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Are You Human, Too Live Recap Episode 19 and 20

Seo Kang Joon stops a car from moving with his hands in Are You Human Too
Our AI robot car had his boys back, radioed for help, and held the perp off long enough for Nam Shin III to arrive. Can we just have a show that is all about Nam Shin III and all his AI friends? Because I would watch that. Also, if AI’s can really communicate like that then I’m kind of scared for our future.

We are moving this show to live-live starting next week! So we’ll start recapping it as it airs. So excited!

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Airs: July 10th at 23:00 on KBS2
How To Watch: Dramafever

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We open in the garage. SB tries to get out of the trunk, she kicks and screams for someone to open the door. She is scared and thinks about NS3. She wonders how he has that kind of eye gaze as a robot and why she thinks about him now.

At the wedding, NS3 notices what was going on. He goes to his Umma’s purse and notices whta happened with the text messages. He was able to pull them back up even though they were erased. He stops the manual mode on the watch by ripping it off.

SB – You don’t know where I am…I am that crazy girl waiting for you.

The trunk opens, SB braces for whatever is about to happen. NS3 tells her, it is me…NS3. She looks at at him looking like an angel dropped from the sky and starts crying. He smiles and picks her up and holds her.

NS3 – I am here, sorry to be late.

She just keeps crying and cying and crying and he keeps holding her though he looks confused with the emotions.

The bad guy wakes up and sees NS3 at the trunk. He also sees the CCTV blackbox on the car. SB finally stops crying uncongrollably so NS3 helps her stand up and looks at her. SG runs away with the black box. SB notices it and tells NS3 that he has him in the black box, they have to remove it before he gives it to JG.

SB tells him that she is okay, he should leave. But he wants to piggy back her to the hospital. She tells him he has to leave. Hurry! He runs off to grab him. But SG already got ao a taxi and is driving off. he calls JG from the car and says that NS3 isn’t human, he can’t be human.

NS3 is on his motorcycle chasing after the car. SG tells the taxi driver to accelearate if he does not want to die! Turn left!

NS3 is almost caught up with them. SG is scared. S-stop at the cross! He hops out andd sees Park waiting for him. he runs to Parks car but gets hit by a truck.

NS3 rides his motorcycle right up to him and gets out to see what is going on. He calls an ambulance for him and then kneels in front of him.SG is still alive. Park hides and wonders what is ging on, he starts to secretly drive away. SG sees him driving away.

NS3 tells him that an ambulance will be there soon. SG asks NS3 what his identity is….then he dies. A tear trickles from one eye. NS3 closes the bad guys eyes and takes the black box from him.

He gives the man one last glance then walks to his motorcycle.
Halabogi greets the guests and tells them that his grandsons bad behavior has continued, though he does not look that upset about it. All the guests grummbled. Halaboi tells YN that he owes her a big one, he is sorry that he raised her like this. She tells him it is okay, the wedding can happen at anytime. Then she tells her appa that they should leave, people will feel uncomfortable if she is still there.

they walk past Umma. YN tells her that she won’t tell appa anything unneccesary, she is on NS’s side. Appa is all like, unneccessary? YN says it would be something like not marrying him. She leaves.

NS3 goes back to the garage looking for SB. he yells her name. She tells him that she is over here! She is sitting on the ground due to her leg. They decide to tak a motorcycle to the hospital.

SB asks what happened to that guy, was he okay? He will tell people waht he saw. He tells her that he won’t say anything. She asks what he did , did you threaten him? NS3 does not say anything and just drives faster.

Meanwhile, Umma is with David and YH. She thinks something is wrong, he took off the manual mode watch. But David thinks it is good, he can be greedy too. YH thinks it might be okay to not be married. Shin walks in at that moment. David asks him where he went because umma was worried. NS3 tells Umma that there was a situation that he could not listen to her. SB was attacked. Umma says he left the wedding because of her? Why are you like this?

NS3 asks if he is not her son if he does not behave like human Nam Shin? He starts to show her the video’s of the man that attacked SB. He shows the video from Czech and says he followed human Shin and Sb. He thinks it is important for her to know.

So now they know that their suspicions are true. YH tells NS3 that he did a good job. they can keep watching JG until they get definite evidence. then HJ comes in and says that he has important news, please come in. they all go into human Shin’s room.

NS3 tells hi that SB is in the hospital, he has to leave. David tells him that he can leave, before his mother knows.
The doctor wants to tell them something before it gets too late. He is sorry but he tells them that they should stop treating Shin. Umma asks him what he is talking about. The doctor says there is no possibility. He has decided this for awhile. But he thought everyone would be dissapointed. Umma does not want to stop. If he continues doing it then there will be more possibility of side effect, the sezure they had might have been due to that.

Umma starts crying at her sons bedside. David grows uncomfortable and leaves.

Park tells JG that the black box has something about Nam Shin on it, he should not be human. But the police did not see the black box. Park thinks that NS took it. Maybe he knew that SG was the one that tried to assassinate him in Czech. JG tells him to watch his mouth and close the door.

Park goes to close the door, but YN heard it as she hides around the corner. She bursts out crying but covers her mouth.

Park goes back inside and says that they caught the hit and run person. JG wonders about this hit and run, why was it at that moment? What happened to SB? This is so strange. The CCTV is out at that time as well. The car attacked during the phone call as well. Nothing happened. he said the car broke so he ran away, but I did not see anything. JG thinks it was not a hit and run, someone should be there.

The news says that someone had a hit and run on someone in their 40s, he dissapeard, but he turned himself in. the victim died at the site. David is looking at this news as he walks to a secret security room. he opens the door and walks in to a room that is filled with super computers.

the halabogi follows him into it. David says that he killed someone this time. Halabogi says that if he did not do it then people would figure out this facility. No one shuold know that Nam Shin 3’s data center is in my facility. if that is so, then doctor Oh will know that you protect it so much.

David says that she just made a robot because she misses her son. if she knows that the money came from halabogi then she will pass out. Halabogi asks about his son, David says he thinks he will nto wake up. Halabogi asks if the robot ran out from the wedding due to SB? David nods. Halabogi tells David to keep watching, he needs a product, not a troublesome rusty metal robot.

David tells him that the reason he signed on was not to make a product. he is almost like a human and is adapting to human society, he will see, he will improve more than you suspect. The room they are in is his brain. The future of Halabogi’s company depends on this brain.
SB was on the phone talking to her father, she tells him that she is just taking care of her friend, just trust her. but she hangs up when NS3 comes. He tells her that it is just a muscle injury, it will be fine. SB asks if his mother is upset at him, just tell them that I called you, don’t behave so badly.

NS3 wants to know why he shouldnt’ behave badly. She tells him to just do what she says! he is all like, okay. He leaves. She grumbles that he is so fast, he should turn off the light as well. So he turns off the light.

She tells herself that she should have a nice sleep and tries to sleep. But she has a nightmare about SB kidnapping her. We see a hand touch her cheek, she starts to calm down with that touch. It is SB3, he sits next to her and leans in to pat her on her shoulder.

NS3 – I knew this would happen, why do you pretend like you are strong?

SB wakes up and tells him that she does not pretend like she is strong, she is a strong person. I told you to leave, why didn’t you listen to me?

He says okay and is about to leave again, but she grabs hima nd tells him that he shuoldnt’ leave even though she told him to.

NS3 – this happened to you since you were trying to protect me. If I was a human than I should be thankful to you. i am sorry I can only say it but I can’t feel it. I will stay all night with you.

She tells him she is nothing. But he tells her that she ia great person. He broke a car and breaks his rules all for her. She tells him he is kind of convincing her. Then her tummy growls. He smiles and tells her she is a great person (sarcastically) then we cut to her eating a lot of food with NS3 smiling as he watches her.

he rolled her to the hospital convenience store. She jokes that he is a 3rd generation Chaebol so he should buy that entire place for her. He looks at it and wonders if he should?

She tells him that it does not feel good to eat by herself. She ate a lot of calories and has to digest it all. So we should digest it! What rea you doing?

Cut to her smiling as he runs her around the park area. The song playing is like “Is this love….”

SB tells her that this is fun right? SB thinks back to him rescuing her and tells him that this is not fun, you are not my friend. He says friend? I have never had a friend. I had mom and David, but not a real friend. She grabs his hand and asks him if he would like to be her friend? Lets be friends. He speaks in banmal which she notices. He says that he heard that you speak banmal among friends.

She tells him fine, we are friends bewtween robots and humans. thank you for being my friend. She asks him if he will continue to pretend to be like human nam shin?

He asks what he should do, she wonders why he is asking her that? Whatever he decides, she will be on his side. Fighting, friend!

They start running around the hospital park again and speak banmal to each other.
SB wakes up in her hospital bed and sees a note that NS3 left for her.

Note: I am going to go to answer your question. I will be back soon.

Meanwhile, JG goes into her daughters room and asks where she is. The maid says that she is going on a trip. JG picks up a picture of Shin.

YN has actually gone to see Shin. She tells them that she pretended to go on vacation, but seh wants to be next to Shin. Umma tells her that her appa is not a good person, when I think about what he did to my Shin….

But David tells her not to blame YN for what her father did. he tells YN to go into the room. But Umma hates it when YN looks at her son. She does not want her to know that they are stopping the treatment, but she thinks her son will wake up regrdles.

Yn goes into to see Shin and starts crying. She tells him that she did not know that her appa was bad enough to kill someone. She is the daughter of that kind of person, she does not have the right to be with him (?), she is really sorry.

Meanwhile, Umma goes to see JG at work. he asks her why she is there. Is it because of the wedding? She tells him that it will not work anyway, that is a one sided wedding , this is a good result. I saw your daughter, it looked like she cried a lot. You should be worried as a father. He says her son made her daughter like that, I deserve to hear sorry from you. She is not sorry though, she has no reason to be sorry so listen to me, if you make my son cry then your daughter will cry blood. Touch my son one more time and I will do the same to your daughter.

She leaves. JG scoffs and thinks that she knew about what happened in Czech.

Elsewhere, NS3 works hard at his desk. YH tells him that he should have changed his clothing. Umma says that he shoul dnot be there, he should be in the hospital. He tells her that SB is his friend, but Umma is important to him also, he promised that he will protect this seat. So please look at me, you made me so if I do this well then it will be helpful for real nam Shin too.

Umma tells her that she does not need worker Shin, she need the real Shin, do whatever you like She storms out. NS3 is left confused but then JG calls.

YH Follows Umma as she stormed out. He tires to stop her and asks her where she is going. She says she does not know, it is difficult to be with Shin now, she is starting to change her mind. YH asks what she is talking about. Umma just get in the elevator and does not elaborate.

Meanwhile, JG drinks in a bar.

NS3 walks up to him and sits next to him. JG keeps drinking. He is about to pour NS3 a drink, but NS3 turns his glass over and says that it is too early to drink. JG tells him that he was too cruel to YN. You know what this wedding means. NS3 tells him that he hurt her more than him. Appa wants to know what he is talking about. NS3 tells him to think about what he did to his daughters lover, it was a very impressive accident, did you forget about it?

The bartender leaves.

JG tells him it must be a misunderstanding. NS3 tells him that this guy tried to kill him in Czech and tried to kidnap SB and got killed. Do you think it was a misunderstanding? JG thinks it is. NS3 scoffs and asks if he thinks he said that without any evidence? He will not use that evidence, but if you try to hurt my people then I will give it back to you in the same way. Remember my warning.

he leaves.

JG thinks back to David saying that Shin is not human, he cna’t be human. He asks NS3 who he is. What is your identity?

NS3 – Who do you think I am? believe what you want or waht you see, I am just me.

He nods his head to him and walks out.

JG sits back down thoroughly confused.

SB talks to one of the MMA guys about packing all her stuff. He will be there soon. SB wonders when he will come. Then a little robot walks up to her bedside. She wonders what that is. the robot says, hello, I am malbot.

Sb gets out of bed to play with it. NS3 walks up right then and asks her if she was waiting for him? He tells her that this guy is his surogate, he is good. I will tell you what he can do slowly.

She asks what the answer is? He says he told his mtoher that he can be like human Nam Shin. She thinks his mother will be happy. Then she asks about the CCTV. He says he checked, but that time period was removed. She wonders why it would be like that, that is scary.

He tells her that he will sleep there. When friends have trouble then you shuold be nect to the friend and eat and sleep together. She tells him that he doesn’t eat.

He tells her that 55% of women interviewed does not think men and woman can be friends. Which side are you, 45% or 55%, i want to know about my friend more. Why don’t you answer? She closes the elevator door, then David appears to visit her.
Cut to JO showing up in SB’s VIP room. She thinks that she knew this was going on. She brings her bags and thinks that this room is more like a hotel. She sees the blackbox on the bed and picks it up. What is this?

SB is downstairs with David. David tells her that Umma is angry even though he said that he would do what she wants. He wants her to make sure that NS3 does not oppose his mother too much, she is thinking bad things. But then he tries to pull that last comment back. He asks if she is really his friend? She says yes. he is pretty happy with him and thinks that he would be perfect if he could make someone his girlfriend.

SB goes back to her room and sees that SB already came back. then she sees the robot and tells him that Umma is thinking about the kill switch isn’t she? The robot starts dancing to cheer her up. She smiles.

The phone rings. SB asks what this is? Dancing? NS3 says that he will try his best with his artificial joints so please enjoy it. Can you be my bodyguard again? She ays that people will talk about it. She does not want to cause any more trouble, especially after the wedding.

He wants to have an answer to his question, 45 or 55? She says 45%, she made a robot her friend so a guy friend is nothing to her. Goodbye.

She hangs up and tells the robot that he is still not talking about hi smother. She wonders how much his mother hurt his feelings. But maybe they are robots so they don’t feel those things like sadness and loneliness, maybe it is good that he is a robot. But the little robot shakes his head, no.

At home, NS3 is sitting by the pool and sees a hallucination of SB, he tells his friend that he has an error again. The hallucination dissapears and YH is in front of him. He has a 6pack of beer with him.

they sit to drink. YH thinks back to what SB told him about NS3 being just like a human. Is it only her that sees it? Do you see it as well? It seems like he sees it. He tells NS that he will listen to everything he says since he has no emotions right?

Yh – Maybe I am being punished because I thought nonsense sometimes? I thought that you were just like a human. When SB said it, I pretended like I did not believe it, but I also thought about it sometimes. I thought about a lot of things that would make human Shin angry. I wished Shin was like you, not emotional and stupid and sarcastic, that he would jsut make decisions based on his rational. I like you because yo umake deicisions rationally.

NS3 – I just don’t have emotions and greediness.

YH – I know, you can decide everything based on your judegment, maybe your mother is different but I will support you. Just in case Shin does not wake up anymore. Or if he does not forgive him, I will go that far.

NS3 – Why do you do this much for human nam Shin, I don’t understand

YH – I don’t know why I am doing this, I don’t remember it as well. Shin is like a habit to me that I don’t know where it is from. Let’s go in, I should sleep.

The doctor stops the treatment on Shin. Umma does not want him to. But the doctor says it will be even more dangerous to leave him with that untrasound attached. Umma says she will be responsible, so dont’ touch him, okay! She storms out and we see Shin in bed.

Umma thinks about NS3 telling her that she is not his son because she is not like human Shin? So a robot cannot be your son? Look at me, you made me, I will do well.

Umma opens a safe, there is a warning safety box inside the safe.

She thinks back to NS3 hugging her when she cries and telling her that she should not be sad.

David sees her with the kill switch and asks ehr if she is crazy, are you going to kill him right now? He is developing and evolving. Are you worried about him evolving more? Becuse he will become evolved and do something bad to your son. that is nonsense! You are not a scientist at all, you are just a bad mother, you know that?

He storms out.

She clenches her fist.
YH gets a note from SHin saying that he will go to work first. But he prepared a after-drinking breakfast meal for YH in his stead.

Yh is at work, but tells his friend robot that he will visit SB soon, be sure to tell his friend. But SB is right behind him. He is stunned to see her and tells her that they need to go to the hospital. But she tells him that he wanted her to be his bodyguard again right?

Some people mutter in the background about how SB is crazy, how can she show up now, did he break the wedding because of her?

SB shakes it off. NS3 is so happy to see her and holds her hand as he pulls her into work.

He meets with his grandfather and tells him that he will not marry YN. Halabogi says that YN is fine, but what about the father? NS3 says he will not let him behanve badly to him. Halabogi asks him if he found his weakness point? Is he not afraid of him anymore?

halabogi also tells him not to let anyone stop his own decision, even his own mother. An apponent is not always an opponent, your side is not always your side. If you can understand that much, then i will give you my position. SB3 thanks him but halabogi asks him what he is thankful for.

then SB comes in. NS3 says he will follow his decisions as Halabogi said. He will hire SB as his own private body guard. Halabogi chuckles.

NS3 and SB walk through the company, everyone gapes at them. SBtells NS3 that she envies that he is a robot because humans care about what other people think. He asks her what she wants to eat. She says she wants to eat a sandwhich.

But then Umma shows up and sees the two of them together. She does not say hello and just storms out. SB tells NS3 to go first, she will head to the restroom. But SB runs to catch up with Umma and tells her that he always calls her Umma and says that Umma is family and friend to him.

Umma asks ehr why she is talking about it. SB tells her to treat him like he is her son, since she is his mother. You shuld not kill your own son. I heard about the kill switch! Umma asks if she told NS3 about it? She says if he knew about it, he would not smile at her before. Even though he does not have emotions, he still knows when to smile. Can you not do this as a real mother? I beg you.

NS3 waits for SB outside on a park bench. He looksat a couple having a fun time and at a girl walking by laughing. then he sees SB looking at him and he smiles like a happy fool.

She sits next to him so he gives her her food. She asks him if he can eat. He says rarely, he will do it so he can be a real freind to her. They both start to eat.

At the same time, David looks at real Shin and wonders if he is the most pitiful person or if NS3 is the most pitiful person. David leaves and Shin’s brain starts to function again.

Cut back to NS3 looking at all the people as if he is studying them. He tells SB that he wants to understand them. SB wonders if he is sick and tired of people yet. But NS3 says he wants to understand her better.

VO – I thought this for the first time. Maybe if the thing in front of me is not a robot, then I want him to be human like me.

Cut back to the other Nam Shin in bed. His computers are beeping next to him. He is still just laying there, but then his finger twitches.

Fade Out

Still enjoying all the twists and turns they are giving us in this show. I for one really want Shin to wake up and see how that flips everything around. Will Umma still want to kill Shin or will she not want to? I’m interested.

This show is moving to live-live starting next week!


Mom – You do whatever you want to do from now on.
NS3 – Do you trust me?
David – Real Shin? Is he a fake Shin for you?
Mom – Whatever the case, there is only one real Shin.
JG – If you go this far then I can’t stand you anymore. I don’t know what I am going to do to Shin.
YN – You already did it! He is the one I love, how can you do that to him!
JG – You know something about Shin right?
YN – (Appa calls her at Shin’s bedside)
NS3 – When human Nam Shin wakes up, what will I be?
SB – You are just you, so be you.
NS3 robot-ish voice – I am sorry I don’t understand you, I am sorry that I am a robot.

Top Image by KBS

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  1. Shayri
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    I agree, I’d watch a show just about NS3 & his AI friends. So cute! 😍😍Who needs dogs & cats? 😛🤣

    • V
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      Lol 🙂

  2. Madre
    July 10, 2018 / 9:46 am

    Woooaaaah.. So halabogi knows.. 😨

    Thank you v! 😍

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    What? Halabogi did what? Say…? I mean!! I’m flabbergasted 🤤😱😨😲
    David…. Oh David…..I thought you were on his side. Ah the grandfather’s behavior makes so much more sense now.

  4. Shayri
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    Oh my god, NS3 & SB are cuteness overload. I swear that sweets seem tasteless once you’ve started watching kdramas 🙈😻

  5. Shayri
    July 10, 2018 / 11:19 am

    I’m ready for Real Shin to wake up now too. Umma has gone crazy. She hasn’t talked like a scientist since the first episode. She’s like the stereotypical MIL, her profession adds no layer to her character. Her wanting to kill NS3 makes sense now since she’s been told human Shin has no hope, but it didn’t make any sense before this episode. Why was she so stuck on killing him if the human got up? She could have just changed his face & voice, reformat or make other changes. Why would she let her hard work & all the money go to waste? I don’t really understand Umma. Even halabogi I get : he’s obsessed with power & money. Pretty sure he had a hand in/inkling of his own son’s death.

  6. lemoncello
    July 10, 2018 / 11:30 am

    Thanks V! Just to let you know, My Kbs has actually uploaded the preview. 😍😍😍

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      Oh good! We’ll try to get to it.

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    Why no preview?preview is out

  8. gummy joonbug
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    Reading your live recaps really gives a new layer to my Kdrama experience. With shows I’m 100% invested in, I get so anxious knowing an episode is already out but have to wait until the end of the day before I can sit down and watch. Getting a transcript of that to start the day makes me feel so much better and I get to enjoy the episode much more later because I’m not already tired from anticipating it the whole day. Your blog got me through My Ahjussi as well I just never got to thank you for it. Thank you dramamilk team! TT 😘

    • V
      July 10, 2018 / 12:38 pm

      We welcome all the obsessed!!!! It’s a very welcoming support group over here! Noone else might understand, but we get it! 🙂

      • JAMMMM
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        I second GUMMY JOONBUG, without this site, I will be so much pain till I get home but knowing I get to read this in the morning makes my day by much better! I also discovered this site due to My Mister and I don’t know what I would’ve done without it. Thank you so much! You guys are my lifesaver for sure!!!

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    There are a trailer next episode on KBS’s Instagram..

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