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About Time Live Recap Episode 13

Lee Sung Kyung is breaking the 4th wall and wearing a yellow dress with a  black bag
Okay, y’all, final stretch! Today we should find out what in the world happened last week when Soo-neyo died. I’ve heard some really amazing theories including SN being a time sucking vampire that goes around to hospitals and sucks the life out of people, but she fell in love with Mr. Park and lost the will to live so she gave all the time back. I like (love?) the vampire thing and I also like what Anon thought last week. Let’s see what really happened! If something wtf happens then I will try to save all my crazy rants for Twitter.

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Also, we are picking up Let’s Eat 3 which will replace About Time in this time slot and start airing July 16th.

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Shorthand Shorthand Character Chart
Choi Michaela – MC | Lee Do-ha – DH | Bae Su-bong – SB | Jeon Seong-hee

Airing Time: July 2nd, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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MC cries as she runs down the street, she sees DH as she is balling. He asks her if she is okay. She can’t even say anything. He tells her that they should go inside.

They go inside and everyone is happy. What, she is alive! She runs over to them happily and tells them that MC is here with her handsome boy. They are all like, what is going on?

SN sits them down and says, wah, you cried? MC said she thought something happened to her, really. SN says this is not like an old woman playing, today, it is really her funeral. She has been thinking about this for a long time. She did not want to have a sad and crying funeral. She wanted to see people and have a happy funeral that has no regret, just lots of smiles and laughs and happiness.

They think she should have told them, not surprised them. She said no one would show up because everyone was so busy. You came because I told you I was dead, so you are here now so just stay and be happy.

Another woman bursts through crying a lot. SN goes to talk to her and says that it is nice to see her again. The woman is shocked and playful music plays as she comes to the realization that her friend isn’t actually dead.

JY is steady getting yelled at by his sister as he dries his hair at the apartment. JY does not say anything to her and just goes about his reading of the script. But the show might be cancelled! The sister is so irate, but he is nonchalant. the friend says she should probably go home because he hasn’t said anything in awhile.

the funeral was a hit, SN is happy that so many people showed up. She sits with all her school friends and feels like she is back in school with her peeps. She thanks them all for coming, she didn’t think one of her friends would come and is so happy that she did. Her friend says that she called her after 20 years and is still alive. SN asks her if she is still angry at her? She is sorry, the reason she told her to seperate from her husband, she thought she was doing it for her, but she might have been envious of her.

The friend says she should call her first, it was a silly fight. You know I am narrow minded, you didn’t call me for 20 years you bad girl. SN says she wanted to call her and apologize to her, but when she realized this much time passed…..sorry my friend. The friend missed her a lot, they were together all the time but didn’t see each other for 20 years, I couldn’t even tell you that I missed you. I thought you died before me, my heart dropped! She sniffs her tears away and tells SN to call her everyday. The phone call that she didn’t make for 20 years….then I will accept your apology. SN agrees, she will call her everyday, lets see each other until we are sick and tired of each other.

The toher friends tell them that they need to sing and play now, it is difficult to get together like this. Lets sing, the main person shold sing. SN asks if she should start first? She stands up and starts daning and singing. “I like you…I like you…I love you…I love you…”

MC comes in on the fun and starts dancing with SN. The real song starts playing “Without you, I cant live…..”

Later on, everyone leaves except SN and MC. SN is so happy, she thinks she can die at any time. MC tells her that she surprised her once, she needs to live for a very long time. Don’t upset me! SN says she is angry when she is upset, she shouldnt have done it. They both laugh.

Then the conversation changes to DH.
MC says she seldom sees him at work. SN asks her if she is afraid of something. You have a lot of love to him in your eyes, but you want to seperate. Are you afraid that you will take all his time and die? Are you afraid of that? Why? Do you think you are the only one seeing it?

MC – Soo-nyeo….

SN holds MC’s hand and looks right at her time clock. MC is stunned. She tells her that she recognized her right away.

Flashback to that first meeting.

SN – I first wondered why you wore those dark sunglasses all the time even though you were coming to see these old people.

MC meets with an older woman and talks to her about her son. SN goes in as well and talks to her old friend about her health and the surgery. MC helps her stand up a little bit. But in doing so, she sees her time, only 5 days left.

SN – I realized it when I saw you at the old womans hospital.

MC asked for the older womans cell phone and calls the guardian for the halmoni. She tells this person that she is very critical and to come. Halmoni says that she is fine, don’t call him, he is busy, but MC says that he will at least see her now. He always says he is busy.

SN – I thought, there is someone else like me. That day, that is why I asked another halmoni to send you to me.

MC – So your son didn’t call me, but you called me?

SN – I never married, I have no son, I am a virgin…haha. I had a man that I really liked once. He was like your boyfriend, tall and handsome. We just dated and ended because his time had less than one year left. How should I live when he dies, should I tell him or not? I was thinking about that. Then, one day, my time was transferring to him. i was scared. Not once was the time correct. So if he took all my time, what should I do? I was scared.

MC – So, what did you do?

SN – I ran away. I didn’t tell him anything, I just left. I left.

MC – Then, what happened to him?

SN – Maybe he is dead. His time was all done back then.

MC – When I am with DH, my time stops, I don’t know why it starts or ends. Why it is him. Do you know why?

SN – I don’t know, I don’t even know why I see peoples times, I don’t know why or how it works. Maybe it is the heart. You want and long for someone. the heart makes it like that, that is my guess.

They both look at each other caringly. SN holds MC’s hands as she tears up, she wipes her tears and comforts her in a hug.
DH is sitting somewhere and thinking about his flashback at the funeral. He was talking to SN. She asks him if he liked her that much? he looked at her a lot and couldn’t even stop looking at her. Can you just seperate? he says that it is difficult. SN tells him that living is so harsh. The one that you adore and like will dissapear soon, it does not matter if you are poor, if you want to protect one thing, that one thing is so difficult.

DH goes to MC’s room and looks around as a song plays. he picks up the duck stuffed animal and plays it. “Protect this and my secret and DH.” he looks around at the duck until he looks inside it’s mouth. There are a lot of messages in it’s mouth. He sits and reads them all.

Duck, I can’t sleep, I have a strange man next door….

Hey, the angry man, this is how he looks in the morning

(Your smile is so suspicious, so surprising)

It was a happy camping trip, we laughed and talked and danced, thank you for the good memory, thank you for telling me not to run away and to stay next to you.

(Dont run away)

So pretty, cool, woman, your first love.

I see your time now

Sorry, even though I know the time allowed to me was only this much, but loving you….my time is 87 days 19 hours 24 mintues (?) 10 seconds left, even though i know I only have this much time, I am sorry I loved you.

All the notes are lined up in the room as DH thinks about them.
Umma is bummed and the brother is bummed. The brother thinks about MC’s friend and how she said itw as a mistake. MC comes in and they start to talk about work. MC tells him, if he does not work, then she will cut his allowance.

Umma comes up and tells them that she has to go to work and make money. MC asks her something, Umma wants to know if she worried about her. MC says that she just wanted to tell her thank you. It should be difficult to work after not working for awhile. Umma says that she will work harder.

SB flips through a wedding catalogue for men and tells the woman to prepare three wedding suits for him to try on. She calls him, but he does not pick up. So she goes to meet his father and tells him that this weekend or next weekend is good for them. Whichever time is best for the father is good for them. Appa tells her that he can meet her parents as soon as possible since marriage is a diffciult thing. She does not think it is difficult, he can just decide and call her secretary, but she has a request. it is embarrassing, but abonim is the only one she can ask. It seems like DH hasn’t made up his mind yet.

Appa thinks it is crazy that DH would do that with the elders of her family. SB says that she is worried, can abonim ask DH to make sure, please? Abonim tells her that she should not be sorry, he is the one that is sorry, he should have paid attention. He made a busy woman worry with the marriage preparations. She smiles and tells him that she feel smore secure since he likes her a lot. She leaves, but the fathers face turns to concern.

MC and SH talk about this living funeral. How can she do that? MC says she thought that at first, but then she kind of liked it. SH asks how it was with DH. MC says that time stopped now. It isn’t coming to her anymore. SH is happy to hear that, if it only stopped then she can stick with him now. But MC says she can’t, she is not for sure, but seh thinks it stopped when they decided to separate. But she is not sure when it will stop again. She shouldn’t be next to him.

Someone calls SH.

She meets DH to find out a few things. DH asks her, MC said she has limited life, does SH know about this? is MC sick? SH tell shim that she is not sick. He has many questions, but SH only has one answer, she is not sick, but she has limited life, so is there anything else? Is this all I can take right now? ….. Fine, okay, what is the reason that I should not be next to her. Can you answer that?

SH says, well, DH….I was yelled at by her once, talking about this is not good. But I can tell you one thing. MC really likes you, you know that. I am doing this all for you. But nothing happens to her if you two are together.

Nothing happens to her?…..are you sure? Nothing happens to her even if she is with me?

SH looks like she made a huge mistake. She walks away and thinks that MC will be so upset if she finds out about it.
Everyone are sending the sub PD text messages to find out what is happening, are they still on standby? Sub PD asks JY how he can work in this situation. he says he can’t, his brain stopped working.

JY thinks about what MC told him about the main character in the musical, this gives him a bit of inspiration, so he starts to write. Then he hops up and goes to the practice room.

he gets there and hands MC a score to sing. he tells her that he will listen to it 10 minutes later. He goes to sit in the corner. MC goes to the stand and lays out the music in front of her.

Meanwhile, DH thinks about what Sh said. Nothing will happen to him if they are together….~. He gets up and walks out quickly.

Back to the musical, MC starts singing the song along with a piano. DH walks to meet her as she sings. The music builds and builds…”I was born in a weak body….the darkeness will go away forever…I am the only one facing the world….meeeee….blessed!”

She finishes. JY is amazed and thinks this is a good job as her first try. DH bursts into the room and walks up to them all. He asks JY if he is still there? Then he pulls MC away. The sub PD says that people mentioned they are dating….is that true?

MC asks him what he is doing, he swings her aroun and then closes the door. She tells him that she was practicing, he can’t just pull her away. He asks her where his time is, tell him.

She says that she can’t see it right now because it is covered up by his clothes. He starts to unbutton his shirt and asks if she still doesn’t see it?

She sees it, 63 years….

He asks if he should undress more? She tells him that it is on his neck. He asks her how long he has. She wants to know why he wants to know. He tells her to just tell him. She says it is not good to know, she has never told anyone and won’t tell him. But he won’t let her leave until she tell shim. So she tells him 63 years 333 days 12 hours and 46 mintues 57 seconds.

He tells her, she only has 80 something days left so what is your time?

She wants to leave but he tells her to tell him the truth. She says, what more can I tell you? If it isn’t true, then why should I lie like that, you are not the only one suffering, I am also suffering. Just leave me alone.

She storms out.

PWJ runs into her and asks her if DH is inside, MC just keeps walking on by.

PWJ bursts into the room and says that he saw MC. But then he sees DH buttoning his shirt. he closes the door and tells him that his father wants him to come back, he seemed mad. DH sits at his desk. PWJ asks him if he would like to visit his father after work.

Music starts playing as DH thinks about it. Then we cut to MC walking up the street as she thinks about no ones time being wrong ever.

Umma is still washing and gets yelled at by her boss. She gets flustered and breaks some dishes. The woman tells her to leave and don’t come back tomorrow, how can she be this bad and break more dishes than she cleaned? Just go.

Uma gets home crestfallen. She sadly sits on the couch. MC gets home and asks her mother what happened. Umma starts crying and says that she tried but she couldn’t do it, she is having a hard time but she wanted to keep trying because MC told her she was doing a good job. MC gives her a hug and tells her that everything is okay.

Meanwhile, WJ goes to SH’s place and says he will jsut be his sisters brother. Let’s talk. Cut to him eating chicken in her place. She wants to know what he is doing, didn’t you say you will listen to me? Just leave, what are you doing here? he tells her that he just wants to eat chicken with her, why is she so uncomfortable? We used to eat chicken together, this is nothing. He keeps eating.

Back with Umma, MC puts cream on her mothers hand. Umma is a bit embarrassed that she cried in front of her daughter. MC tries to cheer her up and says that she was yelled at when she first started at a convenience store. It is like that all the time when you first start working. Don’t cry, your eyes will get poofy. I should make enough money so my mother wont suffer, sorry to make you suffer.

Umma says she is the one that is sorry, she did not know that MC had a hard time working too. She will find other work other than washing dishes. You know I love you so much. MC says she loves her a lot as well.

Dh goes to meet his father at his office. He tells DH that the families are meeting officially this weekend. DH tells him that he is not going to marry her. Appa yells at him about it. DH tells him that he better not touch MC, he does not know that he is not that little boy who got his girl taken away from him, anymore. Appa says a lot of threats. He tells him he will cut all his money. He will act on it next time and not just talk about it.

Meanwhile, SB is getting a massage. She says she is stressed so her skin is dry, please moisturize well. Hr cell phone goes off, she answers it and tells the person, hello honey, I am in the spa, it will take 2 hours.

DH meets with SB at the salon cafe. She acts like everything is perfect and starts to ask him what he wants to eat. he tells her to cancel the meeting. She says that she is on a wedding diet, perhaps she should order more to eat becasue she is so hungry. DH tells her that he has to tell her the same things over and over again. It is not working with you.

She sighs and tells him that she makes him tired, she told him that she will have him, even if she will destroy him. Do you really hate marrying me that much? Then run away from us and throw away everything. But even if you do that, I won’t give you up.

She casually turns the page of the menu.

Meanwhile, JY tells his sister PD that he wants to take the performance to a small theater. She thinks it was made for a big theater, they can’t take it to a small theater, it is also his first performance in Korea, it should not be in a small theater. JY thinks they will have less seats, but the value of the seats will increase. he is confident that he can make a quality performance. he does not want to find new people again. he has an actress that he picked for Yoon-hee.


Do you accept my idea? We can worry about the actress later. Just accept my idea. Emo thinks about it.

Dh sits with his doctor friend and takes some medicine. The friend wants to know if he has an answer. DH does not know, he can’t think of a solution. PSB thinks he is stuck in this situation like this. Dh wants to know if PSB ever diagnosed someone with limited life? He has, he had a patient like that. DH says it is the same with someone, she is refusing him and he does not know the reason. PSB wants to know who he is talking about. DH says it is nothing.

Later on, he walks around his home office brooding. He looks at the duck and all the notes on the table.

The time allowed to me, I know that but I am sorry that I loved you…..living is harsh…do well to MC…..things that you love and adore disappear quickly…..
DH meets with SN at her home? She says that she does not know why he came here, does he think he will find the answer if he sees her? He says yes, she is the solution. She tells him that living is like that, a lot of things are not explainable. How much do you like MC? I don’t know how you feel but MC loves you so much. She loves you and can’t handle it. that is why she wants to separate from you.

What are you talking about.

The only thing I can tell you is that. All others questions, you need to ask yourself, not me. The pain of separating and meeting again and suffering is all your business, you find your own answer.

Cut to MC sleeping. Her phone goes off but she doesn’t want to answer it and just hangs up. He texts her.

DH: i will wait outside until you come out.

She goes outside and tells him that she told him not to do that. he tells her to look at her time, is it moving now? She looks at it and it is stopped at 63 days. She tells him that it is moving because of him. He tells her that this is not true, nothing happens to her when she is with him. You are running away from me because of me, not because you are dying. If I am with you then something will happen to me right?

MC – I don’t know what you are talking about.

Dh – You know…..so what are you going to do? 80 days, no, it is shorter than that. You pushed me away, so what are you going to do?

MC – What should I do, what can I do? Your time is transferring to me. Should I live forever taking your time?

DH – That is what happened? My time is going to you. That is why you are like this all alone. How can you think like that? You like me! How can you think about that without telling me!

MC – If I don’t do it, should I live and take your time everyday? I can’t do it. I didn’t know it was your time. I am sick of myself for taking your time and being happy.

He hugs her.

DH – I can’t separate from you! If I am alone without you, then how can I live?

He kisses her.

VO – I don’t care about my time. Even if I die for you. I won’t leave you alone.

Fade Out.

MC – SN, you never saw a wrong time, right?
WJ – What should I do, I want to see you.
VO – What about the role of Yun-hee?
JY – MC who played as under, will take that part.
JY – Let’s do a good job together.
Appa – Sorry to make you come all the way here in your busy time.
PWJ – I think the chairman took MC somewhere.
Appa – you don’t listen to me! Then I am going to give her a lot of money and make her leave!
DH – Father!
Appa – You can’t cancel this marriage!

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