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About Time Live Recap Episode 15

Lee Sung-kyung in a pink dress on stage for a musical performance
We are in the final week! It has been a long several weeks to get to this stage. I feel kind of like all the actors in the play who are just waiting to see if they can perform already. This later part of the show has been dire and depressing so I’m not really holding out hopes for a happy ending. Though I would like it to make some kind of sense.

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Shorthand Shorthand Character Chart
Choi Michaela – MC | Lee Do-ha – DH | Bae Su-bong – SB | Jeon Seong-hee

Airing Time: July 9th, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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DH runs to the balcony and sees SB standing on the edge. He tells her to stop and come down, but she tells him that she will die without him also. She can’t give up.

She turns to jump, but he pulls her down without much fanfair and tells her that this is tupid behavior! SB just starts crying and says that she is going crazy. More than 12 times a day, because of you, my heart is in hell. It drives me crazy because I can’t control my mind.

She starts sobbing, MC sees her clock, it is 54 years again.

SB keeps crying in front of DH, so Michaela decides to leave the two of them alone.

Later on, DH drives SB home. It’s night now and they drive quietly together. He gets to her place and unbuckles his seatbelt. But he just sits there for a moment.

DH – Will you be okay alone?

SB doesn’t say anything and leaves. DH gets out of his car to watch her go inside. Inside, she sits on her couch staring off into nothing.

Meanwhile, MC is at her house looking at her phone as if she is waiting for something. She calls DH. He gets home right at that moment and answers. He tells her that she didn’t go to sleep yet? MC asks if SB is okay? He tells her that she is at home. MC thinks she did it because she loves him so much.

DH tells her not to do it, don’t think about others because you are already scared, just think about yourself. i will take care of all the rest of the things. She tells him to just go to bed, she will see him tomorrow. He tells her the same.

They hang up and we cut back to SB at home. She walks to the wedding dress box and opens it up. She grbs the dress and thinks back to what DH said to her. Loving someone and their heart, I know how difficult it is, but I am sorry. i am really sorry Bae Soo-bong. She holds the dress and cries uncontrollably.

JY is at home in the little apartment. His sister is sitting on the couch. He tells her that he will stay there, it is good to have a roommate. Maybe dirty is my style, I can write better in a dirty envionment. His roommate looks so distraught, he asks the PD if he will be there forever. She tells him to yell at him more and find a way to kick him out. He is all like….um….I want my Mom.

At the company, PWJ tells DH that they need to quickly decide on the company because they have a lot of things to pay for. But he has a guest and has to leave. CA is there so DH goes to welcome him. But CA does not think that DH is welcoming him that well, he can understand since he broke their deal. But what kind of great play are you making to kick an investor like me out?

DH says it is not that great, but it is a fun thing to watch. They keep talking about the musical. There is no big thing for it to be a musical, this is just his job that is given to him right now and the begining of his MK company. CA says that he heard that he is looking for an investor, he will invest as an individual. he saw the practice while walking up there. he just saw it and it looks like he worked hard. The scenes and music is all attractive. You wanted to show a tiny theater for your play to show it to someone like me. We are not recovering all of our relationship, but all you need to do it make a good play and we will make other deals later.

They shake on it. DH tells him that he will thank him with a good play. CA tells him that he will expect it.

Cut to the musical performance. MC is singing her heart out as everyone dances around her. JH loves it but tells them to do it again. Use all your energy as if it is the real performance.

The camera scrolls out to the outdoor bridge where DH watches them through the windows. Night has fallen and they are still practicing. He smiles as he looks at MC enjoying her life as a performer. The parctice ends as he watches them. MC goes to her phone and sees a text from DH, he wants to eat with her after they practice. She texts him that he forgot again, about their promise. He says that he did not forget, he will keep their promise.

So MC goes to a restaurant and talks on her phone to DH who is sitting far away. they are talking to each other on the phone and telling the waiter to give them the same meal. They talk on the phone as they sit there. DH asks her if she is still like that? Does she still like wind and rain and trees? MC says it is the same, she can see trees from where she is and she still likes it. DH agrees, he feel sgood because he is with MC.

Their food arrives so they eat. MC tells him that he should be hungry, he eats so well. Their phones are on speaker on the table so they can eat. The camera cuts out all the other tables so it looks like they are eating in front of each other. They talk about the practice and eating more and fighting!. they even toast wine to each other as they enjoy their together yet apart date.

SH walks out of her house and sees WJ standing there in a suit. He tells her that he will have an interview today and wants to come back as Choi Wee-jin with a job. he knows seh is pushing him out without a lot of excuses but that is not her true heart. She will just tell me to go away if she hates me. You have a habit of blinking when you lie. SH tells him that she did not! Stop talking about nonsense. She storms off with WJ telling her to tell him to have a good interview at least!
The PD is looking at the outfits and wants to make sure that all the clothing is comfortable for the performers. The sub PD comes and gives her and SH a snack. This makes SH thinks about snacks that WJ brought for her. She looks at her phone. On it is a text from WJ about how he is nervous about his interview. She excuses herself to the restroom and sends him a Samsung emojee to cheer him up.

He gets the emogee. It tells him to keep his promise. This brightens him right up. He is ready for the interview.

Meanwhile, SB cleans her house with her Dyson like vacuum. Then she gets ready at her boudoir and goes to see DH to return a box. There are all the engagement rings inside. She tells him that she could not throw them away in the trashcan. If she throws them away then he should throw them away. She also does not like how he is looking at her, as if he is so sorry. She will forget, she did everything she can do but it is still not her. Anyway, she is still a pretty and shiny person without him.

He asks her how she is just noticing that now? She says that she will try to forget everything, the rings and the time they spent together, but he needs to forget that last moment when she was not so pretty. he tells her that he already forgot, Even though it was not love. SB was a pretty dong-sang. She tells him not to say all that cliche stuff, don’t be too happy, for me, watching your heart grow and the pain I had to your few words, that is not enough. I am leaving. When I see your face somemore, I will be makjang again. have a good life.

She tells him to have a good life and …. Goodbye, honey. They smile.
The short haired ajumma does not feel good. She thinks it might be her breakfast. MC tells her to rest, but she does not want to rest. JY tells them to get ready for their last dress rehersal. The rehersal starts.

But the short haired ajumma collapses!

MC sees her and screams eunnie! Everyone stops. MC yells that they need to call an ambulance.

Cut to MC and DH walking along a promenade at night at a distance. DH tells her that her back has an expression, she looks tired. MC tells him that she knew she was sick, but she was okay so she thought she would be okay until the end of the play. But she collapsed. It will be difficult to do the play together. Auditioning and practicing…she tried hard. DH tells her that he wants to hug her, but because of their promise, he is not doing it. Tell me, what should I do to make you smile?

She tells him to sing something for her. He heard her sing a lot, she also wants to hear him sing. But he is not good at singing. She says it is okay, just singing for her is important. He tells her to promise that she will not make fun of him. She promises.

So he starts singing like a man that has never sang before in his life. But MC loves it and starts to tear up.

“The love is over there when I close my eyes, but my heart that hurries is drawing a dark cloud over you….the one that loves so much….sometimes this way looks so far away, even though I am crying with sadness, until everything becomes a memory….”

MC – DH, what should I do? I want to live so much. Just a little bit more, one more moment. I want to see you like this. I want to live again.

DH stops singing and opens his eyes to look at her. She wipes her tears and tells him that he is a good singer, he can be a musical actor. He tells her that she promised to never do it, is she mocking him? She laughs.

But he grows serious.

DH – I love you. Today, more than yesterday, now more than one minute ago. I love you Choi Michaela.

MC – Did I ever tell you that to me Lee Doha is a savior and hope and everything? I love you also. A lot a lot.

She puts the phone down solemnly and looks at her time. 38 days left. A tear falls.
MC is at home drying her hair with a Dyson when her mother comes in. She tells her that her daughter looks so pretty, like a main actress. She will be in the middle seat and watch her, fighting!. MC also tells her mother, fighting!

Cut to the musical backstage. Everyone is getting ready for the performance. They are all nervous. MC looks at her time, 34 days left. She tells herself, fighting Choi Michaela, do your best.

JY tells them all that the play is all dependent on them. He will be in the audience to watch it, so enjoy. You have tried hard so show us the best performance.

Everyone claps. JY then tells MC that she should show everyone that his show was not wrong. Then he leaves the stage (OMG no pressure).

MC looks at the empty seats.

MC – Not so long left….not so long left….when I stand in the play stage, I don’t think about time, it seems like time has stopped.

Later, the audience starts to fill up. Umma and brother are in the audience. Umma is so nervous, she feels like throwing up. SN comes as well as SB. Everyone is there in this tiny audience.

The musical starts
“The warm wind sent this to me…someone came to me like sunshine. It is the first time I have felt like this. When will it come? The person I was waiting and waiting for.”

“The warm eyes and my heart is solida (pitter patter), the warmness that I felt the day before. With your warm heart, can I accept your heart? If he knows everything about me? I am afraid of him leaving me. But I want to find it.”

The mom is on the stage.

“A warm spring day, a lot of sunshine, it is pretty, so pretty….please accept it. I finally met you…..but I can’t hide my feelings, everything is all new, this pretty spring day, this pretty world, my heart is to you…..”

They close the opening song with a kiss.

Everyone claps.

DH is in the audience and smiles and clapps along.

backstage, there is a bouquet for MC. It says, congratulations for your first play. You are the prettiest ever on the stage. SB comes in and asks her if she was nervous, she also gives her a gift. They are flowers that grow for a long time. So as long as it blooms, she should be sorry to her. She wants to leave this for her so she won’t be sad later. She wants her to be a super star that gets prettier and famous and powerful, so at least she won’t feel too bad because the person that took her man is a super star.

MC apologizes but Sb also apologizes for torturing her with DH’s heart that she coulndn’t even win. Byebye.

The musical is over. SN walks the lobby with a bouquet and sees MC’s mother and brother. She introduces herself and says that seh is her friend Oh Soo-nyeo. Umma knows about her and says that she heard nice things about her from MC. They both throw compliments at each other about being pretty and nice. Umma also introduces her handsome son.

MC comes out and meets with the wife-actors husband. The daughter came too. The daughter said that she loved it when her mother came out, she was next to eunnie and smiling at her. She smiled many many times while dancing. (Okay, I am confused…did umma die?). MC asks the daughter if she cn give the flowers to her mother the next time she sees her? The daughter smiles and says yes.

Appa tells the daughter that they should give these pretty flowers to her mother. The daughter happily waves goodbye to MC.

MC then goes to meet with her family and friends. they all tell her that she did a wonderful job. All her loved ones are there so they decide to take a selfie. Dh watches them taking this photo happily from the bridge area.

The last performance has come. The PD tells them to have a wonderful final performance.

The performance starts.

“Before, i was only cursing and holding the knot of fate that I could not solve, I was walking in darkness, I was not myself. But now I know that nothing will change. With the curse that time goes backward, everything abandoned me. But I can’t abandon you. I won’t give up. …”

MC – Sorry, I know I only have this mych time allowed, but loving you…

“…I know that I did not choose to be born old and then become young. This fate, go away noooooow! Foreveeeeeeer! Even though my time goes backward, I am still going to walk forward, I am the only one in the world, I am going to celebrate. i am meeeeeee. Celebrate! I am the only one in the world, I am going to celevbrate myself! I will celebrate myself. Celebrate!”

The end, everyone claps and the musical team comes out to give their final bows to the audience. They sing that they will celebrate themself as they give their final bow.

MC takes in the final apploause and they welcome JY to the stage to give his bow as well. The curtains close to a standing ovation.

JY turns to MC and asks her how it was? how did it feel to say goodbye? Goodjob. It was the most lovely performance and the most lovely Yeun-hee than I expected. MC thanks him for giving her a chance. He tells her to think that it is just the begining, expect more in the future. I am your fan, you will only get better.

MC smiles, delighted. SH runs up to her and gives her a big tearful happy hug. MC reciprocates with happy tears of her own.

Later on, DH meets MC backstage and tells her, lets go home now.

DH holds MC’s hand all the way back to his place and lets her inside. She is not that happy to be back, but he is happy to have her back. She is about to raise her arm to look at it, but he tells her not to look. he grabs her arm to hide the time and pulls her to his room. the lights are off and he changes into something so that she won’t see his time. he walks over to her and covers her wrist with one of his neckties so she can’t see her own time.

He tells her not to think about anything, just thing about their promise. You said you would do everything I ask. You says she will. The first thing he wants to do is eat.

they go to the kitchen and he feeds her happily. She isn’t that enthused about it, but she isn’t bitter about it either. he tells her not to do it, don’t do anything, don’t think about anything about what we are going to do in the future. Just think about all the small and happy things now.

She decides to try it out and tells him that the wine is good. If she drinks a lot, maybe she will look for a baby shark. they both laugh. They start to talk about toasting or making toast. Dh thinks she has a problem about her tastebuds. They playfully talk back and forth about drinking and singing baby shark tonight. MC starts singing the song and laughing. DH laughs as well. he thinks back to when she first kissed him and we go into a montage of the first few episodes when they where together.

Cut to them both laying in bed together and looking at each other. He says that he is happy that MC is watching her, that she is that close to him, that they have eye contact and she is in front of him and they are laughing. He is so happy that it is a dream. MC is so happy as well. She is happy that they met and everyday is a dream and happy. She thanks him for that. It is something that she can’t even say in words. Dh calls her name and she tells him that seh likes it when he says her name. She says his name as well. He loves it.

Dh – Don’t run away, even if you run away, I am going to find you. My second brother, I left him without doing anything. If I send you like that…then I am not conident to live by myself. We have a way, you said I have a lot of time left. Whatever time you take from me. ven if I only live one day, I want to be with you.

MC – To me, today is too much. I know it should not work, but I don’t want to eat your time up.

DH – Don’t run away. Okay?

VO – Just one day, this one moment, can I be greedy?

She leans in and kisses him on the forehead, then she kisses him on the lips. They keep kissing in bed together.
MC wakes up the next morning. he brings her food and says he can’t trust her cooking skills. She tells him that she will evaluate his cooking skills then. He feeds her and tells her that this food is good for her health, drink. She should be recharged to be with him.

The phone goes off so Dh goes to get it and tells her to enjoy.

But the mood grows nervous as MC starts to look at her time. She has 23 days and it is super duper charging up. Her time is adding very quickly.

DH comes back in and looks at a very scared MC, his face falls as he looks at her wrist.

Fade Out
What happened to the dancing mom? Was she in the hospital or did she die? I’m pretty tired of this rigmarole series of events, but at this point I’m just going with it.

VO – Michaela
VO – One day
VO – I was too greedy
VO – One more day
DH – We don’t have enough time. Whatever way you can, just find her as soon as possible
SH – Do you really have to leave?
MC – Please take care of Umma and WJ
SH – Your sister will die soon
Umma – Dying?
DH – Without me, she will die
SN – …rather die…
MC – Dont come near me.
DH – Even if I die like this, I am okay next to you.
MC – Finally, I made you die

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  1. Igotnotimeforthisshiz
    July 9, 2018 / 9:02 am

    Oy vey. If the plot conceit of this show (MIKA’S FREAKING LIFE CLOCK) is still not making sense after episode 15, at least give me a happy ending, show! Gahd, this show exhausts me. At least make them happy in the last scene. You owe me that much, writer nim. After the painful last 9 episodes that I slogged through. Jebal!!

    P.S. Thanks for the recap!

    • V
      July 9, 2018 / 4:26 pm

      I don’t know, I am so not sure about a happy ending for this show….

  2. JL Wilson
    July 9, 2018 / 6:34 pm

    This show is JOYLESS. And that is really sad the cast was really good. This script…good lord can’t wait for it to finally put us out of our misery.

    • V
      July 9, 2018 / 8:00 pm

      Only one more day to go! And in my musical rendition: Tomorrow…tomorrow…who knows what is going to happen….tomorrow….your only a day away.

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