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Arthdal Chronicles: Episode 15 Live Recap

Arthdal Chronicles live recap episode 15, image tvN

Okay, last time in Arthdal Chronicles the main event that happened was that the Priests ambushed Tagon while he was having a quiet ritual to honor his father. Their goal was to kill him and their reason was that he was not a fit King because Tagon didn’t shed a ton of blood when he took over. Now they want all the power.

However, When that first knife sliced into Tagon, everyone found out that Tagon is an Egot (mixed) person due to the purple blood raining down his clothing. Tagon was also super PO’ed with this group that is trying to kill him when he went to great lengths not to kill them. Traitors, the lot of them.

In other areas of the palace, we also find out that the priests have been busy with their takeover plan, y’all. They have poison headed to Tanya and Taealha is about to get her a** choked. Yes, for real. Because the priests planted spies and assassins everywhere. Will Tagon be able to get to them in time? Or will Saya be able to protect Tanya from the poison or maybe use her magic? Will Taealha be able to fend off her choker? It’s about to be Battle Royal up in the palace, y’all!

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Shorthand Character Chart: Arthdal Chronicles Character Chart

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We open with a recap of what happened in the previous episodes. tagon taking over, tanya becoming head priest, Taelha and Tagon becoming a stronger unit, an animal person showing up in the city to save a twon from araging bull, Eunsom saving a Chief, that chief wanting her people to find him and repay his good dead to her for as long as it might take, Eunsom running from a bear and then getting saved from that bear by animal people, tagon’s life story as an egot and all the people that died to keep the secret, Eunsom and Ipsang crossing into a tribes territory on a boat, the assassins about to kill Tanya and Taealha and Tagon. And finally, Tagon getting stabbed!

Tagon is stabbed and everyone finds out that he is an Egot. He remembers that his father tells him that he has to kill everyone that saw that he was an egot. There are 27 people there, so tagon screams and goes on the rampage! He kills the first guy that stabbed him. His eyes turn purple as he tells them, if this is what you want, then I will kill you all.

He kills another one and thinks that he has 25 left. the priest yells to klll that beast! Tagon starts to fight all the soldiers there and kills them all easily. then he starts for the priests. They all run away, but Tagon yells and runs after them!


Inside the palace, taealha is getting her hair brushed by the girl assassin when the girl wraps a chord around her and starts to choke her with it! Taealha sees her knife and tries to get it. At the same time, Saya stops another assassin from going into Tanya’s room and giving her the tea. Saya is the one that wants to give her the tea. But the assassin blows a dust in Sayas face which causes him to fall on the ground and breath belabordly. 

Then the assassin gets his knife and goes inside the room for tanya. But it seems as if tanya felt something so she hides. However, the assassin finds her pretty easily and says that he will send her off without pain. Tanya asks for someone to help her, is anyone outside. But the assassin asks if she thinks anyone will be on her side?

In the woods, The head priest got out and starts to say that tagon is an Egot, he does not need any judgement, just kill tagon. Three people dressed in all black nod to the priest and start to run in the opposits direction, back to tagon.

tagon has killed 26 now, he only has one left.

In the palace, Taelha was able to break free from the girl and starts to knife fight with her. She is able to stab the girl in the neck after doing a few faints and moves.

In the priest room, Saya was able to come to by using his egot powers and makes his eyes go purple so that he can save Tanya. But that makes him pass out from all the expended effort. Tanya runs to his side to see if she can help. And thinks back to what the assassin said, “do you think anyone is on your side in this church?”

She runs to the window and starts to remove the curtains. It looks like she is going to try and propell down the side? Outside, two more guards show up, though they might be assassins. they go inside and see that the assassin failed. Then they see the curtains going down the side of the building.


The other priests find out that the one sent to kill Tanya failed to kill her. the soldier guys don’t know what tnya looks like, so they cant kill her.

Back in her room, Tanya is actually still in the room! She pretended to be the assassin dead on the floor and put Saya in the closet with the ded assassin! (smart move!). When the guards leave, she gets up to check on Saya who is having a hard tome waking up. he tells her to just leave.

Tanya wonders what she should do, she looks at Saya and then takes the knife that was meant for her neck from the assassin. With the clothes she has on, she starts to walk out of the palace with her head down.

In taealha’s room, her main nurse comes in and asks what is happened? Taealha says that they have a coup! Asaron is creating this coup! She leaves and tells the maid that Tagon is in danger, he is alone at the tomb. She runs off with blood all over her and hops on a horse to go to tagon to help him.

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Meanwhile, all of tagon’s warriors are happily drinking as they think that tagon will be reborn as a god after the ceremony! they happily drink and eat and talk. But then someone comes to them with more food. The warriors ask what it is, they did not order it. The server says that his boss wants to treat them because they are all so generous.

One of the warriors asks if this boy is from the white mountain? Because he said come to white mountain instead of go to white mountain. it causes a bit of an issue, but it is a happy drunken issue. One of the warrirs tells the boy not to say white mountain bcause his guys dont’ like it.

The warrior holds the boys hand and asks what he did before he was a waitor, it seems like you practiced sword fighting for more than 10 years. The warriros all looked at him. That is when the boy pulls out a crescent knife and starts to fight  them all. He is able to slice several of them, one of them pretty badly, before he is killed.

They need to get him to the clinic!

Meanwhile, the traitor is thinking about his people finding out that he is a traitor. He practices his bow hard so that he can be strong and no one can harm him. One of his superiors says that he will be strong soon, he is big. But in Asadal, being strong means that you are next to a strong person, so that no one can touch you.

two more royal guards show up. The traitor tells them that he will go to the high priest church and bows himself out. The two royal guard people tell this other guard that they need to tell him something. They look suspicious.

Meanwhile, Taealha’s maid tells several warriors that there is a coup! Taelha was almost killed! The warriors run off to the palace the traitor also hears it and thinks that tanya might be in danger! So he runs to the find her.

Meanwhile, the guard talks with these suspicious guards. They tell him that tagon might be dead, but if he survives, then we might be dead. It looks like the other guys are for Asaron but this guy is for Tagon. But they did not want to follow Asaron’s order which is why they went to this guard. they are all childhood friends, so he wants them all to survive together.

The one on tagon’s side has his sword up, so the other two tell him to put down his sword. They think they can wait to see which side will win so see who will survive. Perhaps they all can survive.

Meanwhile, more assassins with black tongues show up and starts to fight tagon. taealha is also charging to be by his side. She has to ride through several other fighters and ends up getting thrown from her horse. They all surround her with their swords up. 

TH – (yes, this is it, this is that feeling.) I will kill you all!

She gets up and starts to fight them all.

At the same time, tagon fights these black tongue fighters.

In the tavern, the warrior that was cut is struggling to survive. The other warrior finds their group and tells them that Tagon is in trouble! 

taealha continues to fight off these coup guards! She is killing so many of them, but there are a lot.

Tagon keeps fighting his assassins

Back with taealha, she kills the last coup person and starts to head to tagon. But she hears footsteps in the woods and turns to it. It is tagon. they both run to each other and embrace with other poeples blood and guts all on them.

TG – Its all done, I think I killed them all

TH – So we won’t be loved anymore, because we have to kill the rest

TG – I don’t care anymore

TH – From the begining, I didn’t care

She starts to cry and force a smile and they hug again.


In the woods, the main head priest has survived. He runs into a guard (the traitor guard) and tells him that he is a guard, can you guard me? I will bring the soldiers of the gods to me.

The traitor thinks about what the man said, to be strong in Asadal means to stay next to a strong person, then no one will touch you.

Meanwhile, Taealha dresses Tagon’s wounds and they talk about pain and learning through the pain. He thinks they will be in songs anyway. Taealha says it will be a different song now. Then she asks if he thinks Tanya is dead. 

TG – I hope she is alive. Asadal will be destroyed. Without any gods, it will be too sad.

TH – Tagon, you are really nice

Then they hear Tagon’s soldiers running to find them. They ask if he is okay and say that they are too late to come. Tagon asks where Kaetuwa is? They tell him that he was attacked by an assassin, a doctor is watching him but a crescent knife cut his throat.

TG – Tonight will be remembered for a long time in Asadal! Everyone who tried to assassinate me are dead. Asaran is behind it, but he ran away. Gitoha, we lost Gitoha, what happend to you and to Taealha, happened to me too. Asadal chose me and you over the others. So who will you choose! 

They all scream TAGON! Then they yell that they need to go to the high priest and head off with their torches.

In the priest area, one of the priests wonders what is going on, why are his people not back. Then a woman priest comes in and tells him that tagon is still alive, the soldiers are gathering now. They also don’t know where tanya is. the woman says that they lost. They will go back to their god tonight.

The young priest says he will kill Tanya and give her head to Tagon and make him rule the country without a god. But the woman says that he should leave, she will got o Tagon. She tells him to go to the white mountain because everyone should not die.

There was a thrid person with them who looked like a black tongue assassin, but I’m not sure. He watches them leave.

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Elsewhere, an assassin scales a wall.

In the priest church, Tagon and taelha get to the entrance and tells their guards not to let anyone out. then he goes inside with this guards and starts to kill all the priests. They start to fight. Then the doors burst open, the chubby warrior is back! He tells Tagon that he heard his neck was too thick, so the knife did not cut his blood vessels! They all cheer and start to kill everyone again. (they took a pause to welcome the warrior back, lol).

Cut to tanya who has made her way to the priest area. The man who stayed behind (who I think is an assassin) sees tanya, but doesn’t know who she is. He asks her if he is a certain person. Tanya nods. 

he leads Tanya into the sacred room and starts to ask her a lot of questions that tanya says yes to. But that tells the man that this person is not a priest and is probably tanya. So he pushes her to the ground and says that he will kill her! Gods, forgive me!

However, the man that was scaling the wall gets to the top, he was scaling this priest building. He drops in from the opening at the top and starts to fight this priest person. This guy is the masked guard we always see around. He is able to kill the preist.

tanya tells him that they have to rescue Saya. So they run off to her chambers to get Saya and see a couple more guards so they fight them off. The masked guard has a wound on his hand from it, but shakes it off and continues to look for Saya.

He opens the closet where Saya is and starts to have a lot of flashbacks about things.

Masked guard – (Are they really twins? Or is this Eunsom?)

TY – Eunsome does not kill poeple like you guys.

MG – (WHo is he then?)

TY – He is different from you. You are all bad ghosts

MG – You can hear me?

TY – Yes, I can hear you

Another guard comes in to protect her so the masked guard and her stop their psychic chat.

Meanwhile, someone gets word to Tagon that Tanya is still alive. But they don’t know where Asaron is. that is when the chubby traitor comes in with Asaron all bound and gagged. he lays him at the feet of tagon.

tagon immediately kills him with his sword. Everyone is pretty stunned at this. Tagon looks at the chubby warriors name and asks what his name is. He says that he picked his own name. 

Then he starts to talk to the rest of the living priests. One of the young women says that he is a monster. But he says that he did not want to be a monster, you made me a monster! She tells him that they should die together, then she sends a snake up his arm. 

Tagon shakes the snake away quickly, though it looks like it bit him! He says that he will cut this womans ankles in court and starts to leave. They tell him that he should be treated, but he says he is fine and walks away. However, he passes out right away.


Elsewhere, the cresent guard guy goes to the family that has the NeAnthal daughter and tells them that they have to pack their things right away and leave.

In the priest area, the chubby traitor remembers that Asaron said that Tagon is an egot. So the chubby guy asks his boss if egots are strong. The boss says that egots are strong, but compared to NeAnthal, they are nothing. The chubby traitor is all like, ah, okay. He thinks that is why Eunsom is so strong.

In the hospital, the doctor starts to work on Tagon’s arm. it is starting to turn black and decay at the bite mark. The doctor sees that Tagon has purple blood, but tries not to notice it. He tells Taealha that he has done all that he can do and tells her to change his dressing often and tell him to drink this medicine. He will live.

She thanks him and the doctor leaves.

taealha sits at the beside of Tagon as the doctor runs off. Then Taealha gets up to go to the door. She asks for Wooha to come in and follow the doctor. If he does not do anything, then come back. But if he is doing something, then kill him and all his family.

The doctor goes back to his family. Ah! He is the family of the NeAnthal girl! He is her adopted father. He tells them all that they need to pack and leave right now! he will tell them why later.

Outside, the crescent guard is watching the doctor. But he is annoyed because there is a crescent moon so his friends are making fun of him about it. He thinks that he should have killed tanya. Then he thinks back to her saying that on the day he sees a crescent moon, a hand will take his heart out.

he tries to shake that thought away and sees the family leaving. He nods to his warriors and they start to follow along. There are about 4 warriors following. 

In the woods, the docts wife asks why they are leaving? he says that they are leaving otherwise they will all die. then they go to the area where they hid their neAnthal daughter, Neumbyol. They gather her up with them and start to walk out.

But that is when they run into the warriors. The doctor asks what happened. crescent guard says he does not know what happened, but he has orders to kill them all. Line up and I will do it without pain.

But the family starts to run away. The guards ask them if they want to die with pain then? Follow them!

They follow the family and the crescent man shoots an arrow that goes right through the mothers neck. The medicine man says he will die, kill me but let the kids go! I promise to the gods that I did not say anything! Jut kill me!

The warriors wonder what he is talking about. The daughters bow at their feet and beg for leniency. This makes the crescent guy think back to his boss who told him that he can’t kill people just because he wants to. You will be the first one to die if you do this.

In the present, the crescent guy kills the doctor. The daughters are left. They hug each other and ask what they did wrong! The crescent guy tells the warriors to separate the sisters. SO they are dragged apart. The sister tries to get to Noombyul.

Noombyul starts to get angry, her eyes start to turn blue as she sees her sister about to die. But then one of the warriors sees the blue eyes and tells everyone that something is wrong! Step aside! Everyone, all retreat!

The neanthal starts to make the NeAnthal sound (like a ch ch ch sound). She tells them that retreat is already too late. The cresent guy remembers that Tanya told him that rereat is too late is the last thing he will hear in his life.

Noombyul stands and takes the sword from a man and slices him in half as if cutting through water. 

Cut to the chubby warrior asking his boss what will happen if a NeAnthal learns martial arts? the boss says they might not be able to learn it bcause their blood will flow backwards. But if they are able to learn it, then they will become the strongest being in the world

CUt to the forest where Noombyul is killing everyone so easily. The crescent guy thinks back to the crescent moon and starts to run. Noombyul catches him so quickly. He falls on the gorund. 

Tanya – A hand will take your heart out.

Noombyul takes out the guards heart and then turns to look at the last guard standing. She starts to walk to him, but she collapses. The guards also passes out from fright.

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Cut to Eunsom deep in the forest. Eunsom asks Ipsang what will happen. Ipsang says that they will sell us as slaves. They are Ago tribe. Ipsang lied about being in the Ago tribe.  

Eunsom looks up and sees an Ago person and thinks that they can do something. Tell them that I have a contagious disease. I have a blue mark on my back so we can say it is contagious. Ipsang tellshim to shut up, they understand us. Ago is a part of the Asadal union!

The Ago guy that is looking at them tells him that this was a good plan. He starts to walk away. But he takes aother look at Ipsang who is looking at the river and trying not to be seen. It looks like the Ago person is thinking about something as he looks at him.

Meanwhile, Eunsom’s other people are waiting at the cave. They think something must have happened because things should not take this long. Moobaek is waiting for them. They start to think about where they should go. 

In the woods, we see Moobaek leading the priests back to Asadal from White Mountain. In the city, all the priests are on their knees and bound up in the city center in front of the palace. All the people are upset and wonder what happened. In the crowd the men says that these priests tried to kill Tagon and taealha. They can’t believe it and wonder how this can happen? They serve the gods. But they tried to kill a living god, so they deserve that this happened.

The other warriors come in, but they don’t see one person and asks where he is.

In Tagon’s room, the chubby traitor warrior is all beaten up. tagon might have had it done. He asks the chubby warrior why he bound Asaraon’s mouth when he brought him there. The warrior person says that Asaran told him that tagon is an egot and that he would kill him for knowing anyway. 

Tagon asks him why he brought Asaraon to him then.

The warrior traitor says it does not matter, because he will die anyway, by his friends. He starts to cry. 

Tagon goes up to him and tells him not to wash the blood from his face and to follow him.

Cut to Tanya in her pleasant lovely room again. One of the women says that she is so scared. She starts to use jongdaemal. Tanya says she doesn’t have to use it with her when they are alone together. But the woman says that she thinks that something will happen. 

Saya comes in then so tanya gets up and asks if he is okay? Are you really okay? The woman takes her leave and Saya smiles. He asks Tanya is she worried about him?

Tanya tells him that he is okay so she is fine. He is happy she worried about him. It is the first time that someone worried about him without anything to gain.

TY – So what happened?

SY – What?

TY – Don’t you see all the hostages?

SY – I heard about it

TY – Okay, so the priest, yes, but the others don’t have anything to do with what happened yesterday

SY – It does not matter in this situation

TY – What?

SY – They should all die, otherwise we cannot move forward

TY – What?

SY – We have to show all the fear, they should all be sad, but we have to put fear in them as soon as possible (make the sadness into fear as soon as possible). But it won’t happen, dn’t worry. Abogi is not like me. He will hesitate. He has not given up wanting to be loved by all the people of the union. 

TY – Do you think so? Asaron was killed like that?

SY – Asaron had a reason for it

Person – Everyone is ready, you should come in.



In the city outside the palace, Moobaek comes walking back in and looks at all the people gathered. A lot of the people don’t want the mother of the White Mountain to be treated like this, even though she behaved in this way.

Moobaek continues to walk to the front of the group and has the oldest priest to come up, the grandmother priest who is the mother of the mountain. the chubby warrior with his neck slit tells Moobaek that they did all of this because they knew that Moobaek was not here. they also wonder where the crescent guy is.

that is when we see the warrior that passed out in the woods come stumbling in to the city.

In the woods, the sisters are in a cave and the human daughter starts to provide medicine for her sister who is a NeAnthal. She wodners if this is becasue of tagon? The sister wakes up and the two sisters embrace that they are both okay.

Inside the palace, Tagon and Taealha walk along a hall with the traitor warrior behind them along with another warrior. The traitor warror has a mallet in his hands.

Taelha asks if everyone is there, Tagon says that they should be. taealha says that it is not their fault. Tagon says that they have no guiltiness to the gods.

then they go inside the throne room and Tagon stands at the throne with Tanya. Tanya is stunned to see her tribe man all beaten and wounded. But she does not say anything about it. Tagon sits at his throne. Saya looks at him and then turns to the front.

Then a man announces what happened last night. Asaron and the chiefs from 5 different tribes tried to have a coup. But with gods healp and with Tagon’s bright light, they overcame the trouble. The man bows.

 But he is the only one that bows so this might not be good news. A man steps forward and says that his people followed but did not know what was going on. They are all dead, but you should not arrest the family members as well. They are family members of the coup but don’t treat them like this.

Another man steps forward and says that they are from the White mountain and where just following orders, they did not know what was going on. Are you breaking the union?!

More people step forward and say that Asaron called them, that is why they showed up. They say it was all Asaron’s fault and ask Tagon to answer.

Saya thinks that his father will tell them all that they should be together as one and that is how it will all wrap up. he sighs. Taealha gives Tagon a signal. Tagon sends her a signal back. Then Tagon sends a signal to Moontae (the tribe traitor).

Moontae takes a move forward. In the hall, Moonbaek walks in and wodners what Tagon is going to do.

He opens the door to the throne room and sees Moontae beating the ish out of everyone there with his mallet. All the leaders of the throne are beaten to death in front of everyone. Saya is stunned and kind of scared perhaps? tanya is horrified. Moontae finishes and looks at Tagon.

Everyone looks at tagon. tagon stands up. Saya thinks that this is it, his eyes, these are the eyes of a King.

TG – (This is it, the thing I really did not want to do. The King of a destroyed country. Me. Tagon.)

He looks out over all the blood and destruction and fear in the room and all the people look back at him.

Fade Out


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Goodness, this episode was pumping from beginning to end! I really enjoyed the non stop action of this coup and the ramifications that it is about to have over Asadal. They should have let Tagon rule peacefully over a unified country because now he has gone blood thirsty and is killing everyone and their mamas, literally. 

It would have been nice to have a bit more of Eunsom in this episode, I kind of forgot that he was out there somewhere and that he mattered at all. I was much more concerned with Saya and what that stuff was that was sprayed on him to make him all messed up. Also, why didn’t that dude just spray that dust stuff on Tanya? Or, perhaps he wanted to spray it on Tanya but Saya got it instead, which is what allowed Tanya to be saved.

I have a feeling that Eunsom’s storyline might take precedence in tomorrows episode because he has such little screen time today. There are at least two more huge storylines tied to Eunsom’s storyline (I’m talking the escaped tribesmen and the Chief of the winter people who are looking for Eunsom), so those might also get a good amount of screen time tomorrow as well. I will say that Eunsom needs a lot more story time with the main cast because Saya is about to sweep all the love away from him. I really like Saya, he is giving the audience a lot to root for. The only problem is that Saya is weird.

One thing i want to know is if all the priests died outside while that blood bath inside was taking place? Did Tagon have a change of heart, or did he pretty much snap when he was attacked and went all the way in the other direction. You know those people who are super calm and have a lot of patience until they are tested one too many times and then go off? I think that is the kind of person Tagon is. He is going off right now. Though, I don’t think he is too far gone and might actually be a good King if he is allowed to lead the way he wants to.


Translated Teaser/Preview for Episode 16 of Arthdal Chronicles

VO – twenty something years ago, three kids were born at the same day, same time. Everyone is in a tragedy.

VO – Airugu answered. 

VO – Do it oppositely and live life giving

TY – Follow this will. Otherwise, you will disappear with the pain of your entire body shredding.

ES/SY – If we don’t do it

TY – Cut all the limbs

ES/SY – We will be dead with all the pain shredding our body

VO – Three babies were born with the fate of bells and a mirror and a sword and they brightened the world.


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  1. Tutti
    September 14, 2019 / 9:29 am

    Thank you for the recap! It was an excting episode. By the way, when Ensom will do anything meaningful? All he does is trying to escape from place to place. It seems like Arthadal needs at least 10 seasons.

    • Anonymous
      September 14, 2019 / 12:51 pm

      Right! It would be nice if Eunsom started building something substantial. As of right now, I’m not so sure he can build his army (if he didn’t already have that army searching for him 😎.

      • V
        September 14, 2019 / 12:53 pm

        I want him to start using that animal power of his more often! He needs to master it before the final battle, yo.

  2. Hello
    September 14, 2019 / 9:34 am

    Thank you for the recap, V! I also want Eusom to show his face more, I miss him! Like Tutti said, he has been trying to survive this entire time, when will he get his army?

    My guess is that he will team up with the winter people and they will be his army. But will he overthrow Asadal? I don’t think he want so stay there. I feel like he just wants to go back to their peaceful home below the plateau and across the volcano field.

    • V
      September 14, 2019 / 12:55 pm

      I’m with you, his army is looking for him and they are looking for him because he is a good person that protected someone he didn’t even know or have any clue of. He just protected her because that was the right thing to do. So, it is kind of nice that he has this army that will presumably do anything for him, he just needs to run into them!

    • ellenty45@gmail.com
      September 15, 2019 / 7:31 am

      congratulations to the whole family team of Arthdal Chronicles for creating such a beautiful unique drama
      it’s a story like no other bringing into live by the whole casts giving more than their best that no one can duplicate
      Arthdal Chronicles deserves an award

      • Den81
        September 15, 2019 / 9:28 am

        They definitely do!

    • Krissy
      September 15, 2019 / 8:46 pm

      Eunsom could be minister for internal and external affairs. His relationship mgt skills will go a long way in keeping peace among the tribes.

  3. Krissy
    September 15, 2019 / 4:33 pm

    Is it just me? I feel bad for Tagon if he will end up dying. Yes, he aspired to be in a powerful king, but he wanted to rule in the hearts of people and be accepted for what he is- an Igutu. His father, Asa Hon and Mihol’s political machinations woke up the beast in him. He is a complicated character who is good by nature but is forced to be cruel in order to survive. When Tanya chose to be merciful to Asa Kan and the families of those who revolted, Tagon only smiled and accepted it. He’s glad that Tanya, being merciful can balance out his ruthlessness. (episode 16).

    They say Arthdal Chronciles is based on Dangun legend. As Dangun brought the 3 heavenly objects : bell, mirror and sword; Tagon brought Tanya, Saya and Eunsom to Arthdal. As prophesied, they will be instrumental in bringing down “old” Arthdal and ushering in the era of a better society where all tribes (Sarams), Neanthals and Igutus can live in harmony. In the end, I’m hoping Tagon will be the King of the new society. Praying that the “old” Tagon (who prefers to be loved than feared) will return once he learns that the best way to live in people’s heart is through kindness and benevolence, as exemplified by Tanya and Eunsom. Saya and Taelha? I don’t want them to die either. Tagon needs them in handling people like Mihol and Asa Ron. A great King is balanced-a benevolent but a just ruler.

    • Happy Beatle
      September 15, 2019 / 6:46 pm

      It’s not just you. I also feel really bad for Tagon. I like him! I don’t want him to be this broken bad leader who kills at the drop of a hat. I really just want this to be a stage for him. Spoiler Episode 16 – I agree with you about Tagon smiling when Tanya got the love of the people and made them appreciate their mercifulness. I think he likes that she still has the heart of the people because he still wants the people to be happy. – end Episode 16 spoiler.

      Thank you for the information about the 3 Heavenly objects. I did not know that about that part of the history, that is pretty cool! I feel like I need to go read up on it. I really wonder how this will all work out because it really seems as if the writer made everyone in the palace hatable after episode 15 and 16. So now that they are despicable, it is easier to see them fall (for the viewer). But like you, I still hold out hope that everything will work out alright for Tagon and some of the other people in the palace (like Saya and Taelha). Though I’m not sure if it will end up that way.

      I’m holding out on hope though.

      • Krissy
        September 15, 2019 / 8:35 pm

        Yay! Glad you’re also rooting for Tagon 🙂 He seemed unforgivable when he killed his father but episode 15 redeemed him. The backstory why he came up with the plan to kill all Neanthals and Igutus and the scene where he visited his father’s grave were pivotal in humanizing him. Both scenes only showed how desperately he yearned for his father’s approval and acceptance.

        It’s interesting how the writers presented most of the characters (except Asa Ron and Mihol) because I learned to hate and love them. But you’re right, some characters would have to die… Just sad..

        • Happy Beatle
          September 16, 2019 / 6:52 am

          Yep! Episode 15 made him seem like a tortured hero. He basically had to hide who he was his entire life and kill everyone who found out. He couldn’t trust anyone. Poor thing.

  4. Krissy
    September 15, 2019 / 8:47 pm

    Eunsom could be minister for internal and external affairs. His relationship mgt skills will go a long way in keeping peace among the tribes.

  5. Etofilz
    June 3, 2020 / 8:39 am

    What later happened after the coronation of Tagon as the king?? I don’t think the last season of the movie is out yet …. Any answer? I just finished watching it now and it didn’t end well , I tried to check if I can get the last season but the sellers keep on saying that season 7 is the last season. I don’t know if they’ve watched the movie at all … Lol.

    Who knows the full story or where I can get the full movie…. I mean from after the coronation of Tagon as the king he now ordered to attack the Ago tribe which is where Eunseom is serving as uhmmm was it 🤔 ( the water god or something

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