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The anatomy of a poster for My Sassy Girl

I posted about this over on Dramabeans, but I wanted to get more into detail on the poster so here it is! To recap, My Sassy Girl, starring Joo Won and Oh Yeon-Seo is a rom-com remake of the titular movie that shot Jeon Ji-Hyun to stardom. In this version the story is set in the Joseon Dynasty and will have some royal drama thrown in (the original one was set in contemporary Korea and didn’t have much drama outside the couple, but in order to extend a movie to ~16 episode, I can see why the writers are adding some extra stuff in).

Joo Won plays Gyun-Woo, the most eligible nobleman in the Joseon Dynasty and Oh Yeon-Seo plays sassy Princess Hye-Myung who keeps everyone on their toes in the palace. Now lets get to the poster! One important thing to note on this poster is the writing in the box on the far left side which is a fun play-on-words between three languages!

  1. Chinese: On the far left, the Chinese characters in circles are pronounced Sum Nam Sum Nyeo, which literally means blinking man, blinking woman. It is translated to mean that a person is so beautiful it makes you blink in surprise.
  2. English: The Korean spelling right next to the Chinese characters is written as섬남섬녀, which can be seen as contemporary Korean (Korean-English or Konglish) for some-nam some-nyeo, which basically means: some man, some woman. Koreans often use this term to describe a person they are seeing, but not dating yet. For instance, if you see one of your friends with a guy, you might later ask her, “Who was that guy you were with?” she would respond, “Oh, he’s just some-nam.” That indicates that they hang out a lot, but they are not officially dating yet.
  3. Korean: And lastly, traditionally Koreans say 선남선녀 seon-nam seon-nyeo, for a good-looking young couple, which sounds similar to the other two pronunciations.

Pretty cool right? Or am I the only one who likes things like that? The complete writing in the box reads “Some-man and some-woman meet up and change the romance spectrum in Han Yang (old name for Seoul).” On the top of Joo-won’s hat it reads “Gyun-woo has the best resume in Joseon Dynasty” and on the top of her head it reads “A sassy princess who is the headache of the royal palace.”

There is a lot of interest in this show because it is Joo-won’s last drama before army enlistment. I hope it’s a good one.

SBS’s My Sassy Girl is 100% pre-produced with the hopes of airing simultaneously in China and Japan. It will broadcast Mondays and Tuesdays in May following Whisper.

Source Top Star News

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