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All Characters Explained in Love Struck In the City!

All Characters Explained in Love Struck In the City!

In our newest video post we breakdown all the characters in Lovestruck in the City. This show is all about how the various characters interact with each other based on their personalities in love. Of course we are going to have opposites attract which is part of the fun of dramas like this.

If you don’t want to read all the text then go ahead and watch the video (where I basically read the text though we do have cute animations 😜).



Park Jae-won (Ji Chang-wook)

He works for “Working People Architecture” and is the team leader of the 1st team. He is described as being an honest, positive and passionate person who is very kind to everyone without any twist. 

His problem is that he is too passionate. When he works, he works until he passes out and when he meets a person and forms a relationship with them, he can’t ditch them or cut ties with that person. 

He is a romanticist who loves passionately and is also a humanist who loves walking the streets of the city. He is a passionate man whose hobby is collecting hobbies. 

He is looking for a woman who he met one year ago in Yang Yang city and loved for two months.  We do not know why this woman named Yoon Sun-ah abandon him and take his camera? Until he solves this mystery, he can’t forget her or give up on her “I have to meet her again.”

Lee Eun-oh (Kim Ji-won)

Normally Lee Eun-oh is a normal woman. But her alternate personality is fourth dimensional free-spirit Yoon Sun-ah. 

She is an attractive character who has dynamic changes between Eun-oh and Sun-ah. 

She opened a marketing agency names O3, but it is less than one year old and she is the only employee and is about to go bankrupt. 

She was born and raised in Sung Soo-dong. She is the person who will hit twice if someone hits her once. She has to do things spontaneously, no matter what she wants to do. Her best friend always says “She is not that kind of person, but whatever” 

Her friends do not know what she did in Yang-yang one year ago. She will never tell anyone about it her love with that man or the camera bag she has hidden under her bed. 

She was too spontaneous In a foreign place, she became a different person and fell in love with Jae-won.

Choi Kyung-jun (Kim Min-suk)

He works for the architect firm “Working People”. He is the 1st team assistant manager. He is a cynical, realistic, and rational person who likes to observe others but he never gets involved in other peoples lives. 

He is basically the opposite of Park Jae-won who is actually his cousin. 

Choi Kyung-jun likes stability more than change, quiet more than noisy and he feels comfortable at a temperature that is not hot and not cold. 

He never gets angry but sometimes he goes crazy when someone mistreats his longterm girlfriend Rin-yi who is his first priority. He thinks Rin-yi is himself are fated to be together.

Oh Sun-young (Han Ji-eun)

Oh Sun-young is a passionate and understanding high school PE teacher. But she is not that way when she dates.

When she dates she is a hot-headed all or nothing woman who only follows her instinct, not rationale steps of dating. When she hates something or breaks up, she never looks back. But she cannot do that to her ex-boyfriend Gun. 

She broke up with Gun because the shout he had too many close female friends. 

Her quote is – “No woman will understand a boyfriend whose female friends is more important than his girlfriend!”

Kang Gun (Ryu Gyeong-su)

Kang Gun is a writer who grew up with Eun-oh and Rin-yi. He won a writers award the year he graduated from college and became a super rookie because of that, but now he can’t even publish a short story.  

After college he went back to the town with his childhood memory and shared an office with Run-oh in her octapang. 

He always complains because his female friend Rin-yi and Eun-oh always ask him to do things. But he always loses. 

His quote is – “Okay, today is the last day I lose to you guys and today is the last day I will let you do it.” 

But he has said the same thing for many years which is why his nickname is Soon Doong-i which means Good Boy. (As a side note, this is also the nickname that Halmoni gave to Joon-young in Start-Up)

He is a forever easy guy to his female friends, however he has a secret that he did not reveal to his best friends.

Seo Rin-yi (Seo Joo-young)

Seo Rin-yi is an environmentalist, a minimalist, and a free spirit who lives in her own happy world. She does not have a real job, she only makes enough money from part-time jobs. It appears that she changes her part-time jobs frequently as well because she does not want to live a safe life doing something that she does not want to do. So as soon as she does not like her part-time job, she switches to something else. Her goal is to basically seize the day so she only does what she wants to do each day.

But even though she is not interested in working hard, she is a very warm and sympathetic person. 

As a minimalist she only has 4 sets of silverware, 4 sets of rice bowls and 4 sets of cups. Likewise, she only needs her boyfriend Kyung-jun and her best friends Eun-oh and Gun which add up to four people. 

Kang Byung-joon

Kang Byung-joon is a policeman. His parents always told him that being a government worker is the best in this world so he studied and became a police man in Chung Gae-chun. He solves problems around his community with his sunbae Dong-shik,


Oh Dong-shik (Minho)

Oh Dong-shik is a patient caring policeman who enjoys thinking deeply and is kind to everyone. But he is is tested by Jae-won because Jae-won always comes to the police station whenever he is drunk to look for his camera thief.

Bin (Lee Sang-woo)

The owner of Bin Surfing. He is Park Jae-won’s hometown friend 

RaRa (Park Jin-ju)

Rara owns a ramen place called Rara’s which has all the noodles in the world. This is where Eun-ho got a part-time job.

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