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Are You Human, Too Kdrama Live Recap Episode 33 and 34

A man lovingly kissing a woman on the forehead in Kdrama Are you Human too
I think this is the last week y’all! Finale week! If anyone knows different then let me know. This show has been picking up steam as it turns its gears to the end. Hopefully, human Nam Shin does not drive us all bonkers as he dangles that kill switch in front of us.

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We start with a montage of Human Nam Shin and NS3, he talks to us and asks his mother if he is the only thing important to her. He used me as an avatar and hurt me on purpose. He used me like a toy. i am not going to let that continue. I am going to stop Nam Shin from controlling me.

We see all the moments were NS3 tells everyone that he is a robot. He told the aunt and he told the engineer in the company.

NS3 – I am not human.

NS3 shows up to the company and goes up on stage. he introduces himself and says that he is the one that launched and planned medicar Nam Shin.

SB asks YH if it is okay to reveal all of these things. SHe is talking to the team. YH says that the world will be shocked. But I understand why he does not want to hide anymore. JO says that people will notice it unless we come out right. I will do all the work from my side. A robot is great, he is our hero.

Cut to the meeting. Everyone in the audience is shocked, wow, he is really a robot!

This makes news everywhere. The robot that replaced Nam Shin has revealed himself. He is the one that rescued all the people in the fire. All the people ont he street watch the news from the fire. They also findo ut that he is the one that stopped the uncontrollable car.

JO is happy as she watches this news.

In the meeting, YH comes to the front and says that Nam Shin was created and supported by our company. We founded the robot AI3, this is all a big road map of our chairman, it was all planned.

JG tries to speak and says that the chairman gave all the stock to Nam Shin!

But the aunt says that is not the case. All the stock went to YH. My stock also went to him. JG grabs the paperwork and frantically looks through it, then he stares at YH. Shin also looks at YH and asks if it is true.

YH tells him that the chairman gave allt he stock to him. The one condition is to use Nam Shin 3 to run the company. i am the only representative and the real company business will be done by NS3.

Shin almost passes out from all of the shock of it all. YN runs to his side and helps him off the stage. Umma looks concerned. JG looks pissed.

Umma follows the two of them out. Shin sits on the bench outside and breaths deeply.

Inside, some people in th audience are upset, will this robot screw up the company! Shin went to this mans side and bowed to him. He told him that he can continue this if it makes him calm, I don’t feel emotion or anger. He holds his hand tomeasure his blood pressure and tells him to calm down or it will be bad for his health.

The man pulls his hand back and asks if he is a doctor. But some of the other people tell him to sit so they can listen to him. NS3 goes back tot he stage and says that M car is just like him. It will help people. But there is also another project.

NS3 rolls something onto the floor that turns into a hollogram.

NS3 – The city that you are watching is all AI. It is a futuristic city where the environment and health are all controlled. M City will work with the government office. We will have electric car chargers all throughout the city and a smart AI air filtation system that will provide the best environment for living. AI does not just control M City.

AI in movies attack humans, I am better than humans, but I do not compete against humans. I do not attack or control humans. M City for me is a place where we can all exist together. I want to coexhist with humans. Would you like to me on our side with this impossible dream of AI city?

Everyone starts clapping and stands.
Umma and YN keep helping Shin walk out. The doctor is there as well. YH asked him to show up. But Shin is still pissed, he is upset that YH knew this would happen. He tries to shake the women off of him. YH comes up right after that with several of the other company men.

Shin punches him and grabs him by the collar. He demands an explanation. But YH just pulls his hand away with no explanation and walks off. Shin almost passes out again.

Meanwhile, inside the auditorium SB and NS3 talk about how good it feels now that he does not have to pretend to be a human. But he is concerned about SB. She is the human that is close to a robot, that might make her a target. But SB says she does not care about those things.

NS3 asks her, what if I stay next to JG or human Shin, then I might be a robot that hurts people which is against my principle. It was all because of you that I could keep myself. I became my current me because you were next to me. I am your robot Kong So-bong.

SB says that is cool, and….I like you. I like you so much that I can die. You should say something like that. But, liking and dying is so far from you. Lets go out.

They go outside and are confronted by a lot of reporters. They have tons of questions like why he rescued people and a lot of other things. They also want to know what their relationship is. NS3 turns to SB and givs her a hug, then he leads her to the car. They drive off with all the robots chasing after them.

At the MMA gym, everyone watches all of this on the news. Is he really a robot? NS3 and SB show up at that exact same time. RC passes out as the other one asks if he is really a robot?

Appa stands and asks why he is there. He says he is there just in case people might hate him. Appa tells him to change his clothes so he can help clean. SB thanks her appa for that.
Shin is in his room laying down in the hospital like bed. Umma is ther and gives him a ticket to Czech Republic. But Shin shreds it and rolls over. Then he thinks about what YH said about how human Shin did not make this, robot Shin made it. His rage builds.

JG and David get to work, but the immediately see a big message that says that he is fired. he calls someone and asks if they are crazy.

Perhaps he called YH, because he bursts into his office. YH is sitting relaxed in the chairmans office. JG sits and asks if he is using this office already? YH tells him that he has no plans to use this office.

JG tries to tell YH that he is way worse than him. How can you destroy Shin next to him?

But JG just holds up a video of NS3 strangling SB. Everyone will know how horrible he is. But YH is all like, do you think I did not think about that? Whose to say that was not Shin? SB will say that it was. I started this to see it to the end.

He calls the bodyguards who come and throw JG out of the building. David is out as well. David tells JG that he needs to get real, if he is like this then what will David do? JG hops up and screams at the building.

Meanwhile, news are talking about how amazing NS3 is. he did not even break a sweat carrying me out. I want a robot like that. Where can I get one?

Umma looks at the news. NS3 comes in and says that she is the one that made him, umma. Umma sits with NS3 and tells him that all the world is talking about him, she just wanted to talk to him. He apologizes for revealing his identity without telling her. But she says that it is okay, it could have happened at anytime.

She has a last wish to him. She knows it is a bad thing, but she will tell him. You and Shin cannot live in the same place anymore. Can you go to Czech with David? NS3 apologizes, he says that as soon as he revealed himself as a robot, human Shin was hurt. He learned that there were more important things to protect even if I have to hurt someone (feelings). I wish that human nam Shin acknowledges me, because you also made me. Then we can be close to each other.

Umma tells him that she put a kill switch in him before. When Shin wakes up, I thought I would use it. I am sorry. I am sorry I had a bad intention.

NS3 tells her that it is okay, she did that to protect someone close to her. I would also do anything to protect SB. I have to go , SB is outside.

Umma – SB also protected you, she put her life on the line to stop the kill switch.

NS3 leaves the meeting and hugs SB right away. She asks if he cried. he wonders, did I cry without noticing myself? Can’t I hug you when I am not crying?

She says of course you can hug me, you can hug me a lot a lot. Hug me.

NS3 happily tells her that umma told him about the kill switch. SB is all like, what??? But he says that he is okay with it and thanks her for stopping it from being activated. Where is the kill switch?

SB – David has it.

They go to David to get the kill switch. David tells him that the kill switch has found it’s rightful owner, it is like you life so protect it. NS3 thanks him. David tells him that his son became a celebrity and talks about fatherly things like that. NS3 smiles and heads out. But David tells SB that tomorrow is his manufacturing day, which is kind of like his birthday. SB thanks him for letting him know.

Meanwhile, YH talks to doctor HJ about all that went on. How could he abandon human Shin? YH says he had to stop Shin. Shin and he are the same, he was just angry at the chairman, that is why he wanted to take over the company. When he calms down a littlebit and knows what he really wants, then I will give him the company. I promised it to that guy also.

HJ does not think it wil lbe that easy. Shin is not in the right place, he is risking himself a lot.
Shin storms into the buidling to a lot of people and reporters asking him if he is human or not. he yells that he is human! he is so upset about it. he goes all the way to his grandfathers room. His grandfather was watching the news of it all and says that everyone will recognize this great thing he did to the world.

But Shin wants to know why he gave all his things to YH. Grandfather tells him to stop pretending to be Shin. He will come to kill me. He should not know about the kill switch.

At first Shin is all like, I am Shin! But then he gets interested when Halabogi starts talking about the kill switch and asks him a lot of questions about it. Where is it? Is it inside me? halabogi, where is it?

halabogi says it is in his brain, it is very safe.

Shin leavs and wonders where “In your head” is. he thinks about David coming outside of a room in the company. he goes to YN and asks for Davids number. But YN wants to know why he wants it, are you really going to go even further? Just stop, I don’t want you to be completely broken.

But he just takes the cell phone and sees Shin walking with the kill switch on Instagram.

Appa tells Nam Shin 3 to wake up. NS3 wakes up from the ring like a zombie. Then he looks at appa as if he is shocked. Appa asks him if he has problems with mosture and water?

He says no. So Appa takes him to a jim jil bang so they can relax. Celebrities do things like this for a cool time. NS3 tells him it is 43 C inside, so it is not cool. But Appa tells him that we are doing human things so that is why I brought you here. But then he comments on how he really does not sweat, do you pee?

NS3 just smiles. He also tells Appa that his blood pressure might go up so maybe we should go out. Appa shows him how to open an egg, but NS3’s too strong and breaks it, appa cleans it off for him like a happy father and then ells Nam Shin 3 to eat. he asks him if he really likes his daughter.

NS3 says that his #1 principle is to pretect Kang So Bong. Appa nods, that means that you like her in your way. He nods. But then he grummbles about his daughter hurting his heart since the day she was born. Appa tells him that he is not sue if he will really be like a human. Machines get rusty over time so stop doing all the other things and just hate and love whatever way you want. then you won’t have any regret in the future.

NS3 thinks about that, will he have no regret if he does this in whatever way he wants.

They go to the jewelry store and buy the same necklace that SB owns. NS3 says that So Bong gave it to him so he will give it to her and learn all the things about loving and hating. The jewelry person says that Appa has a good son. But appa is all like he is not my son! …..he is my future son on law. Smiles all around.
Shin and Yena go somewhere, maybe to the MMA gym. Shin gets out to go inside and looks around. RC and HJ come out and immediately think he is NS3. Shin tries to act pleasant like NS3 as well as he talks to them. They playfully talk about Robocop and Iron Man as they head out.

Outside, Yena is abducted by David and his henchman.

Inside, Shin looks around as he tries to see if the kill switch is around. He goes into each of the rooms and finally finds it behind one of the beds. A little robot says hello Nam Shin 3. But Shin just hits it and it falls. The robot repeats Hyung-nim…hyung-nim…. as Shin walks out.

he looks for Yena, but she is not there. Yena has been dragged to her father and is basically being locked in a room. JG tells her that whatever she does now, he should not see it. That is the last thing he can do for her. David tells JG that the henchmen will keep her inside.

Shin is in a taxi riding somewhere when he gets a text message from his mother to meet with him over a meal. She will wait for him. he just throws the phone on the seat .

Meanwhile, YN is able to get to her phone and call Umma. But she is being recorded. YN tells Umma to stop oppa from using the kill switch. JG hears it all and tells David to find Yena’s car.

Elsewhere, Appa and NS3 are eating with SB and JO. Appa gives NS3 a sign to stop doing something as if they are the best friends in the world. SB and JO are all like, what is this with the signs? Appa grummbles about raising daughters becuase SB is on NS3’s side and not Appa’s side. It is meaningless. But NS3 says that it is meaningful because SB is so lovely and nice.

The girls ask the guys why they look so good, did you put oil on your joints or something? NS3 says that he decided to express happiness or something like that at other moments. But he gets a text from Shin to come out. NS3 makes an excuse and goes out right away.

Outside, he runs into RC and IT who are on there way there. They tell him that he got there really fast. It looks like everyone is there for a party, maybe NS3’s birthday party. They go inside after telling NS3 that they just saw him at the gym.

Shin calls and basically tells him that he got the kill switch, how could you just lay it around so carelessly. He is across the street and holds up the kill switch. he tells him that SB will be so sad to see it. You should have some time to say goodbye. So track my location and follow me.

NS3 thinks as he stands there. Kill Switch…..

he goes back inside and sees the Happy Birthday signs and all the happiness around as everyone wears birthday hats and holds balloons and laughs. he reaches into his pocket and takes out his present to SB. he opens it and looks at the necklace. But then he turns and walks out.

The necklace is left hanging in the cafe.
He goes outside and calls his mother. It goes to voice mail so he hangs up. he is left standing outside alone and thinking. But then he gets in a taxi. However, SB stops him and asks where he is going without telling him. She thinks he is going to see Doctor Oh since he made him?

She grabs his hand and says that he is lying. But then she says that she is joking. We are going to have the party so are you going to come back soon? he nods. She shows him the present and says that he is supposed to put it on me if you are a cool guy.

he takes the necklace and puts it on her. She happily looks at him and tells him that they should see each other for a long long time. I need you.

he leans in and kisses her for a moment. She looks at him and then hugs him.

NS3 – I love you, Kang So-bong.

he blinks away some confusion and hops in the next taxi to show up. SB is left struck by his words…he said he loves me….

Elsewhere, JG and David are driving somewhere and say that everything is ready. if everything goes as planned then JG will come back to his position again.

NS3 shows up at the construction site. Shin is above him in the second level looking at him. he comments on how NS3 is confident until the end. Shin tells NS3 to beg him, maybe he will change his mind. But NS3 says he will not change his mind, just press it, you said you will.

Shin tells him not to tell him what to do. NS3 basically tells him jus to do it. Shin gets angry and says he will finally end him. he opens the kill switch to press the button, but Umma yells to stop. She runs up and tells SHin to stop. She wants to protect both of them because she is both of their umma’s.

She tells Shin to talk to Umma, she will listen to him. Shin looks at his umma and tells her that she lost her last chance to take her son back. He turns and hits the kill switch. Then he looks at Umma and leaves.

NS3 starts to shut down. There is one minute left until he is completely shut off. Shins eyes start to count down, his vision gets blurry. Umma turns to Shin as he falls to his knees. SHe asks him if he is okay. he tells her to leave and then bows his head.

But Umma pulls out a chip. She presses something on NS3’s cheek which opens something on his neck. She puts a chip there and says that this is her birthday gift to him….please …..I hope it works.

The shut down is almost complete.

JG shows up somewhere, to the construction site? I don’t know.

But NS3 wakes up, he can only move his neck, his body doesn’t work. Umma says things will be clear again. NS3 smiles. But JG is able to move something very heavy over the two of them and drops it. NS3 is just able to push his mother out of the way as the heavy thing falls on them both.

Everything falls on both of them.

NS3 is okay, his body returns to him and he runs to umma’s side. Umma is banged up and bleeding. He tells umma that this was all because of him. But umma says it is not because of him, it is because of her.

Umma – Umma told you to go to Czech alone, I was really sorry about that. I promised you to go together. But I did not keep my promise.

NS3 – Umma…

Umma – My good son, when I made you, I was really happy. The promise that we go back together….I am sorry that I did not keep it. Please tell Shin that I am leaving him alone again.

Her eyes close and her hand, that is touching his cheek, falls to the ground.

NS3 says Umma…umma…umma don’t die. He tries to look around at what he might be able to do. Meanwhile, JG looks at all this from the rafters. he calls the police and tells them that a robot killed a human. it is a killing robot.

NS3 holds his mom in his arms and repeats Umma…Umma…over and over again.

Fade Out

Oh my goodness y’all. I thought it would all be happy times once Umma put the chip into NS3, but did they have to go and kill her! I am so sad about that. I mean, the Mom did annoy me sometimes, but I wanted her to live happily in Czech. Does anyone think she might not be dead? I hope she is still alive. Poor NS3 is about to try and understand a lot of emotions after this. Hopefully SB can help him out. Also, THE KILL SWITCH IS BACK….argh#@(&#^@$)#@#!$#

YN – I read about Dr. Oh.
JG – What? Do you think I did it? Get some fresh air.
YN – It’s definitely appa.
YH – Where is Shin?
JG – Give me the chairmans stock if you don’t want me to kill Shin.
NS3 – I want to cry like a human
NS3 – 11 hours…12 minutes…the kill switch is activated again.

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  1. Rose
    August 6, 2018 / 9:48 am

    Did Shins mom really died? How can they recreate NS3 if something bad happens to him if the creator is gone? 😱

  2. Shayri
    August 6, 2018 / 10:56 am

    Now it makes sense why they dragged the Halabogi has real dementia in the last episodes….. It was so that they could reveal to Human NS about the kill switch.
    I’m seriously annoyed though, why would they leave the kill switch just out & about? At least put it in a safe or somewhere. Do you not know that curiosity killed the cat? A lot of people would be curious about a humanoid robot, so how could they just have the kill switch be so easy to find?

    • V
      August 6, 2018 / 11:05 am

      I know right! A least put that in a bank vault or something.

  3. Kateri
    August 6, 2018 / 12:10 pm

    I feel like this one keeps sucking me in and spitting me out. Just when I start to feel safe and happy for SB and NS3 it goes haywire again.. I’m with you @$#$% aargh. They should just head to the Czech Republic and live a good life:)
    I was trying to figure out why David is with JG or maybe I am reading it wrong…
    I would imagine most of NS3’s moms info is in data contained in the room (brain) because the grandfather was financing her and keeping track of what was being done by David who was giving him info.
    I’m wondering what the chip she put into NS3 is and if it starts a new process of something in him (human-ness?, emotions….all his data information…?resistance to the kill switch ?). I like how they have developed NS3 range of humanness as he has evolved, oh my gosh he is an excellent actor.
    Curious how this will end,
    Maybe NS3 saves NS life and they find a way to work together ..maybe the moms death brings them together to defeat JG ..I mean NS may hate her but the absolute loss of her might knock some sense into him
    I feel,like this needs more episodes to bring it to completion because it’s a lot to wrap up in one more.
    I am always amazed when I watch these dramas how much evil people like JG get away with (dead body count is building up… but you know it’s not going to end well for him- I think his daughter is going to destroy him if he touched NS…..

  4. Anonymous
    August 6, 2018 / 12:42 pm

    Oh that looks cute, wil.i will be watching that . I too haven’t seen him in anything else but will have to check out some of his past work🙂

  5. August 6, 2018 / 1:15 pm

    I just watched the unsubbed version on Dramacool. It looked to me that the mother pushed NS3 away to save his life & everything just fell onto her only. V did you see the opposite?

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