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Are You Human, Too Kdrama Live Recap Episode 35 and 36 Final

Two people hugging in the snow in Are you human too Korean drama
Here we are at the finale! They had me shaking my head yesterday with that Kill Switch. If I was SB I would have walked my baby all the way to the most secured bank in Seoul and locked that little puppy up until further notice. They might have me doing it again depending on how this show ends, but overall I had a fun time watching this drama.

Seo Kang-joon is a big reason for that so I am definitely looking forward to his other dramas which should be coming out this fall. One of them airs in September and the other might start to air at the end of the year or possibly early next year. You can read about both shows here.

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VO – It is my own son, the son I made.

YH says that the kill switch is the same as death for a human, why did you put it there. Umma says that NS3 should go away when the real Shin wakes up.

We go through all of Umma’s deliberations with NS3 and the kill switch and her son. She sees it all.

VO – I have to stop both of them from breaking.

She starts working on the computer to make that chip that stops the kill switch. She gets a call from Yena who informs her that Shin has the kill switch and is headed to a construction site. Can you stop him?

The chip is not finished though, but she does not think she can do anything else, so she takes it. She runs to the warehouse and get there just in time to put the chip in.

Umma – Umma will stop this, umma with protect you.

But everything falls on them just then and they are only able to avoid it barely. But Umma gets hit by some of it.

Umma – This dream, why do I have it now? I am happy…bye, my sons.

Her dream was a pleasant dream at home in Czech. But in the reality she is being held by NS3 as he tells her not to die and calls hr name in the measured way that he does. He looks around, but does not know what to do.

VO – Just in case, I am calling you, can you come to the abandoned factory near Incheon?

She called SB who gets to the factory. She gets a news alert for a murder suspect who is a killer robot. David yells her name and tells her that he also saw it. Let’s go in.

They see NS3 holding Oh Rora, he tells her that umma is not breathing and that she tried to stop the kill switch. David quickly tells NS3 that he has to leave, they hear sirens so timing is imoportant.

David holds Oh Rora as NS3 runs away with SB. David is emotional over Oh Rora and cries as he tells her that he just wanted to stay by her side, she did not need to like him…..you are a very bad woman. He cries a lot as he holds onto her.
Meanwhile Shin is at home. His mother prepared food for him but he looks annoyed with it. JG calls at that moment and fills Shin in on what happened. He says that the robot went crazy.

But Shin sees YH before he hears the full story. He asks why he looks like that, did something happen to Umma? YH tells him that Umma is dead.

Cut to NS3 in a truck with SB. She puts a cap on his head and covers his mouth with a mask. But NS3 is not really responding at all and is just looking ahead as she does all of this.

Back with YH, Shin and YH show up at the morgue to identify the body. But YH says he cannot go in. YH understands and tells him to come in later.

Shin stands outside the doors that thinks back to Oh Rora being over his bed when he woke up and all the times she tried to get close to him but he would not let her. He also got a text from her.

Umma: SHin, come to eat Umma’s meal, I will wait for you. Eat my meal and sleep in the sheets I cleaned for you.

Shin cries uncontrollably outside the morgue, he is still outside. But everyone inside hears him crying outside. David and YH are inside the morgue. David wonders why he is crying, it will hurt his mother. He hopes he can say that he is the criminal that kills her but a witness says that the robot did it. This world really wants to make it so the son killed the mother.

Well, it happened while the kill switch was deactivating so he was protecting him because he couldn’t move. JG told Shin about the death so we should suspect him.

Cut to Yena looking at the news and crying. She says that it is appa…appa did it. She gets a callfrom appa. Cut to her talking to her father. He wants her to travel somewhere but seh tells him that she does not want to go anywhere. Then she asks him if the robot really killed Oh Rora. He asks her if she thinks appa did it?

She tells him no. He tells her to come back after she wraps her feelings up. You will leave tomorrow. She says that she will prepare for it, but then she collapses. She puts her cell phone under the couch and says that she is okay, she is just a little dizzy.

JG tsks and says sh became weak because of Shin.
Appa and the MMA guys asks how NS3 is, they know that he did not do it. Appa tells her that running away is not the best option. You should decide what to do but you need to comfort him first.

SB goes back inside and sees NS3 sitting against the wall and looking at nothing as he holds his knees to his chest. SB sits next to him and tells him that he had a good life here. Appa and RC and IT trust you. How long will you be like this?

NS3 says he keeps seeing Umma. From his eyes we see Umma dying. He tells SB that his umma dies again and again. SB asks him if he is watching it over and over again? Don’t do that. It is not because of you. if you continue acting like this then doctor Oh will be sadder. She starts crying but she says she is okay, she is crying for him.

he goes outside in the snow and looks at it all falling. SB follows him. He tells her that he wants to cry like a human. SB hugs him and tells him that she will give him a hug because she knows his heart is crying. They hug as the snow falls.

Cut to the kill switch, it is running again. 15 hours and some minutes.

JG is happy wherever he is. He talks to Park happily about killing Oh Rora and how he only needs to take care of YH to get all the stock. They toast and call each other director and chairman.

Meanwhile, Shin is at his place. YH comes in and tells him that NS3 didn’t do it. The CCTV video where he attacked SB was on the news. I think JG is a part of this, I will go to work and be back.

All the while Shin just sat on the stairs and looked at the ground. His cell phone goes off so he checks it.

NS3: I have something to tell you about mom.

NS3 checks his watch, he knows that the kill switch is on; he has 11 hours. he tells Shin to come to his location (or vice versa?).

But then David calls and asks him if the kill switch is all taken care of. But Shin tells him that the kill switch was activated again. David is alarmed. NS3 tells him to come to the house to look after SB.

SB comes out and wants to know what happened. NS3 tells her that he is going to see Shin, he should know what happened to his mother. SB is against it but NS3 is determined.

The company people all yell at YH about what is going on in the company. JG shows up and happily smiles and bows to them all. he says that he was fired but he came there because he did not want to see the company break down like this. then he tells YH that he told him that the robot was dangerous, don’t make him matter in the company things.

They argue about the robot and whether he killed her or not. YH basically says that JG did it without saying his name. YH tells the stock people that he will say that he is responsible and will give human Shin all his stock when the time is right. But there company should not be in the hands of someone who should never own the company. He walks off.
David checks he kill switch, it is at 8 hours. David tells him that he delayed it a bit, but his power will go down over time so come to him after you meet Shin. SB does not know what is going on and asks if David is worried about his watch? NS3 smiles and tells her that is it.

Yena listens to all the recordings from her phone. She has caught her father confessing to killing Oh Rora and planning to take care of YH to get all his stock by threatening him with Shin.

Yena calls Shin but he is not picking up the phone. Her falls calls her outside the bathroom to come out. Yena texts YH and tells him that something bad is going to happen to Oppa.

Yena is led out by the guards.

YH tries to contact Shin but he is not picking up. Yena manages to call him and tells him that Dr. OH died all because of Oppa. At that moment a secretary comes in and tells him that JG wants to talk to him in the chairman’s room.

JG shows YH a video of Shin getting tortured by two men. They hit him with sticks as he is chained to a chair.

YH is concerned and asks where Shin is. WHERE IS HE!

JG tells him to give him the chairmans stock if he does not want him to die. YH calls him an animal, but JG says he is not an animal, he is a devil. he chuckles and hands YH the paperwork. Don’t try to think that you are smarter than me. When you think of it all, SHin will be next to his father.

YH tries to run out but is stocked by two men that want to question him about Oh Rora’s death. they take him away.

Park calls and asks JG if he got the signature? It looks like YH did sign it so JG says his dream is realized with thta paperwork. Park asks what they should do to SHin, he is resisting. JG says he should be the one to see his last day, like his father.

He walks off, buy Yena is there and hears it all.

NS3 and SB go to a church in the countryside. David calls and tells him that he has a possibility, after checking Doctor Oh’s record, I need the chip from your body. SB hears this and checks NS3’s watch. The kill switch was activated again. SB is upset that NS3 did not tell her. He only has 4 hours left.

SB wants to take him to David but NS3 says that he is there now, let’s go inside.

YH is pulled into the police station, but before they get fully inside, Yena plays them the recording from her father. Cut to a free YH. He goes to her seriously, but tells her that he will thank her after he finds Shin.

Meanwhile, SB and NS3 wait for Shin to show up. SB thinks he is not coming. They get a call from YH who tells NS3 to search the gps, JG kidnapped Shin. NS3 finds the location and gives it to YH.

SB tells him that he has to go to David. She grabs his hand. But NS3 softly removes her hand and tells her that she knows that he has to go. But she tells him that he is more in danger, he tried to kill you! It does not matter if he dies or not.

He starts to head out, but SB pleads one last time with him. What about her? What if the time ends? What should she do?

She comes back and gives her a hug. She tells him to go with her, please. You know I can’t live without you.

He softly touches her face and tells her that when his mother died in front of him, he could not do anything. If human Nam Shin dies, I will remember it forever. Helping humans is my principle. Please help me keep my principle.

She does not want to. But he tells he that he will be back because he is her robot. he starts to walk off but she stops him and says that they should go together until the end.
Shin is still all tied up and looks like he is about to pass out. He has a tie in his mouth. JG asks him if he is thinking about his parents, they were good people and you should be with them.

NS3 shows up and starts to take out all the guards outside easily.

Inside the room, JG has a gun and tells Shin to say hello to his appa for him. But then NS3 hits the gun away and throws JG across the room.

SB runs to SHin and removes his ties while NS3 watches her. Shin is all bloody and asks why they are there. Why are you hear after you made Umma like that? SB says that he did not do that. Shin is all like, whatever, why are you here.

NS3 tells him that Umma wanted to tell him something. She wanted to say that she is sorry that she had to leave you again.

NS3 tells SB to put the robot watch on him so he wont get noticed. SB takes him out. While walking out SHin tells NS3 that it is not his fault, he is he reason that umma died so don’t blame yourself.

NS3 thanks Shin for that.

SB takes Shin out but sees the guards and has to chance direction.

NS3 holds the gun to JG and starts firing it at him, but he does not hit him on purpose. JG cowers. NS3 asks him if he is surprised, I told you I would return all that you did to my people. JG tells him that he can’t kill people.

There is one more bullet, NS3 fires it and tells JG not to play with human life anymore. he does not kill him.
NS3 goes outside, it is nighttime now. But he has a hard time holding himself up and checks his watch. he only has 20 something minutes left. he quickly searches his mind for So Bong’s whereabouts and heads in that direction.

SB is still pulling Shin somewhere safe. They make it to a fence. YH calls her and tells her that they are going there with the police. SB understands. Shin tells her that she is also in danger. SB tells him that NS3 is also in danger, do you know that he is risking his life to save you. The kill switch was activiated again. So stop nagging.

She runs off.

Shin also tries to go somewhere. he sees all the thugs outside and tries to run away, but Park sees him. Shin has to break into a run as he tries to get away. They are on the dock, so they run around boats and over bridges.

SB is also looking around the dock area for NS3. David runs to her, he is looking for him too. They have less than ten minutes so they need to find him. It looks like David might have found a way to stop the kill switch.

NS3 is at the edge of the water. He has a two minute warning and just waits at the edge. Park sees him and comes to him with all the thugs. Shin is hiding on a bridge or somewhere. Park says that he will kill him. Show me your wrist.

Shin takes off his wristwatch and throws it into the river. he shows them the underside of his wrist.

Shin wants to help, but NS3 tells him not to.

JG shows up and shoots NS3 right in the chest. SB runs to him and screams, but she is across from where they are. NS3 sees her and looks at her as he gets shot over and over again. JG really just keeps shooting him until all the bullets are out. With each shot, NS3 moves back until he falls into the water.

Shin ducks from where he is watching.

SB crumbles to her knees and cries.

David can’t believe what just happened.

In the water, SB’s necklace is still around NS’s neck. His eyes are open as he sinks to the bottom. But then they close.
JG is in jail and Park is somehow not in jail. Park is talking to JG about the company. Today is the new chairman day. But you shoul dbe in that seat. JG says that he really thought the robot was Shin. The time he spent with him was the most thrilling time in his life.

JG asks about Yena, Park says she does not come out that much. Maybe she feels guilty for making him like this.

YH walks into the company brightly. he is the chairman of the company now. Shin comes into his office and calls him hyung. They happily talk like friends. YH tells him that it is time to stop traveling now.

YH wants SHin to come back and work for the company but Shin says YH should take care of it forever. If he takes that seat then he will sell it. Shin asks how SB is. YH says that he could not ask her just in case it diggs up all her memories of him again.

SHin looks concerned as he looks at YH.

SB is at the gym doing gym things. Maybe she let out some people that practiced there. But then she sees her little robot guy and sits next to him. She plays old recordings that NS3 made for her and we hear him talk through the little robot.

She holds the robot and cries. She says she does not want to be alone, I miss you…my robot.

Cut to a beach. SB is at a beach cafe eating a Subway looking sandwhich while looking at the water with her littler robot looking at the water as well. She talks to Shin in the water, this is the first food that we ate together. It tastes good right. Then she tells the mybot to say hi to hyung. He waves but then he falls.

SB runs out and apologizes to the robot, something bad might have happened to him. The little robot apologizes. But then NS3’s voice apologizes too. However it is the real Shin. He says that she still gets confused.

SB yells at him. Shin says that you miss him so I just gave you a bit of confusion for a moment. But SB is disgusted and walks away. Shin apologizes and says that he is there to remember him too.

SB says that he is a really bad guy, but she does it somewhere else on the beach and wipes her tears.

NS3 – Are you angry?

SB turns around and sees NS3 standing behind her. He looks just like NS3. He walks up to her and hugs her.

NS3 – My principle is to hug when someone cries.

SB is shocked and checks his watch. Is it really him?

NS3 – Yes, SB, it is really me.

SB – This doesn’t make any sense, how is it you? Really? is it really you?

She touches his face.

In the back, YH, Shin, and David talk about how they wouldn’t have been able to find him without Shin’s money and power. Shin says that it was the first time he used it happily. They mention that Doctor Oh would be happy to hear it. David says that it took him a long time (one year?) to fix him.

Cut back to NS3 talking to SB. He tells her that his abilities are all gone, he is closer to a normal human. SB says it is okay, he is closer to her now. Her heart won’t change, like a robot.

They kiss on the beach. It is a light kiss. Then SB happily hugs him as she cries. Then we look at NS3’s face, he is crying as well.


Okay, this last episode was absolutely bonkers cray cray. How is Park not in jail also? he tried to kill two people. And actually succeeded in killing one. What about the kill switch? Was removing the watch all that you needed to do to stop the kill switch? And could they really grab NS3 from the bottom of the sea and repair him in one year? David said it was a long time, but they were only one year in the future. So it really only took a few months.

Y’all, this last episode was super stupid. But I loved the acting of the main male actor throughout.

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  1. Rose
    August 7, 2018 / 9:00 am

    Oh my god! This is intense! 😱😱😱

  2. gummy joonbug
    August 7, 2018 / 9:20 am

    I didn’t sign up for this makjang WTFckery. Oh well. This show…and what could have been….

    But thanks so much for the recaps!!! This has been fun ❤️❤️❤️

  3. michelle polynice
    August 7, 2018 / 9:25 am

    story about a real love robot makjang as they come. New company idea

  4. michelle polynice
    August 7, 2018 / 9:27 am

    I guess that is the only way they could end this crazy ride. I think they spent too much time with human shin’s anger

    • V
      August 8, 2018 / 4:17 pm

      Completely agree!

  5. Rose
    August 7, 2018 / 9:31 am

    They must have ran out of budget 😄
    Anyways, i dont think its far fetch that it only took a year for David to fix NS3. Remember he and Dr. Oh created him, maybe mostly Dr. Oh but he worked with her is making NS3 im sure she has all the data in file on how to fix him. Its not like he is going to recreate NS3 again, he is just fixing him. Anyways, i’ll just watch the sub later so i have the full grasp of it. 😊

  6. missjb
    August 7, 2018 / 9:42 am

    After all that tension, they come up with this? I’m dissapoint!

  7. Shuai Gui
    August 7, 2018 / 10:01 am

    I thought the ending will resemble Robocop; both Shin & NS3 got into an accident then David had no choice but to revive both in one body. I prefer seeing only one last Shin who ends up with Sobong. Why did they make two Shins instead TT. Shin doesn’t love Yena as a woman anyways……

    (It just hurts me that there’s actually one Kangjoon who ends up forever alone in the story LOL)

    • missjb
      August 7, 2018 / 10:34 am

      Don’t worry. I’m sure Human Nam Shin and Yena end up together. They are just prefer not to show it on screen Bcause GSY and SKJ is the OTP, they don’t want to look like SKJ is cheating with another woman with different character lol.

    • V
      August 8, 2018 / 4:18 pm

      OMG, that would have been amazing.

  8. Rose
    August 7, 2018 / 10:05 am

    It suddenly reminded me of Robbin William movie AI. If any of you seen it you’ll know what i mean. 🙂

    • V
      August 8, 2018 / 4:18 pm

      I haven’t seen it, but I know what your talking about.

  9. Mehgann
    August 7, 2018 / 11:34 am

    I stopped watching a couple of weeks ago when I realized that there was no possibility for a satisfactory ending. But I kept reading the recaps to make sure I wasn’t wrong. Lol! Oh well.

  10. Shayri
    August 7, 2018 / 12:52 pm

    What did they do?! Was it so easy to fix everything? We’re not even going to talk about what happened with Shin’s appa? The Halabogi gets to live happily in an expensive nursing home? That Park guy is out & about? Bah. I knew they’d do something like this. They didn’t have enough episodes to wrap things up properly.

  11. AC
    August 7, 2018 / 9:23 pm

    Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in live-recapping this drama. So glad to have found your site!!!

  12. Josephine go
    August 7, 2018 / 11:00 pm

    A happy ending to me would be the human Shin
    Becoming robot shin character

    falling in love with her the way robot Shim did
    She might not feel the same but eventually if human Shin just become more tender instead of being an a*hole

    It is ridiculous to have a robot as a partner no matter how good or how “human” it becomes

    He’s still a robot

    Ending should be re written that makes more sense

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