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Arthdal Chronicles Ending Explained (Must Watch Epilogue)

Arthdal Chronicles ending cartoon/illustration explained
Arthdal Chronicles ending cartoon/illustration

Here is the illustrated epilogue that explains what is going to happen in Arthdal after part 3! I am so glad this was mentioned in the comments of the finale by several people. Otherwise I would just stay confused at that ending.

I am not sure if they will do a part 4 since the ratings were not as amazing as they expected, but at least we do have this to kind of close out Arthdal Chronicles with. One annoying thing is that we don’t know who the mirror is or the bell or the sword. Of course we can guess, but I would have preferred that to be explicitly stated in episode 18, you know? (People are saying on DC Inside that season 2 {a legit season 2, not part I, II, and III} will come out, so there is still hope).

The translated Video is below and we also included a written summary below it. It really looks like this epilogue should have been part III, part III should have be part II, and part II should have been combined with part I. Especially if they did not plan on continuing with the story after this season.

Also, if anyone knows who the illustrator is, then please let us know! We would like to give him/her credit in the post.

If the video does not show up for you then go to this link to see the video!

Arthdal Chronicles Ending Explained


In the epilogue, we start with Saya and the Arthdal army riding to fight the Agoo. They look very prepared with thousands and thousands and thousands of people behind them.

Cut to the great waterfall where the Agoo is equally prepared with thousands of their own and Eunsom at the lead.

Then we cut again to a body on a beach with a hand sculpture next to him. The Momo chief finds the body and sculpture and is startled to it.

Scene change to the war. On the battle field, Saya sees Eunsom as they are fighting. They are both stunned to see each other.

In the palace, we see that there is another person that looks like Saya who is heavily bandaged. Tanya is looking at him with concern.

We also see that Tagon and Taealha had their baby and are perfectly happy looking.

Saya wakes up. Tanya says that he was almost dead, is this funny? He says it is funny, I think it is a disease…tanya. this makes Tanya think that this person is Eunsom.

Lastly we see Tanya riding that mystical horse (Kanmurul/Deori). She tells him that they have to hurry!

And finally the caption on the screen says that the legend of Arth will continue. (So maybe there could be a new season!).

Arthdal Chronicles ending cartoon illustration explained with Saya and Eunsom
Arthdal Chronicles ending cartoon illustration explained with Saya and Eunsom
Arthdal Chronicles ending cartoon illustration explained with Saya and Eunsom
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  1. September 24, 2019 / 2:14 pm

    I’m confused, but many people say that is my normal state. We just finished watching “episode 18”, I think, and wonder what have I missed? It sounds like some new “epilogue” has been produced that ties all the previous episodes together into a consummate conclusion. If not, when can we expect more episodes and does this story ever end? Thank you
    Dazed and confused
    Rick Lewis

    • V
      September 24, 2019 / 3:23 pm

      I think the video on this post is supposed to be the epilogue conclusion. They show what they wanted to happen if there was another season. It looks like the war would start between the Agoo led by Eunsom and Arthdal led by Saya. Eunsom and Saya would see each other on the battle field for the first time.

      It looks like they might also swap positions. Saya might end up with the Momo water people (but they might think he is Eunsom) and Eunsom might end up with Tanya in the republic (though everyone thinks he is Saya). it pretty much ends there.

    • Anonymous
      May 27, 2020 / 6:40 am

      Why do I see Rowoon in Saya’s stead while riding the horse instead of Song Jong Ki in the animated video? lol.

  2. Meilan
    September 24, 2019 / 4:49 pm

    I think tvn must have another season to end and finish the story of eunseum, saya, tanya, tagon , talhea, etc.. they need to answer the hanging stories of arthdal.. another season or final season must be done. Although it did not get a rating they expected to local viewers (who still not ready for diff. genre.. they still love a usual romcom and melodrama love stiey😥) but International viewers support and love the arthdal chronicles.. 👍👏🤗😘

  3. Meilan
    September 24, 2019 / 4:50 pm

    Pls… tvn you must have another season to end and finish the story of eunseum, saya, tanya, tagon , talhea, etc.. they need to answer the hanging stories of arthdal.. another season or final season must be done. Although it did not get a rating they expected to local viewers (who still not ready for diff. genre.. they still love a usual romcom and melodrama love stiey😥) but International viewers support and love the arthdal chronicles.. 👍👏🤗😘

  4. AjClaj
    September 24, 2019 / 10:12 pm

    the sword is eunsom
    the bell is tanya
    and the mirror is saya

    they will obviously switch place after they met
    to kill tagon since eunsom who became inaishigi is the inly one who can defeat a fake aramun since hes also aramun…

    saya will be a mirror since he knows what happen there from dreams and just do the basic by leading the people…

    the thing is what will be the role of the son of tagon and what happen to neanthals.. she want revenge after all…

    there is lot of story need I hope we got another season of this show..

    • September 25, 2019 / 5:09 am

      For obvious reasons, I think:
      Eunsom is the sword, because he started the rebellion and tho he lied about Inaishingi, from that moment on he became someone who is a symbol of bravery [thus, a sword]
      Tanya is the bell, having to crack the shell and find the bell to proved that she is the successor of the Asa Clan
      Saya is the mirror,who is the exact opposite of Eunsom, they may be identical but that’s where it stops..Saya, from a very young age, was kept in secret unlike Eunsom, was forbid and had to follow rules in order to survive. And thus, a ‘mirror’ perfectly fits the description. Also, he is manipulative and cruel compared to Eunsom.

      I first saw some of the illustration from an Arabic page, where it explains the identity of Tagon’s mother [she’s Muteurubeu, the one who translates the Saram language to the Neanthal King]..

      The plot was marketed were
      – “The child born on the day when the blue comet appears will bring calamity.” ⚔
      – “The one who will break the shell will arrive on the day of the blue comet, accompanied by death. Wahan will ceased to be Wahan.” 🔔
      -“a sword ⚔, a bell 🔔 and a mirror 👬 will get together and destroy the world”

      However, none of that even settled/wasn’t even showed. So in an epilogue, it will happen once Tagon’s child is born. Here’s my two cents, the twins switches places after they’ve encountered each other & possibly temporarily seize fire between the Ago tribe & Arthdal. Many lives lost. These indicates the overlap/collision meeting of the direct prophesied ‘people.’ I believe Saya will again be taken as a prisoner by the Momo tribe in a conclusion that he is trying to impersonate Eunsom and Xabara didn’t believed him. Since Saya is Saya and Eunsom is Eunsom people who knew their personality knows the difference, besides the hairdo. Meanwhile, in Ago tribe, they’ve heard the news that Saya is captured by the Momo tribe and meaning Eunsom is in Arthdal. Anger filled Saya even more towards Eunsom. Eunsom managed to sneak out of the palace with Niruha Tanya’s assistance & probably Mubaek. Taealha consumed by her greed of power, tried to manipulates the leaders behind Tagon’s back. Tagon may be healed but not completely. Noon-Byul has fully reconnected her roots, thanks to Chae-Eun. Noon-Byul then meets Yiseuroobeu and Rottip and probably asked them to train her how to become like them, Yiseuroobeu confused asked why, Noon-Byul sets her plan of revenge. Which Yiseuroobeu’s reason for still being alive. Once Eunsom is back to Ago tribe, they make a scheme towards Arthdal. Saya and Eunsom once again face to face. Tanya was left behind in Arthdal. That is by far how I pictured it to be. 😲😲😲

      As for who among the main character will die, I imagine Tagon dying in Taealha’s hand for she wants power for her and her child only. Then Saya, in a near escape to save his father Tagon, attacks Eunsom but was killed by Tanya in order to save Eunsom.

      PS..If they do continue, possibility is only an animated version, which is not everyone’s cup of tea, the actors & actresses that played the characters where interviewed and all their statement leads to a conclusion that it already ended. 🤷‍♀🤷‍♀🤷‍♀

      PSS.. do you remember that in ep 6, Asa Hon & Ragaz saved 2 Neanthal kids..one is Rottip, do you happen to know where the other kid is?? or was is Noon-Byul? I remember 2 boys.. 🤔🤔🤔

      • Yang Villar
        September 27, 2019 / 8:06 pm

        @Davinci1486 What a great input my dear. I am hoping that Saya will have a redemption since he is slowly turning into a sinister person. He likes to kill people when things don’t go his way or if there is a secret that’s being kept from him. And now he knows that Eunseom is his twin brother that Tanya loves dearly. I wonder if he has the heart to acknowledge and start loving Eunseom as his brother or will his jealousy overpower his emotions and thus want to kill him so he can have Tanya all to himself? I am hoping that Saya will choose to love Eunseom. As for switching places, I’ll put my two cents in. Saya might lose his memory and forgets who he is, then the Momo Tribe will call him Eunseom and start telling him stories about how good and kind of a person he is to them. Thus, he feels and receives the love from all the 30,000 Ago people. He would also meet Xabara and she would tell him too about how magnificent he is for saving her and her son from the assassination. Thus, he feels and receives the love from all the Momo Tribe (possibility of Xabara/Saya romance). This is going to be the redeeming factor of Saya and will make him become a good person just like Eunseom. Then, he’ll get his memory back when he sees Eunseom again face to face and together they will fight the war against Tagon and Taealha!

      • Anonymous
        October 10, 2019 / 2:51 pm

        To answer your question about the two neanthal boys: Wasn’t one of them hanged in a tree in the beginning? So only Rottip would be alive by now.

        • Anonymous
          May 27, 2020 / 5:39 am

          that neanthal hanged is Ragaz though.

      • RootingForYangcha
        May 27, 2020 / 6:37 am

        I’m all out for this theory! I didn’t really get the video but thanks to this I was enlighten with how it is going to be in the future season. I’m really thrilled with them switching places!! But I’m nervous of the fact that Saya will take advantage of the Momo and Ago Tribe to avenge Eunsom, and it’s scary since Saya is really good at planning schemes. And Eunsom in the palace in Saya’s place? Oh-oh. Although it’s enticing since Tanya and him will meet again, but Eunsom doesn’t know how things go inside the palace. And it’s not impossible to differentiate them since Saya is really eccentric and it really can’t be seen in Eunsom’s personality.

        In regards with Taealha successfully killing Tagon as part of her revenge, I would like Taealha to die too though. Like killing herself after killing Tagon, or maybe she should die in Tagon’s arms instead since it can be seen that her love for Tagon overpowers her, and maybe her seek for revenge will obviously fail. She’s naturally greedy and is just like her sinister father in some way so having her to live in the end is just so disheartening. She needs to die with Tagon, lmao. However, I wonder which tribe ended the Hae Tribe that Mihol wanted to take revenge so much? Do you guys remember how Mihol told Taealha that the tribe or clan or whatever it is that ended Hae Tribe is engraved in the hand of Arameun Haesulla’s statue where we saw Taealha looking at it by the shore in Episode 18? Is it possible that it is the same hand carried away in the shore along with a person that made Xabara surprised? According to the text above, “Then we cut again to a body on a beach with a hand sculpture next to him. The Momo chief finds the body and sculpture and is startled to it.”, so it is mostly possible that Saya took with him the hand of Arameun (the statue) when Xabara found him. Is the Momo clan possible for the demise of the Hae Tribe? I just got a hunch about it.

        Well, I agree that Saya dying is a great. I’m starting to consider the idea that Saya is actually a cunning psychopath and he needs to fck off and die, but he is clearly needed to defeat Tagon in some point so I hope he changes after seeing Eunsom.

        I also noticed how Saya tries so hard to please Tagon and sincerely considers him his father. I’m high-key hoping Saya would know how Tagon will easily shove him out though because he’s having a baby with Taealha, then the grand revenge for Tagon’s demise will happen lol. I’m betting that Saya is just like that since he’s lonely and in need of familial love, in which I also hope he’ll consider having it from Eunsom. I wish a good and happy reconnection with the twins and no jealousy will be involved.

        With Xabara though, the actress Erika Karata, I really like her for the role for Xabara and I hope despite her big controversy she will still have a good part in Arthdal. I’m shipping her with Eunsom in some point, but I never shipped Saya with Tanya. I don’t like it when Tanya is obviously cautious with Saya, because tbh, I will be too considering his sinister self. While people are shipping Tanya with Saya (which I really oppose the idea), I’m shipping Tanya with Yangcha (to avoid the heated Tanya/Saya & Tanya/Eunsom ship LOL.

        One question has been stuck with me since episode 1 though, why did Asa Ron leave Saya behind and just took one of the twins with her? If Asa Ron didn’t leave one of the twins behind just for Tagon to raise it and eventually made the boy (which is Saya) into a sinister antagonist-like character, then the tragedies would’ve had lessened and we wouldn’t have been torn between the twins.

        I’m already hating the Tae Tribe head woman already who is obviously Tagon’s spy in Ago (Red Claw was it?) I hope she will be caught or cursed to death before she lays out Eunsom’s plans to failure.

        I ship Yiseuroobeu and Nunbyeol, so please I hope Nunbyeol won’t die because I’m having a hunch about it coz her body frail. Neanthals are not supposed to be worked up so much since their bodies can’t take it.

        And I also hope Tanya wouldn’t be a puppet anymore. It’s suffocating to watch her situation in Arthdal with Tagon, Taealha, and most especially Saya telling her to do things that contradict humanity.

        • RootingForYangcha
          May 28, 2020 / 5:14 am

          Oops, it’s supposed to be *Asa Hon. LOL.

        • Pragati Chaudhary
          June 23, 2021 / 5:10 am

          Well.. I think Asa Ron had no choice but to leave the child behind as.. when she went to get her child, it was already in Tagon’s hand and seeing him kill his own man to protect the child (who they say brought bad luck)
          And he spoke to the child in the language of Igutus saying ” Hello, little one.”
          I think she considered leaving one child behind to save the another. And, again she remembers something from her dream where the boy (Aramun Haesulla) says : ” Don not pursue the one who sings.”
          I think this can be the reason.

  5. December 10, 2020 / 4:03 pm


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