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Are You Human, Too Kdrama Live Recap Episode 23 and 24

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Y’all! What a trip the ending of the last episode was! News on twitter has me thinking that maybe it was human Shin, y’all! I am so excited to find out.

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Airs: July 17th at 23:00 on KBS2
How To Watch: Dramafever

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Shin wakes up, he is in bed and his eyes open. He hears someone crying at his bedside and touches their head. Then he tells her to be quiet. He says Hi Ye-Na.

YN – Oppa and my secret started like that. Oppa is already awake. They don’t even know. They didn’t expect him to wake up this early.

We see Shin awake and looking at his mother. But he pretends to sleep when she looks at him.

YN – Oppa is waiting for me because he does not trust anyone.

David leaves so Shin tells it is time, turn on the cell phone. YN turns on the cell phone and wonders if she does this, can she have him? Her appa shows up at the apartment and she tells him that the same looking robot is at the company.

YN – I am not sorry at all.

David goes to the company and is about to tell NS3 something, but does not. Then YN calls him and tells him there is big trouble, appa is coming so we have to move oppa.

Robot Shin runs back right away to help out.

YN – I only have oppa.

Then we cut to Shin getting out of his car and being helped into the building by YN. We also cut right to when he cuts his hand on the broken cup after he broke it. He gets up and asks them if this is the first time they have seen a human bleed. Then he asks SB if she likes him? How dare she?

She runs out thinking about the kill switch. YN tells them that they have to delay the meeting, he will see them all later. He tries to walk out like a Boss, but he passes out in the room. Everyone runs to his side.

SB runs out frantic and calls NS3, she is scared and asks where he is. He says he is at his mothers home, but Shin is not there. SB yells for him to get out of there right now! Go to where we ride our bikes. I miss you so come quickly. He tells her that he will be there.
David meets with Halabogi and tells him that Dr. Oh is not giving up the kill switch. But Halabogi is more concerned with where the robot is and why did that guy come here? Do you know what is going on? The real Shin came to his seat!

This is news to David so he calls Oh Rora or someone, but they are not picking up.

Meanwhile, SB arrived at their spot and looks around desperately for NS3. He is there and calls her name, so she runs to him an tells him that she thought something went wrong with him. He tells her that he was waiting for her, he did not turn on his GPS and he did not call her. He was just waiting.

She hugs him, he wonders what is wrong but she just tells him not to go anywhere.

At home, the mother yells at YN, why didn’t she tell her that Shinis awake? It does not make sense that only you know! Do you want to kill him? He just woke up, what if he is permanently damaged?

The doctor says just because he woke up a little bit does not mean that he is fully awake, he could wake up and go back to a coma again. Be more careful. She says she did it because she wants Oppa to go back to his position. Umma tells her that she is just letting her stay there because of where she is at right now. Doctor says they might have to hospitalize him again if it happens again.

YH comes in and tells them to stop arguing, at least Shin woke up.

At the bicycle spot, Shin asks how the real Shin is, is he like me? SB thinks about human Shin and says that is not like him at all. He wants to go to his house but SB yells that he can’t go there, but then she lightens her voice and says it is not good for them both to be together in the same place.

YH calls her right then and apologizes then asks if she is with NS3. SB tells him that she is not sure what they will do with him. YH tells her that he understands her concerns. The umma tries to speak to her but then David picks up the phone and says that he will take care of it. A little bit later, he asks Umma where the kill switch is.

She says that she will be a bad Umma. But David says it is not for him it is for her. Who has she spent more time with? Don’t you think you will think about NS3 after looking at your real son? You don’t know yourself that much?

NS3 looks at his computer screen eyes and then looks at the real SB. He puts it on the TV screen and tells her that this is what he has saved in his brain. It looks like it was of her crying. He asks her why she is crying. Is it because you were happy that your friend came back?

She says NS3 is her friend more. She likes him. I like you more than a human man. If you don’t trust it….then she gives her hand to him for a lie detector. He takes her hand which shows that she is not lying. He asks her if this is like love? Is it a reaction like dopamine?

She tells him that she does not know it, but she just wants to see him. The heart is weird like that. He hugs her so she asks what he is doing. He says he wants to see if he can feel her. She hugs him back and asks if he can feel it? He says no, sorry. She smiles and says that she is not expecting anything from him. Then she puts her necklace around him.

NS3 – You said your mother gave this to you?

SB – This is my heart I am giving to you. So give it to anyone you want to give your heart. It is a real adult to give something like this to someone (?).

David shows up happily and tells his son that he looks handsome in his hospital gown, then he asks SB for a date.
They go outside. David says that Oh Rora will not operate the kill switch now because of human Shins condition. SB tells David that Dr. Oh does not even care about NS3. But he says that she does care. SB wonders, what if we run far away? David says they can control him remotely so it won’t work.

SB wonders if there is another way? David says that they can just turn him off if they don’t want the kill switch to work. SB knows what she wants to do. To get life, they can put another life in.

Meanwhile, human Shin blinks his eyes awake and sees YN. YN is concerned. He turns his head and sees his mother, she tells him that it is umma. YH tells YN that they should go out.

Shin thinks back to one of the last time he saw his mother and was ripped from her arms. Umma tries to touch him, but he turns his head and saus that he is tired. Umma asks him, are you not familiar with me? He says of course. I am asking you because I am curious, did you really think that thing was your real son?

She says she made it because she missed him and brought him there to help him. He tells her it’s fine, can you bring YH? She whipers that they can slowly get to know each other. Shin just closes his eyes.

YH walks into the room slowly and greets Shin. They are comfortable with each other. He asks him if he is okay? Why didn’t you tell me that you were awake? Shin thinks, why did I do that? He wants to figure out what kind of fun things they did while he was not there. But he wants to see the thing he wants to see the face that looks like him. YH says the does not have to see him, they will send him away when he is all cured.

Shin thinks it is not about him, maybe you will feel strange. YH kind of chuckles uncomfortably.

Later on, Umma thinks about what David said about not thinking of NS3 as her own son? Will not think about him as you look at your own son?

Meanwhile, YH goes to the hospital where NS3 is supposed to be at, but he is not there. YH calls Umma. Umma is very concerned about where he is, but then SB comes into her room. She asks her where NS3 is.

Cut to SB telling NS3 to trust her. they are both in plain clothing and are somewhere. Maybe a garage? She tells him, don’t ask her anything, just do what I ask you to do. She takes his hand and tells him that she is sorry to do something like this to him. Then she takes off his battery and gives him a hug. he has a little reserve battery so he lets her hug him, but then he turns off and his head falls.

then SB brings all the robot watches to Umma. She took them all off and hid him somewehre where they cannot find him. Umma says this is an insult to NS3 to do this to him. But SB says that pressing the kill switch is worse. She did this for her, why is she so angry? You are going to press it anyway. Without the watch, pressing the kill switch wont work.

Are you threatening me?

i am making a deal with you. Give me the kill switch right now.
YN goes to Shin’s bedside and tells him that they are seriously talking about something serious, maybe about the robot. Shin kind of smiles.

In the room, Umma says that she understands that SB cares about NS3, that is why she is doing this. But you will never win, just put the watch on him. SB tells her to press the button, then you will be a killer because you will kill me too. I will be next to him, if he blows up or something then I will be right there as well.

You are stupidly brave.

SB – He promised me to protect me anywhere. I also prmised to him that I am not strong or smart, but I will protect him. He kept all his promises so I need to keep mine. That is manners, as a man or a robot. This was my last way. But…it doens’t work.

She goes to pickup the watches.

Umma – Can you promise that you will protect him? It won’t be easy.

SB stands.

SB – i know, I am afraid of it also.

Umma gives her the kill switch and all the batteries possibly. But then YN comes in and tells them that Oppa wants to see SB. Umma tells her not to tell him what happened.

She goes into the room, Shin says she is the bodyguard that he hit at the airport. Bring the robot to me. I asked YH, but he will not answer, so it is quicker to ask SB. Umma asks why he is asking her?

Shin – Did you guys talk? Do you have any secrets from me?

Umma tells SB that it might be better to bring him here. SB reluctantly gets her phone out and calls David. David is whith NS3 and says that he will bring him right away. He hops in the car where NS3 is in the front seat and tells him that he will make him move again soon. They take off.

Int he room, Shin sees NS3 walking to the building fromt he window, he looks at him walking in very closely. Then NS3 gets into the room and walks in front of Shin, they both look at each other closely. Human Shin is stone faced, robot Shin has his pleasant smile on.

NS3 smiles at Shin, Shin just looks at him up and down. He tells him to turn around. So NS3 does, then he tells him to smile. So NS3 does. Then he says, pretend to be like me, so NS3 does it.

Shin chuckles and says he does not like to look up, so sit down. NS3 goes to sit. then he tells him to speak, you can speak? NS3 talks and greets him, he says he has a lot about him in his memory so it is nice to see him. Shin says that is not fair, he does not know anything about him. Shin tells him to prove that he is a robot. NS3 says that the touch is a little different, do you want to touch?

Shin hits his hand and says not. So NS3 looks at him for a moment and and tells him that he can show him on the computer. He shows him his old selves and then he shows him his mother and how she smiled looking at him. But Shin can’t see his mother smiling like that and tells him to turn it off. he looks very affected.

NS3 tells Shin that he can tell him anything because he is there to help him. This interests Shin so he looks at him and asks if he will help him in the future as well? NS3 says yes, so tell me what you want? Shin tells him that he will think about it.

NS3 goes outside and is checked over by SB. She flips him around to look at him. NS3 tells her that he is okay, he just wanted to see me. SB asks about his mother, NS3 says that he did not see her this time, maybe she does not want to see me.

SB tells him that it might not be like that, let’s go to the hospital. But NS3 tells her that he wants to go to her place and see how she lives. SB tells him that JO knows about him, NS3 thinks that is okay, maybe he can introduce himself to her!

WE HAVE TO LEAVE A BIT EARLY TODAY AND GO TO A MEETING! We will be back to finish recapping in about 30 mintues!
They smile and leave together.

David get to the huge brain for NS3 and brings the kill switch. Halabogi comments that this is the scary thing? David says he has to figure out how to disasemble it. Halabogi wonders if he does not find out how to dissasemble it? David says he will give it to the chairman. He does not want him to have NS3 go away either. For David it is love, but for the chairman it is greediness.

Everyone is shocked that NS3 is staying at their place. SB tells them that he will stay there for a few days. Appa is shocked and also surprised that NS3 is wearing his daughters necklace. NS3 says he wants to know more about SB.

JO asks to talk to NS3 alone and walks over tot he side like a detective. They go somewhere. JO does not want to look at him to make him uncomfortable, but he says that he knows she knows about him, JO then looks at him with all her curiosity and says that seh has so many questions. For one, she wants him to take off his clothing, she wants to see .

She explains why (something to do with emotions) so he is all like, okay. He starts to talk off his pants but JO yells, not there! And turns her head. Then she asks him if he really has no emotions? NS3 says he understands them but he does not have them. She wants to touch his skin and body and asks him if it is okay. NS3 is cool with it so he lets her touch as much as she wants. She really goes to town touching all around him and especially loves his chest.

Appa comes in at that time and asks what she is doing! Are you a pervert! Why are you touching my daughters boyfriends chest!

JO tries to tell him it isn’t like that. But Appa just yells at them both and asks NS3 how he can let a woman do this to him! How can you take care of a company! You can’t even take care of yoru body! JO tells NS to leave so she can make Appa understand.

NS3 leaves so JO tries to explain that NS3 is not a human. But appa just says, YOU ARE NOT A HUMAN. You are just a pervert! But JO tries to explain that NS3 is a robot, he is a robot, robot, robot. Appa looks like he might understand. JO starts singing a robot song but Appa just smacks her upside her head and tells her that she makes up nonsense excuses. Now I know why you are a 3rd rate reporter, tomorrow you can leave my house. JO is all like, nooooooo.

Outside in the gym, SB tells NS3 that he will have to pretend to sleep even though he does not sleep. He says he understands and asks hr to sit next to him. He wonders if she is tired, her eyes are twitching. SB says she was nervous today.

NS3 thinks that human Shin is not happy that he woke up. His mouth smiles but his eyes don’t smile and when he talks bout his mother, he looks cold. SB tells NS3 that it is good that he will have a lot of time to think, but she will just think about herself. She is not that reliable to take care of someone, when things get hard, I just run away. He asks her who she has to take care of.

She might be about to respond, but she just falls asleep right away on his shoulder. He looks at her and takes a close look at her nose and mouth and says he will look after it very carefully. She might wake up (or maybe she wasn’t sleeping) and looks at him with bright eyes. He holds her hands and tells her that her temperature and heart rate increased suddenly and she is flushed.

SB tells him that she will go inside now. She leavs a bit stunned but turns back and smiles at him.
SHin is in bed and YH is standing next to it with YN. But YN says she will grab some water for him. YH asks if he woke up because of him? Shin says he wants to stay awake but he is not sure if he is awake or asleep. YH asks him why he is talking about all those unlucky things.

Shin tells him that he saw NS3, he saw him right before the accident too, he is just like me. everyone will be tricked. YH says she made it based on him. Shin asks YH if he was ever confused, you know me the best. YH laughs and turns his head away, he says of course not. Then he leaves.

Shin remembers what YH said, being pushed over by humans, Shin and the robot are the same. But Shin thinks he is just a robot, then he chuckles.

NS3 pretends to sleep when Appa comes up to give him some more covers. Appa thinks NS3 lives a precious life, how much does he love his daughter to just sleep there in the gym? He mutters that it is cold and puts another blanket on him, then he sees his watch.

Big trouble! One of the MMA guys says that Shin is not breathing! Noona come over here! He is not breathing!

SB comes out and sees that his watch is gone. She asks who took his watch. Appa is doing CPR and asks why she cares about the watch! JO gives her the watch.

SB tells them all to leave, he will wake up soon. JO yells at them to get out too, but she says that appa should be there. the two MMA guys leave. JO grabs appa’s arm and tells him not to be surprised. Appa wonders why he is doing that.

SB puts the watch back on NS3, he sits up right away likea vampire and says, hello, I am Nam Shin 3. Then he looks around at the others and wonders what they are doing there. Appa passes out.

A little while later, JO and SB sit next to appa as he is about to wake up. Appa slowly wakes up but then starts hitting his daughter on the arm immediately. JO tells SB to run out and get some medicine. Then she tells JO that she told him last night!

Appa remembers what NS3 told him about having a lot of secrets that he could not tell him.

Outside, NS3 apologizes for scaring her appa. But SB tells him not to say sorry anymore. Whenever he feels sorry, he can just do what she wants. He asks what she wants to do now? She tells him that she just wants to walk around and hold hands. Then she says they can go get the medicine todather.

They walk off to get the heart medicine. SB goes inside to get it and NS3 looks at some girls outside. He looks at them up and down. SB is all like, I went inside and you came out and are looking at girls? He says he is just doing what she told him to do. You said I shouldn’t pass something pretty and not look at it.

SB gets jealous and tells him not to do that. SB thinks that he is jealous right, is this jealousy. He thinks he needs to show her that he cares about her more so he takes her hand and then hugs her and then kisses her forehead. She calls him crazy and walks away. But then he gets a phone call from human Shin.
Shin talks to NS3 and asks him, you said you would help me right?

SB is still walking ahead and does not know that NS3 got a phone call. She turns around and wonders why he is not following her.

She gets a text.

NS3: I am going to help human Nam Shin, I will be back.

Oh Rora is sitting in a cafe waiting anxiously. NS3 walks in. He sits and tells her that he left without seeing her face. Umma asks why he wants to see her. She has to go back for Shin. NS3 says, when human Nam Shin is all recovered, can I stay here?

She says no we are done talking about that. Lets stop talking if you want to talk about that.

Shin tells NS3 to ask her if Shin is the most important person and if he is nothing.

NS3 – Is only human Nam Shin important to you, am I nothing?

Shin – She will hesitate.

YN walks in and asks Shin who he is talking to. Shin looks at her and says he is talking to someone that he is curious about, he wonders how honest they are.

Umma – Stop doing this, I am regretting that I made you. Do you want me to tell you the truth. After watching you, I always thought about my Shin, I am not going with you, so don’t come back. if you come back then that is the day I will die.

Shin remembers saying the exact same thing to her when he was little. But he also remembers telling his Grandfather that he did everything he wanted, so don’t do anything to my mother.

Shin puts the phone down.

Shin – So she really cares about…..the robot.

NS3 gives Umma a glass of water.

Umma – Do you understand me now? Go to SB if you want to nag about things.

NS3 – I understand that you are lying.

Umma – You still…

NS3 – I heard your voice and I saw you for 20 years. But you weren’t a real mom. You are fake, you faked your voice and expression.

Umma – You….

NS3 – I understand that a blood line for a human is important. Of course a human Shin is more important to you. So don’t feel guilty to me. Thank you so much Umma, you made me and looked after me, I will remember that.

He stands up and bows to his Umma.

Umma – Shin….

he turns back around.

Umma – …you are a lot smarter and better than me, the person who made you. Please protect SB, not me. Umma was thankful to you.

She smiles at him and tears up. Shin smiles back to her.

NS3 goes outside determined and looks back at his umma sitting inside. She is sad as she sits there. He looks like he is thinking about this a lot. He gets out his phone and calls SB. But she is not picking up.
SB is actually meeting human Nam Shin. She is glaring at him as he sits in a chair. YN is there as well.

Shin – Sit down or kneel down, do one or the other, i do not want to look up at you.

SB – Where is he? What did you have him do?

Shin – Yena, go to the other room.

She goes.

Shin – Can’t you make a conversation. You like him, you told me.

SB – Yes, but it has nothing to do with you that I like him.

Shin – I didn’t hit you enough? You were his bodyguard and you started to like him, so why don’t you protect me also? Why? Do you hate me because I am a human?

SB – No, I hate you because you aren’t like a human.

Shin gets upset as if he was disrespected and walks up to her. He grabs her arm forcefully. But NS3 walks in right at that moment and sees him grabbing her. His face grows serious and he walks over and pulls SBs arm so that he can pull her away from Shin.

Shin is shocked and wants to know what he is doing.

NS3 tells SB that he wants to remove SB from him – is that jealously?

Fade Out

NS – Whatever I do, whoever I meet, what do you care?
NS3 – Kang So-bong is different she is only for me. (she is my person)
NS – Are you insane? Hyung, how dare you decide if I take my position back or not? Maybe you want it?
Halabogi – If you think logically, who deserves my seat better?
Halabogi – It’s you, it’s you right?
NS – You tried to kill me?
(might have missed the end of the preview)

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