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About Time Live Recap Episode 12

Three main women leads posing for a cute photo in About Time
SB gave a heart felt teary eyed plea to Doha to just let her be by his side, please? Doha looked like he felt SB’s pain for a moment. Unfortunately, Michaela walked up on this situation right when the hand holding started. Will she be able to walk away unnoticed, or will Doha run after her?

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Shorthand Shorthand Character Chart
Choi Michaela – MC | Lee Do-ha – DH | Bae Su-bong – SB | Jeon Seong-hee

Airing Time: June 26th, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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We open at the ending of the last scene. MC walks up on DH and SB’s emotion filled conversation. SB tells DH that she hates that she is doing this, she is worried that he is really sick and tired of her, but she has no other way, please, can you just be next to me like this and not let my hand go? Can you?

Doha looks at her with concern and at their hands. MC turns and walks away. DH removes SB’s hands from his, their arms fall to their sides. He tells her that he is sorry, that is the only thing that he can say. He is really sorry Bae Su-bong. He walks into his home. She is left teary eyed on the street.

SN tells MC to just live there and pay half the hospital bills. They are having a girls night and applying lotion before going to bed. MC is sleeping there tonight becasue of that guy. She thinks she sleeps so well here. They cuddle up in the very tiny bed together. MC tells SN that she really likes it. When she misses her, she just feels warm even when she doens’t do anything. SN likes it also, because she has a friend that just likes being next to her. She hopes they can stay friends for a very long long time.

MC falls asleep as they cuddle.

Umma walks through the outdoor market. She buys something from one of the local ladies. The local lady tells her that she looks like a rich woman, but she always comes to the local outdoor market to buy all her groceries. Umma gives her last dollars to the woman.

She prepares breakfast and calls her kids to eat. Then she looks at her cosmetics box. The kids come out and MC comments on that box that has been there for a few days. Umma doesn’t want to talk about it. She says it has nothing to do with MC. The son eats and asks how her food is always bad, she makes it everyday. Umma hits him and tells him that she went to the market early in the morning and always prepares it, but no one thinks about Umma in this house! She storms out.

The PD shows JY the different actresses and squeees is wrist as she tells him that he should go back to the hotel. JY tells his sister that he likes it, he has addapted to it and even has a roommate. So don’t try to pressure me. The sister is concerned about the show being delayed. What are you going to do, let’s just pick her!

DH and PWJ come in. DH wants to know if it is decided. JY tells him that he told him already, he is going to have an audition and pick a new actress. DH tells the PD to get another producer/director. He walks off.

In the hallway, PWJ talks to DH about the driver. DH tells him to find someone else.
SB sits in the salon chair thinking about all the times DH told her she isn’t a woman. She wants to try a new style because she is tired of her current situation.

Back at the musical, everyone is sitting around and talking instead of practicing. The actors think they need to cancel this musical quickly so they can audition for other parts. The actress from earlier brought her daughter to practice. But her child gets yelled at for running. The actress apologizes for her kid, she is ehre because her grandmother is a bit sick.

MC comes in and talks to the little kid. This is the same girl from the hospital that recieved the hairpin from MC. They remember each othr. MC asks hr if she would like to go to the top of the building to see what is up there. They walk the hall hand in hand to the top. SB walks in their direction with her new hairstyle and all in black as if she completely converted to the dark side.

She smiles at MC and says it is ncie to see her again. She hopes to see her again soon. They are getting their date set, she and DH will get married soon. When she gets the wedding invitation, she will give it to her first. Please attend our wedding, bye bye.

MC stands there stunned.

Cut to SB talking with DH. She talks about all the elders from their family coming next month and then tells SB that she begged him and it didn’t work, so now she will have him even if hse has to break him. She says that the Chinese company will stop the business.

DH gets a call. She tells him to take his phone call. The call is from his brother asking if there are any problems. Why is her company contacting their company?

Dh asks her what she is doing. She asks him if he thinks she is playing.

PWJ comes in and tells DH that the Chinese company will cancel the deal. DH yells at him to get out. Then he tells SB that she is crazy now. She says she is crazy, there is no way to solve this gracefully anymore. if you want to see my rock bottom, then decide now, because I have decided to go to rock bottom.
MC and the little girl hang out on the roof park. The little girl thinks MC should wear her shades because her eyes are sad. She also asks if that eunnie from earlier is a witch (a bad princess?). The conversation changes to her Umma being sick. The girl says she has throat and other issues so she goes to the hospital all the time.

DH walks onto the rooftop at that moment. He and MC have a moment where they look at each other. DH is about to leave, but MC tells him to stay there, she was going to leave anyway. She walks with the little girl out and tells her that they can go to Umma. DH watches her the entire way.

Downstairs, the assistant PD tells everyone that they don’t havea practice schedule, he will let them know once they finalize the casting. Everyone thinks they should go home. The other actress thanks MC for taking care of her daughter so she could practice without getting scolded.

Outside, MC walks with ear phones in and can’t hear JY. JY tells her that she walks so fast and can’t hear anything, he was looking for her to go eat chicken. He wants to pay back the money she lent with interest. Cut to them eating chicken and beer at a restaurant. She asks him if it is his first time to have chicken and beer, he says it is his first time after having work stress. He is getting all the blame and DH is pressuring him with his power.

MC tells him that she heard they have a problem with casting. JY says the production team wants him to pick anothr actress, but he can’t decide it. MC thinks the Ex is teh best person for the role. JY wonders what MC thinks. She knows Yeun-hee the most. Which Yeun-hee should I find?

MC tells him that Yeun-hee is a strong person, she accepts different time and lives differetly, she lives in her difficult life and was born as an old person that is facing her fate. She is a great woman.

JY accepts that, but he doesnt’ like it how she faces love, she is always running away. MC thinks, maybe she has no other way. The Yeun-hee that has a different time than others, people think she is a monster and unfortunate. Loving someone can be too much or too selfish. Maybe she is always thinking about it.

JY thinks that this fantasy shoudn’t be her own story, is it because she is so into the character? You really look like the real Yeun-hee character.

Afterwards, the two of them walk up the street. JY thinks MC knows the character Yeun-hee better than him. MC says she has a secret weapon, the ex girlfriend gave MC her script and has all the notes. JY is all like, she gave it to you and not me? Ah, she betrayed me. how could she do this to me? i am her good friend but seh gave the script to someone else?

MC starts to laugh. JY tells him that how she looks at him is so familiar. Like when she called him peanut-baby. MC laughs and says, how dare I say that to the director. She also asks a favor, can she see Yeun-hee’s story on the stage? I am alwats thinking about the kind of person that Yeun-hee is. I really want to see it on the stage, even if I don’t act on the stage, I want to see it.

JY tells her that she must really think he is a peanut little boy, but he has a responsibility for his show and actors and everything, he will put on the show, don’t worry.
Meanwhile, PWJ is sitting on a couch with his brother and tells him that he has so much stress. If his brother is a real brother then he should not put me in this dangerous place. PSB says that is a logical explanation but you should think about it like this, if I was not your real brother then you would get a so-so job after law school and would not be introduced to my friend. PWJ tells him his friend is over his brother, he should do a DNA test.

PSB asks him if his boss is giving him a hard time. PWJ says yes, it is because of a lot of things, MC and SB, and the Chinese company. PWJ feels like he is going to die. He sent MC to his house but he is not sure what will happen. he is so cold, I don’t even know what he is thinking, what if he collapses again? My heart, YELP!

PWJ hops when DH comes in from the shower. DH tells him that they can have tea and goes to make it. PWJ points at DH and tells his brother that he is making his own tea! He is strange now!

Elsewhere, MC talks to SH about DH. He will get married soon to SB. SH is shocked, he broke up with you not that long ago, but he is getting married again? Fine, two bad people, let’s see how long they will last. Don’t pay attention to them. MC says she won’t and asks if she is coming to practice. SH tells her that she has an appointment with someone she doesn’t’ know, she will be late. Goodbye.

Cut to SH meeting with MC’s brother. They are very quiet. The brother tells her that she looks different. Sh says that she remembers everything that happened that night. The brother says that she also remembers it, he is sorry that he doesn’t (didn’t?) remember it, because he was embarrassed. He will be responsible for it as a man.

SH tells him that she doesn’t think of him as a man, it was just a mistake after drinking. He is younger with no job and is her friends brother. She wants to meet someone older with a job and is responsible. He asks her if she is dating that PWJ guy? SH tells him he is just her friends brother, if he crosses the line again then she will not see him anymore.
DH gets on the elevator, MC yells to hold it so he does and they have a moment where they stare at each other. She tells him that she will take the stairs and walks away.

DH immediately goes to his meeting with JY. JY thinks it is better to pick an actress that can understand the show, not someone that will sell tickets. DH only cares about selling tickets. JY tells him to think about it some more. If he does not take his suggestion, then he will take this play with him. DH asks if he is threatening him. JY says threatening is saying you will change the director, this is a compromise. Even though it will not be a good actress, I need to have an understanding actress, that is how i can continue this show. Decide and tell me.

PWj comes in after JY leave and lets him know that the Chairman called.

DH meets with the chairman and says he will not marry SB. The chairman asks why he is refusing someone like SB, that is the place he wanted to be in. You shuold know that MJBC is pocking their company. How will you take care of the rest? DH says he will be responsible. His father thinks SB is the best person to marry and he should marry her, but DH says he will not get married anytime soon.

Appa asks if that girl is really the stopping block between him and SB? Does he have to do a dirty job because of him? Will he make the same mistake? Dh tells him that he should do whatever dirty job he wants to do, please don’t call him any more over these circumstance.

He leaves and goes straight to a bar to drink with PWJ. He tells PWJ to look into if his father will do anything to MC(?). PWJ says okay, but he is there because his brother wants to make sure that DH doesn’t get too drunk. DH grumbles, can’t he just drink by himself?

DH takes a few drinks and tells PWJ that he does not know how long he can stand there anymore. PWj asks if this is because of MC, he is having a hard time? Dh drinks. But he fills his shot glass too much. This leads to a flashback where he remember MC trying to seduce him in teh bar. If he drinks this then they are together, but if he does not then they wont see each other until they die.

He fights back tears as he pours himself another shot and takes it to the head. PWj just sighs and pours DH’s next drink for him.

Later on, PWJ holds his phone in the corner as he looks at DH, he wants to call someone but isn’t sure. After taking another look at DH, he decides to call. He tells this person that he is PWJ.

Cut back to PWJ sitting next to DH. DH drank the entire whiskey bottle.

Then Michaela comes in.

MC looks around for DH and PWJ, she spots them.

DH also looks over and sees her.

DH – I should really stop drinking, maybe I am drunk.

He stares at MC. MC looks at him and then looks at her time clock. DH gets up and drunkenly stumbles over to MC. They stare at each other. MC very sober and DH ver drunk. He says her name and tells her that she is the real Chae Michaela. But then he says he is going to run away and walks off.

MC chases after him.

He goes to the street and drunkenly stumbles along the sidewalk as MC walks concerned behind him.

DH stumbles and falls on teh ground, MC runs up to him and asks if he is okay. She helps him stand up which lets him look at her. Cut to her buying him a water. They sit outside, seh tells him to drink it as he stares at her dumbfounded.

DH – Am I dreaming?

MC – No, it is not a dream.

DH – Then I should run away, I shouldnt’ be with you.

MC – I will call PWJ, drink this and leave.

DH – I flipped the picture, I am going to move, I can’t stay in the same house you stayed in. Whenever I see you at work, you run away. Whenever I want to see you, I have to stop myself because I have to do it. Because MC told me. Am I doing well, like you ordered me to.

MC – Yes.

DH – So I am doing well, but why does it hurt so much?

MC – I’m sorry.

DH – I don’t think I will be able to forget you. i am not confident that I can forget you. Chae Michaela, are you okay? Are you really okay?

MC – I am not okay….but I will be okay. Just stand one day, two days, then the seasons change and….everything should be okay.

they stare at each other longingly for a moment, then we cut to a taxi ride that they are both in. DH looks over at MC who is looking out the window. He holds her hand.

DH – Until we arrive there, 5 minutes. Just one minute….just stay here like this.

He holds her hand and she lets him.
DH wakes with a noticeable hangover. he walks to the kitchen where PWJ is making something, but he ignores PWJ. His secretary tells him to drink something and then tells him that he is worried, what if his symptoms come back? DH tells him not to worry.

The mother dancer is practicing alone. MC comes in so she asks her if she would like to eat something. She would like to buy her lunch. MC happily says okay, but then she sees her time clock, she only has 29 days left (seriously!?!).

MC and umma dancer go to a romen place and happily eat. MC thinks back to her daughter telling her that her mothers throat and neck hurt, so she goes to the hospital everyday. MC asks her if it is difficult to sing and dance ensambul all the time? MC is a no name under but it is difficult for her.

Umma dancer says it is difficult, but someone has to do ensambul. MC says hey, we did the audition together so lets do everything together till the end. Umma dancer says that sounds good. thy smile and continue eating.

Meanwhile, Umma is trying to get a job. She is hired and asks where the kitchen is located. She goes to the back and puts on her flowery apron that makes her happy when she wears it. the assistant tells her to wear some ugly slippers and wash all the dishes. Poor umma takes one look at the shoes and says they are not her style. But seh puts them on and gets busy cleaning all the dishes.

Dish cleaning montage.

Elsewhere, MC is at home. She gets a text about a meeting for the play and then sees her mother coming back home. She wonders where she went. Umma ignores her and goes to her room exhausted. Her feet hurt, her legs hurt, her nails are all chipped and she is super duper tired. She sighs, falls back on the bed, and starts softly crying.

Everyone meets at this musical meeting. DH tells them that they are starting over. they can either stay with JY or they will all continue with their new musical. JY tells DH that he should have told him this first, that is more polite. DH retorts that he never saw JY being polite. This is his solution and offer.

MC speaks up and tells DH that this is too much, this work is not his own thing or the director own thing. Everyone works hard, did you consider everyones passion and time and work?

DH looks at her but then looks away. he tells them to please give him a report after they have a concensus. he leaves.

Everyone starts talking to their neighbor about what is going on. JY stands up and apologizes for creating this mess as the director. He tells them that he will be responsible for it and take it to the stage. he leaves as well.
PWJ tells DH that he worried about him doing business like this. DH says that he did it because he does not want to be swayed by others anymore. SB, CA, JY, no one will control me anymore. What time is the meeting with CA?

Meanwhile, SB sits at her makeup chair and tells herself she looks great. She gets a call and starts to talk in Chinese. She tells CA not to be persuaded by DH, after the marriage, she will give him all the contracts

CA meets with DH and PWJ. He tells him that he heard everything and he wants to go over the contract again. Did you come here to pursuade me? DH says he did not come here for that, he does not have any other cards to play. he will give up his contract. he will find his own work and start from the begining. This work will need timea nd effort, but he is not confident to work with a partner that is swayed by SB all the time.

CA asks him if he is being truthful now. DH lets him know that they shouldnt’ have started this relationship without trust as he stares blankly at CA.

At the musical, SH and MC talk about the musical. SH leaves.

MC gets a text, SN suddenly died (what! didn’t she have two years left?). MC runs to the hospital and runs into DH on the way, he also got the same text.

MC looks at DH with heartfelt eyes.

Oh my gosh, I can’t take this nonsense. What was the point of SN seeing peoples time clocks if she is just goint to die suddenly. And didn’t she have like 2 years left? is she faking her own death? Does she jump from hospital to hospital and suck time from people like a vampire? Also, how many more people will MC notice are suddenly about to die? This show….

MC – Let it go, you are not the only one suffering, I am also having a really hard time. It drives me crazy so just leave me alone.
DH – It is so difficult, it is so difficult, I am having a hard time but I have no way to solve it. I have no way to get ahold of Chae Michaela.
SH – Time just stopped? If it is just stopping then it doesn’t’ matter if you stick with DH.
MC – No, I can’t.
DH – I told you I am not going to to it. It doesnt’ work with you.
SB – Then with your father, you can run away and throw away everything you have?

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  1. Anonymous
    June 26, 2018 / 8:53 am

    I think the whole point of SN death is for Mika to realize that the timeclock is relative…it changes based on one’s acions..Mr. Park died and SN’s clock would have changed..Mika didnt notice it I guess..this is to make her realize that if Mika also dies then DH may also die soon..hopefully thats what the writers thought to make them get together!!

    • June 26, 2018 / 9:22 am

      You are genius. Good point

      • V
        June 26, 2018 / 10:33 am

        Yep, I like this point too. I am just going to accept this as what is really going on until we get to next week.

        • JAMmmm
          June 26, 2018 / 12:54 pm

          I also wants to go with this as well. Thank you for making this little bit easier to watch, I haven’t even watch last night’s ep, it’s so heart breaking yet so frustrating at the same time!!! Thanks for the recap, you are my life saver!

  2. Nidia
    June 26, 2018 / 8:57 am

    Whattttt? Why SN died? Aigoooo thankyou anyway for your recap. Fighting!

  3. Igotnotimeforthisshiz
    June 26, 2018 / 8:58 am

    Even clocks don’t work properly on this show. SMH. SN clearly had two years in episode 1. sigh. As always, thanks for the recap!

  4. June 26, 2018 / 9:25 am

    ThankYou for recap. We appreciate it very much

  5. irritum
    June 26, 2018 / 10:51 am

    It’s about time that even time gives up on this show….

  6. Jaz
    June 26, 2018 / 11:26 am

    Thank you for the recap even its really hard to do at this point. Ahhhh only 4 more eps to go and I hope it would be a good ending.. fighting!

    • Jaz
      June 26, 2018 / 11:31 am

      Its going to be a heartbreak and a complete waste of TIME if this turns out bad… maybe its ABOUT TIME to rewatch WFKBJ to get good vibes as ep after ep, I feel miserable for this drama. Whatuthink? =)
      Again, thanks a lot for the recap!

  7. hedge34
    August 19, 2018 / 11:49 am

    I need to know the name of the opening background music…when SB confronts DH of her feelings.

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