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My Ajusshi / My Mister Live Recap Episode 3

Episode 3 live recap for the Korean Drama My Mister / My Ajusshi starring Lee Ji-Eun and Lee Sun-Kyun.
My Ajusshi definitely captured my attention at the end of the last episode. I am hooked on what is going to happen. Just for a recap, the gist of the last two episodes is that Ji-ahn has a debt to pay to Guang-il and is working with the CEO to earn the money by getting Director Park and Dong-hoon fired. She will get $10,000 each.

But it gets more interesting because it seems like the company dynamics are what is going to drive this drama forward, so let me recap the company as well. The CEO is Joon-young. He was voted in as CEO and is not blood related to the Chairman or Executive director (Wang and Wang2). Because of that, his job is in jeopardy because another vote is coming up to either keep him in his position as CEO, or replace him. The potential votes are split 50-50. To tip the votes in their favor, the CEO and Director Yoon plan a scheme to get Director Park fired. But that scheme goes sideways when the planted bribery money is sent to our Hero, Park Dong-hoon and not the Director, Park Dong-oon. It was a simple name mistake.

So now DH is brought into this scheme unwittingly. DH is fired due to taking bribery money. However, our heroine, Ji-ahn stole the bribery money from DH before he had a chance to wrap his head around it. So the bribery money is missing. Ji-ahn was going to use the money to pay off her loan shark, Guang-il. But Guang-il did not accept the money and was instead going to use it to frame JA for theft and send her to jail. So Ji-ahn stole the money back from GI and, with the help of a trusted custodian, returned the money to the company trashcan and into the hands of Director Park.

Director Park puts 2and2 together and knows he was about to be framed for bribery and that the wrong person got the money. This goes all the way up to the Owners Wang and Wang2, who think DH is the best thing ever because he threw the bribery money away in the trashcan. Director Park also knows that Director Yoon is a turncoat and is really on the CEO’s side and not his. He makes sure that DH is rehired. DH is made to look like a saint; his brothers also think he owes JA a big favor and that she might like him.

But it doesn’t stop there. JA swipes the CEO’s 2G phone and discovers that he is having an affair with DH’s wife. She puts 2and2 together and thinks that the CEO is trying to get DH fired. She basically blackmails the CEO and says that she will get DH and Director Park fired if the CEO gives her $10,000 for each firing. After that, she goes up to DH and tells him to buy her dinner every night for one month.

And that should pretty much catch you up to the end of the last episode!

In other news, Switch airs today! We are still not sure if we will do Switch live-live or My Ajusshi. We are leaning toward Switch since it airs on SBS and SBS allows foreigners to watch their shows live streaming. We will definitely decide after the first two episodes of Switch airs.

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Shorthand (Shorthand Character Chart)
Park Dong-hoon DH | Lee Ji-ahn – JA | Park Sang-hoon – SH | Park Ki-hoon – KH | Kang Yoon-hee – YH | Lee Guang-il – GI

Airing Time: March 28th, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Dramafever
Countdown: AIRING!

We open with a scene of the subway. DH and JA are sitting next to each other, but they aren’t talking to each other. Then JA asked how she knew that. How did she know that the bribery money came to him? She said you had eye contact with her and you were pointing at your desk drawer with your entire body, how can’t I notice that?

They get off of the subway and walk together up to the street. JA tells him that she will see him tomorrow. But DH tells her that he wants to keep this a secret. The money she threw away, people think I threw it away. She tells him to buy her dinner and drinks for a month. But he says that he will jsut give her money. A rumor will spread if I eat with a female employee.

JA asks if he thinks he is attractive. He asks how much money she needs; she says $10k and leaves, He watches her walk away but then turns and goes his own way.

Cut to his wife talking to the CEO. She wonders how the money can be found in the trashcan. How did it? CEO says DH. But she says that he told her that he lost it. Maybe Director Yoon took it. How can it be found in the trashcan, he said he lost it. The CEO says, maybe it can be a mistake? No idiot will lose $50k, something is going on.

JA followS DH around as he walks down the street.

Maybe I should tell him frankly. Can you really say that? I love JY. That is even crueler to man. Don’t do anything, I will take care of it. She asks, what are you going to do?

DH goes to his apartment and JA is following him, she watches the elevator go up to the 11th floor. Then she turns and looks at the mail for floor 11. She opens the mail and fins DH’s mail, now she knows where he lives. She looks at the mail and sees that his wife is a lawyer. She steals all of the mail.

In the apartment, DH’s wife asks who he drank with and he said someone from work. She asks about the money and he says they found it, the cleaner found it. She wants to know why they said he threw it away. DH wants to know who said that. The wife pauses and says that she called JY (CEO). DH says that JY is so greedy, he just walks around as the CEO. She snaps at him and says not to say it like that.
DH was preparing the dried fish wrong and YH snaps at him about that. He tells her that all the money problem is solved. She leaves and he gets a new bag and puts the drief fish away the way his wife likes it. Then he grabs a soju botttle. He goes to his wifes room and tells her that he is sorry, it will never happen again…don’t call JY.

the wife starts sobbing in the bedroom as she holds herself.

DH waits to get onto the subway. He looks around for someone and then he hops on.

Meanwhile, JA is at work sorting out all the mail. But then she looks around and puts a pen inbetween some of the mail and goes to someones office. She puts the pen back and then puts the mail in the office. Ah, maybe this pen triggers an alarm. An alarm starts to go off. It looks like it is a wire tapper alarm.

Ah, it looks like JA and her friend are planning to destroy DH first.

VO – My lovely brother, I enyy you the most, you are in a big company and have somewehre to go to in the morning. And a little girl likes you too. I even wake up early in the morning. When I am born again, i want to be born like you. If you have nothing to do then just sleep. Dong-hoon, survive, fighting!

DH gets to work and sees JA, but then he runs into Director Park. JA is upset because she tried to get DH’s attention but it didn’t work. DH and Director Park go to the bathroom to talk about the money. Director Park tells him that the money was to fire him, but it actually went to you. Maybe it is targeting you, or it could be targeting both of us. DH wonders who would do that.

Director Park says it is the CEO, he wants to take him down. But what he doesn’t know if why he wants to fire DH. He wants to fire DH so much. He thought he didn’t want to work with him because he is a sunbae, but it is more complicated than that, they really wanted to fire you. Something is there. Do you have any idea? DH says no. The Director thinks there might be a secret between DH and the CEO, but DH says they don’t even talk to each other.

Director Park tells DH to be careful becaue they were bummed that DH threw away the money. He wants Director Yoon and the CEO fired. But then Director Yoon walks in and Director Park leaves right away.
Director Yoon complained to the CEO about Director Park and DH talking. JY asked Yoon who sent the money. Yoon says it isn’t from engineering or work, it is from the company sending part timers. CEO asks who the president is, Yoon says he is a reliable guy who only moves with money. The CEO gets a all and runs out.

The Charmen is there so everyone runs out to greet him. The chairman goes to the safety team and DH and his team bow to greet him. The chairman is happy to see DH, he says if he has time then he will buy him dinner. He is very happy because of him. DH says he has an appointment so he is sorry he can’t make it. The director tells him to make an appointment so they can have dinner, any time is okay with him.

the CEO apologizes for DH and says that DH is only good with numbers, he doens’t know people well. The chairmen leaves. It looks like he only came there to meet DH and ask him to eat dinner with him.

the CEO looks stifled and upset. He goes back to his office and glances at JA. DH leaves for the day and follows JA as she walks the street. She looks back, maybe she saw him following her? DH loses her for a moment, but then catches her again. he keeps following.

JA sits in a cafe and DH hops into that cafe as well. Perhaps this was their plan so no one knows that they are eating together. they both sit at the table and DH lowers the privacy blind to cover their faces from other guests. then he sits and lets JA eat. It doesn’t look like he is eating though, just drinking.

JA takes her time eating with DH watching her. He sighs and reaches for the soju, but JA pulls it away and pours herself her own cup. He asks her where she lives and she says she lives behind a school….yes, the ghetto area. he asks abuot her abonim and she asks about his abonim. But she says she doesn’t care about his father so why does he care about hers. Why does he ask her these questions? Do you want to know if my family is rich or poor based on my father?

DH apologizes. he sighs again. Then he tells her that he never recieved any bribery money. He didn’t want to take it, he was just thinking about it. that money was a trap to fire me.

JA asks who did it. He asks her who she thinks did it. She says, CEO Jung because DH is friends with Director Park. She asks why he thinks the CEO wants to fire him, nothing you can guess? DH thinks the CEO might know that I hate him. She asks why he hates him. DH says there is no reason, but JA says that there is a reason if you think about it. DH tells her that he just doesn’t like some people.

JA thinks DH would be sad if someone he hates does well. DH says that everyone he hates does well. JA asks him to hate her…a lot…forever. hate her so much. She will also start to hate him, very very much.

They end dinner and we cut to them both waiting for the subway. they don’t stand together or look at each other. JA gets on the subway car first and DH follows. They don’t talk to or look at each other in the subway either.

But then it gets super crowded with peole pushing around and DH reaches out to protect JA from the crowd. he doesn’t touch her, he just puts his hand on the rail and keeps the crowd from pushing up against her. JA pickpockets his cell phone while he does it and does some hacking on his cell phone. He doens’t notice. It looks like she intalled some hacking app or something on his cell phone.
they get off the train and JA calls her friend. he says it is working. In the friends room we see that they are recording everything from DH’s cell phone.

SH calls and asks what Omma is doing, can you open the door quietly? It looks like SH is at his Mom’s house and doesn’t want her to know he stopped by. He quietly goes inside and takes off his shoes. Their Mom is cooking and the youngest is at the table. SH sits at the table.

Umma turns around and sees her oldest at the table. She asks what is this? Why are you home so early? Sh says his company cant hire him becaue his credit score is so low. Umma gets upset, you had to travel all the way there and back? Why didn’t you tell them that.

Umma gives her son a bowl of rice and then lays into them. She says all her sons went to college. She tries not to brag about it. She never thought her sons would stay home, why did you study! They say it is because she told them to study.

Someone comes to the door and asks for SH. he is looking for the older brother about his credit. The younger brother says that he left, he will kill him if he ever comes back! But then the man sees SH at the table. He says, aren’t you Park Sang-hoon? SH says, no, I am not. The man says, yes you are. But he says no.

The little brother says SH’s acting is so bad. How can you just act that bad, you should help me! You drink so much! You are stupid!

Umma kicks them both out and tells the man to just arrest them, lol.

Both brothers leave and go to a local store, but it is closed. they just turn and talk. SH didn’t tell them that his credit is bad becaue he wanted them to hire him, he thought he should just go there first. The youngest wonders how much money he has. But then a car starts drving like a lunatic up the street. This tiny car almost flips over and KH runs to him and tells him not to drie like that!
this man is teh owner of the store they went to. he lets them into the shop and they shoot the breeze for a little bit. the man hates his job because people poop all over the steps. His wife left him because she was an executives wife and became a cleaners wife. he tells them that his brother is the only one still at work. SH says he didn’t answer their text message. But KH tells him to just stop.

Cut back to the safety team working hard. Flashback of DH talking to someone about JA. he tells him that he picks JA. It looks like it is the people that sent Part-timers, so DH picked JA. back to the present, the team is inspecting that very tall tower that DH had to climb the other day. But this time their drone works so they are a lot more relaxed. Meanwhile, JA listens to all his conversations while she is back at the company going through the mail.

the safety team returns and goes to their desks. They start to go about their regular habits of returning like smoking, coffee, shower. They all trickle out. Three other working woman go out for coffee, DH says he will give them some coupons for it, just go downstairs and wait.

DH gets up and one of the workers asks him for cash. he can’t use coupons. Then he asks him about the bribery money, why was it gift cards and not cash. he says something about why people use gift cards instead of cash (didn’t catch this part but it might be important). Then DH goes back to his desk. He calls Director Park for a meeting.

DH leaves to meet Director Park right away and leave his cell phone. JA tells someone to call DH and then she runs up to DH ang gives him his cell phone. She says someone called you, it was ringing. then she goes back to her desk.

Director Park goes to the roof.

Director Park says You shouldnt’ buy things in cash, it should be credit card. It would be easy to find someone who bought 50k of giftcards. he knows someone in the department store so don’t worry….JY, I cought you. When JY is fired, lets have a nice drink on the east sea. It was really great at work before, but not right now.

Meanwhile JA is running all around the office. She calls someone from a desk and tells them to call JY. then JA tells him that Director Park will find out who spent 50k at a department store.

The CEO looks alarmed and calls Yoon. Yoon freaks the F out and calls the guy who sent teh person to their office. He asks him if he paid it with a company credit card or cash. Then he almost passes out and yells at the phone (maybe it was a company credit card).
DH goes to meet the custodian and thanks him for turning in the money. He bows to him and gives him a gift card and leaves. the man looks at it and looks at DH.

Then DH goes back to the office and is about to talk to JA, but she ignores him and says she will call him. She leaves. The CEO leaves at the same time, they ride the elevator together. He tells her that she almost lost her money. She says, you were thinking of me? Take your 2G phone with you. No sound.

JA walks the street and calls GI. GI looks crazy and wants to know where she is. The nursing home is looking for her, he paid it off for her so her debt is now higher. It’s funny right? I lend you money but I feel like your debt is increasing so whatever you do, you wont’ be able to pay it off. So just show up, don’t hide before I send the kids around for you.

This catches JA’s attention and she pauses.

At the same time, Director Park is being driven somewhere and a motorcycle follows him. Maybe this is JA’s friend? I think so, he tells her that they are at the Shine bar. He buys something from the conveniene store and runs somewhere. Then he goes inside to a club and says someone ordered kimbap! Who ordered kimnap? He runs around this club to all the private rooms and asks who ordered kimbap.

then he opens the door to Director Parks room. That is what he was looking for, so he leaves and meets with JA. He throws away the kimbap and tells JA something (they are drinking now?). Then he quickly changes into waiter attire.

JA goes inside and turns off the lights from the power box. the friend goes inside and puts drugs in their drinks. then he leaves as if he is off to another room. JA turns the lights back on and everyone goes back to their rooms.

Director park drinks the drugged drink and talks about the gift card.

JA and the friend leave as if they don’t know each other. He hops on his bike and she walks the street. Split screen of JA on the street and DH still at work.

DH looks like he has been waiting for JA’s phone call. But he gets up and leaves.

Cut to him drinking with his brothers. SH smiles and plays with him. he says he looks a little younger. You just opens his eyes wide now! They start to talk about JA but DH says don’t talk about her, you wouldn’t like it if someone talked about your daughter like that. But the brother just says he is mocking him, it was a fun incident and I’m bored now. JA is listening to all these conversations. SH says he knows that DH won’t make trouble, he is strong against temptations.

DH wants to know, do you think I didnt make trouble becaue I am strong against temptation?

JA goes to work but it looks like she was fired because she stole food. The ownder checks her bag and tells her not to come back.
SH’s wife comes to the bar and hands SH divorce paperwork. She really wants to get divorced. DH and SH leave together and DH asks him why he won’t just get divorced. SH says he doens’t want to becasue he doens’t want to be alone. When he makes money diligently, she will want to get back together, so until that time, I want to have an affair, hahaha. My life is already messed up. I won’t cry. It hurts Umma. SH looks at the sky and says there are no stars tonight.

Cut to DH going up an elevator (at home?). But then he gets a text from JA

JA: Come out, buy me dinner.
DH: It’s late.

JA waits outside and DH is still in the elevator.

Cut to Director Park. He wakes up somewhere but he doens’t know where he is. He runs to the window and opens it. then he looks very shocked and runs out with his cell phone. He asks the hotel people, what time did I come here, with whom! Don’t touch the CCTV! If you touch the CCTV then I will kill you!

He drives off, but he immediately gets into an accident (fender bender). he keeps driving.

Ah, there must be an important meeting that he is missing! Some tope level people are waiting for him somewhere. they think they should pick a different company. the man gets up to leave but the other people try to get him to stop. The man says they can cancel everything in Korea.

the workers are talking about how Director Park is in the police station for a hit and run. Then Director Yoon walks hurridly down the hall. But he runs excitedly as he gets into the CEO’s office. He smiles and says god helped them!

Just at that moment, JA calls the CEO and tells him to prepare $10k. He slowly lowers the phone.


DH leaves for the day. He sees the CEo, but gnores him. But then he asks him if he is the next target. Why? He didn’t do anything wrong to him and he didn’t show anyone that he hates him. the CEO wonders, why should I fire you? Of course you can think athat I fired Director Park, because he is my rival. DH says that he might have made a mistake to him, but he doesn’t remember it.

The younger brother is a sub again. the man tells him that his movie is not good. is he going to do it again? KH tells him that he works hard so he will all him again and he will be back again. Let me hit you once. We can finish our lives here.

KH punches someone in the office and storms out. It seems like KH is pretty good at directing but this guy holds him back?

KH leaves and calls someone. KH was directing this movie with a low salary. he is upset about it. But then the delivery van comes up, turns the corner, and tips over. KH sees that his brother is in it. the brother tries to hop out the window and talks about how it is so hard to stop at a yellow light. he says their friend is doing a part time job at a restaurant so he took over the business. Would you like to do it together?

KH shrugs, he thinks about it for a moment adn then says okay, okay, just get out.

the two brothers start working hard as some music plays in the background. they clean all over the building with facemasks on. they are really working hard and this scene is surprisingly long. But it’s fun. they go outside and pack up the van. Then they change the name from Couple cleaners to Brother Cleaners. they both hopin their Brother Cleaners Van and take off.

DH sits at his mothers house and listens to her gripe about his brothers. She says that they are both making money now and won’t give him a hard time anymore. DH gets a text from JA.

JA: Buy me dinner.

But he stays there at the table and listens to his mother.

Then we cut to him at an ATM. He uses credit card loan and takes out some money. He goes to meet with JA and he proposes giving her $100/month. He says he can’t give her $10k right away. He wants to stop eating dinner with her. She wants to know if he is worried about rumors. He says yes, it is uncomfortable to hide and eat. She thought he would enjoy it. She wonders if he is worried that he will start to like her. DH takes the money back. DH tells her to tell everyone that she threw away the money, he doens’t like a young kid like her handling him, so just tell them the truth.

DH leaves and JA follows him. SHe runs and catches up to him. He asks what she wants, why is she following him. What? What?

She leans in and tries to kiss him, but he swats her away and tells her not to do it. Don’t do it, don’t you understand me?

JA turns and walks away.

then we cut to her listening to DH’s phone recordings. She listens to the strong on temptations recording. That must be why she tried that kiss.

The friend took a picture of it and calls JA. he tells her that he got one. JA turns back and looks at DH still standing there. She keeps walking.

Fade Out

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  1. Justamom
    March 28, 2018 / 7:39 am

    I’m here! I guess there’s no live streaming for TVN as well? So you’ll have to keep recapping this! Please oh pretty please 🙂

    • V
      March 28, 2018 / 7:53 am

      We will! Late start today! Missed a little bit of the opening.

    • Mimimimi
      March 28, 2018 / 12:09 pm

      I’m a lurker (love this sight since Hwayugi). But I just wanted to say that I am so happy @Justamom is in this thread. You made Misty so much fun to watch 🙂 Okay back off to lurking.

  2. ForTheLoveofJiEun
    March 28, 2018 / 8:12 am

    Jian is such a kickass character.

    • Handily
      March 28, 2018 / 8:51 am

      Her character is so amazing in this drama! I love how she found out where he lived.

  3. Justamom
    March 28, 2018 / 8:52 am

    He got one — hm, is that a Misty style blackmail photo?

    • V
      March 28, 2018 / 10:12 am

      Lol! Perhaps Ji-ahn is like a mini Hae-ran 🙂

  4. Banu
    March 28, 2018 / 10:31 am

    Seriously am I the only one watching for that loan shark xD.. Well I like the male lead he is amazing actor BUT I ship our lead girl with the load shark dude.. he acts like a kid trying to get her attention.. and something about the CEO is off.. maybe all the leads gonna fall for her GO IU xD

    • V
      March 28, 2018 / 11:57 am

      You should definitely watch Go Back Spouses (Go Back Couple). He was the second male lead and was in the ROTC so he was always very clean and sharp.

      • Anonymous
        March 28, 2018 / 12:05 pm

        I second Go Back Couple, he was really handsome in that and very chivalrous. I really wanted him to get the girl.

      • Banu
        March 29, 2018 / 11:27 am

        I saw the drama have not finished yet .. yeah I know am slow TT
        But can resist charming bad guy here!

        • V
          March 29, 2018 / 4:38 pm

          You should finish it! it’s one of my favorites from 2017.

    • KS
      March 28, 2018 / 12:09 pm

      Heck no! No girl should ever get together with a man who has abused her the way he has, no matter how cute or charismatic he is. And also no to the CEO falling for her. I don’t want this to turn into a typical drama where all the males fall for the same girl.

      • Mimimimi
        March 28, 2018 / 12:18 pm

        I think the writer had him beat her like a man in the opening episode so that people won’t ship them together. He is not the love interest. he is opposite. But as V mentioned above, Go Back Spouses/Couple is a drama you can definitely ship him in. He was nothing but lovely in that drama.

        Okay, 2 comments. I’m doing good.

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