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My Ajusshi / My Mister Live Recap Episode 7

Episode 7 live recap for the Korean Drama My Mister / My Ajusshi starring Lee Ji-Eun and Lee Sun-Kyun
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We left off with My Ajusshi with Dong-hoon finding his way to the campsite and seeing Joon-young there with Wang. Wang immediately recognized him and Dong-hoon walked up to them with all three in the screenshot at once. But we had to wait until today to find out what happens!

I added a few videos to the bottom of the last post. A couple Behind The Scenes videos, the music video for OST #3, and two moving posters. The moving posters are so cool, I love them.

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Shorthand (Shorthand Character Chart)
Park Dong-hoon DH | Lee Ji-ahn – JA | Park Sang-hoon – SH | Park Ki-hoon – KH | Kang Yoon-hee – YH | Lee Guang-il – GI

Airing Time: April 11th, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Dramafever

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It’s nightime at the campsite. Wang talks about Netherlands or Norway or somewhere, there is a TV show that just shows fire burning and people want to watch it. If I were there, maybe I would want to watch it too. Sometimes you think a lot, but when I look at the fire, I think about nothing.

JY asks DH why he came there. DH is quiet and doenst answer, he is deep in thought. JY asks him again. DH sits up and says that he forgot. Wang said maybe the fire burned everything.

Wang is cooking and DH comes back. JY thanks DH, because of DH, it is easier for the Chairman. Wang asks them if they saw each other at school. JY says, yes, they were at school together for 2 years. Thye were also in the same club together, a teaching at night club. Like a community service club. Wang thinks JY did it because he had someone he liked.

DH goes inside the tent to get some spices. But he finds a glove and thinks back to his wife wearing it. It looks like it is is wifes glove. He puts the glove in his pocket and grabs the spice. Meanwhile JY textx DH’s wife. But he goes to the car and tells him to put it down or he will kill him. DH walks away and we cut to night time again. DH thinks about asking his wife why she smelt like fire. She said at the time that it was because she ate BBQ. Everyone is quiet at the campsite.

Snow starts to slowly fall as JY says he will clean up. DH takes the BBQ pit away. While walking away, JY confronts DH, did you come here to threaten me? Do you think I am scared of you because the chairman is here. DH tells him that he hated him as soon as he saw him. He hated him saying sunbae to him. So this is what happens. Are you going to marry her? You didn’t want to marry her at all. So after I divorce her, are you going to marry her, no, you aren’t going to marry her. You won’t marry a normal woman with a child. You started it last Spring right? Tell me the truth. My wife knew that you wanted to fire me with that money.

I didn’t plan to do it.

I know it was an accident, but you wanted to fire me later. Did my wife know about it? Did she know it or not?

While talking, the BBQ pit fell all over the ground. JA is listening to this at her restaraunt job and her things fell all over the ground as well.

A car drives up and asks them if they are done yet. They tell it to go ahead (not sure who is in that car).

DH – You can’t fire me, so did you ask her to make me quit the job
JY – she wants you to quit gracefully on your own

back at the campsite, Wang tries to eat the goguma sweet potatoe himself. But it is all burnt. JY wants to help him, but Wang tells him to go in. JY walks away but he falls and busts his head. DH has to drive him to the hospital.

DH – you knew I looked at your phone list, werent you scared? Didn’t you know that I would find out about the public phone? Idiot.
Meanwhile, YH is talking on the phone to someone, perhaps her son. She talks to him very motherly and playfully about his appas specialty.

DH tells JY to quietly seperate from her. Don’t tell her that he knows, just seperate. If she finds out that I know, then you are done. Don’t try to tell her or pretend like she won’t know. We have lived together for 15 years so I know when she is lying to me. If you quietly break up, then I won’t make it a big issue. (I will keep it quiet). I won’t let someone like you destroy my life. If you do something to me, except work, then I will kill you, you cheap bastard.

All the while, JA is listening in.

Outside, DH holds his wifes glove and puts it in her car. he locks it and walks to his building.

JA is at home now, her grandmother is sleeping and she is pouring herself another coffee. She tucks her grandmother in a little bit more and turns the heater closer to her. Then she sits against the wall. She listens to the recordings.

YH – what did you do all day, you didn’t pick up our sons phone calls
DH – (talking to his son) Next Monday…why is your homework like that….one minute….I need to do something cool, right?…..alright, I will think about it, go to class. Bye-bye
YH – what are you going to do? Not soccer, you should learn some magic or something.

Cut to the brothers. SH Thinks magic isnt real, the youngest also thinks so. DH should eat a live squid or do Taekwondo. The ajumma says you fake it with the kids homework. the uncles think, dancing? No, that would be embarrassing. Ajumma thinks these three guys don’t have any specialty? SH says all they did was soccer since they were poor. No money for anything that didn’t make money. All he can do is drink. But it drinking is a specialty, then we should get a scholarship from the government. When my wife had a kid, drinking, when we got a divorce, drinking, when she nitpicked me, drinking, I only ever thought about the alcohol waiting for me and drinking. Let’s drink! Drink! Drink! It is happiness.

The youngest thinks, if the world had a drinking War, then Korean men would be #1. the ajumma says it is funny, but it also makes her sad. SH makes an ajusshi joke and the ajumma smiles at it. The youngest says to not smile at him or it will encourage him and they all continue drinking and talking.

Afterwards, youngest and DH go outside and talk about YR briefly. DH thinks she likes him. The oldest and ajumma go out and she tells them to come with her to her house. Let’s go! So they start walking with her drunk self. She says it is good to walk home together. It was jail just waking up and saying hi to customers and going to sleep in the same place. they ask her where she lives now. Did she catch a man? Was it in Thailand? A monk? A monk! Sorry, do you have bad karma with a monk?

She hits him and he asks why she only hits him!

They get to her street and she tells them that she is leaving. DH wants to know where she lives but seh says it is a secret. He asks her if she wants him to take her home, but she just waves him off and drunkenly walks down the street. He watches her for a moment and turns to walk to her place.

Ajumma gets home and tells someone that she is home. Today there weren’t too many customers, I drank because I was so tired of waiting for customers that didn’t come. Ah….I don’t want to wash up. I will wash…I am a clean woman!

She turns on the light to the room, but she is alone. It looks like she is back in her store again? Perhaps she walked back there? Or she didn’t get her own place? She goes to clean up the bathroom.
DH and JY give each other looks, but they ignore each other for the most part. JY texts JA;

JY: Don’t touch Dong-hoon for now.

JA looks over at DH working at his computer. JY is in his office and gets a phone call from YH. He look at it, but he doesn’t pick up. She hangs up the phone and leaves the phone booth. He broods at the purposely missed call.

In the office, one of the team members asks JA what happened to the copier. She goes over to it and find that there is a paper jam without talking to him. She fixed it and leaves without a word. He just shakes his head, but he doens’t reprimand her this time. Instead, he takes the files he printed and gives them to his team. He asks DH if they can get another person, but he says she is better than someone who talks bad about him or tries to get him fired. She isn’t kind, but she takes care of her Grandmother so she is a good girl. They both live in the same town. the teammember wants to know when he knew that, but DH says he doesn’t have to tell him everything. he tells him that he is enduring it with super human endurance. (He basically said being kind in front of someone and talking bad behind their back is worse than bad in front of you and taking care of the family behind the scenes)

Yoon and JY talk. JY thinks Yoon made everything worse and did things he didn’t ask him to do. Yoon wants to have dinner with him, but JY says he already has a dinner appointment.

DH calls his wife and asks her if she has time. Maybe they can go to his brothers store. But she says she has an appointment.

JA and DH ride the subway together. But now JA looks at DH more. He asks her if she has parents and she says they both died. He is asking for her grandmothers sake. DH tells her that it is free to take care of her grandmother. the government will take care of her. She jsut has to have 2 seperate addresses and then the government will support her because the grandmother doesn’t have children, only grandchildren.

JA looks quietly stunned by this news.

They get off the subway and have dinner together. He tells her that she deserves it. This isn’t a secret place, it is one of his friends places, a neighborhood Hyungs place. So they don’t have to hide as they eat.

They eat quietly.
JA eats quickly like she hasn’t eaten in days. But then she asks DH if he is more comfortable with her now? Wasn’t he worred about rumors? Is it becuse she is pitiful? A lot of people helped her though. They gave her side dishes and rice. 1 -2 -3 -4 times. But after 4 times, they all ran away. After 4 times my pitiful life didn’t get any better. DH says they are good people because they helped you. My life isn’t better than yours. I just buy you dinner as a thank you. If you didn’t return the money then I would be fired without telling you why.

JA asks, why did he do that?
DH – because he hated me
JA – that doesn’t mean he shoud ife you
DH – companies are like that, it isn’t always all about your ability

JA wants to know what he is going to do. He explains that he told him to stop so he will stop. He said something to him about it. JA says that he should tell all the higherups to have him fired. But DH asks her if it will feel good to punish bad guys, then he will be the bad guy also. JA wants to know why he won’t just get a lot of money and build his own company?

DH says that their life is hell, does she think it is Heaven? Maybe there is a reason why he is in this hell, so he can just take all of this punishment and leave.

JA thinks the bad people should get all the punishment…do you just want me to kill him for you?

He pours some more drink for her.

Afterwards, Dh gives her take out for her grandmother. He tells her that he saved her once. (because he picked her at work). He walks off.

JA goes home and gives the food to her Halmae. halmae wants to give her some too, but JA says she is okay so Halmae eats it and says it is so good that she feels like she doesn’t deserve it. (Or she is so grateful?) They both smile.
Umma is at the shop and talks about SH’s wife coming by and bringing her kimchi or taking some kimchi. She says that she likes his wife more than DH’s wife. Even though she complains all the time, she at least has some humane tendencies. She hates YH because she is better than her son. Umma walks out and the brothers tell her bye bye and SH goes out with her.

SH goes back inside and the youngest things their mother is scary. She tells them this but she is good to YH. The other brother says of course, because she gives her money.

YR busts in at that moment with a bright smile, she immediately says they look like workers! She brought something for KH but he basically tries to ignore her. YR says that she will see them at Jung-Hee’s bar. But the youngest is upset that YR called her Jung-hee, she should call her Jung-hee eunnie. YR agrees and waves as they drive off.

Cut to Jung-hee’s bar. Umma is there helping out as well. She cleans up a little bit and straightens things around. Jung-hee comes downstairs and sees Umma sniffling. She wants to know what is so wrong. Umma thinks that it makes her upset. She raised all three of her sons the same, but DH was different. He never thinks of himself and never asked her to buy him anything since he was little. Jung-hee thinks it is because she thinks of DH a lot. But the oldest is the most pitiful (?).

Jung-hee wants to give her some money. Perhaps Umma works there? But it looks like Umma treats Jung-hee like one of her daughters.

Wang is at the company, but he wants a cigarrette so he smokes outside. JY is with him. He wants to know if JY owes something to DH. JY explains that DH saw his wifes phone number on his phone list, but they were frinds so they talk a lot. they didn’t tell DH that they talk to each other about him. Wang wants to know why DH hates him so much. JY wonders that as well. When he became CEO, their relationship became bad. He tried to be nice to him, but his hatred grows deeper so he is tired of it.

He walks Wang to his car and Wang drives off.
Inside, DH gets a phone call from manager Park. they go somewhere quiet to meet. Park says they stopped him from talking to him. But what happened with the phone list? What is up with that public phone? DH says that he went there but it was nothing, there was no relationship. Park wants the list back, but DH said he threw it away because the inspection team was after it. he thought they would catch it. Park asks what the public phone number is, DH says he isn’t sure if his memory is correct, it was a while ago.

Afterwards, DH walks the street and calls the public telephone service.

At the same time, YH dances to a bluesy song at a hotel with JY.

DH goes to the recycling and looks through it. Then he takes it outside.

At the hotel, YH dances by herself to the music with a glass oc wine in her hands, then she sits. The song goes off and she wants to listen to it one more time. She likes this song more now. She knows why he likes it now. One more time. He plays it one more time. It sounds like a Nina Simone style song. Maybe My Man? But JY has to leave all of a sudden. He goes to meet with JA.

JA shows him the recording where Park and DH are talking about the public phone records. JA tells him he is lucky, he survived. So he can’t fire DH, so are we done? JY wants her to continue, maybe he will slip up while drunk. He will give her $1000 per week to continue with the wire tapping. He wants to know if she heard that they fought. She says he just hit him. She know that he was looking for the phone, but she didn’t know he sat there all day long, that is how he found out. he tells her to be careful and she tells him that he should be careful.
All the ajusshi’s show up to look at the actress. They are all so happy to see her and just sit at the table with her. One of them says that they respect KH now. they ask her why she likes him and she says that she likes him broken, she loves it. They are all like….uhhhh. They are all upset.

KH explains that all these ajusshi’s used to have high paying jobs once upon a day. But now they are all here. you need to be careful too, you will be here one day as well. Don’t say things like I am broken in front of poeple!

She says she likes/respects all the people there. She respects and worries about being broken her entire life, it is true to her too. the first time, she was happy that he was broken and normal looking. She though it was okay to fail, it was nothing. When you fail, you can still be happy, it comforted me. this town is broken, all the people look broken, but they don’t look sad at all, that is why I like it. It gives me comfort.

All the ajusshi’s are happy again and lean in to the table to engage with her.

Outside, one of the friends tells SH that that woman is like an angel from the sky. They laugh and tell each other that they are living okay.
The thug comes to the restaurant that JA works at. He sees her outside and she gives him the 1000. He thinks that she plays big now, did she catch a rich man? She says that she got a rich man, someone a lot richer and more powerful than you. He wants to know why she washes dishes then, if a man gives you money, then you should just be pretty. She says it is because she is bored, but he is really curious, it drives him crazy.

Elsewhere, YR and KH walk back home. But YR is drunk and can’t walk. She sits. He tells her to get up, he doens’t carry women. Does she wants him to carry her back and take her to her room and sleep and do it the same another day and marry her? He tells her to stand up. She stands and asks him how he can think that far ahead? Isn’t he embarrassed to say those things. they start walking again and she says, Director, did you sleep with all the woman you gave piggy back rides to? He rolls his eyes and tells her, just walk!

JA meets with the government office and finds out that her grandmother will be all taken care of with government assistance. It is all free if she qualifies.

Yoon meets with DH and basically yells at him about what DH did at the campsite. Does he want to survive by himself because his mentor is gone? Is it a good chance to get promoted? He says he doenst’ care about promotion. So Yoon rails at him again. WHY DID YOU GO THERE! So you can just wash dishes and brown nose about it. GET OUT.

DH leaves and walks to his desk. He doens’ acknowledge anyone.

Later he goes to the roof and really looks like he might jump. There isn’t anything keeping him safe. He talks to his wife. She says that they can go to his brothers home on the weekday. how many people will follow you if you quit?

In the elevator, DH runs into JY. He asks him, not yet? JY says that he needs to follow the proper steps. Don’t worry, after that thing with you, I don’t like her anymore.

DH pulls JY to the rooftop and pushes him. JY basically says that DH pretends to be a good person all the time. Was he jealous of people getting promoted even though he didn’t get promoted? Did he hate him that much? He should be nice to him when he calls him sunbae/ What, break up nicely? you should be nice to me! I can go somewhere else as a CEO. You just want to release all those things to me.

DH – Fine, lets do it, lets go to the end. Lets see how far I can go. i am also wondering this. When I am all broken…what kind of person will I become. Lets go to the end.

JA gets up from her desk and runs somewhere.

YH calls JY from the public phone. She leaves a message. She can’t reach him, is he busy? Call me and I will wait for you.

She gets a text.

JY: I am at a campsite, don’t wait for me.

JA runs along the street, she looks angry. Perhaps she is going to the hotel room? She looks up at a building and takes off running again. YH is at the hotel room. But she leaves and JA sees her car. She runs in front of it to stop it and it hits her. She falls to the floor. GI watches all of this.

YH gets out of the car and JA plays her a recording. …..Why do you hate a married woman….is she really that attractive that you can’t break up….you don’t know?….Among men, married women are the safest because she can’t talk about dating me.

She drives to the campsite, it is all empty

…..For now….meeting her is safer…she is still hot so if I break up with her it is still dangerous

JA – I wondered what an affair woman looks like, you look like this. Ajumma, get real before everything breaks.

JA leaves and GI still follows her around from a distance. DH sits for a bite to eat somewhere. JA walks the street and GI is close behind. DH looks around to see if JA will show up, she asks his friend if that pretty girl wearing cold clothes showed up. The friend says that she didn’t come. JA hears this and starts running up the street. DH sighs and sits for a little while longer. He finishes his beer with a large gulp. Then he grabs his bag and pays. While paying, JA comes in. the friend says that the prety girl came.

DH – Oh, you came…I am done.
JA – Let’s drink one more…just drink some more.

DH sighs and puts his bag back at the table. He pours her a drink and he pours himself the same drink. they drink. And drink. And drink. But they don’t talk.

Flashback. Soemone tells JA that she worked at the company for a long time.

JA – why did you hire me?
DH – running, your specialty was running, how fast can you run?
JA – I don’t know
DH – so why is it your specialty?
JA – when I run, I dissapear…but, I feel like that is the real me.

DH takes this in for a moment and then holds his drink out to her to cheer. They cheer.

DH – Let’s be happy.

They both drink. They look at each other as they both keep drinking and they both try to keep drinking as if they will do bottoms up. Then they both laugh. It might be the first time she smiled in this show?

GI watches them from across the street as we see an image of JA laughing with DH.


DH – Whatever happens, if you have charm, you can withstand it.
JA – Fighting.
JY – Who that person is…snooping around…you will be in danger also.
Friend – GI found out where you work, you won’t be able to work there too long.
GI – Hey you should look where you are going.
Actress – Until 10 years ago, I didn’t have any wrinkles in my life. (no hardships in her life until 10 years ago)
Wang2 – DH is the only one we can push this time.
VO – Let’s get promoted this time to director
DH – Everything I thought was a call I can rely on wasn’t true anymore. (this was a bit confusing to translate)
DH – Fighting.

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