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Are You Human, Too Live Recap Episode 9 and 10

Our robot was able to save the day, but he also shredded his outer skin even worse than before in the process, and So-bong saw it. It will be all sorts of cognitive dissonance for our heroine this episode. But at least Nam Shin 3 might have made a new AI friend.

Today’s episode airs at 23:10 Seoul time, which is 1 hour delayed rom normal airing time. Wok of Love is not airing this week. I think it resumes airing next week.

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Airs: June 18th at 23:10 on KBS2
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SB thinks back to all her moments with NS. Sometimes he is rude and other times he is warm but he says he has no heart and he has no emotions. He is hiding something.

Cut to the end of the last episode where NS3 stops the car just int he knick of time. SB screams and runs to him. She wants to know if he is hurt anywhere and turns him around. That is when she sees the robot body under his jacket. Shin notices and turns back around.

SB backs up and falls, she tells him not to come near her. She screams it. His mother shows up. NS3 smiles at her like a puppy. Umma yells for him to catch her! So shin runs to do it and smiles at his Umma like he just got the bone. They put her in the car and take off.

Meanwhile, the media is charging the company with aggressive questions about the huge self driving AI car failure.

Inside the car, SB tries to break out. NS3 holds her arms and introduces himself as Nam Shin 3 robot. SB screams and thinks this is crazy. She sees NS3’s broken body and mutters that he isn’t a human, this is crazy.

they get out of the car somewhere. SB yells for NS3 to let her go! So he does. She tries to run off, but YH shows up which leads her to know that they are all in this together.

Later on, NS3 lays on his belly as his mother fixes his back. David knows that NS3 doesn’t feel anything, but it still hurts him to watch this. NS3 apologizes to his mother.

In another room, YH plays a recording to SB. he tells her that he threatened JO, so don’t be too hard on her. SB asks if he is threatening her now to? he tells her not to tell JG, why doens’t she just switch to their side. They can give her money. SB wants to know if the think she is stupid? She asks where the real Nam Shin is. How can this be how it is.

Umma grabs SB byt he wrist and pulls her to the real Nam Shin’s bedside. SB remembers seeing him at the hospital. Umma says that this is hr son, he was hit by a truch in front of her. She held him for the first time after 20 years, but he was all bloody. JG caused this accident. But Shin will wake up, he will wake up to see her. Help us until this point.

SB asks what she can do to help? Yh tellsher that she can make it so JG does not find out about it. He begs her.

JG calls at that moment. they all look at the phone. NS3 and David walk in then too. SB looks at him and then answers the phone. She tells him that he can see her. See you over there.

She hangs up. YH says that he is the most dangerous person to Shin, you should not go. But SB runs away to go. Umma grabs her and gets on her knees, she says she begs her like this, what do you want? Is money not enough? I will give you everything, just please save him, please.

David tells her to stop this, Shin can hear this (but maybe he is talking about NS3?). NS3 walks up to her and tells her that he will hug her when she cries. He hugs her. SB sees this and runs out. YH follows her he tells him to let her go, how can they have such a big lie like this? Aren’t they afraid of getting caught? No one will believe this? What if I take your money and just talk about this everywhere.

YH tells her that someones life is ont he line. She tells him that she will make it so that she doenst’ not see anything. She will make this risk at least once.

She drives off.
JG is happily drinking his wine after a job well done. Media wants to talk tohim for an interview and calls Park for his time. They are at a restaurant. park runs off to fix his schedule. the waiter refils his wine, JG asks him to fill it up more, can’t you fill it up?

Outside, SB is in the car with YH and NS3. She tells him that he is begging her like this so she feels like an improtant person. Just wait here. She gets out and walks into the restaurant to meet JG. JG tells her, what happened? I drank an entire wine bottle because I was worried. What happened? She tells him that the car was going crazy and triggered his memories of the accident.

But SB thinks back to her recent conversation with everyone, perhaps he isn’t a good guy? JG asks her if she needs more money? She tells him that money is good, how much does she need to know for his daughters wedding? JG just laughs and tells her that she is either naive or pretending to be naive, the reason I hired you is for me also. Stop pretending to be naive and jsut find out what I want.

She tells him that she likes that he is honest about this, but why should she do this?

he tells her that they are already on the same team, it is too late to retract it.

in the car, YH tells NS3 that this reasult is from doing something that he was not asked to do. NS3 thinks it would have been ahuge accident if he did not stop it. YH tells him that human interactions are very complicated, so follow my orders from now on. I will finish this up.

YH gets out and goes to meet with SB in the restaurant. She is sitting alone now. She tlels him that she refused a lot of money, she regrets it after seeing him.

He tells her that he willdo all that he can do. SB wonders why he went so far, he is not a blood relative. YH says he likes to work for him and be next to him and protect him. Whatever anuone says.

SB tells him that she lied to JG and told himt hat nothing was wrong with MS. She looks at the car and sees NS3 smiling at her. She thinks he is so bright, he is the opposite of NS.

At the hospital, Umma cares for Shin. David is there as well. he tells Umma that everything wrapped up well, they are going home. He tells her that they should take everyone and leave. they can all live together as 4. But she says going back is not the issue, she wants him to keep his position.
Jo goes somehwere. She thinks about what YH said about SB paying for it if she is working alone. She wonders why SB isn’t calling her, is she already in jail? Someone comes up behind her, it is the other mma fighters. They ask her what she is doing there? Coach is super angry, you should leave before he comes back. JO thinks that is a good idea and leaves, but she runs into appa outside. Appa is dressed like he is ready for a fight. he grabs JO by the cuff and asks her all his uqstions. It is a pretty funny moment as they fight about SB. He wants her to promise him not to see his daughter or something like that. But she just judo throws him suddenly and runs away. (She used to train there).

She runs off and gets a call from SB. She asks her all her questions in rapid succession, but SB tells her that she made a deal with YH, so if JG contacts you, pretend like nothing happened. Today was spectaculat and shocking, she is tired. JO wants to know what happened? Should she go there? Honey? Honey? But SB just hangs up.

SB falls on the bed and thinks about NS3’s injury. She mutters that it is scary and leaves the room.

But seh hops when NS3 calls her name. He wonders if something is wrong, is she scared of me? She says no.

he tells her that this is her hidden camera and tries to give it to her. But she plls her hand away. He tells hr that she is having Uncanny vally, when a human sees a human like robot they are repulsed by it. it is normal.

He smiles and says that he is just like a human, she was also tricked. Good night.

he turns off the lights as he walks away. SB wonders who he is, really?

She starts packing all her things but then get another knock on the door. It is YH. he tells her that he needs to clarify, she does not need to tell anyone, if they hear about any rumors then they will know that it is from her. then he thanks her for her decision, because of her, he can sleep tonight. Good night SB.

he leaves, SB is left completely confused. He wonders how they can all tell her goodnight? Could they sleep if they were her? Ah….today, I can’t leave.
JG has a internet interview with a news company. He tells themt hat they will continue doing the automatic driving car testing. But NS just dissapeared so what happened.

Halabogi is watching this news as well.

Later, he yells at NS3 about this entire situation, he has to accept his failure so that people can trust him in the future. YH apologizes on Shin’s behalf as NS3 looks like Shin. Halabogi tells them to go to the board meeting and get out.

YH calls Umma and tells her that trust to NS has all dissappeard from the chairman and JG is trying to investigate the hacking case. Umma says that hse will look into the issue and hacking. Listen to me, until I go there, don’t let Shin go close to the car, she will tell you the reason later.

YH keep walking, NS3 tells him that he can figrue out the hacking. But YH says they can do it slowly, he needs to stick with SB because they can’t trust her 100%. YH looks at SB as seh opens the door for Shin.

Later, SB asks them why she has to go to the meeting. She looks uncomfortable with it. Yh tells her it is just in case she has to testify. JG walks up and is in the higest spirits possible. he is so happy and talks about his TV appearance and how everyone thinks he is handling things well.

The meeting starts. NS3 talks to them all and apologizes, it was his mistake and it affecte the company. the partners says that they are in a dangerous position, Shin ran away and their stock went down. YH says he was resting because he was in shock. the partners think that looks weak, he should resign, he doesnt’ have enough experience, he should be better.

But Halabogi speaks up and says that JG is on hold. He tells Shin to prepare to get married. YN is all like, huh? to who? Halabogi is all like, Of course to you, YN.

Afterward, halabogi meets with JG and his daughter, he pushes over a marriage contract to them. If they agree with these conditions then they can get married. YN doesn’t think she has to read it, she an jsut get married. But JG tells her that they need to be more careful. halabogi says appa is right, but if appa does not want to accept it then he will be very sad. Just in case he has different motives. YN tells him that she will read it very quickly and come back to him.

Aunt comes in and accidentally drops some medicine. YN picks it up and asks what medicien this is. Aunt says it is her medicine, just a transquilizer to make her calm. then seh runs to halabogi and tells him that he needs to remeber to take hismedicine for his dementia. halabogi smiles.

Meanwhile, SB tells YH and NS3 that this marrieage is carzy, how can he get married. YH tells her that he will take care of it so dont’ worry about it. then he asks her to take NS3 home. SB looks at NS3 reluctantly but she does as she is told.

Umma come outt afterward and asks YH how the meeting was. YH basically says is wasn’t so great, but they can talk about it now.

Elsewhere, JG talks about the wedding with his people that are on his side. It doesn’t looklike this idea is good because NS will get everything after the wedding.

Int he car, NS tells SB that he looks like human NS right? He isn’t scary? SB tries to ignore him. She tells him that they have arrived.

Cue bonding music as SB opens the door for NS3. He tells her that he wants to go together with her everywhere since theya re on the same side. He follows her everywhere inside the house. In the kitchen he tells hre that her left foot is metal right? he shows her his search results from the TV and replays her enjury to her. She starts getting angry as she watches it and produces angry tears.

She asks him why he searched that. He tells her that she is a cyborg because she has metal in her leg. She sys, how dare you compare me to that? She walks off angrily nd tells him that she is so nervous becasue he is so comfortable. She storms to her room and finishes packing.

then she peaks out her door and slowly tries to leave with her luggage. But seh jumps when she sees NS3. he runs to her to see if she is okay. She pushes him away. YN asks her what they are doing. They turn and see her looking at them. Both immediately return to their acting styles.

YN tells NS3 that they should go upstairs but he shakes her off and says that he wants to stick with SB. YN is all like, no, we shouldnt’ talk about this in front of the help. they go upstairs, she aks him if she can sleep there when they get married? She just wants him, not all the money are anything. Why do you keep looking outside?

Outside, SB sneaks out.
APPA and the two other guys grumble about SB. Appa calls her. SB picks up on the street somewhere, appa yells, where are you at? Why aren’t you picking up the phone? I am finding you right now, you don’t reallly work there right? SB tells him that she is almost there so make bibimyon. She runs to the light. He asks her if she is fired again? She says she is not fired, she quit.

Appa says that the kids saw him around there, so where are you? I will kill you! Stop lying!

SB looks across the street and sees NS3 there. She thinks about running away but then says, why should I? She crosses the street. he blocks her in the middle and tells hre that seh shouldnt’ leave. She tries to get around him. He tells her that she shouldnt’ leave. She tells him that she saw everything that is in his body, so dont’ follow me, stay there . If you follow me one more time!

She walks off. the light turns gree so the cars start to drive by Shin as they honk. NS3 just stays there in teh middle of the road like a statue. SB keeps walking away.

Mom – my husband and my kids worked there, but it looks foreign to me.

Umma is lookin at the buidling.

YH tells her, why do you want to sneak into PK Group? Nam Shin can do it, why do you want to do it?

Back to th estreet, NS3 is still standing on the street. SB goes back to him and pulls him around. She tells him, aren’t you scared? he tells her that he does not get scared. She asks why he is still there? because you told me not to move.

he apologizes since she is uncomfortable in front of him and he gave her goosebumps. he wants to know if she will help him learn and not make mistakes. SB touches her necklace and thinks back to Shin helping her find it at the pool. he told her not to lose it anymore or her mother would be sad. She also thinks back to staring at him in the fire.

NS3 asks her if he asked her too much. SB pulls out her phone and calls her father. She tells him that seh can’t go home tonight, okay? then she tells NS3 to carry her bags. She will jsut repay him. When it is more dangerous then I will run away. he tells her that he knows that humans are complicated. he pulls hre to walk aaway but seh tells him that it is dangerous. He turns the walking light to green.

Then seh tells him, how did you find me? he tells her that he followed the GPS on her phone.

In the hospital, Umma tells YH that NS3 has a kill switch. NS3 does not know about it. She has the only access to it. that is why she does not want him to be near the car. YH thinks, If he finds out that he also has a kill switch, then he will be schocked. Umma says he shouldn’ tbe shocked becasue he is a robot. Let’s go.

They both go to the company. Umma hacks into the cars secutrity system, she says it is top of the line, but hackers can get in becuse the code was put inside. She changes the kill switch and they sneak out. Umma wants to know what YH wanted to say, was there another penalty?

But YH walks out at that time and sees YH and Oh Rora talking. he asks them what this is? then he smiles.
YN is at home and sees NS3 coming back with SB, it looks like they are playing as he rolls the luggage.

Meanwhile, JG and Umma talk. He tells her she is stronger she tells him he is a dog for 3 generations. Umma tells him that she is not scared of him anymore, so dont’ make it a secret. He tells her, when they become inlaws, they will see each other a lot more now. Didn’t you know? The chairman wants my daughter and Shin to get married.

Elsewhere, the hitman, SG looks through the house overseas. he says he did not find anything. But he looks through the trash and sees the bloody clothing. he tells someone on the phone that Shin should be there, he will looking into it some more and get back to them.

Cut to Park and JG. JG has a headache and sits at his seat. Park tells him that he talked to SG, he is finding evidence. But JG says it does not matter, they need to convince her and block the marriage.

SB and NS3 are at home, she tells him that hse removed the camera. She wonders how he canmove around so well. he tells hre that he has a watch battery. She pretends to punch him but he does not flinch. Then she pinches him and asks if it hurts. He tells her that it does not.

She also aks about his lie detector. He says, yes, when I wink, that means it is a lie, ask me any questions. She holds his hand. He asks her if she saw him naked on the hidden camera? She says no, but he winks which means she is lying. Then he tells her that he has x ray vision and can see through clothing. She is shocked, but he tells her that is a joke, he saw it in a movie.

She asks him how much he is worth. She spits out some values, but he tels her that his mother didn’t make him to sell. She tells him that she can’t get used to him saying mother. Then she says goodbye. But NS3 says that she is his mother who made him.
Meanwhile, Mom tells David and YH that Shin can’t get married to her, she will block it. They all agree that they will figure out that he is a robot then.

YH goes to meet with the human Shin and has a flashback to the real Shin. Shin is sleeping and wakes up. He says it is no fun, he isn’t a woman. He tells him to find a woman. YH tells him to hide n a better place next time, then he won’t him. Shin tells him that he will dissapear, try to find him.

YH chuckles, he says that he is in front of him now, but he can’t find him. hyung is having a hard time, don’t make me worry anymore, stand up.

YN calls YH, she is sorry to call, but she wants to talk about Oppa. YH hurries to meet her. He drives to an expensive looking place and sees NS3 and SB get out of the car. he immediately thinks about NS3’s kill switch. He asks them why they are there. SB says that YN called them there. YH thinks, if this is about the wedding, then they can refuse it.

they go inside. Inside the room are all the important people, the chairman, aunt, JG, and YN. SB waites outside. NS3 and YH sit to complete the table. Halabogi asks her why she called them all there. The aunt thinks this is outrageous. But YN says that Oppa is not an active person, but that is okay because she is proactive. She accepts all the conditions so they can get married.

JG is unhappy about that. YN says she quits being his daughter and will be his wife from now on. Halabogi is happy about this. he tells Shin to marry her right away. YN hops up and holds Shin’s hand, she says, Oppa , I will be good to you.

NS3 searches online about how to refuse a woman’s proposal. Then he finds out about jealaousy and he looks through the screen. (So he can see through things!) he goes to the door and opens it. Then he pulls SB inside and quickly and gently, kisses her.

SB is stunned.

Fade Out.

NS3 – So-bong, you are angry at me right?
SB – Hey robot, you are my henchman from now on
NS3 – Okay, I am your henchman from now on.
NS3 – You are a little agitated right now. Do you want me to give you a piggy back ride?
SB – You crazy? Don’t hold my hand without my permission. Don’t you dare just hold my hand? And never hold my hand, okay?
NS3 – You like me?

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  1. Shayri Garg
    June 18, 2018 / 10:46 am

    I’m reading this recap while listening to love ost part 2, fitting I think 🤣. Btw, shouldn’t that be Aunt instead of sister?

    • V
      June 18, 2018 / 12:41 pm

      Oh, might have messed up on that! I’ll go back through and fix them. Thank you for catching it!

      • Shayri Garg
        June 18, 2018 / 1:44 pm

        You’re welcome. Also the episode numbers for tonight’s recap are 9 & 10.

        • V
          June 18, 2018 / 3:16 pm

          Oh Good Lord, so many mistakes today! I blame it on the World Cup. I was trying to watch and prepare the recap at the same time. Thank you for letting us know! It probably would have stayed like that until next week if you hadn’t told me. 🙂

  2. Fatum1808
    June 22, 2018 / 3:08 pm

    Im really pissed at the mom. I hope she doesnt “kill” NS3 for her real son.. and all of his hard work gets credited to the real namsin.

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