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About Time Live Recap Episode 3

Episode 3 Live Recap for the Korean Drama About Time starring Lee Sung-kyung and Lee Sang-yoon
I really enjoyed the first two episodes of About Time. I love how the precedent for Michaela becoming Doha’s driver was set in the first episode when she needed to make it to her audition. I also love how she really cares nothing for him but he is love struck right away. All my girl Michaela cares about is landing her spot in a musical before her time runs out.

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Shorthand Shorthand Character Chart
Choi Michaela – MC | Lee Do-ha – DH | Bae Su-bong – SB | Jeon Seong-hee

Airing Time: May 28th, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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DH asks MC why she is so desperate. He holds her hand and smiles as he looks at her. Here time starts adding instead of subtracting. MC is still asleep on his shoulder at the jail.

PWJ looks through the jail and tells Dh that he knew this would happen. You touched someone sleeping like that! That is why you should take responsibility of her! As a man!

DH hops up and covers PWJ’s mouth quickly. He tells him this is another era! MC wakes up from the commotion. But when they all leave, DH ignores her and walks off. However, he stops returns to her to tell her to come to his place by 7 am. Then he tells her all the rules as a driver of what she can and cannot do. He hands over the keys on a probationary basis and lets her know that this is conditional, he can fire her at anytime. They are employer and employee, dont’ talk about dating or any stupid things like that.

MS is brightly happy and agrees to all he says. She will work hard!

SH walks out of the jail at that time as well. MS tells her that DH hired her! They have a friend scream party in the police parking lot. DH smiles as he watches them while driving away.

DH does a background check on MC. She used to be upper middle class or even high class, but her father made a mistake which led them to poverty. She is like Cinderella who tries to rescue her parents. PWJ thinks she is suspicious because she lied to him. DH thinks he suspects everything but PWJ just starts complaining about how DH and MC shared a bed together. DH tells him that he has a grudge problem which is why he was born to the family of a chaebol. He will remember all that PWJ does to him. So take care of MC.

PWJ just stutters that he is sorry.

MC leaves for work in the morning after telling her friend that she is off. She sings a song int he car as she waits for DH to show up. DH comes out and watches MC singing happily. PWJ says she sings noerebang in her first day in the car. But MC notices her time stopping and whips her head around to see DH. She hops out to open the door for DH but the secretary tells her that he always sits in the passenger seat.

They head off.

DH looks at the stock market in the car and recites his orders to MC. Focus on driving, don’t look at me or ask me any stupid questions, I amnot your boyfriend. She agrees but then he looks at her and imagines her singing. She looks at him too which makes him tell her to focus on the are in front of them, they are too close! but there is no cars in front of them.

MC looks at hr clock, it is stopped. This brings a smile to her face.

Elsewhere, SB is sitting at her desk and talking about her looks. She thinks her face is too puffy, is it menopausal? Maybe it is because they are working with JY. She plops a magazine on the desk and talks to the man in front of her. She asks him if it is plaigarized(?) and tells him that her magazine is her hobby, he needs to do a better job making it.

He leaves and she opens a package with a lot of coins in it. There are 1000 five hundred won coins. he couldn’t make the origami birds so he gave her the coin birds instead. All the coins have her birth year of 1987 on them. She likes this gift.

But DH sees MC when he opens his computer and tells her that he has a fiance! I gave you a job, dont’ come out anymore, we are just employee and employer, that is it!

Meanwhile, MC is meeting with PWJ who is giving her the third degee about his friend. He wants her to sign the contract in the middle. MC tells him that she won’t be any more trouble and signs the contract.

Later, Dh is meeting someone and talking about the business deal with CA. The only condition is that CA wants SB at the signing. For Chinese business relations, connections are very important. DH tells him that he will call his fiance.

MC is at the restaraunt as well sitting with PWJ.
Afterward, her and DH drive off. DH tells her that she looks happy. MC says everything is beautiful, the sky, the trees. Dh wonders how she can look at the sky and trees when she is sitting next to a handsome man. But MC also says it is nice sitting next to him as well. The conversation changes to DH’s health. DH says his health is a company secret.

MC just wants to know because she wants him to be healthy, eat well, and get his treatments on time. DH wants to know if she sells insurance or something? Why is she so concerned with his health? MC lets him know that it is all because she wants him to be healthy since he is her employee.

DH goes to the gym. In the car, MC thinks about Dh’s health even more. She wonders if she should check his health. Cut to her going inside and looking at DH while he swims. DH gets out of the pool in only swim trunks and MC looks him up and down secretly. She even wonders if she can sneak into the locker room to find where his time clock is hidden. Is it on his bottom?

Later, SH works with JY. JY’s main concern is to find a new bright face for his musical, not an Idol or famous actress. They walk right into DH and MC. JY tells MC that he liked her song. She wasn’t nervous. MC thanks him a lot for his kind words. He says he is thankful that she sang the song.

DH looks upset with that entire exchange.

SH runs after JY and asks if he really liked MC’s audition? She had a hard life so she is really good with her emotional range in singing!

In the elevator, MC thinks about all the nice things JY told her. She thinks he wouldn’t just say those things to be nice. DH basically tells her to stop smiling so much.

he keeps thinking about that all the way to his office where he meets with PWJ. PWJ tells him that CA is coming to Korean in a couple weeks so they can arrange a meeting. But DH is more concerned with a painting on his wall, he wants it removed. PWJ thinks it is weird because ever painting he puts there only lasts for 3 months. Dh says he sees it enough and gets tired of it and wants it removed. He doesn’t like things for that long.
Much later, he sits with MC for dinner. They are the only two in the room. It looks like he just wants to look at MC for a long time so he will get tired of her. So, he tells her to just eat and he will watch her. MC is all like, okay, I’ll just eat prettily? She starts eating prettily while Dh watches her with a slight smile. his heart beats and beats and beats as he watches her eating. It beats so much that he has to stand up and go outside. He needs fresh air!

MC lets him go, she suddenly gets a phone call from her appa in jail. Appa tells her that he is okay. You are the head of the family, how is the audition? Are you having a hard time? MC tells him that a famous director told her she did well. Appa smiles and they both chat about how they miss each other and she is prettier now. DH catches the end of the conversation.

Cut to him still looking at her as they walk. She has to walk backward as he goes forward. He stares at her the entire time. She thinks it is strange though, she is a little scared that she might fall. he tells her that she should walk more. But then she almost falls and he grabs her. Her time starts going up. he tells her that she really isn’t that graceful. But she sees her time going up and her eyes grow big.

DH – I can’t just look at you just in case I worry that you get injured.

MC is stunned at her clock, how did it add time?

She runs off to catch up with DH as they go to the movies. While there, she runs into SN and her beau Park. They are also on a date there. SN asks who this fine gentleman is (with her eyes) and MC tells her that this is her boss. She says she has heard a lot about him. But then SN turns stern as she sits with DH. it is almost as if she is MC’s mother who is scrutinizing DH to see if he is good enough for her MC.

SN thinks DH wears too expensive of a watch and spends too much money. This can’t be good. Dh tries to tell her that they re just employee and employer, nothing more. SN just mutters that this is how it always starts. She was the same with MC as well. So be nice to her. Time goes by quickly, life is short so precious your time.

SN and MC show up at that moment. Park gives her a toy that he got for her. It looks like a duck? Dh tells MC that she can get one as well if she wants. But MC says she is okay. The older couple leaves which lets MC tells DH that she is sorry about that. But he just says that time is precious.
MC thinks about her clock while they are watching the movie. The time isn’t adding, it is stopped. She tries to slowly hold his hand to see if that will make it add. But Dh catches wind of her action and tells her that she will regret it. MC tries to pretend like she isn’t doing anything. She pulls her hand away, but then she tries to touch his hand again.

She tries to play it off again when he looks at her and she puts a cracker in her mouth. He leans in closely and bites the cracker out of her mouth. then he tells her that it is very dangerous to touch a man in a movie theater while thinking a lot.

He goes back to watching the movie.

Later on, MC and SH go to a jumjilbang and talk about the romantic date. SH thinks it was romantic, but MC doesnt’ think it was romantic at all. Time didn’t increase, perhaps it was her mistake. her friend tries to make sense of it all. DH likes MC and hires her and dates with her. maybe he just wanted to see a movie together? No man wants to do that with someone they don’t like. Men are like chargers. Plan A is the best with seducing him. But it is too hot in the sauna so SH tells her that they should go out.

Once they leave the hot room, MC sees a couple and thinks back to DH and her at the move theater. But she tries to shake it away.

Elsewhere, DH talks to his doctor, PSB about marrying SB. He also talks about a Lady Godiva painting he wanted to purchase. But he is only interested in things for 3 months. Then he sees a painting that he loves. he says it is not beauty that he an pass buy, he wants it. He wants to see this woman until he gets sick and tired of her.

PSB doesn’t think it is a good idea, somethings you like more and more, the more you see them. People are not paintings or watches. DH says he isnt’ the kind of guy that keeps the feeling of love well.

MC gets a text about the musical audition. But unfortunately she failed it. her face falls as she thinks back to JY telling her that she had a good face. She walks the building looking solemn and runs rinto JY. JY greets her happily and asks her if she is sad today? Is her emotion angry? MC asks her why he says he likes hr emotion if he didnt hire her? Why did he make her expect to get the job?

JY tells her that her voice is good, but seh has toruble with the song. She has a lot of things to learn. he wants to hire someone who it ready, not someone that he has to train. He is sorry about the audition, but don’t sing like someone who will die the next day.

This angers MC, huh? dying like tomorrow? People call you a genius? You are still a young boy, keep your manners. She leaves.
Dh greets CA and his people, they go inside. In their meeting, it looks like they are talking about the Korean version of Benjamin button. CA likes it, the plan is good, but on the other hand, they will take all the risk with this project which is not fair. DH says something in English. But then SB says her company will take on 20% of the money, so she will take on some risk as well. DH looks at SB. CA looks like he likes this proposition.

In another room/building, the brother, DB, meets with the father, SM. But the father is upset at DB because he wants money. He mentions that DH does all his investment without asking him for money.

back at the meeting, DH and SB talk about the deal. SB thinks it is the best deal ever, but DH thinks the proposal is too sexy. He doesn’t know if he can take it. She tells him to just take it. Take it and go to origami school. next time, send her a real origami crane. They walk out, MC is waiting for him at the car but SB does not look happy to see her there. Instead of going home, SB tells DH that they should go out for drinks. She hops in the back seat.

MC opens the front door for DH, but he gets into the backseat with SB.

In the car, SB asks MC if DH gives her a hard time. She says she is fine. SB thinks MC looks familiar to her, but DH tells her to stop asking MC questions, she is distracting her from driving. However, SB remembers where she saw MC and looks at DH.

They all arrive at their destination. Dh opens his own door and holds it open for SB. MC looks like she is not needed. Dh tells MC she can go home, but SB tells her to come eat in the restaurant in another seat. The three go inside. SB gives MC a lot of money and tells her that she is just bribing her for her man. DH tells SB that this is rude. But MC says it is fine, she takes the money.

MC sits in a seat off by herself and tells herself that she will enjoy the meal and not think of anything else.

DH also eats his meal with SB, but he looks at MC eating her meal outside. SB tries to make conversation with him. She can ask him anything today right? Before they get married, she tells him that it is okay to play around, but he needs to keep his class. If he plays around then he needs to play gracefully. he also needs to go to origami class but she goes to the bathroom after thinking that she might be getting drunk.

Dh immediately pulls MC out of the restaurant and tells her to leave. How many times does he have to tell her this? MC wants to know why he is so angry. he aks how she can take that money? how can she just eat it. MC says his friend paid for her meal so what is wrong with that? DH starts to yell at her about touching his hand and all those things and then he yells that he likes her. She drives him crazy because he thinks about her all the time. her clock starts adding. he doesn’t know what he is doing, but he likes her so he will do all the things he wants to do with her like sleep with her and everything. If she doesn’t like it then she should leave now.

Fade Out

I’m still enjoying this show, but it took a little bit of a turn this episode. I don’t know if this is repercussions from all the editing and re shooting they had to do so quickly, but it is something because the cinematography and acting felt very rushed. I hope it was just this episode though and not tomorrows.

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  1. HL
    May 28, 2018 / 5:51 pm

    What DH told MC at the end of the show was just like all the previous korean romantic comedies where a rich man falls in love with a poor bright woman, I wonder how this drama is different from all the others. Thank you for the recap!

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