part-timer is hospitalized so he should be at the hospital.

Yun-joo runs off. The mother sees a sticker of Dae-hyun and Yun-joo and realizes that she is the girlfriend? Ah, it looks like her. She speaks fast.

Dae-hyun is standing alone on the bridge, overlooking the river. A life coach calls him, but he does not answer.


Yun-joo goes to the hospital room where Saet-byul is staying. She is looking for Dae-hyun. But Dae-hyun is not here. She asks if she can come in? Saet-byul tells her that her boss is not here.

Yun-joo walks up to her and says that she is there to see her, Saet-byul. I need to tell you something.

SB – Me? What happened?

YJ – Choi Dae-hyun is a naive and nice person, that is why a part-timer with an appendix stays in a room like this.

SB – Well…this is…

YJ – Dae-hyun and I never had any arguments for 2 years until you came. It is so difficult to me that we are arguing because of you. So what Dae-hyun cannot tell you, I want to tell you for him. Do not cause trouble between us. I hope you quit the convenience store.

They stare at each other for a moment. 

Then Kang Ji-wook comes in and asks Yun-joo is she is team leader Yoo? She turns around and her eyes grow wide whens he sees Kang Ji-wook standing right next to her.

YJ – Wah, how are you here Kang Ji-wook? Oh yeah, I heard y’all are friends.

JW – Yes, very good friends. Can I take you out?

YJ – No, it is fine.

Yung-joo leaves. Ji-wook sits next to Saet-byul.

SB – Are you strong? *holds his arm up* How long can you stay like this?

JW – As long as I need to?

Cut to them watching a movie together. But he has to hold her saline solution up the entire movie. She laughs and eats popcorn. He looks like he is in Heaven.

Yun-joo goes home and thinks about things.

Dae-hyun is still looking at the river and thinking about things.

Saet-byul keeps laughing happily at the movie.

Dae-hyun sheds a tear about his situation.


A debt collector knocks on her door and then puts a notice on her door about the debt they owe.

Meanwhile, her sister is performing on stage for her 2nd round audition. It looks like they really like her.

Yep! She leaves and yells backstage to all the other girls that she passed! Then she gets a text from Gum-bi letting her know that Saet-byul is in the hospital so call her.

Eun-byul calls Gum-bi and gets yelled at. She tells her to run to the hospital right now! It looks like it is morning outside.

EB does not think that is true. She should just say that she got beat up and is hospitalized. Gum-bi is all like, yes! That is what happened! But EB thinks those girls would be dead if that happened.

Gum-bi sys that she does not listen. She sends her the CCTV of the bad girls and asks, do you still not believe me? EB’s face falls into a scowl and she tells Gum-bi, I know them.




Gum-bi runs to tell Saet-byul that there is big trouble! I called EB to tell her what happened and she ran to go beat them up! They are school bullies!

Saet-byul unplugs her IV and says, lets go!

Cut to Eun-bi running up to the three thugs. She pretends like she is happy to see them. They ask if she knows Kang Ji-wook? She says yes, he is a big star. The red headed bully says she is his big fan. Can you get his signature if you see him.

They all ask for his signature.

The bully also tells her that she should get half and half the money when she gets famous. The sister asks, of course, how can I forget. But her face turns stern, like she is about to beat them all up.

Bully – Why does your face look like that?


She stars to beat them up and kicks them all to the ground.

But another one hits her to the ground. Her friend Eun-jo comes up and kicks that girl then pulls Eun-jo up.

Three guys ride up on a motorcycle to see what is going on. The head thug tells EB that she is cute, you should date me. EB smacks him in the face. The other two guys laugh.

He is about to approach EB but then Saet-byul comes rolling up on an electric/manual kids scooter. She yells WAIT! Ten throws the scooter to the side.

Everyone’s heads turn to her. Gum-bi comes running up then too.

SB – Hey, I am the one that should hit her and I am the one that should kill her. So don’t touch her. *EB and EJ run behind her*

SB – *turns to thug girls* You guys, I did nto give you enough of a lesson.

Thug – I will kill you!

SB – Try it, lets see if you can.

Thug guys – Ahh~, we have a patient and an ajumma in a school uniform, hahaha.

GB – Are you calling me an ajumma in a school uniform! I hate him, hit him hard Saet-byul.

Thug girl – Oppa, be careful with that patient, the others are nothing.

GB – I will kill you!!!!!

The girls run to the thug girls and starts fighting and pulling their hair.

Then the guys walk forward to Saet-byul and pull a mantis move like they are in an Old Chinese movie, LOLOLOLOL.

Special effects show up and Saet-byul rolls her arms into a super Taichi pose.

The mantis start to fight her and they have mantis arm special effects. But they are no match for Saetbyul

Then the head guy does his super mantis pose. But Saet-byul grips his arms and starts to fight him.

Old school Chinese music plays right there. She finally spin kicks him when her other leg gets grabbed and he goes falling.

All the thugs run away. They girls all celebrate and start to sing the Chinese music. Then SB asks her sister how many hits she should get. the sister runs away.

Then Saet-byul passes a HUGE ball of gas. We see it floating up all green and misty. 

SB – Ah! I am free now! 

She frolics off. Her friends say that she should say she is discharged now. She might have appendicitis, but she also has brain issues.


Saet-byul goes back to the hospital and is startled to see Dae-hyun chilling in her bed.

DH – Why did you leave, what do you have to do? Why aren’t you listening to what the doctor said? You’re a hospi– *notices her hospital gown is dirty*. What is this, why are you getting into, don’t you think?

SB – *starts to think about what Yun-joo said about quitting*

DH – Why are you looking at me like that?

SB – Boss, I have a question. I am not as bad as yo thought right?

DH – Huh?

SB – You don’t misunderstand me or suspect me, right?

DH – Well, there is nothing to suspect…haha…*scratches head*

SB – That’s good…so, boss, I will quit.

DH – What?

SB – I wanted to quit earlier but just in case you thought, ‘well, she is like that,’ so I wanted to work hard and get recognized. I did not graduate high school and I hve no parents. But I wanted you to think that I wasn’t a bad person. I wanted to prove that. that is why I worked. I hope you continue to have good business, fighting, boss. *finger hearts and a smile*

Her face falls when she turns around to walk away.

Fade Out


This show is so adorable and funny, I love it! I need to go back and watch the first first four episodes just to get all the laughs in. We are going to try and recap episode 7 today as well so we will be all caught up.

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  1. Sam
    July 14, 2020 / 11:32 pm

    Happy (and surprised) that you guys are recapping this show. While it does have its issues, it does have its fun and touching moments.

    Episode 7 and especially 8 was even better IMO.

  2. Sam
    July 14, 2020 / 11:32 pm

    Happy (and surprised) that you guys are recapping this show. While it does have its issues, it does have its fun and touching moments.

    Episode 7 and especially 8 was even better IMO.

  3. Sia
    July 20, 2020 / 1:04 am

    What song was that hong hang mi was singing ?

  4. August 7, 2020 / 10:43 am

    What is the title of the song being played in Hong Jang Mi’s performance?

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