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Are You Human, Too Kdrama Live Recap Episode 27 and 28

Seo Kang-joon puts a necklace on Kong Seung-yeon in Are You Human too
Umm ~ that team needs to drop what they’re doing, fly back to the Czech Republic, and fix that gorgeous face s.t.a.t. Y’all, human Shin is the worst. I hope he does not remain the villain for the entire drama. That does not seem likely, but a girl can hope, amirite?

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Flashback to the moment Shin told his mother that he did not want to go with her when he was like 7.

VO – it is the first time that I lied.

You won’t hurt my umma, will you? I did what you said

VO – If it was for Umma, then it was okay

Shin cried in his bedroom

VO – Even though it was super scary, I could endure it

Halabogi hits YH hard and tells Shin that he hit him because of Shin. If you mess around one more time then YH will suffer for everything that you do! Shin looks so stunned and sad about it. Everyone leaves the room except for YH and Shin. YH chuckles and tells Shin that he was just angry, he is okay.

VO – I grew up well Umma

Shin is surrounded by people at his house. His granfather comes out. he tells all these guards to go away. Halabogi tells them to let him do whatever. SHin thanks Halabogi until now and wants to leave. Halabogi tells him that he is the one breaking that promise. You shuold stay here, I told you that your mother will be okay. If you find your mother and meet her, then she will dissapear because I will find her first.

Shin yells – MY!……..House is here – Until you die.

Grandfather chuckles and tells Shin, that is good.

VO – I am okay without you mom.

Shin happily and cockily walks into a hotel with a young woman. They go to the hotel room, she hugs him happily but he does not look happy about it and would rather she leave. She tries to kiss him, but he tells her to just stop and leave, he does not want to do anything with her. She calls him an A-hole and leaves. He plops on the bed.

VO – It is pretty fun, living.
JG talks to halabogi and tells him that it will cost more money to quiet that nurse, she knows that Jung Woo’s death was not a suicide. Halabogi tells him to shut up, Shin is in this house. JG shuts up and says he is sorry, he was not considerate.

Shin heard from the door, it looks like this is the switch that changed him to the evil side. He sees his grandfather and tells him he will have something fun happen.

VO – I wanted to find Mom also, but Umma threw me away and made a robot….you did not know how I lived…..

Shin went to Czech and got hit by the car.

Cut to the present. Shin grabs the wrench and hits robot Shin across the face with it. SB yells. Robot shin is fine, but his metal is exposed. Umma comes in right at that moment and says, Shin.

NS3 turns around but Shin gets upset and grabs him, why are you looking at her! I am the real Shin!

Cut to Halabogi talking to YH about knowing that Oh Rora made a Shin robot. The foundation is his, SHin’s mother did not know about it. YH immediately apologizes and says that he is the one that brought the robot, Shin does not know about it. halabogi says that it is okay, you told me, I am always afraid of someone that is a head of me. If I can commercialize a robot that looks like a man, then I can do anything. But when I saw the robot – I had a strange idea.

What kind of idea.

Who is the best for my seat.

How can you say that? Shin is waking up. He is recovered, how can you compare the robot with him.

Have you ever thought that the robot is better than the human?

NS3 lays on the table as Umma fixes his face with goo and sergical equipment. he tells SB not to cry, he is fine. He looks at his mother momentarily and then looks away. SB runs out so she can cry outside. But they are angry tears and she turns to look wherever Shin might be.

In SHin’s room, YN talks to him quietly. He asks her if she is scared of him now. She tries to say she isn’t, she understands him. But she is cowers a bit around him and is hesitant.

Shin gets a call from YH, he tells him that he can’t stand that robot anymore. YH tells him that he can go to work from tomorrow on. YN asks Shin if YH wants him to go to work. Shin smiles.

NS3 is all fixed and goes otuside to see SB, she is happy to see that he is fine now. She tells NS3 that he can give the car to Shin and they can walk around. they happily start walking hand in hand. Umma sees them.

Umma then goes to see Shin. He asks her why she is looking at him like that. Is it because I broke your robot. She tells him that he can break him more if she like. I can do anything for you. he tells her not to pretend, he knows that she is doing it for the robot. Umma wants to know what she can do to be on his side. He tells her that she just showed up after 20 years, do you think I will run to you? You should endure it for 20 more years as I did for you. Ye-na!

Yena comes in and rolls Shin away. Umma is left crying in the room.
NS3 walks with SB and tells her that Human Nam Shin probably hates him for also being Nam Shin. Maybe a different name would be better. Sb tells him that he sshould not have to throw away his name. you were Nam Shin as soon as you were made and your are still Nam Shin. Are you going to change your face also?

She touches his injured cheek.

SB – Even though your face and name are the same, you are differrent. You shuold live with your name bravely.

NS3 agrees, he will like as Nam Shin bravely. SHe tells him that his name is different anyway. He is Dog Nam Shin and you are Nam Shin. They hold hands and walks away again.

SB walks somewhere by herself and runs into YH. He fills her in and tells her that the chairman knew everything this entire time. But it won’t affect us. YH has something that bothers him though. It looks like Halabogi will not let the robot go even if Shin goes back. We need your help. Can you stay with Shin when he goes back to work?

SB does not want to, she hates that guy.

But YH tlls her that they have the same goal He wants to protect Shin and she wants to protect NS3, so let’s help each other.

NS3 gets ready to go to work, but YH tells him that human Shin will go to work today. NS3 wonders if Shin will hate what he did in his seat while he was away. YH says that is Shin’s problem. He is happy with what NS3 did. NS3 is happy that what YH wanted got realized. YH smiles and tells him that he can go to SB’s gym today.

NS3 smiles and is about to leave, but he looks at the robot TaikwonV.

Elsewhere, halabogi is sitting in his room when the little boy HD walks up to him. he greets his grandfather. he came today without his mother telling him to. he thinks saying good morning to him is something he has to do even though it is scary.

But Halabgoi starts to flip out and thinks that HD is Shin. He grabs his arm and asks him how long he will continue to be weak! HD starts crying and says that he is not Shin, he runs away in tears and runs into NS3. NS3 asks what is wrong, did Halabogi scare you? HD tells NS3 what happened. (halabogi had snapped out of it by then)

NS3 says he has a present for him, go to hyung’s room this afternoon, whenever you are scared, it will protect you.

Then NS3 goes into Halabogi’s room. he asks him if he played like he had dementia. Halabogi tells him that he pretended like it was fake. NS3 grabs his hand and says he is lying, was it real dementia?

halabogi yells at NS3 and tells him to leave! It is nonsense! But SB just says that his blood pressure is too high, calm down. If you don’t want to get found out then you need to breath slowly.

NS3 pours him a glass of water and kindly presents it to him. Halabogi drinks it then NS3 takes it and puts it on the table. He tells him that he won’t tell anyone so don’t worry. But you have to promise me, even if you don’t want to accept it, you must go to the hospital.

halabogi agrees reluctantly and tells him to go away.
Shin asks what is up with her (SB). YH tells Shin that he will have to rotate with NS3 for now. You won’t be suspected if SB is around. Shin says she likes money so just give her money. he walks inside cockily. YH walks to SB and thanks her for showing up.

SB looks like she wants to slap a B, but then NS3 calls which completely brightens her mood. She tells him that she will be with him when Shin is back to 100 %. They hang up and NS3 goes to talk to SB’s Appa who is polising some gloves. he tells him he has no where to go today.

Shin goes to his office and looks at his name plate. SB is standing at the door. He asks her what she is looking at, leave. She takes a deep breath and says she will be back when he has a meeting.

As soon as she leaves, Shin starts looking for something in his bookshelf. He grabs book after book and flips through them. But YH comes in which makes Shin stop. YH asks him why the blinds are up, are you looking for something? Shin shrugs and says he ust wants to be alone.

YH gives him data for the meeting, he must memorize it all. Shin says okay, hyung, you can leave. YH leaves so Shin goes right back to looking in the books at his bookshelf.

NS3 puts on some sweat pants which makes the gym guys comment that he looks so luxurious. Appa is all like, he isn’t a human. But then he has to pull it back and says that NS3 is much taller than him. They comment that he is a 3rd generation chaebal. They are pretty confused as to why he is hanging out there. But they accept it and let NS3 clean around.

Later, the two fighters talk to Appa in the office and tell him that he shouldn’t make NS3 clean, it is so difficult to clean. Perhaps we should help him? But NS3 comes in and says that he is done cleaning. They all look at him like he is crazy, then run to the little window to look outside. The entire place is so clean that it shines.

They wonder if he called a cleaning service. NS3 tells them that he can do everything for them. He can cook and clean. But the fighters think coach will be arrested for human rights violations if they keep NS3 working like this. The three all argue about that and walk out.

NS3 gets a call from Doctor Lee to talk about the chairman.
Everyone is super relaxed as they go to the meeting. Shin looks like he is about to get pissed. Shin wants them to start the meeting. They start to talk about the meeting and talk about all the technical things that Shin does not understand. The team thanks him for everything that he did with it and ask him if he would like to eat with them again. They can’t eat at those places without his card.

But Shin just asks them who they think he is? his demeanor is very different. The team members ask him if he has a dual personality. Shin gets up angry, but then falters and holds his head. SB runs to his side to help him. But SHin just pulls his hand away and leaves.

Shin goes back to his office and starts looking for the book again. he is a little dizzy, but he manages to keep searching. he finally fins what he is looking for, which is a phone number. he calls the number but it is a wrong number. Shin quickly faints and has to balance himself on his desk. SB runs in to help him. He does not want her to help him but she sternly tells him that she is his bodyguard.

They argue about this for a bit as he sits in his sea. He tells her that seh needs something, but she should just do her job, your job is putting me in my seat.

SB helps him walk out. Shin walks slowly and gets to the garage, but runs into JG. He quickly pulls his hand away from SB to not look weak in front of him. JG tells him taht he is sweating, he must be the real one! he goads him about that.

But Shin and SB don’t pay him much attention and leave.

JG and David talk about Shin, he is emotional like his mother and will move as we expect from now on.

NS3 goes to meet the doctor who walks him to halabogi’s home. The doctor tells him that it is definitely dementia. halabogi is shocked, so he is resting.

NS3 goes inside. halabogi is sitting in his chair and tells NS3 that his karma is back since he played with other peoples lives. NS3 says he did not tell anyone. Halabogi knows that NS3 will not tell people what happened.

They ask how he knew that he knew that he had dementia, Halabogi says it was his hand. If you wink, it means that you detected a lie.

NS3 wants to know if his mother told him? Halabogi says that his mother does not know it. NS3 guesses that David did. So you knew that your grandson was in a coma. If human Nam Shin knew this then he would be sad.

Halabogi tells him to talk about himself not human Shin. Do you like it here? Your mother is here and SB is here. If you want it, then you can have it all.

NS3 says that he is a robot, robots do not have greed and do not take what belongs to someone else.

YH goes into Shin’s office and looks around. He remembers what Shin told him earlier about wanting to be alone and closing the blinds. Then he sees the business card on the floor. it is for a nursing hospital.

A huuuuuuuuge robot is in Shin’s room. HD is there with his mpther staring at it dumbfounded. he is so happy.

Shin and SB come in. HD runs to Shin and thanks him. But Shin pushes him back with one finger. It’s the real Shin. Shin says, I gave that to him? If you like it then take it and leave.

Umma and HD don’t understand him, if human’s change, then it means you are dying. Let’s go HD.

They leave. SB is upset at Shin. Shin asks SB if she wants him to be like NS3?
NS3 tells Grandfather that he has to leave. Human namshin should not know that I am here. halabogi tells him to keep it a secret. NS3 tells him he will keep the promise, that is his principle.

Halabogi says that is why he likes him. He is as close to perfect human ask possible. NS3 tells Halabogi not to like to Shin for much longer, it is not fair.

he leaves and runs right into Shin. They are about to argue, but Aunt comes out so Shin pushes NS3 behind a wall so aunt wont see him. Aunt confronts Shin for being an A-hole, but then seh leaves.

Shin and NS3 go to talk. Shin wants to know why he came from halabogi’s room. NS3 won’t tell him. Shin says he hates this house, but he hates NS3 coming there more. NS3 tells him not to mistreat HD. Shin lets him know that SB is there with him. Human’s should stay with human’s right?

NS3 is shocked. Shin asks NS3 if he shuold do more? Should he hold her hand and kiss her as well? NS3 is about to do something but SB shows up happily.

She pulls NS3 away and asks her why he is there. NS3 says it is a secrety with only him and halabogi. SB tells him that that is why she likes him. She tells NS3 that she is okay, she will just help Shin get used to his new environment, it will be better for NS3 that way as well. They talk about this happily and then SB asks him if he wants to go on a date tomorrow.

Meanwhile, YH is at the nursing home asking questions. He asks if Shin came. The old man he is talking to says that he did, that young man is such an A-hole.

back at the mansion, SB walks around the pool thinking about her all happy moments with NS3 while at the pool. She chuckles.

Shin walks up and asks her if she is thinking about him? SB is about to walk away but Shin continues, everyone is confused about which one is which, except you. Why? She says that she knows as soon as she sees him. Why do you hate him so much? He does not hate you. He thinks about you first, but you mistreat him and hurt his face.

Shin asks her what she would think if one day she had someone thta looked just like her that showed up and was next to her appa and everyone said that she was better than you. How would you feel?

Later on, Shin empties all the clothing in his closet and tells YH that he does not like any of the clothes that he wore. Is it petty? YH does not say anything and just starts to clean out the closet with him.

Shin asks him if he is pitying him? YH tells himt hat he did not consider how he might feel once he woke up. he is sorry about that. Shin asks why that book shelf is empty. YH says it was for battery storage. Shin wants to know if he had any weak point? He just wonders.

YH tells him that he knows that people think he does not think, but I know that you think too deeply. Please don’t try to take care of everything yourself. I will be here for you, you should rest, I can take care of everything.
Umma is in the hospital-like bed resting. perhaps she had a headached. David calls YH. YH tells him that he will tell SHin. he goes out and tells Shin that doctor Oh is very sick. you should go there after work.

Shin chuckles and walks away.

Sb and Shin go to work. Shin goes into the room for the meeting with his team, but tells SB to wait outside. The team looks strange that Sb is not there. Shin wonders if this will not work without SB? What about the safety test.

JY starts talking about the car.

In the hospital, NS3 is at his mothers bedside. David tells NS3 that he is the best, he called Shin, but he did not come. Umma says Shin in her sleep which makes David mutter, which Shin are you looking for?

David takes NS3 to the side. NS3 tells him that Grandfather knows and he knows that David told him. Why did you lie? David comes clean and says that they needed a lot of money to make him. NS3 tells him that he lied to him and his mother for money? From now on, don’t say appa to me. I dont’ need an appa that lies to us.

NS3 leaves, but the real Shin overhears this and mutters….Grandfather? he looks stunned.

Meanwhile, SB is outside somewhere. She is getting ready for her date with NS3 by putting on powder. NS3 walks up but walks right past her. She is all like, hey! he turns around and asks who she is, but then he tells her that it was joke. He smiles and takes her hand to walk togehter.

They get their fortune told. The fortune teller somehow knows that Shin is all metal because his fate is not a human fate. Thought she is confused about it. SB thinks she is really good.

They walk to another area of this outdoor park and see someone playing the piano outside. SB thinks that is so cool. NS3 looks jealous and quickly searches how to play the piano. Once that man is done, he gives SB her bags and then sits at the piano to play.

he starts playing a lovely delicate song. Their story plays in the background as a montage.

VO – From now on, I will protect SB first.

We go through all the scenes of NS3 and SB.

VO – you are my first friend, SB, thank you for being my friend.

The girls in the background all look at NS3 playing the piano with their cameras out and smiling. SB walks up to him in a jealous state as well and tells him that seh wants to go to a movie. She glares at the girls as they walk away.

They walk away and go to the movie theater. They eat popcorn and NS3 makes a joke about how the popcorn tastes greasy because she is with him. NS3 is all like…gross….and walks away embarrassed.

They go into the movie theater. SB tells him that this will be a sad movie. They start the movie. he feeds her her drink as she feeds herself her popcorn. But then she starts to get sad at the sad parts of the movie. NS3 watches her the entire time. She tells him that she is sad because the movie is sad. He says he knows that he does not have to hug her.

But he also says that her tears are falling. She wipes them. he tells her that he will bring her a napkin. he goes outside to get a napkin and asks someone where they are. he gets on at first, but then thinks maybe he should get more, so he grabs several and walks back to SB.
When he gets back, he happily wipes her tears away. The music stops.

SB – Thank you.

Movie – Why didnt you get married?…..I already got married….I heard it…..

SB looks at NS3 looking at the movie. It looks like he is tearing up! he starts to cry. SB looks shocked.

Shin – Ah, I am super sad….what? Do you not get confused with him and me anymore?

Cut to NS3 in a car, he is shut off. The camera scrolls to his wrist with is sans watch.

Fade Out

Grandpa – …You are the only one that can realize my dream
Shin – I am going to show to halabogi what is real and what is fake.
YH – Don’t hurt anyone. If you do it again then I will not see you anymore.
Sb – You tried to be like him, but you will never be like him.
NS3/Shin – how dare you….please switch to manual mode

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  1. Sharan
    July 24, 2018 / 10:13 am

    This is getting really interesting.. but not right Shin 😕 I feel bad for NS3..now that everyone knows there is a robot !! Only suspense left out is Shin dad .. good going .. thanks for recapping !!

  2. Shayri
    July 24, 2018 / 11:56 am

    I knew inga Nam Shin would play a dirty trick like that on SB. NS3 fighting!

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