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About Time Live Recap Episode 8

Episode 8 Live Recap for the Korean Drama About Time starring Lee Sung-kyung and Lee Sang-yoon
A new character is in the mix to shake things up and pull our duo apart. Doha was a bit shaken at first. But after staring at his ex for a while, it was no big thing (or at least that is what he told his doctor-friend). He is more concerned with why Michaela is gloomy and ignoring him all of a sudden. Use your words Michaela.

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Shorthand Shorthand Character Chart
Choi Michaela – MC | Lee Do-ha – DH | Bae Su-bong – SB | Jeon Seong-hee

Airing Time: June 12th, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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DH angrily asks her why she is talking like this about his brother. How dare she! She just calmly tells him that she wishes she was talking about nonsense and lying. He angrily walks away and calls someone to find out anything they can about his brother. Find out his medical records or anything!

he hangs up and fumes in his room.

DH finds out from PSB that his brother has lung fibrosis and there is no cure. It is an advanced case. DH wants him to find a cure at all costs! Just find a cure! PWJ is sad and teary, he wants to know what they can do. But DH just yells at him, he told him to watch over his brother! PWJ apologizes, DH angrily tells him that he shouldn’t apologize, it is all his (DH’s) fault.

Meanwhile, DS goes to meet with his other brother, DB. They talk about DS running away from things that are scary. The brother asks him how he is so brave to ask appa for something. how can he do that now? DS says he is his son too and he is DB’s brother as well. DB wants to know if DS will fight him as well, just like DH. Don’t do it.

They are basically arguing about rich brotherly things. DS doesn’t want DB to be mean to DS, he won’t stand for that. He gets up and hobbles off.

He goes to see his late mother at her resting place. He looks at her photo and tells her that he misses her. He is also scared, he didn’t want to tell her that, but he is so scared. He starts crying as he talks to his mother.

MC goes into DH’s office cautiously. DH is sitting at his desk and looking far off at nothing. He says he doesn’t know what to do. But he wants her to tell him. She should know because she can see his clock. Can’t she save his brother?

MC walks around and grabs DH’s hand. She tells him that his brother wanted her to keep it secret from him. He should try to understand his brother who didn’t want him to know about it. Just go home and eat with him and talk and do all the things you couldn’t’ do before.

DH starts crying into his hand. MC just sits quietly with him.

DH and MC happily and brightly make eggs together in the kitchen. DS walks up and asks them what this smell is. MC says it will only be a good smell, she is not that great at cooking. DS tells her that he envies them.

They sit to eat this lovingly prepared breakfast. MC looks at DS as she tries to guess the taste. But unfortunately it seems like the taste is off, but not off enough to not eat it. DS smiles and continues eating.

DH sneaks in that he can empty his schedule and take a trip with his brother. DS immediately knows what is going on (or at least it seems like it). He pauses for a second and tries not to cry then he tells his brother that they should do it, he would like to go on a trip. DH starts to tear up as well.
Cut straight to the musical. SH is sitting in the musical practice room and surfing the internet. MC’s brother calls her suddenly which makes SH stammer for a moment. She especially starts stammering when MC walks up to her and says that nothing is going on. MC is confused.

The brother wonders if SH remembered anything about that night. His mother comes up to him and asks him to call SH because she thinks MC lives with SH. She wants to arrange a surprise meal. But the brother thinks SH is busy, they shouldn’t call her. They go back and forth about that for a second until the brother is able to get the mother to leave his room. He sits back on his bed and stresses over SH.

Back at the musical. SB talks to the ex happily over tea. She asks her why she decided to go to the US even though she was unknown in Korea back then. The ex says that she was hiding back then. She just wanted to look forward and work hard. SB tells her that maybe she had a lot of hardships in Korea, but she came back successful.

In his office, DH tells PWJ that he will be away from his office for awhile. he also tells him to try and ignore all the things that are happening with his brother, just try to live like that. PWJ says he will. but he looks really sad about it.

During singing rehersal, the ex starts singing, but she has throat issues and stops. She asks MC what she thinks about her singing, can she record her singing? MC agrees, she can record her singing.

MC starts recording it, the ex plays it all back to herself later. She thinks the emotions are a little hurried she asks MC to record it one more time. MC tells her that her power is low and she was following the music, that is why it sounds like that. The ex thinks it has to do with her throat. She also thinks MC is good for diagnosing her. She found her problem. So now the ex wants to diagnose MC’s problem. She should throw away all her thoughts. They are competing to win, so MC should be greedy and not think about her. The ex wanted MC to take her video so they can find a solution together and learn. She thought she would just use her as a hubae, sorry, I sometimes don’t think about others when I practice, let’s take a break. (She seems likea good person that wants to help MC. She told MC to practice by singing and not just reading the lyrics even though MC doesn’t want to bother her.).
DS looks through his fathers office and his calendar. His father put all the places that DS would stop at while he traveled on his calendar. DS is surprised to see that. his father comes in and starts to talk about the money that DS wants. his father wants to give him the money, he prepared it for him and he can use it however he wants. DS asks him if they can take a photo together as a family, they don’t have any photos like that.

Appa thinks his son is talking about nonsense. He gave him the money, just come back next weekend.

DH comes in and talks to DS about what their father talked to them about. DS says that he gave him the money. DH is surprised. DS says that the appa he remembered was kind. He only saw him every ten days, but he always brought him toys and read him books. he shows DH the photo that they took together back then. It is the only photo that they have. He wanted to take a family photo but he yelled at him about it. He worried about him as his son and wrote all the countries he visited in his calendar.
SN moved to a new hospital just because she likes moving around. She lives moving every season. MC wants to know if she told her family members. Sn starts talking about the time she first fell in love with MC. She looked so tired one day doing a part time job and talking to old people and the nurses. This young girl made people happy. You looked so pretty.

She tells MC, fighting and says that she will be a happy positive friend to her friends again.

SH gets to work but runs right into WJ, MC’s brother. He wants her to buy him a coffee and he came there because of his mothers errand. that is enough to convicne her so they go to a coffee shop. he tells her what hismother wanted. She tells him that he could have just called her! She hits him on the head. he tells her that she doenst’ pick up any of her KaTalks or anything, what is he supposed to do? When I slept in your bed ~.

SH grabs his head to hush him up and starts to pull him out. But PWJ sees them and runs up to stop them like a super hero secretary. he is able to get SH to let go of WJ. But when WJ’s head is taken out of a head lock, he is only concerned with PWJ holding SH’s hand. SH basically tells WJ to shut up and pulls him away again.

MC sings and cleans the practice room happily. JY walks by and looks at her from the window. MC starts practicing the entire musical with lines from the musical and everything. JY crosses his arms as his interest in her increases. he walks even closer to the room and hangs out by the door as he watches her singing and acting. She is really dancing like no one is watching, but then stops in embarrassment when she sees JY. She asks him when he came.

JY walks up to her and asks her if she is dating someone now? it looks like that has changed her singing, she is better than she was at the audition. Her power is good. MC is happy about that and apologizes for her temper back then. he tells her that she is pretty when she smiles, she should smile like that some more. then it would be pretty. he then quotes someone who said that the most important thing in singing is not what is written in the notes. She should think about the context. he leaves with that bit of advice.
DH gets to his house and SB follows him. She is there for the family dinner. DH tells her to not go in. But SB tells him that her brother likes her more and starts to go inside. But DH grabs her and tells her that his brother is very sick, just leave for today.

She looks at him with concern.

He walks away from her and into the house.

She stays outside.

Inside, abogi asks why SB is so late. DH tells them all that she won’t be coming, he asked her not to come. Appa tells him that she is family as well. Then they start to talk about the family business as it relates to SB and other things like that.

A maid comes in and tells them that someone is here.

DH then tells them that he wants to take a family photo. He called a photographer. But the appa is upset and wants to know why everyone wants to take a photo. he starts railing into DS and DH about this photo and other things. DS says the photo isn’t for him, it is for appa and his brothers. All the family who are uncomfortable looking at him, all he could do was leave and travel all his life.

Appa asks him if he wants to be Lee Do-san and not Yoon Do-san! They keep arguing which ends in Appa telling them not to come to his house anymore if they want to argue like that. He leaves. The oldest brother asks DS if he has a terminal illness or something, why is he doing this?

DH stands up in anger and glares at the oldest brother. But DS just holds his arm and tells him that they should leave. Tears are all around.

Later on at home, DS looks at his family photo of him, his mother, and his father.

DH sits in the living room and tells MC that he messed things all up.

At that moment, you don’t know how pretty it was.
You don’t know the prettyness of that moment
In my 20’s I was afraid of my 30s and thought I would die
then I became 30 and I am still alive
I became 40, that was a very pretty age

Appa goes to his room and pulls out the same photo. A voice over continues saying the poem. The poem goes all the way to 60 and then death. All the ages are pretty. But at that moment, you dont’ know how beautiful it is.

DS looks at the photo as tears fall.
DS tells his sister-in-law that he will go to Northern European COuntries to see the aura. She thinks that will takea long time. He tells her that he regrets things. His friend and he are wang-ta in the family. She suffers because of him. She tells him not to say that. She is happy and friendly with him and calls him a bad brother in law for telling her to fight his family.

DS tells her that he will do a business, do you want to do a business togehter. She asks what business it is. he says she will like it, it is very similar to the business that she wanted to do.

DS calls his lawyer and says for them to proceed like he told them, he will stop by the company. He takes a moment to breath in the air and then smiles as he continues walking.

Several of the friends and family go on a camping trip. DS, DS, MC, PSB, and PWJ are all there. the three guys think DH and MC are a cute couple but they also think that their relationship is progressing quickly (?). They start to laugh and joke at the BBQ as they play paper-rock-scissors.

MC and DH look at them and smile. MC says he is a good brother but DH thinks he is not a good brother. When he first came to their house, appa liked him a lot. But his mother was not happy, he thought he took all the love so he pushed him from the second flight of stares. His oldest brother pushed him and DS’s leg broke in the fall. the oldest brother was not remorse full but DH thought he should have done more to protect DS. that is why DS walks with a limp.

MC says, if she was DS then it would make her sad if her little brother thought about all those sad things. With siblings, if something happens, then it happens and becomes like nothing. that is family. If he sees you like that then he will be sad.

DS and PWj run up at that time. DS says he will buy more drinks for them. MC says she will go with him so he pulls her away (he told them that he does not need a man).

DS and MC walks away and talk. DS says he is not getting drunk at all because he is drinking in a nice play with good people. MC asks him if he is having trouble now. he seems like he is in a good place. they talk happily back and forth. Then DS tells her that he should look at his baby brother in a pretty way. It won’t be too easy, maybe something will happen and his family will be a problem but he would like for her to be with DH no matter what.

MC tells him he doesn’t have to worry, she will always be next to Dh and protect him no matter what. She is good at sticking to people.

DH walks up to them and grumbles to them both like a wet blanket. What did they talk about? they tease him and says that they talked about him peeing in the bed as a child. They all happily walk away with the brothers laughing and trying to give each other a piggyback ride.

the morning in the house is happy and bright. DS and DH decide to go have lunch with the sister-in-law. They happily leave.

VO – That day was cruelly bright and a peaceful sun came to us.

Montage of the happy day as if it will continue forever.

Then we cut to DH and DS sleeping together in bed. Dh says he just wanted to sleep with someone, he always slept alone. they never slept together even as kids. But he survived in their cold house because he was around. DS tells his brother not to hate his father and brother too much. He used to hate them, he made his leg like this, he hated him and didnt’ want to see him. When he was lonely, he thinks about him and father and Hyung. In retrospect. He was young and hyung was also young. He thought maybe he did it because he didn’t know what to do. So he understands him a little bit. He should have been better to hyung. If he was better to hyung, then maybe things could have changed. He regrets that.

He feels better blaming himself. that is better. So don’t hate them, okay?

DH says, hyung? Hyung? he turns his head to his brother and tells him thank you and he is sorry. Hyung? DH starts crying as he looks at his brother and then the sky. he covers his mouth as he cries into it.
VO – He came back and left. he was next to his hyng coincidentaly. After he left, abogi was so sad that he couldn’t say those things. He burried his own son in his heart.

Abogi takes the family photo that his son wanted.

VO – The tiny wish that he really wanted, finally happened.

The family puts DS in the family photo using computer graphics, so he looks like he is really standing there.

VO – time returned to normal.

MC starts to dress DH one morning. She sees his time clock of 60 years. But she also sees her time. Her time goes up quickly as his time reduces quickly. So she is like a time syphon to him (time mosquito? time vampire?).

Fade Out

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  2. Lalaboom
    June 12, 2018 / 12:01 pm

    That death came out of nowhere. Unfortunately, it didn’t pull my heart like it should. It would have been nice if they showed the brothers time ticking away with each day passing and that everyone knew it would be his last night. He should also get weaker right? But the way he died was seriously like a robot running out of battery power.

  3. KerriAnn
    February 9, 2019 / 10:47 am

    Hello: Could someone tell me the name of the poetry book hyung picks up around the 41 minute mark in episode 8. I would really love to find that poem (poetry book). I am having a really hard time figuring out where to find that book.

    Thank you

  4. Ella
    November 14, 2019 / 10:42 pm

    Yes please… what is the name of the poetry Hyung reads? It’s beautiful.

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