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About Time Live Recap Episode 4

Episode 4 Live Recap for the Korean Drama About Time starring Lee Sung-kyung and Lee Sang-yoon
We ended the last episode with a love confession! We also know that Michaela’s time starts adding whenever Doha has lovely feelings for her. It is unclear as to how Michaela actually feels about him though. Right now it still seems like he is just her lifeline with no love feelings attached.

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Shorthand Shorthand Character Chart
Choi Michaela – MC | Lee Do-ha – DH | Bae Su-bong – SB | Jeon Seong-hee

Airing Time: May 29th, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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MC tells DH that her job is just waiting for him. He yells that she should feel somwthing. She tries to hold him in the movie theater and bother him. Why is whe okay? MC yells, what did I do wrong? He yells back, it’s because I like you! I am going crazy becauuse I think of you! It doens’t matter how you feel, I want to kiss, hug, and think about you. I will get tired of you quickly so if you don’t like it then leave now.

Time starts running again on MC’s arm.

MC – Dating, you just told me to stay next to you? I gave you a hint, but what you said is very bad.

Michaela walks off. SB comes out and asks when DH came out, did you just want fresh air? Let’s go, I have a little headache. But DH just walks back to the retaraunt.

MC gets in the bus and thinks bout what DH told her. She thinks he is a bad guy and tears up as she rides the bus.

Meanwhile, DH and SB are driving home with PWJ. SB apologizes for calling PWJ so late to drive them, DH made the new driver leave because it is so late. PWJ says he is a good guy, but it is a little awkward.

Mini flashback to SB seeing everything. She pretended like she didn’t see DH and MC talking. In the car, DH keeps looking out the window as SB looks at him.

they get to SB’s house. She tells him that she enjoyed the dinner, so you at your fathers house on Thursday.

SB – Don’t play too much, so we won’t have any trouble on both sides.

MC gts home, her mother and her brother are there watching TV. They think she doens’t look too happy. MC says she might just be a little tired. The TV program actress mentions that she is always thinking about that guy. Do I love him? He is the son of the chairman, what should I do?

MC tells her family, what kind of drama is that? Why should seh like him? Korean drama’s are bad. then seh storms to her room. Her family is all like, what is up with her?
In her bedroom, MC tells herself to get real, he is just her lifeline.

MC waits for DH in the car. Time is ticking on her wrist, he isn’t coming out. She gets a text from PWJ telling her that DH went to work first. You can come to the company.

At work, PWJ lets DH know that he KaTalked MC. DH asks what she said. He said she said okay. DH wants to know if that was it, she didn’t say anything else? How can she not care about me so much? What is the reason?

PWJ doens’t think this is an important matter.

DH gets up in a huff and says he will take a nap, you just stay here! Then he storms off to his office and starts to get all into his head about last night and the things he said and why did he take her to that restaurant! he is a mess of emotions. So he runs to his phone and tries to call someone.

His doctor friend, PSB, is consulting with another person. this person is really having a hard time and wants his drugs increased. PSB tells him they are already giving him the maximum treatment, they cannot give him any more. The man gets angry but then he apologizes and says that he wants more drugs, please, just a little more and he can sleep and then go to work.

PSB’s phone rings with DH’s call. It keeps ringing so he answers it and says if it is not an emergency then he has to go. DH starts talking about how he can’t focus, he just sees MC. PSB tells him ten minute meditation and then he hangs up.

Unfortunately the patient he was talking to left while he was talking.

MC looks for another audition at her friends workplace. She thinks she is just wasting time while waiting for DH, so she wants to practice. SH senses something from her friend and thinks that she might be liking DH. MC denys it. SH tells her that she cannot love him first. She has to refuse it, then he will want her. You understand! MC just nods awkwardly and leaves. SH thinks it’s suspicious.

MC goes to the studio and practices a monologue. But she can’t focus. She wonders why she can’t focus. Suddenly, she sees DH in the mirror. He says either you like DH or DH likes you(?). She says that isn’t it. But then JY enters the practice room and tries to talk to her. He thinks her monolgue was good, but MC just wants to ignore him. He calls her his emotional voice. She walks back to him and tells him to change how he talks to her, then she walks off. This rattles JY, he thinks she should respect him, doens’t she know who he is? But she walks out without caring.

JY asks his assistant for the audition list.

PWJ leaves DH a note that says he called MC. PSB and PWJ are not available right now.
MC comes to drive him around. Cut to the m both in the car. He asks her if she went home yesterday okay? She says yes, she would rather not come, but her life is on the line so she couldn’t. he stutters that he can dive. She confidently says that he told her not to have awkward conversations and just drive. DH mutters that he should go to speech therapy, the things that he says aren’t that great.

DH gets to the airport and picks up a backpacking looking guy. They both smile at each other. His brother tells him that he hasn’t taken a shower in a week, do I smell? DH tells him that he smell a lot, it’s his brothers smell. They smile and hug again.

Outside, the brother says that DH hired a driver only for her beauty. DH says she is a driver, that’s it. The brother introduces himself as Yoon Do-sun, DH’s second brother. They have different last names. The brother says her name is like an angel. But DH just tells his brother that she isn’t like an angel at all. But he gets flustered and goes into the car. His brother laughs.

At home, the brother shows DH his most important thing, his diary. It was made by elephant poop(?). This is an empty diary as a gift for DH who always wrote diary entries since they were little. MC is still with them so the brother tells her to stay and listen to his trip. He starts talking about little kids he met. then he starts to talk about DH as a little kid and how girls took money from him when he was 8.

DH tries to defend himself and says that they weren’t girls, they were huge women who took my money. Th ebrother says that he just wanted to say that his brother is a good guy. Dosan says that his brother cried a lot from all the teasing then he turns to DH and tells him to bring him some more wine. DH is all like, whatever. So DS starts to tell MC another embarrassing childhood secret of DH’s so DH runs to the wine room.

DS tells MC that he knows his brothers heart, but what about you, do you like my Doha? MC says she doens’t know, she is just thankful and sorry. DS mentions that she is still confused. He will tell her a secret story. DH and him have different moms, DS followed his mothers last name. He went to his fathers house and no one liked him, but DH accepted him as family. He looks like a bad guy, but he isn’t bad in his heart. He is a nice person so please help him.

DH runs back and asks what kind of wine DS wants. But DS jsut says he is going to bed and leaves MC and DH alone. DH looks at MC apprehensively. She tells him that they should talk a little bit.

They go to the sitting area to talk. DH says he was impulsive in what he said that day. MC tells him that they should just dot it. he is not in a position to run away. You can keep me until you get sick and tired of me. I am okay, you do whatever you want to. DH thinks she should curse him as a bad guy, but MC thinks nothing makes sense from the begining with them anyway. She doesnt’ like him and she won’t like him later so you just keep your heart safe and don’t get hurt. Whatever you do, sleeping with me or hugging me, I won’t get hurt.

Quick cut to MC falling on the couch with DH on top of her. She looks scared and closes her eyes. DH says, you said you wouldn’t be scared, so why are you closing your eyes? he gets up and walks off.
DS goes into DH’s room and talks to him as he dresses. They talk about working and they’re father and brother. He wants to know if they are okay. DH says they are doing fine without you worrying about them. DS tells DH to tell them that he will visit them to say hi. Then he asks if he can borrow a suit.

Cut to MC driving DH around. It looks like DH tries to hold her hand, but she avoids it. They get to their location. DH tells MC to relax, he won’t do anything to her. He gets out of the can and MC says, ah, why did I tell him to do anything he wants! Why did I bluff like that?!? DH knocks on her window and lets her know that this won’t take long.

DH goes inside to meet with his father and everyone. DH lets them know that DS is coming, but the father, SM, ignores that bit of information. SB tries to lighten the mood.

Elsewhere, DS meets with his late-mother at her resting place. He tells her that he missed her a lot.

Back at the mansion, DH tries to avoid DB, but DB tells him that SB does a lot for him. He should try and control his facial expressions. DH tells him to tell it to him straight. DB walks right up to DH and tells him that it is about his driver that follows him around. Everything you are doing won’t happen without SB. Only one time is okay with a marriage that father doesn’t want. DH says that he did a marriage that father doesn’t want and screwed up someones life, so don’t give me that kind of advice. DB says he can help him but DH thinks he looks so miserable at trying to recover his trust from their father since he married a woman that father doesn’t like.

Everyone sits to eat. The conversation turns to DH and SB’s marriage. SB says they will arrange everything soon.

DH finally leaves when it is dark outside. SB walks out with him and sees MC in the car as his driver. She asks if he likes drama’s? Like throwing water makjang dramas. I like dramas, when I go home, i will watch drama’s. She gets in her car and drives off.

DH gets in the car with MC and asks her if she is hungry? She says she ate dinner. They drive the rest of the way in silence.
MC has her own desk at the company and writes notes on all the things she ha to do for DH that PWJ tells her. SB shows up, she wants to see DH, but then she wants to talk to MC while waiting. She also asks PWJ if he can bring her things from her car, which leaves her and MC alone.

SB pours MC tea and tells her to drink it. This tea is very precious, she gave it to DH. She says she liked tea and coffee and asks MC what she likes. She won’t take too much of her time so don’t be uncomfortable. I know a lot of things about you like the things that you like and what kind of person you are. For me, I want to know what type of person DH is.

PWJ comes in with the gift from the car. SB opens the gifts and tells SB that these are gifts for her and her mothr. They are all expensive shoes and a purse that SB bought. The purse is for her mother and the shoes are for MC. SB puts the shoes on MC. She tells her that she can give her a lot more things. Just don’t shake DH. i like watching drama’s but it isn’t pretty if I threw water on you and grabbed your hair. I want to be graceful. I know you don’t feel that way, but I know how DH is feeling. The human heart is like weeds on a field, it grows quickly, suddenly. If you have a hard time finding a job, I will introduce you to one. I hope you listen to my wish.

SB leaves without wearing shoes. MC looks at the gift shoes that are now on her feet.
SB runs into DH when she leaves and tells him that she wanted to see him. He wants to know where her shoes are? SB smiles. She tells him to give her his weekend, they can eat something delicious and go on a nice date. She walks off.

DH meets with his doctor friend. the doctor friend says he had a serious patient that is a lot more serious than one-sided love. Dh says he acknowledges that he has a problem but he will remove it like his picture. PSB says this picture method is not a good plan. you do not have good control over your feelings. Find your feelings and then find a good way to deal with it.

Elsewhere, MC meet with her friend SN. She tells her about her last few days. SN says she will find him and hit him, she told him to be nice to MC! It looked like he really liked you on that day. MC tells her that he has a fiance. SN is all like, that #%@$. But MC tells her that it was all on her part, she needs him so she lets him do whatever he wants. She thought about this, then she woke up. this guy is so important for someone and I am just using him to survive.

SN lets her know that using someone is bad, but look at it more seriously. Is the reason you are next to him only to use him? Is that really the only reason?

MC leaves and sees the man that was in PSB’s office. She rides the elevator with him. He has 54 years of life left, but it suddenly changes to 7 minutes. Then it changes back to 54. Then back to 7. It looks like he is thinking deeply about something. He has something in his picket. MC tries to get the mans attention.

MC – Ajusshi…..!

But the man opens his doctors door and DH is right there. they both turn to look at him.

The man slowly walks into the room. PSB says he doens’t have an appointment today. The man says he is going to get divorced. The man tells him to wait outside but the man pulls out a knife and holds it to the doctors throat. He tells them not to move, otherwise he will kill them all.

MC opens the door. They tell her to leave. She says she will close the door. MC sees his arm, it has 5 mintues on it and it is ticking away.

DH starts to stumble as if he will pass out, but he is still standing.

The man tells PSB that he told him more medicine is dangerous. But it is better to die, I was fired because I argued with a superior at word and my wife wants to leave me because I destroyed the house. I live like this, it hurts more.

MC tells him that kids need their appa, my appa is in jail because he did something wrong in the company but I never thought my appa was bad. Change your heart ajusshi!

Ajusshi yells that PSB should have changed his drug, he screwed him up!

MC tells ajusshi not to do that.

Ajusshi tells them not to come close to him, he will kill them all and he will die here as well! Ajusshi throws the doctor. MC runs to the Ajusshi. DH hops in front of MC and DH.

DH gets stabbed in the back. Before he passes out, he says that he told her to leave. MC, you really dont’ listen. He passes out in her arms.

MC starts yelling, what should we do? What should we do?

Later on, DH wakes up in a hospital bed with bandages all over his chest and back. He sits up slowly and walks into the hallway. Maybe it is a dream, his back doens’t look like it hurts him? He walks to the window and sees MC sitting outside. Then he goes outside.

DH – You didnt’ get hurt right? Are you crazy? How did you come into that dangerous place?
MC – If I didn’t stop him then he would have killed himself. I can see how long that person will live.
DH – What are you talking about?
MC – So I had to stop him. I am okay, I won’t die even if I get injured. My watch is okay so long as you are next to me. You dont’ believe it, but I can see how long people live. Whatever the reason is, when I am next to you, my time stops. That is why I needed you. I have to use you. Because of that, I was about to kill you. You are the one that has to run away. For me to live, I am using you.

She cries softly. he walks up to her and wipes away her tears.

DH – Whatever reason you are next to me, I don’t care what it is.

He holds her head softly. Then he kisses her just as softly.

The camera spins around the two of them as they kiss. We hear a clock ticking

A time is displayed, it is adding more time.

Fade Out

They might live together? So her time doesn’t run out
MC’s family gets a lot of money
SB tells DH not to do it, never
MC tells him that she has a limited time to live, is that okay with him?

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