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About Time Live Recap Episode 14

Lee Sung-kyung and Lee Sang-yoon talking outside at night in About Time
I think I was laughing all day yesterday randomly thinking about that living funeral and how my friends or family would react if I tried something like that or if they tried that on me. I completely agree with all the comments and memes I saw and had to post a reaction of my own on our twitter page. Oh, this show gives me joy in all the unexpected places.

Today is going to be a long drama watching day for us. If you are also recapping Are You Human Too with us then buckle up because they are showing 4 episodes back to back today (2 hours of TV). We’ll try to hop into our Wok of Love Recap right after that, but we might need a break O_o .

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Shorthand Shorthand Character Chart
Choi Michaela – MC | Lee Do-ha – DH | Bae Su-bong – SB | Jeon Seong-hee

Airing Time: July 3rd, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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It was like that, because of me, that is why you are alone. How can you think that way, how can you think that without telling me?

If I don’t do it, do you mean that I should just live sucking all your time? I don’t know why but I am also sick of myself for being happy using your time. The reason doesn’t matter!

I can’t do it anymore. I can’t live….without you, how can I live?

He pulls her into a hug and then kisses her gently.

DH – i don’t care about my time…..if I die for you, I won’t leave you alone.

MC – No, I can’t, I can’t do that….please.

MC starts crying as she looks at her, but her mother sees the two of them outside so seh has to fix her face in a hurry. She quickly tells DH that her mother doesn’t know about anything.

Umma asks what is going on and why DH is there. MC tells her it is about work, let’s go inside. Umma isn’t completely convinced and wants to say something, but MC keeps pulling her inside the house. She gives DH one last look before closing the door.

Inside, Umma wants to know if this is really for work? Why would he come here this late? MC makes up and excuse, she left somethings, that’s why, don’t worry. Then she goes to her room and sighs.

DH stayed in his car outside her house all night long. The sun comes up with him sitting and brooding as he waits for her to come out. He pulls out his phone after getting a text.

MC: Leave, if you are still there then I will not leave my home.
MC practices her song as she plays the piano. But she stumbles and stutters as she thinks about DH and all their lovely moments together as well as their heart breaking moments. She remembers all the hurtful things she said to him and finally breaks down and cries at the piano.

SH comes in brightly, but then sees her friend tearing up and runs to her side. She wants to know what happened. MC tells her, why can’t I….I like him so much, I want to see him so much. I can’t even breath, it hurts so much, why can’t I be next to him? he knew everything but I still can’t see him from a distance. Idon’twant*sob*toliveanymore*sob*ijustwantto*sob*livenexttohim…..she has a hard time getting the words out between sobs. All her friend can do is hold her and let her cry.

Cut to WJ running into SH. He tries to play like he is her little brother, is there anything wrong with that? You told me that you want things to be like before. i am just like your own brother, don’t go too far. He grabs her hand and tells her, let’s go. They walk off together hand in hand.

MC meets with SN at the hospital. SN tells her that jashik came to see her. MC pushes him away, so he came to SN as a last hope. MC tells her that he knows everything about why she wants to separate. She will go somewhere and avoid DH. She asks SN if she ever saw a time that was a mistake, but SN dosn’t answer. MC thinks this is very bad, she is nothing, love it nothing. Why is her life in danger.

SN wants to know why she is running away from him with her life. Is it because of love? What should I do….poor girl. She strokes her hair as they sit outside.

Cut to the musical building. SH wants to know if MC is really going to quit. MC says she needs to go somewhere that DH does not know about. She can’t just spend time doing nothing. She goes into JY’s office area. he tells her that she should be in the practice room, so if you want to talk then let’s go in there.

He goes to the practice room and tells everyone that he changed the script to account for the theater size. Other than that, nothing changed. They are a bit concerned about the ensemble, it is impossible for everyone to be in the show with that tiny stage. JY says he will make sure it is possible.

JY lets everyone know that Choi Michaela will take the lead role and the mother will take the under role. Everyone is happy about that and claps. MC is stunned. The mother congratulates her, but MC is so stunned that she runs out to talk to JY. He tells her that the ex gave MC the script so that means she granted you as a good actress. I thought about you being the main actress when we changed the script. Work hard.

He leaves a very appreciative and teary MC holding back her happy tears in the hallway.
Meanwhile, DH thinks about his life and situation. he remembers what he said: What are you going to do, 80 days, no less than that and you pushed me away. What are you planning on doing by yourself? he also remembers what MC said about taking his life and living forever. he comes to a resolution in his mind and gets up confidently.

Back at the practice, MC celebrates her acting role with SH, but then DH knocks on the door. Cut to them both meeting. He wants her to come back, are you going to answer. She told him, when they first met, you remember I kissed you at the audition. I was so desperate, I wanted to be on the stage, it is the only thing that made me forget about dying.

you can do it, you can be next to me and on the stage.

i took Yoon-hee’s role, I want to be on the stage. if you are next to me then I can’t do it anymore.

Are you afraid of me dying because of you? MC, the scariest thing to me is you being alone without me. Time is passing. it is more painful for me to not see you then to die.

i am going to hide where no one can find me. This is my last role, my friends, and family, I am going to die alone somewhere with no one.

MC storms off and walks very far away from her. he tells her to look at her time. SHe looks at it, it is adding time to hers. His time is decreasing. he backs up even more. He is very far away, but she is still taking his time. he backs up even more, the time starts to slow down. It transfers slowly and then stops and starts decreasing.

DH – This is the right distance.

he pulls out his phone and calls MC.

DH – I am not going to go closer from here. Until you finish the play, I will just look at you. So after the play, you must do what I want with you without any reasoning. This is the best I can do, promise me that you can do it.

Their time decreases at the same rate.

PWJ tells DH that JY is waiting for him. Cut to DH meeting with JY and the PD. PD says that the small theater is realistic, it should not be easy to find another producer. This is my first job in Korea, even though we aren’t doing a big theater, I want to finish well with people that start together. Then it will be meaningful to me.

You think the MC won’t be good enough. A new actress for a small theater and JY’s debut.

DH says he trusts there choice, but they have to give him meaningful results. JY tells him not to worry, he does not start things if he is not confident. DH tells them to make the plans for the budget.

At home, MC thinks about the days events.

VO – Dancing and practicing, I don’t think of anything else, so if you want to take me then take me, I will do it until the end.

MC gets a call. DH tells her that he willc all her all the time because he has to hear her voice at least. She thanks him. He tells her to focus on her work. Protect yourself well so I can do whatever I want to do after the play.

They tell each other good night.

MC applies makeup happily.

Her brother is in another room looking for a job in the gaming industry. Umma comes out and asks her son if she can see her skin. He tells her that he is looking for a job so she will need to look in the mirror. MC asks him if he will submit a resume and cry and ask her to increase his money? He tells her I AM GOING TO GET A JOB.

Umma also looks very pretty today, she has an interview as a cosmetic salesperson. Umma says that MC also looks pretty, it must be because of her performance. Umma and daughter happily leave together.
The hairstylist wants to know if SB would like bright makeup, but she says no, she wants conservative makeup because she is meeting with elders. She looks at her phone and texts DH to come, don’t make the elders wait. You should come early, just in case. You are not that stupid to do something that you can’t handle.

DH reads the texts in his office. PWJ comes in and tells him that he should leave. He tells him that he might be fired if he is not at the meeting. (PWJ might be fired). The elders will show up whether you are there or not, so you should be there.

Cut to the elders at the meeting. DH is not there. Appa apologizes to the family. It seems like this family is worth more than DH’s family possibly? SB’s father says that she let her marry DH even though there were a lot better candidates than DH. SB politely tells her father to be quiet and then excuses herself to call DH. he shows up outside as she is calling.

DH storms into the room, SB follows him. Appa asks him why he is so late, that is not good manners. SB tells them that he had an emergency at work, lets sit. DH sits and immediately tells them that he is not going to get married.

DH – I thought I talked to her enough, maybe the meaning did not transfer well I should have told you this before I came here. The other appa asked if he can be responsible for what he does. DH bows and storms out. Appa apologizes for his son.

Later, SB sits with Dh’s appa. He tells her that he is sorry, he will apologize to her parents, please tell your parents that we are sorry about what happened.

SB – Maybe you did not take me seriously, I expected this, what is why I asked you to make sure he did not make a mistake like this.

SM – I am sorry.

SB – I will convince my parents, but next time, please make sure that you bring DH to this seat, even if you break his legs.

SM – You may be angry, you were never like this before in front of me.

SB – No, I am not angry yet, but if it happens again then I will be angry. The reason you want me to marry. The power of media, you know it. It is the power that you cannot get with money. So help me just in case I use this power against you and MK Group.

She gracefully walks out.

MC signs in the middle of the group and everyone else starts singing around her as they all practice with JY as the conductor.

They sing the entire song and then clap at a job well done afterward. JY tells MC that it sounds good, if they maintain balance with the ensemble then it will be good. One hour break.

Everyone books it to their break time, but MC gets a call.

Cut to her meeting with DH’s appa, SM. SM tells her that she is busy to come there, drink this tea. MC is nervous as she sits in his office in front of him. he tells her tha she looks like a good person. DH was like that when he was little, good things and weak things, when he saw them, he could not just pass. I think that is how he feels now. This heart my son has, it is his habit that he has had since he was little. he cannot walk past a street dog. When he was young he wanted the dog that he could not be responsible for. But what about the dog that had to live on the street. I am not sure if you know, but after my second son died, my heart is not the same. I don’t want to hire people to torture you. Just tell me what you want.

I am not a dog on the street.

Did it sound that way? I am sorry.

I don’t need anything from you or DH.

Really? then what you are saying now is that you don’t want to get involved with my DH? So we shouldn’t’ drink tea like this in the future anymore?

Cut to PWJ telling DH that the chairman has MC.

DH stands up in alarm adn goes to his fathers house as dramatic backgroun music plays.

DH – Why did you call her! What did you tell her! I told you she is nothing, why did you call a stranger!

Appa throws something and tells his son that he is a cray guy, how could he do that in front of elders and make his father into that kind of person.

I told you I am not going to get married.

You held SB next to you for many years! You cannot just take this back now. She threatened us, she will use her company against us. Do you want to destroy oyr family because of you.

I will take care of it.

How can you take care of it? You cant touch any of the family things. If you dont’ listen to me then i will not tell her nicely. I will give her a bunch of money and make her leave. i will make you sit there, even if I have to break your legs and arms, jsut like SB said, you cannot revert this marriage!

Appa storms out.

DH goes to his car and calls MC, he apologizes for all this trouble. She tells him she is okay so don’t worry. But he wanted to apologize in front of her, but he promised her so he won’t do it. She tells him she is going to practice, bye.

DH thinks about her as he drives to teh building.

VO – I took Yun-hee’s role, I want to be on stage, but i cant do that if you are next to me.

Cut to PWJ telling SB that DH will be a little late. h-ha ha. Should I call him? Sb tells him to leave DH alone.

DH gets to his house. PWJ tells him that SB stormed in and wouldnt’ let him call him. DH doesn’t great her and goes to his room. PWJ tells her that he is tired. But SB says he is not tired, he wants to go to the end.

later, PWj tells DH that she was sitting on the couch for a very long time and just left. What do you want me to do? I can find an investor. If something happens then i can tell you, dont’ worry. To take care of both of them, then you should be alert. I told you many times, before this happened, but anyway, it happened so I will at least be on your side and work together. When I saw SB, she looked super angry, so think about a good way to solve this.

SH and WJ are out together. It looks like he made her a kimbap meal, but it looks bad. She tells him that it isn’t the meal, are you going to continue visiting me like this? he tells her, what does she want him to do? he will keep seeing her like this. He will get a job. SH tells him that she does not care, he is MC’s brother. This will not work. take care of your sister first.

They starts bickering back and forth. SH does not want to give MC any more headaches by dating her little brother. She walks off without the food. WJ grumbles about how much effrt he put into making it.

SB tries on her dress stoically as the shop ladies tell her that she looks gorgeous. SB does not respond to their flattery and only thinks about all the times DH wanted to marry her and proposed to her over and over again.

SB – I should have accepted your proposal.

The dress woman comes back in and presents her shoes. She asks when the fiance will come. SB just tells her to prepare the dress and shoes, she will take them with her right away.

In her office, she talks to someone about a wedding photography to finalize the schedule. She also asks about the theater owner.

At the same time, DH finds out that the theater is cnacelled, the PD does not know the reason. DH thinks this tiny theater is giving back 3 times the amount they owe. That means they have a reason they can’t talk about. Just find another theater.

PD says the budget did not work out yet. Dh tell sher that the budget will be together 3 days later.

PWJ comes in at that moment and tells him that SB is waiting for him on the first floor. Cut to SB and MC sitting together.

The shoes are right in the middle of the cafe table in a glass case. SB asks how they are, they are pretty right? Do you want me to give you these wedding shoes like before? then DH ditches me ad nyou and DH are together without anything, is that what you want? Just stop this play and leave. Go abroad or immigrate. Otherwise, I will stop you from doing the play. I am not bluffing, I cancelled the theater already. I am going to make all the actors leave the theater also. You are not that bad person that dos all these things on your own benefit.

You are the bad person SB, how can you do this to all those hard working actors. You are threatening them.

It is not threatening, I just need DH. I can destroy more than that. I cannot give up DH, you should leave. He will come back to me if you are not in front of him.

No, it has nothing to do with me. Even if I am not here, he won’t go to someone like you who destroys other people to get what you want. You dont’ deserve DH’s heart.

DH walks in and asks MC if she is okay. SB looks at him in rage. He tells SB to come out and talk to him. He pulls her away. MC looks at them and then looks at the wedding shoes.

DH pulls SB into his office, he yells at her, he told her to leave MC alone! But Sb just fires back, what are you doing! You left the family meeting and ignored me! And on top of that, you are so afraid of what will happen to her! How can you drag me out in front of her! i am angry and begging you and holding you and asking for your love. Please look at me and please love me. I am going crazy because of you. You don’t care about me?

DH – I am sorry to make yo usuffer like this, it is all my fault.

SB – Don’t apologize to me, I never asked you to apologize to me. Just marry me, that is all I want.

DH – SB…

SB – Don’t say anything.

DH – She will die without me. But without her, I can’t live.

SB – So what about me?

DH – I am sorry, I am really sorry.

SB realizes that nothing she does will change anything and has a moment where it looks like her brain explodes. SHe starts walking out like a zombie. MC is also walking somewhere. SB walks right past her without noticing her.

MC sees the time on her leg, it says 3 minutes but it used to be 54 years. it flips back and forth between 3 years and 54 minutes as she walks out in her mini skirt.

MC tells PWJ to call DH, she is going to the roof!

Cut to SB on the roof. SHe walks to the edge. MC runs up there as well and runs to SB. She tells her not to do it. It’s dnagerous, come down!

time is ticking, onlu 1 minute 22 seconds left. Sb looks at the ground. DH runs up.

he runs all the way to SB.

She turns teary eyed and looks at him. He tells her to come down. But she tells him that she will die without him, she needs him, she can’t live without him also. She can’t give him up.

he is standing there with his arm out.

She takes another step over the railing.

Her time is less than 10 seconds.

Fade Out

Okay, so we know that SB did not die because she is in the preview. I would have appreciated it if they let me guess that for one week.

MC – Do a good job Chai Michaela, without any regret
SB – I will forget you, even though I did everything I can do. You still said no, but you can forget me also, my unpretty self.
MC – This place has a nice view, I see trees outside. Do you still like me (…still like it).
DH – I love you today more than yesterday, more than 10 minutes ago. I love you Choi Michaela.

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  1. Igotnotimeforthisshiz
    July 3, 2018 / 8:49 am

    Yep, back to hatewatching. LOL Thanks for the recap!

  2. Anonymous
    July 3, 2018 / 8:55 am

    Thanks for the recap!! Looks like Doha and Mika will reunite in episode 16 only!!

  3. Laure
    July 3, 2018 / 9:19 am

    Ok, I had hopes after yesterday but we are back to our regular crapfest.
    I have to say of all the tropes, the one that baffles me the most is the angry crazy maniac ex fiancee. They touted her as this strong, eccentric but loveable character who obviously has tons of options and passions and she has to go crazy over the one she can’t have… but she didn’t even love him at all from the beginning. It’s not that she doesn’t deserve him HE didn’t deserve her in the first place.
    I would have loved to see that trope reversed.
    Everything here manages to be both crazy and predictable at the same time.
    Anyway thank you so much for the recap

    • V
      July 3, 2018 / 12:52 pm

      That is so true, it is crazy and yet somehow it is predictable as well.

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