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Backstreet Rookie: Episode 6 Live Recap – Part 1

Backstreet Rookie: Episode 6 Live Recap - Part 1

Oh my gosh, this show has me laughing so much! I love it to pieces! I don’t see how our Hero or heroin are going to get together, and I’m not even sure if I want them too? I actually really like the famous friend-actor for Saet-byul because he is an adorable puppy. But of course, I will probably end up loving the main couple as well, I’m just easy like that 😊.


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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Saet-byul is cleaning up the outside of the convenience store and gets hit over the head by three girls wearing masks. They crack her with a 1 by 2, geez. 

But then they get worried that she might be dead because she is knocked out. They runaway and complain to each other about hitting her too hard! Dae-hyun walks by them and remembers that they are the girls that Saet-byul beat up (I think) and runs to the convenience store.

He is able to wake up Saet-byul. But then she doubles over in pain from her stomach. He takes her to the doctor who tells Dae-hyun that she has appendicitis.

Dae-hyun says the doctor should have told him a lot easier than he just told him this and mentions that he looks familiar. The doctor says he has one of those faces.

Dae-hyun also says that Saet-byul got hit in her head so why is her appendix blown? The doctor says he will take a brain scan, but anyway, it is her appendix. He tells his nurse to get ready for surgery.

Saet-byul is all like, what? Surgery? Dae-hyun tells her that she got hit on her head but her appendix is blown, you got hit on your head but your appendix is blown (he says it twice). She wonders where the appendix is, ah, this hurts.

He tells her, of course it hurts, your appendix is blown, you need to go to surgery! How come you got hit on your head but your appendix is blown? (he keeps saying that).


Boon-hee wakes up his mother with a phone call to tell her about Saet-byul. She feels a bit bad since Saet-byul told her her stomach hurts. So they have to go to the convenience store and hospital.

They go there and look at the CCTV with the local police department. Dae-hyun is there too and explains that he saw these three girls without their mask before, they are so recognizable.

The cops tell him that they will check the CCTV around the neighborhood and head out.

His mother calls and says that SB’s surgery went well. (she is yelling it, lol) and asks if he is going to the hospital? He says yes, he will be there, just wait a bit.

But he also thinks about his girlfriend and how he never gave her a piggy back ride. He sits and tries to type out an apology text to her while he is with Saet-byul.

Saet-byul wakes up so he asks if she is fine. She says she is fine but she wants to go to the restroom, piggy back ride please. He says what? No no no no no. 

She tells him she is a patient! Give me a piggy back ride! I am in a hurry! Quickly! But he says no no no no no.

So she just lunges on his back and sticks there like a Koala happily. Suddenly Hyun-joo comes in like this is a  horror movie and stares at them both.  Saet-byul hops off and tells him that she told him she didn’t want to be on his back. She walks out.

The nightmare continues as he tries to explain this to his girlfriend. She says she understands. She brought a person to give him a piggy back ride as well. Then she pulls a gun out of her purse and asks, do you know what this is? 

It goes off and shoots him right in the heart. The smoke coming out is adorable. She says, sorry.

He falls and his ghost comes out (music plays from the music Ghost). He tries to hop back into his body, lol. Then the Grimm Reaper comes (ah, I’m dying, this is so funny). The Grimm Reaper tells him that he is here for him, have a piggy back ride! 

Then the Grimm Reaper turns around for the piggy back ride and Dae-hyun is pulled to his back by an invisible force and hops on for a piggy back. He is all like, NOOOOOOOOOO.

He wakes up suddenly, yelling No no no and gripping his chest. Saet-byul sees him and asks, um, what is wrong. He asks her, am I okay Saetbyul? She asks him what is wrong with him? You should ask me if I am okay. I am the one who had the surgery.

He asks if she is fine and if she remembers what happened but still touches his chest, lol. He tells her that they will get caught. She wonders why her appendix blew at that moment. He tells her that he does not know, you will have to ask your appendix….but you don’t have your appendix anymore so you cannot ask it.

She asks about the convenience store.

He tells her not to worry about it, just take care of yourself until you are discharged.

She does not want to be a burden.

He says it is not a burden you were injured during work so I will pay the hospital bill and pay you double.



Don’t change your word!

Of course not, am I cool?

Ah, this is like a hotel vacation! But I’m in the hospital so it is a hospital vacation!

Is your head okay? Do you have a lump on it?

She checks and says her lump is gone, she is fine. He says that the CT result said she was fine, so that is good. But it is strange, your head is not a helmet, are you bullet proof. Can I touch it?

She avoids his hand angrily and asks who is taking care of the convenience store if he is here?

He tells her that he gave the cat a fish….my noona.

Cut to the convenience store where a pilot comes in and Top Gun music plays. He walks to the sister who is behind the counter and takes off his aviator shades. He tells her that this is the first time in his week to see this kind of pretty woman. She blushes and tells him, maybe not, there are a lot of pretty women in Paris.

But he holds up a finger and says, in my eyes, I only see one woman. She throws her things and yells YOBOOOOOOOOO I really missed you! She hops up and gives him a big hug. He says he really missed her, what happened? How are you so pretty after just one week???

She says this is not the time! Dae-hyun will come sooN! 

He opens up his suitcase and they put tons of food inside it. He tells her that this food is not expired yet. But she tells him that it will be sooN! So they start to steal all the almost expired food and then close the luggage quickly right before Dae-hyun comes in.

Then they stand all hugged up and act like nothing is amiss at all.

Dae-hyun looks at them like the thieves that they are and says that his luggage looks full. They both just pretend like everything is fine! I went to Paris!

He pretends to slap them both but only hits his hand. They try to walk out but the brother in law leaves his hat so Dae-hyun hands it to him menacingly and shakes his head at his in-law and sister.




Yun-joo gets an apology text from Dae-hyun. She does not respond right away but think about it.

Back at the convenience store, Dae-hyun looks sadly at his phone, waiting for a text. His mother thinks he is worrying about Saetbyul and asks if he is that worried? You can go to the hospital and pay that bill. Then go home and take a nap. You can come home at night from now on.


Saet-byul talks to her friend Gum-bi. They call each other middle school graduate and high school student for funsies. Gum-bi says that she is not at home right now and lies saying that she is at the convenience store. What’s up?

Gum-bi asks if she can remove anything that can break? Saet-byul says okay and pretends like she removes all those things. Then Gum-bi tells her that her sister went away to the 2nd round of the audition! I don’t know where it is though.

Saetbyul tries to ask the nurses to leave right now, but they says that she cannot, it is too dangerous. Saet-byul asks for just one hour but the nurses are adamant against it.

Dae-hyun walk up on this and tells Saet-byul to just pack up and go home if she keeps doing this. He tells the nurse to just let her do whatever, I do not care anymore. He walks off.

She apologizes to the nurses and sadly goes back inside.


Meanwhile, Dal-sik is trying to get his comic right. He is so stressed that he pulls a dreadlock out. But he says, without tears by the creator, there will be no tears for the reader. With no surprise for the creator, there will be no surprise for the audience.

He keeps drawing and is so passionately into it. But he has no ideas coming to him. He keeps drawing and finally completes this one photo. He says that his photo is cool. His nose is bleeding Then blows his tissue on the enter key. 

The image uploads. He takes off and goes to the arcade to get some energy out and does Dance Dance revolution. But he is so hardcore with it and does all the capoeira things, looooooool. He voices over

VO – As difficult as meeting the deadline is, this is super rewarding. Me Han Dal-sik. Tomorrow is the god of webcomic. Today is the god of DDR.

He amasses a crowd, and is the new King. Everyone cheers.

Then Dae-hyun calls so he says he will be there. He passes by Gum-bi and it feels like there is a love connection brewing! But they don’t really notice each other.

She goes to Dance Dance Revolution and yells, what! There is a New King! My record is broken????  Her friend says she came here just to check to see if her record is broken! You wanted to see Saet-byul!

But Gum-bi is like, NO, My Record is Broken! Then she steps onto Dance Dance Revolution and starts getting it. The friend yells at her and says that it is important to be #1 in at least one thing but If you studied this much then you would have gone to Seoul University!

But Gum-bi is so into finding out who broke her record!


Meanwhile, Dal-sik walks in to the convenience store looking as happy as a clam. He tells Boon-hee that she can go home. BH tells him that she was going to clean up the warehouse so he says he can do it. Did you eat yet? Go home and eat.

She hits him like a mom, lol, and tells him to stop twisting his hair around his finger. She heads out. He starts to organize the fridge.

Gumbi and Eun-jo show up at the convenience store right then, looking for Saet-byul. They want to jump scare her. So they hide to do that, but it is Dal-sik carrying a box so he accidentally drops it on Gum-bi’s foot.

He instinctively looks down to see if her foot is okay. But she instinctively lifts it in pain and accidentally knee kicks him in the face!

He is all bloody. They both stare at each other and ask why they are here! 

He says he is a part-timer here! Gum-bi tells him that Saet-byul is the part-timer. 

He says he and Saet-byul are a two person team. Gum-bi cuts to the chase, where is Saet-byul!

He asks, so you are her best friends and you don’t even know that Saet-byul is hospitalized.

They are both super shocked and yell, what hospitaaaaaaal tell me ajushiiiiii.

But he is still touching his bloody nose and whines, I don’t knoooooow, I am the one that has to go to the hospital!!!!

They run off to the hospital crying and sobbing all the way until they get to her bedside and ask what happened!

She tells them to be quiet, I am fine. They tell her that she is not fine! Your head got injured! Your stomach is opened!

She tells them to stop, just stop, you guys are so unnatural. I just told you I was in the convenience store because it is nothing.

They make sure that she is really okay. Eun-jo speaks in Jella-do saturi so Saet-byul answers her in Jella-do saturi for funsies.



Elsewhere, Dae-hyun stands in front of Yun-joo’s workplace to meet her. She comes out and asks why he is here. He says it is because she did not pick up her phone.

She tells him that she had a previous appointment. Seung-joon drives up and she gets in his car.

Two other employees come out and talk about Yun-joo and Seung-joon. He says that Yun-joo is on Seung-joo’s side because he is the heir of the company.

The other employee says that Yun-joo is also high class. But the manager explains that they are different classes of high class. If Seung-joon is the owner of a department store then Yun-joon is the owner of a convenience store.

Hey, convenience stores remind me of Choi Dae-hyun, he is the one that did it first (cheated). But the friend employee says he didn’t. The other guy says everyone knows about that piggy back ride. 

Dae-hyun overhears all of this.

He goes to a dinner to eat and drink his sorrows away.

At the same time, Yun-joo goes to a small engagement party on a small yacht. These look to be all her rich friends. They have a fun time celebrating the engagement.

Dae-hyun stays bummed all evening and ends up going to Saet-byul’s bed to tell her that he is really really sorry. He is talking to a blanket though because she is fully covered.

so he continues and says that she should quit the convenience store. But then a halmoni wakes up and looks at him. He jumps! It is not saetbyul at all. She says, ah my husband, are you here to take me back? 

The nurse comes in and calms the halmoni a bit and whisper asks if Dae-hyun can hold her hand to calm her down a little bit? So he does but he is so uncomfortable.

The nurse says that saetbyul moved to another room.

He goes to her new room which is a very fancy room. It looks like Gum-bi moved her to a better room because her family is rich, lol. Dae-hyun kind of chuckles and says it is good t have rich friends.

Then he tries to get serious to tell her that she is fired, but he says it is nothing. I will tell you after you are discharged.

He sits on a lounge chair to keep chatting about working at the convenience store. He asks how it is promoting the hangover drink?

She tells him she is the Queen of promotions.

DH – Good for you. You are cool.

SB – *laughs* Hey, I have something to eat when I am discharged.

DH – What is that?

SB – The thing we made together, that intestine food. We didn’t pick a name for it.

DH – That is what you want to eat after discharging?

SB – Yes, it is really really good. It is not just that food. And, eating that means that I am healthy again and can keep working in your convenience store. *smiles*

DH – *grimaces* Okay, I have to go.


Yun-joo stands outside on the small deck of the yacht. Seung-joon puts a blanket over her. She says she is fine. I have to go. But he pulls her to a hug and asks to hug her just one time.

He tells her that this is the last hug as a friend.

YJ – What?

SJ – I did not like it when you were dating Choi Dae-hyun, but I honored your choice. However, I do not want to see you having a hard time anymore.

YJ – Stop here, you are crossing the line.

SJ – You are the one crossing the line. I am taking you back.

YJ – Seung-joon, you are an important person for me. I do not want to lose you. We have known each other for a long time. And we will also see each other.

SJ – Don’t worry, you are not losing me.

YJ – Just stop.

SJ – Think about it. The real reason that you are having a hard time. And for me, Yun-joo, this is not just a spontaneous thing.


Ji-wook goes to Saet-byul’s room and smiles like the little cute puppy he is through the window. Then he goes inside with a huge basket of living flowers? He puts it on her bed. She thinks it is so pretty, thank you!

He asks if she is really okay? She sys he knows that she is really healthy. He tells her that he always knew that she liked flowers. She is impressed that he remembers that. Then says that hibiscus flowers are difficult to get.

JW – There were a lot of other flowers but I only saw this one. You are an encyclopedia of flower meanings, so what is the meaning?

SB – Ah, this, well this hibiscus means noble friendship. You picked a proper flower *smiles*

JW – You have a nice hospital bed, your boss can spend money.

SB – Ah, well….

But then his manager comes in so he says he wants to stay longer but has a meeting. I can be back. She tells him that he does not have to comeback, you can go to your meeting, see you.

Boon-hee comes in later and talks about how the flowers are so pretty. 

SB – Yes, they are hibiscus!

BH – Hiscussss! Ah, okay. It is my first time seeing them. They are good flowers, they smell good. You know the flower smell is like intestine barbecue?

SB – really? *smells hair* Ah, that is from my hair! I did not have a chance to wash it.

BH – *smells her hair, almost throws up* Ah, you should wash your hair. Let’s wash it now. I can do it for you. Our pretty Saet-byul, you smell so bad. *they both laugh*

So they go to the very nice bathroom to wash her hair. She tells Saet-byul that she looks like a little girl like this. She finishes up washing her hair and then dries it. Saet-byul loves it because she doesn’t’ have a mom.

SB – Thank you, I don’t remember the last time someone washed my hair. I have been alone since I was young *smiles*

BH – How did you grow up so pretty. Don’t cry. This is a really nice room! Hey, my son did something that I like!

SB – uh…

BH – It is okay, it is okay! I don’t think it is a waste to spend money on something like this.

SB – Actually, my friend did it.

BH – Oh, it wasn’t Dae-hyun? 

SB – It is an expensive room. Even if he got it for me I would not take it. My best friend is rich.

BH – Ah, you have a good friend. My best friend is gone without even a letter.

SB – Really? When?

BH – When we were younger than you.

SB – Why?

BH – I don’t know what happened, but at least she should have told me and then left. I knew Dae-hyun’s father through her. She was my friend for 40 years.

SB – Ah, you should miss her.

BH – No, I don’t, she is gone from my head.

Then she starts to play in Saet-byul’s hair again and they are all smily.


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