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Advertise With Us!

We have had a few companies contact us about whether we had sponsorship opportunities, so we decided this might be a good time to open up to private ad placement and sponsorship for 2020!

This is a new venture for us so we hope to work with companies to provide the best sponsorship opportunity for their brand to increase name recognition.

Okay, sounds good, so what exactly do you do?

Drama Milk is a fun Korean drama loving site that caters to a U.S. and international audience who love everything to do with Korean Dramas. We recap Korean dramas daily, provide reviews on the best dramas and movies to watch, co-host watch sessions for premiering Korean dramas & movies, and provide news and cultural insight. We are a fun site with an amazingly wonderful audience who loves romance and Kdramas!

Let’s talk stats, what are they?

We are so happy that so many readers are coming to our site! We had our best month yet in November 2019 with 499,874 pageviews and 199,598 unique visitors. We hope to continue growing as a site in 2020 and spreading our Kdrama love all over the internet. For more detailed stats, please email us to read our Media Kit.

What advertising options do you offer?

Right now we are offering Recap sponsorships! These sponsorships will include banner ads on our recap posts which provide full visibility for your company or product!

  • Recap sponsorship (1 episode) – $30
  • Finale Episode (last episode of drama) – $50
  • Series recap sponsorship
    • 16 episode (or 32) – $400
    • 24 episode (or 48) – $600

To see an example of a recap sponsorship please check out the sponsorships we have done for Meeniful, The Kthree, and Fashion Chingu!

Alright, but who should advertise?

Everyone is welcome! We hope this can be a place for small businesses to advertise in order to gain name recognition and sales for their site. As a small business ourselves, we know how important it is to get your name out there.

We have a large women audience, as well as an audience that loves Kdramas and Kpop, so if you have a product that caters to any of those three, come on in! Of course we are happy to work with any business that is a good fit for our site.

We are looking forward to teaming up. If this looks like something you might be interested in, or if you had something else in mind, then contact us at contact {at} dramamilk {dot} com, we are happy to hear from you!