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Backstreet Rookie: Episode 5 Live Recap – Part 1

Backstreet Rookie: Episode 5 Live Recap - Part 1

Love this delightful show! It is so hilarious! We skipped the first 4 episodes and started straight away with recapping episode 5 and will move forward from here.


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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: Backstreet Rookie Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Seat-byul asks Dae-hyun if it is done for her employee of the month? She is standing in front of the register and he is behind it. He tells her that he did enough. She says whatever. 

he asks, what do you need more? What, what? Something like this?

He holds up a bouquet of flowers and smiles. it is a tiny but cute bouquet. She takes it and says she is so happy. If you give me a piggy back ride then that is all I need.

He asks, so you really don’t give up do you? She tells him that she does not give up, that is why she is the best part-timer. You know how difficult it is because you used to work in the main branch.

She pouts.

So he says fine, one time for one seconds but she says 3 seconds so she hops up and he counts to three but she hangs on like a koala and does not hop off.

He starts to twist to get her off, but she happily stays on. Then his girlfriend walks in, lol, and asks, so am I bothering you guys?

They are both stunned with their mouths open. She hops off and practically falls to the ground. He goes up to his girlfriend and says that you might mistaken this but it is not as it seems. 

She tells him that she trusts him, you are congratulating the employee of the month, right? They both say yes, yes and he throws his vest to her and tells her to keep working. He wants to go out with his girlfriend.

But the girlfriend, Yun-joo, tells him that they need to celebrate together. However Dae-hyun says no, she has to be at the convenience store.

A man wearing a Jamaican wig walks in eating a candy bar or something. This guy is Dal-sik. Everyone stares at him and he is all like, um…is something on my face?


Cut to the trio going to a fancy expensive place to celebrate. It is a place that Dae-hyun and Yun-joo have gone to before so the employees are familiar with them. But they tell the servers that it is three people today.

Everyone looks at Saet-byul.

They all go to sit and Yun-joo tells Saet-byul to look at the menu. Saet-byul doesn’t understand this menu so she honestly tells Yun-joo that she has never been to a place like this and doesn’t understand things so if you order things for me then I can eat it. I am not picky.

Yun-joo asks about the wine. Saet-byul perkily tells her that she is not picky about the wine either. Dae-hyun tells his girlfriend that the wine they had on their second anniversary was good.

The manager says a long Italian name that Saet-byul and Dae-hyun do not understand but nod their heads okay. Yun-joo tells them that she would like the wine she drank with her appa last time and then says an equally long Italian or French wine name.

the waiters think that is a good idea. YJ asks DH if he remembers? They had it before. He says he actually does not remember wine, they are all the same. SB looks like, ugh. She is being very timid.

The wine comes and Yun-joo congratulates SB on being the best employee. They all drink. But Saet-byul wonders why they only sip it? She takes it to the head and drinks it all. then mutters that she has goosebumps.

They all look at her so she explains that when she drinks bitter things she gets goose bumps (though Koreans say Chicken Bumps).

Sb mentions that her drink is empty so Dae-hyun is about to pour some more wine in it but Yun-joo stops him and takes the wine to pour it for SB. She also drinks all her wine and asks DH to pour her drink for her.

So he does and SB looks all pouty about it as she cuts her steak like she is sawing it in half.

Yun-joo asks Saet-byul to work hard for her DH’s convenience store. SB asks how she can work harder? How can I be any better than this? YJ tells her to just continue working like you are now. Only work.

SB – Well I work hard for everything, work or whatever.

The girlfriend and SB have a Star Wars like electricity battle with their eyes but they remain smiling. DH looks back and forth between the two like a lost confused soul.

YJ – I have to tell you one thing

SB – Me?

YJ – Back then, I think I misunderstood things in that strange bar bathroom.

SB – You misunderstood?

YJ – Please understand me, I did not know things back then.

YJ – *turns her head and holds her temper* (Ah, she never says I am sorry)

DH – Saet-byul should understand that you did not do it on purpose, right?

SB – Maybe….

Y – if that is so then I am happy.

SB – *nods and chews food* Oh, drinking with you is so good.

YJ – (Hmm, she is not easy)

SB – Ah, this tastes good.

They finish eating and starts to walk out. DH and YJ walk out holding hands. Saet-byul walks behind them looking grumpy. Dae-hyun gets a call from a manager about triangle kimbap. He starts to talk about all the convenience store food and lets go of YJ’s hand.

YJ looks embarrassed because DH is talking about all the convenience store food things in this fancy hotel so she whispers for him to be quiet about it. But he keeps talking plenty loud.

SB happily starts to talk to the manager about all the spicy things they sell as well. Dae-han tells SB about what she should do when the delivery truck comes. She says that they do not listen to part-timers.

He asks, are you really going to have a certain kimbap so she tells him, okay, boss. He turns to YJ to apologize and says SB can go. But YJ tells him that he can take care of it.

But Seung-joon, another chaebol, has been watching them and comes up to chat. he says that he has heard that SB is the best employee of the month. SB smiles and asks if he is there to eat a meal? He says no, he is there to workout.

She smiles and asks if people work out at hotels now? Then happily giggles. He tells Yun-joo that he is on his way home and asks Yun-joo if she can give him a ride if she is on her way home. She says yes.

Saet-byul is happy to have Dae-hyun all to herself. Though Dae-hyun is shocked that his girlfriend went off with this chaebol.

They walk away and Saet-byul rubs it in to him that he should not send off his girlfriend like that. He bickers about her about it so she asks, what are you talking about?

He just shrugs and keeps walking. But she stops him and says that they should take a cab together! He tells her 30 seconds. She asks, what is 30 seconds. He tells her the bus comes in 30 seconds and then runs away.

So she has to run with him as well. But they make it!

he only pays for himself though and tells the driver that he does not know her. So she has to shuffle for a few coins and then runs back to scoot him over so she can sit in the window seat.

She grumbles to him about not paying for her ticket. He grumbles about her not taking an empty seat, there are plenty of them.

She thinks that they should have taken a taxi.

He says those were all expensive taxis.

She says that expensive meal is all digested after running.

He tells her that she should be thankful to eat that expensive meal because of his Yun-joo. You see how she is so don’t act up in front of her. We should not do anything that she might misunderstand, okay?

SB rolls her eyes. He asks, aren’t you going to answer? She tells him that she was just joking, why are you so serious?

He tells her no to cross the line. We have a nice line between you and me. right here. It has electricity on it also.

So she pretends to cross the line and get zapped. Ouch! It hurts!

he tells her not to do that. 

So she gets mad and goes to her own seat across the aisle.

He tells her, yes, so much space! Why didn’t you do this from the beginning!

She glowers at him ad wrinkles her nose.




He drops Yun-joo off and asks for her to tell him what happened. She tells him that it is nothing. Meeting someone did not go as I planned. Goodbye. (they talk in banmal to each other)

She goes into her place. he looks on like he might like to spend more time with her.


Dae-hyun and Saet-byul successfully refuse all the items they do not want from the delivery people and lock up the store. He tells her, see, how would you handle this if I was not here?

SB – Without me, it is not even possible.

DH – Ha, whatever, just put these things on the shelf okay?

SB – Aren’t we doing it together?

DH  – You do it by yourself, I am not doing it part-timer. Bye-bye *I am watchings you finger point*

SB – Bye!

He leaves and she happily turns and looks at the wine. Then she starts to mumble a made up long title of wine and wonders why they need that expensive wine. This wine is enough. Why was that one so expensive, it does not even taste good. Ah, on a day like today soju and beer is the best.


Dal-sik is a webtoonist and is busy drawing his webtoon at his desk. Dae-hyun comes in and starts chatting with him (they are best friends). He asks him if he thought about what he told him.

Dal-sik says that he thought about his choice of keyword for he interview. My choice of keyword is….lighthouse. Then he starts to explain how his convenience store is like a lighthouse, it is lit for 24 hours for hungry people.

Dal-sik tells Dae-hyun that his interview will be great if he starts it like this. they high five in their own cute best friend way and Dae-hyun heads out.


Saet-byul eats ramen at the convenience store and calls her sister to see if the delivery came.

SB – Did you eat your meal?

EB – Yeah, I ate ramyun

SB – Do I starve you? Why do you eat ramen all the time?

EB – If you tell me that then it is 100 times. Okay, okay, okay, I need to study!

But Eun-byul turns around and sees all the friends super quiet and looking at her with anticipation until she hangs up. They are all in the norebang and they are also all scared of Saet-byul.

The head thug tells her to not brag about her eunnie. The other friends say that her eunnie is super scary though. The head thug asks, scarier than me! They say no.

So another eunnie tells the sister that they need to practice, understand! They start to practice their moves. It looks like Eun-byul wants to be in a girl group.


Meanwhile, at home, Dae-hyun texts Yun-joo but Yun-joo has not answered for more than 2 hours. He is laying on his bed looking bummed and thinks about Yun-joo finding him and Saet-byul at the convenience store and what happened at dinner. He bangs his head on the wall.


So, to make up for it, he meets her at her place that morning to drive her to work. She gets into his car and doesn’t talk.

In the car, he says that he knows that she does not want to say anything. But listen to me, I realized after I went home about how angry you could have been. I was just proud of you but I did not consider how you felt. I will never to anything where you will misunderstand me. I am sorry about yesterday. If I were you then I would punch me!

She asks if he wants her to punch him now?

He tells her he is driving so it’s dangerous, you would go to work late so, no, no, no.

YJ – You should have noticed it much quicker!

DH – Yes, I should have, I should! I am not Chae Dae-hyun anymore. I will be a fast reading kind of guy.

She smiles. He is happy that she is happy again.



Meanwhile, Saet-byul gets home from work and the camera scrolls in on someones mailbox which shows a lot of debt notices and mail.

it looks like it is hr mailbox. But she doesn’t check it.

She goes upstairs, complains about her sister sleeping in her day cloths, and then starts to pick out her clothing for the day.


Dae-hyun is at work. He looks good in a casual suit and happily greets the interviewer when she comes in.

Meanwhile, Saet-byul practices the interview back at home over breakfast with her sister. They have their typical big brother little sister bickering and Saet-byul tells her little sister that she has to learn how to cook and make her won meals when she graduates. It is difficult to raise you.

Her sister mutters that she is doing it again. She looks amazingly annoyed. Saet-byul tells her, fighting. 

EB – Do you know what day today is? Never mind.

SB – What day is it?

EB – Never mind

SB – You are suspicious, if you tell me the truth now then I will at least no kill you

EB – Whatever!

SB – I will really do it

They finish eating and Saet-byul goes back to the bathroom and sees a big ol mess. She yells, WHY DIDN’T YOU CLEAN THIS. her sister mutters, thank you! And runs out.

SB runs after her but the sister is able to hide and avoid her and sneak out. It looks like the sister took her dress! So Saet-byul has nothing to wear now.


Meanwhile, Dae-hyun’s sister, Dae-soon, is buying clothes for their Mom. They are both out at the department store having a good old time. But after changing, the mother asks the employee where her daughter is?

The employee says that her daughter had to leave because she is busy. The mother asks, did she pay for this? The employee says no and it is over $300. The mother asks, um, but this is only $60. 

The employee pleasantly tells her that it is combined with her daughters payment also. The mom is all like, um…..wow. Okay, so….I won’t get this one and how much did she spend again?

The store clerk tells her $250.

The mother meets with the daughter later at the convenience store and is all like, what is up with you crazy! The father comes out and shows the jacket that Dae-hyun bought for him.

Dae-hyun comes out so the mother yells, WHAT ABOUT ME.

He jumps.

Mother – The daughter steals money from me and the son ignores his mother, why do I live like this?

Husband – Are you going to the interview like that?


But then we cut right to it which shows the mom looking all done up in a at home kind of way. Saet-byul  looks at her like wow, you look, um, cute.

Dae-soo comes out and gives Saet-byul a big hug in congratulations but it doesn’t look like Saetbul knows her so Dae-hyun comes out and introduces them. The entire family is here.

The job site that Saet-byul used to get this job is here as well. They are happy that she got the best seller award since she used their job site. 

They ask who the manager is and the family chuckles and laughs and happily explains who everyone is. Then the interview starts.

SB – When I am standing in this store as the cashier, it makes me feel good.

Interviewer – Why?

SB – Because people look at me like I am a convenience store clerk and not like I am Jung Saet-byul.

Interviewer – I heard that a lot of customers come when you are on the counter, what is the secret of your success?

DH – (kindness, kindness, good service)

SB – Maybe it is my beauty.

DH – *grumbles*

Interviewer – Yes, I have to accept that. I heard that you talk to the customers a lot, is that to maintain a good relationship with the customers?

SB – Not for that, I just like to greet the customers happily. If they ask me questions then I answer it. I also have a lot of curiosity so I ask them things. Then I get closer to them and we talk.

Interviewer – Last question, what do you think a convenience store is?

SB – Huh?

DH – *tries to mimic lighthouse, lighthouse, lighthouse,*

He tries to act out lighthouse. SB tells the interviewer that she needs time to think. So a game of telephone happens between the family members in the background that gets to her.

SB – Lighthouse.

family – *Cheers*

Interviewer – This was just like a game on a variety show.

family – *continues cheering*

SB – That was good right? Please write it.

After the interview part is done, she takes jumping photos inside with the camera man and the family talks outside about Dae-hyun giving Saet-byul a piggy back ride to celebrate and advertise the store.

He says no so the mom yells at him and the dad and the sister, lol. He is being yelled at on three sides. YOU CAN’T DO THAT AS A SON? JUST QUIT!

He is all like, umma!

Then his best friend shows up and now I think his hair in not a wig, it is actually his hair that he let dread up. He looks at them like, hey guys, what’s up. The family looks very used to him, lol.

The interviewer comes back out and tells Dae-hyun that he only needs one more picture. Dae-hyun asks if they actually need to do it? You said it is just an internal magazine?

the interviewer says it is internal, just a very tiny magazine. Super tiny. To encourage job seekers. Of course no one else will see it. Definitely not.

In the background, everyone is on piggy back but Saet-byul. So Dae-hyun reluctantly says he will do it.

But now Saet-byul asks why she should?

The sister and Mom are already on the friend and husbands back so they say it has already been decided. The appa is having the hardest time, lol. The friend is perfectly fine.

Saet-byul says that she does not want to, but then we see her super happy smile when she hops on Dae-hyun’s back. They take their place in the middle of them and take the piggy back photo.


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