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About Time Live Recap Episode 9

About Time Michaela is wearing a green hat and the producer is watching her
We left off with one of my favorite characters on the show dying (like the energizer bunny whose time finally ran out) and we also learned that Michaela is syphoning time off of Doha. Her time is increasing while his time is decreasing, rapidly. Umm, I see that causing a problem in any relationship.

Today’s episode is airing at the exact same time as the Korea vs Sweden soccer match, so expect low ratings.

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Shorthand Shorthand Character Chart
Choi Michaela – MC | Lee Do-ha – DH | Bae Su-bong – SB | Jeon Seong-hee

Airing Time: June 18th, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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MC sees DH’s time and she sees hre own wrist at the same time. She is taking his time quickly. He wonders what is going on, you said it’s late? Let’s go.

They drive off, MC still sees her time charging up. She pushes her foot to the petal and drives a lot faster. DH tells her that she changed. Where is teh person that said seh can see trees and the sky and everything? Why are you driving so fast today?

She tells him it is becaue it is so late, don’t worry, I won’t make it dangerous.

Cut to MC alone, she looks at her time ticking again and remembers all the times she noticed her time adding. She also remembers DH telling her that he hopes he has 100 years left to make her happy(?).

She realizes that she has been taking his time this entire time.

Everyone is at practice as if they are on stage. The lead man is singing and MC is filming it all. The ex starts singing and MC keeps filming.

DH is working in his office. PWJ tells him that he will have to move with him today because MC is at practice.

Cut to practice, everyone is dancing and singing as if they are performing on stage. They end in the final position with a stage kiss. Everyone claps, it looks like they like this performance the best. JY tells them they will check the ensemble position again.

But it does not look good for the ex, her throat is giving her problems.

DH meets with CA. DH tells him to trust him. CA thinks he is very naive, he is a business man, you are just trying to convince me with “trust me?” DH tells him he will have 51%. DH started this by risking his own position, he is confident that he can do this in China. CA looks at him and says they can do it, he trusts himself more than DH, the higher the risk, the higher the reward. They end the meeting by saying that they will sign the contract soon. But CA asks why it is a musical? he is just curious about that. Whatever the reason, for business men, money is first.

PWJ and DH drive off. DH wonders why he picked a musical. PWJ tells him that when he was under his appa, he failed his business and was pushed there as a name only CEO. So you don’t know anything about musicals and were bored so that is why you did it. You are using your specialty. This percise analyzing?

DH – No, you make me angry!

But then he starts to think about MC singing and becomes happy again. He says, whatever he is thinking about, he always winds up thinking about MC.

He gets a text from MC, her mother misses hr a lot so she will stay with her.
The little brother does an online personality test. The result is that he likes his sisters friend. Everyone online thinks he is cute to get that result. The brother is kind of happy about that as well.

His mom comes in and tells him that she will clean his sheets, he will be happy with clean sheets. Then she goes into her daughters room to clean and finds a bank account under teh mothers name, 20 thousand dollars are for her.

Meanwhile, the ex goes to visit DH at his office. She looks at the 3 month painting that DH got. She tells him that this painting is very pretty. He wants to know what’s up. She says that seh just wonders if he is working. He tells her that they can go out and drink somewhere.

Cut to them drinking, she apologizes for not attending the funeral, she wanted to say bye to DS, but she couldn’t go because it would be awkward with his father. DH thanks her for her consideration, he wants to hear the answer for why she left. there must be a reason he does not know.

She says nothing changes. He wants to know, because it is important to him, it has haunted him for all these years, he wants to know the real reason that the lvoe of his life dissapeared.

She says, if I tell you, will you be able to handle it? DH lets her know that he will. She tells him to give her some time, she will tell him when she is ready.

At home, MC is looking at her time clock while her friend puts on beauty products. SH thinks MC looks a little strange. She said she wants to sleep here, did you fight with DH? Yeah, you fought. You loved each other so much but you fought? MC lets her know that it isn’t like that.

SH says she should look in the mirror, she looks super happy all the time after meeting him. You two are a special couple, when you stay with him, your life goes up. this is the only one relationship, just stick with hima nd suck all the love and time from him.

But MC gets angry and yells, she is not a vampire! SH asks her why she is like that, it was just a joke. MC storms out. SH is left on the bed and wonders why she is so angry, she thinks MC changed after dating.
Meanwhile, the ex is out buyung humidifiers because her hotel room is so dry. JY tells her that a dry room is not the problem, she needs to save her throat and not use it too much, it could be irreversible. She tells him he is sharp for knowing that. he pulls one of the humidifiers off the counter and tells her that the most expensive humidifiers are the best. She jokes with him about not knowing things about the world because he has bought a lot of unneccessary things. But he says he needs it.

They go back to her place and talk about the ex’s love story with DH. How can she miss someone for 5 years. He really wonders if 5 year old emotion will come out. He asks if she answered his question. She says that she told DH that she needs more time. It is complicated because of her greediness for work and those things. When she sees him, maybe he also has a feeling. When she sees him hesitating when he sees her.

JY says he does not know how this feels because he never had any emotions like this. The ex sighs and says that she chose the wrong person to ask this question too sicne he never dated anyone. He says he did not date anyone, it’s not that he could not date anyone. They start to talk about a girl that liked him, evryone knew that she liked him, he is the only one that didn’t know it.

He mentions, sticking close to someone, does that mean that you lvoe them? Then that means that DH loved someone. They are together and he always smiles with them and talks to them and sticks with thema ll the time.

The ex asks, which woman is this? JY tells her that it is MC, haven’t you seen him with her?

Meanwhile, MC is at home thinking about how she charged up 20 days in that one short moment with DH. Her friend is sleeping, but MC stays awake thinking about this.

MC and SH eat at work. DH walks up while SH goes to get water. He sits at the table and wonders if her mother is happy? You haven’t going home in awhile. MC looks at his time and her time, his time is transferring to her again rapidly. He wants to drink some tea with her, but she says that she has to go. SHe leaves right away with DH calling after her.

The ex sees this interaction and wonders if DH loves her.

The ex goes to practice and thinks about her talk with someone about them never understanding what she went through. then she calls to MC who is also practicing. She wants to practice the line with her. But the ex gives her a hard time as she reads the lines. It is too fast….no emotion….

MC asks if she should do it one more time? The ex says its fine and walks away. SH wonders why the ex is picking on her.
PSB tells DH that he is doing so well so it makes him feel a sense of shame. He tries so hard as a doctor, but his best treatment came from somewehre else….MC. he worried that he would become worse since his ex came back, but he is still stable with MC by hi side.

DH says his medicine is acting weird, she is avoiding him. He didn’t have a chance to tell the ex his feelings since his brother died. PSB says the best way to destroy a relationship is to have accumulating secrets between people. Just tell her quickly and don’t cause any misunderstandings.

PSB leaves and sees the ex walking. They are friends so he tells her that he hasn’t seen her in awhile. They go sit. The ex says that DH’s best friend is still him, so she is pretty sad. their group of friends are all together except her, she is sad about it. But she says it jokingly. PSB asks her how she feels seeing DH again. he wonders how they are with their complicated relationship. Does she want to go back with him?

She wonders, shouldn’t I?

He tells her that it is between you two, but DH had a very hard time. More than she expected. He was sick. He wants her to clean up the past so they can start again, they hurt each other a lot so he wants them to be careful.

MC is in the bathroom when the doorbell rings. Umma came to SH’s house as a surprise. She comes in with the little brother bearing gifts. Imma bought her a lot of food and other items. MC asks her where all this money is from. The brother says she spent it all like a fish in water. Then he grumbles about why the mother dragged himt here. he is about to say something about the last time he went there, but SH cuts him off.

The four of them all sit down at the table to eat some of it. MC asks her where all the money is from. Umma says she saw her gift of money. Did you save all this money for later? Michaela is all like, you touched my bank account?

The mom says she saw one bank account with her name on it, so she took that money.

MC calls her crazy.

Umma is all like, how can you call me crazy?

The brother starts getting into the mix as well so SH hops up and drags the brother away, let’s go get icecream. The brother is all like, Umma and noona will fight so I have to be there and stop them. But SH tells him that he will cause more problems.

They argue outside about the memories of drinking and passing out and sleeping together at her house. He tells her, what if he doesn’t want to? She is about to hit him, but he grabs her arm and tells her to change her habit of hitting him, how long does she think he will take it? her heart starts beating hard. He laughs and says he was really cool then right? But SH just quickly walks away with her feels.

Inside, MC asks her mother how she can touch ehr money and buy all of this stuff. Umma tells her that she doesn’t understand why she is like this with insurance and things. MC is concerned about next year, what if they starve? But Umma is all like, why are you so concerned with next year?

They start to talk about money and appa, MC does not understand how her mother can survive without her? That company came to me with a large bag of money. MC is all like, huh? Did you take that money? How can you do that to me!

Umma asks hr how she thinks her mother is? i am not going to use any of your money you bad girl, don’t brag about it anymore! She grabs her bags and leaves. (I dont think the mom took that company money).
SB is int he bathroom putting on beauty products, she think she has had a lot of stress, but she looks a lot prettier. Perhaps it is because of this product? Then she looks at her phone. Someone is following DH and taking a lot of photos of him and sending them to her. She sits on her couch and puts on one of the rings that DH gave her to get married.

SN and MC are together in SN’s bed. SN laughs a lot at the TV show. MC thinks she is strange, she called her this late but won’t tell her why she called her and is just laughing. SN tells her that she had a date with park, it is because she is old, seh just thought about all these good days and how long she will enjoy them. So she called her. But it looks like MC has more of a headache than her.

MC asks her if she can sleep there tonight, she is tired. SN tells her to sleep well. She will leave early in the morning. MC starts to sleep. SN looks at her and tells her that living is not easy.

the ex meets with SB over coffee. She tells her that one more eprson is coming, that person is MC. MC walks up and sees the two of them together and sighs.

The three women sit and watch SB eat. SB tells them that they should eat something, she made this occasion to have brunch together. The ex says she does not want to eat, is this a blind date? SB tells them that one is the ex, one is the current, and one is the future woman of DH. She shows them all the rings that DH gave her and lets them know that they are engaged.

The ex is all like, you are the fiance but brought me here? You are a very good actress. SB tells them that DH and her will get married soon. They delayed this for a long long time, but she will accept the proposal now. To do that, the old first love and current love should be cleared up. I thought it was just a passing thing now, but I decided to accept the proposal. If you oppose our marriage then tell me know, is there now opposition? What? Are you mad that I am telling you that you are just play things? If DH was not rich, do you think you would like him? You dont’ look too honest to me.

MC tells her that she is wrong. Her rings look good on her. I know she had this perfect fiance, but I miss him when I don’t see him, whenever I think about him, I am about to cry.

SB asks, so what?

MC tells her that she likes DH, that is her heart and everything.

SB tells her, if that is your true heart, then you should wrap it up. What do you think DH will suffer with you next to him?

MC gets up and apologizes, but she will leave first. She walks off.

SB says that she hopes she understood this time. The ex tells her that she is doing this so that means that she still has a chance. It looks like youa re bluffing by even showing us your rings. SB tels her, whatever she thinks, she can use her chances. DH doesn’t know the real reason that you left right?

The ex looks at her sternly, then we cut to her running along the river. She thinks about the question, what is the real reason you had to leave without telling me?

The ex stops running right in front of JY and wants to know why she woke him up this late at night. They go to the rivers edge and drink beer. JY thinks woman are scary and dangerous. She tells him that that is what happened, she tortured MC as a sunbae, she is not this kind of eprson, but she is going crazy right now. She became childish and jealous and is doing things out of character. I am nervous, what if he finds out about my wrong decision?

JY tells her to just say the truth, I like you.

She thinks it is easy in her head, but actuality is different from thinking about it.

JY thinks dating is difficult even though he has never done it.

She thinks he is peculiar, how can he write love songs so well even though he has never been in love.

JY just says he is a genius who can learn these things from books and things.
MC rides the bus home and thinks about DH. She also thinks about her meeting with SB. Will DH really suffer around her?

MC turns to the right and sees DH sitting next to her. He tells hr not to run away, no matter what happens. She tells him that it feels like the entire earth seperates her from him. he tells her not to run away unless he dumps her, promise me you wont leave me. Then he dissapears.

MC cooks breakfast at DH’s place. He is startled to see her there and wonders when she came. She asks him if he would like a Coffee? Americano coffee? She makes him an ice coffee and tells him that it will be super tasty because she made it. Then she tells him that she has evening practice, so would he like to date him? he is all like, why are you asking me on a date? Are you trying to sell me an insurance policy?

He drinks the coffee and says it tastes good, maybe because MC made it for me? he also enjoys the bagel, mmm, so good.

MC and DH walk along the river on their date. MC thinks back to when they first met and he wanted her to walk backwards. She is lost in this flashback. In the present, she tells him that they became so close, when they came there before, it was so awkward.

He says reall? With a chuckle. Then he asks her if they can talk about something? But she tells him that they should enjoy fun things only. they ask each other what they want to do. She says she is doing what seh wants to do already.

MC – Just like this, being with you…

Bubbles fly by as MC thinks about how much she like being with DH. He says, should I be jealous of trees and the wind instead of another man? he chuckles and they start walking again.

Cut to the m both watching a scary movie at home. DH is a super big scardy cat with scary movies so MC scoots closer to him and tells him that, when someone is next to you, things are not as scary.

He leans in to her and tells her that he told her this once, it is dangerous to be this close to a man whose heart pumps only for you.

He leans in and kisses her.

But he tells her that he wants to watch the movie until the end.

VO – This is like a miracle, more than you stopping my time, it is the fact that you like me. That is more of a miracle to me.

Later on, DH falls asleep in MC’s lap. She lightly strokes his hair and thinks back to saving his life in the sea and finding out that he stops her time. they flash to all their moments over their time together (seriously, like every important moment).

The flashback ends with DH telling him that he wishes he had 100 years to make her happy.

MC – I love you….because I love you,I’m sorry.

She starts softly crying as she holds him in her lap. She then looks at hr time and his time. His is shortening and hers is increasing.

DH wakes up on the couch, he is covered in a blanket. He rubs his face and tries to gather his thoughts. The house is empty. he goes to MC’s door and knocks on it. MC are you there? he waits a moment then opens the door. She is gone.

He goes to work, but she is not there either. PWJ says that she submitted her resignation letter, he hands it to DH.

DH goes to the studio. MC is there, he says he wants to talk to her and pulls her outside. He asks her waht happened, why did she move out and why does she have this resignation letter?

She tells himt hat she started to hate him. She hates him, she just started to.

He wants to know the reason, they were having fun and kissing. there is no reason that humans hate humans. Are you being truthful?

MC – If we see each other, I don’t want you to recognize me at all, even if we don’t know each other from the begining, I will erase you from my memory.

She goes to walk away, he grabs her hand. But she tells him to let her go.

He does and she walks away crying.

Fade Out

Why did it have to end like that? This show seriously has every cliche in the book. How is this pre-produced?

Ex – (a lot of actresses names) should be okay.
DH – Is this about me? If so, think about it one more time.
Ex – I feel uncomfortable seeing you and MC together. (ex girlfriend cliche)
SB – I want to set the date, please help us a lot. (crazy fiance cliche)
DH – Hey secret duck, your eunnie left home, how are you just sitting here like this? (stuffed animal cliche)
SH – When I tell you I will do something, I will do it – .
MC – It was his.
MC – His time comes to me (car accident cliche)

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  1. Mer
    June 18, 2018 / 9:30 am

    Lol. Too many clichés huh?
    Thanks for the recap

    • V
      June 18, 2018 / 12:39 pm

      I had to comment on them, lol.

  2. IgotnotimeforthisShiz
    June 18, 2018 / 10:16 am

    I’m just now hate watching this train wreck of a show. Haha i love you sung kyung, but pick a better script next time, jebal…

    • V
      June 18, 2018 / 1:07 pm

      I love her too, so I’m trying to stick with it until the end!
      There is also an audience that is really enjoying it so I also want to keep recapping it for them 🙂

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