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Arthdal Chronicles: Episode 18 Live Recap FINAL

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 18 Final Recap
Arthdal Chronicles Episode 18 Final Recap

Here we are at the final episode! There is so much to get to that I don’t even know how this writer is going to finish it all up. Will there be a lot of open ends in this storyline? or perhaps todays episode will be super long? Because the NeAnthals have to come into the picture at some point right? And I don’t see a bridge to them yet. Or maybe they will just stay on the outskirts chilling. Whatever the case, I’m ready to see what is in store!

**Update: Arthdal Chronicles Ending Explained Epilogue!

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TH – Congratulations, I am pregnant with your kid. So what are you going to do? Torture me? Kill me? You won’t, why? Because you have been lonely for your entire life and have decided to accept this as fate. And now you are still lonely. Aren’t you?

Tagon is furious, but he does nothing. Taealha walks out smugly. But as soon as she gets around the corner, she braces herself agains the wall and breathes deeply.

TH – (People cannot learn without having pain)

Inside the torture room, Saya says, Father…~ But Tagon just turns and leaves.

Taealhaa makes it back to her room and asks her maids to get her appa. He is dead. They are stunned, but then she says, I did it. One of the maids collapses.

In the hallway, tagon is walking with Saya and his poeple following behind him. Saya asks Tagon what is going on, Mihul is dead, are you going to let taehla go on like this? tagon tells him that they will talk about it later?

He goes to his room and meets with several men to discuss the union around a table who tells him that something is going wrong. After he ruined the statue of the god, people decided to leave Asadal. There is big turmoil, this is the first time this has happened ever since we had the union built.

There is also a mountain that they burnt (the gods mountain). No one resisted the burning, but a few poeple jumped into the fire. tagon says they are stupid. Then they talk about how Agoo has invaded Dodambul and taken their slaves. There was a riot.

But Tagon cuts them off and says that is enough. the people tell him that all the people of Arthdal are unstable now. Someone asks if there is a sign of a coup? Another man says that it is possible. We should send 1000 soldiers to Batu (another tribe).

Tagon stands.

TG – Everything is under my expectations. Follow me for the coronation.

A warrior asks if they will send the soldiers? Tagon says that they don’t have to. Everyone is stunned. They start to walk off.

But inside the room, the warrior asks theother what Nilha is thinking? If there is a riot, then the people will add their power together. Does he want to comfort them? But Moobaek stands and says it is too late. He leaves.

While walking out, Moobaek thinks about what tagon said, that this is all under his expectations.

In another room, a man talks to Tagon. He says he is risking his life telling him this, but in this way, Arthdal will break. All the tribe people saw what happened to Miyagi god. They will worry that they can be the next ones. It is giving power to the white mountain tribe.

Tagon asks who the red claw is? You and me are the only two that know about it. The man says that is the spy that he put in Agoo. tagon asks, why do you think I ordered the red claw? Yes, a lot of wind is blowing among the tribes, but the big wind will be extinguished by a bigger wind. if you understand, then just leave.


Tagon is left alone in his room. His arm starts to shake as he moves to his bed. he sits hard on the bed and thinks about what taealha said, that she is pregnant with his kid. A little kid is growing in her womb. tagon thinks that the blood of God is continuing, he will continue.

Cut to Saya walking up the hallway, he thinks that Tagon is changed from whatever gift taealha gave him. But he does not know what that is.

Outside, Taealha looks at statues and thinks about what her father said. He says that their duty was to prepare to protect their tribe, that is their destiny. Taealha says that she will do what he says, even more than what he said.

Meanwhile, the little girl from the wahan goes to tell another man that the medcine man and his wife died and the daughters disappeared.

Cut to the daughters waking up in the mountain cave. Chaun tells Numbyul that she needs to cut her energy connection off again, otherwise she will be in danger. But Numbyul says that she does not want to do that.

Chaun says that if her blood connects again, then you might die. She Numbyul tells her sister that she is okay dying. Can you connect it completely? The blood and the energy? Chaun is scared to try becuase that is something that their father never did before.

Numbyul wants her to try, she wants her to make her a complete NeAnthal. But Chaun doesn’t want to, because if she makes a mistake, then Numbyul will die and she would be the one to kill her. Numbyul asks her sister what she thinks in a situation like this? It is the same thing. She wants to get their revenge on tagon and taeahla, she wants to destroy them all.


The little girl and man meet with Tanya. She asks what happened to the doctor. One of the maids leaves. Another person ends up telling tanya that he saw Eunsom. Tanya stands up, what, you saw Eunsom?



Elsewhere, Eunsum talks to the people they freed to let them know that they are safe now, they can go back to their homes if they want. The people are disbelieving and wonder how they can just go home. What do you want from us? You did not rescue us for nothing.

ES – if you are not Agoo, then you do not need to do anything. But if you are Agoo, then you need to pay for this.

The agoo grumble.

ES – What the Agoo need to do are two things. First, go to your Agoo tribe and tell them what happened. And do the same thing that we did. Rescue the other Agoo people that were sold as slaves and send them home.

Agoo – Then what happens after we send them back?

ES – After that, nothing. Just send them back.

A man starts to laugh and asks if they are supposed to believe them? This is nonsense. What are you all doing! What are you up to! This is all BS. Those guys in your tribe sold me and I also sold them. I sold everyone. So we became like this for a long time. But the Myul people rescued me at Tae for nothing?

ES – Yeah, Agoo knows how horrible they are.

The man grabs Eunsom by the scruff and asks what the second condition is. Steal more slaves?

ES – Go back to your own tribe and tells them because you know how high the sky is, you should stay on low ground.

Sister – Even though you know brightness, stay in darkness.

Brother – Even though you know the glory, you endure the shame

ES – And, tell them the reborn of Enaishingi who was spit out by the waterfall, is here. that is my second condition.

The chief comes forth to explain it. he says that he will tell them with all the gods and fairies and sacred names. The water fall spit him out, he is reborn of Enaishingi. They will announce Poana under Enaishingi’s order. it is the chief meeting. Mols land is Poana’s land so tell that to all your chiefs. As everyone did to Enaishingi.

Everyone starts to yell Enaishingi’s name and pump their fists to the sky as the crowd looks at them stunned.

The men start to walk away and wonder if he is really Enaishingi, what if it is not? One of the mensays that it doesn’t matter, they are going home now. He thought they would die in the street, but now he is walking from his own feet. Enaishingi!

Elsewhere, we see a chief at home telling a woman that he cannot just lower his hat to the Byuk tribe. The woman says that he is not lowering his head, they are working together to figure out what to do with their Agoo tribe. The man says that is the same thing, they are inviting us but why should I go there!

They are bickering about that. the woman wants him to go, but he does not want to go. then they here a commotion outside, all the people that were slaves are back. SOmeone tells the chief that Jachi is back!

Jachi is one of the guys that was speaking earlier, he smiles and hugs the chief. It seems like he has been gone a long time becuase the chief does not recognize him at first. Jachi tells them all about Enaishingi.

Elsewhere, we see Eunsom and the Agoo tribe celebrate their first victory with Enaishingi. they all sing and dance and chant Enaishingi.



In the fortress of fire, the funeral for Mihul is taking place. Everyone is dressed in all black and fires are lit in candles around Mihul’s coffin. Another fire is set below him. Everyone sits to the side as they watch the fire slowly consume Mihul. 

Taealha gives her father one last look and then walks away. Tagon comes in at this moment, so she looks at him as she is decending from the steps, he lowers his eyes. She turns to look at the poeple who are mourning her father and thinks back to what her father said to her about asking someone about Haedaetae’s fruit.

She asked someone about this fruit and also asked how ti is possible. The old man she asked says that it was made on accident. Taealha holds up a sword that was made without any impurities. it is a steel sword with no impurities.

Taealha asks him, so someone who works at the fire place did it? The old man says yes, he will find who did it.

In the funeral, Taealha glares at Tagon.

They go somewhere to talk. 

TG – I am sorry

TH – What are you sorry about?

Tg – The word you have to say with the most joy, you said with the most anger

TH – Aren’t you sorry about what you did without telling me?

TG – That is about the Kings work and the work of power. The King cannot say sorry (or power cannot say sorry) you cannot do that.

TH – Father was right, why do I feel shame and pity to you when you became the King? Why was I having such pain thinking about you being alone surrounded by Asaron’s people? Why did I pity you so much?

TG – When I was standing alone, do you know what made me angriest? When I was telling everything pitiful to my father, Asaron came. Then I decided I should stop. That self pity and asking for love, I should stop. Whatever that is, I will just do whatever I want to do.

TH – Then you became the King in that moment. Sorry I didn’t match you.

Tg – I want you and I want the kid. Lets get married.

TH – I am not giving you the secret to brass. I am going to share power with you.

TG – Okay.

TH – If you betray me, do you know what I am going to do?

TG – I know. Even if you die, you will kill me and you will kill our kid.

TH – I will send you an elder, we can negotiate the details before getting married, how we will share power and wealth.

TG – Okay, I will.

TH – A marriage proposal on my fathers funeral, that is just like us. We like each other from hating our own fathers. We killed out own fathers. We are fated, right?

Tagon looks at her as she walks away. taealha tells one of her maids to call someone to her.

In another room, tagon tells someone to take care of the negotiations and tells Saya that he will get married on his coronation. Get ready for that and there will be no questions about the secret of brass. Saya asks if he is giving up the brass? Tagon says no, the King.

He tells all others to leave.

SY – The King should have everything, but you changed your mind with Taealha. If you give up like that.

TG – i am not giving up. I will let you find out the secret of brass. Find it. But without Taealha and the Hae people finding out.

With Taealha, she tells her maid that she will see Asasakan (the grandmother shaman). The maid tells her okay, she will be ready.

With Tagon, Saya tells him that he is going a difficult way, what did Taealha tell you? Tagon says that the King owns everything.

Outside, Taealha tells her maid that she will take from now on.

Inside, Saya tells Tagon that he will find it. But he needs people so he will make his team. He will call someone smart but who does not like to use his brain. Tagon says to use Youngbal (the warrior with the short hair).


In the white mountain, Asasakan meets with Taealha. She knows that Taealha wants something, so she says to tell her. Taealha says that she needs her. But she knows that she also needs someone. Asasaka holds her and says that gods will is really….

In the palace, Saya thinks that Taealha and tagon are hiding something from him. Then a woman comes up to him and says that Tanya cried for a long time after meeting a child named Doti and another guy. Saya knows Doti, but wants to know who the other man is. That man used to work for the doctors office. The woman says that tanya missing Chaeun is kind of strange.

The man told Tanya that Moontae betrayed the Wahan people which is why they were all dragged to the slave place. And someone commited suicide in front of everyone because you never come out from the underground. But then Eunsom came out from the underground with a lot of other people. he took everyone out.

Tanya thinks about all this in the fire room. She is crying. Her masked guard is with her. She says, why do I cry? People cry when they are sad, or feel the pain of others, but when you grind your teeth, you still cry. This is my first time noticing that you cry when you are angry also.

She said all this in her head, but it looks like the guard heard her. Then a woman comes to her and says that Saya wants to see her. While walking out, tanya must have asked where poor people live because the woman says there are so many places where poor people live.

Tanya gets to Saya and starts to talk to him. He says that Father wants a new name for the Union people because the Union will disappear soon now that we are all one country. Everyone is under the Kings name.

Tanya asks, so I have to make a good name for poeple being tortured under tagon? Saya tells her that she does not have to say it that way. Tanya asks if she is wrong? Saya says that the union people are together because they need protection. What if someone like Agoo invades, what will you do then?

Tanya tells him that Nations are bad, they invade others or torture others all in the name of their country. Saya sighs and asks her why she talked to Moobaek. She says it was about his brother, what do you think? he then asks why she met that guy from before.

She says it was to find Chaeun. How long are….don’t do this. She sits with her back to him. He tells her okay, be ready for the coronation, you will have to memorize a lot.

Saya then leaves with Chaeun.



In a child sweat shop, a man is going around beating kids that aren’t working hard enough. Tanya comes in and tells her maid to put shoes on all the kids. The maids ask, is that why you wanted us to prepare all the shoes? tanya says that kis have soft feet, of course they need shoes. 

The man torturing the kids says that they don’t have use for shoes. tanya says that the will walk and run. No more trapping kids. The man asks, what if they run away? Tanya asks him if he thinks they will all run away if the chains are gone? (she also said something about a decendent). the man says no, that is not what I mean! And he bows to her.

Tanya then walks aorund taking the chains off the kids legs so that they can have shoes. She inspects one of the kids feet and puts the shoes on them herself. The little kid tells her thank you. You are a big support. Tanya says no, I am thankful to you. All the little kids start to softly cry.

While walking out, Tanya thinks that she is thankful and she is sorry. People will support her and will also get hurt. The guard wonders why she is doing all these unnecessary things like putting shoes on slaves at a shop. Tanya answers him and says that it is not unnecessary. (she read his thoughts). he is a bit stunned and tells him that with those shoes, the kids will run away everywhere. they will say how nice she was to them, that is the most important thing to her.

Cut to the man with the shaved head seeing Saya. he remembers that the little kid told him that someone is next to Tanya who looks just like Eunsom, don’t be surprised to see him. But he is surprised, so Moongtae has to step forward and tell him that this guy is Saya.

Saya walks into the apothecary shop and asks him why he met tanya. The man says that he went to tanya because his master died wrongly and he wanted to see young master Chaeun.

Saya asks him how he knows that tanya and Chaeun know each other? How can you meet the high priest?

He pushes hima gainst the wall. the man says that Doti told him. But Saya says that is not the answer he wants. he calls for Moontae who throws the man to the gorund. The man says that he talked about the Wahan people that escaped from Dotambyul. 

Saya asks him why he went to Dotambyul. The man says that the young lady Chaeun asked him to. Saya asks why, but the man says that he does not know. Dotambyul had a riot and tanya wondered if her people survived or not. I told her that they ran away. 

Saya says, that must be why Tanya cried. He hurries out and starts to think to himself that Tanya sent someone to Dotambyul before seh became high priest. he thinks back to one of the main warriors under tagon telling his friend about an Egot that looked just like Saya.

Saya take a deep breath, then he returns to his office and meets with Youngbal (the warrior with the short hair). He introduces himself to Saya and says he is there to take care of him and the information agency. Saya asks if he is supposed to watch him as well? The man says he did not get that order.

Saya says that it does not matter, he will tell him his work. The man thinks that Saya looks so much like that other guy. This makes Saya wonder what he is thinking and asks him when he saw him for the first time? The man says it was the Kings office.

SY – So you thought I looked like that Egot?

Man – What Egot?

SY – You said I looked like that Egot in front of that meeting room.

Man – No, my mistake, you don’t look like him

SY – Eunsom, the guy that killed Sanoom. Tell me how he died.

Man – *deep  breath* well, actually, we killed the fake one. He should be dead, we didn’t get his body, but he had a big stab wound.

SY – Who stabbed him? Moobaek?

Man – Yeah, Moobaek was following him, that is what happened.

SY – So, when no one was around, Moobaek told you that, right?

Man – Yes, I didn’t see it, but Moobaek shouldn’t lie to us.

Saya thinks back to what Moobaek said about the mirror being near Tanya.



Eunsom talks with Ipsang. Ipsang asks him if he is worried because the chief is not coming? Eunsom says they have to come right? Ipsang says that they should, but it has been a long time since this happened, so he worries about the chief.

Cut to the chief looking like he is not going anywhere. Another young man tell shim that he should go! It is Poana shingi! You need to check to see if it is Poana. But the chief really does not want to go. he yells that he is not going there! That tribe is inferior to our tribe.

Outside, the escaped man tells all the people the two conditions that Eunsom told them. But then the chief comes out and tells them all to shut up. he says that he will not go, even though it is Poana, I am the chief of Tae, so I am not listening to Mo’s order!

The people think he should go, but he tells them to shut up. The woman he was talking to earlier says that he should go. Even if it is a lie. The man asks why. She tells him, you need to see it in person with your clear eyes and distinguish what is true and what is false. And second, everyone believes you as the chief that embraces everyone in the tribe. If you embrace everything our people want then our peoples belief will be deeper.

The chief starts to pretend like he feels something and says, oh, so you want it so much? All the poeple smile and bow. (Hmm, maybe this guy is the red claw?).


Back in the palace city, Tanya is feeding the slave children personally in a soup line. She talks to them about how they came to the city. One of the kids says that Asadal invaded their home and killed her parents so she came to the city as a slave then. But she wonders if she will be a slave until she dies? Can she be something else? Her mother was a musician, so can she be something else? 

This makes Tanya think about asking her Wahan shaman about whether she has to be a shaman? Can she do something else? She can do it, she just wonders if she has a choice. The shaman says that she can be anything, the mother of the tribe, or a hunter, or a skilled worker, it is all up to you.

Tanya kneels in front of the little girl and tells her that it is all up to her, she can be anything. Anything. The girl asks, more than 10? Tanya says more than 100. There are so many things you can be. You see the stars?

She has a flashback to the shaman telling her about the stars and tells the little girl and all the kids that if you fulfill your destiny then you will become a star in the sky. No one knows what kind of star you will be, it is your choice.


In the woods, the chief starts making it to the meeting, though he thinks it is stupid. Another chief comes at the same time as well. They bring all of their people with them which is kind of strange, they just needed to come there with their chief and an elder.

Inside the tent, Eunsom wonders if what Ipsang said is right? Ipsang stands and asks what he said. Then the chief comes in, so Ipsang hides (this might be Ipsangs uncle that sold him as a slave?). Ipsang leaves the tent.

The chiefs all start to meet. the red chief laughs and wonders how this guy can be Enaishingi? he asks Eunsom to tell him what the gods said then. Tell us, tell us. But he says it sarcastically. Eunsom tells him that they need to rescue the people that were sold as slaves and give them back to their tribe. And with the peoples mercy, help others. that is how you will pay for your sins, otherwise you will die with the pain of a shredded body.

The red chief asks if they will get mercy rescuing the other slaves? He starts to chuckle. But then one man stands up and yells that this tribe sold two of his cousins! They started this first! This will not happen because everyone is tangled in this bad relationship for ten years. We are leaving!

The chief walks out. then all the other chiefs walk out. Ipsang comes in asking what happened? Did it not happen? Eunsom says no, not yet, what you said is right? Ipsang still wonders what he said.



The red chief person tells his poeple that he is the leader of the people, with his clear and deep eyes he is giving you the word that…

But then Eunsom comes in and tells the tae people to listen to him. Your chief said that i am not Enaishingi, I heard that Agoo are all brothers. Only ten years passed to make you like this. The red chief says not to listen to him! What you hear will be sweet, but your stomach will be in pain!

But Eunsom says what you hear and your stomach will be in pain. He continues talking and says that he is not sure if he is Enaishingi or not. I survived the waterfall, but I don’t believe it myself. How can I show myself in front of all the brothers.

The chief says, see, he is not Enaishingi. One of his poeople says to listen to him.

Eunsom says, if Enaishingi picked me, if he is in my body and his will is transformed through the waterfall which is why the waterfall spit me out. Then his will was transformed to me. if so, then this chief of Tae will die before tomorrows sun. Otherwise, if I am not Enaishingi, tomorrow morning, I will die.

Ipsang hangs his head as if to think Eunsom is so stupid.

Eunsom says, whatever happens, only one of us will see tomorrows blue sun.

Soon after, the heads talk to Eunsom about what he is going to do? This is nonsense. Eunsom tells them that they can just wait. he heads out.

Eunsom sits by a tree and Ipsang talks to him. He asks him why he did that. Eunsom says that he bet on it. Agoo has more than 30 tribes. I have to reunite them. But the begining is like this, so it won’t happen. Ipsang asks if he wants to screw it all up then? Eunsom says nevermind, he just bet on everything. Ipsang wants to know what he said! What did I say!

Elsewhere, the red chief is on his horse telling his people that this guy is not Enaishingi. he is not Enaishingi! But his poeple wonder, if he is not, then what will our Agoo do? The chief asks if he is not their hope anymore? The people say no, not that. The chief hops off his horse and asks for the whip. He is against me!

One of the men says that this guy is innocent! I saw it! I saw Enaishingi in him! We have no hope, I spent 8 years with no hope, but he rescued me and showed me the blue sky!

But the red chief just attacks this kid and yells that he cut him off! Then he starts to chop him to death. Everyone looks at him shocked and appalled. The chief points his knife at all of them and asks if they have something else to say to him? They all bow.


In her room, Saya wonders what Tanya is hiding from her. tanya might have heard his thoughts. She turns and asks Saya how he writes stars in an aniyachi letter? Saya pulls out paper and brush to show her. She writes how you write star. She asks him how to read it? he reads it to her. It is Sung-jin



In the metal working area, tanya’s father wonders what he did last time to make that steel work.

In the palace, Tago walks up his hallway and says, tomorrow I am…

In the streets, Saya goes to a room where they have gathered all the Wahan people into one building and tied them up.

In the woods, the red chief guy is eating happily. His people look at him.


Ipsang yells for everyone to come out! Wake up! He then runs to Eunsom and wakes him up. Eunsom says he had a dream. Ipsang says he doesnt know what a dream is, but what happened outside is a dream to me!

he pulls Eunsom away to look at that! Eunsom looks at it and his eyes grow big.


Moobaek tells tanya, when you hear the drum, you can step in, I will lead you. Tanya tells them not to talk to her. She walks away. So Saya asks to talk to Moobaek. They step to the side. Saya tells Moobaek that he captured all the Wahan people. He thinks he will torture them in orde to find out something. Actually, he wants to kill them all after the coronation. He is not sure if this will threaten Moobaek or not, but if you tell me all that you can about me then they will live.

he then smiles at Moobaek and tells him that they will take tanya out now.

Tanya walks through the streets, all the people love her and praise her as she passes them. Moobaek an Saya are kin of stunned at all the love. But they keep walking and looking at each other. Then it seems like Moobaek tells Saya that Eunsom is alive and you are Eunsom’s twin.

Saya looks at him stunned. But he remembers Tanya asking him if he wonders about his family, his father or brother or something? He also remembers her saying that she regrets meeting him because of his face.

Saya is filled with emotion as he looks at her, but this emotion might be rage filled. He continues to walk along in the procession to the coronation.



The shaman of the red chiefs tribe tells Eunsom that he does not believe if he is Enaishingi or not, but now you need to believe. They hold up their chiefs head and says that they choose Eunsom as their Enaishingi!


Tanya gets to the palace and walks up the steps to the coronation with Saya walking behind her carrying the crown. She steps to the front of Tagon and turns to the people who are all standing in front of the palace.

TY – Our great mother Asashin sent us Asamun and rescued a lot of tribes from the wall and made us form a union. 200 years passed. Airu said through Aramun, we should break the union that Aramun made themself and put a new reborn Aramun. In front of all the union people, I will tell you Airu’s world who is the begining and end of the world. 

Everyone prays.

TY – Tagon, step in front of Airu’s eyes.

tagon steps foreward.

TY – You are Aramun tagon. WHo is reborn from Aramun. You connect the sky and the land and watch for many days and nights. Protect all the lives of Asadal. Connect the past and the future and…

The crown is presented.


The mountain people say that they have gotten the message from Asasakan. They will put their holiness inside Taeahla.

TY – This crown is proof of my power, put it on your head. I am putting you as King.

TG – Son of Airus who is the reborn of Aramun, I honor your order.

He kneels in front of her and she places the crown on his head. Tagon stands and looks at the crowd with his crown on. he stands next to Tanya and they both stand there take in all the praises from the crowd.

Taeahla thinks about the past, when they won the Palace. She thinks that she really wants the entire Asadal.


Eunsom stands in front of these red chiefs people.

Ipsang thinks that he knows now. He knows what he said. Flashback to what he told Eunsom, if he does not accept 30,000 peoples wish, then he is dead.

He looks at Eunsom in the present, and thinks that he put eveyrthing on this. he made the red chief die with only a few words. 

The other tribe ask if he will accept them? He says that he will accept them. He asks what the elder woman’s name is. She says that she is soo-anna. The elder of the tribe. She kneels in front of him. He holds her hand and helps he stand up. He also nods to the rest of the tribe that were kneeling and tells all the Agoo there that he is Eunsom, the gracefully reborn of Enaishingi! I will embrace all of you!

They all cheer! Hoozah!


Tanya tells all the people that there is no union anymore, they are all one people. Our name is Goo-ru-tu (which means dish or bowl). She tells the people that the union people will be in a new dish. Me, the asashin’s direct bloodline, high priest Tanya, I give you a new name.

She thinks back to her shaman telling her that she can be anything, as many as the stars.

She tells everyone that they will be called Baeksung (old word for citizen but it also means 100 stars). They all cheer, we are all Baeksung!

Tanya thinks that she is giving all the people a spell in Asadal. Baeksung, you will start from the bottom, but yo can be anything. I will protect you my 100 star people.

In the woods, Eunsom is held up and everyone cheers as they throw him up in the air. It is a celebration.

Eunsom – (This passion and thirst, not only Tae and Myo tribe, but this wish and passion will transport us to all the 30,000 Agoo. Will it lead me or kill me?)

he pumps his hands in the air along with everyone.

ES – Will this lead me to Tanya, or separate me from Tanya?



Tagon is still in front of everyone and tells them all to quiet down. He will give them all his first order.

TG – I will spread the power of Asadal all through the continent!

Daedae wonders if this is the bigger wind that will extinguish the smaller wind.

TG –  am going to conquer the east of the continent. I am going to conquer Agoo who is against us and all the other tribes.

tanya looks alarmed

TG – And I am going to teach all the uncivilized people. Lets conquier Agoo!

The drums start to ring out and everyone yells that they will conquier Agoo!

Moobaek – (This is it, the way to quiet the Asadals peoples anger, one big war).

Cut to the Agoo people united and happy under Eunsom, they throw him high into the air and cheer.

VO – It is unexpected that a guy who claimed himself as Enaishingi came. The reborn of death is the wish of the living. He knew it and made Taokdo die and owns the entire Agoo people in riotous passion. 

The shaman woman of the red chiefs tribe is sending him a note by crow.

VO – He will be the biggest opponent of Asadal I will wait the closest to him. The red claw is giving glory to you, Tagon.

The camera zooms overhead to the Asadal people cheering and then the Agoo people cheering.



Okay, there might be an end credits! I need to find it because we didn’t see it when we watched. Does anyone have a link to it? It might have a lot of answers as to what happens next.


Yes, there is a cartoon end credit and it is amazing! Honestly, this cartoon end credit should have been Part III, what was Part III should have been Part II, and what was Part II should have been combined with Part I.

We made its own post for it! Go to the following link to see it: Arthdal Chronicles Ending Explained.


Okay, um….this was unexpected and kind of just crazy sauce if they expect us to accept that as an ending? is there going to be a part 4? Because this feels so incomplete. Did I miss something? I really am at a loss for words. Is this really the ending?

Everything built really well to this episode so it seems like we should have a good 4 more episodes to tie it all up. But, do they just want us to use our own imagination as to how this all is going to end? So Eunsom and Tanya don’t ever see each other again and Saya will torture and kill all the Wahan people? Or maybe Moobaek stopped that from happened by telling him about Eunsom and how they look identical?

The horse that is the best horse ever since the begining of time is – missing in action. And the Anthal poepole that are walking around like woodland rockstars are just gonna keep on walking? Nubyun is kind of going to have her blood energy reconnected or die trying?

I just am at such a loss for words with this ending. Does anyone know if there will be a season two? Or is that just wishful thinking on all our parts? I am so confused.

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  1. Anonymous
    September 22, 2019 / 8:50 am

    Where is his horse that is the best of all the horses?

    • valentio
      September 22, 2019 / 9:13 am

      thats kanmeoru . aramun haesulla’s horse that means tagon horse maybe ?? lol

      • V
        September 22, 2019 / 9:43 am

        Missing in action!

      • Tutti
        September 22, 2019 / 9:46 am

        Tanmuru? I think he is somewhere in the wile waiting for Eunsome… I think Eunsome doesn’t deserve Tanmuru yet.

        • Tutti
          September 22, 2019 / 9:47 am

          I mean, Kanmeoru

        • V
          September 22, 2019 / 9:52 am

          When did they separate? He should just stay far away and live his happy wild horse life.

      • Anonymous
        September 22, 2019 / 12:46 pm

        The one who rides it is called aramun haesulla so it’s not tagons

      • Ms. sarcasm
        September 22, 2019 / 1:14 pm

        That’s it!? Is there a season 4?

  2. Hello
    September 22, 2019 / 9:48 am

    Did I miss something? Is there going to be a season two? What is going on? I heard that one of the main Wahan guys went to the military, so they would have to do the show without him. If that is true. I mean, he wasn’t a big part of the show, but he was Tagons hired killing person so, um, season two?

  3. Tutti
    September 22, 2019 / 9:54 am

    Thank you for the recap! Dose anyone knows if the season 2 really comes?

  4. Anonymous
    September 22, 2019 / 10:39 am

    Thank you for the recap..

  5. Alyssa Naing
    September 22, 2019 / 10:46 am

    I am also very confused as to how this is an ending. There are so many plotlines to tie in and end.

  6. Jo
    September 22, 2019 / 11:02 am

    Super confused with the ending as well! Is it normal that they do not announce what’s the plan for the show? I’m so disappointed 😪

    • V
      September 22, 2019 / 11:05 am

      My guess is that this is abnormal. Does anyone else know???

  7. Julia
    September 22, 2019 / 11:10 am

    Arthdal Chronocles will be 3 seasons.

    • NoonaSaigon
      September 22, 2019 / 11:42 am

      That was the 3rd season. It’s 3 seasons with 6 episodes each. Today was the 18th episode.

      • Meliska malla
        September 22, 2019 / 1:47 pm

        Lol 😂 that was 3 parts . But there are three seasons dude

  8. Shishio
    September 22, 2019 / 11:11 am

    Seems like there’s gonna be 3 seasons based on the article below. Anyone able to translate the rough gist of the article?


    • Krissy
      September 22, 2019 / 12:58 pm

      Don’t think there will be more episodes… assuming this source is reliable:

      “The drama was announced to have various seasons and that is the source of many confusions among fans. Seasons can be seen as parts that divide the drama.

      “Part 1: The Children of the Prophecy” – June 1 to June 16 – Episode 1 to 6

      “Part 2: Sky Turned Inside Out, Rising Land” – June 22 to July 7 – Episode 7 to 12

      “Part 3: Arth, the Prelude to All the Legends” – Sep. 7 to Sep. 22 – Episode 13 to 18

      • LonelyGod
        October 9, 2019 / 3:46 am

        There was a little recap on what will happen on the next season which was named “legend of arthdal” but i saw no “time release” there cause it ended with a display of the set groups and editors am really confused

        • V
          October 9, 2019 / 7:54 am

          Yep, it’s confusing.

  9. G Gonzalez
    September 22, 2019 / 11:12 am

    Why is there no news of a next season? How can this be the end?

  10. Balang
    September 22, 2019 / 11:26 am

    have you seen the animated end credits? i think that was the ending. there’s some conversation on that part but i cant understand since i watched the raw. can you include it here?

    • V
      September 22, 2019 / 11:50 am

      We will try to include that here! We might not be able to do it until later on today. Do you have a link to it by chance?

        • 아스의 별
          September 22, 2019 / 2:15 pm

          “아스의 전설! 다시 이어집니다”

          It says that at the end of the animation. Basically, “Arth’s (Arthdal’s) Legend! Again continue” – the word “continue meaning also “sequential”, from what I looked up, so that phrase IS the news of the next series. It didn’t finish in the cartoon ending – that was the “trailer” for the continuation of the series. It hasn’t been filmed yet, so they drew it for us to get some idea of what comes.

          It shows images of Arthdal and the Ago tribe preparing and meeting for war, and Eunsom and Saya seeing each other for the first time in the midst of battle. Single words flashing on the screen between those say “war” then “they/them” then “meet/meeting”. It also shows something/someone washing up on the shore and the leader of the Momo tribe being shocked. Then Tanya nurturing a bandaged man, and Tagon holding his newborn son while Taeahla looks on, then the bandaged man wakes up. And laughs, I guess, cause Tanya says “you’re laughing as you’re dying?? Is it fun?” And he says “it’s fun. What disease do I have, Tanya?” And she says “Eunsom?!” Who knows if it’s him or if it’s Saya pretending. Then she rushes on a horse and says someone’s name (Doti, I believe) “I have to go quickly!!” Then a for engulfs the cartoons and the final words I translated above appears. It doesn’t solve anything – it’s only a hint about what’s to come, totally a trailer.

          However. I wonder if a sequel will actually happen. I really hope it does – I love the series. But it didn’t do as well as they expected it to. I hope it does well enough for them to continue it. Though the fact that they included those images and literally say it will continue gives me a lot of hope. They literally took a month or so between part 2 and 3 to perfect the last 6 episodes – enough time to tell whether the first season was doing well enough to warrant the planned continuation or not. If they didn’t plan to continue, I don’t think they would have stuck that cartoon trailer on to give us hope. So I’m hoping for the best.

          Even if it does continue though, it will be a loooooong time before it releases. Since they released it completely in pictures, that means they have to do the entire filming. That should take a while. I’ll wait however long it takes, though – I really want to see it completed!!

          • Krissy
            September 22, 2019 / 3:24 pm

            Thank you for the translation!

            • V
              September 22, 2019 / 4:22 pm

              Thank you! We are about to put it up for everyone in a new post!

          • Krissy
            September 22, 2019 / 8:10 pm

            The recovering guy is Eunsom!!! As the eng-subbed convo went:

            TY: You almost died and you’re still laughing? Are you having fun?
            Guy: Yes, it’s fun. It must be an illness or something, Tanya.
            TY: Eunsom!?!

            For as long as Tanya can remember, Eunsom loved to laugh at challenging situations and always says “it’s fun, must be an illness or something.”

            Ending credit: THE LEGEND OF ARTH WILL CONTINUE AGAIN!
            Now hopeful for future seasons!!!

            • Desteen Montefalco
              September 23, 2019 / 7:17 pm

              The ending credit gives us hope… 😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤ i hope there would be a next season

          • Desteen Montefalco
            September 23, 2019 / 7:13 pm

            Thank you for the translation. Really means a lot. This show is so good. Superb. Extraordinary. Not cliche. Not boring. This show keeps me stoked. We need more and more episodes, that can’t be the ending. Nooo 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭… I’ll wait for the next season. ❤💙💛 I hope the viewers in Korea will truly see the beauty of the show… 😭❤

  11. miedzyslowami
    September 22, 2019 / 11:32 am

    You missed the ending after credits 😀 hahahahah everything is there!!!!!

    • V
      September 22, 2019 / 11:52 am

      Where is this end credits you speak of! Maybe that is what I need to see to get some kind of closure for this show.

        • icey26
          September 22, 2019 / 9:20 pm

          Too bad netflix didn’t show the animated part at the very end. And sooo glad i got to watch the animated trailer on the net. I hope if they didn’t get to make season 2, at least make a webtoon series or something. I’ll watch it, i promise. 😊

  12. miedzyslowami
    September 22, 2019 / 11:34 am

    be? It was the third season.

  13. Krissy
    September 22, 2019 / 11:49 am

    Is this really the end? So many loose ends – Neanthal’s revenge, igutu’s status, kanmoreau and tanya-eunsom-saya love triangle.

    But I quite expected this open-ended finale: Tanya as Asa Sin, Tagon as Aramun (new leader of Arthdal) and Eunsom as Inaishingi. Both were supposedly reincarnated, bound to repeat “their” history. Like in their past life, they will be arch enemies in this lifetime. Tagon will still want to conquer more whereas Eunsom will be his powerful opposition. This finale reminds me of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time.

    “The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.”

    • Nia
      September 22, 2019 / 1:53 pm

      This quote’s beautiful 😄

  14. Tin
    September 22, 2019 / 12:18 pm

    Could you please tell us or translate for us the end credits? It’s in kiss asian sh now, episode 18 of arthdal chronicles. End credits showed something.

    • Nia
      September 22, 2019 / 1:47 pm

      The end credits are translated on kseries.

  15. Vianna Nolen-Peters
    September 22, 2019 / 1:40 pm

    This ending was horrible! It left me with so many unanswered questions. I am not pleased. What a shame, I really enjoyed watching the Arthdal Chronicles. Whatever happened to a decent closure. Perhaps the ratings in South Korea was low and TVN decided to end it. The same thing happened to the Korean drama “A Beautiful Mind.” What a let down. Netflix please allow this drama to have four more episodes for a proper ending!

  16. Rr
    September 22, 2019 / 1:41 pm

    I think they signed for 3 seasons with Netflix. So it wil continue

  17. Zaara
    September 22, 2019 / 1:43 pm

    The end credits with animation has it all..
    Tagon said he’ll attack the ago tribe. In the animated part we see Saya leading the forces to attack the ago tribe..he meets eunseom in the battle. Cut 2.. we see tagon is holding a new born baby. His and taelha’s child. He’s smiling. We find Tanya sitting by the side of an injured person. She talks to him thinking he’s Saya. But when he responds..she finds its eunseom. And Saya is maybe dead. The soldiers might have saved eunseom thinking it’s Saya.
    I’m really heart broken thinking about Saya s death. I’m glad Tanya n eunseom gets United though.

    • Nia
      September 22, 2019 / 1:51 pm

      Any idea who was found on the beach by Xabara?? Maybe it’s Saya, he washes up there and she saves him thinking he’s eunseom?

      • ACcontpls
        September 22, 2019 / 1:59 pm

        its Saya! since Eunsom was the one in bed injured with Tanya sitting next to him

        • NiceGuyVan
          September 22, 2019 / 6:49 pm

          if its Saya, Did he cut his hair? because the body of the person on the beach alive or not had short hair, and no sholder fluffs. The Shild with the fingers implies its the people that invaded the Hae Clan’s(Teaelha’s people) in their old Land.

          • Nia
            September 23, 2019 / 11:53 am

            It didn’t look like fingers to me, I think it was just the shields design with 4 stripes on either sides.
            The guy did look short haired.
            And Xabara looked uncharacteristically shocked for it to be a random person.
            I’m going to think Eunsom was taken to Tanya’s . And Saya is at Ago’s as Inaishingi. Saya really needs that detox .
            And all 3 became a team later.

      • Zaara
        September 22, 2019 / 9:53 pm

        Maybe…it all ended so abruptly. I really don’t want Saya to die.
        Like he was locked up all life. Tagon said Saya will be his heir. And now that his son is born. They can’t just kill Saya. And the one who washed up on the shore had short hair. It cannot be Saya. It’s not eunseom either. Eunseom was not wearing that soldiers clothes.

    • Anonymous
      September 22, 2019 / 9:07 pm

      I think Saya is not dead. Maybe Momo tribe got Saya. Just. Maybe.

      • Zaara
        September 22, 2019 / 9:57 pm

        I don’t think so. That guy who washed up on the shore had short hair.
        But maybe the guy with Tanya is Saya. Coz if eunseom could see things happening with Saya. And tell them to Tanya. Maybe Saya could see eunseom s stuffs too. And he’s just messing with Tanya while he’s injured. It’s just a theory though.

  18. WPB
    September 22, 2019 / 1:46 pm

    I watch the show on Netflix. They call this last episode the “season finale”. Since I don’t flow the news in Korea, I have no idea but all along I have been getting the impression that this was the series finale. It’s a big confusion and disappointment. Now that it feels like there will be more than one season, I would look at the whole series with a different lens. The storyline is slower for a multi season series, which now makes more sense. We will see if they get renewed.

  19. Xianyue
    September 22, 2019 / 1:51 pm

    Meaning of bell sword and mirror? ❌
    Will Saya, Eunsom and Tanya meet? ❌
    Will Ago Tribe fight with Eusnsom?❌
    Will Momo tribe return? ❌
    Did the Wahans survive? ❌
    Neanthals, where are they?❌
    Nunbyol, what exactly is her role? ❌
    Will Saya and Eunsom fight? ❌
    Will Yangcha follow Tanya? ❌
    Koenmaru, the horse, where is it? ❌
    Will Daekan Army choose Mubaek or Tagon? ❌
    Is Taelha really pregnant? ❌
    Will they find out who made the steel? ❌
    How many tribes are still there? ❌
    And a lot more things… But everything is ❌

    • Anonymous
      September 22, 2019 / 2:31 pm

      Much question 😅 me too. We should wait for the next episode. 😔😔

  20. Olyvia
    September 22, 2019 / 1:53 pm

    This eps18 give me many unanswered question..Is this really the ending about this drama?..better dont watch the first eps…bcs the ending is suck..I hope this eps18 is not the ending..🙏..I love to watch this drama😥😭

  21. holdontohopeACwillcontinue
    September 22, 2019 / 2:05 pm

    If you watched on Netflix, there is no continuation of the animated/drawing version of the ‘ending’ as it lacks the last 2 minutes of the show. You have to watch it online such as KissAsian to get that ‘ending’ part! It plays right after the end of the credits!

    Anyway, from that animated/drawings, there were words that accompanied them and at the end it writes “아스의 전설! 다시이어집니다” which means “Legend of Arth! It’s coming back” so I’m holding onto the hope that there will be continuation that will answer all our questions!!!

  22. September 22, 2019 / 2:28 pm

    Ommo 😍 intense. I hope the next episode will come out soon. The last episode of season 3 which is ep. 18 i cant understand, there is no english subtitle. Hope you fix it 😔

  23. Lisa
    September 22, 2019 / 2:33 pm

    I am so happy to have found this site since NetFlix did not have the drawings after the credits. Thank goodness there is a strong chance for more. Since I am in theUS how do we let whomever know that we support this show? I have already commented my position to NetFlix and if they convey an interest in obtaining the licensing for future episodes to the powers that be – then I encourage, please, everyone do the same

    • V
      September 22, 2019 / 2:43 pm

      Good idea, Lisa. How did you comment to Netflix? Give us the link and I will do it as well! We have a Netflix account so I can also leave a positive review.

      • Lisa
        September 22, 2019 / 2:46 pm

        I went into my account info section and had a “live chat” with their help desk

        • Desteen Montefalco
          September 23, 2019 / 7:20 pm

          We should let the world know or Korea perhaps I mean the production or whatever that this so damn good… That many viewers love this.

  24. Yang Villar
    September 22, 2019 / 3:35 pm

    OMG! The ending was so intense and unexpected. They went to war and somehow the brothers have finally meet and got tangled up. Eunseom is now in Arthdal being rescued by the Daekans soldiers thinking it is Saya and Tanya took care of him. Tagon and Taealha finally have a baby. Then, Eunseom woke up a while later from a coma. Then, Tanya found out that he wasn’t Saya and rode her horse to find him. What happened to Saya? Could he also be severly wounded and in the hands of the Ago tribe mistaking him as Eunseom (their Inaishingi)? This is epic and I hope they will make another animated story to end this awesome show!

  25. September 22, 2019 / 4:21 pm

    This was the worst ending to a great show. I hope there will be a sequel to put an end to this drama. Too many loose ends.

  26. Denise Taylor
    September 22, 2019 / 11:52 pm

    I’ve only just remembered to breathe! Just finished watching! Like I all I want more! It can’t finish with everything hanging like that – even after seeing the animation explanation- I don’t care how long I have to wait but I hope they all do this amazing series the justice it deserves- it needs to come back and play itself right out properly.

  27. Krissy
    September 23, 2019 / 1:44 am

    Kapanak posted this in mydramalist thread… But all has no english sub… Can anyone translate pls?

    Special Clips that broadcast right after each episode on tvN (not available on Netflix/KissAsian/etc), explaining some of Arthdal’s lore:

    Episode 1 Special Clip “Map, Neanthal, Igutu”: https://streamable.com/iet5y
    Episode 2 Special Clip “Asa Sin, Aramun Haesulla”: https://streamable.com/4hwa0
    Episode 3 Special Clip “Aramun Haesulla”: https://streamable.com/xube0
    Episode 4 Special Clip “The Eight Gods of Arth” : https://streamable.com/792sd
    Episode 5 Special Clip “History of Igutu Persecution”: https://streamable.com/ycf9r
    Episode 6 Epilogue “The Three Children of the Azure Comet”: https://streamable.com/ofbwa
    Episode 7 Special Clip “Hae Tribe Reaches Arthdal”: https://streamable.com/5bm3t
    Episode 8 Special Clip “Dreams”: https://streamable.com/znv95
    Episode 9 Special Clip “White Mountain Heart”: https://streamable.com/oh2tr
    Episode 10 Special Clip “Origins of the White Mountain Heart”: https://streamable.com/ltveh
    Episode 11 Special Clip “Kanmoreu”: https://streamable.com/2×773
    Episode 12 Special Clip “Asa Sin, Rissan”: https://streamable.com/jvg87
    Episode 13 Special Clip “Karika, The Xabara”: https://streamable.com/40li0
    Episode 14 Special Clip “Sanung, Mutruv”: https://streamable.com/0ny9b

  28. Rich
    September 23, 2019 / 6:44 am

    All of you are out of touch. I live in Korea and my wife, who is Korean says the show did not do well in the ratings, which is why they pretty much canceled it. The ending you see wasn’t supposed to be the ending but they had to cut it short. Fellow Koreans argued that it was a GoT knockoff and they didn’t watch as well as most of the Korean community. There won’t be any more episodes. Shame cuz I really want Eunsom to finally get a piece of Tanya…soft porn of course.

    • Yang Villar
      September 23, 2019 / 9:58 am

      Rich, thank you for the information. It is sad that Korean netizens didn’t like this show 😞. International fans (me included) are crazy about it and we want more. We want closure, for the main characters at least. Taealha supposed to be a Neanthal and they didn’t have it revealed. Eunseom supposed to be the conqueror of Arthdal and become Aramun Haesulla but it didn’t happen. We only know that he is because his mom called him Aramun in 1st episode and Moobaek saw him riding Kanmoreu and also called him Aramun. Tanya supposed to be the first crown princess of Arthdal. That too, didn’t happen. At least, she became a high priestess so it’s good enough for me. Saya supposed to be the mirror but we are still in a limbo. Though, the animated story is revealing us something that it is happening. Either they switch places or Saya have died in the battle. We can only hope that they’re both alive and that Saya was in the hands of Ago Tribe mistaking him as their Inaishingi while Eunseom in Arthdal as Saya (mirror taking place). Tagon, at least became king of Arthdal. Like you, I also want Tanya and Eunseom to have a little romance just so they can multiply Asa Sin’s bloodline.

      Arthdal Chronicles is not for the youngsters. It is for mature people that knows a little bit of politics, power, greed, ambitions and corruptions. I believe Korean Netizens are not ready for this type of genre, I guess? They like romcom drama such as high school/college romance or the guy being the CEO of his own company and an ordinary girl who fell for each other!

      • Desteen Montefalco
        September 23, 2019 / 7:25 pm

        Totally agreeeee @yang villar… I’m from Philippines and I love this show so damn much. It’s extraordinary. Superb. Not cliche. Not boring. I’m so sick of romcom type of genre in drama that you can usually guess what will happen to the show and the ending cuz it’s so cliche… But this. This show is different… I would spend my allowance just to surf the net and watch this show…

  29. Anonymous
    September 24, 2019 / 4:34 am

    Is that the end!?? Season 4 please.. Great drama indeed… Super exciting i want more episodes.. Episodes that eunsom, saya and tanya are getting together to end the world of arthdal.. To see how star, sword and mirror end the world. Also, to see what reaction of saya and eunsom when they see each other..how about remaining neanthals what happen to them…so many questions and need an answer in more episodes. In short season 4 pleaseeeee..haha….great drama..

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