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Backstreet Rookie: Episode 5 Live Recap – Part 2

Backstreet Rookie: Episode 5 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Backstreet Rookie!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: Backstreet Rookie Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Dae-hyun talks on the phone to his girlfriend about the interview. Saet-byul tries to get his attention. She signs in her own kind of way while he keeps talking to his girlfriend.

(They use Korean movie theater subtitle font here)

SB: Don’t you work?

DH : after the phone call

SB: I was the interviewee, not you.

DH: Well she won’t see it so what does it matter?

SB: What the heck?

SB: You narrow minded person. *curses*

DH: Don’t cross the line, go away.

She starts to spray the window with the cleaning solution though it looks like she is praying him with it. He continues talking to Yun-joo and says he will continue working hard and expand to other branches.

They hang up and we see that Yun-joo starts to celebrate a huge deal at her company. It looks like she got a huge deal herself so everyone wonders how she did it. The manager asks what her secret is. She says she cannot tell him in this setting.

Seung-joon is there as well and says he will take it that she will tell them at their meeting. She calls him executive and tell shim that he really has good sense. They all clap. He smiles.

Back at the convenience store, Dae-hyun sits and looks at his phone. Saet-byul starts to chide him for not working hard. He just sighs and tells her not to be jealous. If you are jealous, then just tell me. It is not your fault that you do not have anyone to talk to.

She asks, who says that I don’t have anyone? I have friends. He tells her, ahh, your high school friends, okay. You should call while she is not in class.

SB tells him, not here! My other friend A man, man. He is an entertainer.

DH – Hahaha, wow, you have an entertainer friend.

SB – Yes, him! *points to a product*

DH – Kang Ji-woo?

SB – He is my friend

DH – Haha, hey, you promote the product so much so you pretend like he is your friend.

SB – it is true.

DH – If he is really your friend then just bring him here for dinner.

SB – You think I can’t?

DH – Do it then I can see him.

SB – You are in big trouble okay!

She starts to call some number but the phone hangs up.

DH – Hey, you shouldn’t say things you can’t back up. You should change it before it becomes a bad habit. You can go home, see you in the evening.

She rolls her eyes as he walks off. she starts to mutter that she will just kill him. She calls her high school friend.

This is Gum-bi who is still in high school. She calls her brother and says hello. I was just about to call you. Your little sister did not come to class. Saet-byul says she will have a talk to the kids about it. They hang up.

Saet-byul checks her phone and sees her fortune today, it is that she might be backstabbed today so be careful. Whatever is breaking can break today.

Saet-byul wonders how they knew she was backstabbed, that is almost like god like, But what can break?

Cut to a man hopping through a window all action star like. This is Kang Ji-wook doing his super star action stuff. The director yells cut and everyone tell shim that he is super cool.

His manager tells him that he has a missed call. He checks it and sees that this is Saet-byul. His heart does a little pitter patter.


Gum-bi pulls a kid aside and tells her to listen to her. I had skin treatment but it did not work for me. However I cannot get a refund. I am looking for someone to give it to.

She shows the high school kid the laser treatment and skin care free voucher. This girl has freckles so she might be interested in these products because of that (though she looks super cute with freckles). 

So the high school kid tells Gum-bi that Eun-byul went to an audition


Cut to Eun-bi at the audition. She starts to lip sink and dance around. And she makes it through to the next round! She happily cheers for herself in the waiting area and calls her friend to tell her she passed! Second stage is 2 days later!

But she stops and notices that her friend sounds so far away. Then the scene changes to her friend who is getting a massage and has her phone off to the side. She tells her that Gum-bi knows.

Eun-byul yells, he! If she knows then my eunnie knows! But her eunnie had just come walking up right then and yells, HEY, Eun-byul!!!!

Eun-byul takes off running and Saet-byul runs after her. They run for a long time, lol. The sister says when she gets famous she will tell everyone about this! 

This is all for you!

Eun-byul finally runs to the school and Saet-byul cannot follow so they talk through the imaginary wall.

EB – I already passed the first stage. If I pass the next one then I am a practitioner. I really can do it. Also, I got a lot of compliments.

SB – Just shut up and think about how many hits you want.

EB – Just trust me!

She goes to class and walks right pass the security guard. Saet-byul stays on that side of the gate.

She thinks about their fathers funeral. They aunt tells them that she will be their father. Come to my place.

So they go to her place but the aunt does not look like the best person to live with and tells them that they should work at their age. Your father went to college because of me. His insurance wasn’t much, you two eat so much. The rice just disappears.

They eat quietly as she keeps yelling at them. 

They move out. Saet-byul tells her not to worry, Eunnie will make money and send you to school, okay? 

So Saet-byul gos about working and making money so her sister can go to school.


Cut to a happy Ji-wook trying out outfit after outfit in hi condo possibly for when he goes to visit Saet-byul.

He texts her and tells her he is sorry, I was working when you called. i can see you at the convenience store right now. She smiles and heads there.

Dae-hyun chides her when she shows up and playfully calls her entertainers friend. Hey, entertainers friend, you should clean up the room we have deliveries today.

Ji-wook gets to the convenience store wearing his mask. He looks pretty confused so Dae-hyun thinks he might be a robber and closes the register and laughs.

But Ji-wook removes his mask so Dae-hyun freaks out and starts to say, WOW, YOU ARE KANG JI WOOK! I LOVE YOUR MOVIE! YOU ARE SO TALL! He asks if he lives around here? He says he is there to see someone.

Then Saet-byul comes out and tells him to help so he helps her happily. Dae-hyun  asks, how dare you do that to him! She starts to pretend to freak out over him then says, you crossed the line, and kicks him.

Then she talks to Ji-wook and says, ah, you really came. Dae-hyun cannot believe that they know each other. She tells him they have been friends since primary school.

Dae-hyun is so amazed and cleans his hands with sanitizer to shake Ji-wook’s hands and introduce himself properly. She says he can wait outside. SB tells him that if he does this then it will be too uncomfortable, right.

She gives Ji-wook a look so Ji-wook says, um, a-a little bit. So she kicks the boss out. Dae-hyun leaves hesitantly and says that he can come to their company dinner.

Ji-wook says okay, I am not busy. (Even though SB says he is busy). 

Dae-hyun happily goes outside and calls Yun-joo to tell her that their company model is at the store and will join their dinner. She says that she is already at the dinner. that day that you ran to us, I got a big deal from the customer.

He congratulates her. She says it is because you came. See you. Have a nice dinner. 


Ji-wook asks Saet-byul why she is saying that she used to have an appa so she tells him that her appa passed away three years ago. He asks what happened to the Master? She tells him it was a traffic accident. So he asks where he is now, she says memorial park.

He asks who she lives with now. She says with her sister. He looks pretty sad about it. She asks why he looks at her like that, don’t do it. He apologizes. She tries to lighten the mood and says that she can’t call him puppy anymore, Actor Kang Ji-wook.

He tells her that she can do what she always did and laughs.

Dal-sik comes in twiddling his dreadlocked hair and says hello. He asks who this person is. She says he is her friend and pulls Ji-wook away. Dal-sik tells her there is not dating at the convenience store. Then he starts to look for intestines.

A drunk looking man comes in and grabs something to buy. Dal-sik works behind the counter. He recognizes this guy as his PD. He asks what he is doing here. How is the new webtoon?

This guy says that is why he had drinks with his boss. Dal-sik asks if it is hot? The guy says that the viewership is so low. His boss is just like that. You should not do melo, you should do erotic.

Dal-sik tells him that he has a big hot melo (melodrama) in his heart. It is adult so you should do erotic for the clicks. Then when you do a good erotic you will ahve a chance for a melo. You re not a virgin right? You had lots of love before.

DS – I am.

PD – Ah, are you. Well, someday you will not be one so, do one okay?

DS – Okay.

PD – A little hotter okay.

DS – Well….PD….You have to pay for it….

The PD walks off. Then a real reggae guy comes in who looks like Dal-sik’s soulmate. He says he is from Nigeria. So they all talk about how they are soul mates and are Jamaican family. They start to dance around the store together and talk about how they love kimchi and want to buy some.

The team goes to their dinner, which is a separate dinner from Jun-yoo’s company dinner. It is much more relaxed and comfortable. They all toast.

Dae-hyun happily loves Ji-wook in front of everyone and says he is so great. Saet-byul tells him not to cross the line.

Dae-hyun happily asks Ji-wook if he is a model for that after drink drink? My girlfriend is the team leader for the advertisement department. He asks, Yoo Yun-joo team leader?

Dae-hyun says, yes! How did you know! That is my girlfriend!

Dae-soon stands up and says that they should take a photo together. Saet-byul wrinkles her nose and stares at Dae-hyun. She is the only one not smiling, lol.

They mention the company photo so Dae-hyun said that they will send it to him. They send it to him right then. It is only Dae-hyun and Saet-byul’s piggy back ride in the photo so everyone is all like, what the heck! Why is it like this! It shouldn’t be like this!

He calls right away and asks how the reporter can cut all the other people in the picture? The reporter congratulates him and says that they are going to put that photo on their website and SNS! 

Dae-hyun says, you didn’t tell me that! The reporter says, I have a phone call, I will call you later! he hangs up.

He calls his girlfriend right away but she does not pick up because she is giving a toast at her dinner party.

she tells the executive, Cho Seung-joon, that he might be drinking too much. He mentions that it is a good day so he can drink. They clink glasses. But then one of the people says that they should search their company, look at this!

One of them shows a photo of Chae Dae-hyun and how he scored big. He gave a piggyback ride to the part timer. He is like gum sticking on her back.

Everyone looks at this photo. Yun-joo looks upset. They guy keeps talking about this interview.

Then Seung-tae calls Dae-hyun and tells him that everyone has seen the interview. Dae-hyun says he will be right there. Saet-byul asks him where he is going? We are not done yet. But he hurries off.

Ji-wook asks her if she is okay? She says she is fine and asks if he is okay. Then she jokes, why didn’t you pick up the phone, I was about to kill you. He is about to go inside but his manager and CEO of the company both show up and show him the Instagram post. They tell him he is big on SNS right now. You said you wouldn’t do this.

He tells them that he wants to hang out with his friend more. But Saet-byul tells him it is fine if he has to go now. He apologizes and heads out.

Dae-hyun gets to the other company party, but his girlfriend is already gone. They tell him she left with Seung-joon. They are going for another round.

Dae-hyun runs off looking for her. He looks in all the shops on the street.


Meanwhile, Saet-byul goes back to the store. She texts DH that she is back at the store to work. But she remembers what YJ told her about only working and erases the message and tells him it was the wrong message.

She also holds her stomach like she has stomach pain.

Dal-sik takes all the expired food home with him, she tells him goodbye.


Elsewhere, Dae-hyun waits for his girlfriend at her place. He sees her drunkenly get out of a taxi with Seung-joon. She asks him for a request, can you give me a piggy back ride? Just once?

He is reluctant, but Seung-joon gives her a piggy back ride to her door. She tells him that no one has ever given her a piggy back ride until now. When I was young, my mom didn’t give me piggy back rides because she didn’t want me to be bow legged. You are the first person. Let’s go around one time.

Dae-hyun watches this from a small distance. She is so happy that she got a piggy back ride. He finally lets her down.

She starts to go inside. he stops her for a moment but then the maid comes out and helps her in. Seung-joon also walks in with them.

He greats her mother inside. She is super drunk and calls her mother Professor Kim and asks if she would like a piggy back ride. Why didn’t you give me one ever? This is the first time I have ever had one.

She falls on the couch and starts yelling about how Choi Dae-hyun gave her a ride again!!! Why did you open that store!!!

The mom asks Seung-joon what she is talking about. He says it is not something he can talk about.

Outside, Dae-hyun walks away sadly.


Someone looks at Saet-byul secretly. Then we see a woman hit her over the head with a wooden slab. Saet-byul falls to the ground.

Fade Out


Adorable show! I love how light and airy and comedic it is. I was probably confused on who a few of the people are (lets be real, definitely confused) but I think I pulled it together by the end of the episode.

We will try and cover episode 6 as soon as possible! It was supposed to go up on Sunday but other obligations took over. So hopefully we can dedicate some time today and tomorrow to work on it!

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