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Are You Human, Too Kdrama Live Recap Episode 29 and 30

Seo Kang-joon wearing a button up shirt and on the phone in Are You Human Too
We have to run to a meeting after episode 29 airs, so we will recap this in parts. We’ll pause it after the first episode finishes and then we will post on twitter when we come back to finish up!

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have you ever thought that robot was better than humans?

VO – I shouldn’t have hesitated that time.

Flashback to YH and Grandfather. Grandfather hit YJ in front of SHin, but YH tells Shin that his grandfather is just angry. But Shin is upset. He hurts himself and tells Grandfather that he is threatening grandfather.

Why do you hit YH, if you do not treat YH well then you won’t be treating me well. Don’t hit him! If you hit him one more time then I will do worse than this, okay!

VO – I know what kind of person you are.

YH tells Shin that his hand is hurt because of him. So he wants to dress it for him. He has all the bandages out to treat it.

Grandfather asks YH if he thinks the robot is better than humans

YH – Never, it makes me uncomfortable. It even makes me uncomfortable if you tell it to Shin. If you don’t use Shin then I will quit right now.

VO – I should have told him that, I should have been on your side.

Flashback to Shin hearing NS3 tells avid that he is not his father.

VO – If you know this then you will have an uncontrollable wound to your soul.

Shin followed SB and NS3 around on their date, his rage built.

Elsewhee, YH talked to the owner or manager of a home. He wants to know if he knows who has that person? He gives him the business card. The man says. PK ~ is it about that?

The man tells him that this is secret, even from the head of the hospital. But 20 years ago, PK Groups 2nd generation son died here. Suicide.

YH gets a call, it is Shin. He says he has a request for him.

Cut to the movie theater. NS3 gets the napkins and then runs into Shin. NS3 asks him why he is there. Shin tells him that YH wants to see him, come with me. Shin walks him to the garage.

Int he garage, NS3 asks where YH is. But he is able to take off his watch quickly. NS3 shuts off.
Shin changes clothes with the robot. YH comes and sees it. But YH is upset at Shin for whatever he is doing. Shin tells NS3 that halabogi knew he was a robot! YH tells him that it still isn’t good. But Shin says whether he dies or not, this robot is better than him. he will show halabogi what is real and what is not real.

he breaks the watch under his feet.

Shin – If you stop me now then you are the same as Halabogi. If you don’t want to be misunderstood, then behave like someone on my side.

He storms away.

Cut to the inside of the movie theater. Shin cries int he theater which makes SB look at him in alarm. He says it is F-ing sad…..you, you said you would not confuse me and him.

In the car, YH’s phone rings or maybe NS3’s phone rings. YH looks back at NS3 who is still off.

At the same time, Shin and SB get to their car. She asks him if he is so happy to trick her. He works so hard to be like you. You just came from almost death and you are doing this. Shin says he is, he hated that he was pretending to be like him, but it is fun to do it.

SB – You will never be like him.

SHin – shut up, I am real and he is fake. I will destroy him.

SB tells him to try it, she will never leave him alone if he does it. She walks away.

Shin gets back into YH’s car with NS3. SB keeps calling, Shin picks up the phone and pretends that he is NS3. But YH takes the phone away and tells SB not to worry, he will take him home. Then he tells Shin not to be so childish. But Shin says he is the child and YH is the adult, you can do everything for me.

Umma thinks it is nonsense. She is with Shin, NS3, YH, and David. She asks David if it is true that the chairman knows about him. They said that you know it, but it is not true right. David says that it is…but he can explain it.

She slaps him and grabs him…how can you do this to me? When and where did you start to lie to me? I trusted you for 20 yeas, you were the only one I could trust. How can you do this to us!

YH tells David that he should step out for a moment. They leave together and go to the living room.

YH – I was surprised, but how would she think, sh would be in shock, so understand her. You should not tell the chairman that Shin knows about it.

David – I can understand that much, I did not accept the money.

Inside the room, Shin stands to talk to his mother. He tells her that Halabogi is getter than her, he lied to her for more than 20 years. Umma says that she is not in the mood to listen to those things. He tells her that he will ask her one more thing and shut up. Do you have any way to destroy it?

Umma is surprised. She tells Shin to stop playing with Umma. I will accept your joke later. But Shin says he never thought they were that close to joke to each other. Can you make it manual mode where we can control him? I want to do that.

SHin ~

Do you not like it, you will do anything that I want right? Do you care more about him? YH tells him to stop there. He knows that they are responsible for him acting this way. The effort that they wanted to protect you, hurt you more. But you need to promise one thing, don’t hurt other people.

Shin promises him.
SB is at home waiting for NS3, she calls him again. He picks up so SB asks him when he will come back, you aren’t here yet. He says that he will not come back today. But he tells her to turn around before she goes inside.

She turns around and Shin is right behind her. She quickly runs up to him and grabs him. But he says that the little robot is pocking him. He says it is okay, he is a robot so it does not hurt him.

They go inside. The mma guys wonder if he ran away because they made him clean a lot. Everyone is happy to see him, but then NS3 grabs RC’s arm very forcibly.

Flashback to Shin putting on a manual watch on SB3. He tells him that no one should touch that watch, make sure it does not happen. You are my toy now.

In the gym, NS3 apologizes, he says that he could not control his strength all of a sudden. Then he says that he has to leave because he has to go to work in the morning.

He leaves and goes outside. He thinks about Shin telling him that he is his toy now and he looks at his watch. he can’t control the watch, it says access denied on his wrist.
At home, YH stands by the pool thinking. NS3 goes up to him. He says it is the first time experiencing manual mode. He can’t move without his own decision. You knw about this right?

YH says that it is cowardly, he knows.

NS3 says he is not there to blame him, he just want to ask him why it happened.

YH tells him that Shin found out that the chairman knew about you.

Shin thinks he is torturing him because of that. What if I hurt someone else, against my principles.

Yh tells him that it will not happen again, trust me.

I trust you, but I don’t know about human Shin, will he keep the promise?

Computer screen – He will, I trust Shin.

Shin is watching this interaction. YN is with him and tells him that it is not good for him. He has your face. People will think this is you. DOn’t think about the robot and just prove to halabogi that you are better. You are too focused on him, I just want you to live your own life.

NS3 goes to meet with halabogi in the computer room. Halabogi tells him that this entire space is his. It is like you are inside your own brain. The company is like a baby, it is always ungry, if I do not feed it, then it will die quickly. I thought that you were my new food that can feed my baby for a long time.

is this like silicon valley AI?

Yes, all the advanced companies focus on AI and human integration. Because of your medicar, my kind of dream became clear.

Do you think an AI like me can do it?

Yes, that is it, the never ending city that is controlled by AI.

SHin is watching this on the computer.

Halabogi – M CIty, that is my last dream and you are the only one that can do it.

Shin smiles.

Cut to NS3 int h elevator, he is there with SB. They happily talk. SB wants to know why he talked to Halabogi? Why you and not his own grandson. For me, you are better, try to mimic him, but you wont be like him forever.

Shin thinks that he will punish SB for saying that.

NS3 grabs SB by the throat and is choking her. the lights flicker as his grip tightens. SB tries to tell him that it is her! But nothing stops him. Then he lets go and she just falls to the ground.

The levator door open with Park standing there.

NS3 runs out, stunned. SB runs after him. She wants to know what this is. This is not your watch, I want to see it.

But NS3 tells her not to come near him, please.

SB tells him that something happened to him right. You couldnt’ control yourself next week NS3 tells him not to aks him anything, just stay away from me and nothing will happen to you.

he leaves.

SB goes to talk to YH about it and tells him that he tried to hurt her. YH has to tell her that he is in manual mode. SB tells him that attacking humans is shocking for him, you know what kind of robot he is, it was so shcoking that he had to run away! Where is Shin. Are you on the side of the criminal? That is worse than the criminal itself.

Shin apologizes to Hyung and says that it was an error. he just wanted to threaten her, but she was too aggressive. He will be there later, lets talk. He gives the phone to Yena.

Yena looks like Shin is about to crack.

David asks Umma if she believes it, an error does not make sene. She wants to trut her own son, but youa re not sure right. You don’t know what your son will do to him.

Umma tells him to leave. David says he will leave since he is that person she will never trust. But I wanted to get money to make Nam Shin 3 for you, it was too much for me so I got help. He gave us money to make more money. But I am different. I really like him. I also like you, the genius who I can’t follow at all. I am going to protect him until the end. If you won’t, then I will.

David gets a call. He says that NS3 is not there, he is worried about him also.

Cut to YH looking for someone. But he runs into NS3. NS3 sends YH a text instead of talking to him. He has a request.

Cut to Shin at work. YN tells him to have a nice meeting with YH, she will take care of her own things. He goes inside and she calls someone to ask where the chairman is.

SHin goes to the rooftop to meet with YH. He asks him why he called him all the way there. DOn’t you know that I am still not recovered?

NS3 walks up in a fury. Shin asks them what they are doing. NS3 says he thought he would not come if he told him to meet with him, so he asked YH. Shin asks YH if he is his secretary. YH tells him thath he heard what he did, let’s talk about it later.

SHin wants to leave, but NS3 tells him not to run away. Shin calls him fake, but NS3 says he is real, just as you are real. SHin asks how it felt to throw away SB? That is only the begining, from now on, you will do a lot more than that, like my slave.

Meanwhile, SB is looking everywhere for NS3. She goes to all the offices int he bulding and looks thorugh the garage. She sees a white car and looks furious.

On the rooftop, NS3 tells him to solve the human problem between them, do not put me in between. You are angry becaue of your grandfather, fight with him directly, do not use me and hurt other people.

Shin tells him that it is fun to play with him than deal with that old man. the revenge is destroying something that he loves. NS3 asks him if he is agraid of him, you are afraid of me, that is why you want to make me look bad. I am not competing with you, I don’t want to talke anything that is yours. The house, car, company,everything is yours, take it.

How dare you say that,you are just a robot. i I tell you to kill SB.

NS3 – I don’t want to hurt SB, I don’t want to hurt anyone. What do you really want from me to let me go.

Shin – Dissappear, do you know how terrible it is to see my own face. Just disspaear right now in front of me.

NS3 walks to the edge. Shin asks him if he is crazy. Step away.

NS3 tells him that being destroyed is better than hurting a human. He steps on the rooftop ledge

NS3 is on the ledge. he is determined. But Shin gets out the manual mode and starts controling him, he tells him to come down right now. NS3 has to do what he says.

Shin walks up to himand grabs him by the jacket.

Shin – Now do you understand? You dont’ even have freedom to dissapear.

NS3 – Yes, because I am jut a robot. The human emotion you feel inthis kind of situation is – helpless.

Shin walks way. H goes to his car. SB is there and punches him across his face.

SB – I told you, last time you told me if someone was like you and behaved like you, then I pitied you a little bit. But not anymore, you deserve it. Return him back to normal now that I am telling you nicely, otherwise I will really kill you.

YN goes to meet the chairman. He asks her why she is being to polite, just sit comfortably. But she says no, she does not want to see him that long, she will just tell him. Oppa knows that you knew everything.

Halabogi laughs, you are angry because of that? That is actually better, Shin should know.

How can you say that? It is your own grandson. I thought you were a scary person. But you did everything for him. However, you are scarier than I thought.

What about Shin, I worry about him because he is an impulsive person.

he is doing better than expected. If you care about him then show it to him now. It is the last chance that you can be close to each other. Listen to me.

She leaves. Halabogi laughs as she walks out. YN was nervous at the meeting, but his it. You can see her nerves showing as soon as the door closes. She starts to walk away again but runs into her dad. He shows her a CCTV of NS3 chocking SB.

You are not surprised? You knew about it.

If I knew about it, do you think I would tell you?

Of course not, I am going to to tell the chairman everything. If the robot is doing this much, then I won’t just keep quiet.

YN grabs his arm. YN tell shim everything. He says that chairman knew everything but pretended like he did not do it. YN tells him not to show that to grandpa or he will like hate Oppa more. he already prefers the robot.

JG says that Shin could be angry with it.

But YN says she does not trust her appa, they should just live their own lives.
NS3 or Shin is at home looking at their collection of robots. he thinks about what happened today on the rooftop. NS3 has no freedom to disappear, he is just a robot.

It looks like it might be Shin. YH walks up to him in the room and tells him that they should stop doing the manual mode. Dr. Oh does not know, but I know. The error is a lie, as you promised to me, just stop here.

SHin – No, I don’t want to. Hyung, you make me want to do it more. I was a little sentimental, but this is fun timing.

YH gives him a card. Shin asks him what it is. Did you take this from my room?

YH tells him that he found out that his fathers death was not a suicide. That is why you behaved badly before you left for Czech and it is also why you went to Czech.

Do not meddle in my business.

I will, make me understand or stop doing manual mode.

Why should I? What if I like both?

This is my last warning. If you do it again then I will not see you again every.

Hyung, this is the first time that you are saying that you will not see me.

YH leaves.

Shin looks at him phone. JG says he has something to tell hi mregarding his father. Cut to JG in his office looking at old photos. Shin walks in. JG greets him and tells him that if it makes him uncomfortable then he is sorry. He was by boss before, but we were good friends for a long time and I missed him.

Why did you call me, what are you going to tell me about my abogi.

You think I killed him? It could be right. I followed the chairmans order to force him into the nursing home. I was the one that did it and surveillance him.

So it was a fake suicide? Did my grandfather tell you to do that?

You kew that much? Your father tried to escape to see your mother and you. If your mother knows, then she will be super shocked.

Why did you pretend like it was a suicide? What are you trying to cover up with my grandfather.

i wanted to see you to give you the answer. He hands over a recorded tape and tells SHin that it is a recording of the chairman and his father at the nursing home.

Why are you giving this to me?

I am worried that you are becomging like your father. The chairman made me and your father compete, sadly, I survived. The robot captured the chairman. As soon as the chairman made the decision that the robot helps the company more. He will kick you out like Jung-woo. Don’t step back, I am on the humans side.

he bows and leaves.

SHin is left holding the recording. He plays it.

Grandfather – Stop whistleblowing and I will let you out from here
Appa – i will do it, I have to tell eveyrone that your way is wrong.
Grandfather – Shut up, you are not good enough
Appa – Even though I am not good enough, I am your son.
Grandpa – If you do bad things to me then it will affect your son.
Appa – Abogi, how can you say that?
Grandpa – to me, the company is more important to the family, it is my blood and heart.

Shin throws the recording on the floor in a rage.
Park and JG are outside. JG looks pleased with himself.

P – Nam Shin is not coming out yet.
JG – He should think a lot.
P – DO you think what you think will happen will happen?
JG – This is my last card so I should wait. If Shin eats the chairman and I eat SHin, then this 30 year old fight will end.

Cut to the Chairman in his bed in his room. He asks who is there, who are you. Shin walks up to him.

Shin – Do you know who I am? Robot or human.

Grandfather – You ask me like that then you are a human, that guy that wants to prove himself.

SHin – For you, the company is like your own life. Give me the company.

Grandfather – To you….I can give you one more chance. The result is all yours.

Shin – I am telling you one more time, give me the company not the robot.

Grandfather – my answer is the same, do you want me to tell you one more time. Behave well, don’t do something stupid like your father.

Shin takes that last comment to the chest and leaves.

Meanwhile, NS3 is on a bridge brooding. But he has a vision of SB next to him and reaches out to touch her happily. But when he touches her, the vision flickers and disappears. he pulls his hand back and turns back to the bridge.

He thinks about her and holds her necklace on his neck.

SB is also thinking about him as she sits by herself at home. She tries calling him, but he is not picking up. She looks anxious as she tries again.

On the bridge, NS3 picks up his phone and looks at his texts, then he answers.

SB – Are you alone again? I told you not to be alone. I was really afraid of you yesterday, I thought you were just like a human, but that moment you really felt like a robot. Is that why you are not coming? Because I am thinking about bad things? I am sorry, can you forgive me this time? I really miss you. I am going to cry until you come and hug me.

NS3 slowly starts to turn toward SB, he takes a couple shaky steps, but then we walks more assuredly and then with determination and finally he runs to be next to her.

he gets to her gate and stands outside waiting for her. SB sees him and runs to it.

She runs around to the other side of the gate, but they are still standing pretty far away from each other.

SB – You are bad, why did you come so late…..what are you doing? I am crying…

NS3 is hesitant, but he starts to walk to her slowly. She stands there waiting for him a smile slwoly forming on her face as the tears fall.

But then his eyes turn to manual mode and he walks on by.

She grabs him and asks him why he is doing that.

NS3 – who are you?

SB – No….don’t do that.

NS3 pulls his arm away and leave. She grabs it again and shakes her head, no. But he pulls it away again and then gets in a white car and drives away.

Shin is driving. SB runs after them. Shin asks if he knows who is following them? NS3 says that he really does not know her. his memory data is blocked, I only know you.

Shin smiles and SB falls to the ground and cries.
Grandfather tells YH to call JG. NS3 walks up to the company at that time as well.

Grandfather goes to the rooftop and talks to JG. he asks him if he misses SHin. JG says that he only sees him at the company. Grandfather tell him not to lie to him, did you say something to SHin or not? If Shin knows anything then you will die. Because when I shut your mouth, then my back is clean.

JG tell shim of course.

But then NS3 goes to the rooftop, he is on manual mode. Grandfather says that is not SHin. NS3 walks quickly to Grandfather and chokes him by the neck. He pushes him to the ledge. Everyone is shocked.

Shin is in his car controlling everything.

Shin asks what NS3 is doing, finish it. JG is all like, this is manual control? Ah…

SB comes up to the roof and tells NS3 to stop! This is not you! He hits her away and then throws halabgoi away as well. His eyes flicker, but it looks like he is still in manual mode. He slowly walks to SB. She manages to get to his feet.

SB – I am not going to avoid you.

NS3 grabs her by the throat.

She tells him that she is not afraid of him. He lifTs her up by her neck, she is in the air, literally and being chocked.

She tries to hang in there.

SB – Please….come back….please….

She cries and slowly passes out. Her tears hit his hand.

VO – My principle is to hug someone when they cry.

Montage of all the hugs when SB cries and all the fun heartfelt moments they had together.

Manual mode starts breaking.

SB’s hands drop to her side.

NS3 normal self comes back. He drops her and hugs her.

NS3 – I am sorry – I am hugging you now.

SB comes to and stays in his embrace.

Fade Out

I love that NS3 was able to override manual mode. The love of his woman brought him back, y’all. So does that make him a super duper robot now? Can he override his automatic destruct button as well?

Tomorrow’s recap will be the same where we recap the first 30 minutes and then leave and come back to recap the rest.

Shin – This is the contract for you to give me all your stock. Sign this please.
HY – Appa!
JG – If he knew that we worked together, then I thought he would leave.
YH – Well, the chairman became like that, so I should be closer to SHin. You don’t leave graciously, why should I.
SB – Don’t be discouraged, there is nothing wrong with being a robot.
Shin – If you really care about me, then just destroy him.

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  1. Kateri
    July 30, 2018 / 10:34 am

    Oh my gosh.. tough episode. I have no idea how they are going to pull this all together in the next 3 episodes. There has to be more that we are missing between shin and NS3. It’s like a spider web that keeps stretching out to reveal more Lies and hidden agendas. This is one of the best dramas I have seen in a while, really gets you and hooks you, i was actually upset last week when I saw the coming attractions of NS3 assaulting SB. I was afraid they were going to make him evil and that totally goes against his whole being. I love who he is as NS3…What an amazing actor he his -love the one (NS3) hate the other. I guess tomorrow more secrets will be revealed but thank God we have NS3 back. I can breath now.🤗…hehe

    • V
      July 30, 2018 / 10:41 am

      I think there might be 6 more episodes? I am not sure though.

      This drama is definitely not letting us go for one moment. Hopefully tomorrow gives poor NS3 a break to rest with SB as his normal self (while Shin runs the company into the ground).

  2. Shayri
    July 30, 2018 / 11:58 am

    I feel like the drama still has a lot going on to wrap up in 3 episodes. Thanks for the recap!

  3. Kateri
    July 30, 2018 / 12:03 pm

    I read on Wiki and it says 18 (36) episodes, but I’d be happy with 20. I love this drama. There are so many twists and turns. And I just started watching Sunshine Man, wasn’t going to watch it because it looked sad, but I’m giving it a go, so I read your synopsis of the first few episodes and tuned into ep 4 because I don’t have that much time in my day to watch them alll…which I really want to do:) 🤪..if only I could learn how to bypass sleeping…😳enjoy the day!

    • V
      July 30, 2018 / 1:19 pm

      The episodes of Mr. Sunshine take up all of their 60 minutes and then some. I was on and off with it for the first 6 episodes. But episodes 7 and 8 are starting to really pick up and get interesting, so it’s worth hanging in there if you think it starts to drag in some parts!

  4. Anonymous
    July 30, 2018 / 5:06 pm

    Yes the end of 6 pulled me in and I really am starting to lo like it now.. but you wonder how everyone will fare because you know one of the three men (at the least) will probably not make it. And as much as I don’t like the yakuza guy I think his character and presence and love for as shi is amazing:) I’ll stick with it for now….

  5. Wulan
    July 30, 2018 / 8:13 pm

    This episode was so tough. Love powers everything. Thank you for your consistence recaps. I enjoy this web. Good luck!!

  6. Tilda
    July 31, 2018 / 4:22 pm

    This episode was great but I have a problem.

    What the hell is wrong with Nam Shin. I understand why he’s angry and behave the way he behaves but I just can’t get him. He really got on my nerves in this episode.

    • V
      August 1, 2018 / 11:52 am

      Nam Shin is definitely One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest crazy.

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