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Are You Human, Too Live Recap Episode 13 and 14

Seo Kang Joon gives Kong Seung Yeon a piggy back ride in Are You Human Too
The more I watch this show, the more I want all the humans to just live their crazy lives and leave Nam Shin III alone. He is so pure and innocent. My inclination is to jump through the screen and slap even one side-eye in his direction. I hope they keep him that way and don’t turn him into a terminator that tries to kill everyone in some kind of crazy flip at the end.

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Grandfather is looking at the news of his grandson acting up after slapping the bodyguard.

Vo – Shin ah, is this what you mean when you said this is what you are going to do? Then I will also play as well.

Flashback of Grandfather pretending to be alzeihmers patient.

Grandfather – How do you like it, its fun?…I am going to do a bigger act…who is really on my side? Who is really betraying me? To test it….

The sister told JG that her father has dementia.

Grandfather tells Shin that he has dementia. But Shin’s lie detector goes off. He tells grandfather that he does not have dementia.

Shin – How did I know, I felt weird, Halabogi, you think there is no impossibility. But you have this dementia and become weak right away.

Granfather – My show was too big, all the people who think I have dementia will have a lot of thoughts. It is so fun to see what they are going to do. I don’t have to threaten you?

SB – I will keep my mouth shut.

Grandfather tells him to keep the guy behind him’s mouth shut as well. That man is YH.

YH takes grandfather to his room. He asks him if he is mad that he lied to him also? It is because I am getting old. I want to see what they are really thinking. With this, I want to see what you really have in your mind. You are different than JG, why didn’t you think about betraying me? Hey YH, can you call me halabogi?

YH – excuse me?

GH – It is a joke, I am tired. …whatever you call me, I will regard it that I have two grandsons.

Halabogi lays down, YH looks at him for a moment as he leaves.
SB – How can he lie like that, he is a really scary guy.

NS3 says he is not afraid of humans, but SB says humans are scary, what if he betrays you or melts you. SB gets a call from JG, she wants to know what she should do if he asks her about dementia. YH tells her to take the call and follow what he says. SHe takes the call and puts it on speaker phone.

SB tells jG that the chairman was kind of strange. he asks if a lawyer came with the will. SB says she did not see anything. He wants to know if YN was there? SB says yes, but JG says that no one should know that he knows GH’s condition, including his daughter.

They hang up, SB thinks this father and daughter are strange, how cna they not trust each other. There are so many lies. NS3 says he does not have to hold hands because he will wink continuously. he winks at SB.

YN finds out that her appa knew about Halabogi’s alzeihmers. JG approaches her like an appa and asks her if she needs to tell him anything? She asks appa the same question. She tells him that she wants him to be satisfactory and be a grandfather when she has a baby. they can be happy together. Appa says that he never had the dream to be a normal halabogi. He chuckles. His daughter looks annoyed and leaves.
SB’s alarm goes off, she taps it off and rolls over as she thinks about yesterday. She thinks JG will figure her out first. But then NS3 comes in and tells her that it is excercise time. She throws her pillow at him so he throws the pillow back at her. SHe asks him if he wants to die. He tells her that he won’t die, but out of shape people who gain weight will die(?). You gained 800 grams from last week so you shuold excercise.

Did you scan me!

Do you want me to help you change your clothes?


I am a robot, you shuoldn’t be embarrassed.

No, just give it to me and leave.

you should excerciese on schedule.

What kind of a robot is he?

Cut to them running, SB is trying to keep up, she can’t run. He tries to push her, but she just falls and says that she will die. He tells her that he has to do CPR. He moves in to do it, but she pushes him away. He tells her that he can give her his back if it is hard. But she tells him not to show his back to her. he reminds her that she has no feelings for him right? then Just hop on.

He tells her that she slept 5 hours but only one hour deep sleep, it is less quality than other people your age.

Are you a doctor in a sleeping clinic.

Why didn’t you sleep? Because of JG?

She says it is complicated. She has a hard time playing this roll of hiding everything. It gives her a headache. He tells her that he has 1000 times more muscle power than anyone and can surpas a humans calculation skills. She asks him why he is bragging. You are just metal to me. He tells her that he wants her to feel relaxed since she is next to him.

She tells him that she will run, if he runs faster than her than she will kill him. So stay behind me.

Cut to teh bad guy watching NS3 and SB running. Flashback to the ambulance taking Shin away in Czech. There was blood everywhere. He thinks he is too okay.

NS3 and SB get back, he measures her heart rate but SB tells him not to do that, what if someone sees! She pulls her hand away.

HD comes up to them and says that he said he could have the robot. But HY pulls it away from him. HY tells him not to play with it of he will become like that hyung. Let’s say hi to Halabogi. But HD does not want to because he is scary. His Mom pull shim away.

While walking away, NS3 scans the little boy and sees that he has a defibrillator in his body. SB walks up and picks up the little toy. She wonders who he is. NS3 tells her that he is my friend, 7 years old, he is a cyborg like you. But he sees something concerning with the boy.

The boy goes to meet with Halabogi but he is scared and runs away. HY tries to tell halabogi that he is just like him, he does not get scared. But halabogi says he wants to rest. Aunt leaves and runs into NS3. He wants to know where he is. Aunt does not want to talk to him.

They find HD, but he is breathing hard and sweating on a bench as he plays with a cell phone. He tells them that halabogi shouldn’t know that he is sick. He passes out. Aunt grabs the cell phone, but NS3 throws it away. the boy wakes up again. NS3 tells her that his heat has an implantable defibrillator, when he has arythmia and the implant does not work anymore? If you don’t want his heart to stop then don’t put cell phones 15 centimeters near him.

He tells SB to give him the robot. HD takes it and is piggy backed away by his mother.

SB says that could have been bad, he survived because of you.
NS3 goes into HD’s bedroom and sits on his bed.

NS3 – Hey little boy, why didn’t you want me to call 911?

if grandfather knows I am sick then he will hate me, being weak is bad.

Being weak isn’t bad, hating the weak is bad. Don’t hide that you are sick okay little boy?

The phone rings. HD says he is scared, that halabogi will be mean to his mom again. NS3 tells him that hyung will punish him. It is a secret between us.

But Umma comes in and asks what he is doing with that boy. SHe runs up to him and tells him nto to talk to HD to grandpa. NS3 says his principle is that he keeps his promises. Aunt laughs and tells him to leave. But when he does not leave, she pulls him out.

SB runs up to him and asks if the kid is okay. He says yes, he promised that he will not talk about her kids sickness.

This took that long?

The rest is a secret.

In the bedroom, Aunt looks at the text that Jg left. He needs evidence about halabogi’s sickness. The boy tells her not to listen to that bad ajushi. But umma just yells at him and tells him that they will find out that he is sick!

JG meets with the Aunt along with a few other people. She brought the doctors diagnosis and dropped a pen. (Hmm, that pen might be a recording device).

Cut to the big meeting with all the VP’s of the company. JG brings up the rumor about dimentia, but YN says that is just a rumor. JG pulls out the doctors note and says that he has dementia. Some people think it is hard to believe that he has dementia. NS3 walks in like Shin and says that he has dementia. JG wants to know why he is there in the meeting.

NS3 says that he should be there because that seat is his. Why is JG sitting in it? But then NS3 pulls out the pen that Aunt dropped. JG thinks back to her dropping it at the meeting. NS3 asks them if it has something that he should not hear? He starts to play it. All the different people talk about the chairman.

Flashback to NS3 talking to the aunt. he tells her that he saw that JG called her. If Halabogi find out about it, do you think it will be okay? He hold up the pen and says that this is for Hee-dong.

In the meeting, the people who where on the recording try to say that they are just trying to prepare. We have to address it. But NS3 says that halabogi does not have dementia.

Everyone is stunned, what is going on? NS3 tells YH to come in. YH comes in with GH’s doctor. The doctor says that it is a mistake, someone elses diagnosis was issued as the chairmans. The real checklist is right here. if you want further assurance then we can go to the hospital.

NS3 – Lets talk abot this with the person we are all talking about. Come in please.

The chairman comes in. NS3 gives him the pen.

Cut to NS3 talking to the chairman earlier with YH. They planned this meeting. NS3 tells him that he should forgive HY, especially for HD.

GH pats his grandson on the shoulder and looks at all the people under him at the company.

NS3 walks out of the company like a happy puppy. He asks if SB heard about all the punishment for JG? This was cooler than the club right? I was cool right? But his bttery is about to go out.

SB texts YH to find out where the extra battery it. He tells her that it is in the car. He is still in the meeting. In the meeting, GH just listens to the recording in front of everyone. Someone gives JG a note: The recording does not have your voice.

JG’s eye grow wide. He tells them that he should have taken care of everyone under him. then he yells at the people under him and another person yells at them as well.
SB gets the battery. NS3 wants to know what if people find out that he is a robot, will they destroy him or burn him,

NS – You told me, I saw your facial expressions. Humans are not scary but what they do is scary. If they find out that I am not Nam Shin, will they leave me alone?

SB – I will stop them. My muscles are 1000 times weaker than you and am a weak person that is far away from digital, but I will protect you becasue I am your bodyguard.

YN comes out and sees them. She runs up to him and stops her from putting the watch on him. The watch rolls away. A car rolls up and rolls over the watch, it destorys it. NS does not have a battery on at all, he has no secondary battery and turns off.

YN grabs NS3’s arm and sees the robotic mark on his wrist. YH comes up behind her and pulls her hand away, he asks her….did you see it?

Grandfather – You were super surprised watching this. I could have finished you with that. But you know that I did not do it on purpose. We have Jang between you and me. I saved what you said about wanting to send me to a nursing home. Lets just work well together. It is all for the group.

JG – I know that this is all for your grandson and the company, that is why you made it quiet.

GH – if you talk abotu this, do you think it will be a plus for you?

YN finds out that oppa is actually in the hospital. She cries over his bed and tells him he should have stayed with her. NS3 comes up to her and hugs her, his principle is to hug people who cry. But she pushes him away and tells him that he is not oppa! You don’t just become oppa by looking like him. You are pretending to be a human! How dare you mistreat me! You are terrible! You guys are worse, my oppa is dying but you are playing.

YH tells him that they are not playing, they are all putting their life on the line for him. They are trying their best to protect him from your father. No one is dying!

YH is upset, but he apologizes and leaves. YN mutter that she wants to be left alone with oppa. SB tells NS3 that they should leave. Everyone leaves the room and leaves YN alone with him and her tears.

SB and NS3 wait outside. SB looks at NS3 as if she wants to console him. He asks her why she is looking at him like that. He says it looks like worry, like when humans worry. She says she is not worrying about him, are you crazy? hey, steel, you should not hug eeryone like that. You have to comfort them when they want it.

He takes that in, comfort them when they want.

YH comes out so NS3 asks him if he wants to be comforted, you don’t feel good because YN said that NS is dying? YH says no…let’s go. They drive off.

NS3 – Before, you told me that you were confused if you like Shin or what Shin has, but today I know it for sure. You were angry because YN said that Shin is dying. But you can actually get the same thing using me. But you only care aboue Nam Shin’s recovery. You only like the human Nam Shin right?

YH – Stop talking about unnecessary things.

back at the hospital, Oh Rora tells YN that she thinks her fahter sent someone to kill Nam Shin in Czech. YN says he appa is not that bad. Umma says she hopes the daughters instinct is right. Then she tells her that he has a special ultrasound machine on his head. It is to get him to wake up. She knows he will. But YN says she knows him better than the mother that ditched her son. It is nonsense that you consider yourself his mother.

Umma tells her that it is good that seh cares about Nam Shin more than her, please make good decisions about Nam Shin. She leaves.

Appa calls her and yells at her about the chairman having dementia. You knew he didn’t! She says whether she knew it or not, today it showed all of your greediness to the world. I am going to spend the night with oppa today. Click.

JG yells at her, but she is already off the phone.
Sb is asleep, someone is knockingn on her door to wake her up. She runs to open the door, its YH and NS3, they tell her that YN is not there, she dissapeared. JG calls her at that moment and tells her that he will see the chairman in his office.

JG goes to the chairman, YN tells YH and NS3 that she told them his secret……setting up the marriage date. Oppa told me yesterday, is it okay? I told halabogi and appa so I am so happy. She smiles as she grabs his arm.

Later on, YH asks her why she is doing this much. YN says, if I don’t do this then you wont’ trust that I am on his side. When he wakes up then I will be his person, it is good for him as well. She gives him a rung.

NS3 says she has a ring but not a cell phone? Why did she make everyone nervous? She is stunned and asks him if he wants attention? Look, I called all the reporters so just wear that and act right in front of the reporters. She walks off.

YH, SB, and nS3 wonder, she wants to get married after keeping this secret? YH says yes and also says that what NS3 said was cool, but don’t instigate her too much. NS3 nods and smiles like a puppy. SB tells him to put on his ring since he will marry her anyway.

Meanwhile, JG tells GH that he will live like a father in law from now on. he will not mention his son unnecessarily. He bows and leaves.

YH comes in and asks him if he will leave him like that. Why did you ask me to take out his part? We can fire him with this. But GH tells him, if a guy like that wants to attack, then no one can stop him. the world is not simple, it is more beneficial to show him that I can fire him at anytime than to fire him now.
NS3 and Sb get to the company, there are reports all over the building. NS3 goes and opens the door for YN. She happily smiles next to him and kisses his cheek. JO goes up to Sb and wonders what is going on, marriage? SB says they are engaged so they are getting married, nothing surprising going on here.

They all walk inside. SB stops the charade when they get inside and tells NS3 to look at the wall, she does not like his face that looks just like oppas. He does what she says. SB asks her if she has to do this much? She is going to far. YN tells her that he does not have any emotions. SB tells her that he did not do anything wrong, so be softer with him.

But then she gets a call from her father and has to go to the restroom. YN tells NS3 that she will go to her room too so just stand there and don’t move.

But then the phone rungs and NS3 turns to look at it.

Outside, SB meets with JG. He asks her if she remembers anything else about the guy that looks just like Shin. SB says that he told her that it was his mistake. Why are you asking me that? he tells her that it is none of her business. Why does he want to get married? SB says she does not know. JG wonders what she does know.

But then YN sees her talking and walks up to her. JG leaves unseen. YN wants to know why she is there, she is supposed to go to the restroom. He is not in the room anymore.

they run to the lobby to find him. They spot him standing in the lobby as Sb’s father trie sto push him. SB tells YN that she will take care of it.

Appa is so mad that NS3 kissed his daughter and is marrying someone else! it was her first kiss! You have to marry her!

They other MMA fighters are there as well. Sb pushes one of them and says, who says it was my first kiss! Then she tells her appa that it was an accident, we don’t’ have any feelings for each other.

Appa lets go of NS3. SB tells NS3 to take her father outside so he picks him up and carries him out with ease. Appa is all like, why are you so strong! You have money, power, and strength? Where do you work out?

NS3 kneels in front of appa. He tells him that the kiss was an accident, even so, you can be angry so you can hit me. One of the guys wants to hit him, but the other says that his life will end by hitting a third generation chaebol. Appa kneels in front of him and asks him if he really doesn’t have feelings to SB.

NS3 tells him that he has no feelings.

Appa tells him that he knows his daughter won’t be a cinderella after kissing a 3rd generation cheabol, but how can a human have no emotions? You bad man. My daughter will quit.

NS3 – No! (he stand up) I am sorry, I can’t tell you all the truth but she is a good person and knows who I am and did not run away and did not tell my secret, as she protects me, I will also protect her.

SB and JO hear this as well. JO wonders what is going on between them. Is this a confession?

Appa tells him that he is not sure if he is being honest, but if you hurt my daughter then I will come back again and again and again.

NS3 grabs appas arm and tells him that he prepared a car for him. A car pulls up and takes them all home.

NS3 stays behind with SB. NS3 notices her and happily runs up to her.

Meanwhile, Umma is at an indoor cemetery visiting her husband. There is a photo of the father and son there. Umma says that, if peole see this, they will think he is a good father. Suddenly, the chairman comes out and tells Oh Rora thta it is good to see her again. She drops her flowers.

Later on, SB drives YN and NS3 home. He smiles at her through the mirror. She thinks back to NS3 telling her father that she is a good person, she knows his identity and will protect her as she protects him. SB clears her thoughts and asks YN if she wnts her to lower the window. YN tells her to shut up. NS3 lowers the window but Yn tell shim not to lower it, if anyone sees them together then she will have to act again and seh does not want to smile while her oppa is in the hospital bed.

But NS3 does not close the window. Then SB tells him to close it so he closes it. YN is so upset, you did not listen to me but you listen to her? She tells him to take off that rung. SB asks her why she is doing this? YN takes the ring off of him and thros it on the ground. When oppa wakes up then I will melt you!

NS3 picks up the rung and tells him that he is human Namshin now. YN takes out the battery pack on the watch and NS3 turns off. SB stops the car and tells at YN. She tells him that he has a bran and understands human emotions. Yn wants to know what is going on, you kissed a robot and now you have these feelings toward a robot?

Will you feel like dating a 3rd generation chaebol if you are around him?

NS3 goes to his side and puts the battery back in. NS3 turns back on. SB tells him that he will kill him if he lets someone else touch his battery. YN tells her to come with her. They walk off. YN slaps her and tells her that she is not anyone, how dare you look down on me. SB tells her that she can do it to her but SB can’t do the same? You can’t survive without your appa!

YN tries to hit her again but SB holds her arm. Then YN kicks her in her bad leg. Sb falls to the ground. NS3 comes out and keeps YN from hitting her again. Then he pulls Sb up. Time slows down as she stands.

NS3 – From now on, protecting Sb is my priority.

Fade Out

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  1. Elly
    July 3, 2018 / 12:05 pm

    I’ve been waiting for this since last Monday! Thank you so much!

    • V
      July 3, 2018 / 6:21 pm

      I have been waiting too!

  2. Shayri
    July 3, 2018 / 12:14 pm

    YN is acting like a spoilt brat. Yes she genuinely cares for Shin, but even she knows that the real Shin doesn’t want to marry her, so she’s using the robot.

    • V
      July 3, 2018 / 12:54 pm

      She is acting like a spoiled brat. But what gets me is that somehow all these people are just easily accepting Nam Shin 3 and not like, pocking him and asking him a million questions and having him do fantastical feats like I would if I found out someone I thought I knew was actually a robot.

      • Shayri
        July 3, 2018 / 2:33 pm

        Me too! YH is reserved so I get why he didn’t act that way, but SB & YN look like the people who’d expect to see miraculous feats before believing. YN especially. SB already had her incredible moment with the club fire & driverless car accident.

        • V
          July 3, 2018 / 6:20 pm

          Seriously, I would just spend my evenings having him show me every single foreign movie/TV show I wanted to watch with a live translation while eating a Michelin level 4 star meal that he cooked for me as he gives me a foot massage after a long day at work. Fun times!

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