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Are You Human, Too Live Recap Episode 11 and 12

Park Hwa Hee wears a white blouse and red skirt as she smiles at someone off screen
NS3 possibly shocked everyone by kissing So-bong so suddenly after searching the internet for ‘Ways to break up.’ He peeped So-bong eavesdropping and deduced that she would actually be the better woman to date in this situation. So-bong was understandable stunned and possibly verklempt, hopefully her knees don’t buckle. Keep it together, girl!

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Airs: June 25th at 23:10 on KBS2
How To Watch: Dramafever

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We open with Grandpa yelling at Shin in a conference table.

Grandpa – Shin Just prepare to get married!

SP – (thinking) huh, marriage, him?

NS3 – Marriage? Me?

Cut back to the dinner. they had to refuse the marriage. That is their goal. But YN accepted all the deals. She wants to marry him right away. SHe goes up to him and says that she wil be a good wife.

YH gives him a sign to refuse it.

he searches the internet on how to refuse a proposal He nees to bring another person in to pretend that he is dating someone. He scans the door and sees that SB is there, she can be the one because seh already knows his identity. She knows it, but she is still helping him.

he gets up and kisses SB just like in his internet search. He even puts his hand on her back. SP pushes him away (or herself away). He tells the crowd that they know what this means.

he grabs SB’s hand and walks away with her.

SB tells him to let her go! Let me go! He lets her go right away. But he says that he will not tell her sorry, he searched it and he should not say sorry to the human woman that he kissed. He should just thank her for her help since she can refuse his marriage proposal.

SB – I didn’t tell you that I will help you with my lips! If you are human this this is sexual harassment!

NS3 – It is good that I am not human then.

SB’s rage comes out like a racehorse. She tries to kick him, but she hurts her leg. She tries to punch him, but he stops her then touches her cheek and tells her that her temperature increased by 2.1 degrees. Your pores are bigger, you are releasing your collagen, your skin is getting saggy.

What are you talking about!

I don’t understand, why did your skin temperature go up. I don’t have any emotions and you shouldn’t’ have any emotions with your kiss either. Are you excited? The first kiss for a Korean woman is 18 years old. is this your first time kissing?

It is not my first! Why are you thinking about my first kiss! You pervert…..

She walks away.

NS3 gets a phone call. It is from YH, he says that he told him to refuse. NS3 says that is why he kissed her. YH tells him to follow her and make sure she gets back safely.

Inside, everyone is awkward. YH apologizes and says that he is sorry, but he already left. YN thinks this is not his real heart, he shouldn’t like someone like that. JG tells them that they shouldn’t talk about his marriage stuff. He will make it so this contract does not happen. he tells his daughter that they should leave. She reluctantly gets up.

The aunt says she is leaving also, she saw something that she should not have seen.

GH yells at YH, where is he? How can he cause this huge scene and disappear? YH apologizes. GH tells him to just eat. This isn’t the first time NS3 has put a woman in front of him as a protest. Hey YH, come over here. You are sad all the time, I am yelling at you even though NS did everything.

I understand it is for NS.

Why do you always say you are okay. Stop looking at this old man. Eat something in another restaurant.

this is too much money.

I can give you at least this much, take it, my arm hurts.

Flashback of GH giving YH money ever since he was a young man. He also gave him money for college, but YH said it was too much. he doesn’t’ want to take it otherwise he would rely on him all the time. GH tells YH that he wants him to stay home and be Shin’s shadow. Whatever he does well will be NS’s credit. If NS does something wrong, then you will get all the blame. I am asking you to live like a shadow, but I will promise you that you will be next to NS and you will deserve things equally as NS. I am sorry to buy your future with this money.

YH takes the money. he says he is a realistic guy. All the things and blame he will get won’t be as much as living as an orphan.

GH thanks him for his choice and tells him that he won’t make him regret it.

YH also thanks him for making a deal with his future.

Int he present, YH looks at all the money. he is pulled out of his reverie with a phone call. It is the doctor friend who is calling to discuss NS’s treatment.
Elsewhere, SB tries to run and make it to the traffic light. But then time starts adding to the traffic light Everyone is all like, what is going on. SB is like that as well, but then she turns around knowingly and sees a smiling NS3 waving at her with delight.

She gets upset and runs off to the bus and holds her fist up at NS3 from the window.

NS3 is so confused.

On the bus, SB thinks about the kiss. She yells that was a robot! How dare he! My lips! She tries to wipe the kiss away.

Later on, she calls JO and tells her that she was just sexually harassed. JO is all like, how dare he touch you! SB tells her that it wasn’t a guy it was a r-~. But she ends up not telling her and says she can’t report it. She hangs up and gets off the bus.

But NS3 is right there! She is startled and wonders how he knows where she is, did he follow her?

He tells her that he can follow her wherever she goes.

Don’t follow me!

But her belly growls so he turns her to the public poster that was talking about love and changes it to show all the menus at local restaurants. She tells him that he has different abilities, she doesn’t’ want to eat?

he turns her back to the sign and changes it to street food places. He tells her that he picked them based on her economy level.

Do you think you can bribe me with rolled eggs?

Cut to her eating rolled eggs inside one of the restaurants. She looks at NS3 looking at her from the window. the owner asks her if she knows that man, SB is all like I DON’T KNOW HIM.

She keeps eating but gets a phone call. It is from JG. he asks what was up with that earlier. SB tells him that they are not in that kind of relationship, he is using her.

JG goes to his kid’s room and pulls the covers back. She is all like, what are you doing I am going to bed.

he holds the phone to YN and tells SB to tells him again

SB tells her that NS was using her. it is embarrassing to say, but you can’t marry him because NS doesn’t’ have any heart to her at all.

JG thanks SB for giving him an honest opinion and hangs up.

YN is thoroughly annoyed. She tells her father that his lips are hers, she just lent those lips to SB. this is okay, it is better than doing things secretary. I am going to take my pill and sleep so don’t wake me up!

He tells her fine, he will talk about it tomorrow.

In the cafe, SB drinks and talks. She is all like, he wanted me to act in front of his own daughter? Ah….my life. She keeps drinking. NS3 keeps watching her from the window. then he turns to the sky. It is raining.

Inside, SB asks for another soju, please. She brings it out and tells agasshi, are you still regretting him? Don’t you feel sorry? I don’t know what he did wrong, but you should do this human to human.

he is not a human.

You are not a human. Ah, it is raining, he left because it is raining. Yes, leave forever, go far away!

Everyone looks at SB. SB goes to the door and looks at all the rain. She decides to go outside as if she wants to look for NS3. Suddenly, an umbrella covers her.

NS3 – you thought I left.

SB – Whatever

NS3 – I am useful.

he runs to catch up with her.

NS3 – You are angry at me, just use me until you aren’t angry anymore. I am strong and smart and persistent. you helped me so I will help you.

SB – I don’t need your help!

She walks off and takes the umbrella. He is left in front of the place getting wet. She comes back and puts the umbrella over him.

SB – hey robot, I am going to use banmal to you, hold this.

He holds it over her.

SB – People will think I am a bad person, you have to be inside also.

He goes under the umbrella also

SB – From now on, you are my henchman robot. In front of others you are my boss, but privately, you are my henchman robot, I will ask you to do anything. Don’t you like it?

NS3 – No, I like it, I am your henchman robot.

SB – Okay. this is a secret between a human and a robot so don’t tell anyone. Get a cab.

A cab pulls up. he tells her that he already called it, with his brain. She tells him that he is useful. Let’s go.
Umma, David, and YH are at their house or at the hospital. They think that NS3 and SB should be together. YH says that they swayed a dangerous situation. Umma says that they kissed, good or bad, he is learning.

YH thinks they need to persuade YN, but only NS can control YN.

HJ comes in and says that NS can wake up (he can stand up). I found a way to wake him up.

Cut to NS’s bedside. HJ thinks they can stimulate his brain with an ultrasound machine to wake him up. there are some clinical cases that have done this with success. A person was able to nod. They talk about the possibilities. Umma thinks they should try anything. She left him alone, she told her self that she left because the grandfather would harm him. She missed him, that is why she made the robot. he was trying to survive 20 years without a mom, I forgot about him and was comforted by the robot. I am so sorry for him.

She goes to Shin and tells him that he can be angry at his mother, but just stand up, umma will live for you. Whatever the possibilities, please, Shin….
NS3 and SB get home, as soon as they get out of the car YN to greet them to their surprise.

YN – You are coming back now?

She has a pink suitcase with her and is all ready to move in. She is not there to see Shin though, she is there to see SB, she wants to be her good friend. Can you move my luggage for me? I have to see the chairman.

YN walks off happily.

SB looks frightened and says that yN has an iron mentality.

NS3 says he is not made from metal, he is made from carbon nanotubes. SB tells him to shut up and explains that it is dangerous for her to move in. She tells him to grab the carrier, he grabs it right away and they walk in together.

Yn tells GH that she signed the contract and had it notarized and everything. Aunt thinks she went crazy after Shin kissed that woman. GH wonders if she is going to marry Shin. YN retorts that she is not going to marry him. Aunt tells her that she says whatever!

YN wants to use SB asks her bodyguard after they get married. Aunt tells her that this will not work, you are just like your father.

SB calls JG and tells him that his daughter is there to move in. he grumbles and tells JG that he will come and get her.

YN rolls her things into SB’s room, she thinks it is too narrow to sleep there for the both of them. But if she doesn’t’ like it then she can go to Oppa’s room. SB pulls her back and says that she can sleep on the bed, SB will sleep on the floor. YN opens her luggage and gets comfortable.

YH talks to NS3 and says that YN will sleep with SB tonight, he will take care of it. he walks off. Later on, YH holds his head in his room. NS3 knocks on his door and holds up a 6-pack of beer, he saw it on TV, you should have it after a hard day.

YH invites him in. NS3 tells him that it is difficult to follow humans emotions, but he will try to do it with your help. YH thinks about the kill switch. he apologizes to NS3 for making him come here and pretend to be like Shin.

NS3 says it is okay, it is all for human NS3. YH says, maybe that is not it, that he cares about human Nam Shin. He is kind of confused now. that he likes Shin or likes what Shin has. the things he can enjoy next to Shin….maybe he works hard because of that. Can you hold my hand so I can check how I really feel?

It won’t work, I won’t be able to figure out your anguish and internal conflict with a lie detector. It won’t work.

Internal conflict and agony, that is my state now.

I can read your facial expressions. Sad, agony.

Don’t trust humans too much.

Including you, Mom and David?

YH doesn’t answer, but he looks at NS3.

NS3 walks around outside and sits on a large rock formation. he thinks back to what YH said about not trusting humans.

NS3 – If I don’t trust humans, what should I trust?

He sits for a long time outside staring at all the stars.

SB goes out to stretch and run. She starts on her run and jobs along the mansion, but then she rolls her ankle and falls. Umma!

NS3 tells her, you said you don’t have an Umma.

SB is scared for a moment and asks her why he is there. He says he was just staring at the sky. He asks her if that is her broken leg side? Don’t run too hard.

She says she can run faster and longer than any regular man! She keeps running.

NS3 runs with her in his nice clothing. She tells him not to bother her but eh just tell her that he will run too.

Cut to a little bit later, SB is so tired and sweat. NS3 looks fresh, but he wants to run next to her. She tells him to just run faster! he smiles and says she can give up if she is tired, he does not get tired.

he happily continues running.

SB is struggling, she falls. He runs back to her and measures her blood pressure and heart rate. her ankle also hurts her. He tells her that he can give her a piggyback ride. She says she is fine, but he tells her that he can do it, she is his henchman.

he smiles at her and her world spins around.

But then she kicks him and he falls over.

Grandpa and YN show up at that moment. YN tells her she didn’t see him in the house, you were here? SB tells her that NS was a little weak so they came out to run. YN notices that Shin is not sweaty at all.

NS3 tells her, you did not go home yet, do you want me to show you the keys one more time? Grandpa yells at him, how dare you say that in front of me! i will fire her first if you do it again!

NS3 looks off grumpily as Shin would have.
Cut to them all sitting inside the house. Grandpa tells Shin that YN wants to honor everything in the contract. Shin is alarmed at this. Grandpa tells YN to call her family members.

NS3 says he is leaving.

GH – Will you be okay if something happens to her, your bodyguard whom I don’t even want to say her name?

NS3 – What, if you fire her then I won’t get married?

GH – Not just fire her, her future, her family, her life, which one should I touch.

NS3 – What should I touch of yours so you will listen to me.

GH – How dare you!

GH gets up to slap NS3 but NS3 grabs his hand and tells him that he shouldn’t’ hurt humans.

Grandpa is so stunned that he falls back to the couch. SB whispers that they should leave. She apologizes to the chairman and whispers for them to leave.

But then GH yells Jung-woo ya! I only have you! If you leave then no one is around me! Not her! Oh Rora!

NS3 – Oh Rora is my mom.

YN – Halabogi, why are you calling her Oppa’s mom?

GH – Oh Rora!

Aunt comes in and yells, what did you do to Appa! Abogi!

JG hears all of this and is about to die with joy. he turns around and snaps his fingers. But he runs into YH and tells him that he will be back, he can’t just go in there right now.

Later, GH is laying in bed. YH says that he thinks JG heard everything. Aunt agrees. Aunt also says, what about SB? YH tells her that he can control her so don’t worry about it. But you…..~. he looks at YN. YN tells him that she does not feel good that he is treating her like a spy. Don’t look at me like that.

Aunt tells her that she is a spy, he is her father. If his father knows about it then her marriage is over. She says she will find out. Aunt says what? The daughter becomes the spy? I don’t trust her, as soon as she leaves, it is game over.

YN tells her that she said she is like her father, just like my father, I have to have what I want to have. Even if my father stops me, I have to have it. Oppa, do you trust me?

Sb is in the garage. She gets a text from JG. He wants to check something with her, can she call him? She wonders if this is about dementia.

Everyone comes out at that time. YN tells them to leave the luggage in the house She will come back, so just trust her and wait.

In the taxi, YN has a flashback, he is doing things he never did before. Could it be….

At the house, YH says for SB not to accept JG’s phone call until YN contacts her. Sb wonders how a daughter can do that to her appa, that is a broken family. YH tells her that JG should never find out about NS3, so stick with him. YH walks away. NS3 sticks closely to SB.

SB – What are you doing?

NS3 – We should stick together

Sb – A little distance

he moves away a little.

Then they start to talk about halabogi’s dementia. But before that, why did he go that far? I was so scared. She also tells him that he was a super manly man. What should I touch of halabogi’s, that was so macho? A normal woman will be attracted to you.

NS3 – Really?

he moves closer to her.

SB – I didn’t tell you to do this.

He moves farther away again. Then they start to walk and he tries to walk close to her until she looks at him. he hops back and then walks close to her again.
JG asks one of his guys to figure out what the doctor says about the chairmans health. One of the guys says that he asked the doctor, but he would not say, even though they have been friends for 20 years.

They think that they need to move with a plan. if they make a mistake then they will get them. They need someone that can give them evidence.

Elsewhere, Ko Chang-jo and another woman are talking. this woman is fired. he wonders why she is fired but she tells him that he should be thankful that the team is still together after that big accident. the entire team is there talking about this around some couches and display cars.

The fired girl leaves after saying that she wanted to take time off anyway.

But then one of the team members says that someone did an update on the kill switch. Maybe someone snuck in and did it. CJ tells them that they should make it so that he did it. The other guys say he will find out who did it, but Cj can do whatever he wants.

Right then, CJ is pulled out to talk to JG. they go to the roof. JG apologizes about the team members. CJ tells him that he upgraded the kill switch to prevent this kind of accident from happening again. JG laughs. you did it? CJ says he will upgrade the accident system as well.

YN gets home looking for her appa. the maid tells her that her appa left, would you like so drink something? She says that she does not and will come back again. But then YN looks at her father’s computer, he is looking up dementia medicine. YN thinks that her father already knew about halabogi’s Alzheimers.

SB and SN3 sit on the couch and talk about who that person was that halabogi talked about. NS3 pulls the images he needs up on the TV and explains to it. nam Jung-woo, the only son of the chairman and father of human Nam Shin, he died in 1997. So he mistook his grandson as his dead son. SB mutters that this kind of family has stories.

her phone rings. IT tells her that her father is going to go there. You know how he is, he is like this because you did not come. SB tells him that she will be there right away.

She hops up, but NS3 tells her that he will drive since they need to stick together. he drives very by the law and stops at all the yellow lights. She tells him that he needs to listen to her or she will sell him part by part. He calmly tells her that people don’t by his carbon nanofiber parts.

SB gets a call from JO, she tells her that she was so curious about that new style of sexual harassment. What happened to that metal, not human ~.

NS3 – I am not metal I am CMT (carbon nano-fiber) ~.

SB immediately covers his mouth and tells JO that she is going to her father’s gym.

She hangs up and tells Shin that he should not cut into someone’s conversation. Also, you can just cut the lane!

NS3 – it is illegal to cut the lanes.

SB is so frustrated that she sinks all the way down in the chair.

At the MMA gym, the players try to stop appa from leaving. NS3 drives up at that point. Shin gets out and opens the door for SB. She asks where appa is, he is right there. He tells her that this is opposite so Sb tells him that he has good manners. She pulls appa inside and tells NS3 to stay at the car.

Inside, Appa wonders what is going on. She tells him to trust her but he says she always lies, how can he trust her?

The other to mma guys pull NS3 into the building. he kissed noona without her permission! He kissed her!

SB says it is not true!

NS3 – I kissed you.

Appa looks at NS3 and at his daughter, then he runs and jump kicks NS3, but NS3 just moves out of the way so appa goes flying and then rolling all on the ground. Appa tries to pop himself back up like Jean Claud Van Damme, but he can’t do it. So the other guys run to NS3, but NS3 just throws them.

Appa gets up and yells, I will kill you!

NS3 easily picks up appa and throws him high into the air. but he catches him and tells him, I should not hurt humans.

JO is there and takes a lot of photos of the entire thing. SB tells her not to do that. JO is all like, this is my instinct, but….what is going on here?

SB tells appa that she is leaving and pulls NS3 out.

Outside, she tells him that she shouldn’t’ talk about kissing, he says they asked him. He notices that she is hot again. he wonders if his lips feel human. She says it isn’t about that if you kiss me one more time!

NS3 – when humans kiss, your dopamine come out and you like that person more. Do you like me more?

he smiles questioningly at her.

She pulls him into a sudden kiss and has to get on her tiptoes to do it.

But she stops and says that she has no feelings toward him, he is just metal and plastic. Don’t pretend to be a human in front of me, bring the car.


he walks away to get it, but SB’s cheeks are flushed, she thinks she is crazy. Also, JO saw all of this from a distance.

The adults talk about JG knowing about Alzheimers. But they should not find out about them. David starts talking about something important, he says there was a man following Shin with a gun when he had his accident. We came to Korea because that hitman went to their lab. it might not be safe there either.

What if JG sent him, what would happen?

I hope this machine wakes Shin up.

Cut to the hitman getting to Korea. He gets a text from Park demanding where he is. JG is looking for him.

Cut to grandpa laying in bed. He is actually happy as he thinks back to Shin holding his arm. he chuckles, he didn’t know his son had that macho side to him. Aunt comes in with her grandson. She tells him that her son came, he wanted to tell hi to him because he is sick. halabogi asks why he is there this late. Send him to his father.

Aunt says that Ns is not his only grandson, my son is your grandson as well.

Grandpa tells her, okay, just leave.

Aunt walks out with her mom and kindly tells her son that she shouldn’t’ be this scared of him. What did I tell you not to tell grandfather?

HD – I shouldn’t tell him that I am sick

Aunt – Yes, your grandfather hates weakness, so your heart is our secret.

Someone texts her at that time with something shocking. She tells HD that he should come out with her. They go to a bar where JG is waiting. JG bows to her happily and greets HD for the first time. She asks him why he wanted to see her, what did he want to discuss.

JG says he wants to discuss his future. He smiles devilishly.

Meanwhile, Halabogi waits outside on a bench for SB and Shin to return. he tells them to come to him and sit. NS3 sits on the bench next to him.

HG- SB, I am sorry for this afternoon, I shouldn’t have threatened you, my mouth was too tough. it is because I am old and sick.

SB – I am okay.

HG – Please take care of Shin, if I don’t recognize you anymore, just put me on this bench. I saw you growing up. I will recognize you once in awhile….

At the restaurant, Aunt says that he is okay, she is not sure what he heard this afternoon, but it was his misunderstanding. JG tells her that YN wanted to eat all the ice cream in the world when she was that young. HY wants to leave. But JG tells her that halabogi will not pay attention to a sick kid at all. Aunt asks if he is threatening her? JG tells her that air condition in ice cream will make him cold.

he feigns buttoning his jacket but chokes him slightly. HY pushes JG away. he tells her that he is not patient. HD cries for his mother so she hugs him tightly. he tells JG that he has Alzheimers, are you happy?

back at the house, halabogi tells Shin that he has Alzheimer’s disease.

But Shin’s eyes blink. he tells him, you do not have Alzheimers.

NS3 Smiles in disbelief.

Fade Out

There is no Are You Human Too, tomorrow!

Aunt – Hee Dong!
Vo – What are you doing!
Aunt – Can I get my fathers medical diagnosis?
YN – What are you talking about?
JG – This is the medical diagnosis from his doctor, he has dementia
YN – Executive Seo.
SB – It is not that humans are scary, it is what humans do that is so scary.
NS3 – I am next to you so you can relax.
SB – Where is your watch, your battery is almost gone.
NS3 – If she knows that I am not a human then she will be angry, right?

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      O called it last week! He had a feeling that the Grandfather might not have it and is just playing. I didn’t really believe him until this episode. I am so happy with this development. They are playing Grandpa with NS3, but Grandpa is also playing them. Love it!

      • Shayri
        June 26, 2018 / 3:16 am

        I didn’t pay attention to the dementia line before this episode, I thought it was comeuppance if he lost all the power. But now I don’t understand what game he is playing. Before this point everything has been predictable, it’s time the show starts making us guess. ☺️🙃

        • V
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          It seems like he might be trying to see who is on his side?

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