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About Time Live Recap Episode 11

Kim Dong-joon is eating cereal as he tried to wake up in About Time
In the last episode, the breakup stayed broke with Michaela flipping the script and telling Doha that actually he is the one that will kill her if she stays with him. ‘You’re sucking away all my time, bro.’ Well, that is one way to get your ex off your back. Rise and shine, it’s drama time!

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Shorthand Shorthand Character Chart
Choi Michaela – MC | Lee Do-ha – DH | Bae Su-bong – SB | Jeon Seong-hee

Airing Time: June 25th, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Viki

Countdown: TODAY…check twitter for any updates

DH tells MC that he knows what is going on, he won’t let it happen again, just trust him one more time. I love Chae Michaela. i know you are having a hard time because of me. i think it about it all the time in my head, but my heart says no so lets not run away.

Michaela drops the bomb and tells him that he is stealing her time. he is stunned. She gets up to leave but he grabs her. She says, “please,” so he lets her go. She walks back into the funeral.

DH has a flashback about MC telling him that the ajusshi would die, she had to stop him from killing himself, she knows how much time is left with people. The halabogi died when she said it would. She also said his hyung didn’t have enough time left. DH thinks about all of this. He also thinks about stealing her time. He holds his head as he thinks about all of this.

MC is thinking about this too as she lays in bed. She remembers DH telling her that he doesn’t even remember how he ate or slept before her. He loves her. But she thinks it is horrible to take his time. When she disappears one day, it will be horrible for him. She is more afraid of that than dying. he cries herself to sleep as all of this weighs heavily on her.

SH tries to apologize to PWJ by buying him a coffee. He does not think one coffee is enough. Does she have a grudge against him? Is there some reason to do this? SH just keeps trying to apologize. She is sorry because she was in a hurry, so can he just stop this. PWJ is flustered and wonders if this is the attitude of someone who is sorry?

SH gets a text at the table from WJ. He wants her to pick up his calls. PWJ wants to know what she is looking at. SH puts it away and says that she is sorry, she can buy him another coffee. But he says that isn’t enough, she should buy him dinner? She says, okay!

At Michaela’s home, her mother has a skin breakout. She tries to call someone but they don’t pick up. She walks into the living room all sad about her skin. her son is there trying to call SH (I think). Umma asks her son what she should do. He is all like, for what? Then he sees her face. She says she saw the cosmetics to see if they are really good, but they don’t work. The son tells her that he told her they weren’t good. She wants to return them, but perhaps she can’t return them, they are a scam. Brother wants to us MC’s bank account. But Umma says she will not touch it, she has her pride.

The brother gets a text then starts talking about his friend that kissed someone, but the girl pretends like she didn’t know. The friend also pretends like nothing happened, but he wants to see her. Umma sees through his story and says that this is his story. Her son gets all flustered and leaves.
SB tells her secretary that she solved her headaches but it seems like her happy feeling won’t last long since her secretary is there. The secretary tells her the bad news. CA and DH made a deal without SB. SB asks where CA is, find him.

Elsewhere, DH meets with JY and the assistant to find another actress to replace the ex. JY wants to pick another person but the sister tells him that he does not understand how things work in Korea. DH tells him that they only have one month. JY is unbothered and says that they will just have to delay the show because it is not ready. DH tells him he is mistaken, it is not only his reputation that is on the line, it is the companies reputation as well.

JY lets him know that he is the one that has the power to pick people, if he does not like it, then find someone else. He walks off, his sister assistant grumbles about him being a jashik. then she tells DH that she will talk to him.

CA meets with SB to talk about the contract. She tells him that she will cut to the chase, please delay the deal. CA thinks about it. Delay it without any reason? I am a businessman, the importance of business is reliability. SB tells him it won’t be too long, she just needs to clean up things with DH, that is it. One of their actresses from broadway quit, so you don’t have to be too in a hurry to sign the contract. You can wait a little bit until I figure it out. Even though DH’s company is giving you a good deal. I am a better deal.

MC walks the halls of the concert building. DH sees her, he wants to approach her, but he remembers that he sucks her time away if he gets to close, he will kill her. He watches her walking away, longingly.

MC goes to the hospital and meets with SN. SN is in black and talks about her lover that died. He was here and he was there and everywhere around her. MC says that it is difficult to be left behind. SN kind of smiles and says you know this? She chuckles a bit and tells her that her duck has a secret. She clicked a button and the duck says “Oh Soo-neyo is my woman!” He recorded it when he was drunk one day. But he forgot. I played it and his face got so red.

He was a lover.

yes, he lived fully as a lover. Here, I will give this to you, “My lime orange tree” book. When I read it, this little kid in this book tried to be an adult, so we should work hard.

I will enjoy the book

Don’t worry about me, I will live strongly, that is what the one that left behind should do. Live bravely and happily. She smiles. MC starts to flip through the book.
PWJ goes into DH’s office and tells him that CA wants to delay the deal a little bit. They talked about the main actress leaving, so they want to have some time to think. DH thinks this is not a good time to wait for JY, let’s ask the PD to cast the other people on the list.

JY walks through the garage, his car isn’t where it should be so he wonders where it might be. he has a text from the PD that says she will return his car and checked him out of his hotel room so he needs to come to this address.

JY tries to take a bus to the address, but he is not sure how to do that. MC sees him trying to catch a bus so JY walks up to her and asks for her help. MC pulls out her ap and tells him that he has to change to a smaller bus and walk a little bit. JY asks her if he can have some money, he never did anything like change a bus or something, he is in a hurry though. he always drove his own car or took a taxi, but someone took his rental so he has to get home. It is a long story, can I borrow 20 dollars?

MC gives him 20 dollars. JY thanks her and tells her that this is their secret, he does not want to spread rumors around that state that he is a stupid guy that can’t take a bus. he will repay her with a meal.

JY walks to his new place which looks like it is a shared apartment with one of the musical guys. The PD says that he has to share this place for now. JY is uncomfortably shocked. The man tells him not to be too stressed, just think of it as your own house. You can clean like it is your house and we can do laundry together.

huh? Laundry? I will go back to my place. Where is my luggage?

Your luggage is over there, you can call your own taxi, I am so sleepy, goodbye.

He walks away leaving JY muttering about calling a taxi….how do I call a taxi?

Meanwhile, MC is walking up the street when she gets a call from DH. She thinks for a moment and then answers it. He says her name and tells her to listen to her over there, don’t come near me. he is standing several meters away by a bush.

DJ – If I am next to you, you will die. I don’t know why your time decreases, we don’t know why, is that true?

MC – Yes.

DJ – I don’t know how a watch like that can exist and I can’t accept that we have to separate like this, but I can’t go near you because I am so afraid. I am afraid that I will just do something to you so I can’t be close to you. What should I do?

MC – I was greedy. I shouldn’t’ have gone in front of you. it is all my fault.

DJ – I miss you. I am watching you from all the way over here. But I still miss you. Is there really no way accept separating? No other way?

MC – No, there is no other way.

DH closes his eyes as he takes that in for a moment.

MC – Just forget about me. that is the only way.

DH – I don’t know if that is possible, can we really separate? Will i be okay without you?…… I will try…..because you will be okay without me. Let me ask you one more time. Is this only about the watch, that is why you are leaving me? you don’t have to answer….I really can see your heart.

MC looks at him with teary eyes and puts her phone down. he gazes at her as well.
JY asks his roommate for a bagel, it is his habit to start the day with a bagel and expresso. The roommate tells him that his habit is to start the day with cereal. He is actually living with him now so he is actually the landlord.

JY tells him that he has a problem with his credit card, he will leave soon. The assistant PD tells him to pay him cash if he does not want to clean. he holds out his hands. JY tells him, that sounds good, but I am going to clean this because I don’t want to have a money relationship with people that I know well.

JY starts to clean, but he uses too much soap so the assistant PD calls him out on it. But when he sees his expression he mutters that he is the landlord. he walks to the back room like he is going crazy and tells the PD that, believe it or not, he is doing the dishes, I am doing this because of you, will I get fired?

JY calls his aunt, the PD. he asks her why she is doing this to him. PD tells him that his mother is traveling so, of course, we did not do anything. You are not keeping the contract so we are taking everything back. if you want to go back to the hotel then finish casting and we will give you everything back. But JY tells her that he will not continue with casting that he does not approve of. She tells him that’s fine, just stay there then. She hangs up and mutters that he needs to suffer a little bit.

Everyone practices in the studio, but a woman comes in to fill them all in what is going on so everyone stops to listen to her. She lets them know that there was a big fight about casting. The team is annoyed and decide to leave for the day. MC and another girl stayed behind. the other girl thinks that this might be canceled, she is worried about it. her mother calls her with her daughter. Her daughter wants to see her because she is a little sick with a fever. Umma tells her daughter that she cannot be home now because she is practicing, but Umma loves you. She kisses her daughter through the phone.

DH thinks that he will try to live without her, she will be okay without him. He looks at the painting of the girl on the wall and then walks up to it. He removes it from the wall and turns it around to set it against the wall. He walks away from it, but then he turns and looks at it. PWJ comes in and asks him if he ate. He says he does not want to eat and tells PWJ to leave.

DH walks the halls looking all kinds of miserable. MC sees him from a distance, she hides, but her time is adding even though he is so far away. She watches him walk to her and then her time stops. She looks at Dh walking away now. (something might have happened with their two times, missed that though). Her time starts to tick again. She has 71 days.

Dh meets with SB. She tells him that she likes to meet with him. He tells hr not stop meddling in his business and shaking CA. SB just smiles and tells him that he needs her, dont do think difficultly. I heard that you broke up with MC, it took longer than I expected, but at least it happened. DH tells her that it is none of her business.

She tells him that she will accept his proposal, she is sorry to make him wait so long.

Can’t you just stop?

Stop what?

It is so difficult, hiding the feeling of love.

You just realize this because of MC?

Even if I am done with MC, I have nothing to give you, so give up. It is hurting each other if the other person is suffering. Just sop here.

I can’t give up work or personal.

I don’t want to see you anymore, that is why I wanted to meet with you.

he leaves. She grips her own arm under the table and seethes.

MC talks to SH about how she had to let DH go. SH thinks they love each other so much, isn’t there another way besides separating? MC says there is no other way. even if she had another way, she wouldn’ want it. She will not be close to him anymore. She got hurt because of me and is suffering, I do not want to see him suffer anymore. After meeting DH, I had a good time and good memory. It was a good gift, I am a lucky person. I will live happily in my position.

SH tells her that she knows he will not be like that. If she wants to see him a lot then she will kidnap her and take her to him.

MC smiles. then the conversation changes to their musical, will it be canceled? She says it won’t be canceled. There is something going on with China so it won’t be canceled. Time passes.

MC tells her, she will be a good support whether she is on stage or not.

SH gets a call from WJ, she does not accept it and tells MC that it is just spam.
DH gets home and sulks around the house.

MC is also at home looking at all her old text messages with Dh and remembering him. She starts to read the book that SN gave her.

“Don’t worry, I will kill….you shouldn’t say it like that. Will you kill your appa-nim? Yes, I will, I already started, I will not kill him with a gun, I will kill him in my heart. I will stop loving him. Then he will die.” (this super depressing book is popular in Korea)

DH runs around the Han river for exercise. PWJ tries to catch up to him in his full suit and tie. He tells him about his family dinner, then passes out on the ground.

DH goes to his family home and talks to his sister-in-law. They happily talk about company things and foundations. She told her husband that she wanted to have a foundation to help people and he remembered it. DH tells her that he is that kind of person. He always remembers what people like and what they want.

SB comes in and asks them how they are, he is early.

She sits at the table with the entire family. SB gives abonim some food. Usually, he does not accept the food from his other daughter in law, but this time he accepts it and eats it. Everyone is a mixture of quiet shock and awe.

They start to talk business. Appa wants DH and SB to get married before the China deal is done. Bring him the date. SB says that he can pick the day, they should have dinner together. he can pick a date and discuss it with her parents. Appa tells them that they can have a dinner appointment.

But Dh speaks up and tells him that he is not going to do it, he will not marry her. He especially does not want to marry her. he did not want to say it in front of the family, that is why he told her privately. He storms off. Appa says, how dare you! SB follows Dh out.

She runs all the way outside to the garden. But he tells her to just stop there. What more does he have to do to her? He does not love her, she is not a woman to him. Just keep him in her heart as a good friend, let’s stop here.

Inside, the brother and wife talk. He asks her to sit so he can talk to her. She does. he tells her that he worried about her, she looks tired. the brother also told her that she might work too hard outside. the wife says that she won’t make him uncomfortable. He tells her that he is worried about her. it is an important time for them. His brother is gone and his father is weak. She needs to be careful about abonim, what if SB and DH get married? It will hurt his position in the house.

So, you are telling me that if DH and SB marry then your position is insecure so I should stay home to take care of your abonim?

You are a cheabol’s wife, you have to work hard. This is a good chance for you to help so I beg you.

WJ goes to Sh’s building like a stalker. He calls her but she is not picking up.

SH is out with PWJ. She bought him another coffee and sets it in front of him. She wonders if he is still angry, he looks like the coffee is poison. He says that something is bothering him. How is MC?

SH asks why.

PWJ says that his boss is almost dead, he doesn’t eat and runs like crazy, he looks bad now.

Sh says that MC is the same.

PWJ tells her that they miss each other! Why are they separated!

SH agrees, they love each other so much so they should date.

PWJ wonders if they should make a plan. Should he?

Don’t do it, MC will be sad

Why would she get sad? She shook my DH’s heart. Then she just drops him? SHe is really bad.

SH defends MC, why are you saying things like that! She wants to see him and endures all by herself! She starts crying

PWJ wonders why she is crying, don’t do that! He runs off and grabs her a tissue.

Why are you yelling at poor MC!

I am sorry, I will try to solve it, stop crying, stop crying!

Wj comes in and pulls SH up. Why are you crying, did he make you cry?

PWJ – i am also embarrassed.

SH – Why are you here?

WJ – Don’t cry in front of a strange person.

he pulls her away.

WJ – Why are you crying, why are you with him?

Sh – Why are you just showing up, I am already having a hard time!

Wj- I can’t play games, I miss you, I can’t focus. I look at my cell phone all the time. I am going crazy. Tell me the truth, you remember that night also right? Is this all because you were drunk. You didn’t think about me at all?

SH – ….I have to go inside, I will talk to you later.

She runs away.

WJ – This drives me crazy….~. Run away like that! I will see you a thousand times until you tell me!

DH works late. PWj wants him to go home. DH tells him that he will go home by himself after finishing some work. PWJ accepts that and reluctantly leaves. he walks the hall and runs into MC. he is startled at first but then asks her if she is going home now.

She says yes.

He tells her that she should visit DH’s home. She left her clothing behind.

In the laundry?

Yes, yes, yes! And they are women’s clothing so we don’t want to touch it.

Okay, later.

No no no, today is the best day. He is not there today. But he will be home from now on. So can you go there today, please?
DH gets home. SB is there but DH ignores her and walks to his door. She tells him that it won’t be too long, can’t she talk to him a little bit? He turns so she walks to him and says, you said I was not a woman to you and you don’t have the heart to give me? You don’t’ have to give me anything. I won’t be greedy about your heart. Just come. I don’t need your heart, just come to me.

What are you talking about?

As a good friend and a good couple, I am okay with that.

So how-?

I can’t give up! I always get what I want. I don’t know how to give up something. So I think I am okay with you next to me, even if I lose everything I have. This is the first time in my life to realize what I want to have so much. how can I give you up? You are the most important thing to me. How can I?

MC walks around the corner at that opportune moment and sees the two of them together.

SB grabs DH’s hand. MC looks on with interest.

DH – I don’t want to do this also. I am afraid that you are really sick and tired of me. But I can’t help it. So please….can you just hold my hand, don’t let them go and stay next to me like this? Can you?

DH looks at his hand and at SB. MC looks at the two of them and starts to turn around.

Fade Out

I am trying to hang in there with this show, but this show is making it so hard. This is a good time to introduce our newly established criteria for dropping shows!

DH – Please find another director.
DH – I will give up the deal with your company.
PWj – MC’s resignation….
DH – Accept it and find another person.
JY – Samgyupsal, beef, which one do you like the most.
MC – Please make sure you show Yun-hee’s story on the stage.
Dad – Because you can’t wrap things up with the girl you are meeting?
DH – Whatever dirty job you want to do, just do it.
SB – I begged you, but it did not work. Now, I will have you even if I have to break you.

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    • Jaz
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    They are making it so hard for you. You are truly a hero for keeping on with the recaps.
    I had the insane hope that this week would at least go back to happier cliché-ridden drama territory but hey, apparently Show decided to go the other way.
    Oh whatever, let’s all just go down together. Is that what you want Show. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT ?

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