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Are You Human, Too Live Recap Episode 17 and 18

Seo Kang Joon looking off screen at someone while data processing words cross the screen
I am here for all the robot scenes of Nam Shin III figuring out that he reprogrammed himself and is basically about to short circuit for a human. Hopefully the real Nam Shin wakes up so our lovely robot can just disappear into the Czech countryside.

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Airs: July 9th at 23:00 on KBS2
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That’s right….SB is not here anymore.

SB – I am going to quit being your bodyguard, thank you so much.

NS3 looks around the empty room.

NS3 – The little error that repeats every morning….

He thinks about running with SB and her complaining.

NS3 – Hologram error at 6:45 am.

He gets ready for work and has another error where he sees SB telling him to get in, but it is actually YH there.

NS3 – 8:12 am, I was successful in recovering from this error.

They drive to work.

NS3 – That day SB told me (stop, I don’t want to be involved with you anymore). SB is not here anymore…(he has her necklace).

Cut to SB at home. She is looking for something. JO asks here what she is looking for. The MMS guys walk in and wonder why she quit like that. Flashback to SB asking YH to let her go, JG suspects her so she can’t continue, she is scared because he told her to figure out where the mother is. So she will quit. YH tells her that she is the only one that can take care of the robot. But she says, what if NS3 tries to protect her?

YH says that he will figure out why he has that principle. But she says she hates it. It sounds crazy but at first I thought NS3 was a machine and object, but he talks like a human and sometimes he thinks. When he was tortured by YN I felt pity to him also. So I also feel it is funny myself, I don’t want to put my emotions on him, he is just a robot. …..I knew you would look at me like that, it is only me right? It never happened to you?

YH – if you think it is nonsense, then you should control it.

SB – You are a very logical person, I don’t want to be involved anymore.
She ends her mini flashback just as her appa hits her. her appa is upset that she is just sitting there, did you put your heart inside that house? JO tells appa that SB is clear about her work life and personal life. Appa tells her to just go home. JO says she has too many Idol fans in front of her place to go home.

NS3 shows up in front of his mother and says that SB quit, do you know why she quit? She says she does not want to work there anymore. Umma like it, she says he because strange because of her so lets be thankful that she quit before anything bad happened.

NS3 tries to accept that. YH says that they nee to have a meeting. Umma can prepare her briefing. But becareful. Umma says she has NS3 there so she won’t be nervous. NS3 smiles brightly.

Umma goes to the major meeting and gives her briefing. halabogi tells her that he is happy that she is there, please start. Umma starts talking about the car and quantum numbers generator that seh wants to develop for their car.

CJ is a little sarcastic about it. JY is happy about it. he is confident that they can make it. Umma thinks that anti hacking system is the most important part of the car. Not only for this car, but all AI systems. She made it before with other companies, so she is confident that she can make it quickly.

JG thinks they can make a deal with the company that already made it, why should they make all this trouble. He worked with the company to have a discount. The automatic driving team just need sto think about adding this chip to the car. Umma says she nees 6 months to create a smaller and better chip, why use someone elses technology?

JG argues about the time and market, why make it so difficult? Oh Rora hits back and asks him how much cash they accumulated?

NS3 goe to the screen and turns it off. Umma is alarmed. He says that the important thing about this matter is not the pricce. If they have an image of failure then in another 6 months their car will be in permanent trouble. To show their cars ability, they need to use this chip right away. He tells JG to lower the price to 10%. When he gets the price then they can make a deal. With that profit for selling Mcar, they can invest it to developing a better chip as Oh Rora said.

the grandfather is happy about this and thinks they came to a decision. he walks up to his grandson and whispers that he is not bad, he embraced the enemy. JG walks up to him and says that he does not know what is going on, he treats him emotionally and gives him work right now. Why did you change all of a sudden? NS3 asks what the problem is, is he afraid of him changing? It is his joke, humans can change so he can change.

YH and Umma look alarmed at this situation so YH calls NS3 out. JG wonders what NS is thinking.
In the stairway-hallway, Umma asks why NS3 ignored her idea and was on JG’s side? NS3 says that he is not on anyones side or ignoring anyone. He did a lot of research on the car and the most important thing is the negative image of the car. Umma says that she should make the business decision, he should not. If JG is right, will you be on his side? NS3 says, shouldnt’ he?

Umma is startled. YH tells him to wait outside since he has a meeting with YN. NS3 leaves. Umma asks YH waht is going on. YH says that it is good for NS3 to do this because NS will have more trust when he wakes up.

Cut to SB still looking for her necklace that her mother gave her. She sees the tablet seh used to spy on NS3 with and picks it up. This takes her back to her memory of him. She tries to throw it away.

In teh MMA gym, the players and appa are focussing. SB comes out with a sign on her back, she thinks she has to do something to make money. JO comes in and tells them that she went to the convenience store, she was super surprised, NS will get married next week!

Everyone is stunned. SB is bummed. She tells them she will be back.

Cut to a lounge. YN and NS are sitting and talking to their friends. the friends think YN is so patient, her one sided love has finally paid off. YN looks at Oppa and coaches him on the sly to put his arm around her. The friends are all so impressed, how did NS change so suddenly? SN tells him to kiss her on the cheek. So he does. the friends wonder if this is really NS? How are you doing all these things that YN says.

Another friend ome in and asks about the bodyguard that he hit. She was pretty, but is she good? YN says that she hit on everyone with money. The guy says that he should seduce her and make her be his personal bodyguard. Shin is upset at this. The friend asks him to give him her phone number.

Shin grabs his arm and twists it. He tells him, how dare you tell me to do something, you do it yourself, I-jashik!

But that makes NS3 angrier, all teh cell phones explode around them. YN looks frightenned. YH is there and tells Shin that they should leave right now. he takes him outside and asks him why he is behaving like this? Does he want to be found out as a robot? Don’t go overboard.

NS3 tells him that they talked badly about SB. YH tells him that she is not there. NS3 says that she is not there, but I see her, I have an error that sees her, I don’t know what the cause is. YH tells him to just focus on behaving like Shin, don’t be too emotional about her.

NS3 says he is different from human nam Shin, he is closer to SB, SB told him that he is just himself. Even if he tries hard, he cna’t become human Nam Shin. But if he behaves like himself then YH and Umma get angry. But SB is different, she is the only one that accepts him for himself. maybe that is why I see her hollograms.

YH tells him to leave first, he will stop by somewhere. He leaves a distraught looking NS3.
Umma puts on some beuty product in her room and thinks about her human son. She thinks baout all the painful memories of losing him to the grandfather as a child. Then he rembers telling YH that Shin should not have smiled a lot when he was younger, so she made the robot smile a lot. She thinks she should not have left him alone. Sorry, Umma is sorry, Shin.

She cries as she looks at the photo of her son as a child.

But there is a knock at the door, YH is there. In the hallway, the hitman watches them.

Inside, YH tells Umma about the error in NS3. She says that his neuro network did not have any abnormality, where is the error from? Even though it is troublesome, maybe I should work on the system.

YH wonders, what if it becoems a bigger problem, I should meet SB first. But Umma says that she will meet her, if she refuses then she should readjust.

NS3 goes home, his little vacuum friend follows him around. NS3 tells him that SB is not coming anymore, when should he give that necklace to her? She said she did not want to be involved with him.

Cut to the hospital. HJ looks over Shin as YH asks him if anything changed. Hj thinks YH is a bigger problem than Shin, he wants him to have a check up(?). Before your body gets angry at you, just listen to me, I am going all of this because of you. YH tells him not to threaten him too. His friend asks why he started all this nonsense? he leaves. YH thinks that is true, why did he start this? When he saw the robot, he saw Shin, but now when he sees Shin, he thinks of the robot.

Shin was tortured by Grandpa and JG, but the robot is tortured by YH and his mom. You and him are the same. maybe that is why I am a little pitiful about him. He is just a robot….

YH – Shin, stand up quickly before Hyung’s heart gets more complicated.

Umma walks out of the hotel and catches a cab. The hitman follows her.

Sb is in that cab. Umma tells her that it is a troublesome way, but thank you for following these directions. SB understands that she is careful because of JG. The taxi stops and the driver gets out. SB and Mom tallk inside alone.

Umma – What did you tell Shin? He sees you in a hallucination and becomes violent.

SB – I told him not to listen to anyone and to follow his own decision, I did not know that would happen

Umma – you are stupider than I thought. You know what kind of situation we are in, how can you tell him that? Take him back or I will need to use another way.

SB – Another way?

Umma – You don’t haev to know, if something happens to you then you know that your son on the bed willbe in danger, so just meet him please. DOn’t worry to much.

SB thinks about the kill switch.

SB – WHy will this help both Shins, you are only thinking about the Shin in bed. You call NS3 son, but you aer sacrificing him for your real son. You called me because youa re afraid of him being recognized as a robot.

Umma – if you don’t want to see him then tell me that, don’t go too far

SB – I don’t want to be involved in this matter, so dont call mea nymore.

Umma – If you change your mind then tell me, I will wait until tomorrow morning.

The driver gets back in and they leave again. the hitman follows as they go back to the hotel. Umma gets back out and goes inside. The hitman is about t get out, but he stays int he cab and asks him to follow the taxi.
SB gets out of her taxi a little bit later. She thinks about what umma told her. If seh changes her heart, then call her tomorrow morning. Sb pulls out her phone and erases NS3’s phone number.

the next morning, the hitman tells JG that Oh Rora met SB. JG thinks they did that much to meet each other secretly? She is hiding something from me. I need to figure this out from SB.

SG asks JG why he is so passive about it, they can just remove NS, that’s it. JG says if it is that easy than he should haev done it in Czech, this is Korea, don’t you know how many eyes and ears are here?

SG brings up what happened 20 years ago. JG tells him to shut up, if he talks about it then he will take care of him first. he walks off.

NS3 gets a call from Umma, he will go somewhere with her. He tells YH that his Umma called him, he will change his clothing. YH thinks back to what Umma said about changing NS3’s system.

David – Manual mode? You did not like him behaving like an avatar, that is why we did automatic. It is not his fault that he is not behaving like we expect, are you going to turn him into a toy?

Umma – what should we do? Wait until he becomes a good boy again? What if everyone knows that he is sick?

NS3 comes in from that point and asks if someone will control him now? Is that manual mode? Umma gets up and says that she will control him, she will be the only one doing it. Come in with me. NS3 looks at YH, YH tells him to trust her. But David says he can’t watch this and he leaves.

Umma tells NS3 to come with her.

NS3 gets a call from SB right at that time. She asks, hey henchman, where are you at. He says he is at the hiding place. She tells him to come out right now, let’s see each other.

He goes outside with everyone else. David says that their savior came. SB throws him keys and says that he should drive. He tells her that he is not her henchman anymore. SB tells him he grew up a little bit. Then she says she will borrow him a little bit, hey henchman, lets go.

NS3 stops at the light. SB tells him to go, sometimes humans don’t follow all the rules. But he says he is not human, so why did you take me? SB thinks about what umma told her and then tells him that she has to tell him something, stop the car.

He says he will not stop the car, he will follow his own decision, like she said. She tells him okay do whatever, so where are we going? Cut to them about to ride bikes outside. He tells her that he saw that she hated running so he thought he would buy her an electric bicycle so she doesn’t have run. She says that he tohught about doing this?

he tells her he is a third generation chaebol, so lets drive these until the battery runs out.

They start to drive it and talk as they drive. She tells him not to go too slow for her and he says something back that makes her smile (like do you have an inferiority complex). They keep riding until they hit some stares. he says he can carry it but she says she can do it. He tells her that she won’t be as powerful as he is. They decide to do rock paper scissors. he wins. he tells her that she will never win over him becuase it is a probability game. They do it again, but she wins. She tells him that humans are something that you cant predict.

But he tells her that he lost on purpose for her. He predicts what she will do next and it is right so he tells her that he will carry them. He carries them with ease. She thanks him at the top and they start to ride again.

But he goes ahead of her so she yells that the should go together. They keep riding until they get to a lookout point.
Sb loves the view. NS3 gives her a popscipcel and pus it on her face, he tells her it’s cold right? She looks at him and then takes it away and tells him not to play with food. She tells him he is great, he does not get sweaty or feel the temperature. he tells her that that is true, he shuoldnt’ tell this to anyone. Everyone tells himt hat he shouldnt’ do much and to just hide, but he likes to show her everything since she knows the real him, that is why he logically thinks he has that error about her.

She tells him, if you are comforted by her, then give her money. You are a 3rd generation chaebol He tells her that she wont accept it, he knows this without having to hold her hand.

She tells him that humans don’t show everything about themselves, cheer up henchman!

they high five each other. He tangles his finger with her and tells her to tell him what she is thinking. he doesn’t have feelings so he won’t get hurt or angry, so tell him everything. he looks at her deeply, but she just dodges it and starts to eat her popsicle. She says she is thirsty, henchman.

He goes to the convenience store, and looks at the necklace. then he is about to walk back to her across the street. the light turns and seh calls him.

SB – Don’t come, I am not conident to tell you this face to face. that thing I told you, i want to cancel it.Don’t behave like yourself or think with your own decision. It was a cowardly suggestion because I was not going to be next to you. hey henchman, you should become a henchman again don’t behave based on your own decision, just follow YH and your mothers order, it is good for you and it is good for me.

NS3 – What is good?

SB – You told me why I left? I was threateneed by JG, if you behave like that then I will be in danger also, I am a selfish human, I am important to myself, I had a fun day today, but we shouldnt’ see each other anymore.

The light changes and the cars start to drive. But NS3 walks into the street anyway and crosses the walkway. SB turns around when he gets to her and yells that he is crazy. it is a red light!

he gives her the drink he got for her and then he puts her mothers necklace around her neck.

NS3 – I will be a henchman again. Pease live well, So-bong.

He walks away and does not look back.

Sb watches him walking away.

Meanwhile, Umma is at home with a headache. NS gets home and tells her that she can set up the manual mode. He will follow what she says. She stands up and thanks him. then she hugs him, but I don’t think eh hugs her back.
SB lays in bed and thinks about NS3’s last words to her. He said that he will be a henchman again and that this is really goodbye to Soo-bong. She rolls over. JO comes in and tells her that a strange thing got delivered. They go out and SB sees the electric bicycle. Appa wonders if they stole it, who put this here? It looks expensive.

They notice Sb and ask why she looks like that, did she cry? Is she sad about the wedding?

Cut to the wedding. it looks like an expensive affair as a garden is set up with flowers, silk, and lace. JG walks up to Oh Rora and tells her that they are becoming inlaws today for their kids. Please change our relationship a little bit with this union. Umma tells him, do you think our relationship will change with this marriage? You still want to do something to my Shin like you did to his father? You want to take other peoples things. I am going to see what you ware going to do to my Shin. To my father and to Shin, I am going to find out everything that you did.

They talk about the relationship with him and Shin, it should be different because his daughter is inbetween Shin and him. Umma tells him that she will not leave his daughter alone if he does anything to his Shin. JG smiels and says she will be a scary mother in law.

Meanwhile, Shin is at home riding his electric bike around the pool area. he is dressed in his wedding attire. Umma comes to get him and smiles She tlls himt hat seh made another watch. It includes manual operating mode so it is a little different. So when needed, I can control him, so don’t worry.

YH tells Shin to go welcome guests as kindly as possible.

Shin leaves. YH tells Umma that NS3 listens to them after meeting SB, they don’t need manual mode. She thinks that is good.

Cut to YN getting ready for her wedding, JG is getting emotional. HY thinks that is hilarious, JG has tears? The aunt says a few more things and then leaves. YN asks her father what he is doing, he apologizes and turns his back. YN goes up to him and fixes his necktie. Then she apologizes to him for everything. She tells him that he looks good and tells him goodbye. he thanks her and leaves.

He leaves, his fatherly face changes to his ambitious one once again. he goes outside and gives CJ a signal. CJ goes up to Umma and tells her that someone wants to say hi to her. Park sees this and goes to Umma’s purse, he takes out her cell phone and tries to hack it.

Meanwhile, SB sits at a park as JO rides the electric bike. Umma texts her and tells her that she is sorry to call her urgently, but JG figured out about Shin, can you remove the bag with the documents that are on my desk?

SB calls but the phone is off. She gets another text that says she is at the wedding, can you plese do this for Shin?

SB responds that she will do it right away. park removes all the messages.

YH tells NS3 that the wedding is almost starting, so let’s prepare, I will be there also. Park puts the cell phone back which gives JG the signal to tell everyone to sit.

At the same time, SB runs to the office. The bad guy is there and asks her what she is looking for? Is it this? There is nothing inside here. You shuld fill it out and right down everything about Shin. JG noticed something about him, you came here because of that. What do you know?

He pushes her. She says, did she know everything?

But then the car scans them both and knows that the guy is dangerous. The car turns on and revs its engine. SB runs away. the henchman follows and pulls her hair, then she puts a gun to her face. he pushes her into an elevator and they go to the garage.

Sb gets u in the back of the trunk of the car. He drives off. But the automatic car drives in front of them. SG wonders what is going on and puts the car in reverse.
The AI car follows them. SG cannot get away. then all the lights turn off in the garage. SG turns on his inside car light and wonders who is inf ront of him.

Cut to Shin walking to the car right inf ront of him. He is still in his wedding suit and he looks like he i snot to be messed with.

SG puts his car in drive, but Shin just stops the car from going forward. SG is confused AF.

NS3 pounds the hood and breaks the engine to the car, steam comes out as he looks up intensly at SG.

Fade Out
NS3 – I am not leaving tonight, I will be here all night.
Sb – I am nothing.
NS3 – You are a great person. You cancel my principle and make me make a new principle.
Sb – Would you like to be my friend?
Umma – You ran out of the wedding because of SB? Are you really my son?
SB3 – If I don’t pretend like I am human Nam Shin, then i am not your son anymore?
Umma – I need the real Shin
JG – You were too cruel to Yena
NS3 – No, I think you hurt her more. Think about what you did to your daughters lover.
Vo – He can’t be human, he shoudlnt’ be human.
JG – Who are you, what is your identity!

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  1. JB
    July 9, 2018 / 11:03 am

    What about preview?, can you translate it😄😄😄😄……hope you don’t mind

    • V
      July 9, 2018 / 4:27 pm

      Preview is up!

  2. JB
    July 9, 2018 / 11:04 am

    Sorry…. U already translated it. …..

    • V
      July 9, 2018 / 4:27 pm

      🙂 We try to get to it as soon as the episode finishes if it is posted during the live show!

  3. gummy joonbug
    July 9, 2018 / 11:21 am

    Thanks so much for the recap! 100% Shin III all the way!!!

  4. Kateri
    July 9, 2018 / 11:33 am

    Loving this drama – I am totally hooked. Thanks so much for your site, now I can go to drama nice and watch the non subtitled drama and actually know what is going on. I keep wondering how they are going to end this and if and how NS3 is going to “live” , like maybe go back home, or have his memories put in another human or the other NS. At some point the real NS will wake up and then what happens. A comment I read said what if NS has lost his memory and so they place NS3’s memory into him..I really liked that.
    I kind of knew the wedding wouldn’t take place (happy about that!!) I’m trying to figure out what the fiancé actually likes about NS so much that she is so obsessed With him….
    Whoever wrote this is really good. The whole concept of a cyborg with personality that is so lovable. (It helps that he is so freakin cute too:) I love the development of the characters..

    • V
      July 9, 2018 / 4:28 pm

      Oh my gosh, I hadn’t heard that theory but it sounds interesting.

    • lemoncello
      July 9, 2018 / 10:21 pm

      Hi there… thinking about NS3 will be disappeared pains me. Oh I want to protect that cute robot… I don’t like the idea of replacing NS3 into human Sin’s memory. It’s also a little forced if at the end, the writer will try to pair with So-bong. Now I agree with SB that NS3 is a different entity with Human NS.

      If that happens, this will reminds me to “Big” or “Rooftop Prince” in different cases. I was so clueless who appeared in front of Gil Daran (BIG). Was it Kang Kyung-joon or Yoon-jae? Or who is the one who met Park Ha in the park, was it the King or Tae-yong. Compared to those unrealistic twist, I’d prefer a little bit sad ending. 🙂

  5. Shayri
    July 9, 2018 / 11:59 am

    Thank you so much! I didn’t expect that NS3 would save her like that. Wow! & he’s started to see his Mom’s true colours 😢. David truly is like a father getting silenced by an evil mother, he actually cares for NS3. I’m excited about NS3 & SB’s love story, but scared if it’s realistically possible bcz he’s a robot…… & what with Human Nam Shin 😧

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