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Arthdal Chronicles: Episode 17 Live Recap

Episode 17 recap for Arthdal Chronicles with Song Joong-ki
Arthdal Chronicles Recap Episode 17, image tvN

Here we are in the finale week and the penultimate episode! Arthdal has been a wild ride through an encyclopedia of fantasy, but now everything is about to come to a head back in the capital city. Eunsom miraculously survived the waterfall of doom and is finally about to have his army that will do anything for him. His first mission? My guess is they will head to the capital city and free all the people. Next up, overthrow Asadal!

We will be live recapping Vagabond as soon as we finish Arthdal. See you over there if you are following along with us!

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VO – One person in 1000 years survived the waterfall and united Agoo.

Eunsom is being taken from the waterfall by the Water people. He is carried to a shall part and set down. They are super happy that he lived. His friends run up to him to and cry that they are so happy that he is alive.

Eunsom has come to and doesn’t really know what happened. He looks around and is kind of just happy to see everyone and wonders what is going on. Then more of his friends come and give him a huge hug, they are so happy.

Cut to Eunsom thanking the chief of the MoMo people for saving him. She says that she just untied him. he doesn’t know what that means so she tries to think of a word for it. She tells him that he rescued her son so now she is rescuing him so they untied Galma. Now they are even.

She asks what he is going to do now, he says he has to rescue his friend. She asks if he knew what it meant to survive the waterfall? He says that it means they will help him. She kind of chuckles and says that if he survives Ago’s waterfall, then that means you will become something else. When you go back to Ago, you cannot live as you anymore. If you want, you can live with us.

Eunsom says he does not understand, but he has to rescue his friend. She tells him, if you run away, then come to Momo, Momo will rescue you as a friend. Remember this. All the water in the world is connected, so all the water is my hometown.

She smiles and starts to head out with her Momo people. Eunsom watches her leave.

Scene change to the Ago people who are still dancing and praying to the gods. the brother and sister walk around looking at them all.

Brother – Everyone is crazy. Everyone.

Ipsang is still in jail, he sighs over it all.

then the Brother and sister go to their father. The brother says that it is almost sundown, this is crazy. the sister says that he saw a god in his dream. But the brother says that he is lying. The brother thinks that they should check to see if he lied or not.

He goes to Ipsang and tells him that it is almost sundown. When the sun is down, then you are dead. Ipsang says that he knows that. So the brother gives him his last meal and leaves.

Ipsang looks at the gate and realizes that the bad guy purposefully cut it for him (or someone cut it for it). He then starts to sneak out, the door definitely opens enough for him to do that.

Meanwhile, Eunsom is heading back to the Ago people. Eunsom still does not understand how important that is that he survived the waterfall, so his friend tries to explain it as they head back.

In the village, Ipsang tries to sneak out at the cover of night, but he is caught by the brother right away. The brother says that it was all likes right! Otherwise you would not sneak out! Ipsang tells him to kill him now then, you are just like me anyway. DOn’t you know, you will be killed by the same Agoo, we will kill each other like crazy. We will all be killed by our own peoples hands!

The brother yells at him and tells him, how dare you curse us! But Ipsang says it is all logical, the Agoo will all end with brothers killing each other! Tell me that is not the truth! I will not be sold by my own Agoo and I won’t be killed by my own Agoo, tell me who can say that for sure!

But noone can say that for sure, they all agree. The brother asks why his people are listening to this, he is just giving tricking us. His sister asks why he thinks we are tricked by him? All of us want change, we want to get out of this situation. All the Agoos want it.

the brother yells that they should not wish for any nonsense, they can just throw it all away. Asking for the god to come back and rescue us with that hook, it does not happen.

But then Eunsom comes up with the hook looking all tired. He asks them, is this what you want? Here it is. He breathes heavy as he gives it back to them and then asks if he can take his friend now? He helps Ipsang stand up and then tells them that this is none of his business, but you should not be like this with your own people. It is not just bad, it is also stupid. Okay, lets go.

Ipsang tells Eunsom, E-Nai-Shin-Gi. Which is the person that reunited their country before and survived the waterfall. Everyone starts to yell Enaishingi and raises Eunsom up to cheer for him. Eunsom is so confused.




Eunsom sits with the elders in their special room, though he doesn’t really know what to do. The father is so happy to sit with him and tells him that Enashingi and him are the only two people to survive the waterfall. You should lead us, you are reborn.

Eunsom tells them that he is not that kind of person, actually, someone rescued me in the water. The grandmtoher tells them that they don’t know if Enaishingi also had help or not, someone could have helped him. In this world, someone risking their life for you, or getting out of the judgement of the waterfall, is impossible without gods will. You hav already proven yourself.

Eunsom says that the thing he saw in his dream~. But then the brother comes and grabs him and yells that he said he is not Enaishingi! Come out! the elders are highly offended.

Eunsom walks with the brother to all the warriors outside. they tell him that they will rescue their people first, they were waiting for this moment! I will risk my life for it! All the warriors bow. The brother tells him that his dream does not matter, whatever happens, you are Enaishingi. Okay?

Eunsom goes back to talk to Ipsang and says that he this is basically all messed up, I lied about my dream. 

Ipsang says that they are all going to risk their life for you, but if you don’t do it then it is nonsense. Eunsom tells them that he has to rescue his town people and tanya. Ipsang tells him that this is why he needs followers. this is the thing where you can make 30,000 Agoo people as your followers. Why are you hesitating?

Eunsom tells him that he is afraid, this means that he is responsible for 30,000 people. He could screw up.

Ipsang asks him if he is really afraid of that, what you really need to be afraid of is if you don’t fullfill 30,000 peoples wish, then you are dead. 

Later, Eunsom talks to his friend and realizes that this is what the Momo Chief meant in that he can’t live as himself anymore. His friend says that there are no wahan people now. People betray each other to survive and kill each other. I was so afraid after climbing the big wall and escaping and getting caught again, I was so afraid, I wanted to die. I didnt’ even know what was going on. But, I tried to rescue poeple and help you when you were sick and made Moontae betray us. Then you were almost dead because of me. I wanted to die. Everyone says that the strong destroy the weak here and everyone wants to be powerful. People betray each other and run away. Do you remember what our shaman halmoni said when we first went hunting?

Eunsom sits and says, if everyone is afraid, then we are timid and the other is too strong.

In that case, there are two choices, either fight together or run away quietly. Agoo people want to fight, but can’t do it together. I think you will be great.

Eunsom thinks he doesnt know things. But the friend thinks that the Agoo will be the ones to group everyone together. If Eunsom can help in that, then that is it, right?

Eunsom walks away thinking about what his friend said.

VO – Wahan’s dream is BS, but you can make that BS dream, real for a lot more people.

Eunsom remembers what he told tagan about rescuing his Wahan people. But tagon just chuckled and wondered if he thought his world still existed?

While deep in throught, a little girl gives Eunsom her fathers warrior clothing and tells him that her father was a good warrior. Please wear this and use his weapon and rescue our people. Eunsom kneels in front of the girl and takes the things she wants to give him.

ES – (Tanya, now I am taking a different route to rescue you).


Tagon starts to leave the palace in a parade and someone yells that everyone should kneel in front of him because Tagon is passng! Everyone kneel on your knees and touch your forehead to the floor!

Moobaek is walking with them and looking around at all this happening. He wonders what happened to his brother and what happened to tagon when he got bitten by the snake. He asked someone about this in a flashback, why did Tagon kill the doctor that treated him? The guy sys that he did not know, no one knows.

In the present, Moobaek wonders which way Tagon is going to go. At the same time, Saya looks at Moobaek and thinks back to what he said about the mirror being right next to him. He thinks it is Saya, as soon as he saw him, he realized it. Saya is still wondering if he is the mirror and what is going on with the sword and the bell.

The procession continues forward. But a woman walks in front of them and does not kneel. She looks a bit crazy. She tells tagon that she is the daughter and sister of the Bato tribe. With the name of the hunting god, I curse you! You killed our elders and people! You will die without seeing what is coming!

Tagon – Bato’s shaman, your god can’t curse the living god Aramunhesla. 

Shaman – the thing you want to destroy will haunt you and the thing you want to avoid will charge at you! Please kill that guy cruelly!

She then picks up a knife and stabs herself with it. She dies in front of them. 

Everyone is all like WTF? tagon tells Moontae to clean it up, so he runs up to do that.




Inside the library, taealha welcomes tagon and leads him around. He thanks them for opening the library. Haemihul tells him that he owns everything under the sky, so of course they would open this for him. Moobaek is all like, huh, everything under the sky is his? But he thinks this to himself.

tagon asks if he really thinks this? Haemihul says that he thinks so. Tagon says if he thinks that then it is good for me and you and Asadal. While walking away, Mihul wonders what he means by that. A woman behind him says that Mihul promised to keep their secret, but what did he mean?

In another room, taealha also thinks about tagon asking Mihul if he really thinks everything under the sky is his? Then tagon asks his people what he should do to be King? Saya is sitting at the table and says, to be King, you need to remove all the tribes.

Tagon – Remove the tribes? Are you listening?

TH – Of course I am, but how do you remove tribes? There are 1000 ears of history in the white mountain. 

SY – tanya once said that names are constraints. If no one calls me Saya and no one says Saya, then Saya is not here. So we don’t call them their own tribe names, we can just make them to have one name.

TG – What name?

SY – The great country, Asadal. Not a union, but a country. Your kingdom, Tagon.

TH – So what do we call the Union people? If it is not a union then we should not call them Union poeple.

SY – Yes, we need a new name, I am thinking about it.

TG – Ask Tanya to name it. She said that the name is a constraint, so if Tanya names them then it isn’t. We also need one symbol.

SY – I prepared this.

Saya goes to get what he prepared, but taealha stops him and tells Tagon that she told him that everything is there. She touches Saya and reminds Tagon that she made him. Then she tells them to have a nice conversation and starts to leave, saying that she has a lot to take care of as Hae tribe chief. (almost like she opposes this name thing).

When she leaves, she thinks, this shouldn’t be.

Inside, they think they can wrap it up, but Saya wants to know if they are going to leave the secret of the Brass alone? The King should own everything, even though this is Taeahalas… But then everyone looks at him like he stepped over a line.

Moobaek says that if it is secretive, then we should leave. But Tagon says he does not have to leave, this is the reason that Saya wants you here, because you and your soldiers will be in the front of everything.

Meanwhile, Mihul meets with taealha and says that tagon will not keep the promise. She tells him that he is just insecure because he tried to kill Tagon. But he will become King and I will be Queen and our Hae tribe will be~. But Mihul asks if she is going to rely on Tagon’s love? Are you going to put our tribes fate in something like love?

Mihul stands and tells her, Tagon is not the one that changed. You are the one that changed. The great taealha that does not even believe her own father is trusting tagon. Trusting one person 100%.

She starts to ignore him and read something.

MH – Why did you become like this? Okay, this is the start. When you heard that Tagon was in danger, you brought your sword and did not care about your own life and hopped into that genocide. You said that you guys won’t put your life in danger for each other.

TH – Well, that is because I have to know tagon’s safety, then I can make the next plan

MH – Do you think tagon is the same? that he will put his life in danger because of you?

TH – Stop, you did enough to separate us. The world has changed, it is not a union. Tagon will be King.

MH – Do you know Kings? You only saw Kings in books and heard in stories. I served and experienced that kind of person. But do you know that? When I saw Tagon’s eyes, I was sure that he already understood what a King is. Tagon will not share. Not only with you, but anyone else.




In another room in the palace, Saya and Tagon walk along a fancy stone corridor. Saya says that he knows what he is doing, you should not leave the Hae tribe like that, you should have everything.

But then tagon trips and falls. Saya helps him up and asks if he is okay? Tagon says he is okay, but his wound is not healing quickly. he starts to walk again, but Saya looks worried.


Outside with his fighters, Moobaek wonders if Saya is really the mirror. The person that stands against Tagon? then a fighter calls to him and runs up. This soldier fills Moobaek in on Olmadae (the old man). They chat about how Olmadae did not know that the world has changed so much. About how some slaves died, some got caught, some ran away.

Moobaek wonders about Eunsom, what happened to that boy? The warrior tells him that he heard about his brother and gives him his condolenses. Moobaek nods an acknowledgement and then tells him to go report.

So this guy goes to Tagon to go report his findings. he is happy to see tagon like he is happy to see his brother, but he is stopped from going to him on his throne. So he takes a step back and gives his report. he also has to deeply bow.

tagon thanks him for taking the long trip and tells him to stand up as he walks to him. The warrior sees Saya and remembers Eunsom. 

TG – A lot happened

Man – Yes, but I did not fulfill your order

TG – it doesn’t matter, give him 12 jars of crops

Man – Thank you so much.

He keeps looking at Eunsom. Tagon tells him that he did not see him, he is my son, the head of the information agency that is supporting me and the high priest.

the man wonders what is going on, his son? he leaves looking clueless. then another warrior comes out and asks if something is wrong from DOltambul? This guy pulls him away and tells him about Tagon’s son.

the other man is the chubby warrior that got cut along the neck. He is so happy that they both did not know about tagon’s son. He gives him a big hug and tells him that only yo and me didn’t know about it! They all new about it!

the other guy pushes him away and says that tagon’s son looks like that Egot slave that escaped. The chubby warrior is pretty shocked. He tells him to shut up and come with him.

Meanwhile, tagon is looking all kinds of horrible as he sits on his throne. He says he will have his next meeting later and heads up to leave. But it looks like he cannot walk much further and is about to pass out. Saya helps him stay standing. 

tagon gives him a motion that he is okay and then continues walking on. Saya looks like he is deep in thought about something as he walks behind him.

The two warriors outside ask where they are going? A man says that Neelha does not feel good, he got bitten by a snake and has a huge injury. The two warriors wonder what this means, it shouldnt’ be. Could it be the curse that the shaman gave to him?

The skinny one thinks the chubby one is crazy. the chubby one says that he did not say anything stupid like how that Egot slave looks like Saya.

Around the corner, Saya is listening.



Saya walks off, but then hears a loud commotion and everyone yelling Neelha! Neelha! So he takes off running and sees Tagon passed out on the floor. He does not look good. Saya is stunned.

In the village, the people think that this is gods punishment to tagon, he went too far. What do you think will happen to him? One of them thinks that Tagon should apologize.

Inside, Saya frets over Tagon in bed in order to help make him better. he has a medical book and tells tagon that Taeahala wanted him to look at him first becuase no one can look at his wound. Tagon says he jsut needs rest, he will suffer for a few days and then it will be okay, he won’t die from something like this.


Later at night, all the guards are around the prisoners and they hear a drumming outside. They tell the man doing the drumming to come down! You jashik!

Eunsom turns aorund revealing himself. the guards are all like, this crazy guy? How can he come here all by himself? Eunsom counts them all, there are 7. he tells them goodbye.

Then several Agoo people stand up on the hill and shoot arrows into all the guards. They charge soon after and the fight starts!

the agoo people know where to look to save everyone and Eunsom takes out the head man with a sword. He tells this man that he told him, when he came back here he was going back into the underground! he pulls out the sword violently and stares at the man dying. then he looks around at all the chaos around him as everyone is being freed.

ES – This is the begining.


A woman tells tanya that there was a rot in Doltambul. Some people ran away, some people died. We don’t know what happened to many of the Wahan. tanya is so sad to hear this, but thinks that they are alive, they will come back to me alive.

In the fire room, Taealha thinks about what her father said about how Tagon has not changed, you changed. Taealha thinks that, that day, she did not care about her own safety, she just did everything to save tagon.

tanya walks into the fire room and tells Taealha that she looks worried. 

TH – Me? Of course not.

TY – Not worried, but you look different

TH – You want to have power? But if you do whatever we ask you to do then you can have a happy life. Why do you want to have power?

TY – I don’t know what will happen, you need me now, but if you don’t need me then you will throw me away. Because I am in Asadal. 

TH – (Even though this innocent girl can’t beleive people and rely on people anymore)

TY – Especially now that I am alone, but it seems like eveyrone is alone in Asadal.

Then a woman comes in and yells to taealha that Tagon passed out!




Saya is still with tagon, he gave him fever lowering medicine, but he does not understand why the fever is not controlled. He tries to pat Tagon with a rag and thinks that it should have worked. He then starts to rip off Tagon’s clothing which shows a huge cut on his shoulder. His skin is deteriorating and getting rotten. He thinks that they need to cut it and fire it!

Taealha comes in after that so Tagon hides everything from him and says that nothing has happened. It will stop. But taelha says that they have so many rumors, people are gathering in front of the other god to forgive you. DO you know what that means? Poeple believe that Aramunhaesla is cured by Nihaji (another god). So how bad is it? Let me see.

But he won’t let her see it and says he will go there. She asks where he is going? He tells her that he will leave. Taealha asks if he is going to say that he is not a god? that he is sick? Tagon says he will say the opposite.

TH – No.

TG – Why not?

TH – it is too dangerous. it is too early.

TG – What are you talking about too early? Why, do you think I can’t? This is what you wanted.

TH – Tagon if you do this, then you can’t take it back.

TG – You told me that you don’t care about being loved by our Union people.

He leaves in a hurry, Saya follows him.


A lot of people are gthered in front of the Nihajae god praying to it. Tagon comes up so a couple men in the crowd think that he is there to be forgiven. Since he came in person, Nihajae will forgive him. 

tagon walks right up to Nihajae and starts to chop at it with his sword. Everyone is all like, what in the hell? tagon is raged as he hits Nihajae’s statue over and over again until it crumbles to the ground.

TG – Do it, Nihajae, if you can kill Aramunhaesla, then lets see who is the real god. Lets see who the first god will be that is kicked out from the church.

He yells and starts to swing his sword at it again. Then he fumbles and hits the gorund, but he stands and yells for his warriors to burn everything related to Nihajae! (Nihajae is the god of hunting). 

tagon starts to walk away looking all kinds of sick.

TG – (Everything ended that day).

All the people there start to mourn the loss of Nihajae. taealha looks on shocked. As she walks away, she thinks that she is not the only one that changed, Tagon changed also. Her maid says that Tagon did not look like the person she once knew. Taealha asks who who can make the truth telling drug? the maid tells her who it is, so she asks for her to bring that person tomorrow.


In his room, Saya sits with Tagon and dresses his wound. Tagon asks if he has to rely on someone for his future? He never did that. I have all the tools over there. You do the surgery.

Saya looks at the doctors tools and thinks, he can’t, he has never done it before.

TG – You said that you will make me the King, you have to keep me alive. You have to do it.

SY – Well, call some trustworthy captains to hold your body.

TG – I can withstand it. Unlike you, most Egots grow up standing on a lot of pain.

Saya looks at him and then goes to the doctors chest. he opens it and sees all the instruments which are mostly really sharp things for cutting. then he looks at Tagon again.

Saya grabs some medicine and starts to pour it on Tagons back. then he umbles around for tools to start to scrape off the dead skin around the wound. Tagon muffles his screams of pain with a rag as Saya does his work.



Tagon passes out in bed. Saya puts the medicine away and grabs the iron tool in order to close the wound. He touches it to Tagon’s skin as he is passed out. 

SY – Everything is clear, this egot is my father. Naiyagi or whatever god cannot defeat this Egot.

Later on, Tagon wakes up with Saya sleeping on the ground next to him. He holds his arm and sits up in bed. Then he covers Saya with a blanket. Which makes Saya wake up, so Saya asks him how he feels. Tagon tells him that he thinks he is okay. 

SY – Niyagi won’t be able to defeat you.

Tagon smiles and Saya holds the blanket that Tagon gave him (maybe to hide the purple blood?). Tagon sits and tells him that he did nto tell him something yet.

TG – When I become the King that has everything, you will lose me. You will be the next heir. You will be my heir.

SY – Father…

TG – And, I have to have everything.

SY – You are saying…

TG – Mihul.

Saya stands and says that he will take care of it right now. he hurries off.

Meanwhile, Mihul is busy working in the steel/brass mill. Tanya’s father is working there as well. Mihul walks in and everyone stops working. Then a woman walks in and says that tagon is asking for him. Mihul asks why he is asking for him. The woman says that tagon is talking about the power of Brass.

So Mihul leaves and heads into the palace with the woman, but only he can go in, they tell the woman to stay behind. It looks like Mihul and the woman feel worried about this.

Mihul goes into the dungeon and into the torture room. Saya is there happily waiting for him with all the torture instruments around him. he smiles and tells Mihul that he has a question for him.


Meanwhile, Taealha is in her quarters and asks where her father should be. They tell her that Tagon called him. Then the woman that can make the hallucination truth telling drug comes in. While looking at her, she remembers what her father told her about relying about Tagon’s love. All those conversations come back to her.

The woman asks Taealha why she is looking at her like that? Taealha gets up and goes directly to tagon’s room. But she is hesitant to talk to him.

TH – That is good, you look okay.

TG – Are you looking for your father?

TH – Yes, I heard you called him

TG – Kind of

TH – What are you talking about, kind of?

TG – I asked Saya to find out the secret of brass

TH – How can you not tell me that!

TG – i am sorry I did not tell you, but the King is better to have everything. the King will die if he does not have everything. But it is not you, it is your father who tries to murder me all the time and he does not tell you the secret, his own daughter, and he can leave Asadal at anytime. What if he just dies? No one knows about it.

TH – So, are you torturing father?

TG – Even though you hate your father, I shouldnt’ let you do it.

TH – You did it for me?

TG – Don’t be sarcastic, think about it rationally.

She takes a deep breath.

TH – Okay, you are right. The King should have everything and one person should not own the most important thing for the country. I will do it. He won’t say anything with torturing. But he is my father so torturing him is not so good.

TG – So?

She holds up a vial.

TH – Have you never seen this before? This is a hallucination drug.




Mihul is dressed in all white now and is being tortured by Saya. Saya whispers to him to be quiet and lightly touches his shoulders. He asks what the combination is when he makes the weapon or jewelry or everything else. Tell me.

MH – Everything was right, I should have killed Tagon. Just kill me. Whatever you do, you won’t get anything from me.

SY – No, you will ever go back. If you are in pain, then I will treat you, after that you will get hurt again.

He twists a rod in his knee.

SY – If you just say one thing, you will enjoy the best power with your daughter here. I am really sorry to you.

He turns around and sees Taeahala standing behind him, so he backs away and asks why she is here? She says that Neelha (Tagon) worries about leaving this up to a young boy. Saya smiles and nods.

TH – Ah, just violent, you guys don’t know anything. Father, you should just say it. DOn’t be stupid. I have the drug.

MH – You crazy. Are you going to give him everything!

TH – You all leave – you stay.

MH – I should have killed you when you were crazy for tagon and screwed things up! I should have killed you!

TH – What are you doing! Leave!

Saya and his servant leave. Taealha closes the door.

MH – You. Are you going to screw up everything? Even though you hate your father?

Taealha starts to slowly approach him. She looks as if two thoughts are battling in her mind.



TH – If you were me, what choice do you have?

MH – Kill. Before I open my mouth. If you are really chief of our tribe. You should bring poison that has no taste, no color and no smell, and kill me.

Taealha pops open the vial.

MH – Are you really!

She holds it up to his nose.

TH – There is no smell, father.

He smiles and cries. 

MH – Its poison.

TH – I am sorry. I never felt sorry to you, but I am sorry to you now. I realized it a little later. What you said is all right.

She starts to cry as she sits with him and holds his hand.

TH – I will get your revenge. So tell me the secret of brass – and leave.

Mihul starts crying as well, but steals himself in order to speak to her.

MH – The mark of the people who destroyed us. Our mission is to get ready for that. Our head tribes mission.

TH – I will do it. I dont know if that time will come or not, but I promise it to you.

A tear falls as she talks to him.

Outside, Saya and a guard listen and think that it is quiet inside. Then tagon comes along and asks why everyone is outside. They tell him that she asked them to step out.

tagon goes inside just as her father is poisoned and dies. Taealha then stands up and kills the woman. She tells tagon that she gave him poison and killed the person that can make the confession drug. Now the secret of brass is in my head now.

He asks her how she can do this! She says that he started it, we are both changed. You are changed and I am changed! He says that he is changed, I can torture you!

She laughs and tells him, if you can do that, then I acknowledge it, if I die while getting tortured, then I won’t be too sad.

She leans into him and says that he should be happy, she is holding his son. She has a little aramun King growing in her wound. So, what are you going to do? Are you going to torture me? Kill me? If you dont kill me now, I am not sure what I will say outside to poeple. But you won’t be able to do it becuase you were always lonely because you took it as your fate, you are extra lonely, aren’t you?

She smiles and looks at him with satisfaction.

Fade Out



How is this all going to wrap up tomorrow?! There is so much going on. The tension is definitely building among everyone. It looks like Tagon is losing his grasp with reality and everyone is turning against him. I feel for him, especially when he had to have Saya treat his wound because he killed the medicine man and had no one else that he could trust. I hope we can see more of Eunsom tomorrow because his scenes are a nice cool breeze compared to the dire circumstances that everyone lives in in the palace city.

So now that Taealha knows the secret of brass, and claims to have Tagon’s baby growing inside her, what will happen? I must say that she really played this hand well! Did she have all those thoughts on what to do while she was in the fire room? Or did she have it all when she was sitting at her desk and decided to use the truth serum for her father instead of Tagon (or someone else)? Also, what does this mean for Saya? If Tagon has a blood relative that he can give the throne to, will he still give it to Saya?

There are so many ways that this can go. I wish I could write more, but we have to run and hop into our Vagabond recap! See everyone tomorrow for the finale!


Preview translation for Episode 16 of Arthdal Chronicles

TG – Big waves are coming from everywhere in the tribes. But a big wind will be extinguished by a bigger wind.

ES – If I am not Enashingi…

SY – After the coronation, he will kill me (or they will all be killed?)

VO – One or the other will see tomorrows blue sky

VO – Neelha, Asadal will break like this

TH – Of course I wish for everything in Asadal

TY – Me, Wahan’s Tanya, I am going to put a spell on Everyone in Asadal

ES – Me, Wahan’s Eunsom, Agoo’s Enashingi who is chosen by them!

TY – Eunsom

ES – Tanya

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  1. Reenapon
    September 21, 2019 / 11:12 am

    No Yangcha…. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Anonymous
    September 21, 2019 / 11:20 am

    Thank you for the recap!

  3. Tutti
    September 21, 2019 / 11:28 am

    Thank you for the recap! Finally, Eunsome is doing something actively!

  4. Yang Villar
    September 21, 2019 / 5:19 pm

    I have a feeling that the emblem that Saya prepared for Tagon’s new kingdom is probably the same symbol or flag that the Momo Tribe made for Eunseom when they were looking for him to repay him. Saya may have seen this in his dreams and have also seen the Ago Tribe worshipping Eunseom as Inaishingi. Hence, the unification of all tribes are about to happen. Eunseom may have also seen in his dreams about the current situation in Arthdal and may have also seen Saya doctoring the deteriorating health of Tagon. It will then be up to Eunseom on how to deal with Tagon. The 2 Neanthals can just wander forever. Tanya will cast the right spell on the people of Arthdal once she sees Eunseom and Saya face to face. Tanya then will read their mind and have to say it out loud what the brothers are thinking of each other in order to prevent from fighting or killing one another. It’s the only way the directors can end this show in one episode. Unless, the directors decided to turn Saya into a villain and kill him in the end. That would be so sad and a tragic ending! I really hope Saya and Eunseom will have a happy ending and that they can see and play each other as they grow old and gray.

  5. Anonymous
    September 21, 2019 / 7:53 pm

    It seems like the writing is making Says into a more sinister person. He looks so evil while torturing people.

    I love what you wrote here and it also reminded me of the NeAnthal people who are just kind of walking around like emo hunters. I hope they come back and fight, but with only one episode left, it does not seem likely.

    This show has so much to do in tomorrow’s episode. Either there will be a lot of loose ends, or it will be 2 hours long.

  6. BravePearl
    September 22, 2019 / 7:04 am

    where is the horse kanmoreu ?

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