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About Time Live Recap Episode 7

Episode 7 Live Recap for the Korean Drama About Time starring Lee Sung-kyung and Lee Sang-yoon
So, the big problem isn’t that the ex is back, it’s that Doha’s time stopping/rewinding abilities stop working when she is around. Or at least that is what it looked like at the end of the last episode. So she is the ex that can literally kill Michaela by proximity. Let’s see if Michaela can find a way around this or if she will just go sulk somewhere until Doha realizes he actually loves her (and runs around looking for her).

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Shorthand Shorthand Character Chart
Choi Michaela – MC | Lee Do-ha – DH | Bae Su-bong – SB | Jeon Seong-hee

Airing Time: June 11th, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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The stare off from the last episode continues. MC looks at her wrist and sees that her time is ticking again. So her time is definitely dependent on him and not herself.

SB holds her hand out to shake hands with the ex. SB is the one that called her there and thanks hre for accepting her proposal. DH walks off right away. he just turns his back and leaves. SB introduces MC to the ex, she will be her under/sub. It looks like the ex is the lead in the musical.

Cut to the ex telling JY that she does not need an under, she will do everything herself. But JY says he will decide those things. Later on, the entire team goes to the script reading. MC is too preoccupied with looking at her time ticking to focus. She thinks back to meeting the ex for the first time.

DH is also thinking about the ex as he looks out his window. He has a flashback. Him and the ex are walking outside, she was fired and walks off in a huff. DH doesn’t think they can fire her at the reading right? But it looks like that is what happened. She says she is so angry, what should she be angry at? Later we see DH at the emergency room, he looks around for his ex in the triage center. It looks like she tried to kill herself after cutting her wrist, but was not successful. he asks her, why did you do this? Why, why?

Back to the present, DH asks SB why she picked her (his ex). SB says she has the right to pick whoever she wants. They are doing what they are doing based on the contract that they haven’t signed yet. She picked her because the ex is the one that can wake both of them up, you think carefully about why I picked her.

DH is upset, but tries to stay calm as he talks to SB. SB tells him to have a good time with his first love or MC. She smiles and leaves.

The script reading wraps up. JY asks MC how the script reading was. he says that he decides everything so MC should be alert to take her spot. Don’t mess up his name for picking an under for an actor that doesn’t need an under.

In the hallway, the ex runs into DH. She tries to speak to him and says it is nice to see him again, but he just walks off.

MC drives them both home, I think her time stopped again. MC decides to talk about the ex and how she is like a goddess of an actress. But then someone cuts her off so she honks the horn like a raged maniac and puts her car in a faster gear.
DS and PSB wait for DH. They talk to each other a little bit. PSB wants him to get a health check, he looks too skinny. DS is all like, sure. DH comes in at that moment and asks for headache medicine. PSB says he never asks for headache medicine, what is up? DH tells him that he saw his ex today. SB recruited her as the main actress. PSB is a little alarmed at this and asks how this came about, she knows everything? DH explains that SB recruited her because she knows everything.

In her bedroom, MC thinks back to the ex telling her that she does not need an under, she will do everything. Ah, she is at her home. Her mother comes in to talk to her and tells her to talk to her if she has any trouble, don’t just think about it by yourself.

SB and MC meet up. SB asks how the presents were and basically acts like a B. She says that DH looked like he saw a ghost when his ex showed up. She was the one that DH could not forget for a long long time. So SB casted her and brought her in. She was super poor, but she sang well. She wanted to be a musical actress. DH liked her. Whose story does this sound like? The ex, or you? Men never forget their first love. I thought about it. You are that replacement for his first love. it is better for everyone if he finishes it. I brought her here so that he realizes it.

MC tells her that it is very childish, she feels like she gets stupider listening to her. She gets up to leave. But SB tells her that his first love failed, that will happen to you as well. Remember what I told you.

MC leaves and drives home. her time is ticking. She thinks about DH and their happy times together.

VO – Your watch that says you have 80 days left, are you okay?

DH is also at home brooding about MC. She gets home with teary eyes. He tells her that seh is late today and sees her tears, but she just goes to her room. In her room she has a flashback about the script reading and all the other things that happened today. She looks at her wrist, the time is stopped.
She starts singing in the bathroom. DH is at the door, he asked her if she was okay, but MC just started singing instead of answering. She signs the entirety of one song or at least one stanza.

Later on, MC goes to the kitchen for a drink and then goes to walk to her room. But DH comes out and asks her what is up, are you angry at me, what happened? She just shakes him off and tells him to let her go. He wants to know what is going on. She tells him it is nothing, on days like this she still has to come back and stick with him due to her clock. She storms to her room.

She sits on the opposite wall from her room as if to get as far away from him while. Her time is ticking while she is sitting over there. She has 86 days.

MC’s mother and brother go to visit her father in jail. They happily talk to him about working hard cooking and eating and all those things. He asks them if MC is coming today. Umma says that she worries about him still. Appa says that RH was a princess before him, but now she suffers a lot. She says he is not here on purpose, it is just a mistake.

Umma and brother go back home in the bus. he sends a text message to SH on accident and grummbles at his mother about it. SH wonders why he is contacting her and blocks his number.
Meanwhile, MC drops Dh off at the front of the building. She tells him that he can leave and seh will park around back. But it looks like she wants to tell him something so he hangs back. But she says it is nothing, she is late for practice. he gets out reluctantly.

The ex sings one of teh songs to a piano. SH and MC both comment on how good she is as she continues singing. But then JY stops her and tells her that she should have more of a feeling of love. her emotion right now isn’t that great, what does she think the feeling is? The ex says she is not sure (?) so JY asks MC to come in and sing the song.

MC hops in and sings a line, but JY tells her to stop and takes a break. he walks out. The ex tells her that the director is upset at her so she should prepare the same thing that he told her. SH tells MC that she is not a vending machine, how can he just press start and have her sing right away.

Outside, JY talks to the ex about her condition. She says her throat isn’t that great recently, but seh can practice. he thinks she should rest (?). they talk about being ambitious, getting rest, and going to the US about being on Broadway. JY says he accepted the poposal for his own reasons. She says she came back for DH. He tells her that as a friend he worried about her, but bring me your doctors diagnosis as a director.

They both leave seperately. The ex walks out and runs into PWJ and DH walking the hall. The ex knows PWJ and smiels when she sees him, he smiles back and then excuses himself. She tells DH that PWJ is the same. DH just looks at the ex and at her wrist. She asks him if he has time.

Cut to MC seeing DH and the ex walking away together.

They go to a cafe. The ex says that she came to korea because she wanted to see him. She wanted to work with JY, but she also wanted to see DH. But DH does not want to know why she is here, he wants to know why she dissapeared like that. She is hesitant to say on the spot and asks him if he would like to take a walk.

MC looks around for DH later. PWJ tells her that DH told him to tell her that she can go home when seh is done with work.

DH walks outside with the ex and has a flashback of happier times in that exact spot. The ex pulls him out of his flashback when she gives him a tea. then she talks about how she was so poor back then. The power that kept her there was the greediness to be successful, but his appa crushed her with unimaginable force. She was scared, she was too young, they both were. Those are all her answers. Now she wants to ask him questions. Didn’t you miss me?

Rewind to when he liked her. Then fastforward only the ex’s time to the present. So the past DH looks at the present Ex.
MC is at home when she gets a knock on her door. DH asks her if she is sleeping. She is not, but she turns off her lights as if she is. he thinks about knocking on her door again, but stops.

Meanwhile, The ex looks at the script while in her hotel suite. She thinks back to when she was fired. If they did not kick her out back then, then the money poeple would stop giving them money. The director tells this to her. He asks her if she is dating someone? That person is crushing the owner of this theater. His advice is to meet someone in her same class level, otherwise she will not survive.

She thinks that it took her 5 years to get back, she did nto think it would take this much time.

PSB and DH drink together and talk about the ex. PSB asks him if he has a change in his heart. DH says it isn’t like that, but he also doens’t really know. The moment he saw her, his heart dropped momentarily. The last 5 years….you know how long I thought about that. But after talking to her at lunch, I was okay, I felt calm, like a storm, I was so quiet. PSB tells him, if it was a problem that he can solve right away then he would not have suffered for a long time. Did you tell MC? DH explains that he didnt’ yet.

His friend thinks this is a good chance for DH to meet the ex again. he should clear up everything with her, all the thoughts in his head can be talked out.

MC walks through the house and sees DS walking around without his shirt on, she sees his clock on his back. He only has 29 days left to live. he apologizes and asks if she is surprised to see him with his shirt off. She asks him if he is sick. he asks her if she also thinks that he will not live long.

He playfully tells her that she is a strange person and he will go to the hospital to check things out. He walks up to his room.

At the hospital, DS finds out that he has lung fibrosis. They don’t know how it progresses. DS says that less than a year passed since he told him to get treatment. The doctor tell him that he needs to be hospitalized. DS leaves looking stunned.

Outside, he walks slowly down the street. One of his legs looks like it is bothering him. he looks around in a daze and then calls someone. he calls hyung and tells him that they should eat together. DH has a lunch appointment, but asks him where he is. DS just wants to talk to him and eat with him. But DH says his lunch appointment will be boring for him. DS does not push the issue and tells him to work hard.

Then DS rides somewhere as he stresses over his diagnosis alone.

SH talks to MC about DH. MC needs to tell DH that his brother will die soon and he should know about it. But SH is against it, how can she tell DH that his brother will die soon? Are you sure you should do that? MC gets a call from DS.

She meets with him. DS wants to know how she knew, she told him to go to the hospital and it looked like she knew something. he tells her that he thought he had a few more years but his symptoms are progressing quickly now. He asks her to keep it from DH, he will find a good time to tell him himself. He smiles and walks off.

Flashback. SH and MC are eating ice cream on the street. But then someone bumps into her so she drops her ice cream. Her time pops upon her wrist. This is the first time she started seeing it. It was 1 year 29 days. She tries to wash it off, but it won’t wash off. She tries her darnedest and rubs her skin raw while crying in the bathroom. She takes a breather to cry and then tries to frantically start wiping it off again.

MC hops out of her flashback as she watches DS walk away. She thinks that she knows how difficult it is and tells DS to be strong.
MC and DH run into each other and talk about how long he should be punished. She does not make eye contact with him and dissapears whenever she sees him, she is running away from him. He wants her to tell him.

She asks him the same, don’t you have something to tell me?

he tells her that he will not do anything shameful in front of her, so don’t worry. When he clears up everything, he will tell her.

She tells him to drive well and take care of his hyung.

He says that he will see her tonight.

DH gets to his home for lunch and sits with his older and younger brother, sister-in-law, and appa. DS is at this family meeting again in what seems like a long time. Appa does not look happy to see him even though he greats his appa pleasantly.

They all sit to eat. DS is polite to his sister-in-law and tells her to sit, she has ajumma to take care of all the food. Everything seems fine, but then DS asks for some seed money to start a business like he has done for his brothers. Appa tells him to not waste his time and leave if he continues talking like this. he storms out.

MC goes to hang out with SN at the hospital. They sit outside and eat oreos on the bench. SN thinks MC is there to clear her head, she looks so depressed today. Is it work, money? What is the problem? MC says her friend is very sick. He is scared and is having a difficult time. It seems like he will jsut endure it by himself, he does not have much time, She wants to tell the family members, but he does not want her to telll them. SN says that she should tell them. the family should know and should prepare. MC does not know what to do. SN tells her that time passes, the seasons change, they have to just accept things, happiness and pain, that is how humans live. You should just be next to that person so that they can continue living their life.

MC agrees, she can’t do anything, but maybe all she said is true. however, it is still hard to do it since she is not an adult. SN says it isnt’ because she is young, it is just because she is a good person.

DH asks DS why he told that to appa, he knew that appa would be upset. DS says that he realized that they have a different sur name when they went to school. DH wants to know what is going on. DS says it is nothing, he just thought about all the things their appa didn’t do for him at that time. Can you drop me off? I will have a drink with my friend and sleep in his place. I’ll see you tomorrow.

DS gets out at the light and walks across the street with his tiny limp. DS watches him for as long as he can and then drives off.
MC waits outside for Dh and breaks the news to DH. She tells him that his brother is sick. She doesn’t know the details, she just knows that he is super sick. There isn’t much time left for him.

DH thinks it is nonsense, who said his brother is sick?

She tells him that she saw it.

DH asks, so you saw the time on my brother?

MC tells him that he has less than one month left.

DH grows upset and tells her that he can’t listen to this anymore. He does not know what kind of disease this is, but how can his brother only live one month? Do you know what you are talking about? Don’t lie to me. Do you think I am a fool that believes in your time stuff? One month? how dare you say that nonsense to me?

MC – I wish that I was talking nonsense and I wish that I was lying.

Fade Out

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  1. euros
    June 11, 2018 / 8:26 am

    Currently loving this kdrama!!! Of all these dramas coming up i’m glad i picked this up!!!!! Thank you so much for this!!!!!

    • V
      June 11, 2018 / 10:17 am

      So glad you love it 🙂

  2. Lalaboom
    June 11, 2018 / 12:41 pm

    Lots of th8ngs are going wrong with this show, but I’m still interested in the time aspect.

  3. MoneyHoney
    June 11, 2018 / 1:06 pm

    @lalaboom seconded. This show is turning into a mess that I am somehow still interested in. Perhaps the last minute editing is to blame because a lot of scenes look like they were just cut right at the moment that they start talking in order to save time with cutting-splicing scenes together.

    This show could be so delightful, I love the concept, don’t really care for the male lead at all. He feels like he is just lurching around and then is fored to say a line or two (I mean this in the kindest way – this man just cannot act). I would much rather he over acted than underacted because right now he just looks like a wet blanket.

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