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About Time Live Recap Episode 2

Episode 2 Live Recap for the Korean Drama About Time starring Lee Sung-kyung and Lee Sang-yoon
The first episode of About Time was fun, whimsical, and managed to get me in the feels. I was expecting a lot from this show which the first episode delivered on. We ended with Michaela just discovering that Do-ha might be her lifeline. She only has 100 days left to live, but when she is around Do-ha her time clock stops. Well, if that isn’t a good enough reason to stick to someone then I don’t know what is.

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Shorthand Shorthand Character Chart
Choi Michaela – MC | Lee Do-ha – DH | Bae Su-bong – SB | Jeon Seong-hee

Airing Time: May 22nd, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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MC is floating int he water and looks like she is sleeping happily. She washes up on an island and is in a nice dress as she sleeps on the beach as if she washed up. She wakes up and looks at her wrist. There is no time on it. A woman walks up to her and smiles as she looks down at her. It is MC’s halmoni.

MC hops up, this is her real grandmother. Grandmother asks her how she was and they hug.

MC tells her that she really wanted to see her. Halmoni says she was watching her eveyr day from over there. Halmoni points to the sky and the camera scrolls up until we see only blue. Then it turns to stars and scrolls back to MC. MC tells halmoni that she doens’t want to go to the stars yet. She wants to live happily and harder, she doens’t want to die like this.

DH suddenly asks, why will you die? MC’s time comes back on her arm and turns into an hour glass that drops to the sand. DH picks it up and holds it over his head so MC can’t get it. He tells her, don’t become a star after death, become mine, Choi Michaela.

Michaela wakes up, it ws all a dream. But then seh remembers that her time stopped when she held his hand. She checks it but it is still ticking. She thinks she is having stupid thoughts. But then her time goes slower and slower until it stops.

Suddenly DH opens the door at that moment. Her time has stopped. Her eyes grow wide as she looks at him. He starts to ask her how she risked her own life to rescue him. But she is so shocked by her time stopping. He keeps talking about nonsense but seh just grabs his hand and starts talking about how it was a dream. We jumped into the water. Am I…dead! Why did my time stop?

She hops up and runs upstairs. It is running again. But then it starts to get slower again until is stops. She turns around mistified and sees DH standing behind her.

MC – We were together in the see, who are you?
DH – DOn’t you remember who I am, did you lose your memory?
MC – My watch really stopped.
DH – Your watch stopped?
MH – Yes, yes
DH – It should be temporary,
MH – It is not temporary, it is because of you!

PWJ walks up at that moment smiling. DH asks him to call his brother and check her for brain damage, then he leaves. MC’s time starts again so she pushes PWJ out of the way and runs to DH.

Later, DH meets with CA and they talk business about the resort and hotel. CA says the problem is that this is only the cultural center, it is not the MK Group. How can I trust you? SB tells him to trust him because he is her fiance and MK’s heir. CA says he will consider it.
Even later on, everyone is relaxing my the pool. SB is with Dh and PSB is with PWJ as they lounge on the beech chairs. SB wants 1000 cranes from DH. They talk about that for a moment.

Meanwhile, MS tells her friend that her clock stops when she is next toDH. SH is so happy to hear this news. She tells her that this is a present from the gods because she worked to hard and lived so hard. But what about his time, did it stop?

MC says she didn’t see his watch, it wasn’t in a place that she could see. SH says she has to get him naked and check it out. SH tells her friend that she has to do whatever way she can to seduce DH, this is her miracle! We can do it!

First of all, you have to make sure he is the right person. MC gets to doing this and confirms that her clock stops when she is around him. Once it is confirmed, it is time to start your mission. Your first image is all messed up so you need a new image.

MC shows up behind DH with an umbrella. She smiles at him warmly and they start to talk about Dancing with Wolves(?). Her friend wants MC to be straight with DH so MC tells DH that she likes DH but he just says, no thank you. And he leaves.

MC – He is a difficult person, so you should be patient and try different styles.

MC follows DH to a club and starts dancing like a woman that needs a good time. DH sees her and looks like he sees a crazy person. MC starts coming up to him and dancing very closely to him. He gets up which makes her smile, but then he leaves.

MC pours DC a drink at a bar, it spills all over the bar. She tells him to drink it. Otherwise we don’t see each other again. He gets up to elave. But she drinks it which makes him stop. She holds her head up as if she wants a kiss. But he just nods to something behind him and we see the bouncers grab her and carry her out.

MC has a new concept she is trying. It looks like it is a ballerina or yoga concept? But she didn’t get a chance becaue DH walks away with SB.

MC meets SH and talks about how this concept might not work. They saw SB, she looks perfect, but there are rumors that DH doesnt’ like SB, it is just an aranged marriage.
MC is a bit discouraged, but SH tells her to cheer up and keep at it. As encouragement, SH tells MC that JY is doing another musical and they will have auditions soon. DH wants to sponsor JY’s new work, so when you pass the audition you can see DH and JY at the same time! I will make a new plan on how to seduce DH! They giggle and cheer about their new concept to come.

JY is at the cultural center and is the conductor for the orchestra. DH, SB and his people walk in and look at him. SB talks about how JY is not a normal guy, he is a genius. CA is asking SB if DH recruited JY yet, so he has to try and get JY.

Cut to DH and JY talking with everyone around a table. They talk about how his music is moving and feeling. But they cut right to the chase. DH wants to make a really good musical that he can export to China, he wants to hire JY. JY says all that he does is commercially successful, but his condition is that he picks all his people, if you bother with that then I won’t sign the contract.

DH doesnt’ want to give, he thinks casting affects the commercial possibilities. JY asks DH which one of his musicals makes people move the most. You have never thought of it. I am telling you this because music is a business to you. I am telling you that I will not affect your business. There will be no discussion about casting.

It is a stalemate.

DH tells him that he can start the casting auditions in his building and they can talk about the details later.

Afterward, Dh works out inthe gym and his people talk to him about the situation. DH wants to know if there is any other guy who is as good as JY that we can bring to the table with CA? PWJ informs him that JY is the best. DH wants to know what will happen to their company if JY leaves? So find someone else other than JY. Or a JY replacement. If MC shows up to get money from me then just clean her up.

He sees her right at that time and wonders when she came in. But it was just a hallucination. The trainer looked like MC. He turns around and his secretary looks like MC. Everyone looks like MC! DH is rattled and tells PWJ to call his brother to come to his house. He covers his eyes and tries to walk away like that.

PSB goes to DH’s house and starts to ask him a lot of questions in order to have a stress response. In the end, PSB says he is a little different, do you feel strange? DH says he feels strange. he sees the same thing over and over again. But he wants to see it.

PSB tells him that he doesnt’ give him the answer, DH is supposed to find out the answer while talking about it. PSB then asks about MC, was she okay, did she visit you often? DH tells him that she is strange, she kissed me and surprised me. (PSB sees DH’s pulse change on the machine). DH tells him that she was drunk and doesn’t behave well. His pulse is going crazy. PSB thinks he cares about Michaela.

DH says he doenst’ like her, she is strange. But his head and his heart have a different response. PSB lets him know that he should think about whether it is a phobia or something else. His recommendation is to face her. he can’t run away from everything.

Cut to a montage of MC practicing her script and song everywhere she goes. The grocery store, the bus, the street, working out, everywhere. She psychs herself up by telling herself to pass teh audition and stand on the stage and catch DH! For Sure! For Sure!

Later, we see SH and JY sitting around the table and talking about the audition candidates. JY remembers MC from her resume. SH mentions that not that many genius’ can get the audition. It is too short of a notice. But JY wants the notice to be shorter so they can pick genius’. JY recognizes SH and wonders if she thinks he is a jerk? he tells her that he is the genius and she should work hard. She can become successful as well someday.

Elsewhere, DH is on the way somewhere. He wants to go to the audition. But PWJ doesnt’ want him to go to the audition. DH wants to go to it to see how good JY is. Then he asks PWJ if he picked a driver yet? he pays him a lot. You don’t trust the driver and change them 3-4 times a month. PWJ says no one wants to be your driver because you bother them, I went to lawschool and you are abusing me! DH asks him if he is complaining? Don’t cross the line. PWJ tells him that he will shut his mouth.

DH shows up to the auditorium to watch the auditions. They start.
Montage of all the people auditioning.

There is one girl that is really good, they all nod their heads when they see her perform.

Michaela comes out and says that she will do her freestyle at first.

JY looks interested, but unfortunately, he gets a call from an actor at that moment and leaves. MC starts singing and playing the piano. It is a beautiful moment as everyone watches her playing. DH is also struck by her song. Her time is 93 days on her wrist, but perhaps it stopped? She looks around the crowd and sees DH. DH opens his eyes and they look at each other.

VO – This is an illusion. The feeling that her singing is pounding her heart and time will stop forever, if I don’t run away and face her, then I can prove that this is all an illusion.

It looks like DH is getting teary eyed as he watches her singing. Her song continues and mesmerizes everyone. it is really beautiful. But she stops before ending the song properly and looks out at DH.

Afterward, DH walks out of the auditorium, stunned. MC follows him. She calls his name and asks him to wait a minute. DH’s heart starts beating hard. He turns around and sees her. But he takes off. MC thinks that she only wanted to say hi, why is he running away?

PWJ runs after him and apologizes about the car. DH tells him, if you do it one more time then I will move you to the secretary room.

Elswhere, MC talks to Sh about her song. She had eye contact with DH and lost her thoughts. SH tries to cheer her up. But she tells her not to care about it, the most improtant thing is DH. MC thinks that is more difficult because he runs away from her. SH has a good idea,she background checked him, he gets surprised a lot and is timid. She thought of a good concept, all MC has to do is look pretty and go there. She will tell her where to go.

Later on, MC eats at a cafe with SN. They happily eat and chat. Then SN’s man calls hr. SN talks to him lovingly and tells him that she is eating kimbap, she will call him later, bye. MC claps at her aigyo, it is super good. SN says she watched a lot of people doing aigyo, at her age, if she doenst’ have these skills then men will run away. MC talks about how there is a man that seh needs to catch. She did everything like smiling and dancing and everything. SN says that is not seducing, you need to show him the true heart. You have to show it, not say it.

MC says she knows it but the problem is you can’t see the true heart. SN tells her that she knows she likes her a lot right? MC smiles. Then SN says, you see! I told you, but you can see it! You must do your best with your true heart. You should do your best with no regret. MC nods, that is true, I should go practice it. they saranghae fingers to each other and then MC runs away happily.
MC says she wants to meet DH, can she have an appointment? DH is in his office looking at a movie that has the same umbrella scene that MC tried to replicate. Then he thinks about all the times her met her and how they were all movie scenes that she destroyed. He calls it an insult to Korean cinema. But his heart starts pounding again which makes him try to shake it off.

He plops himself on the couch and closes his eyes. But then he thinks about her singing at the audition. he thinks she can sing.

PWJ knocks on the door and tells him that they have a driver interview. DH tells him to let them in. The front desk calls PWJ which makes PWJ alarmed for a moment. He sneaks out.

DH interviews one of the men who are there for the audition. DH says he is not looking for someone who can drive fast, next.

The next person comes in, it is MC.

MC – I can guarantee your safe driving anywhere.
DH – what are you doing?
MC – I don’t have my resume but I have a racing license
DH – You joke to much, how did you get in?
MC – It is not a joke, I want your evaluation
DH – Go away
MC – I am confident that I can do it well.

DH looks at MC and the music starts to play again. He tries to gulp and shake it off.

DH – I am letting you do it (come to me), but do you think my power and money is so easy?

He gets up and yells for PWJ. PWJ tells him that she can’t remember everything that happened in his bed when she was drunk, so what can I do? (it was a tiny threat from MC).

DH leaves in anger and gets in his car. he drives off.

MC runs to catch a taxi to follow him. the taxi drives around car after car until it catches DH at his home. MC gets out and runs to block DH’s car.

DH – Are you crazy? Did you follow me?
MC – I beg you, just talk to me a little bit
DH – You are going to far, go away
MC – I will wait until you come out.

DH gets out of his car and stands in front of MC, he will give he r3 mintues, what do you want?

MC – I understand that you think i am strange
DH – Of course, 3 minutes is not enough time
MC – If you dont’ want me to be your driver, would you like to date me? I know you don’t care about me, you can just dump me at any time. But if you dont’ like me then I will not bug you anymore and just dissapear.
DH – You say play and throw away too easily, you are worse than you look. Do you like me?
MC – I need you.
DH – Well, that answer is difficult, do you need my money, my background, otherwise…
MC – I beg you.

DH’s eyes go wide as he stares at her. But he shakes it off.

DH – Unfortunately I am not that good of a guy to listen to your wish, so I dont’ have to listen to you anymore.

He starts to walk off but she grabs his arm.

MC – Please…

VO – Looks good.

They both turn their heads.

Three men are standing there and asking MC if she is happy dating a rich guy? (Lol, they look like actors trying to be thugs).

Everyone is at the police station. SH texts MC and tells her that she sent three people to DH’s house, did everything go okay? MC sighs.

The polcie try to figure this out. Dh starts to tell them that they should work hard, they have to find out why this ended like this. DH gets up to leave but the police officer tell him to sit back down. MC says they didn’t know anything. The officer says he will do the investigation, so tell me your ID. DH says he will tell his lawyer to call him.

He tries to get on the phone with his lawyer, but he isn’t answering.

Dh tells the officer to call his law firm. The officer is all like, no, call your own lawyer. DH will have to stay there. The officer says Chaebols son is the biggest problem in society right now! he studied for police for 6 years and he decided that everyone is equal under the law! For the last 2 months of his police life, he never betrayed this principles! The three actors look amazed. DH mutters that he is a good police man and then walks away.

Later on, DH and MC sit next to each other. MC is a little sleepy though and starts to nod off. DH asks her how she can sleep in this situation. MC says she practiced for her audition for 3 days straight and is super duper sleepy. DH walks off, MC runs up to him and tells him not to leave, please. I need you. I don’t know why it is you, but for me, Lee Doha is everything for me, my savior, so please don’t leave.

Cut to them both siting in the chairs with MC on his shoulder. While sleeping she says, don’t leave, don’t leave. he mutter that she can even dream now. But then he sees a flower petal flying around and follows it, mesmerized.

MC mutters in her sleep, dont leave…don’t leave…and she grips his arms tighter. DH wonders why she is so desperate. Then he thinks back to when they were in the water and she grabbed his hand.

DH – Don’t mistaken it, I am just paying you back for what happened before.

He slowly reaches his hand over to hers and grabs her hand. His heart starts punding and he smiles, she smiles in he sleep as well.

They sit like that for a moment as the camera scrolls to Michaelas time clock which is adding time to the clock by the second.

93 days 10 months 26 days 25…26…27…28…29+ seconds

Fade Out

He hires her
Why are you showing up? huh?
Did you change your driver
You look familiar

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