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Are You Human, Too Kdrama Live Recap Episode 25 and 26

Kang Seo-joon in a hospital gown and bed
Super crazy busy week with non Kdrama related work. I didn’t get a chance to rewatch the trailer which makes me extra excited to find out what happens today. I have a feeling Grandfather might not love human Nam Shin at all and just wants someone/something to run his business aka Robot Nam Shin. Umma loves both, but her motives are in question. These poor boys really have no one to turn to but So-bong.

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Airs: July 23rd at 23:00 on KBS2
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For a few seconds, I hope you were not a robot.
What i I weren’t a robot
I will be your henchman again
Bye-bye So Bong
When I seperate from you – I am sad
When I am with you – I feel happy
You are a robot, I don’t know why my heart hurts
Don’t leave!
If I can cry for you…
I like you
I like you Kang So-bong, but I am a robot. I cannot feel love.

But why am I doing this?

NS3 runs up the street and opens the door to Shin’s room.

Why are you looking at Kang So-bong like that?

He pulls her away from Shin.

Shin – What are you?

NS3 – I am … I want to seperate you from that guy, is it jealousy?

VO – Why do I say something like this?

Cut to NS3 and Shin sitting across from each other and talking. Shin says he was just playing, why are you so serious. NS3 tells him not to play like that with Kang So Bong. Shin jokes that he won’t, but people will think that he was really serious. NS3 says he is leaving and walks away. But Shin comments that he wants him to do more favors for him.

Later on NS3 and SB ride away. SB tells him not to ask his mother those questions. Shin just wants to hurt his mother and NS3 so don’t do it anymore. Don’t see that person anymore. Just see him a few more times and don’t be involved with him anymore.
YN asks Shin why he did that with SoBong. Shin says he was just playing with her because she likes a robot. Umma comes in and asks if anything happened. YN looks at Shin and then tells Umma that nothing happened.

Umma asks Shin to walk together later after he gets better. She will take a break.

Shin looked pleased to see her, but his face turns to hidden rage once she leaves.

Umma sits down and thinks about what NS3 told her. He thanked her for making him, he will remember it.

JO tries to get appa to eat something, he is ust laying in bed. But appa is sad that his daughter is in this straight. He says he yelled at his daughter a lot through her competition life and bodyguard life, but it hurts his heart. he knows that the world made her like that. he knows he does not have money or power.

But how can she likea robot? It is the same as liking a wall. JO tells him that if he dies then no one will stop her so just eat. He tells her that he will not eat anything and just die. He pulls the covers over his head.

But the two trainees come in and says that hyung nim and noonim are there. Appa hops up, what?

Appa goes out to confront them both. NS3 tries to give him something but appa just hits it away and yells at his daughter. How can you marry something that is not human!

But David comes out from the back and says that he is his appa. David says that he is his son just like you are SB’s appa. The two appa’s start to square off. Appa puts his head into Davids chest and tells him to hit him.

JO has to straighten them all out and tells them that they need to talk with the mouth, not the body! Cut to them both sitting in an outdoor drinking cafe. Appa tells David that SOBong is so precious, when she was 5 she put her gloves on and threw a left hook

My Shin could pull out a metal pole from the ground with 2 figners right after I made him.

Fine fine! You take care of your kid and I will take care of mine.

JO tells them that if anyone knows about their kids then they will be like a monkey in a zoo. You two need to work together!

Appa asks if NS3 has a weak point where he can touch it and they will die, something like that? But then he thinks, no parent would make their kid like that. David is all like, of course not! I want to see him all of a sudden….let me make a phone call.

JO calls David Oppa and Appa, Appa. Appa is all like, why am I Appa and the smart person is Oppa?

David calls SB and tells her not to tell anyone about the kill switch. he will visit Dr. Oh right now and send his greetings. They hang up. SB goes out and talks to NS3, he will go to work as of tomorrow. NS3 is also on the phone and tells SB that YH asked him to do everything like normal. So he wants him to come to work.

SB does not like for him to stay in the house, but he should wrap his hand like Human Nam Shin if he is going to work. SB wraps his hand and asks NS3 if he was rally jealous. NS3 says his actions started first, he is not sure what jealousy is.

SB tells him humans are that way as well, your actions have your emotions.

The two trainees come in and say that they will sleep here with hyungnim tonight and protect SB. SB is all like, that sounds like the best! She runs over and hugs them both then says good night to NS3.

NS3 is super jealous again and stares at the trainees. They asks him why he is looking at them like he wants to kill with his gaze. he tells them that your actions have your emotions.
Shin is in his room awake. YN is sleeping with her head on his bed. Her appa calls so Shin picks up.

JG – Are you avoiding me? Are you with him? You knew he would wake up, are you avoiding me?

Shin – It is nice to talk to you JG.

JG goes to meet with Shin in his room. Shin asks him why he wants to kill him, is it because he knows something about him? You know why I left, you made me like this and sent a hit man. One more thing, we have a funny robot because of you.

I did not intend it. I didn’t not know why you left.

The guy following me is dead and was killed by a hit and run. I heard it from YN. She is like you so she is good at searching for information.

Did you ask YN to do those things?

I did not tell her, she did it. YN will die if I ask her to die. Didn’t you know that? (laughs) it is a joke. You don’t have a sense of humor.

You also don’t have a sense of humor. Do you think I will pressure my daughters life who betrayed me? If you are wondering, then you can try it.

Now you show yourself

You should think more about YN’s life because she is the only one thinking about you. Dr Oh’s other son is doing so well at work and at home.

Different son?

I just talked about waht was said, it seems like David and Dr. Oh are close to the robot. (okay, did we miss something? He knows about the robot?) You will have a hard time replacing the robot. Bye-bye.

Appa goes outside and sees YN sitting there. He asks her a question, do you really like him? She says she does not want to talk about it anymore. He asks what if he kills him, would you still like him?

You tried to kill him as well.

The day you were born until today, I will remove you from my brain. I do not have a daughter anymore.

JG leaves. She goes inside Shin’s room and asks him why he called her appa? Did you two talk about killing each other and stuff?

You don’t have to know. I don’t want to see you hurt.

I betrayed appa and came to you. Whatever happens is my business. I will take care of it so don’t like to me!

Shin hugs her and tells her he is sorry. You are the only one that I care about.

Umma walks in at that moment and asks what is going on. You called JG? Shin tells her that he wanted to ask him some questions. Umma wants to know what he is thinking, her son became like this to find her. He says he did not go there because he missed her or to see her. they did not see each other for 20 years so they dont’ need to see each other at all. I just wanted to check something. It is better not to know anything.

Umma drives away thinking about all of this.
JG meets with Halabogi. he tells him that he told him before, Shin knows about his father. Halabogi says he shouldnt’ JG asks how long he will do this. He just told me he knows about his father, (that is why JG tried to kill him).

JG chuckles and says that he thinks it is good. We went through that together, it is so nice. If Shin knows all of what happened, then I am okay. Anyway, I am just your puppet, I will not worry about it in advance. You will take care of your grandson, as you did to your own son. Goodbye, I have other things to take care of. You were focused on that project so I will just do a good job.

he bows and leaves. halabogi wonders what this almost dead guy is thinking. He calls someone.

Cut to YH’s phone going off. He answers and says that he will tell it (say it? Do it?). NS3 and SB walk up to him at that moment. NS3 calls him hyung and says that he did not get angry when he called him hyung. He won’t say it in the company.

YH tells him he can do it adn he will see him later. He leaves.

NS3 thinks something is wrong, why is he acting coldly? SB tells him that he is trying to seperate himself from him so don’t say those things to him.

Inside the AI team room, the team is amazed that Shin/NS3 sent them data. They wonder if he is really a robot. But the other ones think that JG was just trying to cause trouble, he probably wanted to get his revenge since the wedding was cancelled.

JY thinks it wasn’t a toy though. They look at the video of what happened. CJ thinks it is just a hollywood thing, it would be impossible in real life.

NS3 comes in and asks what is impossible. They all look at him.

Cut to CI getting up and giving a presentation about the AI car. he starts with the phrase Man Can Do All. then they start to talk about what robots can do and what humans can do.

Shin turns off the power and tells them that it is lunchtime. if they don’t go home after work then he will turn off the power again. JY looks at him like this is not the normal Shin he knows.

The team all leaves for lunch and runs into Umma on the way out. Umma decides to buy the lunch for them. Cut to them all sitting to eat. They talk about how NS is doing one meal a day so he will join them later. They start to eat but Umma has a headache.

Shin shows up with headache medicine at that moment. All the team members think that he is so different now. Don’t go back to the way you were before. NS3 says that it can happen because people change. But if he changes and makes them confused, just follow Dr. Oh’s order. She will do the best for her son. he tells them that he has an appointment with the chairman, so enjoy.

He leaves. Umma lovingly holds the medicine.

NS3 walks into the meeting with his grandfather. Grandfather is already in one of the rooms with YH. Grandfather thinks Shin is ready to take over the company and asks YH when he can do it. But YH is not answering. Grandfather asks him why he is not answering, does he not think it is a good idea? YH says it is not like that.

NS3 comes in and says that he ate with teammembers. Grandfather tells him that he asked YH when he should give the company to him, byt YH is not answering, did you not give him enough trust. YH says that he thinks he is readier than before, you can give it to him as soon as possible.

halabogi says that is what he thinks also. halabogi leaves and remembers that the watch on Shin’s wrist was different. He keeps leaving.

Inside, Shin drinks some. He says that he is sad that YH does not recogize him. YH notices that the watch is missing. He asks, are you Shin? Shin says he is the real Shin, not the fake Shin that he has a hard time noticing.


Shin tells YH that he is not the fake Shin that confuses YH, he is the real Shin. Halabogi comes back inside and tells Shin that he does not want to eat, but he likes to drink. he has not seen him drinking in awhile, does it taste good?

Shin says it is, it is a better drink that Halabogi likes to drink. Then Halabogi asks YH to step aside, he has a lot of things he wants to talk to Shin about. YH is hesitant to leave, but Shin tells him to leave.

YH goes outside.

Shin holds out his cup for halabogi and drinks it. Halabogi tells him to drink as much as he can handle. Shin asks if his father also drank well, is he like his fahter? GH menitons that he never talks about his father. Shin wants to know what kind of son he was to Grandfather. Shin asks if he is sad.

The grandfather says that the father that sends their son first do not deserve to be sad. Shin says that he has become his age now, so he wonders what his father lived for. halabogi asks Shin what he really wants. Shin says he wants to have his company. Halabogi asks him what he will do with it?

Shin says he will shred it and sell it. But then he says it is a joke. Can he have one more drink? He feels alive after almost dying. Can I have one more drink? At least three cups. He looks at his grandfather and drinks.

Later on, Grandfather leaves. YH and Shin send him off and then go somewhere to talk.
YH asks Shin what he is doing. Shin says he just wondered what they talked about behind his back. But how dare you talk about if I should take my seat or not? YH tells him that it is his anyway, so it is good to have time to adjust and take it early. Shin wants to know who told him that he wants it.

YH tells him not to say that. you know that everyone went crazy because of you. Shin says of course they went crazy, they tried to replace himwith a robot. Do you think I should be thankful to you? When did I want to take grandfathers position? Don’t you want it? You will enjoy it more.


they sit quietly for a moment.

Why are you doing this? I did everything to protect you and you came here. Do you really want to hear that you are worse than a robot? Get real.

Worse than a robot?

Sorry, I went too far. You are not in good health.

Shin is enraged and gets up to leave. He tells YH not to follow him.

Elsewhere, YN and NS3 are in the car. YN says that he looks just like Oppa after changing his clothing. I called you out all of a sudden, so thank you for coming. Oppa and you should not be out together at the same time.

YN gets a call from Shin and asks where he is. He says that he is almost there, but he is panting and has to rest on a tree. However, he sees SB and says that he has something fun to do, wait a little bit more.

he walks off and follows SB. SB walks to a cafe for a coffee and sits outside on the balcony. Shin is about to go inside, but then NS3 shows up. They are standing about 50 feet from each other.

Shin calls NS3 and asks why he came out. Shin says he saw that his and SB’s GPS was close to each other. he granted it to him because he wanted to see his halabogi. I thought you missed him so that is why I did it for you. But SB is different. You and SB have no relationship, she is only for me. Don’t show up like this anymore.

NS3 hangs up and then looks at Sb on the balcony. He calls her name.

Shin looks annoyed and turns to leave, but runs right into YN. She asks him what he is doing there.
SB gets filled in on what happened. SB3 was trapped in the car while Shin ran around. So he asked you to do that all of a sudden and made you sit in the car? NS3 says he can be angry, seh deserves that. SHe says she is not going to be angry at him, being emotional to him is not good since he has no emotions. To understand him, she has to understand everything logically and rationally…..BUT I CANT. I am an emotional person. I am angry! DOn’tsmile! I hate it when he mistreats you. You did nothing wrong. Weren’t you uncomfortable in the car? I want to be with you so I can snap back at her.

You are pretty SB. If I were human, then I should say that.

If you were human…then where do you think I am the most pretty?

But then Shin calls her and asks her what she is doing now. His fiance does not like it that she is with his face. Do you have manual mode where you can control him? H ehangs up and talks to YN. YN stil thinks SHin is giving SB too much attention. If you do it one more time then I won’t tolerate it anymore. SHe pushes him away.

NS3 asks SB why she looks so serious now. SB says it was YN, she thanks him for meeting grandfather. NS3 says she told him that already. SB says she must have wanted to say it again. Let’s go and you can tell me why I am so pretty. NS3 smiles and says, okay. they walk off.
YH drinks at the pool at the mansion and thinks back to what Shin told him about being crazy for replacing him with the robot. When did I want to take over grandfathers position. Maybe you want that?

YH broods over that. But when he turns to his right he sees a very happy NS3 smiling at him. he asks when he got there. NS3 says 3 mintues before. He wonders how much he should listen to human NS, if he asks me to do bad things, should I do it? It could be bad for me, but good for human Shin.

YH says that right and wrong is not that complicated. Humans make it complicated for their won good. If things are bad for you then they are also bad for Shin. NS3 thanks YH for trusting his judgement. Then he asks if he can see him later.

Cut to NS3 going inside to his room. he sees his little cousin sleeping in his room by his bookshelf. He tells him that he is a robot, do you still like me? HD wakes up and whispers…hyung.

HY looks for her son and sees NS3 holding him as he sleeps. She mutters that he went to his room again? Just put him down over there.

NS3 does that. HY thanks him and says that she will make sure he does not go to his room. But NS3 says it is fine, he can play in there at anytime. But HY tells him that he should hate her son because he is a threat to his things. But NS3 says that has nothing to do with him playing in his room. Kids should just play. You can also play with him in my room.

NS3 starts to walk away, but halabogi shows up and asks to talk to him.

halabogi remembers his grandson telling him that he wants to shred his company piece by piece. he asks NS3 what he lives for. What do you really want? NS3 says he wants nothing. halabogi says that is how it should be. From the begining you didn’t want anything.

NS3 says that when you want something, it means that you don’t have the power to get it. But I have everything, knowledge, physique, information. If I don’t need it then I don’t get it. I am telling you the truth.

I am also telling you the truth. I can’t say anything when someone like you becomes so cocky (he deserves to be cocky). Don’t you want to live as my grandson? It may sound strange to you, but you are already my grandson in every aspect…..you can leave.

NS3 bows and walks out.

Grandfather thinks, I don’t need it….I am not using it….hahaha.
SB is at home thinking about what human Shin told her. He told her to put Shin in manual mode or just quit with no conditions. She gets ready and goes outside to the gym training area.

her father is sleeping in the ring, so she covers him with a blanket. But he wakes up and calls her a bad daughter. She says she is an ungrateful daughter, but she will not break up with him. Appa wonders why she is like him, she should be different from him, that is not good. You are saying stupid things and not listening. Can you just live like that?

I tried hard not to like him. But it was not succesful.

Okay….you should be like that. If my daughter was like a fox then you would already be turned around. it is all my fault. I did not make you like a fox. You are more stubborn like a bear.

Appa, stop, everyone wants me to break up with him and threaten me to quit being his body guard. Can you not be like that to me as well? I want to be next to him appa! I want to be next to him until the end.

SB sobs so her father whips her tears and tells her to stop crying. He says he is not stopping her. But – dont’ do stupid things to get hurt. If you get hurt then I am going to break him. She keeps crying and he holds her.

Grandfather is outside looking at the sky. He comments that the sunshine is great, he hopes it is like this when he dies. he waxes poetic about his body degrading, but he worries about the company.

YH tells him that he has Shin. Granddfather asks him if he trusts him, the before Shin or the After Shin? I trust you more than the other Shin. When I think about it rationally without thinking about the bloodline. You are the only one that will not break my company. Are you sorry to Shin or are you made that I treat you like JG? Think about it without all the emotions. The best person for my position – is you.

YH, yes it is me. I am confident and I want it. But I do not want to fullfill my greed.

Can I ask you why?

i do not want to live like you. To fullfill your greed, you ditched your own son and grandson. Are you happy to live like that? The chairman I saw is unhappy. i do not want to live like that. I dont’ want to hurt Shin. You are worried about poeple being ahead of you. I will take care of Shin and you.

Grandfather calls him a stupid boy. YH agrees, I am a stupid boy.

Grandfather asks what kind of thing he is to you.

YH – What are you talking about?

Grandfather – The robot that looks like Shin.

SB leaves the gym and runs into her appa outside. Appa ties her shoes that have come undone and calls her a silly girl. She thanks him and says that she will meet the guy that wants her to quit her job. i will be back! She smiles. he looks at her and says he daughter is rpetty.

NS3 comes and says that he is there to see Shin. he goes into Shins room. Shin tells him that htis place should be like a womb for him. They start to talk about SB.

They argue about Sb and that NS3 forgot that he is replacing him, he should do what he tells him.

SB shows up otuside the room and talks to YN.

NS3 says that Shin has to ask him to do something, he should not order and he should not threaten.

Shin says that he likes threatening more than asking. What is the most precious thing to you? SB?

DOn’t touch her, ever.

You are threatening me!

He throws soemthing at him and breaks something behind NS3

SB comes in and yells at SHin, what are you doing!

Shin – he is so calm, it make me angry!

Sb yells at Shin.

NS3 – stay behind me

Shin – You really think you are a human? I will show you what you are.

Shin stands and grabs a crowbar hammer? Wrench? he hits NS3 hard across the face with it.

NS3 just takes that hit and looks back at Shin. His metal is exposed below his skin on his face. he turns and looks at SB.


Fade Out?

Okay, I think that was the end, although it was a strange ending because it cut straight to a commercial break instead of ending with the usual screen freeze and then fade into scene from todays episode.

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  1. oppafangirl
    July 23, 2018 / 8:43 am

    Hey, V, are you recapping Life after watching Robo Shin? It starts today.
    Do you know where to watch Life?

    • V
      July 23, 2018 / 10:45 am

      We want to! Not sure if we will have enough time to squeeze it in. But it is definitely on our list.

      • oppafangirl
        July 23, 2018 / 11:33 am

        Great ! Thank you for your efforts!! *hugs*

  2. Kateri
    July 23, 2018 / 9:54 am

    These past episodes feel like we are getting more into the dirty secrets of the family and who (seems to be) hiding evil actions or plans and who knows who’s secrets.
    I honestly have no idea how they are going to wrap this up. I keep thinking ..how can youintroduce a character that we all fall in love with (as well as how freakin cute he and SB are) and then just discard him, so how NS3 ends up makes me curious. also there is such vulnerability and truth caring ..in SB’s and NS3’s relationship, He is starting to feel , so one wonders what he is really made of. (more than just a robot?)
    .I also wonder is Shin is as bad as he portrays himself to be or if there is more to the story. Everyone seems to have an agenda. Shin knows his father was killed (but by who, grandfather or YN’s father?) his mom deserted him, his grandfather killed his dad?? And could get rid of him , so where is his safe place. I honestly can say I am totally enjoying this drama, it’s so different. My hope is that somehow NS3 gets to survive and perhaps be put into a human body..? can we expect a happy ending? I held out for that in Korean Odyssey (HAHA!) so now I’m just watching to enjoy. Although in Secretary Kim I’m very sure we will see one there:)❤️ But all in all everyone’s acting is spot on and I thank YOU SO MUCH for your updates.. 😍GREAT JOB…you must type sooo fast! “fighting”

    • Anonymous
      July 23, 2018 / 4:01 pm

      Sobong changed after 3 eps right? And we came to like her after that.. So there is still hipe for human shin..cross fingers

    • V
      July 23, 2018 / 4:30 pm

      I hadn’t even thought about him being put into a human body!!!!! Perhaps that could happen in this world. Now I have my hopes way way up.

      I am very surprised at how far I have come with SoBong. I went from really not liking her to loving her. I’m happy that robot Shin has her in his corner.

  3. Sharan
    July 23, 2018 / 10:03 am

    Duhhh!! What kinda closing is this 😕😕😕 why shin needs to hurt NS3.. and what he is trying to do .. am unable to anticipate how the upcoming episodes will be .. hope this drama ends in a good way .. fingers crossed ..

    • V
      July 23, 2018 / 4:32 pm

      Human Shin is really a very damaged person. I hope he can learn to love and trust again. Hopefully robot Shin can add that to his ToDo list and help him out with that somehow.

  4. Shayri
    July 23, 2018 / 11:39 am

    Yay! Thank you for picking up still 17 😁

    • V
      July 23, 2018 / 4:35 pm

      Really loooooooved the first episode. Trying to keep my expectations for the second episode in check. 🙂

  5. dengdeng
    July 24, 2018 / 4:09 am

    thank you so much for the update and recapping still 17… mwahh…

    • V
      July 24, 2018 / 7:08 am

      You’re welcome dengdeng

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