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About Time Live Recap Episode 5

Episode 5 Live Recap for the Korean Drama About Time starring Lee Sung-kyung and Lee Sang-yoon

We have a traditional drama man confession on one side (I love you, deal with it!), a blossoming love on the other (do I like him? Why do I feel this way?), plus a spinning after-I-was-stabbed-for-you kiss at the hospital. I feel a lot of butterflies about to fly around all up in this episode; catch the wind and sail, butterflies! The only problem is, Doha is not the friendliest of guys to like and when he is unlikable, his charms over Michaela’s time do not work. (I think so anyway, am I the only one that noticed that?).

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Shorthand Shorthand Character Chart
Choi Michaela – MC | Lee Do-ha – DH | Bae Su-bong – SB | Jeon Seong-hee

Airing Time: June 4th, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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MC tells DH that he might not believe it, but she can see the remainder of peoples lives. But whenever she is with him, her time stops. But she was about to kill him as she tries to stick with him. She is sad because she is using him to extend her life.

He walks up to her and wipes her tears away.

DH – Whatever reason you are next to me, now I don’t care about the reason.

He softly kisses her. She closes her eyes and the camera spins around them as we see the time ticking up faster and faster. She pulls his hands away gently.

DH – When I thought his knife would touch you, my body moved first. I was too arrogant before. I am confessing to you. I like Choi Michaela so much, I don’t know what to do.
MC – Okay, let’s have a date.
DH – Huh?

MC brings DH to the emergency room. A boy in the room is crying in pain at a stomach wound. He has 90 years left to live. MC walks through the triage area and says everyones time that they have left. Everyone has dozens of years left to live.

Then she goes to the hallway and sees a halmoni and halabogi with a chocolate. The halbae wants the girls chocolate and might have dementia. He has one day left to live. MC gives a barret to the girl so that she will give the chocolate to halabogi. It was a win-win. The halmae thanks her, MC smiles and says it’s no problem.

DC asks her what she is doing. MC tells him that the halbae has one day left to live. She has 87 days left. But for whatever reason, her time stops when she is with him. She isn’t sure if it will be like this now or in the future. She is sorry to hurt him but she is the one who created this issue so can you be nice to that man? (Not sure what man, maybe CA?).

MC walks off with DC left thinking about this. He thinks, why can’t she just tell me she hates me? I don’t want to be nice to that guy!

MC gets to the office and looks at all the presents from SB. She thinks back to what SB told her. DH is also in the hospital thinking about what MC told him about her time abilities.
PWJ goes into DH’s room and brings him something to eat. He starts peeling an apple for him. DH asks him if he can look at the CCTV in the lobby with an older couple. The man looked like he had dementia. One more thing, I was watching a drama, the woman said she wanted to stick with the man and the man said he liked her but she left.

PWJ starts telling him about drama’s and if the woman approaches the man but he is too easy then they need to have a push and pull. It makes you go crazy if you have push and pull. But then he notices that he doesn’t look good. DH tells him to just leave.

In the office, SB sees all her gifts returned. She smiles and says this does not make her happy. She tells her assistant to remove them. But the assistant has a bigger concern, DH is in the hospital! SB hops up, the hospital?

PSB visits DH in the hospital where they start to talk about Michaela. She is all over his mind. PSB tells him to take a bit more of a break. he leaves and DH starts to immediately think about push and pull. he thinks MC might be push-and-pulling him but he is not that easy of a guy.

He puts on his headphones and looks for some songs, but all the songs are love songs about timing. he takes off the headphones while complaining and the song choices

Poem: You fail

When I wake up in the morning
and open the windows
everything is white, it is snowing like this
I didn’t realize it
The snow covers the world like this
You are like snow to me
Without noticing you
You fell on me

MC shows up as the poem is read.

DH – Lee Doha, you deserve to be ignored. Whatever I do, MC is in front of me

DH goes back to his room, it was all a fantasy. But the nightmare starts because his father is in the room waiting on him and starts into him right away about not making someone worry about him. A lot of people want to right news about you. SB’s family is the best for us so you should catch her heart.

But DH thinks he is like appa, he grew up under him. The person who comes to the hospital and talks about arranged marriages only. How can I learn how to move someones heart?

Appa is angry at the back talk. DH tells him that he will give him the result that he wants so much, regardless of SB. So keep your word that you will give the company to the best person at business.

Appa says he does not lie! Then he leaves.

SH is so happy that DH is starting to fall for her, she wants to know what MC said. MC tells her that she told him that she has limited life. SH is all like, are you crazy? But MC told him that because she does not want to hurt him. She would like him without the time thing. SH is perky and says she should enjoy it, she has a nice time now. She should go to DH and take care of him with a massage (joke)!
SB shows up at the hospital in a good mood. But DH wants to tell her something. She sits and says that he looks like he is about to toss a bomb at her. He tells her that they should cancel their wedding, he has someone he likes. She says, someone you like? The thing I really asked you to give me, you really have that now?

DH – Maybe, we can take care of the company business slowly. I will tell my parents.

SB – I understand you but I say no. I am not going to give up my business and I am not going to tell my parents. I gave you a lot, now it is time for you to endure. Do you know that you are the only one that calls me Su-bong? I am okay with that…..we started without your heart and my determination to wait is the same. Enjoy her for as much as you want and think about whether it is worth it to throw me away. I can wait…a month….a year….it doesn’t matter. I can wait until you are finished. This does not mean that I won’t be doing anything, so don’t be too relaxed.

SB leaves and calls someone, she asks them to hire a person that can tell her what DH does at all times of the day. She hangs up and mutters that she can’t finish this gracefully.

Later, DS shows up at the hospital and asks DH if he can just stay at the hospital longer. But DH wants to leave because there are a lot of reporters around. The brother says a little joke about DH taking his drugs then PWJ tells him that he has to go to the police station.

Everyone sits next to each other at the police station, yes even the stabber, and talk about what happened. The person who stabbed DH says he did it on purpose with malicious intent but MC says he did not, it was impulsive. His wife shows up and pounds on his chest, how can he think about doing that. They need him, they can’t think about living without him! She apologizes to everyone and says he is not that kind of guy, he has just had a hard time lately. She should have noticed. This makes the man snap out of his rage. He apologizes to his wife and to everyone in the room.

DH stands up and asks the polcie to please think about him (drop charges). Then he tells MC that family is family, she was right. he leaves. PWJ runs after him and tells him that he got a phone message. The dementia patient died that morning. DH thinks back to what MC told him about the halabogi only having one day left. MC walks up at that moment so DH asks her how she knew that. MC says she knows, she can see it. he asks her if she say that stabbers death?

She did. he asks her how much time he has left. She says she does not know. he thinks that means what she says sounds like a lie, but he will trust her. he will trust this time that she sees. So, you have eighty something days left but you are okay with me. What if I am not next to you, what happens?

MC – When my time ends, I will die.

he asks her one more question, the time stops next to me. Is that the only reason you want to be next to me? he tells her that he sees her heart. Then he makes a propolas, why doesn’t she just live with him?

MC tells him that she is not that easy of a woman, she won’t just go to his house!

But she moves to his house.
She thinks she shouldn’t stay in this strange mans house. But she also thinks her life depends on it. To stay or go runs through her mind several times until she thinks of what her friend told her. She should live with him definitely. They playfully talk about living with him. Don’t think about anything, just move in, your life is dependent on it, just go!

MC hops out of her thoughts and looks toward DH’s room. His room is just one wall away from her. he is also looking toward her room and wondering what she is doing.

Later on, PWJ lists all the things he purchased for MC to make her stay comfortable. he also bought a little ducky for her but he is not sure if it is the right one. DH says it looks like the right one. His brother comes up to chat with him.

He tells him that he supports him 100%. Life is nothing, money and ambition – just throw that all away and fall in love, that is a man. DH says he won’t throw any of that away, he will protect his women and maintain his money and power. His brother is about to leave. he is a travel writer so he needs to get to traveling so he can write. DH jokes that no one buys his books but DS just says some people buy them.

Elsewhere, JY is busy preparing for the audition. He is checking over the applicants and stops on MC’s resume. He thinks back to when he heard her singing. he walked into the concert hall and heard a good amount of the song. he even closed his eyes and smiled as he listened to it.
At home, DH pushes his bed closer to the wall near MC’s room. But he wonders if he is too close, should he be farther away? Whatever he does, will it affect her? In MC’s room, he plays with the ducky toy a little bit and says it is cute and gets cuter the more she sees it. But it is sleeping time so she curls up to go to bed. SH texts her and tells her to tell her mother that she is sleeping at her place.

DH is also about to text MC, but he accidentally calls her and she (accidentally?) answers the call right away.

MC hops up after answering the phone.

DH – Did you sleep
MC – I was about to go to bed, Iwas almost asleep
DH – you sleep to well in a strange place
MC – it is a good bed so I sleep well
DH – i can’t even sleep in my bed, I am in detention because it is so close to you, I can’t just lay in it. why don’t you respond to what I say, are you ignoring me
MC – ignoring?
DH – I said I like you but that is not too big to ignore me…it is not big enough to get ignored by you
MC – (laughs) thank you for trusting what I said and letting me stay next to you. Good night, sweet dreams.

She smiles as she hangs up. Then we cut to her sleeping facing his room. he also sleeps facing her room. Her time is not running. It stops at 86 days.

MC drives DH to work. Ont he radio the person says to say what you feel. DH says it is usually not “thank you” but “I love you” then he asks MC if she has anything to tell him? But hse is all like, um no. He tells her it is an awkward place. The camera scrolls to PWJ in the background. PWJ says something and DH tells him thank you which stuns PWJ.

MC meets with JY to talk about the musical. He tells her that she is meeting the director, even though it is not official, she should be better(?). he asks her if she can be the reserve for the lead. He is curious about her and when he saw the audition, it reminded him of the female character in his mind. But he can not give her the main character roll, he can offer her the substitute.

She says she can do it! He wants to see what he felt again and leaves her the musical score/notes. he leaves. SH comes right up to her afterward and asks her what happened?!? They scream as MC lets her know the good news. SH is so happy, the thinks MC has someone to love and she has her audition!
Cut to SB at a shop. She wants a flashier watch or something. The one she has is too plain. Then she meets with DB (DH’s brother) to scheme. She does not care if DH has nothing which means that DB can have everything. SB basically wants DB to help her get DH. he will take all the blame but she will also help him later.

Meanwhile, DH talks with PWJ. No one accepts their business proposal.

MC texts DH at that moment and asks him if he is busy. MC checks her phone and wonders why DH is not responding. DH opens his office doors and tells MC that he wants to talk to her for a moment. He golds her hands and walks away with her, but she doesn’t think they shuold be doing this. They let go of her hands. he wants to know what she is doing and if she wants to hang out later.

Unfortunately she can’t hang out because she has an audition! He is happy for her but he also thinks she shouldnt’ do this. She is making a busy man think about her all the time. MC is about to hang out with her friend as well. DH tells her, pick him or the halmoni.

It’s double date time! MC and DH go on a truck camping double date with Park and SN in a park. DH is on barbecue watch while everyone talks around the table. MC sees parks time left, he has dozens of days left. She asks SN if she is happy. SN says she is happy, each moment is so precious and important, time went by until she is at the age she is at now. Everything is so precious.

Park comes back and asks SN for this dance. They start to happily dance in the grass. DH whispers that SN and Park have a lot of energy. SN tells them to joint them, so MC pulls him to the yard and they stumble around as they try to dance.

Time goes by, day turns to night and they are still dancing. MC teaches DH how to dance with a happy SN watching along as she dances with her man. MC and DH joke about stepping on each others feet (becasue they are so sparking). Then DH tells her that she is so pretty, she is even prettier when she smiles, what should she do with this pretty woman. When he sees her smiling so brightly, he wishes time stopped like this.

MC thinks this is the thing….that feeling of happiness.

DH – I wish my time is one hundred years to make MC happy forever.

They bashfully smile and keep dancing. His dancing didn’t get any better so they stumble along happily.

Much later on, Park is sleeping as the other three keep talking. SN asks who kissed in one week! Whoever folds first loses. DH folds his finger and tells MC that she should fold hers also. SN laughs while DH basically tells her that she is too R rated. SN is all like, whatever, take your drink. DH guzzles his drink and goes to the bathroom with SN chuckling about his weak stomach.

When DH leaves, SN tells MC that she sees a lot of hearts in her eyes. MC tellsher that he is a strange man. She remembers all the happiness that she hid in her heart, he finds it all and gives it to her. After her Grandmother died when she was 7, everything changed. When she was little, her halmoni liked her a lot, just like you do to me. Whatever I did, crying or begging, she always told me I was pretty.

But Halmoni got hit by a car while protecting MC. MC sees the time at that moment.

MC – Halmoni died all of a sudden in front of me. The world looked different to me. From that time, I forgot about those things to adapt to this strange world. Tiny and normal and small happiness. He teaches me these things.

SN – Your grandmother gave you your present.

MC – Present?

DH walks back up to them and sits. SN looks at DH’s neck and sees 61 years! Halmoni can see time too! She also sees MC’s time.

MC – it will be a very happy and a very hurtful present.

She starts crying and we see both their times on the screen.

61 years and 81 days.

Fade Out

Image by tvN

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