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Arthdal Chronicles: Episode 16 Live Recap

Arthdal Chronicles Recap Episode 16, image tvN

A whole bunch of #@$% hit the fan yesterday in Asadal, y’all. Tagon let everyone have it who tried to kill him or his people, and he is now the King of a broken nation. The thing he did not want to be, but it happened so now he has to work with it. (I can hear Tim Gun in his head, “Make it work, Tagon.”) I think this will leave room for Eunsom to take over the throne when he comes in with that Chief’s army, as soon as they find him. Just a theory! Any other theories? Give em to us!

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Tagon looks out over his throne room at all the destruction in front of him. Several people look at him. One of the men (Hameel) thinks, King…he has a Kings eyes.

Hameel talks with Taealha afterward in whispers. He says that tagon changed. She tells him, of course he changed! He tried not to be like this. You and Asaron screwed up everything. I pity him. She gives him a glaring stare and leaves.

Taealha goes to Tanya’s room and gives her what to read at the high court. But tanya does not know what to read, so Taealha reads it to her. It is something that says that a lot of people will be executed and their family members and relatives ankles will be cut.

Tanya says that she cannot do this. There are a lot of innocent people. Taealha says that she will die then. Tanya is okay with that. But Taealha says that all her people will die as well. A lot of people feat tagon now. But you give him holyness. You can finish this with all your people, otherwise, more than 1000 will die. Think of this as rescuing 1000 people.

Back in the throne room, the traitor tribe man drops his mallet and looks stunned. Saya turns to Tagon and bows to him. He says that he  knows that he did not want to do things this way. he will serve him. While he was trapped in the tower, he waited for a father like him.

Tagon leaves and Saya takes a deep breath. As he walks away, we overhear Taealha tells Tanya that you need fear to lead this great group of people. That fear is from standing on blood.

Taelha stars to leave, Tanya tells her that she wants to go back. She wants to go back to her home with her people. She has done enough. You killed Asaron and Tagon in King, let us go. Taealha says that she cannot. Tanya yells, what else do you want from us? You made Moontae like that, what did you do to him?

Taealha says that they did not do anything. He knew it before. You need power for anything. Do you think Wahan people want you to go back?

In the city, everyone gets arrested who are related. The warriors go through the city and start take all the families to the palace. One of the soldiers asks if they really have to arrest a little kid? That little kid didn’t do anything. A man comes out and says the same thing so the guards kick him on the ground and basically kick him to death.

Inside the palace, Saya and Tanya talk in her quarters. he says he has something to say, but it sounds stupid. She asks what it is, so he sits with her and tells her that when she accepted Tagon’s suggestion and we worked together, what did you want?

She thinks back to asking if she would have power as the high priest and if she could rescue her Wahan people who were made slaves and the others who went far away?

Saya reminds her that she wanted to rescue her people. Some good will is actually desire. So it you refuse our suggestion, then Tagon is not here and you are still a slave and so are your people. But now you say that you cannot order to kill poeple. That is cowardness. You want to do good things only. Don’t pretend that you did not know that when you wanted to work with tagon and me that it was already decided. 

he stands and walks to the window. 

SY – I didn’t have power and was dead for 20 years by Tagon and Saya. What is happening is strategy. If you want then you can make yourself powerful and go against Tagon. Don’t you see, you are something for all the people of the union. That is your power and that is what you have to do.

TY – Call all the Wahans


Later on, we see Tanya sitting with her Wahan people as they happily laugh and talk and eat around a small table. They talk about the little girl who came with Eunsom, they are so happy to see her. She tells them that she is all grown up, she is okay. She tears up a bit but smiles and asks how they are? One of the men says that he is learning business. They all start to talk about what has happened and laugh with each other.

Tanya’s father got a belt so he says someone gave it to him because he worked hard. Another woman talks about her shiny bracelet and says that they gave this to her. Then Moontae comes in, he is a but more cleaned up so they ask him what happened? Did you fall again? They all chuckle.

Tanya looks at Moontae and takes a deep breath. then she says that they are all there, so she will say what she wants to. Why don’t we go back to Wahala?

Everyone is all like, huh? Why? Tagon is protecting us. Tanya says that she has to order to kill a lot of people and order to cut their ankles, even little kids. We did not grow up like that. Wahan teaching is to do things for others. Moontae stands up and says that it doesn’t matter what our teachings were, if tagon asked you to do it then you should do it.

He starts to say that he was so scared to come there, he was all alone and everyone tried to survive. Everyone is the same. tanya asks him if that is why he did it? That is why he was so cruel to the honest? Moontae says yes. He will do anything Tagon asks him to. He will kill them or hit them or whatever. That is better than being afraid or being stabbed.

he walks off with everyone calling after him. Tanya thinks to herself that Wahan is not wahan. The little girl (Toti) says that she awnts to go back to Eharak, when you go there, take me with you. tanya smiles and says okay.

Later we see Tanya standing next to a fire in the sacred area. She says that the teachings of her person were wrong. Asadal does not run like you said. Why did you make me come all the way here? Why?

Saya comes up and holds her from behind.

SY – Since I was little, I knew I couldn’t do anything that I wanted. Whenever that happened, I had a dream of that night. Running around a field and wherever I wanted to go, I went. I would go and hunt and when I wanted to eat, I would eat and when I wanted to dance, I would dance. You were the one that was always together with me. As soon as I saw you, I knew it. You dont know but when I couldn’t do anything, you were the one that supported me in my dream.

She turns around to look at him. he is a bit nervous but says that he will be that person for her. Trust me and do what I tell you to do for now. He holds something and tells her that she was wearing this in his dream. Then he puts it around her neck. After doing that, he smiles a tiny bit and leaves.

Tanya holds the necklace and then pulls out the exact same necklace. It appears that Eunsom made it for her. She says Eunsom’s name and asks what she can do? Everything is all messed up. The feelings come to her then and she falls on the ground and cries.

In the city, a man tells his people that they saw what happened. Don’t do anything stupid.

Soldiers walk by just then so the men are quiet, but then the soldiers see the soldier that survived the NeAnthal attack in the forest. They asks where he has been, but he just mumbles and falls in their arms.

At the steps of the palace, the priests all sit and looks up at tanya and the rest of them. Tanya can read their minds. One of the women says that Tanya will be tagon’s puppet. The older woman says that tanya can read people? But she says it in her mind. She also says that Tanya might be the mirror (from the teaser yesterday. There was a bell, a mirror, and a knife I think). 

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A man comes out and says that there was a coup attempt yesterday to kill tanya who is the messenger of the priests and Tagon who is the reborn god. With gods mercy, they still see today’s sun. That is the honor of  Asadal, so our high priest Tanya will open the holy court.

Tanya steps forward.

TY – This is the order of the gods. Asasakan, White Mountain, put her in jail. (everyone murmers). And all the people that were apart of what happened. (flashback to what tanya told her to say, the order was for all the poeple apart of the coup should have their throats cut and their relatives and related people should ahve their ankles cut).

SY – (one is throat and the other are ankles)

TY – Cut all their ankles and everyone else, cut their bodies and spred them everywhere.

SY – (What, cut their bodies?)

TY – That was the gods order, but I asked the gods, why don’t we just kill the ones in the coup and cut the ankles of the ones that are related to the families to the coup. Airus answered….do what you want.

Everyone in the crowd starts to whisper and murmer and thank her. They thank her that they can still live! They start to cheer to her and raise their hands to her. She steps forward and raises her arm to them.

Everyone behind her on the court is amazed that she did what they told her to do, but did it in this way and recieved a lot of praise from the people. Tagon looks pretty impressed.

Later on, Tanya takes off all the jewels and takes a deep breath as she thinks about what Taealha told her. Do you think that your people want to go back? Do yo think that what you felt when you wore your clothing that they don’t feel the same? She thinks about her people enjoying all the jewelry and clothing. She thinks back to taealha telling tanya to look at herself. When yous tood next to tagon after finding the bell, everyone cheered your name. I saw your eyes. you were soleda and excited. You felt your own power. DO you think yo can leave? Don’t play innocent. Don’t you know where you are?

Tanya thinks baout all of this as she stands in her quarters. Then Taelha and Tagon come in to her place unnanounced.

TH – Why did you do that!

TY – I did what you asked of me. Killing the coup people and cutting the related people. Was anything wrong?

TH – You decided something.

TY – You told me to learn, so that is what I learned. You said I can’t do anything without power, so I want to get the power. But I have nothing. I have no base.

TG – So…what is your ground?

TY – The people’s heart.

Tagon grows serious and walks to her. He is almost angry.

TG – Where I stand is the same. The people’s heart, it is just a different name for it. Okay, it is still a good balance. Fearful union leader and the free high priest. *smirks*

Tagon walks away. Saya and Taelha and the masked guard walk away as well. The masked gurd gives Tanya one last look. In the hallway, Tagon tells the masked man to be tanya’s body guard. In the room, Saya looks at Tanya.

In the hallway, word gets back to Tagon about the crescent warrior.


Tagon goes to a room where the crescent warrior lays dead. They say that the doctor and his wife were there in the woods along with their warriors. His heart was taken out and there was a crescent moon. He was rude to Tanya and got a curse from the gods. 

Moobaek shows up, this guy is actually his real brother. So Moobaek is pretty sad to see him like this. He starts to cry and hug him and wail over his body. Tagon looks on at this and is pretty affected as well.

In another room. Saya shows two maids something that he wants them to put on the post. But one of the women says that they are supposed to put a certain gods teachings there. Saya says that this is the first time they will do this. thy ask where the high priest is. He says she is in the fire room.

Cut to the fire room where Tanya is. She is asking for Eunsom to come, she needs him. Then Moobaek comes in and asks her about the crescent soldier. She says that she knows him of course. He says that he died last night and someones hand took out his heart. Everything happened as yo said. 

He kneels in front of her.

MB – Can you do the funeral ceremony? He was born in a minor tribe and had a hard life. I am the only relative. I was so busy that I could not take care of him. I am not asking you to forgive what he did. I am just asking you to release his curse. This is the only thing that I can do as his older brother. Please. *cries*

TY – I will do it tomorrow night.

MB – Thank you so much, Neelha.

He stands and turns to walk away, but stops.

MB – Do you really see the future? You asked my why I rescued him. I have something I did not tell you. Twenty something years ago, there were three kids born on the same day and at the same time. These three kids were born with the fate of bells and mirror and knife and will end this world. Asasakan said that (the grandmother priest). I believe that you are the bell. The knife is the one that I rescued, and the mirror is next to you.

Saya comes in to talk to her but starts to leave.

TY – Saya?

He stops.

MB – Yes, as soon as I saw him, I knew it. Of course I know. After that night anger became fear and the fear became genocide. My heart sank to the bottom of my heart also. I had Gangmore and I got the bell also. Since then, I did not know what to do, I did not know what happened to my brother, I was just possessed. The knife, bell, and mirror…when the three of these connected, I thought something would change in the world. Do you think it will happen? Can you do that, Neelha?

Saya is quiet in a corner hall and thinks.

Later on, Saya and Tanya walk in the hallway. She thinks about what he said with the bell and knife and mirror, he wonders what he should do when Eunsom comes back. Saya starts to talk to her and asks if Moobaek came by? She says yes. He asks why he wanted to see her? She tells him that his brother died so he wants me to perform the ceremony.

Saya thinks that tanya is hiding something from her.

TY – I heard that you ordered to put what Tagon did on the post of the high church.

SY – Yes, we need it for my father to become a living god. What he did is actually true.

TY – Like the red knife?

SY – Not only that, abogi conquered the Agoo tribe without fighting.

Cut to Eunsom and Ipsang walking with the Agoo tribe. He asks Ipsang if the Agoo are taking them and they also have Agoo slaves? What is this? Ipsang says that they have different last names so they capture each other and sell each other as slaves. Tagon made them like this.

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In the priest area, Saya explains that they are doing business with slave trade because the Aigo’s land is not fruitful so they opened a way for them to trade something. They did not have a good relationship between their last names so if you catch the other tribe poeple I will trade them and give you money. Everyone released, hesitated, but the Ago’s started to catch each other and sell each other as slaves, but if they do not do it then they will be sold.

TY – So you made them not trust each other?

SY – Yes, they won’t have the glory anymore.

TY – What glory?

SY – it is about the king that unified the tribe.

In the woods we hear Ipsang explaining the same thing.

IS – If the King comes back to life then our life is all messed up.

ES – You said trust no one so Agoo became like this following what you said, that is stupid. You don’t know that tagon is using you.

IS – You think we don’t know that? We can’t help it

ES – You can do things in the opposite way

IS – Opposite?

ES – Yes, you capture the other tribe with a different last name, then you can rescue them and send them back. They will be thankful for what you did and rescue the other last names. If it was were I came from then people will do that.

IS – Wherever you live, it is different here. I told you many times, the betrayed live, the person betrayed dies.

Eunsom thinks back to Moontaek betraying them and saying where they were going. But he his pulled from that memory by their arrival to the slave trade place. All the captive tribe people sit so they can be looked at. A woman looks at them all and says taht one of them are sick so he is out. She then sees Eunsom and says he is an egot. She tells one of her people that Egot is not a good thing in Asadal.

The mans ays that if it is not Asadal then it is fine. Egots are strong and work hard. The woman starts to argue with the man about it. But then Eunsome sees a person in the woods with an arrow. This person shoots it and then a lot of other people come in with arrows and weapons. They are the other tribe people so they are trying to free their people.

Ipsang tells Eunsom to run and another woman tells them all to retreat! They all run back. This new girl is Myo Shi and this is the Myo tribe.

Later on that night, the Myo tribe all dance and pray to the gods for safety of the chiefs daughter. It looks like the girl they took was the chiefs daughter? Eunsom asks Ipsang what they are doing so Ipsang explains all that to him. This dancing makes Eunsom think about when Tanya was dancing way back in their past in their homeland. It looks like this might be the same dance? Not sure.


The woman that rescued them gives them water and tells them to go back to where they belong after this. Eunsom tells Ipsang that he is wrong, some Agoo’s are already rescuing others. Here, the black wall does not mean that everyone is like you. Ipsang tells him not to trust anyone, whoever rescues you or traps you. Don’t trust me also.

In a room, the girl is stunned that her people are saying that they did not rescue these people, they should trade them. One of the guys says that they did not rescue them, they will get the deal for them! But the girl, Mirasol, says that they should not fall for Tagon’s plan. They promised not to sell their own people to Asdal. But you want to sell them as slaves! He says that they are not selling them as slaves, they are just trading them with the chiefs daughter.

Mirusol says that that is not true, you just want to rescue the one that you want to marry. The guy gets upset but their elder tells them to stop. Mirusol says that she will follow the elders decision. Then all the men come out and walks to the people. Ipsang feels something is about to happen and looks at all of them carefully.

It really looks like Ipsang feels that something went wrong. A man comes up to them and gives them a bowl of water to drink. Eunsom thanks them but then he gets a chord put around his throat and all the people in their group are surrounded with knives. Eunsom looks at Ipsang, he was right.

Elsewhere in the woods, the Wasan people that escaped look at tents and see that these are Momo people. But the Momo people find them and asks them why they are looking at them. The Wasan guys say that they know a Momo person. But they still want to know why they are looking at them?

One of the Wasan people sees the flag and says that is the mark that is on their friend. Their friend is an Egot. The chief is happy to hear this and thinks that they have finally found a lead to find him.

Back with Eunsom, Ipsang stands and says that he will rescue the daughter that they want back. He says that he is direct bloodline of Tae tribe. But the guys start to laugh and asks why he was trapped by tae? Ipsang starts to spit all his lies and says that he wanted to travel when he was young and left the tribe, they don’t recognize him. he was about to show his identity but you all showed up.

They keep laughing and asks if anyone believes him? Then Ipsang shows his tatoo so they think that this is real. Ipsang tells them that if they go to the land of the tae tribe then they will be in war right away. I will go there and get them to let her go. They ask how they can trust him. 

Ipsang says he will go with this guy, he is not just Ago, he is my brother, if you dont’ trust me, I will leave him here! Eunsom rolls his eyes.

The people of this tribe have a meeting. The woman thinks that if this does not work then they only lose one slave. If it works, then they rescue his daughter.

Outside, Eunsom asks Ipsang if he is really the boodline? Can you really rescue her? Ipsang says he can do it, he can take care of everything, he will just tell them to release her. Eunsom tells him to take the medallion. Ipsang asks if he trusts him? Eunsom says that he does not trust him, but he wants to finish this. He learned different thing and believe what he learned, but it does not work here. You and my friend betrayed me, and the Agoo doing this, I can’t believe it. If you take this and disappear, what I learned is nothing, I won’t worry about it anymore. If you dont’ come then I will die anyway. I dont’ need it, it is nothing for the dead. Here.

Ipsang takes it and the elders and other people show up. they tell them that they made their decision.

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In the morning, Ipsang heads out with the other people. He tries to give Eunsom a reassuring smile as he leaves.

Ipsang walks with two men through the woods. Eunsom is left in a prison with the other people.

In the woods, Ipsang tells the two guards that  he has to go ahead alone. They tell him that if he does something stupid then his friend will die.

Ipsang walks ahead alone. 

He walks for a bit and nothing happens. Then he stops and looks behind him and starts to think for a moment. Then he takes off running. After running for a bit, he stops to catch his breath and laughs. Those stupid people! I have this also, ha ha. They are all stupid stupid, what a stupid guy!

he keeps laughing, but then he stops and starts to think. That stupid guy. Sigh. He holds the medallion and then looks back again. Ipsang is going through a bit of cognitive dissonance in the woods, y’all. 

Back in the prison, Eunsom has Saya’s dream. He wakes with a start and sees Mirusol looking at him. But then the warriors come back and says that this guy ran away! he did nto come back! We did this stupid think trusting him! I will kill this guy first!

They take Eunsom out. Eunsome thinks this world is stupid, all he learned doesn’t matter here. 

They take Eunsom out of the prison to kill him, but Eunsom fights with them and sets himself free. He then holds a sword to them and calls them all #$%^ and says that they are all dumb. You Agoo sell each other to Assdal and kill each other over and over. You won’t have anyone to bury your dead bodies. You are like bugs! You and me are the same, I have a crime today, so lets be punished together.

Mirusol – What crime? 

ES – I heard there are a lot of crimes in the world, but the only sin is getting punished. Being weak and stupid is the only sin. So lets just die together.

Ipsang shows up and asks if that was it? Was that was Satunik told you when he was dying? Everyone turns to look at him.


Ipsang says that little boy was smart. The sin of being weak. they wonder what happened to him. One of the guys angrily asks Ipsang if he rescued her? Ipsang says that you cant! Mirusol says that he is the direct line of Tae! Ipsang says he is and his uncle is the chief, but you can’t rescue her. Why? When I was 17 my uncle killed my parents and sold me as a slave. My uncle that I really loved. As soon as I go there, I am dead. Okay, there is a reason that a tae is captured by a tae. Why did you come back?

ES – Why did you come back?

IS – That is my sin, because of you I am weak and stupid. I came back stupidly like this.

Man – Arrest them!

IS – Before that, listen to him. Tell them everything! I am betrayed by my family, but I am Agoo and the direct line of Tae, I believe in the big waterfall and our god, but where is our god? He sees dreams. 

Someone says BS! This guy lies so much!

IS tells Eunsom to tell them what the gods say! Tell them! Ipsang says this theatrically, lol. He tells Eunsom to tell them! Eunsom is all like, what in the world am I supposed to say? But then he thinks that he can say it opposite.

ES – I…saw…um…the gods said that different last names invaded each other and were sold as slaves and became enemies so…..you should do the opposite thing and give first….you should rescue the other last names that were sold to Asadal and bring them back to the tribe without asking for anything.

Man – Do you believe that? He is lying! Our god would not say a stupid thing like that!

Ipsang starts to say, not just that! The Momo! 

If the Momo don’t take revenge, then their bodies will be shredded after death. If the tribe tries to pay for the mercy of others, then when they die they will go to the land of the light. So you will pay for your mercy be rescuing the other peoples tribes, otherwise you will disappear by having your bodies shredded.

An older women comes in and asks if this is really what the gods said? What kind of shoes and clothing did he wear? What was around his neck?

Eunsom says that his dream was vague, he does not remember. the old woman thinks and says that he is lying! Ipsang puts the sword in the gorund and starts to do the dance that he learned with Tanya. Everyone watches him in amazement.


grandmother – We will have an elders meeting.

Man – You said he was lying!

Grandmother – This is over my power. The elders will decide by following the gods will.

In a tavern, the warriors searching for the slaves think that they didnt’ find the slaves and gave to go back. But then the two Wasan guys walk in so the warriors stand up and think they have the best luck! The gods brought you to us! 

But the chief walks in and says that they are Momo’s guests! The salve hunter guy asks why Momo is here so long, you should go back home. The Momo chief asks if they are looking for the Egot? The slave hunter asks if they are also looking for him? Sorry, they are in Ago’s land now.

The Momo’s think about this as the warriors starts to head out.

back with the other tribe, the shaman old woman says that Eunsom danced the dance of the waterfall. They all saw it. All the elders are talking about this. The Grandmother woman says that this boy is an egot and sees dreams. they wonder how their god can appear to him? Mirusol says that Aramanhesla was also a foreigner. Giving first, what our god says, rescue the slaves and bring them back to their own tribes and the other tribes do the same. If we do this, then we can be out of this #@$% situation. 

But another person says that the other tribe people will laugh at them. One man says that he will follow the elders decision. Lets do the judgement of the water fall. But one person stands and says that means you want to kill him!

The next day, the Momo poeple enter the Abo land. They will go to the chief and says that they want to see him.

Meanwhile, Ipsang explains the waterfall judgement. They have a super big waterfall and they will put you in it. If you don’t survive, then that means that you will die. I didn’t know that it would be like this. that you would be affected like this, but it happened.

Eunsom tells him that he is good at swimming. Ipsang says that they tie your hands and legs. You will be broken and there is a big whirlpool under the waterfall. Even an Egot cannot survive it.

ES – So no one survived it?

IS – No one in 1000 years.

Meanwhile, the Momo keep walking to the tribe.

Eunsom starts to be tied up on a raft while all the Ago people dance around him. The elders say that they have to follow the gods will or they will  be dumb, the waterfall will decide it. Ipsang looks on worried.

One shaman cuts Eunsoms arm and wipes the blood on a rag. he then wipes that blood on steel or something like that. This elder also starts to say ceremony things like, if that god of the water fall is true, if you want to say things through him, then rescue him and let him grab this hook/sickle.

Eunsom is laying on the raft thinking, what the hell? How can I survive this?

At the end of the ceremony, the tribe carries Eunsom to the river. Eunsom tries to free his hands, but he can’t. The Momo people get to the tribe, but they are too late. One of the warriors says that Eunsom is going to get the waterralls judgement, we are too late.

The Chief starts to hurry to the river.

Eunsom is on the river now, and, to make things worse, there are so many alligators just chilling on the shoreline. he tries to get his hands free and manages to get one untied. he hurries to untie his other one, but the water fall is getting close.

The momo’s get to the bottom of the waterfall and hurry to run to it.

Eunsoms raft turns upside down, he tries to free his legs will underwater.

there re rocks up ahead and it looks like they break the raft apart, so he is able to be set free. But the Water fall is no joke y’all. It is huge.

At the bottom, the Momo chief tells her warrior that they are warriors of water and were born in water! Lets go my warriors of water! They all take off running to the water fall.

Eunsom falls over the edge of the waterfall, but he gets caught on a few vines momentarily. That stops his fall. But he falls once again and hits the bottom of the water and sinks deep into it.

ES – is this the end? Tanya….maybe this is it. I am sorry.

VO – All the water in the world is connected.

the Momo people are diving into the water and swimming.

VO – All the water is our hometown! Are you afraid to go back to the water while paying for the mercy! We will go back to the water and pay for our mercy!

The Momo’s take off to Eunsome like they are dolphins, they can swim so well!

VO/boy – I heard that momo can walk in the water and hunt. 

VO – That is lying right? How can humans do that?

VO/boy – Our Momo are not humans in the sea

The Momo get to Eunsom and start to pull him to the surface.

VO – So no one survived? No one in 1000 years?

the Momo lift Eunsom completely out of the water and hold him up as if he is floating.

VO – One in 1000 years survived the water fall and reunited the Agoo tribe.

Eunsom starts to breath again.

Fade Out


Loved today’s episode! I am happy they spent it mostly on Eunsom because I missed his pure heart lighting up the screen. I enjoyed seeing all that he believed in the world be slowly destroyed to the point where he died thinking that everything was ruined and he couldnt’ go back to Tanya. But then, his good acts payed off and he was saved by the Momo people who basically dedicated their lives and their childrens lives to finding him and repaying him for what he did for them.

It was actually pretty exciting to see the Momo people swimming in the water. They were seriously like dolphin bullets shooting through the whirlpool, that was pretty cool. I kind of wish we could have seen more of the Momo people because I kind of want to see this water people world. Are they seriously like part fish?

It kind of appears now that the Momo people will leave after repaying Eunsom and now the Ago people will be Eunsom’s army. That was something I definitely didnt’ see coming, so that is cool (if it happens that way). I lvoe how all of these plot points came to a head at this waterfall. There was Ipsang turning point to be a good person, but his good act led Eunsom to the waterfall. There was the dance that Tanya learned that Eunsom pulled from in order to convince the Ago people that he could talk to the gods, but that also led him to the waterfall, and their was the Momo people who just so happened to be people of the water, heading to this waterfall to save Eunsom in possibly the best way that they could. I loved it all!

The best part is that the Agoo people should be familiar with Asadal and the slave prison that is underground. Almost all of the prisoners there should be Agoo peope as well, so they can rescue them and get pretty good reconnaissance on the area and how to take over Asadal.

Now that the Kingdom of Asadal has basically fallen and is in emotional ruins, it is prime time for Eunsom to come in and take over. Especially now that tagon has gone blood crazy and given up being loved by the people. He has settled on being feared as a form of love, which is loony toons, but I have heard that being King does drive people crazy.

We have two episodes left y’all! See you next week! (Also, leave a comment with your theories, if you have any!)


Arthdal Chronicles Episode 17 preview translation

TG – A colorful shiny butterfly, that has all ended.

TG – that day, it all ended!

TG – If I become a King that has everything, then you will lose me.

TH – You betrayed me with the boy I raised!

Haemihul – Are you going to put our tribes future in our hearts?

VO – You should lead us!

IS – You said you need followers. There are about 3000 Ago people.

ES – I told you, when I go back to Dotambul (where they put the slaves), [I/you] are going to the underworld again. 

ES – This is the begining

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  1. Den81
    September 15, 2019 / 9:16 am

    Thank you so much! I have been refreshing like crazy!

  2. Den81
    September 15, 2019 / 9:32 am

    Okay, my theory is that they will all go free all the prisoners and convince them to fight with then to overtake the throne. A lot of the city people will also side with them and Tanya will side with them as well (of course). Not sure what Tagon will do, this might be the end of him? Once you go bad, it’s hard to come back from that.

    • Anonymous
      September 16, 2019 / 7:54 am

      Hopefully it’s not the end of Tagon 😢😭

  3. Yang Villar
    September 15, 2019 / 11:10 am

    I think Neonbyul is going to be the strongest ally of Eunseom. She can probably wipe Arthdal in a blink of an eye. As one Daekan Soldier said, if a Neanthal learns swordmanship then that person is the strongest of all. I also have a feeling that Taealha will have a duel against Neonbyul since Taealha was the cause of her foster parents death.

    • V
      September 15, 2019 / 2:45 pm

      Ohhhh, I love this theory!!!!

  4. Happy Beatle
    September 15, 2019 / 3:35 pm

    My theory is that the NeAnthal’s will all reunite under Eunsom and that the sister of the girl NeAnthal will use some kind of medicine or acupuncture in order for the remaining NeAnthals to learn martial arts and avenge their people under Eunsom. The sister NeAnthal will teach the others martial arts. I feel like the Aboo people will put up a good fight, but will be about to lose until the NeAnthals show up to save the day.

    • Den81
      September 16, 2019 / 8:02 am

      This sounds really cool ☺️

  5. Krissy
    September 15, 2019 / 7:27 pm

    Is it just me? I feel bad for Tagon if he will end up dying. Yes, he aspired to be a powerful king, but he wanted to rule in the hearts of people and be accepted for what he is- an Igutu. His father, Asa Hon and Mihol’s political machinations woke up the beast in him. He is a complicated character who is good by nature but is forced to be cruel in order to survive. When Tanya chose to be merciful to Asa Kan and the families of those who revolted, Tagon only smiled and accepted it. He’s glad that Tanya, being merciful can balance out his ruthlessness. (episode 16).

    They say Arthdal Chronciles is based on Dangun legend. As Dangun brought the 3 heavenly objects : bell, mirror and sword; Tagon brought Tanya, Saya and Eunsom to Arthdal. As prophesied, they will be instrumental in bringing down “old” Arthdal and ushering in the era of a better society where all tribes (Sarams), Neanthals and Igutus can live in harmony. In the end, I’m hoping Tagon will be the King of the new society. Praying that the “old” Tagon (who prefers to be loved than feared) will return once he learns that the best way to live in people’s heart is through kindness and benevolence, as exemplified by Tanya and Eunsom. Saya and Taelha? I don’t want them to die either. Tagon needs them in handling people like Mihol and Asa Ron. A great King is balanced-benevolent but just.

    • Anonymous
      September 16, 2019 / 7:56 am

      I hope Tagon lives!!!! I’ve come to like him too much over these last 15 episodes. He gets one episode to go crazy and then it can be back to the rational Tagon!

  6. liaaa
    September 15, 2019 / 9:11 pm

    actually this drama deserved more. its feel so underrated. this drama rich of story. its just same that some people can’t enjoy this show and even call it as flop drama because only see the rating result

    • Anonymous
      September 16, 2019 / 7:58 am

      I agree! Admittedly, it does take some sticking to in order to get into it and not be confused by the time/place/names/storyline. But once you get all that, everything is great!

  7. Denise Taylor
    September 15, 2019 / 10:50 pm

    this drama is insanely brilliant – i am loving every moment – and i must admit i am a big Eunsom fan! i’m looking forward to when the three are united, Saya’s reaction to seeing Eunsom with his own eyes (and Eunsom’s reaction also), but also the Queen of the Dolphin Swimmers and Tania – will there be a bit of jealousy there re Eunsom, not to mention Saya falling for Tania…. and don’t forget our masked warrior/guard – he has a role to play too i think…
    2 more episodes is not enough! it is just so good!

    • Den81
      September 16, 2019 / 8:01 am

      I really want to see the three united as well!

  8. Krissy
    September 15, 2019 / 10:53 pm

    Fantastic story line! Wondering how everything will tie up given there are only 2 remaining episodes? I’m itching to get answers for the following:
    – Who is Tagon’s mother and what happened to her?
    – What happened to the magical horse (Kanmoroe?) and when is he coming back?
    -Who is Aramun Haesulla- Tagon or Eunsom?
    -If Aramun was Igutu, how come Arthdal people abhor Igutus? How come tribes outside Arthdal do not discriminate against Igutus?
    -Who is the old slave from the white peak mountain tribe that Eunsom tried so hard to save?
    – Will the purple flag (made by Momo tribe) have any relevance/use when Eunsom goes to Arthdal?
    -What role will Neanthals play in the power struggle in Arthdal?Will they be accepted or still be feared?
    – Are there any other Igutus (aside from Eunsom, TAgon and Saya)?

      • Krissy
        September 16, 2019 / 1:56 am

        Thanks Vihn!

        • Anonymous
          September 16, 2019 / 7:59 am

          Oh yeah, it kind of looked like his mother was the NeAnthal woman doing the negotiations on behalf of her people in the first episode!

    • Anonymous
      September 16, 2019 / 1:22 pm

      Krissy, you asked about who is Aramun Haesulla? I believe it’s Eunseom. And who is Inaishingi? I believe the Ago Tribe mistook Eunseom as him so the confusion is out of the picture. They will then worship Eunseom as Inaishingi (The Ago tribe God) for surviving the waterfalls judgement thanks to the Momo Tribe for saving him. When Eunseom goes back to Arthdal he will also become Aramun Haesulla because of his Igutu roots. He will then be riding Kanmoreu, the ones that recognize the horse won’t hesitate to call Eunseom as the mighty Aramun Haesulla. Eunseom then will become the living God of all tribes! Hence, the end of the chaotic world and the birth of the new world where all tribes lives in unity and peace.

      • V
        September 16, 2019 / 3:37 pm

        Oh my gosh, I love this. I have a question now – what ever happened to the horse he rode in the first two episodes?

        • Yang
          September 16, 2019 / 6:18 pm

          V, Kanmoreu is always there with Eunseom following him through his epic adventures in life. We don’t see Kanmoreu because the storyline is focus only on Eunseom. When Moobaek rescued Eunseom and took him to Dr Harim’s herb storage where Nunbyeol was nursing his wounds, Kanmoreu was there looking out for him but nobody see it. When Eunseom and Dalsae were trying to save the Wahan Tribe on the way Doldambul as slaves, Kanmoreu was also there saying that Euseom was a weak one and was a little disappointed. That give me the idea that Kanmoreu never left his side and will become visible to Eunseom once he become strong and powerful.

          • V
            September 16, 2019 / 6:40 pm

            Thank you for this explanation, Yang! I really need to go back and watch a few more opening episodes.

            • Yang Villar
              September 16, 2019 / 8:13 pm

              You’re welcome V! This drama is just so mind blowing that I can’t get enough of it. Kanmoreu was in Lark when Eunseom and the Wahan Tribe lived in harmony before they were captured as slaves. Kanmoreu also went to ARTHDAL with Eunseom riding the wooden elevator in the Great Black Cliffs that Tagon made. As the Daekan Soldiers said: Nobody had been able to ride the legendary Kanmoreu except Aramun Haesulla. Hence, Moobaek was shocked when he saw and chased Eunseom riding the horse while they were in Lark. So far, only Moobaek knows that Eunseom is Aramun Haesulla.

              • V
                September 16, 2019 / 8:47 pm

                You are making me want to drop what I am doing and try to watch as many of the episodes that I missed as I can before the finale!

      • Krissy
        September 16, 2019 / 4:28 pm

        i like the idea of Kanmoreu choosing the true Aramun in front of everyone! Looking forward to a dramatic Aramun revelation, whoever it may be 🙂 I love Eunsom… he is pure, innocent and seems to be incorruptible except for that time when he thought Ipsaeng betrayed him for the Nth time. I love that he wins people’s trust through kindness and honesty. Wouldn’t it be paradise if that is all he needs to lead all the tribes?

        • Anonymous
          September 16, 2019 / 5:38 pm

          That would be really lovely ☺️

  9. Denise Taylor
    September 15, 2019 / 11:01 pm

    all exciting questions indeed Krissy… hope we get answers to all!

  10. Philip
    September 16, 2019 / 2:07 pm

    Thanks for everything! Great job

  11. Krissy
    September 16, 2019 / 5:02 pm

    One fan shared that there are back stories explaining more about some of the characters (Xabara, Inaishigi, etc). These additional info are not shown on the netflix episodes. Tap on the cookies#1-12 +others and pinned ig stories


    • Happy
      September 16, 2019 / 5:38 pm

      Oh wow! Thank you for this!

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