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My Ajusshi / My Mister Live Recap Episode 4

Episode 4 live recap for the Korean Drama My Mister / My Ajusshi starring Lee Ji-Eun and Lee Sun-Kyun.
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Okay, so yesterday we expected My Ajusshi to start on time and missed a bit of the beginning when it turned out that they started early (we filled it in later). Their start time is not consistent, so if you are live watching, be sure to tune in extra early.

For this episode, I am most curious about whether JA will use the photo against DH. She looked a bit hesitant at the end of the last episode as she watched him standing there in the aftermaths of the kiss. My guess is that she would not try to get him fired if he gave her the $10,000. But since he didn’t have it, her next resort is to get him fired so she will be paid by the CEO.

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Shorthand (Shorthand Character Chart)
Park Dong-hoon DH | Lee Ji-ahn – JA | Park Sang-hoon – SH | Park Ki-hoon – KH | Kang Yoon-hee – YH | Lee Guang-il – GI

Airing Time: March 29th, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Dramafever
Countdown: KKEUT

We open on the subway. Everyone gets out and goes about their day. DH is among them. He goes to the escalator and goes to the street. He walks along the street thinking to himself. But then he stops and everyone starts walking around him. He is thinking about JA and the kiss. He looks a bit concerned as he heads into his building.

He walks around the corner and gets to his office. Then he tells JA to work until today, but she doesn’t have to come tomorrow. Everyone wonders what is going on. Did he just fire her? All the other employees look from JA to DH, but DH just sits at his desk and gets to work.

Meanwhile Director Park is sitting alone in a conference room. The CEO and Yoon show up and sit. Then Wang2 shows up with several other people and they all sit at the table. This is a meeting to talk about his drunken night. A man yells at him, you got drunk! You had an important meeting! You had a hit and run! You were on the news! Reporters are all over us! How can you make this big trouble?

The CEO says that we can say this man had a car accident and couldn’t attend the meeting because of the accident. You are in the hospital now and I will go to CHina.

Cut to Director Park meeting with Wang2. He tells him that this is the first time he hasn’t remembered anything. Wang2 thinks they worked on him. JY is getting braver now.

Cut to JY walking with Yoon. He tells Yoon to do his work and then he goes to his office. He sees a text.

JA: I want the money today.

DH meets with Yoon and talks about JA. He wants to know why he tried to fire her, is something wrong? Yoon doesn’t look like he wants to fire her. He asks for the reason while smacking. DH says she is not behaving well. Yoon laughs, hey, no one is behaving well in this building.

DH leaves and heads back to his desk. But he is all kinds of stuffed up. He turns back and goes to JA’s desk. He tells her that she should come to the meeting room. JA stands and DH opens all the blinds in the meeting room. Everyone wonders what is going on and they are all watching.

DH asks JA if she thiks he is easy. Is he an easy guy because of the bribery money? Should he just be happy and accept what she did? Is this fun for her? Is she happy playing with an old man? She says it isn’t fun, it is just that she didn’t have a kiss in a long time, so she tried it. She thought he looked so bored, just like her. She wondered why he looks so bored and pretends like his hubae doens’t want to fire him and ignores him. You look the poorest here, like you have a life sentence. So I thought, if Itried to kiss you then you would have a little fun. That is why I tried it. But it was the same. How was it?

DH bows his head. He asks if her parents know that. She asks if his parents know. He tells her to be careful with her mouth. If she does it one more time then he will tell everyone and fire her.

He leaves and goes to his desk. Rveryone watches him, but he ignores them. Then JA goes to her desk as well and ignores everyone too. One of the workers asks DH why he did that. But he doesn’t answer as if he didn’t hear him.
Director Park looks at the CCTV from the hotel. He looks so stupid drunk and has to be carried out by his friends. He asks how much they drank that night and the worker says 2 bottles of whiskey. But then they see something on the CCTV. It has something to do with the driver. The driver took his cell phone. Director Park calls someone and asks them to check his cell phone list. then we cut to the rooftop. Someone snatched the drivers job and the call center just told him to drive tot he east sea. Park remembers that he told that to DH, they can go to the east sea and drink whenthey fire JY.

Director Park gets into his car and sees something. he thinks he had a battery and then he gets upset and rips off his neck brace.

He tells Wang2 that he didn’t see their face and his cell phone was intentionally blocked. They are using a professional, it is not just JY and Yoon anymore. Wang says they might kill someone even. It is big money to run a company. Just go to Busan and says that yu accept all the fault. I will call the chairman. Pretend like you lost this game. But as soon as you go to Busan, start to investigate JY and make him believe that his plan worked.

Wang yells, why are our executives doing that?!? Did you not train them well? He watches Director Park leave.

JA meets with the CEO on the street and talks to her as if he is not talking to her. He asks if she has done this before. But she just tell him to give her the money. JY tells her not to move without his permission. But she says that she is already working on DH.

Cut to a photo online of DH kissing JA. One of the female workers sees it and gasps, daebak! But then she covers it up when another worker comes to ask her what it is.

JA tells JY that the rumor will spread soon, so fire him. But JY says two things back to back is very noticable. they will know that something is going on. But JA says she needs money right away. She leaves.

JY sends YH an email and calls her. He asks her to investigate Lee Ji-ahn. But he doesn’t tell her why, he just hangs up.
Wang2 tells JY that he has to decide what to do with Director Park, he can’t fire him, so he will send him to Busan. He will slowly fade away there. Yoon closes the windows in his office and has a happy attack. then we cut to several company men packing up Director Parks office. All the employees look on.

Umma, KH, and SH all pray for a good business for the brothers. The mother wants to put money as well. But SH tells her that she doesn’t have to. They bow to the podium and they each put money in a pigs head for good luck.

Afterwards, they clean up everything and start preparing for business. Umma says she never thought her kids would become cleaners. But the friend says that all those people with good jobs all do some not so good things after 20 years. So it is okay to do this work. the friend says he will open a restaurant. He also says that DH will be okay, he ahs good techniques. Umma says that DH will not be fired from the company, he will be in the company until he is 70!

She tells her sons to work hard and watches as they drive off.

Then adorable music starts to play as the brothers get to work cleaning a stairway. A woman goes down the steps and holds her nose. the camera scans to show a lot of gross things on the floor. I don’t even know what it is, maybe spilled coffee?

Afterwards they take a lunch break. SH eats some of his little brothers banchan and the little brother looks at him like….um? He tells him they have the same food. But big brother says he likes someone elses food better. KH says that family is something that you want to throw away in the trashcan when no one is looking. Then big brother eats more of his food, lol.

the daughter-in-law cries at Umma’s house. But Umma tells her not to cry. At least they have a job that they can go to in the morning. AR tells Umma that she shouldn’t tell the grandchildren about it. They don’t know anything about it. When are we going to pay off the debt?

Umma asks her why she is crying, they are working now. But AR is so sad that her boo is cleaning. Umma tells her not to cry, she also doesn’t feel good about it. Umma sits at the table and starts preparing food while the daughterinlaw sits on the floor helping.

Dh calls director Park, but it looks like he doesn’t want to accept it. He accepts it though and DH asks what happened. Director Park tells him that he is going to Busan. he will need to find another line to be apart of. But DH says he doens’t have another line. Director park tells DH not to trust anyone. He has looked after him for 20 years, but he can’t trust him. Dont trust anyone.
GI goes to JA’s house, but she isn’t there. he leaves, and she is outside standing there waiting for him. She hands over the money, it is $10k. he looks crazy as ever and asks her how she made the money, is she a white snake? She tells him to give her the receipt. Write down one more line on the receipt saying that you won’t break into my place anymore.

GI kneels to her level and says she is crazy. JA says that his biggest joy is torturing her so she will just die. But he says to just die, he will torture her grandmother. But she says her and her grandmother will die together. I don’t want to breath the same air as you…it reminds me of that A-hole. He starts to hit her and she falls to the ground.

YH finds out that JA killed a person in 2012 when she was a middle school student. Who is this person, why do you want to investigate? JY says that this is their employee.

Meanwhile JA is still getting hit by GI. She tells him that she shouldn’t have killed his father, she was to naive, she should have tortured his father like he does to her. he starts kicking her on the ground.

Then we cut to JA slowly walking away with some food. She slowly walks back up to her little house on the top of the hill.
No, she walked to her friends house and starts to help her grandmother out. the grandmother wants to know why her face is like that. She says she just tripped. Grandmother wants to know who did that to her, is it that guy again? the guy that hit her? JA tells her that she killed him.

then she presents her grandmother with a few tomatoes. But her grandmother doesn’t want to eat it. JA leaves the tomatoes right next to her grandmother so she can eat it later. Then she pulls out a very bruised hand and open the receipt for the 10k. the other guy wrote: I will not go into your house without permission again. If I do it then you don’t owe me any more debt.

DH and his team are out drinking. DH says his mentor left. His people say he needs a better line. they ask him why he told her to quit, what did she do? I never see her say anything. She doesn’t have good manners. Why did you do that? DH drinks another shot and tells them to stop. JA is listening ont he conversation. DH says it isn’t so manly for 4 guys to talk about a girl. He asks them if they are pitiful of her. All those people who are tense are so pitiful. Kids that get hurt grow up too quickly, I am afraid of knowing her past. JA calls him an A-hole as she listens on.
they leave and shoot the breeze about birthdays. then DH tells them that that building over there is built on a river, that is why it curves. The river is underneath it so when the building is too old, it won’t be remodeled, it will just be destroyed and will be gone forever. So the land isn’t so good. He says he shouldn’t have been born on this earth. he doesn’t want to be reborn either. the friends all keep speaking drunkenly, noooo, You should be reborn….and they drunkenly walk down the street.

JA is at work and looking at her hand. But then a woman comes over to another woman in the break area and starts talking about the kiss she saw on teh news. She says, when the feet are raised then it means the woman wants to kiss, not the man. Ah, our boss is a cool guy, that is why he was angry the other day.

JA quickly calls her friend and tells him to remove all of the pictures! Quickly!

KH is busy cleaning up throw up in an apartment complex. 401 threw up on the neighborhs front door. KH is annoyed. the person says they always throw up in front of their door.

KH goes home and says that he understands his sisterinlaw now. It looks like SH wants to quit the job maybe? he says it is too hard. KH thinks something happened to him, maybe he fought with his wife.

SH goes outside to get a coffee from the coffee machine and starts crying. he tries to hold it in, but he can’t. He kneels and just keeps crying.

At the same time, their Umma goes to the temple.

the company girl talks to JA alone in the office. She says it is funny, she doens’t look like that kind of person, but she is. If DH said something, then she is already fired. Can you just do a better job? Can I see you just working hard? Say yes to me? Are you chuckling? Do you want to be fired?

JA says, let’s get fired together. I know you are having an affair with another person. She asks what is she talking about. JA asks, are you having fun using company money to have your affair? You go to the meeting room together, often. there is no CCTV in that meeting room, you thought no one knows it. I am going to be gone soon because I am a temp. Do you want to get fired together? then tell everyone. JA leaves and the girl is left rubbing her face.

JA goes to a pharmacy to get treatment for her hand. The pharmacist tell her to go to the hospital to get treatment, then she writes on a note pad: Do you need help?

Cut to JA and the friend sitting at a cafe. he is still palying a game and asking her questions. He says she shouldn’t just endure getting hit. JA says that she wants to take her mother. JA asked her friend to investigate DH. The friend says DH is clean and his wife is a lawyer, so it will be dangerous.

Cut to teh company. The girl from before wants to know if her lover told anyone. She is also looking on the computer. She can’t find the picture anymore. She is freaking out and saying that she saw it.
the brothers all go drinking together. DH and KH are there and wonder why their mother went to the temple. SH shows up late. But it is pretty obvious that he has been crying. they ask him why he is crying and he says he didn’t cry and goes to watch the TV. The brothers go to his side and they all talk outside. SH says he was cleaning alone and someone was angry because he stepping in dirt. He was angry that I got dirt on him. He made the building. He made half the building in that town so he said i had to apologize or he would change the cleaning company. So what should I do? I kneeled and apologized to him.

So he yelled at me for ten minutes and then I came down. I saw a lunchbox on the first floor. Maybe she didn’t see it, maybe she just left it. then I went home and asked Umma why she left the lunch box. She should have seen me. But the old woman just smiled at me.

SH starts crying. She saw everything. That is why she went to the Buddhist Temple. Poor Umma.

They show her walking to the temple, but she can barely walk there and has to hold herself up against a wall.

KH takes off and says he will go kill that guy. But DH stops him. KH shakes him off and says he will go kill him! But DH just holds him back and won’t let him go anywhere. KH tries to break free, but DH’s hold is too strong so he stops and relaxes as DH holds him.

YH says that if it wasn’t her than DH wouldn’t ahve any family problems. He is a nice guy, but he is a lonely guy. Whatever I do, it looks like he won’t be happy. He lost something but he doesn’t know what he lost. It looks like he just gave up. He came here to a wrong place, he shouldn’t have been born here, but he still does everything right. Ah, I am sick of it, I am just finding my excuse to have this affair. Actually, you are so sexy. Why dont’ you talk about your ex-wife? I will listen to you.

But JY just says, let’s go, it’s late. He gets up.
DH is upset at home and won’t talk to his wife about it.

then the friend says that DH’s brother is in trouble, the brothers were fighting, so just make anything up. But JA says she can’t make anything up, he is too clean. But then JA starts looking like she is going t opass out. She tries to stay awake, but it is impossible so she passes out and falls out of her chair. But she gets back up and gets back in her chair. Everyone thinks that she doens’t even work hard and yet she sleeps at work. DH looks over at her too and looks a bit concerned.

the Umma talks to the monk. He asks if everything is fine and she says nothing is fine. he is lucky, in her next life she will just bring her kid straight to the Temple as soon as they are born. She leaves and walks down the huge hill away from the monk.

After work, JA goes to the convenience store to get a beer. She starts drinking ti inside. DH comes in as well and buys something, but he doens’t notice JA. The owner tells JA that she can’t eat inside there, which is how DH notices her. She leaves and he goes out and sees her busted hand. he tells her to take medicine if it hurts.

then he starts to smoke a cigarrette, but he can’t do that and leaves.

Cut to Umma walking down the street. the brothers see her in their little van. they pick her up and give her a ride. Little brother goes to the back and Umma sits in the front. they don’t talk to each other.

JA puts in headphones on the subway and listens to DH’s recording of him holding back his brother. he tells him to go and sleep, after sleep it is nothing. His brother says it isn’t just nothing…..DH calls his brother about cleaning…..He did it to me, several times, we should forget, a lot of things happen. Did Ummonim come? She will come.

JA gets home and is still litening to all the recordings. the recording is at the convenience store from today. DH says, if it hurts, then take medicine. JA goes about her evening feeding her Grandmother and also listening to the recordings at the same time.

…….Who is there? Gang woo lives here, inside…you have a guest….who are you….who are you… (the thug that made his brother suffer).

Cut to DH giving the thug his buisiness card. He says this is his older and younger brother. He asks if he has time to talk. the thug thinks he wants to fight him. DH tells him that he kneeled before when someone yelled at him. It was okay that my family didn’t know it, I just pretended like nothing happened and brought food home. I just brought food home as if nothing happened. Yes, nothing happened, whatever I suffered outside, if my family doesn’t know it, then it is okay. But you shouldn’t do it in front of family memebers, if you do it in front of someone than you can be killed. Killing is okay. (JA starts crying as she has a flashback of someone beating up her grandmother and telling her to pay the debt. Pay The Debt!) The thug asks what he wants him to do. DH says his mother saw it, so he can do anything to him.

The thug comes to the family house with the gift that DH brought to his place. He puts the fruit basket at SH’s feet and says that he was sorry that day, his buisness didn’t go well and he was drunk. I am sorry. Umma tells him to come in and eat dinner togather. he says he is sorry but he can leave now.

the family memebrs look at each other.

…..I’m not crazy….I’m not going to apologize to your brother…..he is the one….I am not going there…..

DH pulls out a hammer.

…..this crazy guy…..you have a hammer…..you should bring something worse…..

DH starts going to the wall and finding the perfect place to hit it. He starts hitting it in several places lightly and finds the concrete. the thug starts yelling at him. DH is finding all the illegal areas of his building, it is all illegally made. He tells the man that he is a safety officer. he is a structural engineer! How many buildings have you made! if you have to fix all the illegal buildings, then you are dead! Now pick it up! (the fruit basket he brought).

DH leaves and walks down the street after expressing his rage in his own way. he looks exhausted. he gets to the edge of the street and knees on his hands. he breathes hard and maybe starts to cry? JA is still listening to this part.

Someone calls DH, it is his older brother. Dh answers as if nothing is wrong. Hyung tells him that someone came by today!

Cut to all the brothers drinking at the bar. It is a huge party. It looks like SH called all his friends or maybe someone invited them to the bar? Perhaps it is their favorite bartender? Everyone says that they were so uncomfortable drinking somewhere else. they all toast.

the friend even brought his own drink and all the men celebrate the return of the bartender with their own drinks, lol. the bartender sits and lets them drink and go crazy. OST #1 plays as DH shows up. they all call him “Suit” and cheer as he arrives. Dh looks at the bartender who is now sleeping in the corner.

this scene is so happy, I love it. Everyone is drinking and smiling and just having a good time. DH is happy to see his brother happy and everyone talks and drinking into the night.

After several hours, DH gets up and asks the bartender, how was Thailand? he kneels in front of her and she playfully slaps him and goes back to sleep. DH smiles and leaves. But then the bartender wakes up. Huh? Side dishes? She walks and gives side dishes to everyone as they all talk about her going to Thailand. they all want to listen to her speak Thai so she starts to speak Thai and they all cheer. DH smiles and walks back to his seat.

But then he thinks of JA. “You look as bored as me. How can he look so bored even though he makes 6k a month.”

At the bar DH drunkenly tells his brother, I know someone who understands me a little bit, and I also understand her. I am sad that I know it.

JA is at her table thinking about all that she heard and turns her head to look at the door.

Fade Out






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  1. Handily
    March 29, 2018 / 7:15 am

    Tuning in early this time!

  2. Handily
    March 29, 2018 / 8:51 am

    Thank you so much for the live recap! I have to catch up on #9 and #10!

  3. Handily
    March 29, 2018 / 8:55 am

    Wow!!!!! So it looks like JA is starting to fall for DH. That ending scene seems like it is so touching.

    • V
      March 29, 2018 / 8:58 am

      This episode was so good! There was a joke in the scene when DH was tapping on the wall of that thugs office. He said he is a structural engineer, but in Korean the man didn’t know what he was talking about. So DH said, “Like in Prison break! I’m a Structural engineer!” It was a very Korean play-on-words-ish joke.

  4. V
    March 29, 2018 / 8:59 am

    Also, the monk text DH and told him that his mom came there.

  5. Jessie
    March 29, 2018 / 9:36 am

    Omg this episode was so good. I’m so glad I started this drama since it’s not really a genre I normally watch. The acting performances, writing, and directing are spot on! Really a quality production.

    Thank you so much for the live recap. Really appreciate your hard work! 🙂

  6. Yuki
    March 29, 2018 / 9:51 am

    Great drama! The intrigue twists like a spiral.
    With each episode, the tension increases exponentially.
    Thank you so much for the live recap. Good job!

  7. JD
    March 29, 2018 / 11:49 am

    I hope IU becomes more of a daughter figure for DH, not a kind of lover…Thank you for the recap!

  8. bbcream
    March 29, 2018 / 4:10 pm

    This drama really keeps my attention.

    I love the dynamic of DH and JA. They are basically the same person but in a male and female bodies. I love how they connected on an emotional level of hidden understanding. DH understands JA, so he wants to keep his distance from her. JA understands DH as well, but we aren’t sure how she will react to that yet. But, from how she cried at the end of the episode, it seems like she was too affected to try and ruin him anymore.

    Perhaps she will try to ruin him next week, but maybe she will also look for another way. Could she switch sides to Director Park?

    • Handily
      March 29, 2018 / 4:46 pm

      I love their dynamic, too. I also love how DH picked JA to work at the company, though I don’t think he gave it much thought at first.

  9. March 30, 2018 / 5:35 am

    what is the deal of JA? any time she is put her evil plan into action I get scared for DH.
    WHEN will she stop working for JY?
    I really want her to stop.
    thanks for the recap.

  10. April 3, 2018 / 4:22 pm

    Is DH and JA going to end up as a couple or platonic bff? The age gap is fine with me. Regardless which direction it goes I LOVE this drama and everyone in it but I adore IU. She is such a talented young lady and so cute.

  11. Tiago
    June 10, 2018 / 2:56 pm

    DH has an affair with a co-worker(company girl)? I ask that cuz in my subs the dialog ” JA asks, are you having fun using company money to have your affair? You go to the meeting room together, often. there is no CCTV in that meeting room” is about the “company girl” in the meeting room with DH… I’m confused .-.

    • V
      June 11, 2018 / 1:41 pm

      Was this in episode 4? I remember a scene where the gossipy worker tried to talk smack to JA but JA put her in her place by outing the gossipy coworkers affair with another coworker.

  12. Tiago
    June 11, 2018 / 6:33 pm

    I just watched this ep again, and see I mistook the “Manager Park”; LA really says Manager Park, but from another department e.e’

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