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Are You Human, Too Live-ish Recap Episode 5 and 6

Episode 5 and 6 recap for the kdrama Are You Human Too starring Seo Kang-joon and Kong Seung-yeon
Okay, was anyone else screaming at the screen for Nam Shin III to get So-bong out of that club already? I feel like that gaze at the end was going on way too long considering the walls were literally falling down around them. Is this because he is a robot that was in disaster mode, so he knew just how long they could stare at each other before he had to dodge another falling obstacle? I’m going to go with that.

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Airs: June 11th at 22:00 on KBS2
How To Watch: Dramafever

Countdown: RECAPPING!

We open at the end of the last episode amidst the fire engulfing the club. Rafters are falling all over the place as everything in site burns and smoke fills the room. SB is on the ground coughing, it does not look good for her.

VO – Yeah, I end up like this.

Flashback to SB’s days as a professional mma fighter. She is pretty good and even does a Matrix kick off the cage. But her opponent cheats, she head butts SB and eye pokes her which are all very illegal in the sport (because they can cause immediate permanent damage). The corner yells about the head butt and the eye poke, but the ref does not stop the fight. The girl is able to get SB into a knee bar and cranks her kneee until it pops. ALl the ligaments are most likely destroyed.

SB runs back to the fight organizers. She calls them dirtbags as they count all their money and hits the judge. But everyone thinks SB is the one in the wrong because she hit the judge. She is out from competition life forever. SB looks at the newspaper while in her hospital bed. Her leg is in a cast. Her father tells ehr that she won’t be out, they still have a chance with the judge!

But SB just yells at him. Doesn’t he see her leg? She won’t be able to be in the cometition anyway.

VO – Sogangs life was game over, my life was so screwed up so I could jsut make money.

Then we cut to when NS slapped her.

SB says she pays things with her body. But what is she doing, how can she help others when she can’t even take care of herself. This is great, seh deserves to die. But seh also says that she doens’t want to die, it is scary.

Another big piece is about to fall on her. She tells her appa goodbye and turns her head.

But it does not fall because NS3 rescues her. He keeps the post from falling and sets it back up. Then he pulls off all the rafters that trap her to the ground. She is still covering her face, but he lifts her up and carried her like a Princess. Her heart pumps hard. She tells him not to misunderstand, this is the sound of his heart. But he tells her that he does not have a heart.

The camera scrolls to his back that is all burnt and exposed. His watch has level 2 on it. (perhaps his energy level is low).
He walks her all the way outside and sets her lightly on the ground. She coughs several times as he holds her up from he back. Then his lights flash red, perhaps his mode changed back to normal. He looks at her and knows that she is stable. But he asks where he is and asks why he is holding her.

his watch turns to 0 and turns off. He hangs his head in a sitting position as if he is praying. YH runs up to him and covers his back with his jacket. ALl the camera men run up at that time too. Umma tells them not to touch his body, she will find a way.

NS3 is hurried into the ambulance. YH is there as well and tells them not to touch him. He keeps all the ambulance people from touching him. they tell him that he will die! But YH says he will be held responsible!

Then another crazy ambulance driver cuts them off. the ambulance people are all like, what is going on? What are you ding? Umma pulls open the door and they take NS3 out. YH tells the ambulance people that this will all be his responsibility.

They hop in the ambulance and drive off, Umma inspects the damage. YH asks her if she can fix it. Umma treis her hardest.

News: Executive officer Nam Shin saved peoples lives.

JG is riding in his car when Park tells him the news. People think NS is a hero now. But JG says he is a selfish guy that rescues people? Where is he now? Park says he is in the hospital. then they get a call from SG. SG tells him that his body broke when he hit that truck. there is no report of his accident and no chart. But I found where the patient went. When I see a trace, then I will let you know.

SG is right in front of the house in Czech and sees D open the window to let in some air. But he does not see NS who is still unconscious.
SB is in the hospital getting treatment in the triage area. She talks to her reporter friend on the phone about how NS was a completely different person, he held her and rescued her but all of a sudden he asked her why he was holding her and where he was.

YN bursts in and says that him holding her isn’t the point, him rescuing her is the point! Why is she stressing that Oppa held you? SB tells her that her brain only thinks about him holding her but her point is different.

JG bursts in at that point and hugs his daughter. He tells her that he thought about all the bad things. She tells him that she is sorry to make him worry. She asks about Shin, where is he? They all leave to go search for him. SB thinks she has a good appa that is gentle and warm.

Her appa burts in at that moment. She is about to cry and says, Appa…..~. But appa just starts hitting her immediately and tells her, why dont’ yo just die! Why are you sitting here all dirty!

Outside the hospital, the ambulance people tell JG that the other ambulance just snatched the patient and left, this was the first time that happened in their life. he excuses himself to help other patients. YN is worried about it, but JG sends her home and says that he is his number one concern right now. He calls YH.

YH answers from the ambulance, but first he gives a cursory look back to Umma. JG asks YH why he snatched him and where he is now and all those things. He wants to know which hospital he is at. Should he tell the chairman? YH says he is at PK hospital. JG hangs up right away so YH starts driving to the hospital in a hurry.

Umma looks concerned in the back because NS is out and his back is still all messed up.
JG and Park get to the hospital. Park asks if they have anyone related to the fire there. But they do not. JG wonders what they are doing and tells him to call the chairman right now. But YH comes out at that moment and tells JG that Shin is in surgery right now. JG wants to push past him, but YH holds him back. However, Park is able to hold YH back as JG walks in. YH yells for him to let him go!

JG walks through the hall and gets to the surgical suite. It is dark inside as he opens the door. he is about to take the covers off of him. Umma grabs his arm but JG hits it away and then pulls off the covers. Underneath he sees Shin lying there with bandages over his back. Another surgeon is there as well (I think YH’s friend).

YH runs in as well and is able to pull JG away. JG goes out and tells them that he went too far, he is sorry about that. YH tells him that he needs to stop looking into Shin’s business otherwise he will tell the chairman what he did today.
JG walks away with Park.

YH goes back into the surgical room. He thanks the surgeon, Hyun-joon (HJ) for what he is doing. the friend is all like, what is going on? Yh tells him that he will explain everything to him later. Can you just tell everyone that you did the surgery today? The friend reluctantly nods and leaves.

Umma tells YH that she did not want NS3 to suffer like this, she should not have brought him there. YH asks him why she did not tell him about emergency mode? he does not look like a human at all. Umma says that she removed the emergency mode, but it activated again. She will look into it.

YH activates NS3 watch. He opens his eyes and sits up as if nothing is wrong. YH asks him if he knows what happened? It was a long day. NS3 thinks back into his memory and all the news reports about what happened. He says that he was in emergency mode. It was his first time to have emergency mode. It was different from human mode right? I am sorry.

YH tells him it was okay, he saved people. NS also became a hero. NS3 says he is a hero. YH tells him he is a hero. NS3 smiles.

News: the club had a fire, there were more than 100 people there. The police think the firecracker is the reason.

JG sees the news and thinks back to the triage center. he over heard SB talking to her friend about how Nam Shin saved her. He does not think that Shin would save anyone.
SB and the reporter look through her camera at Shin’s photos. They wonder if it really was NS? he was different and jumped right into the fire. JO is so curious about that.

JG tells them that he is also curious about that.

they turn to look at JG. Park introduces who he is to them. JG apologizes for his daughters nonsense and asks her to tell her what happened with Shin.

SG goes into the house and looks around. He walks up the steps slowly and goes into one of the rooms upstairs. This room is just a normal bedroom so he leaves and opens another door. This door leads further upstairs. He turns the handle on this door, but he hears something downstairs. David came back and is walking around in the living room. GS goes downstairs with his gun cocked.

David is looking for his keys. he finds them, but then he notices something and runs outside to see SG running away. He sees the tattoo on his neck and calls Mom. He tells her that it isn’t safe for them there so he will pack up her son and take him to Seoul with him.

JO tries to sneak into the hospital to take photos, but fails. Other reporters are there as well. three women are interviewed about what happened in club. One of them say that he told her to take off her high heels and save her own life. He is like Iron Man, he is a hero!

NS is happy with all this and tells YH that they think eh is a hero, it is a delightful moment between them. But it is interrupted when halabogi bursts in and slaps YH. he tells him that he should be the one that does all the dangerous things, Shin is always before him. If it happens again then he won’t just slap him on his cheek.

NS3 wonders what is going on but YH secretly holds his hand out for him to do nothing. JG tells him that everyone is waiting. YN is there as well and wonders why they called the press on the day that Shin leaves the hospital. They have to use his good image, so let’s go Chairman

NS3 immediately goes into Shin mode and puts his hands in his pocket and ignores everyone. But when they all leave he tells YH not to worry about him, he can get slapped next time, he doesn’t’ feel pain. But YH tells him that he is his secretary, Shin is not the secretary. they leave.

Shin walks out like a 3rd generation Chaebol. The girls are there as well. He smiles at them and ask them if they are okay. they run up to him. One of them asks him to say that thing to her again so he tells her to take off her shoes and save herself. They all smile and the girls take a lot of selfies together.

But then Sb shows up and walks right up to him tHRough the crowd.

SB bows very deeply to NS and tells him that she knows it is not good manners but she thanks him so much for saving her and her fathers life because if something happened to her then she isnt’ sure what would happen to her father. She wants to repay him, can he hire her as his security guard. She does not need money, she just wants to serve him.

YH wants her to leave. But JO tells him that he promised her. He used her for his own secret camera thing but now he ditched her. Is that why you apologized to her?

YH wants to know what is going on. the other reporters also want to know what this back story is.

SB kneels and says it doesn’t matter if he asked her or not, she is the one that took the photo. She came here with her true heart and would like to be accepted.

YH signals that he should say no. But NS sees SB tearing up and goes to give her a hug. She says that she will be loyal to him, thank you so much, I will save you with my entire life! But she looks at JG and JG winks at her.

Shin knows she is lying.

Last night, they told everything to JG. At that time, JG thought that Shin has a lot of secrets. He needs information about Shin, can they help her? He will pay them any money, any amount of money.

JG goes to the chairman and tells him to hire SB before the rumors start. YH is against it. YN is sitting quietly. JG thinks they should use her for Shin’s image. Why is YH so sensitive about it, is there a reason that she should not be with her? YN speaks up and says that she does not like it.

Halabogi asks YN’s opinion as a PR person, not as a fiance, what decision is the best for the company?
SB waits outside. Shin is also there. She asks him if he is weak when women cry? that is why he hugged her? He tells her that she is not a woman. If a man or animal cries, he just hugs them. But why are you lying tome? What you said about loyalty and protecting me with your life is all lying right?

She says it is not a lie, it is her true heart. He grabs her hand and winks. then he tells her that it is a lie.

She tries to say it isn’t but then JG comes out. He tells her that she can work for one month, when can you start?

Right now! Thank you so much! Thank you chairman!

SB’s appa calls her as she drives YH and NS around. SB does not answer it at first, but YH tells her that she can so she answers it and is immediately yelled at by her father. Why did she leave the hospital! SB pretends like she is not getting yelled at and tells her father that she loves him. Then she gets off the phone. She tells them that her appa cares about her a lot.

Shin knows that she lied about that as well.

They get to the gate to the house. A security guard mans the gate and lets them in. the car pulls all the way to the house where there are at least a dozen people waiting to serve them. They all bow and tell them that the chairman is inside they also tell her that she will have her own separate room/house in the back. YH tells her that her room is around the corner, she cannot go to the second floor or the main room. SB agrees and goes to her room.

YH tells NS3 that there matter is a little more precarious, she will be with him for 24 hours so they need to see what she wants.
Sb goes inside her room and takes a call from JO. She tells JO that she shouldn’t call her. JO just tells her that it might be a mistake that she went there, she feels like she sent her into the tiger’s house with a snack (as a snack?). If they find all this out then they will kill you, just leave.

SB tells her that she can’t get out right away, she will catch the tiger in the tiger’s lair. She hangs up. Then, she pulls out a secret camera or recording device.

YH goes into NS’s room and puts his watch next to the other ones. He has a lot of these watches that he wears. then YH walks around the corner and sees NS3 looking at all the figures. He has a moment where he remembers Shin looking at the figurines. he says that he looked just like Shin.

NS3 wants to know if Shin will like him also, since he likes figurines. YH moves to give NS3 Shin’s cellphone. But NS3 just says that the house is entirely connected by the internet and proceeds to turn on all the lights. YH looks at him sternly.

But then YH gets a call from the chairman and tells NS3 that they should do this exactly as they practiced. they go downstairs.

SB uses this as her opportunity to go upstairs and plant the hidden camera. She looks all through the room and decides to use one of the robot figurines as the camera avatar. She looks so happy about it.

Outside, the chairman asks Shin, how dare you leave without telling me, is this how you thank me? he grabs his arm and tells him that he does not have a scar! You are not him! Who are you!

But NS3 says to YH that Shin does not have any scar. The sister comes up and tells her appa that this is not him, this is Shin! But appa is having an attack and only thinks about his other son. YH and the sister try to pull him out. It will be a big issue if anyone sees him like this.

Meanwhile, SB is so happy to put her recorder in the robot. NS comes in at that moment so she wraps up what she is doing. he happily turns on all the lights with his mind and then goes upstairs. SB puts the figurine back on the bookshelf and tries to escape from the balcony.

Shin sees the robot vacuum and tells him, hello, friend. Then he walks into his room with the robot by his side. The robot finds SB hiding in the room and constantly runs into her.

NS3 turns on all the lights in the room and opens all the doors as he familiarizes himself with everything. he even turns on some of the figurines and opens and shuts the blinds. Everything is on and off and on and off. Then he says, let’s go friend. The little robot rolls out and Shin shuts the door.

Outside the room, Shin asks his friend if he played well, are all the house friends okay? What about you, do you like humans? The robot has a sad face. Shin tells him it was a difficult question. Then he smiles and says that he likes him.

SB somehow manages to run out of the house and says this house is haunted, what is going on. But as she is about to leave she overhears YH telling someone that he will see her at the hospital. Shin will be recovered soon. Umma tells him that she is not worried, she will make it so.
SB gets back to her room and looks at her camera spy. She says it is all set up, if she sees anything from that dog, Nam Shin.

It looks like Shin sits in his chair all night but SB does not see it because she falls asleep.

She is awoken by her fathers text asking where she is! SB hops up and shakes her head. She looks at the recording and wonders if he was there all night. What is he looking at?

NS3 was looking at the cell phone all night. He was looking at all the photos of Shin and his mother when Shin was a child.

SB goes to the kitchen for some food. YH asks her why she is there. She has gone too far to just say thank you and become his full time bodyguard. She ignores the question and says his bread is really good. Why doesn’t’ he just finish his meal? She says that it is true that she is thankful to him and she will try her best to protect him so please give her a lot of money.

He says that she is more shameless than he thought. He hops up to get ready to go and puts on his jacket. Shin shows up and stares at them both. So SB leaves. YH tells him that he will go to work, he can stay home. NS3 asks if he is going to see Umma. He says he is going to a company thing but NS3 will get to see Umma soon.

Sb goes to her room and watches NS3 from the hidden camera. then she calls JG.

She tells him that something is weird. Someone wanted to meet Shin, but YH goes out instead. JG tells her to just follow him.

David gets to Seoul with Shin with him. He has his face covered and tells the ambulance person that his son has a big injury and is scared of cars (?). he said something like that.

SB gets to the hospital at the same time that Umma shows up.

HJ meets with YH and asks who this person is. YH says this person is Shin. But HJ is all like, huh, Shin went home. I can’t fake the identity of a person even though you have served him your entire life. I can’t do it, I won’t. I knew that you wanted me to write this surgery record. is this about the woman? Who is that woman?

Umma comes in at that moment and says that she is his umma. The Shin you saw and the Shin you will see today are both my sons. She is there to persuade him, but she says she doesn’t’ have to persuade him because he has no choice ever since he signed that chart. She can do anything, she can do even more than this for her son.

Meanwhile, SB is snooping around the hospital. She spots YH and Umma and happily hides as she watches them. David calls them and tells Umma that their son is doing okay thanks to this driver.

SB takes a secret photo of Umma and YH talking. She smiles and runs off.

HJ comes out at that moment and says that he will go to the VIP room with the patient. He decided this for the patient. When he wrote the wrong chart, he was already prepared to get fired, so don’t threaten him with those things anymore. he leaves. Umma tells YH that he is a good person because he has a nice friend like HJ.

They all head out to meet the ambulance.

SB goes outside at the same time but she is on the over bridge. She is about to call her money source when she sees YH wheels out from the ambulance. His sheet is blown off at that moment revealing Shins’ face. She looks at it in shock.

But then she is even more shocked when NS3 taps her on the shoulder at that exact moment.


Okay, So-bong is not doing herself any favors in likability. First she took photos of the person she was guarding, which I was cool with at first because she was an anti hero and set up the scene and for her to get her redemption, but now she is double crossing the person that saved her life? He literally just saved her life. She thought she would die yesterday, he saves her, and she does not even wait 12 hours to make a deal with the devil and double cross him? Right now this heroine is coming across as an evil person who should be Jong-gil’s love interest, not Nam Shin’s.

Also, does she have to be so happy to double cross nam Shin? Maybe it would be understandable if she felt remorse about it. But she really looked so giddy to place the video recorder in the figurine and take secret photos of YH with Oh Rora. She is reminding more of one of Cinderella’s evil sisters instead of Cinderella which is not a good thing.

Hopefully, she does a complete 180 in the next episode because I don’t want to hate watch her. I love all the other characters in this show though; I really love NS3, he is so innocently cute.

You put in a secret camera?
Just look at it carefully
I worried about you
This time you are truthful
Just behave like Shin
Why do you think I am not Nam Shin?
Two Nam Shin’s?
Are you confident that you will be successful in automatic driving?
I will be successful, give me your seat.
That car, what is he doing?
Executive Officer!

Image by KBS

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  1. Lalaboom
    June 11, 2018 / 12:47 pm

    The robot is just too adorable. I love it when he pretends to be Shin and tries to ignore all the right people.

  2. BarbaraLove
    June 11, 2018 / 12:55 pm

    Yep, she is annoying me too. I can only imagine that the director wants her to look happy while doing all those things, though I don’t understand why since we should be sympathetic to her and like her, right? She is turning inot as nepharious a character as anyone who works for the uncle. I can only assume that the writer wants her to be this way in order for her to have a full reversal and be 100% on Nam Shin 3’s side with guarding his secret. Kind of like a Saul and Paul thing.

  3. DVon
    June 12, 2018 / 12:24 am

    OK, I wasn’t going to comment, but thought I’d add some perspective to So Bong. I preface this with I don’t condone her behaviour, but I can empathize where it’s coming from.

    We get a flash of how she got to this point: she was treated unjustly for someone to rig a match in order to reap monetary reward. She clearly saw the people involved. She also saw the deal going down. After all of that it was covered up and she was blamed/ accused of being the one at fault– proving as her dad had said– higher ups was involved. They damaged her leg probably beyond repair and any hope she may have had of bouncing back with a lifetime ban on her ever fighting again even it it did heal properly.

    They broke her morally really. (Or damaged bad enough to where doing the same thing to others for money phases her very little.) I say very little because when she’s engaging or about to engage in questionable moral behaviour she always rubs the locket around her neck as if it has connection to when she was strong in her moral convictions unlike now. She also justifies when she does wrong to get through it, “He’s famous, rich and a handsome he should expect pictures being leaked.”

    So, in essence her run in with Nam Shin is the same situation but a different day. I think had Nam Shin not slapped her she would have let bygones be bygones but, he slapped and humiliated her on national television for a plan he devised to INTENTIONALLY make her the scapegoat in order to slip away. He never intended to apologize, get her a job, or make sure she could still work as a bodyguard somewhere else. (Remember he never intended to come back to Korea once he found his mom.) And he paid someone to set her up and pay her half of what she schemed to get. Effectively using, abusing, and misusing her further.

    When she next runs into him (although it’s really NS3) he only hugs her (seemingly a publicity stunt so it confuses her) and sends her on her way. So while she witnesses his reputation rebounding hers still is not. She still has no means to support herself, her dad is still ashamed of her, and others still view her as a scheming conniving two-faced opportunist.

    The third encounter is the club, the fire, and then immediately after him saving her. Which doesn’t really erase all the stuff he’s done prior because again all of this puts Nam Shin in a good light not her. She still has to face the aftermath of everything prior. Remember she has yet to talk to the reporter friend who NS3 and secretary got drunk to prevent her asking too many questions. And from the looks of their behaviour upon NS3’s release from hospital they didn’t plan to keep their promise.

    Her only encounter with shifty, two-faced, backstabbing Jong Gil is seeing his affection for his daughter. And just as NS3 has a weakness for tears; So Bong has a weakness for affection. Which her dad doesn’t display at present if ever.

    We don’t like her conduct because we know she’s doing it to the innocent NS3 but, Nam Shin the human may actually deserve a bit of blowback if that was truly him considering his conduct. So in her mind she’s justified. Also, Jong Gil phrased her spying as his attempts to make sure his daughter is entering a marriage and household that was safe for her not that he was out to do Nam Shin harm. (Again So Bong weak when it comes to concern and affection AND finds ways to justify morally questionable behaviour). She figures no doubt this is about the most upright job she’s had as of late. She never took into consideration what she’s doing could be harmful to those she’s spying on at all. So yeah she’s having fun. Piggybacking off the guy who damaged what little was left of her reputation, stopped her households main source of income from coming in, and never apologized for having set it all up. The reporter did apologize multiple times and still got a kick to the face.

    • Handily
      June 12, 2018 / 6:20 am

      The slap probably is fueling her rage as well as not being able to get a job and never being able to fight again.

      But I have to say, saving her life from a firey painful death at great risk to his own should have tampered that rage a little bit for her to at least second guess her actions. Without the life-saving, then I can completely understand her.

      Didn’t he also publically apologize (as NS3)? Maybe he didnt. Whatever the case, she is definitely not a let bygones be bygones type of person.

      • DVon
        June 12, 2018 / 10:54 am

        I don’t see her in rage mode. I see her as trying to use the person to get out of the situation he put her in. She has an opportunity to recover her reputation, decent money, and help out a doting father. That’s why she’s happy. The reporter told her to get out of there before she gets caught and they end with no payment so she hasn’t as of ep. 3 been paid for what she’s doing which means it hinges on her spying and the type of information she gleams.

        That’s why after the phone call she asked the secretary for pay. She figures if everything goes to pot yet again at least she’ll have some money in her pocket after all this. Her interaction with NS3 since the rescue hasn’t been ragey but cagey.

        He just happens to KNOW she’s lying. Unfortunately yet again she’s being opportunistic, but I didn’t get a malicious spite from her since the first hug. She went to the club to make peace and have him help her get a job.

    • Superstar11
      June 12, 2018 / 6:33 am

      I love your comment/exposition on So Bong. It is so great 🙂

      I think the writer is trying to set up two extremes. One extreme is NS3 who has no emotions and the other is So Bong who is filled to the brim with emotions. All her actions are characterized by some huge emotionsl response and all his actions are very calculated like the robot that he is. It goes in line with the typical opposites attract behavior that Kdrams love.

      So perhaps a little bit of her passion will rub off on him and a little bit of his coolness with rub off on her? If emotions define humans then, in that way, she can teach him the most about being human since she is one big ball of emotions.

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