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Arthdal Chronicles: Episode 14 Live Recap

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 14 live recap
Kdrama Arthdal Chronicles Part III, courtesy tvN

Alright, we have a lot that happened in the last episode to get to. First, Tanya became the high priestess who is second only to Tagon. She is working with Tagon to rule the nation. Her first action was to free her people and bring them all to be with her in the palace city. However, one of those people is a turncoat, which is how he survived as a soldier.

Eunsum was able to escape slavery, go to a winter fortress, and speak with the chief of a certain tribe. He ended up saving this chiefs life and her babies life, and disappeared into the night. This only made the chief want to find him and return the favor, so she called all her people and told her that they are looking for a man with a mark on his back. They will repay their debt to him even if it takes their children’s children’s time! She even had a flag made of the mark and everything.

Also, a lot of people in the palace are noticing that Saya looks a lot like Eunsom. They don’t know what to make of it and they don’t know who to talk to about it.

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We open with the chief telling her people that they will all die until they find this mysterious man with this mark and repay him for the good he did for them! She tells them that he should not be far away! Find him! Look everywhere!

She points to the distance and all her tribe people say yes and go to find him.

In the woods, some men talk and say that they should not be the only egot in the mountain, she said he had purple lips, so there should be another. They find tracks and starts to head out.

Elsewhere, Tanya’s people are celebrating their good fortune in a village. It is a festival where everyone is painting their faces and adorning their heads with flowers. Everything is free so that the people can enjoy it. But then a raging bull heads through the market. One of the women saves a boy.

But the bull continues raging. A man is about to get hit so one of the girls sees it, her eyes turn blue meaning that she is a neanderthal (animal person). She is able to stop the bull! But she passes out.

She is taken to a back shop to rest. The man (their father) says that her energy was cut so she passed out, but it is connected again. Her sister tells the father that people saw it and she also learned martial arts from street people. They need to be careful.

In the palace, Tagon meets with a person who kneels to greet him at his throne. Tagon gives him a blessing and the man leaves. Tagon asks if they are all done, his assistant tells him there is one more person. This person is Haemihul, Tahara’s father.

Tagon excuses everyone, they all leave and Haemihul starts to talk. He tells him that he knew Tanya would know where the star ring was. They both start to laugh. But Tagon stops.

TG – DO you think you successfully lied to me? 

HM –  don’t think neither, it is good for you that I kneeled in front of you. Tanya can replace the holiness, but I am irreplaceable because I know the secret of making brass (making weapons).

Tagon tells him to kneel first. But HM still stays standing, so Tagon asks him if he can’t? that is when Haemihul kneels to him.

HM – This is our greeting to the king. You want to be the King right? You will be the king and asadal will become the kingdom. How much do you know about Kings? I was born in a country with a King and under the Kings rule. You need me. I am sure that I can help you. I want you to use me like a mole. I am always on the side of the most powerful. You know that. As long as you are the most powerful, I will not betray you.

TG – I trust you, when I lose power, you will be the first to betray me.

HM –  I take that as a compliment.

Then they start to talk about a mountain and if tagon goes to the white mountain? The priest won’t easily give away his power. They are from the white mountain. Tagon starts to chuckle so HM asks him why he is laughing.



In the White Mountain, two priests talk. One is the old high priest. The young one asks him if he is giving away all his power like this? they only have one last chance, otherwise they will lose all their power.

But, when they get to the edge of the cave, they see armed guards.

In the palace, Tagon tells HM that he is embarrassed because HM worries about him too much. He tells him that he gave him good advice, but it is too late. Tagon leaves.


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In the mountain cave, Moobaek says that he got an order to serve him well. Then an older woman calls for the former high priestess. They start to walk through the cave. the woman says that the soldiers came here before us. They are everywhere. He does not want us to think otherwise and was scared of us to come to white mountain.

In the palace city, Tagon speaks with his people and tells them that we are here now because they endured everything with him. he starts to talk about all the history of what happened to them. They suffered a lot, but these men stayed with him. His guards all say yes, they suffered together! 

Tagon tells them that they are here! The white mountain is under control by Moobaek. Now, only one, Gohamsan, remains. Please take care of Gohamsan (Gohamsan is the shouting mountain). They all bow to him. Tagon tells them that actually he has a secret. Actually, he hates killing people.

They all looks stunned. One of the guards stands up jovially and says he is the same as him! I don’t like killing people either! Ha ha. They all start to stand and chuckle at that. One guard says he says it was a secret, but they knew it before, like with his son. Tagon says yes, he has a son. You all have sons and so do I. 

they ask who the mother is. Tagon says it is Taealha.

Cut to Taealha in her quarters. One of her maids says that her father kneeled in front of Tagon. Taealha asks what happened. The maid starts to say what happened. Taealha asks where Saya is, is he in the great church?

Now we go to the Great Church where Saya is speaking. He says that he is going to serve Tanya.  One of the women in the audience thinks that Saya really looks like Eunsom. Saya keeps speaking and says that Tanya will lead the church. he starts to give orders to the people and asks the people to follow his order.

He then kneels in front of Tanya and extends his hand for her to hold it. Tanya is a bit lost and does not know what to do so he has to whisper that this is custom. So she holds his hand and he stands to walk with her. One woman in the audience asks another if this is really custom? The other woman says she does not know, this is the first time she has seen it.

They keep walking like this. tanya asks if they have to continue? He says it is custom, just learn to do it. But she says it is a bit uncomfortable. He tells her its custom and keeps talking to her as they walk with the other maids following them. Tanya talks about her people so he asks if she will keep talking about them? Sh says that they are all related because they are all people so she worries about them.

Tanya also asks Saya if he ever worries about his brother? He is confused with the question, but says that if he has a brother then it does not matter because he has never seen them.

Meanwhile, The soldiers leave Tagon and say that it does not matter who the real mother is, Taealha is the official mother. Then they see Saya walking hand in hand with Tanya. They all wonder why he is holding her hand, lol. When the procession gets to them, they all kneel. They tell Saya that they are going to the shouting mountain. Tanya asks where Moobaek is. So they tell her that he is in the white mountain.

Saya tells them to do a good job with no trouble and Tanya tells them to take care of it well.

Then they keep walking off. But one of the guards (the crescent moon guy) is so annoyed that he saw tanya and starts to storm off and kick the dirt.

In the White Mountain, one of the priestess tells the former high priest that they asked Tagon and Tanya to come. They can think about what to do next, when they come. But the man priest is quiet, he thinks that Tagon will be like a living god. The mother priestess says that Tagon is not the problem, they can have a bigger disaster in Asadal. Tagon is the one that can stop it.

But the man is worried because he cannot see the gods anymore without holy smoke. So he cannot see what she sees anymore.

Later on, the former high priest walks off with the younger priest as they go up the cave. A mysterious man follows as well. the older priest tells the younger priest to call the shaki. The mysterious man walks away as the young man asks them if they should? Are you sure?

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In the palace, Taealha shows off their new flag to tagon. It is a huge flag on the floor and looks like an intricate ruge of a horse fighting a dragon or something like that. She tells him that they will be one, their name will be one as well. It will be the name of the land and the name of the country. Tagon wonders, so we become a country? She says yes. We will be a song. Instead of the other gods, we will be the song itself.

TH – I trust you, but I did not know if it would happen. But I don’t like one thing.

TG – What is it?

TH – Your temper is the only thing I don’t like. (he laughs). You are the strongest already for awhile. You can do anything you want. But you are reserved and hesitating and you need to get love from people about the union. Is my love not enough?

TG – The end of people in power is gruesome if that person does not have any love from people. that dictators end is gruesome. I know why.

He starts to explain why he thinks things go that way and tells Taealha that she should lvoe him also. She says that she will because he did all this with the love of people and accomplished all of this without drawing blood. He says, becasue you were here, we did not betray each other. They touch each others cheeks and then hold hands. Taealha tells tagon that they are really becoming butterflies now. They continue to hold hands in solidarity on their new flag in the middle of the room.

Meanwhile, Eunsum and Ipsang still walk in the woods. Eunsum is still upset at Ipsang and won’t talk to him. Ipsang offers his jacket as a truce and tells him to forgive him. they start to talk but Ipsang says that you should only trust yourself if you want to survive. Eunsum says he was not raised like that and walks away. Ipsang yells something at him which causes some nearby men to hear.

Ipsang asks Eunsum how he grew up and says that living that way will make him live in the ground. They keep bickering about that, though Eunsum doesn’t really want to talk to him. Ipsang tells Eunsum to think about the gold again, they did everything so they should have it all. However, Eunsum sees something moving in the bushes and tells Ipsang to run!

A bear charges out and starts to chase them!

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Eunsum ends up running back for Ipsang and saving his life. But then Ipsang cuts Eunsum’s leg so that he can run faster from the bear. Eunsum starts to limp away from the bear and falls down a hill. The bear falls too!

Eunsum is able to brace himself against a rock and tries to defend himself from the bear. Ipsang continues to run away and says that Eunsum would have died anyway!

But Eunsum is miraculously not injured! Two neanderthals come out and magic the bear away with their mind of something. Eunsum thanks them. The neanderthals walks away. But Eunsom tells them that they are neanderthal! I am Egot!

On the the men walks back to him and smells him, he senses something, but he says that it does not mean anything. Then he leaves to walk off with the other neanderthal. He thinks that he survived! Your son! He is talking to the Eunsum’s father in the past, who died. This is the boy that survived, Loti. The other man asks what this means with that egot. Loti and this guy keep walking. We find out that Eunsums name is Asahoon.

Meanwhile, Ipsang thinks that he needs to go back to get Eunsum’s dead body and the medallion. But he runs into some warriors/theives/guards. They give chase through the mountains and area able to stop Ipsang who ends up getting his leg injured. Eunsum hears this.

One of the men asks Ipsang where Olmadae is. Ipsang does not want to tell him beacuse he is not sure if they will kill him. The man says that if they tell him, then they can catch Olmadae and then release him. Ipsang says that he will lead them.

Elsewhere in the woods, other people are hunting the slaves and wonder where they can go. Then they see the chief riding toward them slowly followed by all her men. They are immediately scared and move over for them. But the chief stops and asks these men who goldoo is. 

Goldoo starts to talk to them and says that he does not owe them anything. But the women tell him that he is the one that captured Satunik and put him in the grave underground! Goldoo says he did not do it! We did not know he was Momo tribe!

Btu he is sliced immediately. The chief asks the rest if they are looking for the purple lipped guy. I also want to know where he is. Tell me everything you know!

Cut back to Ipsang who is leading the group of mountain men. But they get to a point where they have to decide which way to take and start to argue over it. They wonder if they should go across the mountain or around the forest. They decide to go around the forest. Eunsum is following them.

Meanwhile, the freed slaves continue to wait for Eunsum and Ipsang, though they worry about Ipsang.

With the mountain men, the men have settled down to eat and sleep for the night. Ipsang asks for some food because he has not eaten in a couple days. That is when Eunsum comes in to rescue him and strings one of the men up by a noose.

He is able to run away with Ipsang, but Ipsang gets cut and bleeds from his arm. However, they are able to escape because they fall down a hill and the other men do not follow. It appears that well they fell is Agoo land. Ipsang tells Eunsum that they have to leave! This is Agoo land! We have to leave!

Eunsum asks him if he always lies and tells him he tripped on purpose so that he could cut his leg and leave him for bait for the bear? Why did you do that? Ipsang asks, don’t you know why? Of course I want to survive!

Ipsang calls him a little s**t. Ipsang says yes, he is like s**t, but why do you try to rescue this s**t? I tried to kill you! Why did you come back to rescue me? I could tell them where the cave is, so why didn’t you kill me? When everyone was fighting, I was hiding to get the gems. In the mountain, I ran away. And today, I used you as bait for the bear. Why did you put your life in danger for someone like me? Tell me.

Eunsum says he needs him. Ipsang asks why. Eunsum says he wanted to make him his soldier/follower. Ipsang asks why he needs him? You are a super strong Egot. But Unsum says he is weak, he has no power. SOmeone with power took all his people and put them underground. He needs power to rescue them. In this world, the most important thing are the amount of followers you have, the amount of people under you. That is why I thought I needed as many followers as possible. But our tribe does not ahve followers or leaders, so I did not know those things. I did not know how to make a follower, so that is why I was being nice to you. But maybe I shouldn’t make one this way. Lets separate from here, lets quit.

IS – Who are you going to fight against? Someone strong?

ES – Asadal

IS – Who in Asadal?

ES – Asadal, the union itself.

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Eunsum starts to walk away from Ipsang, but Ipsang tries to stop him.

IS – You shouldn’t go that way. Over there! We have to ride a boat! A boat!

ES – You don’t know where to go.

IS – I am the third son of a chief in Aboo, I just know. Come on.

They both get on a boat and start to sale down the river. Morning comes and Ipsang wakes up first. He wakes up Eunsum and tells him to start paddling with his hands! They are in their territory! Ipsang is paddling hard, but Eunsum notices something on land. It is the agoo tribe. they look a bit terrifying.

In the palace church, Saya and another priest wonder why they saw the Aboo tribe and Saya with them. They wonder what that means.

Meanwhile, The former high priest talks to Tanya in her room about how everything is starting to go back to where it needs to be. He thinks it is good fortune for their union. then Saya comes in and looks at the priests. The head priest does not know who he is so Saya says that he is Tagon’s son. The head priest chuckles and says he did not know he had a son like this.

But the priests are nervous when they leave as they find out about this hidden son. They also talk about these mysterious people and how they have come in.

In her quarters, Taealha looks at a pretty dagger and other gifts. Her maid thinks it is lovely looking and also tells Taealha that she probably oforgot her sword fighting right? They start to joke at who would win in a sword fight between the two of them.

But then a little girl comes in so Taelha says she hasn’t seen her before, she is a pretty girl.

Cut to the priests and Tanya. tanya is learning a new dance or ceremonial movement or something. Saya watches along quietly in the distance. Then he makes his presence known after a boy spills something or does something on tanya (missed that part). This new person looks a bit sinister.

Elsewhere, Tagon speaks with tanya’s father about brass. tagon says he is the father of the high priest, but he still works as a blacksmith? Did you find out the secret of brass? Tanya’s father says no, but he did find out something else, steel. Tagon says that steel is useless. Tanya’s father says it is becasue it is not pure. If they can have pure steel then it will be. It is easier to find steel than brass. If they can wear one brass sword then they can make 100,000 steel weapons.

tagon tells him that he is good at adaptation. If that actually is possible, then other tribes would have done that already. Then a man comes in to tell Tagon the news about when he should leave. This means that Tanya will have to leave also. Tanya’s father uses this as a good exiting point.

It he church, all Tanya’s people look at Saya and think that they look so similar. Saya tells the father that he is not a slave anymore, he can be confident. then he also tells the other people that they will see their old people soon. Everyone is happy except the big chubby one. He is fakey happy because he is the traitor to the tribe.

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Night falls on the palace and Taealha wants to see tagon. But the guards outside his door says that he is not there. taealha wonders where he can be. She also wonders if the guarsds will drink alcohol without him? But we also find out that today is “that” day. 

Cut to Tagon walking outside alone. We flashback to him walking as a child next to another man. the man tells him, if you are lucky…~. Then they keep walking through the woods.

Adult Tagon walks on in the woods.

Cut to little Tagon calling for his father alone in the woods. He is only like 6 or 7 years old and is all alone. It looks like his father deserted him in the woods to fend for himself. So the boy has to run from wolves and all sorts of animals in the woods.

The boy finds his way back to his home and is so happy to see his father, but the father tries to kill him!

Adult Tagon gets to a stone henge like ruins in the woods.

But the appa stops trying to kill him and tells him that he will make him alamoonhesla. Until that point, don’t show your blood to anyone.

We see the boy growing up and hiding his blood. We also see the father killing everyone that finds out, even one of Tagon’s friends entire family. Tagon himself kills another kid for finding out. He is so sorry about it and tells the kid that his entire family could have been killed. I am really sorry!

Tagon thinks about all this while sitting at the runs.

then, we see him as a young man. Someone tells him that the negotiation failed, now it is war. Poeple will kill Egot first. You need to leave Asadal. But tagon tells his father that he will keep the promise he made with him! He asks, what about those poeple that die for me? 

Adult Tagon tells the ruins, I give my people the promise that died for me that I will become aramoonhesla. Your death was not useless, it will be a sacrifice for the greater good of a greater country. Give me your blessing, father.

He starts to cry.

But then the former head priestess talks to him and asks if he is there to see his father? Are you there to see if the white mountain people came here? If that many people came, then you would get notification because you put all your captains around the mountain. tagon says it was to protect the priest so that their efforts of not drawing blood would be protected. the priest laughs and asks if he thinks he would try to betray him? Good job putting the captains there.

Tagon tells him that he wants to do this ceremony without any trouble. Then he goes into a memory where he says he saw that his fathers neck was half cut. In the present, the priest tells Tagon that he does not understand. Your father hated you so much, but you did all this for your father?

Tagon asks him if he thinks anything changed?

the priest tells him that Tagon is there because he killed his own father? Well, that is a good thing. But Tagon says that nothing is justified for killing your own father. The priest says that, in anycase, the one who killed his father is the King and Alamoonhesla (he starts to speak banmal). then a lot of people show up behind Tagon.

Priest – You killed your own father, and killed priests, and made a fake asashim (direct bloodline priest). DO you think you will get the union? Everyone in asadal will know your real self.

The people behind the priest run to surround Tagon.

Priest – Tagon, you are the rotten part of Asadal….It is my duty to remove the rotten part as a servant of the gods and to fullful my duty.

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In the palace, the girl who Taealha said is pretty, bring tea to Taealha and asks if she wants her to comb her hair? Taealha says okay and sits for her. 

Then we see that young man from earlier who spilt the drink. He has another drink he is bringing. Saya sees him taking it in and tells him that he will take it from here. But the boy won’t let him. Saya is all like, what? Are you new here?

Taealha asks the girl combing her hair where she is from. The girl says she is from deep in the mountain.

At the stonehedge, Tagon is shocked to angry tears and asks why the priest is doing this, I tried so hard! But then he remembers what Taealha said, he hesitates and does not draw blood and wants love from people in the union. You accomplished it by getting love from people in the union and without drawing blood.

But Tagon says this is a failure, it is possible to do this without drawing blood.

One of the men hops a stonehendge and stabs Tagon. He tells him that he can’t move anymore because of where he put the knife. But then he sees the purple blood pouring out of Tagon. Everyone is stunned.

TG – It still didn’t work, even though I tried so hard. I should have known that before. All the people that died for me, I am sorry. it is all your fault. I didn’t want to stand on a bloody mass. I did not want to Kill. 

Priest – Tagon is an egot!

Tagon attacks the man that stabbed him, he dies super easily. The priest tells them that they need to run away!. Tagon’s eyes turn purple, the animal comes out in him and he charges!

Fade Out



Oh wow! Things just amped up to a hundred million! thank you Z~ for explaining who the girl is that stopped the bull attack! So, she is one of the very last remaining NeAnthals, but their numbers are very few. Possibly only 5 remain. I only say possibly just to account for any tricks that the writer might give to us. The man was her foster father and the girl her foster sister.

It makes perfect sense why Eunsum was trying to save Ipsang all this time! In his own logic, he was trying to build followers and had no idea how to do it. So naturally, he thought if he helped someone then they would want to become his follower. I don’t even know if he even thinks “repaying” a debit is what he was trying to do, I really think he just thought being nice would grant him a follower. Which does work for a lot of people, just not Ipsang. But, he may have gotten a loyal follower in the end by being honest with Ipsang about what he was doing. I do love how we are on this journey with Eunsum in figuring out how this masters and followers land works. But he needs to get up to speed quickly because I think we only have two episodes left right? Or are there more?

I was so shocked that Tagon ended up being a good person for the most part. He wanted to save lives, not kill people. He also had a lot of debts to repay himself for causing a lot of people to die in the past. I really felt for little Tagon after he killed his friend in sudden terror that his secret was found out and that means her entire family would be killed. Poor thing. So witnessing so much bloodshed growing up, caused him to not want to see it as an adult. That, plus what I guess is his natural tendency to kindness, pretty admirable. He basically had a peaceful exchange of power before that was even a thing.

However, these darn priests think that makes Tagon weak and are about to try and kill him to get their power back. Little did they know that he is part Egot and is about to go into a rage induced killing spree on those fools! Can you imagine if he also discovers that Taealha and Tanya are about to be killed because of him as well? Oh hell no!

This episode was great, I can’t wait till next week!


VO – Do you think anyone is on your side in this high church?

VO – Traitors live, those who are betrayed, die.

VO – No guilty feeling? The dead body is the evidence

VO – What happened to Tagon? It is war!

VO – I will kill you all.

ES – Today, we commited crime together, so lets get punished together

TG – Tonight, Asadal will remembered for a long time

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  1. Z~
    September 8, 2019 / 7:49 am

    The girl in the market place who stopped the bull is Nunbyeol, she is one of the 5 NeAnthals left, and that old man she saved was her foster father, Harim who saved Nunbyeol when she was a child during the Mantiev War (a war following the genocide attack in Atturad).

    • V
      September 8, 2019 / 9:16 am

      Thank you so much for this!!!!!!

      • Z~
        September 8, 2019 / 10:10 am

        You’re welcome~ this drama can be really confusing most of the time because of sooo much events and on top of that there’s a lot of characters being introduced throughout the episodes even up until this season 🙈 but it’s what that keeps the drama more intriguing and interesting 😆

        • V
          September 8, 2019 / 1:20 pm

          Oh my gosh, there are so many characters! But I’m the same as you, I think that keeps it pretty interesting, especially since they have been doing it since the begining! It would be weird if all of a sudden they started giving us all these new characters 😁

  2. West Coast Gal
    September 8, 2019 / 9:20 am

    thank you for the recap! So fast!

  3. igot
    September 8, 2019 / 9:32 am

    I skipped episodes 6-12 because I was confused with the terminology, but actually I enjoyed Ep13-14. I watched the 1 hour summery of the previous episodes and it helped a lot. I hope Arthadal chronicles ends well so they can continue to the next season. By the way, is it season 1 ep14 or season 3 ep2?

    • V
      September 8, 2019 / 9:46 am

      We are so confused with the episode names toooooooo. We are going with just keeping up with the episode numbers and ignoring the seasons. ☺️

  4. happy camper
    September 8, 2019 / 2:53 pm

    Thank you for this episode DM!

    I really love Song Joong-ki and feel like I am in Heaven since I get to see him play two characters. I like that he is exploring more acting choices in his roles and hope that the ratings don’t make him go to a safe role as his next role. As far as the two characters, they are very different to me so I am pretty impressed with his acting of each one. One is refined and dignified whereas the other is pretty carefree. I feel like both of them are pretty innocent.

    I like that it looks like both Eunsom and Saya are going to be in a kind of love triangle with Tanya. I wonder how that will work with the special effects, though? But it will be nice to see that happen. It was pretty adorable that Saya kept telling tanya that holding hands was custom when everyone else was all like, um…what are they doing?

    I also really like that Tagon is about to go apes**t on everyone for ruining all that he has peacefully worked toward all these years. Though it is not really peaceful considering several lives were taken during his lifetime, and all because they found out that he is mixed.

    Umm, Okay
    there are a few things that still make me scratch my head because there are new characters making appearances and the time line is not so understood. Forinstance, how far away are these mountains? It seems like you can get there and back in one day? I am so confused with distance and the time it takes to get to and from places. It seems like everyone is everywhere all the time except for the people that are always in the palace. But, right now I know just to go with it.

    Anyway, thank you for the recap and for this info dump on all my feels about this show! Can’t wait until next week! Also, is it the finale week????

    • V
      September 8, 2019 / 5:37 pm

      I am with you with the distances between places and the time it takes to get there! That confuses me too! 😁

  5. Anonymous
    September 8, 2019 / 5:39 pm

    Thank you so much for the recap! Love it!

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